Spotted: Jamie Lynn Spears and Maddie Pose Poolside

05/30/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears and her daughter are beating the summer heat — or at least sunbathing in it.

Spears, 21, Tweeted a series of pictures of herself and her 3½-year-old daughter, Maddie Briann, spending Memorial Day weekend poolside.

One of the photos, which showed the mother-daughter pair smiling in bikinis with their arms around each other, was captioned “#littlegirls #littlemoments.”

Spears has recently begun following in the footsteps of her elder sister Britney and pursuing her own music career, but says Maddie is always her number one priority.

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Michelle on

For a teen mom, she really did alright. I applaud her for staying out of the spotlight for a while – especially during her sister’s crazy days. She’s got a good head on her shoulders it seems.

stacey on

Wow she looks really tall for 3…..sure is a cute little girl though.

kjc on

Holy cow, Jamie Lynn looks SO much like Britney. I always saw a resemblance, but this pic makes them look identical!

JM on

A sweet little picture, I just wish she (and other girls) would not make that stupid duck face, it instantly makes someone looks like they have a lower IQ. 🙂

But i know she is really devoted to her daughter and that is lovely.

Megan on

I believe Maddie is actually 5 1/2…didn’t she have her when she was 16 or 17? She’s definitely older than 3 1/2 haha She’s a cutie though…looks like mom:)

Sarah S. on

Maddie will be 4 years old on June 19th.

Julianna on

Whoa… Jamie Lynn looks so much like a young Britney in this picture. Glad to see both sisters managed to overcome their troubled times and found happiness with their children.

Anonymous on

This would be cute if it wasn’t for that silly duck face.

AMY on

Not a cute little girl, but glad mom took good care of her.

Anonymous on

Megan- Sarah S. is correct. Maddie was born on June 19th, 2008, just weeks after Jamie’s 17th birthday. 🙂 Anyway, she is adorable and TALL! She also must take after her father’s side of the family, because she looks nothing like her cousins Preston and Jayden (Jamie Lynn and Britney look almost identical, and Jayden in particular is, in turn, practically a male clone of Britney).

Jillian on

The duck face is ridiculous. One ofthe worst extractive a person can make.


Marky on

Amy, what on earth kind of comment is that?? You’re glad the mom took care of her daughter even though she isn’t “cute”?! Maddie is a darling little girl; real little girls don’t look like the ones dressed up on Toddlers and Tiaras, you know. Jamie seems to have stayed out of the limelight and focused on her daughter, and, hopefully, she will do well. It seems to have been a good idea to make her home in Louisiana…….

emily on

Does anyone else think her daughter actually looks like Leann Rimes in this pic?

Doreen on

Maddie looks older than 3!! Jamie was a teen Mom younger than 18-19 when got pregnant right? Maddie really isn’t cute. She looks like the father. That’s ashame because the Spears girls are pretty!

Brandi on

What kind of mean spirited person would say a child is not cute? Reading comments on here saddens me to think that the biggest bullies aren’t other children, but “adult” cyber bullies.

I think the little girl is adorable and Jamie Lynn has done great!

Shannon on

Glad everything worked out for her. Hopefully her baby’s daddy is in the child’s life. Maddie is so cute.

Funny that Britney had sons and her siblings had girls. Maybe Brit will have a daughter with her fiance.

Anonymous on

Doreen- She’ll be four in just a couple weeks. Her birthday is June 19th (and Jamie was barely 17 when she had her).

Anonymous on

Shannon- Brian and his wife had a baby? I didn’t know that! I never heard it announced, but Brian seems to be much more private than his sisters (a big chunk of that is due, I’m sure, to the fact that he isn’t in the business like they are!), so it’s not really all that surprising.

With that out of the way, Jamie did an interview with PEOPLE a few months back and said that Maddie’s father (Casey) is very much involved in her life and that the two (Jamie and Casey) are on friendly terms and are committed to doing whatever is best for Maddie.

kerz on

to all those who are saying she isnt a cute little girl
shame on you
secondly, if you check out her twitter.. there are other pics
and she is a little cutie 🙂
i hope jamie lynn never reads this
i would be shattered if someone said that about my daughter
as to me she is the most goregous little thing ever
and i am sure jamie lynn feels the same way about her daughter too

Lisa on

Maddie is darling!! If you disagree, Please use your manners and keep it to YOURSELF.

You make yourself look like an IDIOT.

Anonymous on

Yes, I do think Maddie looks like LeAnn Rimes!!!