Joey Lawrence: My Daughters Talk Loud, Like Me

05/30/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Francis Specker/Landov

As his daughters grow older, Joey Lawrence can start to see which parent 6-year-old Charleston and 2-year-old Liberty are really taking after.

“They’re very passionate; they talk a lot. They talk real loud, which is sort of my M.O. I guess,” he tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

Despite growing up in a house full of boys, raising girls has come easily to the star, who’s found a niche with each of his little ones.

“Libby loves trains, so Santa Claus for Christmas brought her the [Chuggington Chugger] train table and all the Chugger train tracks,” he says. “That’s all she wants to do. We do that and I read to her — she loves these little Dr. Seuss books. She likes to ride with me in my car.”

Meanwhile, big sister “Charli and I go to the movies, and I help her with her homework; we play the piano together,” Lawrence says. “We play with Barbies and Color Me Mine and it’s fun.”

While his daughters are his first priority, the actor also makes time for his other baby, the ABC Family series Melissa & Joey, on which he stars and serves as producer. The show’s second season premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m., but filming of its third was pushed back when costar Melissa Joan Hart announced she’s expecting her third child.

“It’s not my baby,” Lawrence jokes, adding, “She just wants to take the time, have her little one and then come back to work.”

— Kiran Hefa

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Corrie on

Not particularly relevent, but it looks like he’s had Botox put in his forehead. It’s a little creepy. Regardless, Joey seems like a great dad and I love reading about him. πŸ™‚

Jen DC on

Please, please, please teach your daughters the value of discretion and “inside voices.” Not everyone is charmed by loud kids; not everyone is interested in your conversation.

Hea on

Loud people are rarely charming to anyone but themselves and their parents. Regardless of age. And is he penciling in his eyebrows?!

Marybeth on

He seems like a good dad who enjoys seeing his kids express themselves and has a good sense of humor about his own traits that were passed on to them. Interesting to see that turn into a commentary on how loud people/kids are annoying; I personally find quiet and “appropriate” people to be exceedingly dull, so to each their own.

Shannon on

β€œIt’s not my baby,” Lawrence jokes

omg πŸ™‚

McG on

Very metro Joey.

Sandra on

Oh Please….Get over it. The louder the better, besides the man did not say his children behave like mongrels when they are out in public. Give the man credit for at least taking the time to do “girly” stuff and be present in his daughters lives.

sharon on

OMG leave the guy alone! He’s absolutely gorgeous and a sweet man. loved him on dancing with the stars and blossom!!!! Love his new show too with Melissa.

What a wonderful daddy to have his own special things with his girls, what a guy!

Anonymous on

I am offended that you would say that loud people are “rarely charming.” I have a loud voice, as do several members of my family, and we all have friends that like us, as well as we are kind to others. I think that is very rude of you. Perhaps YOU are not charming…

A. on

Not matter how you try and spin it, loud people are not charming. My father is a loud person. Loud people come off as completely obnoxious and clueless. I do agree they need to teach their children the importance of using ‘inside voices.’

H on

I was at the same resort in Hawaii last summer as Joey Lawrence and his family (including his mother and two brothers). We sat at the pool every day same time they did. He is a very attentive dad and his oldest, Charli, was very well behaved. Just a cute girly girl. The whole family was very unassuming and down to earth, especially his mom and wife.

carissamelissa on

Leave the guy alone! He is being a good Daddy and as for loud people not being charming what does that even mean? Charming people are usually outspoken, interesting and vivacious. I would much rather my daughter was loud and outspoken then meek and didn’t speak her mind?