Meet Maxwell Drew Johnson!

05/30/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Tony Duran

Since Jessica Simpson and her fiancΓ© Eric Johnson welcomed their daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, “life has completely changed,” Simpson, 31, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!”

In this week’s issue, Simpson and Johnson give an exclusive interview, plus share the first photos of their little one, who’s inherited her mom’s eyes and her dad’s calm demeanor.

“We stare at her all the time,” says Simpson. “We can’t get enough!”

But becoming new parents hasn’t been without its hardships. Recovering from surgery — Simpson delivered via c-section — isn’t easy, she says, and nursing, which she does throughout the day, has become “a full-on job.”

Still, “It’s the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her,” says Simpson. “I miss holding her and having that closeness.”

Tony Duran

For more exclusive details about Maxwell’s first few weeks at home — plus all the details of her birth, Simpson’s plans for a wedding and more children and first photos of the new family — pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Lesley Messer

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Kelli on

She is adorable!! I love those cheeks.

monica c on

Maxwell is gorgeous! πŸ™‚

Kresta on

Wow! Look at those chubby cheeks. Jessica looks very happy.

Sandra on

Wow, that is one huge baby!!!!!! She looks like a big Butterball turkey!! What a cutie pie!!

Reesca on

What a big baby! Now her size while pregnant makes total sense! What a cutie pie, can’t wait to watch this little one grow up.

klutzy_girl on

She’s adorable!

Jenny on

She is absolutely adorable! What a cute little chunker!

hiskesboys on

Jessica looks great! And her daughter is adorable.

Fabulous on

Awwwww!!!!! Love it!!!!! Congrats!!!

Robin on

That is one big baby! She is definitely a cutie though. Jessica’s glowing and you can tell in her face that she has lost some of the baby weight.

Everyone was getting on her for how big she was but Im glad she never let it get to her.

Romy on

does Jessica’s arm shoulder look totally photoshopped? She looks very pretty and baby looks sweet though

Meghan on

chubby babies are the absolute cutest!!!!!!! congrats to jessica & eric on their beautiful new daughter

Liliness on

Adorable baby! ❀

That name however still hasn't grown on me…

jones on

What chipmunk cheeks! She is a cutie and Jessica looks great.

kjc on

She is adorable. Love all her hair!
Jessica looks great too, glad she’s found so much joy.

Jenjer on

I really don’t mean to be cruel, seriously, but I can’t really say in all honesty that her baby is cute. Baby cheeks are normally so sweet and kissable, but this baby’s are a bit more on the bloated and puffy side. Baby’s normally grow into their looks, but for now, I’d say she has some growing to do in the looks department. She looks disproportional. :/

And is it just me, or doesn’t Jessica’s jawline look a bit too… photoshopped?

Seriously?!? on

I don’t find this baby or her name particularly cute.

I’m sure some will call me mean, but chubby cheeks are not adorable. Just fat. Sorry.

The biggest of my 4 children was 7 lbs, 9 oz at a week overdue. Mine were a proper weight.

Pamela on

Seriously??? There is no proper weight for babies. Ignorance isn’t an attractive feature.

Seriously?!? on

Neither is obesity, Pamela. Any doctor will also tell you that Obesity isn’t healthy, either. Duh! And before you tell me that Maxwell isn’t obese, I’d have to argue. Bet she’s at least 90th percentile for infant weight. Ugh!

My opinion is and always will be that giant babies aren’t cute. Deal with it.

stacey mc on

Seriously, Seriously! Fat? Let me guess, had your “proper weight” baby not been so perfect, would you have put her on a diet, withheld feedings? Your comments are ignorant. I really feel sorry for your child if they are overweight, once grown. Sad, really sad.

your so ignorant on

WOW Seriously?!? I usually don’t bother commenting but your discusting response has me fuming.

What you wrote is a joke…right? You can’t be that seriously ignorant to say such stupidness. I can’t believe that there are people like you out there who think this way AND you have children?? WOW I feel sorry for them…I really do.

Y on

There is no such thing as an “obese” newborn Seriously…I really feel sorry for your children..

Megan on

Seriously?! is probably seriously obese herself. Don’t let her get to you. She’s probably harboring some deep rooted issues from childhood of being the chubby kid and now is torturing her own children by monitoring every little thing they eat.

Preach on, Seriously?! No one cares. πŸ™‚

Daniella on

Wow, Seriously, how ignorant. I was 11 lbs. at birth & I’m a very healthy adult now at 5’11”, 150 lbs. My mother just delivered very large babies & carried very heavy. She never once had gestational diabetes & went right down to her pre-pregnancy weight a few months after each birth (5’9”, about 145 lbs). None of her children were born under 10 lbs., but we’re all very healthy, athletic, very tall & don’t have any weight problems as adults/teenagers.

There’s no such thing as a “proper” weight for a baby, so get over yourself. You’re children just happened to fall into the average weight range. Some of us come out of the womb bigger, maybe because of a little something called genetics. Like my 6’6”, 220 lbs. eldest brother. Most guys my brothers’ sizes are in the upper percentiles their whole lives, because they’re extremely tall & sturdy in build.

What would you have done if your babies had just naturally been born over 9 lbs., deprive them of food?

Shawna on

Notice how it says she is breastfeeding throughout the day? So does that mean she has a nanny covering night feedings? Parenting would have been a lot easier if I didn’t have to deal with the baby at night. I find that very odd that the article clarifies that she only nurses at night.

Shannon on

She’s huge!

Seriously?!? on

I never have, nor would I ever withhold feedings from my children. Even if they were born at 15 lbs. I’d be seriously concerned with their health and would be consulting my pediatrician for reassurance, however.

I think it’s hilarious how riled up you crazy beyotches get. Completely hilarious!! I’m entitled to my opinion, and I will not apologize for it. You people are reading into my life when all I said was: Fat babies are NOT cute!!! Insult me all you want, but I’ll never believe otherwise.

P.S.– I’m a normal weight, not obese, Megan. And I’ve never been obese. Not at birth, not as a child and not now. Again, I JUST DON’T THINK THERE IS ANYTHING CUTE ABOUT ENORMOUS BABIES!

Seriously?!? on

Hey “your so ignorant”:

you’re is “you are”

Ironic that you’re calling me ignorant, when you need to go back to Elementary School and learn kindergarten level grammar. Again. Lol.

AMY on

Seriously!! OMG! LOL I laugh reading your crap! Obesity????? She’s what? Two months old at the most?? LOL What is a healthy weight for a baby? You must be the kind that stays in the mirror waiting for a change so you can go get it fixed, your children must be miserable!! And God help your husband, IF you’re lucky enough to have one, I mean , poor kids are just stuck with you! You know how ugly you portray yourself to be and no one can even see your face. What a dumb woman you are! Sucks to be you….even more so, sucks to be your kids!

mary on

Seriously!! I am here to tell you my first was 10 pounds 13 oz 18 inches & two weeks over due. She was a healthy chunk and I was proud!!!! She is now a healthy 19 year old who wears a size 1 short legs and long torso stands 5’6″. Whatever myths, ideology or misunderstandings who seem to have about what is a healthy baby…..keep to yourself!!!!! Or GTH leave the obesity (which this child clearly does not have) to Jessica, her husband and their pediatrician.

Seriously?!? on

Very happily married with an amazing life, Amy.

Looks like I touched a nerve with you, eh?

Still wondering what I said that twisted your panties in a bunch. Not that I care. And im sure your comments to me were written intending to be hurtful. They are not because I know what my life is and is not. So keep throwing snarky comments out there. My comments are my opinion. The baby we are discussing is 28 days old and looks 4 months old! Not attractive!!

Seriously?!? on

I never said a fat baby equaled a fat adult. NEVER. I’ve known people who have delivered a giant baby who grew up to be average weight or even a thin adult. So, rest assured I don’t need convinced of that.

As far as “Keeping to myself,” I will not. This is a COMMENT section to state our OPINION.

Meghan on

seriously?!? is entitled to her opinion and there is some truth that in certain situations it isn’t healthy for a baby to be too big.

just like some people don’t think skinny or scrawny babies are cute, some don’t think chubby babies are cute. we are ALL entitled to our own opinions! some people think babies with hair are cute, some people think bald babies are cuter, who cares, give it a rest people, live and let live πŸ™‚

Megan on

Thanks for the schooling, Seriously. It seems that as a “skinny beyotch” you get riled up the most. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your lunch of lettuce and Tic Tacs! πŸ™‚ xoxo


– Seriously?!?


Mira on

Jessica really looks like an idiot now after gushing about how insanely beautiful her baby was. Hilarious!

chevjuls on

Jenjer, as you said you don’t really mean, I don’t want to be mean either, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all, please be nice. god bless little maxwell is BEAUTIFUL.

kendrajoi on

Just say no to trolls, seriously! She just came on here to post ludicrous things in order to get the attetion she doesn’t get in real life. We should feel sorry for how pathetic she is, and IGNORE.

seila on

i don’t think that it is baby’s best profile

Seriously?!? on

This is not a cute baby.

Sara on

Seriously??.. I think your pretty rude to come on here and make comments such as your own. We live in a day in age that people give birth to big babies. In Jessica defense, her hubby is 6 feet tall, they are not gonna have no 6 pounder.

I have had two children, my son 9.1 and my daughter 8.5, neither over weight. Now both my children are on the smaller side. Think its pretty cruel to come on and make such cruel remarks on a baby who had no control of her size. She is beautiful. Maybe post pictures of your child and let the public criticize your pictures.

Lucy on

Guys, “seriously?!?” is just a massive huge troll that seems to get a kick out of upsetting others and the best thing is to just ignore people like that. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but in this case it is not good enough to upset people for.

She has chubby cheeks but if you look at her arms/legs she’s not particularly fat at all. She’s very cute and I wish her and her family all the best.

Sandy on

It is impossible for a breastfed newborn to be obese. Some people are idiots.

Ashleigh-Faye on

She looks like any other baby I know that came from a mom with alot of fluid. I also bet she was diabetic. Give her a break.

Im very upset with People for putting such a BAD photoshop job on the cover. Her arm and chin was not done properly. Sucks this is her big moment to show the world her sweet baby and they totally butchered a great image!!!

Jay on

Why is it that anyone who puts up an opinion that other people find harsh, that person is automatically a troll? I am not a troll and i dont find her baby cute either. At all.

stacey on

I think this baby has a horrible name, but i think she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Court on

Seriously…. Now there are people judging an innocent baby based on how she looks???? That kinda pathetic in a way. IT’S A BABY!!!!!! She hasn’t done anything wrong and people are judging her….

Maxwell Drew is adorable πŸ™‚ And I personally LOVE her name due to the fact that it does have a meaning behind it.

Court on

I meant that’s kind of. Whoops. πŸ™‚

Jenjer on

@chevjuls I’m sorry if you are wounded by my comment on a public blog, but it should be said that everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, even those that you might personally find ‘not nice.’ I’m allowed to say I don’t think her baby is cute in a forum in which such comments are invited by this handy little comment box People provides us all.

Also, before you recommend to others that they not share their comment, perhaps you should learn how to type a coherent sentence before sharing your better-than-thou opinion with the world.

ecl on

I hate it when people spout off whatever comes to mind and then say that they are entitled to their opinions. True, you are entitled to say pretty much whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean it has any basis in fact or logic. Wouldn’t you rather have an opinion that you can defend beyond just “I thought it, therefore it’s valid?”

TJ on

Adorable! But I still HATE her name!

Seriously?!? on

Eel, quite the contrary. My dictionary tells me an opinion is a personal view, attitude or appraisal. Super- huge babies are NOT cute, in my opinion. I will not apologize or feeling that way. Period.

Last I checked, this was America. Am I wrong??????

Michelle on

Yup, arm looks completely photoshopped!

Alecia on

All you folks calling Seriously?!? ignorant, get over yourselves!…Considering baby Maxwell was born on May 1st & this interview was done 2 wks ago, she’s a big baby.

Yikes on

Precious baby but not really cute! Congrats anyway….

emily on

My 5 week old baby was born at 8 lbs 8 oz. via Cesarian and she looked very puffy with fluids. This baby appears to have the same thing going on. Big freakin deal.

To use the word “obese” for a newborn is very odd. And I’m 100% sure that Seriously?! would never say such a thing to Jessica if she saw her on the street. Sooo tough behind a computer screen…

Elisa on

my cousin was fed with breastmilk only and was a very big baby! after she started walking (that happened when she was 16 months old so you can imagine how fat she was) and as she grows (she’s 4 now) she gets more normal… besides children’t CAN’T have diets to lose weight!

is it me or there’s something beside the baby’s right side of the head?

Jayda on


First I would like to take you back to grade school for a moment and remind you that for someone who seems to have a dictionary on hand, your punctuation would make a English teacher throw up.

I also have another definition for (from my lovely dictionary on hand)
Flaming v. 2. b. To send an angry, HOSTILE, or abusive message.

God bless your poor children.

ecl on

Saying that you don’t think the baby is not cute is an opinion, true, but saying that the baby is obese is not backed up by any data, nor is saying that the baby’s weight was not “proper”.

Jenjer on

Elisa- It’s the baby’s chubby arm tucked up there by her head.

blessedwithboys on

Why do you “have to” give the baby a bottle?

The sad feeling you get when you do that is called “attachment”. If it bothers you, stop giving bottles. It is actually possible to raise a baby all the way to weaning wihtout ever using a breast substitute. Us regular, no-nanny moms do it all the time!

MollyF on

Guys, Seriously has a right to her opinion. This is a message board. I don’t agree with what she’s saying, but she has a right. I don’t like it when people attack people for stating their opinions. I used to feed the trolls but I don’t. Just ignore her if you don’t like what she’s saying.

Maxwell is a cute baby, IMHO.

Elisa on

@Jenjer, after you said it does look like the baby’s arm!

she’s an adorable baby! I re-read my comment and I didn’t mean to say fat in a bad way… she’s a big baby which is normal! the main issue would be if Jessica had diabetis but the baby is fine! and very cute!!

Hen on

Discussing the weight of an INFANT or child is totally inappropriate. Get a life.

Dana Trentacost on

Very cute, congrats to Jessica and her and Eric!

mary on

Some of you are right, ‘seriously’ does have the right to her opinion, BUT she used the word β€œObesity” this word is being used in the wrong way and in the wrong content. She should retract that word.

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health. IT does NOT in no way shape or form describe this child. Like I said previously leave that to the medical professionals.

Seriously?!? on

Ok, ok, i retract the word “obese” for Gods sake!!

If you re-read my posts I never said “this baby is obese” but I did say that “obesity is unattractive.” Maybe my issue is more with the mother who admitted to eating pure junk during her pregnancy (buttered pop tart, anyone?) than with the baby. Now before you all go jumping down my throat again saying “maybe she was retaining water,” and “some women gain a lot of weight but lose it fast,” I get that. But admitting to eating like a pig and acting like it was totally genetic on the fathers part seems ludicrous. After seeing her balloon up for 9 months, its no wonder the baby is huge! She clearly used the pregnancy to eat like a pig. Remember when she was “showing” back in September? That wasn’t baby/pregnancy, that was an excuse to eat, and eat and eat, making the pregnancy appear much longer and making most people think she was due several months before she actually was.

Bet I just stirred it up some more, huh? The rude comments and hateful outdoes can commence.

Julianna on

Maxwell is an adorable little girl! Jessica and Eric look so delighted and happy with their child! Congrats to them.

victoria on

wow is that the best picture they could get? she looks very well cared for….

guest on

Seriously?? “A proper weight” isn’t what you say it is. As long as the baby is healthy who cares how much the baby weighed. My son has chubby cheeks but is far from fat. In fact he is skinny as a rail. and he weighed 8lbs at birth and was a week early. The doctor said that if he had been born on his due date he would have weighed closer to 10 lbs so I guess that means my son would have been fat right. and it your mind fat means ugly. JERK. Maxwell is cute and as far as the name goes she is not my daughter so I don’t have to like the name.

Sandy on

SERIOUSLY- above basis her comment on one photo!!! Can you believe that? I can’t tell you the number of photo’s of my kids with their heads down and pushing out their little cheeks-giving them the cute chubbie cheeks look that most love- but no! Seriously thinks the baby is fat. What a picky little poster. Let’s face it- you were just hoping you didn’t think she was cute because you so jealous of Jessica’s beauty and life. So go ahead and have your mean opinions- but I hate to tell ya, your wrong.

Kat on

My bub was born at at term, at nearly 6lbs. She took nearly three months to start gaining weight properly, all the while hearing from everyone entitled to their ‘opinion’ telling me what I was doing wrong. Just because you CAN express an opinion, doesn’t mean you need to ram it down everyone else’s throats.

Amanda on

The baby is definitely cute and from what I can tell looks a lot like dad! Too bad they photoshopped Jessica beyond recognition – again. I would LOVE to see the untouched photos of this and her nude pregnancy shot. lol

stacey on

Wow, “Seriously?!?” has alot of free time on her hands!!!!!

Amanda on

seriously?! has no life…as she keeps coming back to respond, stir up trouble…. etc…why anyone would feel the need to put down a new mom and her newborn?!!!! we have moms killing/abandoning their children… she thinks her baby is grogeous and loves her to pieces. GREAT. better that then the alternative…have an opinion, but also have some CLASS. computer screens are great to hide behind when you know darn well you would NEVER say that to someones face…..just sayin’

Elisa on

why do people care so much for the Max’s weight? she’s really cute! I may be wrong (newborns can change looks!) but I think she looks like her dad…for those who haven’t studied medicine, no matter how much the mother eats the baby won’t be heavier for that (otherwise all obese women would have big babies and it doesn’t happen)… didn’t Jessica say once that she (or the father) was a big baby?

what should matter is that Max is gorgeous and healthy!

Kat on

Hear hear Amanda!

AMY on

No wonder Seriously’s children AREN’T obese! She is way tooooo busy being stupid on the internet and has no time to feed them! Her poor, poor family. I am sure this woman, if you can call her that, leads a very boring life. Tsk, tsk Seriously, congrats for making yourself look like the biggest dumbass ever!! Hehe, does she even know she’s dumb? Ohhh, you’RE on the 90th percentile of stupidity! Amazing life my ass!! LOL

lol on

who cares about seriously?1? opinion honestly…

bells on

The baby is a doll she has a full head of hair and looks healthy and beautiful she is definately not an ugly baby. Who care if shes chubby. Chubby babies are soo cute they loose the weight as they start wallking anyway.

Romy on

the 2nd pic does not look like Jessica’s face. More like Brooke Hogan or something. The first has some weird non human arm/shoulder skinny thing. I wish they would leave people alone with the photo shop thing. Her real face would have been prettier.

kimmie on



what a beautiful baby!

Brianne on

Congrats, Jessica and Eric! Maxwell is just precious

As for Seriously?!?, I think you should seriously consider going back to school and re-learn proper spelling and grammar, lol! If you think this baby is obese, you need to go to a psychiatrist and have your head examined! You probably would have accused my mother of over-eating just because I was 8 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. when I was born! Don’t be rude, get a life, and keep your hateful comments to yourself!!!

joan on

Wonder why they photoshopped Jessica? its pretty obvious.

The baby is a cute chunk.

Amanda K on

Congrats to Jessica and fiance on the arrival of their little princess!

It’s disturbing to me that people can be so negative towards someone’s happiness. I do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion but slamming an innocent baby and a new Mom is just sad and pathetic. Grow up.

Anonymous on

Elisa- It was Eric that Jessica said was the big baby. It was also mentioned when Maxwell was born that she weighed just one ounce less than he did at birth! πŸ™‚

Mira- Of course Jessica’s gushed about how beautiful Maxwell is. Every mother (or almost every mother, at least) thinks her baby is the most beautiful child on the planet!

blessedwithboys- I’m very pro-breastfeeding, but I actually think it’s good that Jessica pumps and has Eric feed the baby a bottle sometimes. That way he gets to bond with the baby, too. Obviously he COULD bond with her in other ways (and probably does), but feeding is a particular special bonding time, and fathers of exclusively breastfed babies (i.e., those who aren’t given any bottles) often feel a bit left out at mealtimes.

Also, I actually think it’s best for a breastfeeding baby if some feedings are bottle feedings with pumped milk. That way if there’s some sort of emergency with the mother (say she gets appendicitis or something else that requires inpatient rather than outpatient surgery, or she gets an illness or something that requires her to stop breastfeeding for awhile), the baby won’t be thrown for a loop when the milk bar is suddenly closed. He or she will already be used to the bottle and therefore will be able to transistion easily.

All of that said, I think Maxwell is a cutie, and it looks as though they may be calling her Max instead of Maxie (if you look close, you can tell that the caption under the photo reads, “Jessica and Baby Max at home in LA, May 22”). I think Maxie is cuter, but maybe they just felt Max fit her better once they met her.

Also, I’m sorry to hear that she apparently had a rough delivery. Since she was at least a week overdue, I wonder if the C-section was the result of a failed induction (obviously it wasn’t a planned one due to something “routine” like the baby being breech, as doctors tend to schedule those for a week or two BEFORE the due date).

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that I think Maxwell looks just like her daddy!

Aimee on

I tried to read through all the comments but I couldn’t because they were so absolutely ridiculous.

My first born is now 7 and when she was born, she was 9 pounds 10 ounces. Unlike Jessica Simpson who reportedly gained 60 plus pounds while pregnant with precious Maxwell, I LOST 70 plus pounds because I had morning sickness 24/7. I am overweight so I actually looked my best at my sickest. I had to have an emerg c/s and my daughter was born on time. Now, she is the height and weight of a 10 year old. She’s skinny and all leg. You’d never ever know she was a big baby.

As for your idiots who aren’t understanding the article: Jessica is pumping and bottlefeeding her BREAST MILK. She is not supplementing with formula. It gives Eric a chance to bond with the baby too. DUH.

cc on

Something is wrong with her left shoulder the picture has been doctored. Some babies born at 9 lbs and over sometimes have problems with breathing and if the mothers had gestational diabetes sometimes it can affect the baby.

Jillian on

The csection very well may have been scheduled or she had a complication. More than likely that would be my guess base on what she has disclosed. I doubt she was induced and it didn’t work forcing her to have a csection as this is less common given her information.

Also, just to let you know Doctors schedule csections all the time AFTER the due date. You mentioned it couldn’t be a scheduled one……it most certainly could have been. And it could have been the whole time. Dr’s will say, you are due July 3rd. If you don’t deliver by the 10th, you are scheduled for a csection. Some would have the mom come in to be induced, but some don’t. All depends.

She didn’t have gd.


Ali on

I think the harsh comments are really unfair mainly because I pretty much think most babies before 6 months look pretty odd. Not being mean. I just don’t think most babies get the “cute” factor going until they have developed more and start to get their personalities. They always look like little aliens until then…at least IMO!

I think all babies are little angels but not all of them are photogenic off the bat. Doesn’t mean we have to make proclamations about their appearances to their parents faces or anything.

Also, I am totally going to defend Jessica regarding the general size of her daughter. I know two couples that both had ginormous babies and both of the mom’s were short (5’1 and 5’4) but their husbands were both really tall (6’4 and 6’7). My one friend had 6 rotund boys in a row and each of them weighed over 10 lbs at birth. One of them was even over 12 lbs! I personally blame her hubby for this! All of the boys are now teens and pre-teens and they are all incredibly athletic and healthy (and tall like dad!). So, I think Jessica’s husband’s size needs to be taken into consideration here. Just because she ate a lot of food during her pregnancy doesn’t mean she created a larger baby.

Laughing Hysterically on

Hey Ladies, instead of running around in circles on your own personal opinions of newborn weight, did you even care to think that her doctor would have probably expressed his/her concerns if they felt there was a health concern/issue? I mean, I’m sure she had a fantastic and maybe expensive pediatrician that she saw along her pregnancy, I’m sure they would have said something.

I was 5 pounds at birth now I’m 5’11” 180lbs so I doubt birth size has absolutely nothing to do with adulthood. And unless you are a physician and have a medical explanation, I’d keep your opinions to yourself.

Charlotte on

Honestly! The baby is adorable, and her weight (which is totally normal and fine, BTW) is probably attributable to the fact that she’s going to be tall like her daddy. Congrats to Jessica and Eric, and stop concerning yourselves with what is totally and completely none of your worries!

Bella on

What did she weigh when she was born? I mean, she is big, but I don’t think she’s that big. She just looks really healthy to me, which is obviously why most people like chubby babies. Obviously it doesn’t need to be said, yet again, that Seriously?!? is an idiot, but I mean, seriously? She’s a bit of a tool.

wondergirl on

say what you want Seriously, these people dogged Beyonce about some shit they seen/heard they called her all kind of names, they call her baby ugly saying that the baby wasn’t hers saying she is trying to be white, but when you come on here to speak your opinion about how a baby look and how big the baby is these people get all defensive. Speak your mind and you don’t have to answer to any of these people. I got your back Seriously!!!jessica is not a thin girl and the dad is not a small man. that baby will either be real tall or pudgy!say what you want it is what it is.

Jazzy on

The baby is so squeezably cute! I just want to kiss those pillowy cheeks! Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions. I guess I just don’t see why it’s necessary to put in print that one thinks a baby, the most innocent of humans, is “not cute/obese” It’s downright vicious. Why not keep that comment inside your head? Just because one is allowed to say anything they want does not mean one should. A bully is still a bully whether openly admitting it, or hiding behind the guise of Internet anonymity or cloak of “freedom of speech.”

Seriously?!? on

Thanks Wondergirl.

You hit the nail on the head: people are defensive. And a lot of those people freaking out are those that birthed massive kids. Or were enormous themselves. Lol.

How dare I speak my opinion?!?

Amanda on

seriously?!? you SERIOUSLY have NO life since you keep coming back and checking this post. get a life. seriously. lol

Marie on

I think she is cute, regardless of her weight. My daughter was born tiny but that is because Im not that tall. Every baby to me is beautiful. And what matters most is that she is healthy and was born.

A.J. on


You need to jump off a cliff or play on a freeway. If I knew you personally, I would have CPS take your kids away ASAP. You are definitely one of those people who should NEVER procreate.

Cath on

Wow! I normally do not read comments on any of these stories but for some reason I started to read these and I am stunned at the vitriol!

Seriously?!?, you suggest another poster return to kindergarten for grammar lessons, yet I would invite you to return to kindergarten where you can attempt to learn (or re-learn) that classic lesson – if you do not have something nice to say, please do not say anything at all.

Lovely family and they are clearly bursting with pride and happiness with their new baby, which is totally how it should be.

seaoat on

Baby is cute…Jessica’s pic is definately photoshopped…I hate my pics, and would probably do the same thing if I could…lol BTW All babies are cute! Not a fan of the name..but I’ve heard worse.

KGurley on

Oh my goodness! She is SO beautiful! πŸ™‚

San Diego on

These comments tbat you have left are the reason why the “Mommy Wars’ issue is making so many women feel like “bad moms”. We should spend time and energy supporting new moms, not putting them, or their babies down. It seems that your character is one that takes “an opinion” a little too lightly. If you put negativity out there, you will begin to normalize it for yourself and others. I hope your kids havent suffered at the hands of someone who doesnt think that they’re cute. We are all worth much more than what is on the outside. Maybe you a little less if this is what you have to contribute to the post.

Claudia on

The name Maxwell is totally a boys name. I know a few Maxwell’s and they call the boys Max.

They should have thought it out seriously before naming their daughter a boy’s name. How is that name going to affect her later in life? When she starts school, the name will certainly cause a problem for her. Children can be cruel and having a name like Maxwell for a girl will most likely cause her problems as she gets older.

Anonymous on

Claudia- Considering Maxwell will most likely be going to school with kids that have names like Blue, Maple, Exton, Bastian Kick, etc., I doubt she has anything to worry about. πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

A.J.- By telling seriously to jump off a cliff or play on a freeway, you’re no better than she is. And while I disagree with seriously’s comments as much as you do, people saying that CPS should be called to take someone’s children away just because they don’t like what that person said on an Internet message board is one of my biggest pet peeves.

When CPS has to waste time dealing with complaints like yours (I realize that you indicated that you’d only call CPS if you knew seriously personally, but some people DO actually call CPS on a parent simply because they can’t stand that parent), it means that a child who really is in danger (say, a child who is being starved and locked in her room for days by his mother, or a child who is being repeatedly sexually abused by her father) might not get the help he or she so desperetly needs.

CPS is a serious (excuse the expression!) organization and I don’t think it (or ANY organization that deals with rescuing innocents from being abused and neglected. Hearing about someone calling the ASPCA because on their neighbor because his/her dog or cat is annoying them also gets me hot under the collar!) should be taken lightly.

Seriously?!? on

AJ, I’m pretty sure that CPS doesn’t take kids away over posts on the Internet, but thanks for the laugh. I breast feed my kids for at least a year. All are perfectly healthy. They are being raised by both parents (a stay at home mother and a father that makes over $200,000 per year and can work from home and does at least twice a week). They don’t miss pediatrician appointments and do excellent in school. CPS would laugh at your call.

And ladies, please don’t worry about when and how often I’m on this site. My older kids are in school and I have an infant who naps three times a day. To easy to check on my phone.

Also: I’m pretty sure that what I said about he baby not being cute and probably becoming larger as she grows is a lot less bullyish than the comments directed at me. Play in the street? Jump off a bridge? Great stuff, ladies, but I still won’t apologize.

Vanessa on

I think the baby is pretty, I thought she would be cuter. She is a big baby. My son was a very chubby baby and now he is thin and tall. Every mother thinks that thier baby is above average, don’t knock Jessica for thinking that.

:) on

I had a big baby, almost 11 pounds. The Dr. didn’t have a clue that he would be that big. He was just under 24 inches at birth! He was very proportional and not chunky/obese/fat…etc. Of course when he was in the nursery, they put him next to a 5 pound preemie and he looked HUGE!! lol He is a very healthy, happy 11 year old now and nobody believes me when I say he was almost 11 pounds. (oh and he got a 10 on his apgar score) so yes, he was perfect:) (my second son was over 8 pounds and was long as well.) Every child is different. I for one, thinks she is cute. I want to see the other pictures in the magazine. I won’t buy it but I will look through it:) Why can’t people just be nice? I would never call a baby ugly. I think babies are all gorgeous but they do get cuter as they get older. Can’t we all just get along and not call anyone names? Have a glorious day!

Jillian on

Jessica confirmed that this was a scheduled confirmed csection and that it was done two weeks before her due date due to the babies size.

KRS on

Seriously?!?, I hope you’ve taught your kids better internet manners than you’ve shown. Hiding behind the anonymity of the computer to say hurtful things that you’d NEVER have the balls to say directly to someone’s face because it’s so obviously offside? Insulting someone’s baby, and thinking it’s not wrong because it’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it? If my kids acted like you (you’re a grown woman for god’s sake!) I’d be seriously disappointed in them and take away their computer privileges until they could learn some grace. Bad mommy!

KK on

I saw this week’s issue and my immediate thought on the cover photo was “Who did the Photoshop for this? It’s AWFUL!!” I’m sure that Jessica has never been happier, and more power to her, I’m glad she delivered a healthy baby…but she looks HORRID. To me, she looks like a 45 year old who has had way too much bad plastic surgery…and it’s probably the fault of bad photoshop.

As for Maxwell…that poor child…WHY would you give your DAUGHTER a BOY’S NAME!?!?!?! Yes, it’s a combo of family names, but you could have at least saved this particular combo for a boy and named your daughter something that won’t follow her around and get her picked on in school for life for. Sheesh.

Jessica on

That is one of the ugliest babies I have ever seen. There’s something wrong with her mouth.

Anonymous on

Jillian- Wow! So Jessica was actually due in mid-MAY rather than mid-April! Shows how much we all knew! πŸ˜‰

Jen on

I think that Seriously?! really needs to get a life. Who gets on this site numerous times like her to respond to every single post? Loser.

Precious baby but I agree, not the cutest one. But she’ll grow into her looks I’m sure!

Jen on

I find it VERY ironic that Seriously?! got on her high horse about an earlier poster misusing “your” and you’re”, yet she says later: “To easy to check on my phone.” Hey ignoramus: you are so high and mighty, but you don’t know the difference between “too” and “to”?! Here’s a grammar lesson your five year old mind might be able to process: too= “I’ve had too much…” and to= “I’m going to….” Maybe it’s YOU who needs to go back to elementary school with that newborn someday and take some remedial grammar lessons!

Laura on

This is a adorable baby, congratulations to the new family

Fanny on

She Cute. I like the pic of the family the name it is ok I call her Maxie for short

whatever on

Seriously you are seriously a loser. Picking on a baby is sick no matter how you dice it. Your kids probably look like monkeys (hey just my opinion). You keep telling “everyone” (ahem yourself) that your husband is rich and your life is awesome. Money doesn’t buy class and you are exhibit A and guess what you’re not that rich honey. People who talk about how much money they have usually come from trash. Talking about money is vulgar to people who actually have serious money… google it πŸ™‚

Seriously2 on

Why is it that persons that do not share the general opinion (babies are inherently cute – even the ones that look like little monkeys; only heartless people would say that any one baby is not cute) are being bullied, threatened, and insulted, with the goal to scare them from voicing their opinion???

Isn’t this the U.S. with free speech etc??

I think seriously should be allowed to say what she thinks. Some might think her comments rude, some might not.

I personally think people rude that are trying to intimidate her, wishing her and her children bad things – they are no better or worse than seriously – indeed, they are doing exactly the same: voicing their thoughts and opinions on a public message board!

Lisa on

Big babies are not due to the mother overeating. Seriously is entitled to her opinions. They’re a little inaccurate, but….

My son weighed over 10 pounds and I barely looked pregnant. People are shocked as to how he was even in there. I just had this tiny look of a basketball.

Know the facts before speaking up…that’s all I have to say!

Not everyone and every pregnancy is the same. I was bigger with my second and she weighed much less.

Anonymous on

Jessica- There’s nothing wrong with Maxwell’s mouth. She appears to be sleeping, and a lot of sleeping babies have that same expression.

Seriously2- The issue isn’t so much about having a different opinion. It’s about how (or even if) you voice it. Basically, if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face (and I doubt very much that anyone who has said that Maxwell isn’t cute would say that to Jessica’s or Eric’s face!), then you shouldn’t be saying it on a message board, either.

Another way to look at it would be to ask yourself if you’d want someone to make the comment you’re making about YOU (or your child, spouse, parent, sibling, pet etc.) to YOUR face. If the answer is no, then, in my opinion, it doesn’t belong on an a message board!

And finally, there’s a big difference between making a general comment about looks and imperfections (e.g. “I don’t think all babies are cute”), and making a negative comment about a specific person’s looks or other imperfections (“That baby is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!”). The former is just harmless conversation, but the latter is potentially hurtful.

missy on

Adorable baby!!! I like the name…little Maxi Drew. Jessica looks great as well. Congrats to both of you on your baby girl!

Kristin on

Whoever did the photoshop on Jessica’s face needs to be fired. I couldn’t even hardly look at baby Maxwell because I couldn’t stop looking at Jessica’s alien looking face. I think Jessica is beautiful without the help of photoshop. There are more pictures in the magazine that are even worse than these two.

Maxwell is cute though.

sss on

I have never commented on here before but I have to know “seriously” could we all see a picture of YOU?! I’m dying to be the judge of how attractive you are! I can only imagine………..Furthermore I have two young kids myself and even when they are napping, playing, ect. I can still find more pressing things to do than jump on the internet every few posts to, I quote you, “stir it up some more.”

kristan on

Seriously – you stated in one of your later posts that you never called the baby obese, why don’t you scroll all the way back up to the first several posts you made and read them. I think you may be surprised to read the you in fact did call the baby obese.

aa on

Jessica’s baby is gorgeous and looks very healthy. Skinny babies look unhealthy in my opinion. My daughter was a chunky baby and I loved it! She is now 5 and a half years old and 41 pounds. Just perfect!

elle on

lovely family but Jessica garner’ and Victoria beckham bubs are way cuter than Maxwell, IMO πŸ™‚

Nikkie on

Goes to show some people do say ignorant things just for attention lol. Seriously keeps saying “oh i’m entitled to my opinion, leave me alone, wahhhhh!” BUT I scroll down like 3 pages and see how you keep replying to people your upsetting. Hmmm why are you sticking around? You posted your childish opinion, and if you weren’t here for attention, you’d have left it at that.

Baby Joy Studios on

I am so exited and honored that baby Maxwell is sporting the {vintage bloom} HEADBAND from my Etsy shop Baby Joy Studios!

Maxwell is a beautiful baby! Just perfect and her lips are amazing!! The headband looks so sweet on her. Congratulations to the new family! Well done, you should be very proud!

All the best!

x Rebecca (

Rhonda on

My Eldest Child was born at 41 weeks with a weight of 10lbs even. He was 23 inches long. he is now 22 years old and stands 5’9 and weighs about 155lbs. He works out he is very fit.

He had the fattest roundest face and looked like the stay puff marshmallow man! He was healthy, active and beautiful. much like Jessica’s baby!

At birth the kid looked like he was about 3-4 months old and we completely skipped the “New Born” diapers and clothes!

Some of the ignorant comments about this defenseless baby is nothing but pure Meanness!!

I am sure you would be Pi**ed if someone said something nasty about your baby!

Be Nice People and let them enjoy this baby!! she is beautiful!!

Reece on

This has been one of the most anticipatede babies of the year (not by me) and this is the best photo PEOPLE could find?? Jessica is pretty and the dad isn’t bad, surely there are more flattering pix of this baby!

jane on

Face and arm do look photo-shopped. Shame on magazine. Jessica is beautiful and does not need to be photo-shopped! Blessings to the family.

Melissa M. on

Baby daddy, Eric Johnson, is so smokin’ hot…I’d rather look at him than a wrinkly newborn. He always looks like a goofy frat boy in paparazzi pictures, but damn is is he sexy here.

Anonymous on

fat and ugly like her mother!!

Carrie on


Kristan on

@Anonymous on June 6th, 2012 – you are a disgusting excuse for a person. Shows how classless you are. Go back to your doublewide and stop spewing your vile remarks. It is a baby and no matter how you feel about someone, babies should be offlimits to vile, hateful, and disgusting comments.

matter of fact on

“Seriously”, Based on your comments, it is now a fact that you are rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious, and regardless of your weight, or looks, you are ugly. The comments you made may have been your opinion but should be kept to yourself if they serve no purpose but to hurt people. Next time you look in the mirror try and see yourself how others see you. Hard, I know, but there might be hope for you yet.

bostgal02 on

The reality is, Jessica Simpson is famous and chooses to put herself and her child out in the public eye. She’s gained a lot for that: fame, money, etc. That choice to be famous comes with the downside of negativity and people’s opinions, good and bad. I personally don’t think her daughter is cute in the pics, but she will likely grow into a very attractive person.

Joli on

I have a headache after trying to read everyone else’s comments besides Seriously’s! Who comments so many times?! LOL! I think the baby girl is cute and her parents are happy. That’s all that matters. Enough said. πŸ™‚

lotus on

We found the overly photoshopped pictures of Jessica Simpson ridiculously funny. On page 76, her head shrink to nearly the size of her baby’s and her feet are bigger than her head. We are still laughing about it. People should not believe a thing see in print, everything manipulated.

Karly on

Umm , skinny babies are the ones that don’t look healthy and I’m pretty sure she will thin out as she gets older . I mean seriously who cares if she stays chunky ? It’s not your kid. And I’m pretty sure her parents will make sure she stays healthy. Why would you let some idiot who is probably just jealous of Jessica get to you?


I am so happy that Jessica has found the happiness that she has been looking for. Maxwell is an adorable baby. I will admit that it probably isn’t the most flattering picture but if you’ll notice her chin is on her chest which is automatically going to make a change in looks. Babies are always beautiful if for no other reason than for their innocence and for the joy they bring to others. I wish their little family blessings.

maxwell on

So happy for Jessica Max is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niesha on

Aww! She is Gorgeous! You guys did good! Congrats! Her cheeks are so chunky and cute!

Mrs TLC on

I cannot believe that adults, can get so riled up with each other, #1 (That are discussing someone whom they have never even met, and most likely never will.) Getting so upset and bickering over this precious little babies weight is so much of a waste of time and energy. If you are going to complain, then do so over the fact that to many people out there are having babies and getting married after the fact or not at all. That is something to complain about!

Elizabeth on


Americans… fighting over looks and weight and having a good ol’ fashioned Dr. Phil drag down, hair ripping fight.

The child is a blessing and Jessica has been greatly blessed with God’s greatest gift. The rest of you are an embarrassment to your country and to women the world over.

Elizabeth on

Nothing better to do I see? Fighting over looks, weight and what YOU consider normal?

Laughable. That’s why women will NEVER be equal to men.

Carmen on

Cute baby but ugly name for a girl. All thought out her years she will be made fun of by other kids in school. What was her parents thinking???

candace on

I dont understand why people are so anxious to see celebrities babies, then when they finally see a pic of them; they cut them down. This is an innocent baby! It’s no wonder lots of celebrities choose not to parade their kids around; it’s because of ignorant people and their comments! Every baby is a blessing, and deserves not to be bullied and made fun of by anyone; you grown up adults should know better; what are you teaching your kids! She’s beautiful Jessica, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise; congratulations!

A. on

Maxwell is such a chunky and sweet looking baby. I agree that the photoshop job they did with Jessica makes her look awful.

Lacey on

For some reason I decided to look at the comments and DAMN! For someone who sits and obviously judges others lives, seriously is seriously a COWARD for not writing a real name. It’s usually the UGLY ones anyway who decide to not only put down an INFANT but a CUTE infant at that. And sss I agree, we should get to see her so we can judge her the way she does someone and their child that she doesn’t even know!

Anyways, I think Maxwell is adorable but I’m not a fan of the name.

CL on

Newborns can’t be “obese”….seriously!!! take your body issues away from the newborn…it’s people like that who end up destroying their childrens health and mental well being by focusing on size instead of health.

Baby’s are supposed to have a level of body fat for proper brain development…. pick up a book and put down the gossip rags.

Anyone with two working braincells can look at a child and tell the difference between proper baby fat and obesity….

Wendy Marie on

Little Maxwell is so, so beautiful and looks just like her mama already!!! I wonder if either Jessica or Eric were big chunky pounders like their baby girl at birth. So amazing, congrats to Jessica and Eric!