Snapping Turtles Swimsuits Make Diaper Changes Easy

05/30/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Snapping Turtles

It’s one of those things you wish you invented yourself: a swimsuit with a snap that makes diaper changing a breeze.

Long summer days are much more enjoyable thanks to Snapping Turtle Kids, easy-to-open suits that come in a wide variety of fun and frilly designs for girls ages 3 months to 3 years.

Designed by a New York City-based mom who almost pulled her hair out one day while changing her daughter’s diaper by the sea, the suits feature sewn-in stainless steel snaps on the bottom, which makes tackling dirty bums on the go smooth sailing.

With eight collections, there’s a style for every beach girl — each collection comes with perfectly coordinated 100-percent cotton terry cloth cover-ups and hats, too. Let your little one channel Jackie O with the Nantucket collection ($62), or, if she’s feeling more Florida, try the vibrantly colored Palm Beach collection ($60).

There’s even a coordinating tote to carry all of your sand essentials ($45). It’s the perfect place to stash your stuff when you’re headed to the public bathroom!

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Amy Jamieson

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Lis on

Duh! I wondered why this never existed before!!?!?! Especially since I much prefer one-pieces for babies/little girls… but the whole diaper changing thing is a nightmare…

Gosh…I should have branded this idea first and made millions 😉

Hilary on

We love Snapping Turtle swimsuits and even featured them on our blog too! In the same print! Kind of wonder why such a practical idea too so long to come to fruition!

Dawn on

they should bring out a range for the 3-5 year market too – so many accidents have happened because of an independent 3 year old trying to get off a wet swimsuit!

kimmie on

the better alternative is actually have your child go #2 before you go swimming so accidents dont happen

Holiday on

kimmie this is a bathing suit for babies and toddlers! You are really supposed to have your 6 month old poop first so they dont have an accident?

Jillian on

Love this! I will be buying one for our youngest daughter and some for gifts.

If only all moms could force their kids to go #2 before a swim, like you. I will make my kids stay on the toilets everytime they change until they go. What do you do when your child goes, swims, and has to go again? Complain and yell for not going completely the first time? Please…..stop trying to put down moms on every post for not doing things like you.


SH on

i have a baby girls swimsuit from walmart that snaps like this…i had it for my daughter who is now 8. this isn’t new.

kjc on

Great idea! They should make them for kids up to 5 or 6 really. I remember dancing around as a child trying to get my suit down in time. Cute prints too… Although I personally wouldn’t spend $60 on a child’s swimsuit.

piper on

SnapMe swimwear has the same thing – love them and they cost $28 – better yet find them on for $14!

huh on

What Piper said. They just had them on Babysteals a few days ago, and before that, maybe a month? Much cheaper, and still very good quality. That’s what I got for my baby. $60+ on something that will only be used/fit a couple months? No, thank you.

Gina on

Not a fan of these styles or prints, despite the fact that they are way over the average income budget for a kids bathing suit in this economy. SnapMe Swimwear suits have awesome styles and prints. The price for the quality and UV protection is amazing.