BumpWatch: Tori Spelling Sports a Sexy Suit

05/29/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Michael Simon/Startraks

She may be on her fourth child, but Tori Spelling still has a rockin’ beach bod!

The expectant actress — who will deliver baby no. 4 in September — spent Memorial Day stylishly sunning her belly in a crocheted suit, orange necklace and Sanuk sandals.

Joined by husband Dean McDermott, who toted 7-month-old daughter Hattie Margaret, the pair enjoyed a holiday barbeque with elder children Stella, 3½, and Liam, 5.

“I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding,” Spelling, 39, joked when the pregnancy was announced.

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Brooklyn on

Hattie is adorable!

Leah on

I love Tori, BUT that swim suit is a little much.

RKF on

Tori looks fantastic, and baby Hattie is adorable!

Melissa on

Not the suit I would have picked, a little trashy.

lovethisfam on

Love this family. Love watching their tv shows but….sorry swim suit is a no go. Too much showing and maybe its just me but obviously she would have to shave or wax for this and it just seems? I don’t know a little weird/out of place/not suitable etc for a pregnant mom with a seven month old…..(no that pregnant moms or new moms shouldn’t shave/wax but getting my downstairs done wouldn’t seem the priority is what I am saying)

JMO on

Hey if you got it and look good (esp after having kids) flaunt it!!

Shannon on

She looks best when pregnant.

Lotus on

She looks hot in the suit. Wouldn’t have thought a pregnant woman could pull this off but she did. However, we didn’t get a side view….lol

Yikes on

Milking the cow and that is all I have to say….

Pam on

I do agree she looks best when pregnant…but the suit come on now! That suit is barely suitable for a non-pregnant woman let alone a pregnant one LOL! Looks like she is trying to prove something….what I am not sure, LOL!

guest on


KD on

I generally like her style but this does nothing for me…doesn’t mean she doesn’t look good and I’m sure Dean appreciates it.

LS on

OMG, that swimsuit is so skimpy and just to over-the-top. Not nice at all!

Michelle on

Yeah, not feeling that suit! I mean, it’s ok for a younger girl to wear something like that, but a mom of (soon to be) 4, and having a baby bump, that suit just doesn’t seem, ahem, “suitable”…….not to say she might not pull it off later, but not now. Yikes!

Lonnie on

It’s trashy.

Amber on

That suit just screams motherhood! lmao…

Ceci on

Pretty sick .

Meghan on

whats wrong with waxing “love this fam”????

Kelley on

I actually think she looks better in this bathing suit pregnant than not pregnant.

Julie on

I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. She looks amazing and she’s very pregnant. She looks better than most non-pregnant women do in a a swimsuit, and she had a baby 7 months ago and is pregnant. It’s a little skimpy but it isn’t trashy.

Roxy on

Trashy suit. Cute baby and family.

Anonymous on

She had the ugliest breast job I have every seen.

Susie on

This is so trashy!! Do you really need to dress like this for a family vacation/bbq? I’m sure its a nice message to send to her children. Especially her daughters. I really wish she’d go away. I just watched a re-run of 90210 the other day and was reminded of what a terrible actress she is.


Your all just a bunch of nasty women who are so jealous you could never look this good when your expecting…She looks hot…she looks damn good for someone who has had 3 kids and on the forth…so hush up with all the negative comments…and for the idiot who says she must have had to wax and oh it’s just wrong…..PLEASE…IT’S CALLED NOT LETTING YOURSELF BE ALL FAT AND HAIRY JUST BECAUSE YOUR PREGGERS….IT’S CALLED TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF….!!

Danielle on

Love Tori’s suit. Looks great on her. God had to give her a great body b/c she has a face like a St. Bernard.

becky on

I think she looks fine in bathing suit..

Julie on

She looks amazing. Just because some of you don’t like the suit doesn’t mean it’s trashy. Holy cr*p because she looks better in that suit pregnant than most women do not pregnant. I think she looks beautiful. I’m sure that if many of us could pull that off at 39 after 3 kids, and very pregnant we would.

Danielle on

God had to give her something b/c she has a face like a basset hound.

Love the suit. Very sexy.

Shelby on

She looks great! I agree, she always looks better pregnant because she actually is at a healthier weight. The suit? Who cares? This was probably a stalker/paparazzi that took the pic. She isn’t wearing it for us. She was on a private vacation. Cut her some slack!

blyjette on

Honestly, who the hell cares? She’s show casing her beautiful baby belly… why does it matter what WE think?

Tina on

YUCK! Baby Hattie is a cutie, though.

Elisha on

Pregnant or not pregnant, she’s a MOTHER, mom’s can be sexy too – on date nights, glamour nights, etc. But hanging out at the pool with your family, give me a break.

JMQuinn on

Irish twins: Born less than a year apart. Dean better get snipped after this one.

Mya on

Whoah! I can see why she’s always pregnant 😉 she’s hot in that!

Lisa on

Don’t like the swimsuit at all BUT I think she looks amazing.

Lauren Pizano on

She looks great!!!!! and when i was pregos with my fourth and looked like that, i would so wear that swim suit!!!!!! dont hate just cause you guys cant rock it pregos or not!!!!!! love her!!!!!!!!!!! nothing sexyer than being with child and a loving hubby on your side! do your thing girl!!!

Tatjana on

Wow… Who cares whether she is pregnant or not. She looks beautiful and is in fantastic shape!!!!

Jacks on

I actually think this suit is super flattering and she looks great!

Amber on

I think I would like it if it had more material on the bottom… The top is cute.

Terri on

She should just go naked, as little as that suit covers.

jeanne on

Call me a prude but i dont think the suit is appropriate pregnant or not. Its just ugly. That being said Tori looks terrific especially with back to back pregnancies!

e on

She looks amazing!

Shelby on

Tori is beautiful! I just read her last book, and she is a down to earth friendly woman. She nurtures and loves her kids, and its so important these days to raise grounded and appreciative children. You GO Tori!

Mommacita on

That swim suit is bordering on disgusting!

yas on

great bod to be pregnant but showing it off like that… not the best way

cj on

I find it hilarious that so many are bashing the swimsuit,considering most of the other pregnant stars are wearing bikini’s with LESS material,and this one gets called trashy? i think there are just so many people you just can’t please! so don’t try!! I’m sorry but i think its alot of jealousy! She looks SMASHING!!! IN THAT BIKINI!! I can’t find a thing wrong with this picture!!! If you guys are watching their show,then you wouldn’t even be able to picture her in a trashy light!I wasn’t a Tori fan til i started watching her show,she’s adorable! no matter what she’s wearing!!!LOVE THE BIKINI!! AND THE ROCKIN BODY!!!!

Taylah on

Tori you look amazing!! You go girl!! Hattie is so gorgeous, just like her older siblings!! 😀

Fran on

Who is she kidding? You can’t breast feed if you had a boob job and she has admitted to having a boob job. She also has to have had plastic surgery after each kid, it’s not possible to have a body like like after four kids.

MIchelle on

Dang! I wish I looked this good when I’m NOT pregnant!! LOL! She looks amazing! I don’t particularly care for the swimsuit, but she looks fantastic in it.

Jessica on

I think she looks great. If I had a rockin body like that, I’d wear what I wanted, when I wanted to wear it. 😛 Just because you have children, it doesn’t mean that you lose yourself or your sex appeal. I’m proud of her for staying true to her fashion sense and herself! 🙂


Wow, girl is rockin’ that suit, and after four kids! Not something I would choose for myself, but to each her own!!!

Maggie on

Not true Fran. I got breast implants after college and have nursed all three of my kids. Had some issues with low supply with the first two babies, but nursed my last exclusively with no supplementation. It can be done.

itznia on

Just no.

melanie on

@Fran-It IS possible to breastfeed after a boob job. Maybe you should educate yourself before you make comments about something you clearly know nothing about.

kendrajoi on

I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I think she looks fab! She looks healthy and happy!

Leah Meskis on

She looks wonderful and the suit is adorable. Could be alot worse!

J on

I agree, the suit is very inappropriate for her, she is too old for this, and knows better. Then again, I think Tori really always has been an attention seeker.

While she has a nice figure, despite four children, this is too over the top, and young for her.

Ashley on

Hello its a bikini but has a piece attaching it..how is it trashy? that’s like saying all women who wear a bikini are trashy..she looks fabulous and I think baby bumps are adorable and need too be shown off… Im pregnant right now and I wore my bikini too the beach the other day…stop hating.

kIM k on

I agree; she looks so healthy when she is pregnant

christa on

Tori looks great and Mattie is a sweetie.

JessicaB on

what an odd choice for a family swim session. well, dean’s ex said she thougt he left her because her swim suit was dumpy looking. and tori has said that she is terrified that dean will leave her the way he left his first wife and kids. SO… maybe this is because of that?

curious, is she doing any acting anymore, or is that over now that her father has passed and her connections have dried up?

Denise on

That is not a sexy swimming suit, it’s the stupidest looking suit I’ve seen in a long time. She looks ridiculous.

Dee on

That just ain’t right. Please. You’d think with all that money should cold afford to buy a whole swimsuit…not a swimsuit with holes!

judelawfan on

OMGS!! that looks terrible! it looks like shes naked! ewww!

Kelly on

Disgusting… highly inappropriate when there are young children around.

Izzy on

Wow! She will never be able to tell her kids not to dress like a slut if she’s walking around looking like that. The bottom part is just too itty bitty and it looks like it’s actually pressing on her stomach. A simple 2 piece would have been better. Must agree that she looks good pregnant.

stacey on

Whoa, Dad is out of shape but baby is adorable. Don’t care for the swimsuit.

JM on

these comments really make me laugh. people seem to have such extreme emotional reactions to something that is – wait let me check – yep, still just a swim suit.

personally, i think the swimsuit itself is hideous, i would never wear it. that’s probably why i’m not wearing it. but do i care if tori wears it? hell no. whatever rocks your world. as long as you are not hurting anyone else with what you do, go for whatever makes you happy. life’s too short.

Ellie on

I happen to think this is the prettiest that Tori has ever looked! But, that swimsuit is very inappropriate!!! The pregnancy curves and weight look great on her, but she needs to cover up some!

Momof2 on

I think she looks amazing! I LOVE this picture!

sullyjo on

I couldnt pull off that swimsuit but I think she looks great–pregnant with #4 and all! She looks better with a little weight on her.

I think someone said you can’t breastfeed after a boob job–umm yes you can. They don’t scoop out your boob and put a fake one in–they put it in under the muscles and other components….and she had lipo after hattie 7 months ago but is 4-5 mon pregnant?? i highly doubt that–she is naturally skinny–her dad was always super skinny.

i don’t understand why people come onto these websites to bash other people. we’ve become a really mean society, especially behind the comfort of our computer screens.

kjc on

She looks great! I don’t love the swimsuit, I’ve never really been into that style, but wow, she is definitely rocking it!

Abby on

@lovethisfam (or whatever your name is)


J on

If I had a body like that while pregnant on my FOURTH kid I would totally rock that suit!! Go Tori!!!!!

Mat on


Lisa on

If this were an non-famous person covered in tattoos wearing that suit while pregnant, all you people hating on the haters would be saying the same thing. Nobody’s jealous, it’s purely a matter of taste.

Jessica on

That’s just nasty. She wears THIS on a FAMILY vacation??? Very trashy. You can still wear a cute swim suit while pregnant, but this swimsuit just screams wh0re. Disgusting. Baby is super cute though…hopefully she doesn’t follow in mom’s footsteps when she gets older.

mainamom on

Ewww…no thanks. She looks great, but I don’t want to see that much of her!

Jeana on

As a woman I have no desire to see a pregnant womans stomach in public. I thnk it is unattractive and egotistic

cathy1 on

While everyone is letting their bellies show, I would not wear a suit like than b/c if it slips some in the front lower portion of the suit she would be showing something that would border on indecent exposure. A regular bikini bottom covers a little more than that suit.

EdithR on

You are just jealous cause you did not select her suit before she did. Tori, you look fantastic, simply marvelous!!

jones on

I don’t like the bathing suit (the black netting looks cheap and tacky to me) and think it would look better if she were just wearing the top and the bottom without the netting. She is rocking it, though, and looks terrific. She looks so much healthier when she is pregnant and Hattie is adorable.

EdithR on

you look great Tori!

guest on

I don’t care for the style of the suit. Not sure it’s trashy but it’s certainly not a classic look. It just says ‘look at me’ and my honest reaction was ‘Oh, please” when I saw it. It’s like she’s trying too hard.

Melissa on

If my husband is a notorious cheater, I’d pull out whatever arsenal is at my disposal to keep him at home. Thus the suit would be appropriate.

Christine on

I agree that she looks hot for a mom of 4, but honestly that suit is trashy. I have nothing against pregnant women wearing bikini’s, but the one she has on is ugly!!! I would have expected her to wear something more classy. This one is a fail, Tori.

Jennifer on

You look great Tori!

karengilbreath on

Little Hattie is definitely a cutie, but I think if I were in Tori’s place, I would be covering myself up a bit! Everyone already knows she’s pregnant, why is she basically wearing a bikini! Only thing holding the 2 pieces together is the crocheted piece, other than that she has a bikini on.

The only way the paps could have gotten a pic of her and her hubby is if she or McDermott called the local papers to say where they would be and when! Not impressed!!!

Cobra on

She’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That explains everything about her.

nfg on

not a fan. not everyone needs to see everything of yours.

Marie on

I love that bathing suit!! If I looked that good when I was pregnant, I would have worn it too! I hate people who hate just because its different from what they would wear. Give credit where its due…she looks fantastic for being pregnant with her 4th kid. 🙂

Diane on

Baby is cute, that is all.

Hilary on

Tori looks fantastic, and Hattie is sooo cute. I cannot wait to see their latest addition.

Guest on

He is so HOT! Not looking at her suit. LOL

Anne on

It looks like her belly is pushing the fabric off her boobs… odd look..

chamorrita on

Honestly, the suit if FINE. Torri has kept her shape throughout ALL her pregnancies, so why not show it off. The only thing I wished the bathing suit had was a little underwire support in the breast area. It looks a little pulled down, kinda sagging (and being that she’s probably breast-feeding, support would be a good idea for those milk jugs). Other than that I see NO issues with her flaunting what the GOOD LORD gave her plus a few enhanced help! lmao.

jlamca on

Anyone with lots of $$ can look great after 3 kids. But in the REAL world it just doesn’t happen like that. She has a horse face & the ugliest breasts/cleavage I’ve ever seen.

Shawn on

That is the UGLIEST thing I’ve EVER seen!!

Julia on

OK, wow. That is too much (or not enough, actually).

momof3sd on

That suit is a little much.(or less, depending on how you look at it) She was at a FAMILY function with her CHILDREN dressed like that!

KarenB on

I think she looks awesome. Gee reading some of the comments on here makes me see alot of jealous women on here.

Rebecca on

You rock it Mama!!!

veggiemama on

Nice to see her without the heavy old lady pancake makeup!

Mom to twins on

Wow, she looks awesome!

mmommyyof2 on

Its amazing what they can do pictures with airbrush & photoshop!

meghan on

Can’t buy class or taste. Tori is proof of that. I love how people suggest that if we aren’t kissing this woman’s ass, we are dying of jealousy. This woman has nothing to be jealous of.

Ameliazzzzzzzzzzzz on

Tori looks so good pregnant but this suit is sleazy looking, it does not look sexy. Sorry Tori but love, love your show!

meghan on

Her kids are about one sneeze away from seeing her snatch. How elegant.

Kelly on

This just screams of desperation to hold on to Dean. I have heard reports that there is divorce on the horizon and that they were separated for a bit. This is just pathetic.

Anonymous on

love the suit!! yo go girl!!

LIsa on

I think that suit is darling with her cute little baby bump!

Anonymous on

I have to say Tori looks GREAT!!! Wow she does look very healthy and very happy, she exhumes confidence in this photo, which to me is very sexy. That is a very cute Baby! Her husband is nice to look at too!

Nikki Zetty on

I think she looks AMAZING!!! Wish I could have been prego in the summer. You go girl!!!

Ameliazzzzzzzzzzzz on

Love, love your show Tori, but that bathing suit is not classy or sexy! sorry!

CL on

I agree with the posters saying they wish they looked that good NOT expecting! We’re the same age, have normally been the same size figure since she became famous and frankly, I have been 8 lbs over what works at this size…for a year now! I so needed this nice little kick in the pants picture thanks Ms. Tori for it. She does wear pregnancy well and while I am a life long Florida native bikini wearer personally if I liked one piece suits I would try to rock this one as she does so well. Good for her! And she is happy=even better! Those people calling her or the suit trashy need to get out more. Seriously, down in FLA this suit it considered full coverage for heaven’s sakes people. Just wait til you visit here if you think this is trashy watch out for the old, hairy grandpas wearing grape smugglers-while riding bikes-on the beach! Now there is a trashy-freakish look to comment negatively on!

Motheroftwo on

I mean she looks great pregnant, very healthy compared to when she’s not. As for the suit…yeah it is a bit much she’s definitely trying way to hard to keep her husband by her side…great body for the 4th kid but if I had her kind of money I’d probably look that good after that many kids too…

Mindy on

Seems that someone is in need of a little paparazzi attention? Not sure why you would pick that suit unless you wanted to cause a stir. Wish her the best with her family all the same.

Kim on

Oh honey, NOBODY wants to see that.

shalay on

She looks fantastic. I see nothing wrong with this picture and while I understand why some people may not be fans of her swimsuit, I think it’s a gross exaggeration to imply that she looks terrible or “trashy”.

Kat on

that swim suit isn’t a good look on you tori. ichy

Kat on

swim suit doesn’t look good on her.horrible!

ampy on

I think she looks great! Baby #4 WOW! Her baby is very cute too. 🙂

Kairy on

Im pretty sure she got perm lazer hair removal LONG ago and doesn’t need to shave or wax

Tami on

Tori, you look FANTASTIC! Your family is beautiful and you and Dean are true parents and soul mates. Love you guys!!!!

blgraves on

She should be on “What Not to Wear”!

Acorr on

its one thing to pull that suit off postpartum but when your already 5 months along, sure the big belly will make everything proportionate.

Elara on

I think she looks good. It doesn’t matter if she is pregnant or not. A mother or not. There is no law that says once you’re a mom you have to look frumpy and old and un-sexy. It looks comfortable and I’m sure her husband appreciates it.

There have been many pics of other pregnant women wearing a two piece and no one gave them crap about how a mom shouldn’t wear a bikini. This suit actually covers more skin than most bikinis.

If she has the confidence to pull that off while pregnant, more power to her. I bet all of you making snide comments are just jealous you didn’t look that great while you were pregnant. As if she cares what anyone else thinks anyway. LOL

kimmie on

I think its ugly. bikini while pregnant are ok (dont see why you think it’s not) but this whatever its called is ugly, shapeless, pulls her boobs down towards the earth. I think she could find a better piece of bikini or anything else. Nothing wrong with belly. I dont think she is showing it, she is just not hiding it.

mary on

not my style of suit, but if I looked like that pregnant, I would work it.. she looks great!

Amanda on

I agree with some of you, she looks her best when she is preggo and curvy! The bathing suit is cute, pregnant or not. i dont see a problem with it…its pretty much a 2 piece…jealous much ppl?!? however, i would like to know how after so many c sections, she keeps her tummy so tight. im about to have my 2nd and am dreading even more saggyness lol

QueenBee on

Not for me but Tori is rocking it! *And please can we now talk about Hattie??? WHAT A DOLLIE DOLL!!* Whether you agree or disagree with how they met, live,…what eva…they do make beautiful babies!!

Melanie on

Oh please people the only ones making the trashy comments are the ones who only dream of having a body, much less a pregnant body like hers. I think it is awesome that she is comfortable enough to wear this. And what difference does it make if she is with her kids. My goodness I bet half of your kids dress worse than this. HATERS=JEALOUS everytime!!!

Anon123 on

Wow, she looks sexy in that suit. What a great look for a pregnant lady. I think it’s great seeing women still look sexy when they are pregnant. As for Dean, he’s totally hot!

meghan on

Melanie, if I wanted to look like an anorexic drag queen, then I would be jealous of this worthless attention whore.

mb on

I like Tori and her body looks great but I’m not feeling that suit, either!

Liz on

Sorry, her head does not go with her body.

She is not cute at all!

She is a good actress.

Cortney on

She does look good but if this is her last child she really should look into getting her boob job redone!

Clairesamsmom on

Though I wouldn’t wear this…. Not my taste at all…tori looks really good! What’s her secret? She looks very fit right now…. And you would never know that she has had 3 babies by the way she looks, or had a baby 7 mo ago! I bet dean loves the suit! Lol!

Kris on

Adorable family, that bathing suit not so much.

Amanda on

She definitely looks her best when she is pregnant. She’s just one of those people who literally does glow. Overall the bathing suit is cute but I think a little more coverage on the bottom would go a long way. However, if she feels good in it, go for it!

Cheryl Conrad on

I would like the suit more if there was a little more to the bottom part. A little too skimpy for my taste. Even if I had the best body in the world, I wouldn’t wear it they way it is. But to each their own as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.

M K Coughlin on

Yikes – sweet family photo however the suit is a little much. I will admit though that Tori does look good and only Tori can get away with wearing this beach attire. Lord knows I’ve seen a lot worse!

J on

Karen, there is not much to be jealous about regarding that suit.

And Melanie, grow up.

guest on

That suit is TOO MUCH! It’s cute to show a little bump but no need to show everything!!!

marie on

Not many people could pull off that suit with a body that has never given birth let alone one on her fourth child. I’m not much of a Tori Spelling fan but she is rockin that suit. I ain’t mad at her. I think her body looks fantastic.

amy on

She looks great. She likes it and Dean likes it and nobody else’s opinion matters.

Daphne on

Pregnant or not, the suit is awful. And the bottom seems ready to slip right off.

Anonymous on

Sorry not much left for the husband to see that the whole world hasn’t seen.

A.K. on

What a bunch of mean awful women. You can so nurse after a boob job. And if any of you looked this good in a suit you’d wear it every day. America has a lot of hateful prudes parading around as decent women. Yeesh.

Anonymous on

Her body looks great, however that suit is on the distasteful to almost trashy side. A bikini would covered more.

Romy on

a bikini would have been so much cuter!

Kylee on

If I had her body I’d walk around naked!!!

Emily on

That suit is a tab bit on the revealing side…preggo or not. Is there enough material there to constitue a bathing suit??

lovely123 on

She is really letting it all out with this finally pregnancy.

rikki on

I think she looks great, she is showing that a mommy soon to be 4 can still be sexy, yeah the swimsuit is skimpy but come on its Tori she can pull it of, i love it. if i looked like her with a baby bump i would wear it. but i couldnt pull it of with out a baby bump lol

Tara on

lol all it is is a bikini with some material attached to it – would I wear it, absolutely not do I think she looks “trashy”, also absolutely not. Pregnancy does really seem to suit her and she looks quite pretty here.

La La Outlandish on

Save it for behind closed doors darl.

Easyup on

You’re a nasty piece of work MEGHAN. We have a 1920 tank cover all suit for you. Where do we send it?

linda on

I wouldn’t wear it…but she does look good in it. And AGE has nothing to do with wearing something or not. You can be sexy at any age! I hope she doesn’t get too skinny after the baby though. They are a happy family and God willing healthy.

ginger on

I wish i could wear it, all you haters r just jealous.

Estoria on

Wow, I wish I looked like this when I was pregnant. I don’t even look that good not pregnant. She is one of the lucky ones that doesn’t get stretch marks. I was “blessed” with a multitude of them and in multiple places. I can no longer wear anything but a one piece with a skirt or a tank style one with a skirted bottom. Her bathing suit may not be something I might wear but she certainly can carry it off. Hats off to her 🙂

Kat on

Um, Tori, I think YOU are the only one who thought she couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. The rest of us know better. That swimsuit is also very unattractive – without the bit down the middle, it would have looked great.

sharon on

I think she looks great in that , so sick of her being too thin… hey she’s keeping her man interested that’s all that counts… don’t be jealous cause she looks good in it pregnant

Trish on

That looks like something you where in a hot tub to entice your man…in private. In public…in front of your kids….I think she should be embarassed regardless of her nice body. She has an unattractive face and I can`t stand her or her husband. Kids are cute. Have some class, Spelling.

Sam on

She looks amazing, especially while being pregnant for the fourth time. That said, there’s something about the crochet/fishnet part that makes this swimsuit cross over to questionable territory. It would have looked great as just a simple two-piece black bikini.

Lisa on

I’m guessing she never held Hattie while wearing that suit, any hands on mom would know better. If she had a neon sign saying ‘LOOK AT ME!’ it would be less obvious. Looks like my grandmas macrame plant holder.

KD on

Gotta hand it to you Tori, you look good in it. Not sure I am nuts about the look, but you wear it well :).

lyn on

Oh my heavens. I don’t care about the suit or the lack of it or anything.

Those babies are going to be ELEVEN MONTHS APART. I would loose my bloody mind with two babies that close together.

While you’re BF these two babies, use some other sort of birth control please. Wow.

Anonymous on

why not?! she looks great!

sweetfamilybutgetanewswimsuit! on

Being a mom of 4 kids, I admire Tori’s fitness. But her swim suit choice seems inappropriate for a mom with 3 kids (and counting). She needs to leave the skimpy suits to the younger girls and dress more modestly. Kids don’t want to see their mom dressed like that.

sat on

LOL WOW! What a riot over the suit! Love it!! Laugh all the way to the bank, mama!

sharrie on

Good Grief, what is wrong with her to parade around in that outfit in front of her 3 1/2 year old and 5 year old. Yes, her body looks very good and her hair looks somewhat better as she needs curls to soften her features.

nom on

So many judgmental responses! Tori looks awesome!

Steph on


shan on

Ahhh, the myth of cant get pregnant while you are breastfeeding was proven wrong many many years ago, you cant tell me she didnt know that. Not that it matters when you can support them, but just dont come across as being stupid, its not a good look.

Hea on

I don’t like the design on that swimsuit but she looks great. And her boobs seems to have changed shape which is good too considering how they usually look.

Jax&Sarah4life on

I feel sorry for her vag. Ouch! Can you fit a chair up there yet Tori?

Jax&Sarah4life on

BTW Congrats to the couple and their family.

Marky on

I am not jealous of anyone, I don’t hate anyone, but what I do wonder is why many of you posters are so positive about Tori, talk as if she is wonderful, lovely and looks great while wearing a shoestring for a swimsuit, BUT you absolutely hate Angelina Jolie, despise Leeann Rimes, rag on Camilla incessantly, and the list goes on. Let the slightest column come up and you are off and running, including how you insult Angie’s children. A column comes up about Tori, and you are flippinf=g out about how cute tori is, how cute she and Dean are together, how adorable their children are, etc, etc, etc. I don’t care about any of these people, particularly, and certainly, it will not keep me up nights regardless, but I’m curious, and I would like to not be attacked with venom, because it is a legitimate question. What makes Tori different to you?

darlene egnatios on

Tori looks wonderful and anyone with that kind of figure should be proud. She obviously has taken care of herself.

pollyhanaha on

Love Tori Spelling and glad to see she looks so healthy. But! Even if she was not pregnant (or if it were someone else all together) I think the swim suit is really unattractive. It’s really trashy.

Ann on

A wee bit to much…….looks kinda of sleazy!!!

Hea on

Marky – You’re saying the same people do this all the time?

Kelli on

I say she looks great. While I would not wear that suit while pregnant (or even not pregnant…lol), if you got it, flaunt it. She looks AMAZING and honestly that suit is NO different than wearing a bikini.

kikiandkyle on

I don’t care how young or old she is or how many kids she does or doesn’t have – that swimsuit is trashy no matter what. The lower triangle is clearly too small, I’m amazed nobody caught her in a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in that. Have some class Tori.

kikiandkyle on

Another case of ‘just because you can get into it doesn’t mean it fits’.

Kresta on

Geez, that swimsuit barely covers her nether regions. It’s ugly and embarrassing. In the privacy of her own bedroom, I don’t care what she wears but even in front of her children, it’s inappropriate.

tlc on

Marky, I think it has to do with personal taste? I am not a fan of Angelina, but wasn’t BEFORE she hooked with Brad. I also think she tries too hard. However, I like Tori, do I agree with how she and Dean got together..NO, not one bit. Do I continually hold it against EITHER actress? No.

It’s the same with Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise. Everyone trashes KATIE because they don’t like TOM. Is it right? Nope..but it’s still going to happen.

People love to pick at other people..it makes THEM feel better. I personally don’t think Angie is the end all be all or the most beautiful woman in Hollywood but yet some people think she’s the second coming of Jesus! To each their own…

Now, Tori, I really like you and think you are a great mom and wife, but that suit is not attractive. I think you are ROCKING it, but it doesn’t suit you. You would look so much better in a bikini top with a flattering little skirt bottom. 🙂 But hey, you got it, flaunt it I say!!!

hello on

That suit is something you’d see in a victoria’s secret catalog. but you have to remember, guys, this is hollywood we’re talking about.

did she even have any baby weight after she had Hattie?! Good for her for working to get back in shape. (I don’t know if I would, knowing that another one is on the way! lol)

Reesca on

Just because you’re pregnant or a mom doesn’t mean your sex appeal has to be locked away never to be seen again. There is no greater feeling than being a mom and truly feeling sexy, and if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I don’t see how the bathing suit is causing so much drama. This was a private event and actually has more fabric than a freaking bikini! I think she looks great for being pregnant with #4. Hell, I don’t even look that good not pregnant! Go Tori.

nancy on

WOW..what a suit…she looks better than some ppl who are not preggos..wonder why she gets knocked up so often lol..and if she really didnt want to get pg again, she could of taken precautions..come on, she thought she couldnt cuz she is/was breastfeeding?..thats like saying condoms dont brk..hahaha

ang on

She looks nice and I don’t mind her but she just looks like she tries to hard and it comes off as insecure and Kardashian like “look at me, look at me, HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!”. I’ve read that she has her own jewelry line but, my opinion, lighten up on the jewelry and makeup a little and wear a cute but more kid friendly suit(not a sex-bomb crochet thing) when you’re at a BBQ with your kids and family, maybe? Her children are absolutely adorable and her and hubby look happy, they obviously have something great so good for them.

Margie on

I have always thought that she looked like a cross between a man and a horse.

jojo on

WOW !…. she looks grt!..wonder why she gets knocked up..lol..looks better than some non prego ppl..skimpy in the lower area, but hell wear if you can..that hat on hattie is soooo cute, looks like she is go’n to fly!

Dianne on

I think she rocked the bathing suit. She is a young mom and has a great pregnant figure…so more power to her. Baby Hattie is very cute 🙂

ello on

i don’t get why people are freaking out over this bathing suit….nobody freaked out over kourtney kardashian, beyonce, alicia keys, nicole richie, etc when they wore bikinis on VACATION/to the beach!! so what makes Tori any different?? you all are just jealous that she looks that good after 3 kids (the YOUNGEST 7 months) and pregnant with the fourth…

Rachel Humphrey on

what a tramp. I think that outfit is trashy…

sal on

I would never wear that personally but Tori can pull it off…she looks AMAZING

Monica on

Marky- I can’t personally stand the whole cheating thing and don’t understand why people do it. But I think the difference between the other people you mentioned is the fact that they so blatantly pursued the married men not giving a hoot about their wives feelings, then tried to hide the fact that they had (remember how A and Brad wouldn’t even be photographed standing close to each other? And how LeAnn stalked Eddie after he tried denying the affair?).

Now Tori has been very open and honest about how she met Dean and it was a different situation in that they were both in unhappy marriages and just happened to meet and fall in love. They both came clean with their spouses as soon as their movie was over and made a commitment to each other that I believe will last.

Plus the fact that Tori is a more normal person that those other 2 who think they are God’s gift to men. I don’t condone their behavior but that’s my opinion.

Easyup on

MARKY, I can tell you Tori has taken her lumps about her hookup with Dean, it has not been smooth sailing for them on this site. I know because I was embroiled in heated posts when Hattie was born.

First they started off questioning why Dean’s son wasn’t included in their family count (they get this every time a pregnancy is announced – how many times can you ask and answer the same question), then progressed to ripping into how they became a couple and believe me, there was no mercy. This is a another matter (her swimsuit) but I am surprised how even toned these posts are. Tori&Dean, Angelina&Brad have turned their love into a wonderful family unit, this is the difference.

At the beginning, we didn’t give them a chance of it lasting six months but they have turned that into years and beautiful, thriving families. They have my support, I am happy for them. How long are you going to harp about past relationships long gone by? I draw the line at Camilla and that’s because Diana died. Everyone else is alive and has moved on with their lives.

The bathing suit looks good on her. I would have covered the bottom with shorts for a family outing but it would have lost its effect, anyhow, all the happiness to their growing, happy, healthy family.

T in Texas on

Whether you like her or you don’t . Or like the suit or not . You HAVE to admit . She DOES look awesome ! ! !
I happen to like her . She’s a sweet person . She looks AWESOME !

heather on

definitely not sexy. the suit or her.

Melodic Mom on

I’d actually like the bathing suit IF the bottom was a little higher up. It barely covers her pubic bone.

AMY on

Noooo Tori, Nooooooooo…..

Cass on

My first thought “omg ewww”. I’m pregnant right now and that seems a bit inappropriate. I wouldn’t even wear that if I wasn’t pregnant…trashy.

Christen on

To the poster that said you can’t breastfeed after a boob job- that’s not true at all. Most implants do not hinder breastfeeding.

the anecdotal baby on

Love it! Yes, I would wear this prego… I felt totally comfortable with my body, sexy even. I think that’s the best time to bare all! And she looks amazing.

kat on

WOW people this happens every time anything happens with Tori. She looks great in the suit whether you like the style or not. It very likely could have been a gift from her husband. normally she wears bikinis so whats the big deal. Some parents even believe in nudity with their children, does it make that a non family vacation? As for needing Paparazzi so wearing suit..that is nuts, she only has to walk out her door for paparzzi to film her. We see this all the time, without makeup, at the school. So it has nothing to do with her instigating. She looks fabulous, and is a great person, first an foremost a great mom! I love this family swim suit and all. I only wish I had a rocking enough body to look good in it, not pregnant, like others have said.

St.Ephanie on

She is the poster child for NASTY!!!

Jenny on

I really dont see anything wrong with her bathing suit..i think she looks great!

Mz B on

Wow Tori!!! kind of a crazy bathing suit (for a mommy) But NO WONDER you keep getting pregnant! 😉 My husband wouldnt be able to keep his hands off me if I dressed like that! Haha dont worry about all the negative comments tho.. if u feel confident enough to wear it, WORK IT GIRL!!!

karilyn on

“still” has a rockin’ beach bod?! When did she ever have one? That is one hideous lady.

annabelle on

Hattie is adorable! No comment on Tori’s revealing bathing suit.

Christina on

I don’t think the bathing suit would be bad if the bottoms weren’t so teeny. Yes, she has a killer body after 4 kids but she’ll never lose the horsey face and those silicone mommy bags are grody. She could class it up a bit and not try so hard. She’s making herself trashy.

Meela on

Prudes R US!!

She looks great!

I see nothing trashy about the bathing suit!

I am certain the people complaining the most could not pull of this look!

Kristie on

I don’t know why people have to post such mean things. No one can say she looks bad. She looks amazing!!! If you don’t like it don’t look and move on!! You go Tori, I only wish I looked half as good as you do!!

Anonymous on

She should do what she likes. And I think she looks great.

Kristie on

I don’t know what is wrong with people, why do you have to post such negative things. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Tori looks great!! There is nothing wrong with her swimsuit, she is covered up. I only whish I looked that good. She is such a nice person with a huge heart. Why do people feel it is up to them to judge???

Amy in Oregon on

Tori looks HOTT! I don’t look anywhere near that good when I’m not pregnant, so kudos to her for looking that good while PREGNANT! The suit is a little skimpy no matter who you are, but she looks amazing in it. Hattie is a doll baby, but so are Liam and Stella! Can’t wait to see the newest Mcdermott when he/she makes an arrival!

Holiday on

The bottom is too small for my liking, one wrong move and her lady parts would bust out! She does look good though, especially considering she has had 3 kids recently, is 7 months pregnant and almost 40 years old. Not the best choice in a bathing suit though.

Lollipop on

Slut has to do something to hang on to her skank hubby.

Retro on

I don’t think the question is whether or not she can pull it off, it’s SHOULD she? Doesn’t she have a 5 year old son? And what about her daughters? And are there other family members at this BBQ? I wouldn’t want to see that much skin on any of my family members. No way, no how.

Retro on

I mean, it’s a free country, she can do what she wants but it just shows her poor taste and lack of judgement.

jess on

The body rocks. The suit looks like it came from Strippers R Us. I’m embarassed for her. She must have waxed her life to get in to that suit. And is it a thong?

Jazzy on

She looks really beautiful pregnant. In my opinion, the bathing suit is just very different from what I would see at a family outing. It seems more , “ooh lala , hubby date night” kind of sexy private attire. But hey, I live in the suburbs, have an average body, and could never rock that even in private. Things are different in LA.

Jillian on

I think she looks better with a little extra weight on her. I do not like this bathing suit at all. I think it looks trashy.

Heather on

Tori Looks Great!!! Baby is sooo cute 🙂