Look for Less: Kourtney Kardashian’s Street Style

05/29/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Marcus/Splash News Online

No gray area here!

While stepping out to celebrate Mother’s Day in Santa Monica, Calif on May 13, Kourtney Kardashian looked oh-so-sophisticated in a head-to-toe black and white ensemble.

The mom-to-be wore Raoul‘s Diana Gown ($695), YSL sandals, Dalla Nonna‘s Portafortuna Hoops ($685), and black cat-eye sunglasses.

Love Kardashian’s color block chic? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $69!

Courtesy Dresses.ie


This Two Tone Black and White Maxi ($69) may not be maternity — but neither is Kardashian’s!

Fortunately, the added front fabric panel and fitted bustline can easily accommodate a growing bump.

Courtesy 6pm


Give your tired feet a break and stay grounded in Report‘s Italiano Sandals ($31), which feature an elastic ankle strap and a cushioned footbed for added comfort.

Courtesy Urban Outfitters


Whether you’re dodging the flashing paparazzi or protecting your peepers from the sun, Urban Outfitters Cat Eye Sunglasses ($16) have got you covered.

Even better? They’re available in three super cool colors.

Courtesy Endless


Talk about good luck! Juicy Couture‘s Charm Hoop Earrings ($34) add an instant touch of fun fortune to any outfit.

— Anya Leon

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Sue on

I go out of my way to make sure I do not look like, dress like or act like ANY of the KKK Klan. They are a pathetic lost bunch of souls. ANd this dress does NOT look oh so sophisticated, it looks like a tent on her.

Hea on

She’s wearing a tent. How very sophisticated indeed. Is there a sleeping bag somewhere under that?

RKF on

That is by far one of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen. You couldn’t force me to wear that for free, let alone pay $695 for it. Blech.

Shannon on

She is too short to pull off that look.

Maryanne on

I always get nervous with pregnant women wearing such long dresses. I know I would wipe out, lol.

aspidv on

So ugly! I’ve never thought that she is stylish at all!

That PARACHUTE DRESS is so unfLattering!

Doreen on

What a waste of a $700 dress!!!

kjc on

I think the dress would be fine with a belt, just something to cinch it in a little. I like the bargain dress better though.

kendrajoi on

It’s a freaking mumu. She always looked so good when she was pregnant with Mason. Not this time.

mary on

I love the Maxi dress that People have selected!

Acorr on

Way to be behind the times People. May 13th? that’s like, 2 weeks ago. FAIL

Gigi on

Doesn’t she have access to a tailor? TOO LONG, ugly or not.

Cortney on

The K’s could learn something here … The most expensive stuff isnt always the best looking! I hope Mason spilled kool aid all over that ugly thing!

Fransabelle on

Instead of paying that dress 700 bucks, she should seriously hire someone who can potty train her son. Mason is 2 and a half years old and still wearing a diaper. He is still walking with a pacifier in his mouth. And then this moron woman comes up and pretends to be the best mom, she writes blog bla bla..who listens to you? go get a degree and have a diploma..thats when people will respect you lady, not when you dress a a curtain (oops sorry your Raoul dress!lol (lets respect Mr. Raoul here at least)

alicejane on

Fransabelle, I might be about to make myself look cracy, but I’ll take that chance. I just find it bizarre when people criticize others for things that aren’t even true – Kourtney has a university degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Spanish (this is where I make myself look crazy, for having looked this info up). And, boys typically potty train between 2 and 3 years old. Some may be earlier, but on average, it is not that strange for a 2.5 year old to be in diapers.

Anyway, can’t say I personally like this dress she’s in, but I LOVE the cheaper option posted!

J on

Sue, the KKK Klan? Isn’t that a bit much? Wow.

MMK on

Sue- your comment was a little over the top and a little nuts. The KKK (I don’t care for them either who really does) wear all white not black and white so where the comparison comes from I don’t know. Yes it does look like a tent but the whole KKK thing wasn’t my first or last thought.

Fransabelle- Apparently you are not a parent nor are an expert on the subject of potty training. Boys tend to learn slower than girls do. They could be potty training him now some kids do wear diapers or pullups during the process. Pacis I agree with they should be gone by 2 but he’s not my son and it’s not my business.

I thought the point of maternity close was not to look or appear like we’re wearing a tent or a mumu?

Sara on

KKK??? Seriously? Considering Khloe is married to a BLACK man, and Kim is dating a BLACK man, I would hardly call her KKK. Thats just ignorant and disrespectful. The women is pregnant and hormonal and sometimes likely not to make the perfect choices when it comes to clothing. We are not going to like everything she chooses, but she chose it. I’m sure if we all posted a picture of ourselves someone isn’t gonna like something about the picture… get over it people!!! And Sue, shame on you and your ignorant comment.

jojo on

hmmmmmmmm $1400+ for a few hrs..must be nice to have so much $$$$$..dress is dragging on the ground..dont like that.maybe higher shoes..dont think that dress is worth that much..pay for the name..thats the name of the game..sooooooo not worth it sometimes

Mel on

That is not a good look.

Shannon on

“Kourtney has a university degree in Theatre Arts”

How appropriate!

lola on

I think KKK was referring to “Kim, Kourtney, Khole”

klholzer on

Cruella, Cruella Deville!

Jillian on

I typically like herstyle but do not like this dress. I have not seen Madon once with a paci, so clearly he doesn’t use it alot. I have seen him in a to of photos, on their show, and s couple times in passing. 2 1/2 yr old boys are often not potty trained. I know, I trained some of th. So much harder than my girls…..and longer!


Retro on

She looks like a mime. lol

Jillian on

Your comment makes no sense. Just because one reads and comments about a person doesn’t make them want to look like them or dress like them…or even like them. There are plenty of people I talk about on here that I like, that I don’t want to be like or look like, same goes for those I don’t like.

gina p on

all i have to say is who wouldnt want to make $$$$ per episode?? i think we are all guilty of hating on them for that… funny how people claim to dislike them or stay away from them yet they are on this site comenting about them … i dont dislike or hate them theyre just there…