Molly Sims: I Didn’t Splurge on My Maternity Style

05/25/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

She may be splurging on her baby boy‘s bohemian nursery, but Molly Sims is keeping it simple when it comes to her maternity wardrobe.

Expecting a son next month — her and husband Scott Stuber‘s first child — the mom-to-be has managed to only buy the basics to accommodate her burgeoning bump.

“I have an A Pea in the Pod stretchy camisole I love and I have been living in my Splendid hot pink tie-dye skirt,” Sims, 39, tells Fit Pregnancy in their June/July issue.

“One thing I’ve learned is that while you’re pregnant, if you wear tight-fitting clothes, you look thinner.”

Initially “picky” with her purchases — “everything felt really itchy” — Sims admits her biggest indulgence was for the bedroom.

“I also didn’t want to spend too much on maternity clothes, so I bought just six skirts and six dresses,” she says. “And I splurged on a pair of silk pajamas.”

Sims was once equally as determined to establish a birth plan for the big day. However, after receiving a bit of advice from her doctor, the expectant model/actress is hoping to take the entire experience in stride.

“[I have a birth plan], but I know it depends on the situation. My OB-GYN is Michelle Hakakha, who co-wrote Expecting 411. She’s really knowledgeable and doesn’t make you feel guilty about anything,” Sims explains.

“She tells me, ‘You’re not going to get a medal for any of this, so don’t hold on too tight to any plan or you could be disappointed.’ I have a doula, Lori Bregman, creator of Rooted for Life, to help during and after the birth, and I start interviewing pediatricians this month.”

Reiterating her stance on being a parent first, friend second, Sims plans to channel her own upbringing when it comes to raising her son.

“I’m going to be very hands-on. I know I’ll be really protective; even now I cover up my belly when I watch Law & Order so he can’t hear it,” she shares.

“My mom is my best friend now, but she wasn’t when I was growing up. It’s important for your child to look up to you and they need discipline. My parents were fun-loving, but expected a lot. I hope I will be like that.”

– Anya Leon

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valerie on

That last paragraph was oh, so refreshing. I hope she can follow through with that philosophy. Good luck, Molly.

Marky on

I don’t agree about the “tight-fitting clothes, you look smaller” theory. To me, I looks as if you are trying to pretend you aren’t pregnant, or that your body hasn’t changed. I think it’s important to be comfortable, and I wasn’t comfortable in snug-fitting clothes. That’s just my opinion, and I’m not criticizing anyone who feels differently about it.

I think she looks gorgeous in the magazine cover photo. Lovely dress and she looks perfect! I never got much bigger than that with any pregnancy, and sure didn’t have to wear gigantic muumuus, or have trouble fitting in nice maternity wear, but I sure wouldn’t have wanted one of my regular sweaters stretched over my tummy a week before delivery, LOL!

Shannon on

So true about not getting a medal; childbirth is not a competition. It’s nice she has a birth plan but the ultimate prize is the baby, regardless of how the birth occurs.

blessedwithboys on

Oh, gosh, Molly, it sounds like you’re being groomed for a c-sec! Well, at least your doc is up front about it. Most seem to just yes their patients and then hit ’em with it at the last minute. Best wishes for a safe delivery.

Ash on

Hope she sticks with the plan!

jenny on

I think she just means that if you wear huge floppy tent shirts, well its a fact you are going to look a lot bigger. I am on my 5th child and i have found this as well.

I really like the orange dress she is wearing on the cover, does anyone know where its from?

Michelle on

I think you have to be very flexible with your ideas about birth plans. My birth plan is simple – go to hospital, get drugs, leave with two babies. (I’m having twins). As long as they are healthy and I recover appropriately, I don’t really care how they are born.

torgster on

Well whatever she has worn while preggers has been bang-on the right choice because she always looks beautiful! She was too darn skinny before – not that she has gained a ton or anything – just her face loks fuller and softer – I hope she keeps a bit of the weight after the baybay comes.

Janna on

Well, Michelle, it’s good to know that you’ve done your research have no problem with the issues that can arise with your lack of a birth plan. Good luck to you, hope your ignorance doesn’t kill your kids… or worse.

meghan on

That’s nice Janna. Could you be nastier?

emily on

LOL….not having a birth plan means your babies will die? I guess my 5 week old daughter is a zombie, then. Who knew?

Marky on

I have seen mothers who are SO glued to their birth plan that they nearly lose their baby because it becomes so important to stick to “the plan”. It becomes the most important thing in the whole pregnancy, rather than having a healthy happy baby.

I’m not suggesting having a plan is wrong; what I’m suggesting is simply that a plan is only that, and while you may not be ignorant or without knowledge about how you hope to have delivery go, things can happen that must be responded to quickly, or you can have real issues you don’t want to have. It’s better to be open to the possibility that your plan is what you WANT, but things may have to change, depending on what happens during labor and delivery.

Heather on

I agree with blessedwithboys. It sounds exactly like her OB is already planning c-section. I wouldn’t go to an OB that had that mentality. If you show up to the hospital without a plan of how you want things to go, you are going to get what the doctors want which is whatever is most convenient and fastest for them. Also, A Pea in the Pod is very expensive to me so it just goes to show that “splurging” is all relative!

NickyAngel on

Molly looks positively radiant 🙂

Holiday on

blessed with boys you have said many times how all your births were c sections so apparently you were doing something wrong too right??

Eileen on

Birth plan? Nobody knows how childbirth is going to go until labor begins, or doesn’t.

I never bothered to make one because my child was in the ONE position in utero that made a c-section the only way to. But all that mattered was that he was healthy and safe.

My sister, a doctor no less, is so embarrassed now after having her first via an emergency c-section. When her doctor came in and looked at the monitor and said she must deliver, c-section NOW or lose her baby, my sister looked him straight in the eye and said, “but surgery is not in my birth plan!”. In hind-sight and with a clear head she now realizes that the bottom line is a healthy delivery for baby!

boohoobytch on

she’s too cute, loved her since HOS

Maria on

Seriously, the OB is not leading Molly down the road to a c-section. How some of you got that from the article is beyond me. The OB is just being realistic with her. Not all births go as planned. Some people put together an extensive birth plan and then are disappointed or hysterical when things don’t go as planned.

SHar on

I did not read into the article that the doctor was preparing her for a C-Sec. I think it is as a lot of people have said here and I have experienced with some of my friends. They set the terms of their *plan* in stone and it absolutely HAS to go as they plan.

This pertains to the guilt of using bottles instead of nursing. Between these two things off to the hospital they go and the labor starts and often lo and behold they try no drugs and no C-Sec but as the labor gets intense and if the baby is in the wrong position or any of a million things that can go wrong – the doctors do what they can to save the baby and the woman is absolutely devastated that they destroyed her plan.

I think this article is just saying – make a plan but be open to changes because all births are different – so flexibility in your plan is good.

Kay on

The best part about having babies twenty years ago is all this birth plan business was nonexistent. Who would have thought we could have babies the way we did…I did it without drugs, with a doulah, without without without and both kids are great, upstanding adults today. Ladies, its hard work and if someone gives you drugs – TAKE ‘EM its medical science..appreciate it. I just dilated too quick both times to take the epidural. I’d like one right now because menopause is kicking my azz.

jocelynplease on

I think when she discussed her birth plan, she only meant that things change. She may want to be able to walk around or squat and that might not be in the cards depending on how her labor progresses. She may want to go without medication…and that can change too. She wasn’t referencing a c-section and I’m sick of people thinking they’re more mom than anyone else because they did this-that-and-the-other and everyone else is a wuss.

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