Jillian Michaels: Watching Heidi In Labor Was ‘Awful’

05/25/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Andrew Macpherson

When Jillian Michaels set out to adopt a child, she knew she was in for a long journey that would be painful at times. But witnessing her partner Heidi Rhoades deliver their son, Phoenix, earlier this month was unbearable.

“The whole thing about Phoenix being born was hard,” says Michaels, 38, who opens up about her new family in the latest issue of PEOPLE.

Initially, Rhoades had planned on natural childbirth. But after 27 hours of labor, doctors informed the petite mom-to-be that they would have to deliver the baby via cesarean section. A helpless Michaels could only stand by and offer support.

“Watching her was awful,” Michaels says. “You can’t relieve the person. You can’t do it for them. You just have to stand there and watch.”

But soon after the 9 lb., 22-inch baby boy was delivered in the wee hours of May 3, Michaels sprang into action.

“Because I had the c-section, she had to jump in and do everything with Phoenix,” Rhoades, 31, tells PEOPLE. “She’s an amazing mom.”

Four days after Phoenix’s arrival, Michaels left on a flight to Haiti to bring home her daughter Lukensia.

“We were both sobbing hysterically,” says Michaels, who will legally adopt Phoenix, while Rhoades will legally adopt Lu. “Our son was only four days old, but our daughter needed to come home.”

For details on Michaels’s new life as a mom and to see more images from our exclusive family photo shoot, pick up the June 4 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Monica Rizzo

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valerie on

…especially since she’s too selfish about her own body to actually have a kid herself.

Veronica on

@Valerie She’s not selfish. She has a condition (i forgot the name) that would make having a child difficult.

Lily on

Gosh im getting sick of hearing about them.

Veronica on

@Valerie It’s endometriosis.

SadieA on

She has endometriosis, Valerie. Have some compassion.

Anastasia Beaverhausen on

Wow, she just experienced what millions and millions of men and women the world over have — childbirth, etc. Big whoop.

EZ on

Not that it is any of your business but how do you know the reason she didn’t give birth to child was because she didn’t want to mess up her body. Maybe there is a medical reason she didn’t get pregnant. You shouldn’t be so judgemental when you don’t even know a person or their circumstances.

Dawn on

Micheals has a condition called Endometriosis which would make it very difficult to get pregnant

danettej1000 on

Wow Valerie! Can’t believe you really said this . . .

Do you know Jillian? Do you think that maybe there might be OTHER possibilites as to why she herself didn’t carry the baby? There are lots of them, and none of them have anything to do with being selfish. Maybe educate yourself a bit before passing judgement.

Amanda on

Beautiful!! So happy for Jillian and her family!!

SadieA on

I know Anastasia! Why do they keep putting up these childbirth stories on a baby blog?! Soo annoying!

nacho mamma on

I have heard her say on TV that she did not want to get pregnant because it would ruin her body. I know plenty of woman who have endrometriosis and have babies just fine, just took them a little longer to get pregnant.

Candace on

I have endometriosis and tried for years and years to concieve and couldn’t . Some can but many can’t. It’s heartbreaking for people like myself. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Janis on

So awesome for Jillian and Heidi!! It is great to see that 2 kids will grow up in a family with LOVE,respect and be cherished like all children should be. Yay for Lu and Phoenix…

ValtheHater on

I rarely comment, but geez, I just got so mad. Valerie, dear, if you bothered to give two craps about anything except your own misinformed narrow world view, you would know that Jillian was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 16. Natural conception was not in the cards for her from day one. I hope that if you have children (immaculately conceived, I’m sure), they grow up to be more accepting than their holier-than-thou momma.

On that note, What is with all of the bashing and hating on these message boards? It’s disgusting. All women (mothers or not) should support each other.

Abbie on

Opening your heart to adoption is one of the most unselfish things a person can do. You are a rude Valerie.

Pamela on

Jillian Michaels has endometriosis(sp?) which can make it hard to get pregnant.

I know it’s easier to adopt overseas…I just wish it WAS easier to adopt domestically, since there are lots of children in need of a forever home…

jmiller521 on

Holy crap Valerie, can you be any more rude or ignorant? She has struggled for years with endometriosis which can rob you of your fertility which is why I had to adopt as well. If you would like to feel how “selfish” she or I are for adopting because of the effects of endo, I will gladly allow you to walk in my shoes for a day. Jerk.

ada on

Phoenix was a big baby, but my niece delivered a 10 pound baby girl! Can’t blame her for having a C section though. Thankfully everyone is okay.

Sandy Kay on

@Pamela, The “lots of children who need a forever home” here in the U.S. are easy to adopt, but people don’t want to adopt them. They are typically older, from homes where they were abused or neglected, and may have behavior problems or are babies with health problems including prenatal exposure to drugs and/or alcohol.

Anyone who wants to adopt one of these kids, who really do need forever homes, should contact their local social services about being a foster family and let them know you are interested in placements that could become permanent.

And to not get too far off topic, looks like Jillian won’t be back on Biggest Loser any time soon with 2 little kids now. I miss her on the show.

christa on

I do not know, if she herself can get pregnant, but so many women go through this and they call it a miracle.

Marie on

Wow…..look how quiet Valerie is now. I am always amazed how some women react to other women, and how cruel and ugly comments like she made are. Self righteous, all knowing…..well, she has to live with her comment. Thank you all for calling her out. I generally don’t comment like this, but just felt the need. Congratulations to this new family.

Catherine/St. Paul on

No, Jillian mouthed off and called pregnant women fat.

Who cares that she had endometrosis – many women do – some are able to get pregnant, some do not and even those who do become pregnant and only to find out later they have endometrosis.

Sounds like she was not prepared for labor, nor birth – that this was awful. Drama – drama – drama.

meghan on

nacho mama, she said ‘do that to my body’ in reference to the surgeries and likely multiple fertility treatments and hormone injections that come when a woman with endometriosis and PCOS tries to have children throught IVF. Why go through that-with no guarantee of success–when there are children in the world already who need homes? Pregnancy doesn’t make you a mom.

jmiller521 on

Ditto everything Meghan said

carrie on

Jillian has said that she didn’t want children because it would ruin her body. There was a big uproar over it.

Tursh on

She didnt have the baby because shes the dude in the relationship. DUH! I mean good for them but thats the truth. Congrats!

kk on

Yes, so the condition is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. And, for those who don’t know what it is, it makes it difficult to conceive a child, not BIRTH a child. I have it and have birthed a child and so many other women have as well. Her rationale is ludicrous — if she doesn’t want to ruin her body, fine — just don’t be dishonest!!

Rusty on

@Pamela International Adoption is very difficult. International adoptions have plummeted 60% in the last 8 years… Waits are longer and the requirements have become a lot stricter. Some counties have shut down foreign adoptions completely, while other countries like Korea, Russia and China are promoting domestic adoption…

My husband and I tried to adopt from Haiti, but we had concerns about child-trafficking and baby-selling in Haiti after the earthquake. We switched to an adoption from the Foster System. It was much simpler (and cheaper!)

starward Farm on

I remember an quote that was given when Jillian talked about adopting and it said “I could never do that to my body” I remember b/c I sent it to my friend. We are supposed to buy all of her fat burner and dvd’s as real women who have babies to try to look like her, but she would’t have a baby herself b/c of her body….

Tigerlee on

Truth, Meghan. If the physical act of pregnancy makes some women “superior” and selfless then please explain Casey Anthony. That’s for all you sanctimommies questioning how Jillian chooses to build her family?

Jillian also did not call pregnant women fat so please stop regurgitating that lie.

Nicole on


Here’s an idea … the people who are interested in this event and took the time to read it, simply say Congratulations, Jillian & Heidi. And everyone with the bad attitudes who have nothing nice to say about the news and claim not to be interested, go do something that DOES make you happy.

BTW, Congratulations Jillian & Heidi!

Melanie on

Right Carrie, there was an uproar, but of course no one mentions Jillian clearing up the entire situation. I’ll paste it here for those interested (hope that’s okay, CBB):


momlogic: So many of our readers responded to our post about your Women’s Health article. It’s obviously something moms were very passionate about. Were your comments taken out of context?

Jillian Michaels: They were taken out of context and misconstrued. First of all, the writer wrote that I have an “aversion” to pregnancy — which was her word, not mine. I never said that. It was at the very end of a three-hour interview. The writer said, “Do you want to have kids?” And I said, “I’m planning to adopt.” She then asked, “Why wouldn’t you get pregnant?” I said there were many reasons … one being that “I can’t handle doing that to my body,” but I didn’t tell her why.

The truth is, I learned very early on that I have endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I was always told that fertility would/could be a problem for me. Why do I have this? I’ve heard everything from, “You have too much caffeine in your body” to “It’s genetic” to “You need to be put on the birth control pill” — and I don’t believe in using synthetic hormones.

In order to get pregnant, I know it would require surgery. For me, it becomes a sort of “I can’t handle doing that.” I’ve always just accepted that this is my thing, and this must mean I was meant to adopt, and that’s OK. But who knows — there might be advances in science for women with endometriosis, so I’ll never say never. But, for now, I plan to adopt.

[The writer] then asked if one of the reasons I wanted to adopt instead of get pregnant was because I was an overweight kid. I said, “That could be part of it ….” Then, in the piece, she said that was the reason for my “aversion” (again, her word) to pregnancy.

I was feeling kind of panicked about answering the question. For me, it was a very personal question — and I had a lot of shame about the answer. If I tell people I have issues in this area, will they judge me and say, “If she has problems in this area, how healthy can she be?” I don’t think anyone with issues is “less than,” but this is just how I was feeling in the moment. It caught me off-guard.

But NEVER in there did I say, “I WON’T get pregnant for sure” or that it ruins your body. Never have I said that pregnancy ruins bodies. I don’t believe that. My best friend has an 8-year-old and she has one of the best bodies in town. Ali Sweeney’s body looks even better after having Megan … she looks amazing. I helped train her! Madonna has one of the best bodies in the world, and she’s had two kids.

I don’t feel that pregnancy ruins a body at all, and I was really upset that an entire community of women felt hurt by what I allegedly said. So much has been misconstrued and taken out of context. I do expect that from the media, so I don’t really care about that. But what I DO care about is moms. So if moms or women out there feel betrayed at all, that matters to me. Moms are incredibly important to me.

ml: Were you surprised by the reaction that your alleged statement received?

JM: I didn’t really understand how touchy this subject was. When it got the reaction it did, I realized that this had really struck a chord with women. This must mean that so many women do have these worries and concerns. The words that “pregnancy ruins a body” were put in my mouth — because I didn’t say it — but many women must worry that it does or that it might, because it just had such an impassioned response. Obviously, all women don’t have these insecurities, but they are real for some. And this may have triggered that for some women.

It also made me realize that I need to be much more careful and on my feet about a topic like this. Shame on me for being ashamed! Had I not been ashamed about it … if I had been 100 percent honest, none of this would have happened. I could have just said, “I’m not going to answer that,” but I think that implies I’m hiding something. I always wanted to be truthful and tell others to “live in your truth.” But here, I was withholding a little bit. The lesson I learned is that I need to be truthful.

starward Farm on

I am happy for them, I wish them well…. but none of us here know her, so lets not pretend we do.

I am just recalling somthing I read, and who knows if it’s true.

Jen DC on

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I won’t get pregnant partially because of what it will do to my body. No shame in my game.

Even if you “can” get pregnant with endometriosis, the likelihood is low. She would have been an older – therefore higher risk – mom. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy would have affected her business life in a way that it wouldn’t most other moms, since she’s a fitness professional. Then there are all the other good reasons others have listed: kids in whatever foster care system in whatever country, she had a partner willing to carry a pregnancy to term…

We’re all selfish with our bodies, so that’s a silly complaint to make. We don’t let people do whatever they want with our bodies in a regular basis, so why is pregnancy this holy status all women should want to reach whether the true desire to be pregnant is there or not?

Marky on

Pregnancy seems to make a lot of the women on this sight snarky, self-righteous pricks, who are so intolerant no one else is allowed to be happy within 500 feet of them if they can help it! Wow, I have know people who went through sooo many treatments, sooo much surgery, and…..no baby, but they wouldn’t adopt because it wasn’t “theirs”! I’m glad they didn’t, because the child would have suffered, but really!

Just shut up! people like Valarie, nacho mamma, and many others making negative comments, please go clean your house, brush your hateful teeth in your hateful mouth, go to lunch with a friend you can harangue with, whatever, just stop posting the same crap on every thread about Jillian.

I never watched her show, but i’ve seen her on TV, and read articles in health mags about her. She seems nice enough, and no, she didn’t say pregnancy would ruin her body; she said surgery, hormone therapy, and all the things like IVF were hard to deal with, why not adopt a child who needs you just as you need them? As an adoptive parent, I 100% agree!!

All you complainers wouldn’t adopt a starving child who was right in front of you, so don’t speak on this topic just to be critical.

Lori on

Jillian has gone on record saying that she didn’t want to get pregnant because she did not want to see her body change so drastically. This thing about endometriosis is new.

Katie on

I have endometriosis. I had a hard time getting pregnant and with fertility assistance, had two beautiful babies!!! Some women who have it bad enough can’t even have any with assistance which is the case I assume with Jillian.

Cat on

I don’t understand a couple of things: First how is it that a birth story doesn’t belong on a baby blog. That’s how they get here after all.

And secondly yes I have read about Jillian’s struggle with endometrosis and I know several people withe the same condition. My mother is one and she was lucky to be able to carry me and lost my baby brother when she was about half way through her pregnancy so I can understand Jillian wanting to adopt instead.

And as for the comments about her partner delivering via c section I’m sure there was a reason why she did that but it’s between her and her doctors.

I’m just happy that these two women who love eachother and love their children are able to have the family they desire. No one should take that away from them because they don’t agree with how they did it.

Just my thoughts.

Tigerlee on

These same sancti-trolls critiquing women for not wanting or not liking the changes pregnancy my have on their personal appearance are the same hell-beast attacking any women for gaining “too much” weight or for not looking like Heidi Klum or Posh Spice 6 weeks after giving birth.

MB on

Jillian has been very honest about her struggle to conceive. Those of you complaining that she said “pregnancy would ruin her body” are taking her comments out of context. With her condition, pregnancy would more than likely wreak havoc on her body and she might not have been able to go through the pregnancy because of her medical issues. So in a sense, yes, pregnancy would ruin her body but it’s not the way you guys are twisting it around!

Either way, I am happy that she will finally get to experience motherhood. I wish her and her family the best!

Marissa on

Thank you for posting that Melanie! I wish more people took the time to make sure they were repeating the correct information before continuing to spread it across the internet.

Of course, some people (as we can see twice between your comment and mine) still have difficulties with reading comprehension…

Shannon on

27 hours? Wow!

janet on

I am tired of loud mouth lesbians from Jillian to Rosie Odonnell to Ellen DeGeneres who don’t shut the frick up.

Jesse on

Lori why don’t you read above you and see EXACTLY what Jillian has said “on the record” because it’s not what you are spouting.

Some women just feel the need to bash other women. And even if she didn’t want to “ruin” her body, that is HER choice and none of our business. No matter what I feel 2 children have two wonderful moms to raise them now.

Shannon on

“doctors informed the petite mom-to-be that they would have to deliver the baby via cesarean section”

Are they implying that “petite” women can’t give birth to bigger babies? I haven’t found that to be the case.

Nolefan on

I have to support Jillian on this one. Even if she had said she “didn’t want to do that to her body” (by getting pregnant), given her medical conditions, it is completely understandable. When you have endometriosis (which I have) and PCOS, conceiving naturally is very very difficult. We tried for five years, with two miscarriages and have had to resort to multiple rounds of IVF, which involves pumping heavy amounts of hormones into your body.

For those who haven’t been through, it is not easy, and you put yourself at risk of later issues in playing with your hormones. The greater risk of miscarriage or failed cycles is also extremely taxing emotionally. So if she decided not to put herself through IVF and to instead adopt, good for her. Nothing wrong with that at all.

As for her comment that it was difficult watching her partner go through 27 hours of labor and then have a C-section, I empathize there too. 27 hours is a long and exhausting labor to endure snd to watch someone you love endure (that’s over a full day, you know). 19 hours of labor for me when I finally had a child (from water breaking to delivery) was brutal and exhausting. Have some compassion, people.

Congrats to Jillian and Heidi on their new family.

Lauren on

Congrats to Jillian and her partner! Two beautiful babies!!! And FYI Jillian labor is awful for everyone not just you.

michele on

Lighten up…..it is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it….and for that matter say whatever she wants about it….she has two kids….doesn’t matter if she gave birth to them or not.

MJ on

What’s with all the bashing? Give Valerie a break. Perhaps she didn’t articulate what Jillian herself has said over and over, in the manner in which you would have preferred, but cut her some slack. Jillian has gone on the record saying that she did not want to mess up her body by getting pregnant and chose adoption instead. Is that selfish, maybe, maybe not. We all have a right to an opinion tho. Either way, congrats to those beautiful babies they now have 2 people who care and love them regardless of how they came into this cruel world.

Anonymous on

If you idiots are sick of the stories, WHY ARE YOU ON HERE READING THEM????

Melissa on

Geez…before you jump all over Valerie, you may want to look back at the article in Health magazine in which Jillian SAYS: “I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” Michaels said. There was a HUGE uproar over it.

And, ValtheHater…maybe you want to be more informed….endometriosis does NOT make it impossible to conceive. Just ask my sister in law who has two kids.

Maggie on

MJ and Melissa … or maybe YOU should read the full thread before commenting, so you don’t end up looking silly and repeating false information.

JMS on

I am so happy for Jillian, her partner and both beautiful children!

They are all so lucky to have one another, just beautiful to see that love knows no boundaries. Love knows no color, no issue with sexual orientation. God bless this beautiful family!

launchingpad on

it would be nice for jillian to live in her own truth. she had said several times that she would never have a biological child as being pregnant ruins your body. after being “called on it” as it were, she all of of a sudden mentions whatever supposed condition she has.

there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a mother but not wanting to be pregnant. i have a friend who is petrified, absolutely petrified of giving birth and nothing has been able to quell this fear. she has been lucky enough to find and marry a man who understands it and they have adopted two lovely children so far. but she stands in her truth and doesn’t make excuses for why she did not “birth her babies”.

Man up jillian.

Sandy on

Whether the labor was painful or not, they are both still losers. AKA “a mother”. LOL.

rama on

I think it’s really sad that they cannot adopt both kids jointly, but for each kid there can only be one adoptive parent. It’s supposed to be a family.

deebaby on

Janet, you may be tired of loud mouthed lesbians who don’t shut up, but I and most people who have more than two brain cells to rub together are tired of ignorant, bigoted fools who won’t shut up!!

deebaby on

Janet, you may be sick of loud mouthed lesbians who won’t shut up, but I and most people who have more than two brain cells to rub together are just as sick of loud mouthed bigoted fools who won’t shut up!!

Missy on

I don’t think there is any way you could possibly call an adoptive parent “selfish”!!! No matter the reason, there is something so selfless about raising and loving a child as your own when the child isn’t biologically related to you. There are too many children in the world who have no families, and too many people on the planet in general. Taking in one of those children instead of creating another is the most selfless thing I can imagine.

Princess on

I respect people that can and do adopt unwanted children, but why not help the unwanted, unloved and starving children in the country that you live in and made your money. If the celebrities want to so how unselfish they are, sent them to the Appalachian Mountains where children and adults go to bed most nights hungry. Come on Americans let’s make a difference here first.

melissa on

Why oh why would anyone have a kid ‘naturally’ is totally beyond me. Get the friggen epidural! You don’t have to be wonder woman, its about evolving!! Although I alway’s find it amazing that people still choose to have kids in the first place. Seems like a lot of work to me – and teenagers are just awful.

Stephanie on

I don’t understand why she is selfish for not wanting to have a baby – no matter what her reasons are. Just because women are CAPABLE of carrying and birthing children, doesn’t mean that we HAVE to.

amarriedlife on

@ Valerie, she has PCOS which can cause major fertility issues. I have been married for six years and haven’t been able to get pregnant (with POCS)–it’s very insulting for people to assume someone is vain when they can’t have children.

Kayla on

If Jullian did say she didn’t want to have a baby because it would ruin her body, who cares??!!! I mean, it’s a valid point. I think most women who have had a baby would say that after giving birth, you’re not EXACTLY the same. Looking good is how she’s made all her money. People and their mean spirited comments just blow my mind.

Tigerlee on

Here’s a concept. How about you adopt children in whatever country you made your money. Lead by example, entitled one. In others words…put up or shut up about how others choose to build their families. Of course children in the US are way better than children from other countries. It’s a contest. You get a new hula-hoop and a 100 scratch-off tickets.

Traci on

Melissa you need to shut the freak up. Noone wants to hear what you have to say. Sounds like you hate kids. Children are the most beautiful individuals. Obviously, you have no maternal instinct and thank God you won’t be reproducing any children. I can’t imagine what type of life they’d have. On the other hand, I bet you were the teenager from HELL. PUSHA to you. KMA

Nikki on

You CAN get pregnant if you have endometriosis…maybe. It depends on the severity of the condition. I had it, and because of it, cysts and polyps, we decided to do IVF for my 1st son and we conceived our 2nd one naturally.

But there were headlines over Jillians saying that she didn’t want o have a baby bc of the damage to her body.

As far as adopting babies from the US…from what I hear, it’s hard for single people to adopt. PLUS Haiti has a severe NEED to place their children..a lot of their parents died in the natural disaster.

We really shouldn’t acknowledge boundaries when it comes to caring for children.

Tigerlee on

We all know that no magazine writer ever took something someone said out of context or made up stories out of whole cloth. Nooooooooooooooooooo. A magazine troll…I mean writer would never, ever, ever do that.

cynlee on

No offense to Jillian Michaels, but People has had her as a main story all week…let’s move on.

rftallent on

Jillian has PCOS, but in past interviews it’s true that she has said (about getting pregnant) that she wouldn’t mess up her body like that. I’m happy for the couple and the children, and glad that mom is doing well and they’re all healthy.

es on

WOW…there are a lot of eye opening comments on this thread.

Firstly, Congrats to the two moms!

Secondly, as an adopted child, I am GRATEFUL that there are people willing to raise children that they CHOSE. What they heck is wrong with people wanting to adopt?! regardless of if they can conceive or not.

Thirdly – bigotry of the LGB community has aboslutely no place in society. GET OVER IT.

Lastly – C sections – who cares if there was a C section?! There are LOADS of (medical) reasons why women HAVE to have a C section. Don’t criticise….

my faith in humanity dwindles when I read such negative, disparaging comments. EVOLVE PEOPLE

CLynn on

Wow…people really are such haters. Congrats to Jillian and her family. What a beautiful family. A baby is always a blessing and adoption regardless of what country the child comes from is wonderful and incredibly selfless. This notion that “good Americans” should only adopt domestically is a very flawed notion in my opinion.

Zora on

Nothing makes me foam at the mouth faster than people who say that adoption is someone’s selfish choice not to ruin their body. What swamp did you crawl out of to have come up with the belief that ANYTHING about adopting a child is selfish on the part of the mother, you ignorant POS? Get your head adjusted.

Joanna on

Best wishes to Jillian and Heidi on their beautiful family. As a fellow adoptive mom I love that they added to their family by adoption. Congratulations to them both, beautiful babies!!!

JoJo on

Let’s hope she keeps Lukensia’s birth culture, place and family in her life so she will be able to transition to this country and deal with the trauma of losing her family.

Sandy on

Stephanie – You are the ONLY one I agree with !!!!!! WAHOO. =)

Sara Jackson on

yeah, she has a condition. It’s called being a lesbian.

kelsey on

If people don’t have anything nice to say than they shouldn’t say it at all. If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read it.

I support Jillian and her partner. Congrats to them both. Adoption is beautiful. Both children will have an amazing life filled with the love they deserve.

Cortney on

I just love how these women have been moms for all of 2 seconds and they think they know everything and now people is reporting on their every move…So annoying!

Kenya on

She doesn’t have endometriosis she has Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) it’s not impossible to have kids with PCOS but it can be hard.

Syd Vishus on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi! Becoming a Mother is a priceless gift, to which i’ll never get to experience. God Bless both of you on your new Motherhood Journey…it takes 2 special women to adopt a child from a war torn poverty Country, and I commend the both of you!

To all the negative women out there…Shame on you! Seriously..how dare you sit in the comforts of you own homes and JUDGE these 2 beautiful,courageous, loving Mothers! Those who are already sick of hearing about this…calm down, already. It hasn’t even been a month yet..of course they’re going to be proud..the fact that they are GAY…is one of the only reasons why Magazines and other media are searching them out…to write about an exciting article that not only encompasses their child birth but, also the adoption.

It’s been what…3 years since Nancy Grace gave birth to her twins..and we are all still hearing about it. How many years did we all have to hear about Nancy Lee Gifford’s children?? Do you know why..these stories won’t go away??>>> Because these women LOVE their children so much!! I’d rather hear about a lovely happy ending story…than have to read about murdered, missing, tortured, sexually abused & neglected children..any day! Haters and homophobes are gonna hate…maybe it’s time to start loving and accepting diversity….because it’s NEVER going away! The End.

Heather on

I’m not judging her at all, just wondering…why does endometriosis make it difficult/impossible to have a child? I’ve had it too and my doctor said the best cure is to have a baby, which will clean out your system. I think it’s great that she adopted as well. I hope to someday have my own biological and adopted child(ren).

Jilian is a weirdo on

lol. I’m not surprised she is a lezbo, look at her manly face..I’ve always known there is something NOT QUITE RIGHT about this woman.

Sandra on

Is it the new “cool” thing for celebrities to adopt black babies these days? Sandra, Madonna, Angelina, Charlize, etc. Just wondering.

parentinp-town on

It is absolutely not anyone’s business how a people choose to begin their family…people always must have an opinion though. I am the very proud parent of 4 kids, all 4 adopted. We had a similar experience with me flying out to bring home our son, but having the phone ring unexpectedly saying that our daughter had also been born. My partner & I got on two different planes in two different direction. It wasn’t the easiest year, but it was full of joy. There is an old Chinese proverb that says there is an invisible red thread that connects those that are destined to meet. The thread may stretch, twist & tangle, but it will never break. Our family believes that we were always connected by this invisible red thread! Our VERY best to the new parents. Relish the joy, it never goes away!!!

Webster Phreaky on

Jillian Michaels, the FAKE Workout / Fitness Guru. She has NO Degree in Either, Real Fitness authorities laugh at her Video’s and say that they are actually dangerous. She was hired originally because she was an Actress (barely) with a tight bod.

Lisa Silberbauer on

You are rude, ignorant and not at all compassionate. You should be ashamed of yourself for making those comment’s.

Kim on

Who really cares why she choose not to carry the baby. It’s her decision. She was just lucky enough to have a partner who could and wanted to. I just think it’s a shame that the picture doesn’t include her partner…

Kelli on

I don’t know what planet I have been on, but I actually did not know Jillian was gay. I knew she acted masculine, but I seriously thought she was straight. haha! Earth to Kelli…

Gigi on

It’s a baby blog. Get over yourselves. You come here for the sole purpose of complaining about the articles. You love to hate.

Lonnie on

Four babies didn’t hurt Victoria Beckham’s body. She’s a stick.

Janny on

Jillian Michaels is gay????

Dru on

Was the condition rampant narcissism?

Lori on

I think its ashame PERIOD …that you all are talking about how she had her family and missing over the whole SINFUL nature of her lifestyle!!! This worlds messed up and its a sad shame that those two little ones are a part of something they didnt sign up for. I guess she thinks if she places her story in PEOPLE MAGAZINE people will just start to be come more accepting to sinful ways. Sorry people… you leave me no choice but to leave you sitting on the newstand at the checkout aisle.

ellie on

Slow news WEEK???

deebaby on

Okay, this is getting a little tiresome. Sara Jackson, being a lesbian isn’t a “condition”, it’s WHO YOU ARE. When are people going to get over their ridiculous prejudices and just let all people live their lives in peace. EVERYONE deserves to be happy and do everything they can to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Candace on

This is a story of love & how a family came together through love. I find Jillian’s story touching & I commend her for sharing her private journey with the world.

Beebop on

Endo is NOT that serious!!! There are severe cases of it, yes, but most women with endo can conceive. I myself have endo and it never took me longer than six months to conceive and that happens to some women who DON’T have endo. I have heard Jillian say on TV that she knows childbirth would ruin her body. I think it’s a crap view because I love the body my children have given me but it’s her body and her right so who am I to judge? However, people need to stop treating endo like it’s a death sentence.

Candace on

Endometriosis isn’t that serious? Maybe you have it. I for one was never able to concieve. 4 surgeries, hormones and all. Spread to my bowels and I had to have a hysterectomy at age 30 because I was in so much pain everyday. I would throw up and pass out on a monthly basis because the pain was unbearable. You might not want to compare your disease to everyone else’s. We are all different

Can-eh-dian on

I love when people criticize people who adopt (i.e.. Jillian Michaels was selfish and didn’t want to ruin her body by giving birth). Adopting is a huge commitment and is one of the most selfless, kindest things you could ever do. Even if it is true that she didn’t give birth because she didn’t want to “ruin” her body, I’d say she’s made a big enough deposit in the “karma” bank that it shouldn’t matter.

Another point, she’s worked hard for that body and makes a living by keeping it healthy, if you are fortunate enough to be able to adopt and have a partner who is willing and able to carry the child then why not?

Having said all that, of course no one knows if that’s the reason they made the decision they did or not and it’s really not our business anyway. I wish this family all the best!

Lisa on

This woman must love to hear herself talk, she sure does enough of it.


Must be a REALLY SLOW news day… PLEASE…

Cdyana on

Really??? LOL @ being too selfish to give birth herself.

Have you any idea how dumb that sounds? So if you’re not willing to physically have a child yourself, then you don’t deserve one?

Much respect for ANY women that choose to take a neglected or abandoned child and give it the love he/she so rightfully deserves. And that does not make her any less of a woman.

stacey on

I think we’ve seen enough about these two lesbians this week. Sick and crooked is a VAST understatement.

LaQuesha on

I love Jillian but I do not love or condone her chosen lifestyle., I am so sick of this lifestyle tying to be shoved down our throats and make us accept this sin., Jesus said to “Love the sinner” not the sin! We all sin but lets not try and make them ok! If I was cheating on my husband you all would say oh thats terrible and a sin. and your right God looks at every sin equal! so that being said I love you Jillian but your lifestyle is gotta go!

hbomb1225 on

es – I agree. Its sad thats how people have to treat one another.

Stacey – no I have not seen enough, and would love to hear more about their beautiful family. You can ignore if they choose to write another story about them.

Congrats to the beautiful family 🙂

freebbstuff on

Who even cares? I mean really? She is a nobody anyways.

kimberlee on

Also what everyone is not realizing is that same sex couples can’t legally adopt in the united states. That is why this couple had to go overseas to adopt. But just because Michaels has what she is diagnosed with doesn’t mean she can’t have children, it just means that the chance of the pregnancy taking in the uterus is one in ten. I know a couple of women who have this and they have a couple of children. everyone needs to not judge because in the end you are the ones who will be judged.

shelley on

Jillian and her partner have a beautiful family & good luck with your new family.

juliet on

who are we to judge!Congrats to both of you

deebaby on

Okay, this is getting a little tiresome. Sara Jackson, being a lesbian isn’t a condition, it’s WHO YOU ARE.

NicoleGA on

The question I’d really like answered is who is the dad?! I remember that Jillian had once said that Bob Harper had the perfect DNA, etc…and that she would LOVE him to father one of her kids! So, now I am curious?!?!?! I love Bob, I wonder??

Nancy on

As I read these comments, all I can say is “wow.”

The nasty and mean spirited comments about Jillian show the nastiness of women, who really OUGHT to be supporting each others’ choices, instead of criticizing them.

This, ladies, is why women have a reputation for being petty, mean, and unreasonable….. and it is SO unnecessary.

Is it really that hard to say, “Congratulations, Jillian. We wish you the best?”

Apparently so.

LittleMo on

I work for a university hospital and I am well aware of what this condition is and the possible ramifications. However, when it comes to Jillian she has said in the past, on more than one occasion, that she didn’t want what pregnancy would do to her body. I don’t believe it bodes well for the child for the parental relationship to begin with the “mother” saying which things she doesn’t want to do regarding her child or child-to-be. Jillian is a bully anyway.

Lily on

Really happy for them both. That little boy is gorgeous.

deebaby on

Dear “Jillian is a Weirdo”,

A person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with their face. Perhaps there is something NOT QUITE RIGHT about you. But if we’re making judgements about faces, yours must have a**hole written all over it.

shygirl19748 on

Admittedly, she probably shouldn’t have said she didn’t want to “ruin her body” initially, but I have the same condition she does: Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS), and I can see why she wouldn’t want to get into details in front of the whole world about the condition. It can be embarrassing explaining the symptoms of this disease. I admit I personally have told people I don’t want children rather than endure conversations about why I CAN’T have kids, and that I don’t have the funding to adopt or to try IVF, etc. I am very happy that such deserving people now have an opportunity to raise two beautiful children. Congrats!

deebaby on

Hey LaQuesha, check out Matthew 7:1 (you know, in the BIBLE) “Judge not lest ye be judged”. Being gay is not a “sinner’s” choice. You’re born that way – and God doesn’t make mistakes.

shygirl19748 on

I share the same condition as Jillian, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS). Unfortunately sometimes it’s easier to use an excuse than to explain the symptoms and ramifications of this disease. Rather than endure long conversations about why I personally can’t have children, why I don’t have funding for adoption, don’t want to go through fertility treatments, etc, in the past I have told people I just don’t want to have children. I applaud Jillian and her partner for taking on the challenge of motherhood. They both seem like intelligent, compassionate women and I’m sure will make great parents. Congrats!

CR on

ewww i didnt know she was a carpet muncher

stacy on

Quote from her in 2010…..

It does change your body I’ve had three…. to each their own…

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” Michaels told the new issue of Women’s Health magazine. “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/04/22/babies-ruin-bodies-biggest-losers-jillian-michaels-wont-birth/#ixzz1vvpIGmbc

dconeray on

im happy for her! childbirth is not easy. I have one child and I love him its the best experience in the wourld but so what if Jillian doesnt want to have a kid out of her own body. thats her choice. and when she said “i dont want to do that to my body” i tht she meant the pain who could blame her for that moms?

Lucy in LA on

@ janet and stacey – Take your hatred and bigotry elsewhere. It’s sad. If you don’t want to read about lesbians, then why click on the article? Let me guess. You probably look up to people to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, right? Well, since I don’t think they have half a brain cell, I don’t click on any articles that are out there about them. I don’t like to get angry about the ignorance that they’re spreading. So, since I don’t like them, I don’t read articles about them. And, I certainly don’t go on the message boards on those articles and badmouth anything they say or do. So, how about you do the same and keep your hatred to yourself?

By the way, you better run along. I think “My Big Redneck Vacation” may be on tv in a sec! You don’t want to miss it!

Lucy in LA on

@deebaby – You are my hero!

Tdog311 on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi! It’s amazing and completely meant to be that your children came into your lives in the same week! God delivered you two beautiful angels, and this is His way of showing that you ARE meant to be Mothers TOGETHER! You gals rock and I wish you nothing but the very best!! Congrats!

meghan on


Jen on

For the people who say “I”, or “they” had endometroisis and eventually got pregnant, “you just have to be patient or just give it time”, or “she does not want to mess with her body” (which I am convinced she just said that to hide the real reason from the public (she did not go about it in good way, if that is what she really said, but that’s her perogative)) because she, like the rest of the world, celebrity or not, deserves privacy (even though she came out with the story here in a magazine. she controlled what came out by doing the story, thoughm if you think about it) and it’s no one’s business the why’s or the how’s of her getting pregnant or not. My endometriosis was diagnosed at 14 and was not able to seek treatment until I was 22. By the time I was 26 and, and had JUST married, my doctors told me that the only cure for me was a hysterectomy. In a month I turn 40. People look at me, guess my age, or close, figure how long I’ve been married, see my size (I am tall and petite) and ask how many kids I have and how hard were my pregnancies (because of my size). They always presume I have had kids, that the pregnancies must have been difficult (like most people presume with people as skinny as me). Just because I have been with my husband nearly 15 years, I am about to turn 40 does not AUTOMATICALLY make me a Mom. I am a Christian, lost my Mom 10 years ago and since I lost her and my Dad (also 10 years ago) I am emotionally unable to go to Church on Mother’s Day because I can’t handle all the greettings and handing out of flowers to the mom’s and hearing people say “Happy Mother’s Day” to me. But, I digress. Back to Jillian. Never assume the why behind why someone adopts and from where, nor the why behind why they did and did not get pregnant. Or why their partner did or the surrogate…I could go on. She said it from endo. Who the hell are we to judge that statement? Who? I totally understand where she is. I sincerely doubt she would seriously consider not getting pregnant in the case she would “ruin” her body long enough; if she really really could and wanted to get pregnant, I am sure, is she has not already, she would go through infertility treatments. If you really think about it, with her training background, she could kick Hollywood starlets’ butts getting her body back in shape in record time. Yes? Yes!!!

Sarah on

Aw, I feel sorry for her that those original remarks by her about having children were taken out of context. Glad I could hear the truth on here!

Somewhere on

Okay, I believe she’s a Lesbian now.

Anonymous on


Bren on

Why is everyone jumping on Valerie? Jillian Michaels did say in the May 2010 issue of Women’s Health that she would not get pregnant. Her exact words were “I’m going to adopt and I can’t handle doing that to my body”. So yes, Jillian is a self absorbed, vain woman!!!!

gramma2twins on

****She has a condition (i forgot the name) that would make having a child difficult.****

LOL…….it’s a condition called gay! Maybe there’s a reason two women or two men can’t get pregnant & only a man & woman can procreate!

Kat A. on

Cheers to Heidi & Jillian, what a beautiful family. Wishing them all the best. What an exciting adventure they have begun. Congratulations.

D on

I wish I can come through my computer and throttle some of you. Clearly there are some of you that have hate towards a women that you don’t know but yet take the time to read the articles about this and then waste more time making idiotic comments over and over again. Do you not have anything better to do? It’s very sad. Go do something productive with your lives that will make you happy. If that’s even possible.

And really people? Get your facts straight about the reasons Jillian doesn’t want to carry a baby. Someone posted the entire article about it and people are still making the dumb comment. READ!!! Even if the true reason she didn’t want to carry a baby was because she didn’t want to ruin her body, who cares! Also, people can adopt a child from where ever the heck they want to. Get over it! What other people choose to do is their choice and it’s not going to effect your life in anyway. Especially when you don’t even know the people involved.

On that note I think this is awesome and I am very happy for both Jillian and Heidi.

chrissierusso on

To whoever said it’s illegal for gays to adopt in the United States, you’re wrong. It not illegal in all states.
As for the rest of it. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but I don’t care what her sexual preference is, nor do I care why she didn’t give birth to a child. God bless her and her partner, for opening their hearts to a little girl who needed a family to love her. They fought for 2 years to bring that baby home from Haiti. That, to me, is an act of love and humanity. Isn’t it better to have 2 women or 2 men to love and care for you, than to have no family at all?
And all you “Christians”. How dare you judge someone like that? There is nothing Christian in the words you have written.

Anonymous on

To all the people who are saying things like “Why can’t she just shut up?” I’m guessing all these articles we’ve been getting here are from the full photo spread and article in the magazine. In otherwords, all of these stories from Jillian are from that ONE article, rather than her continuely talking about her adoption and her partner’s pregnancy.

Anyway, I loved this article for the most part, but I disagree with her that all you can do when a partner is in labor is watch. That’s not true at all! There are plenty of things you can do to comfort and help them through the process (hold their hand, take walks with them during the early stages, help them with any breathing exercises they’ve learned, bring them ice or water if the doctor or nurses allow, rub their forehead or other parts of their body, etc.)!

southernlady on

While Endometreosis, would make it hard to get pregnant, and its understandbly painful, I suffer from it myself, getting pregnant without having a penis and thus semen, makes it even harder! So its easier to fly to another third world country, throw some money at their appallingly failing soceity and government an bring back another child, whos fate has a much better chance at success while being a hollywood baby!

nikkimonique on

Why are people so ignorant and angry? I can’t believe these comments. Congrats Jillian and Heidi! You rock!

DB on

Whats funny to me is, lesbians aren’t attracted to men, and yet they still have to use a man in order to produce a child. That should be more than enough to tell them they’re lifestyle is not normal or healthy. Poor kids are gonna be so mixed up.

blst3xs on

Am i the only one on the planet that didn’t know Jillian was lesbian??

Chloe on

I have endo and it’s awful on fertility. After losing 9 babies to miscarriage my husband and I have finally been blessed 2x by adoption…don’t judge!

kimmie on

“I don’t understand a couple of things: First how is it that a birth story doesn’t belong on a baby blog. That’s how they get here after all.”

@cat, she was being sarcastic, reacting to the comment above her, which said she said she’s tired of these news

Patti on

Her description of labor could have been stated in a lot nicer way, in view of the fact that many women can not have children and would have gladly gone thru anything to have a baby. I adopted three kids and so I can say that. I, too, have endometriosis and conceiving is hard but not impossible and Jillian has the money to make that possible. She truly did not want to “have” the baby – after all she needs a trim body to promote all her exercise stuff -which I, today, decided to no longer support for personal reasons.

MM on

Glad I’m not the only one who sees the problem. We aren’t supposed to be hateful toward people, and it’s important to show love, but recognizing sin isn’t being judgemental, it’s speaking out for the truth. Marriage was created to be between a man and a woman, and that truth never changes; God’s truth never changes. And it’s people like this who are on the road to destruction. Plus, the agency was right,kids belong in homes with a mother and a father, not same gender parents. They shouldn’t be exposed to perverse lifestyles. I’m not dissing single parents, many times they end up single without asking for it, but the agency should be ashamed for not recognizing the evidence supporting traditional families for kids. And people themselves should quit thinking what they want is most important and recognize that it’s what God wants that matters, and that rejecting his truth leads only to destruction. Having the urges doesn’t mean having to give into them and it’s not denial to resist them. And PEOPLE magazine should quit pushing perverse lifestyles in everyone’s face.

heather on

i am amazed to learn that we have so many perfect people on earth. i am 33 years old and decided with my husband of 13 years not to have children. nothing is physically wrong with either one of us. we just decided not to have kids. does this mean we are horrible people bc of our choices? i think not because everyone is allowed to live as they want as long as they are not infringing on my rights as a American citizen. as far as the gay thing, i love it when people want to point fingers on how wrong someone else is living and quote bible verses. apparently they’re not reading the same bible i am. because all sin is wrong and there was only one sinless person on earth and i do not see his name on this blog. be happy for others when they want to share their happy news. because that is how you would want to be treated. congrats to the new parents.

-educated on

@Valthehater – Immaculate conception doesn’t mean that a baby was conceived without having sex. It means that a baby was born without original sin.

Michelek on

I read all of the posts here. As in all true life situations, there are several sides to the story. I don’t know or care what Jillian said about pregnancy. I am happy for anyone who is truly concerned with being a loving, present, nurturing, parent to a child no matter how they became that parent. I can only speak for myself. I gave birth to two wonderful children, and was told by the doctor after the second one not to ever do that again. My heart loved being pregnant, but my body didn’t.I never gave one thought to what it would do to my body. I just wanted to have some children. Last year,my oldest son passed away. It is amazing how all the whys and buts and “what-ifs” of getting a child become so unimportant when you lose one.

jessicad on

Jillian never said she didn’t want to get pregnant because it would ruin her body, those of you saying that need to read up and find the truth. I think two women having babies is fantastic and I’m so glad we live in a world where they are able to do so!

guestghost on

She did say she would never give birth because it would destroy her body. It was in an interview she did a couple years ago. It is her decision, irregardless, but in that article, she put down mothers who gained a lot of weight with their pregnancy, and I don’t appreciate that. Some people can help the weight gain, and others can’t.

farah on

congratulations Jillian and Heidi, love

Anonymous on

A man is infinitely more complicated than his thoughts.

barbara on

So you’re damned if you adopt because you are too selfish to have a baby your self. You’re damned if you birth a baby because there are so many children looking for forever homes. You’re damned if you adopt internationally. You’re damned if you adopt domestically. OK. Got it.

SusiQ on

Ahhh. . .message boards!! One half always thinks the other half has no right to their opinion, be it pro or con.

Tempe on

What I see in that picture is a family and a proud parent. I have five children, four by birth and a daughter of my heart that was adopted. I had endometriosis that eventually led to my hysterectomy. My point is…by giving birth or adopting…it doesn’t make me part of some exclusive club and give me the right to bash other people because their family is constructed differently. Love the children…that’s the bottom line.

doe on

I read an interview where she did actually say that she didn’t want to have a child, naturally, because she couldn’t imagine doing that to her body. And I quote, “I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she told the magazine. “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.” Just saying, since some of you seem to be attacking those people who revealed part of the real reason she wanted to adopt.

Megan on

The sheer idiocy on this post is amazing. READ THIS LINK that someone ALREADY posted and STOP spreading incorrect information!! Jillian DID NOT say what many of you seem to have condemned her for:


Anonymous on

its closed minded people like that are selfish and to self involved to realize everyone is different and has their own story. I hardly find it selfish to adopt a child that needs a loving family and home!

Ali on

I can’t believe all of the rude comments on here about Jillian saying this or saying that. If you don’t someone or their circumstances who are you pass judgment and criticize someone?? It’s so sad that there are people like this in the world. I am very happy for Jillian and Heidi and wish them all the happiness in the world, as for all the haters, STOP HATING!!! It accomplishes nothing.

The original quote was an interview from Womens Health Magazine. She hopes to have kids someday, saying, “I’m going to adopt.” One of the reasons: Jillian admits to having an aversion to pregnancy, the result of being an overweight kid. “I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she explains. “Also when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.” She later told Access Hollywood “I’m disappointed by the way my words have been twisted by the media ‘heartbroken’ is actually more the word I’m looking for. I support all women in any and every endeavor they choose and I wish that they would do the same for me.”

Angela on

I’m happy for them! Not all families are “convential”, but she seems happy and ready to be a mom and is finacially capable of providing for her children so more power to her!

Linda on

http://www.parentdish.com/2010/04/26/jillian-michaels-says-she-cant-handle-a-baby-body/ the proof is in the pudding…she DID not want to screw up her body…what a role model and fraud…so I believe we can stop lauding her for her unselfish and wonderful act of adopting….why would anyone say the adopter is unselfish or brave when they adopt….the most ludicrous statement ever

tinas64 on

Congratulations! I hope they are binding her stomach after surgery as its painful and difficut to move. Since she into the body- I hope they massage her and bind her….the c section recovery kit is the perfect thing for anyone having a c section. Be well- and remember its major abdominal surgery!

queenie on

Im happy for them. She seems like a royal pain in the butt on tv, but that is tv. Secondly she did say she didnt want to have a baby because she “didnt want to put her body through that”…however she was talking about the fact that she has Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This causes hormone issues, glucose issues, and usually requires fertility treatments that can wreck your body. She had seen friends go through serious hell doing those treatments. It can destroy you emotionally and in other ways. She chose not to put her body or her mind, much less her heart through it. I admit I couldnt deal with her being my trainer, I would flip on her lol. But that doesnt mean she cant be a great mom.

Jane on

No one has the right to bash anyones choices from being a lesbian to what kind of family they want to have to how they want to have it… stop being gay bashers and hate critics cause all you do is look ignorant.. They look so happy… those kids look like they are really loved and that is wonderful….

Samantha on

Hey Valerie & all other narrow minded people that talk with doing research!
READ THIS!! http://www.parentdish.com/2010/05/13/jillian-michaels-explains-pregnancy-misquote-endometriosis/

She has endometriosis and would require medical procedures in order to have gotten pregnant and given birth to a child. That is also where people took her saying that all the surgeries would ruin her body, she never said it was pregnancy in general. So if you cannot physically have a child of your own, why not love one that is already here?! She gave a beautiful little girl a loving home with all that she could ever need. There is nothing wrong with what she did so get a life and learn to read up on something before you open your mouth and make yourself look like an ill educated person.

Francesca on

Dont say she didnt want to mess up her body because someone like this would get right back into shape anyway I’m sure.

Charlotte on


That wasn’t about preserving her physical image. That was about choosing not to get any fertility treatments to have a baby. When she said she doesn’t want to do that do that her body, she meant that she didn’t want to go through a surgery or a hormone treatment. I find it quite understandable. Simply, Jillian wasn’t obsessed about having a biological child.

sam on

Never liked Jillian…she has said some stupid things and keeps opening her mouth and continuing to do so…had know idea she was a lesbian..it doesn’t matter just news to me!

ocenbrz on

That’s great news. Both babies are adorable. I am grateful they decided to do both natural and a adoption. It is so difficult when people can post such mean things about others trying to give a child a chance at life. I wish you both the very best in life.

endosucks on

Beebop…LOL! Love the comment that endometriosis is not that serious. Are you serious? Tell that to my body…4 IVF cycles, 4 miscarriages, 5 surgeries, 2 fallopian tubes removed, 1 ovary removed, pills, shots, daily pain. Be lucky if you have it and it does not rule your life. What a terribly ignorant statement.

DB…the reason her kids may be “mixed up” is because of people like you. Who are you to judge?

Congrats to Jillian and her new family!

Tracey Doering-Beatty on

Who in the heck is so un-educated that they do not believe that having Endometriosis can keep you from having children? Take this from a woman that suffered from it so bad I had to have an emergency hysterectomy (in my early 30s) to save my life as the endometriosis was attaching to my lungs and heading toward my heart. Sure, some women with lighter cases of this horrible disease can have a child with the correct treatment. My doctors, many doctors, said it was simply impossible and had been since my first period. DO NOT blame a woman with this condition, which we have no control over, of not wanting to have a child the old fashioned way. I would have given about anything just for the chance to be able to have a real go at getting pregnant. It was impossible. Leave her alone! You do not know the severity of her condition and therefore you have no right to judge. It is, after all, her life. She chose adoption, which I did also, and she should be commended for that fact. As for her lifestyle it isn’t a choice; you are born with your sexual affiliation. So many of you are just downright cruel and nasty that I can only assume that your life must suck and you enjoy taking your misery out on others. I can only feel sorry for you.

Sandy on

Heather – Amen !!! As far as not having kids. So many people think they are better than others because they are “parents”. I don’t think so….

Anonymous on

@ valerie too selfish to have a kid herself? To each their own lady. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean she’s “too selfish”.

A on

Who gives a crap if she doesn’t want to do that to HER body? It’s HER OWN BODY! You people are sick honestly there are millions of children in this world with NO HOMES who everyday wait for someone to bring them into theirs. We all have a right to decide FOR OURSELVES what we want to do with OUR bodies, and OUR lives. All you women saying these things make me sick. Who are you to decide what this women should be able to do and what not? Who are you to say she is selfish? Maybe instead of bashing other women you should support them; this world would be a much better place and a stronger place for women to grow if we would all have a little more “girl power” in us. Stop bashing each other it’s disgusting!

Susan on

Geeze people Marriage is between a man and a women and I’m getting so sick of hearing of same sex marriage I could puke.

Who cares why she didnt deliver the baby herself.

Poor kids they wont know what to think!!!!


Ohhh gosh! They look so adorable and a happy family! Congratulation for such a beautiful family!

HardCoreMom on

Where have I been, I didn’t even know she was gay….lol but I agree with the one response, if she is the “man” of the relationship then no, she doesn’t want to get pregnant. No big deal.

Totally Domestic on

Very Sad.

Vickie N. on

Perhaps she feared she’d get overweight,get a trainer who would yell in her face to keep going while showing no empathy or compassion. Wow. That would be terrible!

Auto Grat on

She needs a MAN! You can’t make babies without men! She’ll leave her “partner”. Just like Ellen left her “partner” for P***a. Look at PREGNANT MAN! Look at Rosie O’Donnell, she’s left many “partners”. Jillian will leave her “partner” too! That’s something homosexuals are good at!

CAL on

Wow…99% of you commenting are evil woman hiding behind a computer…most of you disgust me for your criticism of a woman you don’t know! Guess if I want to have children according to all of you it should be a moot point because I can’t have children, and do NOT want to use drugs to conceive one….

Congrats to Jillian and Heidi on your new precious family

AddisMeme on

Did alot of you who are bashing Jillian go buy the magazine? No, I didn’t think so. If you read the complete article you would know that she wanted children after one of the seasons of Biggest Loser, only she knew it would be very difficult on her body with the medical issues she has.

You would also know that she had it arranged to adopt a baby boy, however, when she got to the country and went to sign all of the adoption papers, she was told no because she is a single woman. Her and Heidi walked around a orphanage and the little girl she adopted actually grabbed Heidis hand and didnt want to let go. That made the decision for Jillian to adopt that little girl instead of trying to go thru another battle with the first adoption agency overseas.

Heidi also went thru many hours of labor before they decided to go ahead and do the csection, it wasn’t a decision they just made, the poor woman went thru HOURS of labor with no success.

Give these women a break for a change.

OH and Jillian also apologized in the article for telling parents they should take time for themselves, she now understands why so many parents fall into the let me take care of everyone else and forget about me stage in life.

Tammy on

Lets all face the awful truth…Delivering a Baby is the most AWFUL, PAINFUL, DISGUSTING (blood & other body waste coming out of almost every orifice) thing a woman can do…its so bad I did it 4 times!!! Because once you deliver that beautiful baby all the pain is (almost) forgotten and TOTALLY worth it!!! I would do it 10 more times if I could…but 4 is enough…cause I was told I would never have 1. Thank God the Doctor’s were wrong and I didn’t give up.

Diane on

Endometriosis does make it difficult to get pregnant, and if you are fortunate enough to get pregnant, the pregnancy will most likely get rid of the endometriosis. Happened with my cousin and she now has three kids and no more endometriosis.

JMO on

Does anyone really want to ruin thier body to have a baby? I would think the answer is no. Most women would kill to be able to have a child and get back to the exact body they had pre-baby! And you know what if someone really doesn’t want to ruin their body and would rather adopt who the hell cares!! Nobodys business! I really don’t see the big deal. Not everyone cares to have a biological child. I’m so tired of these post.

Misti on

WOW, I am amazed at some of the comments on here. Who are any of us to judge? We are not the Creator! I am a lesbian and have been with my partner for years and we have 7 kids together and they are all loved equally, it doesn’t matter who gave birth to them and I think that is all the matters is that the kids know they are loved and supported! As for all the ones judging the “homos” Matthew 7:1 – “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Kudos to Jillian and Heidi and their beautiful family no matter how you got your family! It is perfect

Christina on

Even if she chose not to give birth because of her body image, who are we to judge! Its her body! Why is it considered selfish? Can’t we just be happy that the children are healthy?? For petes sake!!

Acorr on

Get a grip people, sometimes labor is not easy. Especially as a bystander.

lainey on

Endometriosis can make it difficult to get pregnant but not impossible. The biggest difficulty in getting pregnant is doing so without a man. Just sayin………..

Always Unamazed on

I’m always UN-amazed by the inconsideration of people, especially on a website devoted to a particular subject that MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people experience in unique and individual ways. If we could all go back to living by the GOLDEN RULE, society would be a much happier place for all of us. So, for those who are casting stones, for those who KNOW (because they are so close to the people being written about) what everyone’s individual situation is (which BTW is none of your DAMN business) karma is a bitch…just remember that when someone treats you with the same disdain and disrespect as you have shown to these two women and their unique experience!

Someone who doesn’t respond to ignorants of this nature very often!

jessika on

To EVERYONE here that is trashing Valerie at the top of the comments:

Jillian was quoted a while ago with saying she would not get pregnant and carry a child because she ‘did not want to ruin her body’. Endometriosis or not, that was a statement from Jillian herself, so back the hell off.

T on

Great. Another celebrity adopting a child from a foreign country. All that’s well and good, but there are plenty of children HERE that need loving parents as well. My husband and I have already planned to adopt one after we have two of our own…and you can be dam sure the child will be from this country.

MMM on

Wow, I’m not sure what to say about some of these comments… I’ve never commented on here before, but I felt almost obligated. I also have Endometriosis as well as a few different blood disorders. I have had a few misscarriages an 2 pre-term births. While women with Endo CAN have babies , it can make it harder. But you should never judge someone for the reasons behind them not giving birth. We do not actually know these people an what they go thru in their real lives. Have you never been misunderstood before? How did it feel?

Sarah H on

I will be personally very interested if this will effect the way she trains postpartum women? It would be awesome if she worked through this and found what helps and what is hurtful and would make a new mom dvd! Do it Jillian! Cesareans increase the probability of a persistent diastasis recti, and that is a game changer.

Dee Sax on

@ Sandy Kay. Good points; although, it would be helpful if all states allowed gay and single parents to adopt.

New Mom on

Try 64 hours lady. Haha. If I hadn’t requested a pill to shove up there, it would have been longer. Natural Childbirth doesn’t have to end in cesarean.

CL on

Who cares why she didn’t want to carry a baby.

Her job is to look how she looks…. why should she ruin that to make a bunch of unhappy old bitties happy?

B.J. (the girl) on

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea Jillian Michaels was gay! I enjoyed reading her story, apparently more than a few of the other angry, bitter sounding women around here! I’m surprised by all the cattiness.

Diana on

No, she doesn’t. She has stated she would never have children because it would ruin her body… Looks like she already has!

diana on

I’ve had two babies and I think pregnancy is hard on your body. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to put their body through it. I’m not talking about having stretch marks or a little pooch or holding on to a few pounds. I don’t see why anyone feels the need to judge her for not wanting to be pregnant (or who knows maybe she has tried to get pregnant and couldn’t but doesn’t want to share that with everyone you never know)

Barbara on

Per huffingtonpost.com http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/22/jillian-michaels-i-wont-r_n_548256.html

Jillian stated this in an interview in Women’s Health…

‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Jillian Michaels has a hard little body and she plans to keep it that way. Michaels, 36, tells Women’s Health she is unwilling to become pregnant because of the way it would change her body.

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she told the magazine. “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

After reading this and her referencing adoption as “rescuing” something makes me a little sick to my stomach. She’s not adopting a dog or a cat but a baby. Just my thoughts on the whole matter.

JMO on

@LaQuesha – nobody is shoving anything down anyone’s throats. People have the right to click and read an article or not. She is no way saying, “look at me I’m a lesbian you should be one too!” In fact most people didn’t even know she was one. And really, who cares? I’m so tired of people thinking their way is the right way.

You know what? I believe in God but I don’t live my life based on how “he” thought I should live it. I live it according to how I want to live it. Everyone deserves the same kind of rights as everyone else. Not one of us is better then the other. And not one of us needs to live our lives the same way or how someone else sees fit.

I am glad that my mother raised me to be open minded about life and peoples life choices. At the end of the day I don’t let someone else’s lifestyle bother me. And I certainly don’t feel anyone shoves anything down my throat!!!!

The only other thing I will say about all this nonsense posting is that people really do breed stupid people!

Emily on

Will those who continue to post about what Jillian supposedly said PLEASE read this article in which she clears up what she actually said?


Stop spreading what’s false and do your research instead!

Real Estate Diva on

Had a man said that comment about awful childbirth, we would ALL have jumped down his throat. That was an AWFUL comment regarding one of the most beautiful and moving experiences in adult life. Our husbands have been taking on this role for countless years and are supportive and as helpful as they can be. To make it seem like childbirth is a HARD and AWFUL experience takes us all back to the rock ages.

Jennifer on

I am not a regular on this site and never on these boards but as I started reading the comments I was blown away at where they went. Shouldn’t have been surprised based on the dialogue in the country today but would think a baby blog would have a kinder audience.

Your religious beliefs are YOURS and yours alone, our country’s freedom of religion not only means you can believe in what you want, but that the rest of us are free to not be subjected to yours. That whole seperation of church and state thing. If you don’t like two men and two women together, don’t choose it for youself. Does it disturb your life so much when two other people are in a loving healthy relationship?

As a straight woman, I am concerned only when I see abusive parents or situations like the man in TN who had 30 children with 11 women and is now paying $1.49 a month in child support per child and is seeking support. Yes, men and women can reproduce freely and any range of situations with their children can occur. Gay and lesbian couples, mainly going through adoption, have to go through a much more regimented process to have a child come into their life. It’s not like they’re going to have a bunch of ‘accidental’ children.

Use your religion as your moral guide, fine, but to justify hatred or to deprive other human beings of equality especially in having a loving family is just sad. IMO.

Jackie on

For those of you whom know nothing about Endometriosis, it is painful, requires surgery & causes infertility. I had Endo most of my productive years & never was able to have a child, even after surgery. So that is not selfishness, it’s just how it is for some of us that wanted nothing more than to experience childbirth, And has nothing to do with being gay or straight. Having a family is a beautiful thing. Being a great parent has nothing to do with whether you birth a child or not. WTG to both of you & may God bless your beautiful family.

Heather on

And we wonder why men think we’re catty…

notsosure on

Ugly woman inside and out. She was a panelist on Dr. Phil one time, and she sounded so inarticulate and unintelligent. What little she did contribute the panel discussion. Not a very bright lightbulb in that head of hers. And her comments about pregnancy and ruining your body is just a very insensitive thing to say to all women out there. Some with body issues already. Figures she’s gay – her attitude is very Butch!

meghan on

@Real Estate Diva, watching someone you love suffer pain with no way to help them is a horrible, powerless feeling. There is nothing wrong with expressing that. She wasn’t saying “ewww…childbirth.” Try reading the post before commenting. You’ll look less stupid.

Maria on

Wow I can’t believe people these days. Endometriosis is bad enough, my sister in law had it and had to have surgery twice said it was the most painful thing to go thru and decided not to again after that but does have 3 girls now the last one was a gift from God, not requiring surgery. I have PCOS, have since I was a teenager but was never diagnosised just given the pill. It is very hard to conceieve and no one knows what causes it and every one is different. I had two miscarries and now have a gorgeous 10 mo old, but I know a gal that has been trying for years, IVFs etc and can’t conceive.

Overall it is HER choice to decide what works for her, maybe she doesn’t feel she could handle a miscarriage or a let done, who knows, maybe she has already went to greater lengths then we know or even should know for crying out loud not every part of her life is our business.

Katherine on

I think this is fantastic! So happy she is out and proud of the family she now has. Come on people! Focus on the positive, not the negative.

icky on

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. Not all women can or want to give birth. Just like not all men want to be fathers. I applaud Jillian for adopting a girl in need of a family. I applaud Heidi for giving birth to a healthy boy, regardless of how she got pregnant. Congratulations to you both and I hope all this negativity doesn’t put a damper on your happiness.

sam on

I was kinda thinking the same thing, she probably didn’t want to ruin her rock hard body, pregnancy DOES do things to your body, like stretching apart abdominal muscles that never go back to exactly where they were before pregnancy. But really, who cares as long as they are happy.

Kim on

It doesn’t really matter who carried the baby. Being a same sex couple they had the luxury of choosing! Maybe her partner wanted to carry the baby and experience pregnancy.

My only thing is that I wish the picture included her partner. It seems incomplete if they are trying to show off a new family.

Eph on

now that we’ve beaten the “cant do that to my body” horse alive, and then back to death again, i mostly want to say that I believe their daughter Lu is beautiful, I appreciate them not changing her name, and I hope they surround her w/ wonderful women of color (re: black) who are successful and amazing so she sees women who look like her and assist her in becoming the best Lu she can possibly be.

idgal on

To Nacho Mamma:
So, if you are paying (big bucks) for in-vitro, or insemination, wouldn’t you pick the partner most suited to be successful for the procedure. And, if your body is your business, yes, let the partner have the joy of pregnancy.

Tony on

Yuck! I pity these children who will have to grow up in such an immoral household.

Lori on

She also has POS which means she may only have one or two periods a year or less. Some endometriosis is extremely severe, I had to have a hysterectomy when mine turned cancerous. If you don’t live in her body what gives you the write to judge? She made comments about not getting pregnant years ago. Haven’t you ever said you wouldn’t do something only to change your mind?

cinderellawasdelusional on

For all of you who are spouting off about your endometriosis and/or PCOS knowledge take it from someone who has had both – most of you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are degrees of endo: some people have lighter cases, some severe. Same with PCOS. When you have both, it makes fertility nearly impossible.

Jillian has said that she doesn’t want to go on synthetic medications and in order to treat endo and PCOS you have to go on medications – trying lots of different ones, all synthetic, all that you have side effects from and usually trying lots of different ones before you can find one that works – and then they only work for a little while before you have to start all over again. As an advocate for not putting anything synthetic into her body she chooses to not seek treatment and instead live with it, which is very hard and VERY painful. In order to get rid of endo there is only one option – surgery and medication. PCOS can be cured by medication (and light cases by diet, but this is rare) and is a result of insulin issues in your body. It is metabolic and is often treated the same as if you’re diabetic.

I had both, suffered for years, tried all the treatments and after struggling for 14 years, after MANY surgeries, ended up with cervical cancer and a resulting hysterectomy. I was able to conceive and birth one child which happened right after one of my surgeries. She is my miracle child and I’m lucky to have her. I tried for many years before and after to conceive without any luck.

And I won’t even get into the whole issue about being a lesbian and trying to conceive. That adds another layer which, I’m relatively sure, most of you don’t have the brain matter to absorb. The “do that to my body” comment makes *perfect* sense to me knowing what I know about the fertility issues surrounding both of these diseases. So, for all of you haters who have no idea what it’s like to live with either/both of these diseases save your spite because you don’t know what you’re talking about. I lived with a lot of pain and grief for many, many years because of them. It still affects me now – as a 39 year old woman with a hysterectomy, one who cannot conceive another child because of them.

Do your research before spouting off hatred comments because you have no idea what you’re talking about and how your comments affect people like me – and her – who live with this reality.

I say congratulations to this beautiful couple who have been blessed with two new additions to their family. Fate works in mysterious ways!

cinderellawasdelusional on

And @MM – you’re an idiot. God created us in His own image. People are born gay, therefore created in His image that way. Do your research. Being gay isn’t a sin.

Maria on

Hmmmm….lots of God loving, non intelligent haters here…

Whoop di do that she’s gay…

whoop di do that she adopted(fair play I say)

whoop di do that she didn’t want to carry a baby(if I had a combo of endo and PCOS, I’d feel the same – I have PCOS and conceiving was a nightmare as it was and then needing help just to HOLD ONTO the pregnancy – obviously some haven’t a clue about what they’re talking about)

whoop di do that her partner ended up with a C-section after 27 hours of labour which probably wasn’t progressing and maybe, just maybe the baby was going into distress…

Love how all the holier than thou people here think they’re above everyone else and just like to hide behind the internet when they spout their cyber bullying…

Get over it…

sara on

Iris, her partner probably didn’t want to be in the photo, at least the photo that was released to the public (I’m sure they do have plenty of private photos of all of them). Jillian said in an interview I saw elsewhere that she couldn’t talk about the pregnancy before the baby was born because her partner didn’t want to endure a public pregnancy. She’s presumably not a celeb or a public person herself. Not everyone wants pictures of themselves to be public, even when they’re partnered with a famous person.

js_chance on

I don’t care why she can’t/won’t get pregnant. What I do care about is how she’s exposing that poor baby girl when she hasn’t even had her a month. The poor child doesn’t yet know what happened to her or what’s going on. They haven’t hardly had a chance to bond. She must be terrified.

cinderellawasdelusional on

@js_chance Have you ever heard of telephoto lenses? Paparazzi are rarely right up close, especially in this type of shot. The person taking this photo was likely not even within their eye shot. The kid just came out of the ocean. I doubt she was “terrified”, just cold from the water. Are you suggesting that Jillian should stay indoors and not come outside for anything or go anywhere with the child? She’s exposing her to real life and that’s going to mean that there are some shots here and there. You don’t see her carting her down Rodeo Drive, simply out enjoying the beach. Get a grip.

tlc on

Why is it that all those who claim to “follow God’s word” and claim to be so “Christian” are ALWAYS the MOST JUDGEMENTAL and assholian people on the planet????

Why? Because they HIDE behind the bible and then spew their nastiness claiming (and truly believing) that it’s ok. They interpret the bible in their skewed vision to spew DISGUSTING and NASTY things. I always thought GOD was NON Judgemental and TOLERENT of ALL people..as apparently he “created man in his OWN light.”

You bible thumpers are the nastiest and most INTOLERANT people I know. Get over yourselves…

cinderellawasdelusional on

*high five* @tlc

Jessica on

I have had endometriosis since I was a teen and was put on birth control pills to resolve the intense cramping each month. I got married at 29 & tried for a few years to get pregnant. I ended up having laproscopic surgery to clear out the endometriosis and got pregnant shortly after the surgery. I know it wont be that simple for everyone but it IS possible. The surgery was outpatient and was fairly easy to recover from (just a few days of minor bloating/cramping). Please, if you do have endometriosis and are having difficulty getting pregnant, talk to your ob/gyn about the surgery. 🙂

Ellie on

OMG! There are so many ignorent people here it’s amazing. JMO you are inmature cz you say you live your way and not the way God want you to live well let’s see how that goes if you or any of your love ones get sick and needs prayers? Cindarellawasdelusilnal READ THE BIBLE WE ARE CREATE AT GOD IMAGE WHICH IS PERFECT HE’S NOT GAY (eathier you are blind or stupid) Lily it seems that you are the only one here with common sense, still let’s not judge and let God take control of all these ignorent uneducated people here. No wonder we live in a world like this everyday getting worst and worst.GOD PLEASE HELP US..

Kathleen on

That’s right she’s a nasty dude, that can’t mess her body up because she wouldn’t be able to sell herself to us in her eyes. Judge what you want of me, I could care less, I have my opinions, and I am entitled to them. I’m not going to call white, white, when its really gray matter. And Jillian is a lost cause I don’t believe in. She opened her mouth and gave her opinion, those of you who like to harshly critique others on this post, got to express your nasty little opinions, who cares about you, Jillian? Nope, no one evidently, because you go after one of your own instead of one of her kind. Shame. She belittles other women, she belittles her sex, her gender, shame on her and you for sticking up for her. But wait, you’re entitled to your opinion, Im bad….not.

Brianne on

Actually, Val is correct in that there have been a couple of interviews where Jillian calls children “parasites” to women’s bodies and that she could never go through such a disfiguring event as pregnancy.

I’m glad she’s adopted and that her partner has had a child, that’s great. I just hope she doesn’t try to instill the CRAZY ethics that she seems to have for herself into those kids. I mean, she looks PERFECT and she still harps on herself for having love handles and cellulite on her ass.

Anonymous on

JFC people. Without having the first clue about why she actually didn’t go through childbirth, there is the fact that this woman makes a living with her body. If she chooses not to jeopardize that (or even postpone it) by getting pregnant, that is fully her choice. It doesn’t make her selfish, it just makes her a person making her own decisions that work for her.

Anonymous on

Why can’t you people just be happy for others who are trying to help children that would otherwise have a very difficult life? If I was overweight, I can’t think of anyone I would rather train under. Jillian is amazing, as a motivator and trainer. So you get yelled at, big deal! Grow the hell up. If you don’t like her, don’t click on the link and don’t watch the show. Quit bitchin”!!!

TXGurl on

For all of you gay bashers out there that seem to think being gay is a choice, I can tell you from experience that it is not. I have been attracted to women since I can remember. I fought against it, got married, got divorced, got married again… never felt fulfilled. I always felt like I was going against my nature and being someone who I am not. Finally, at the age of 36, I decided I was going to act on my natural feelings and be with a woman… I have never looked back. If being gay is a sin, then I don’t understand, because it is NOT a choice about who you are attracted to. In my eyes a god that would allow someone to feel attracted to the same sex, but condemn them for that attraction is not the type of god that I want to follow. That would be like a parent having a child that had something wrong with it and torturing them for eternity for something that is NOT their fault. Use your brains, people. Being gay is NOT a choice… why would someone CHOOSE to be gay when gays are picked on, beaten up, disowned, and even killed for it??? It makes no sense, does it? Jillian did not come out at first, probably because she knew that she would immediately be judged by the closed minded people out there. I am glad she has finally accepted herself and is moving on with her life. Congrats on the babies Jillian and Heidi, you have a beautiful family!!!!!

krisy on

I have endometriosis and was lucky enough to conceive BUT I know MANY women who can’t. Plus to be honest if I was a weightloss trainer and image is everything (can’t you tell by all the harsh and cruel comments) maybe I would want my partner to have the child if I had that option… people are soo quick to judge others and know nothing about their choices or circumstances or even what they would do. If you would make a different choice then yay for you you get the different choice medal award,.. the world would be a nicer place if people didn’t leave their anger in these posts when it has nothing to do with the person they are bashing..

Marcina Cole on

Jillian your children are Beautiful,congratulations to the both of you!

vanessarayblog on

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