Jenna von Oy Welcomes Daughter Gray Audrey

05/25/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Brooke Boling Photography

She’s here — albeit a little early!

Jenna von Oy and husband Brad Bratcher welcomed daughter Gray Audrey on Monday, May 21 in Nashville, the actress confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Brad and I are, of course, ecstatic she’s here and we are madly in love with her already. It’s truly unimaginable how quickly she wrapped us around her little finger!” von Oy, 35, tells PEOPLE.

We are exhausted, but enjoying every moment of it, as every moment she’s doing something new and memorable.”

Baby girl was born at 4:51 p.m., weighing 7 lbs., 6 oz. and measuring 18 inches long. “I unexpectedly ended up with a c-section three weeks early — will explain all in next month’s blog!” notes von Oy.

Gray arrived not only with “quite the personality,” but with a full head of hair, too.

“She has an incredible amount of hair! So much so, that the hospital nurses washed it, brushed it, and put a bow in it on the first day!” the new mom reveals. “We know kids a year old who don’t have half the amount of hair our daughter had at birth!”

As for the couple’s name choice, von Oy shares that she and Bratcher have “loved ‘Gray’ for a long time. We were just so drawn to it, we knew early on that it was the right one.”

— Anya Leon

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PamB on

Congrats to the family on the new arrival… On the other hand what is up with celebs naming their GIRLS BOYS names? Maxwell, & Gray. Those are nice names for boys. I know, I know it’s their child & they have the right to name their child any name they want too BUT do they think how the name of their child will effect them later in life?…

PamB on

Congrats to the family on the new arrival… But why are celebs naming their GIRLS BOYS names? I know, I know it is their child to name their child whatever they want. BUT do they think on how the names they give their child is gonna effect them when the child gets olders. Those names are nice BOY names… If Jenna & her hubby likes the name Gray then maybe the name should have been Aubrey Gray. That sounds better then Gray Audrey. Congrats again enjoy your lil bundle.

boudreauxh on

I love that name! Very pretty and elegant.

Fabulous on

My sons Kindergarten teachers 1st name is Gray and she loves that it is unique and she has lived 33 years with it just fine!!!! Even passed it to her daughter naming her Anna Gray…. LOVE THE NAME!!!!! Congrats!!!!

agirlcalledchuck on

I’m a girl with a boy’s name (Charlie), and my name has not affected me in the slightest, except for the frequent comments I get on having a unique name…I’ve been treated no differently than if I’d been given a traditional female name like sarah or emma or catherine, etc….

Sandra on

Congratulations on the birth of your new little daughter! I am not that excited about the name you have given to her, but that is your baby and that is your name you chose for her. What is with these celebrities recently naming their babies boys names for little girls? I don’t know!

Jamie on

I quite like the name. My daughter is named Grace, but we almost exclusively call her Gray. I actually think it feels more like a girls name than a boys name. It is, however, really just a color not a name, so I guess we can assign any gender to it we like.

Nina on

@PamB: I do recall Jennifer Garner playing a character named Gray in a film a few years back. I think it’s kinda cute.

ruby on

Grey should always be spelt with an E, not an A. And Audrey doesn’t go with it at all, but it’s not my kid. Hope they’re both healthy, and sorry she didn’t get the birth she wanted.

Birdie on

Congrats!! So happy you have a healthy baby girl. I have never heard the name Gray for a girl before, but I think it is very cute and sort of old-fashioned.

Tiffany on

CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m due any minute myself!!!!

stacey on

Love the name, but I’m probably partial to it as I have a son named Grayson.

Tiffany on

Hey name wouldn’t have anything to do with the “50 Shades of Gray” phenomenon?!!! LOL!!!

Stephanie on

Congrats on your daughter! My daughter was also born with a full head of hair, but it fell out as is common. She was a baldie for a while, but it grew back in twice as thick.

Tina on

My brother’s name is Grae ( how we spell it).

kat on

I am so glad that everyone is healthy, with the early delivery. I think it is a beautiful name not that it matters because she is not my child. I am so happy for your beautiful family and I look forward to next months blog with all the details and hopefully a picture of your little angel! Congrats.

Megan on

Hey Ruby…In my opinion, GRAY should NOT be spelled with an “E”. And who are you to tell someone how to spell a name? My husband’s name is GRAY. It is spelled phonetically and is considered grammatically correct as there are two accepted spellings of the color gray.

I think that Gray is a male name, obviously. We chose not to name our son Gray, if we had had one (we have two girls). It’s a pain having to introduce my husband as “Gray…like the color”. And when people see his name in writing their brain makes them think that it says “Gary”. People are always calling him Greg or Gary. It’s annoying. I don’t feel like doing that even more for the rest of my life.

kjc on

Congrats Jenna and family! I like both names quite a bit, wonderful choices for your daughter.

I personally like the name Gray for a girl, more than boy- so I think you’ve made a great decision. Again, it’s personal, everyone has a right to name their baby what they like.

Can’t wait to hear about Gray’s birth story in your blog next month.

Mina on

I’m really sad to see beautiful classic names for girls out the window in favor of boyish names. Imagine if Maxwell becomes a princess like Kate Middelton….Princess Maxwell or Duchess Maxwell. Please please please stop! Nobody would accept Isabella, Elizabeth, Susan, Debby or Katie for a boy! NEVER would it be accepted. Stop the double standards. People let this kind of stuff happen then COMPLAIN about double standards…why? Because females think they can get whatever they want and do whatever they want while men have to be one thing and one thing alone…masculine. Girls can be masculine AND feminine. And its not fair. And yes, I am a female myself!

K on

I went to high school with a love girl named Greigh. I like this spelling better for a girl, but I don’t understand everyone saying it’s a boys’ name. It’s a COLOR, it’s up for grabs.

Lily on

I can’t believe some people on here. Jenna just gave birth to this beautiful baby girl whom she is very proud of. I’m pretty sure she is sitting on cloud 9 right now like most moms who just delivered.

How would you feel if people started telling you, ‘Oh my gosh, the name you picked for your child is awful!’ or ‘The name you just gave your child should never be spelled like that!’ just after you’ve given birth. Have some respect for others and their choices!

I think Gray Audrey is a beautiful name! I wish Jenna, her husband and their baby girl all the best!

Hen on

I have to comment that I LOVE this new trend of naming babies the name of a color. Maybe it’s because I have a Scarlett. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gray is such a great name!

Janice on

She can play with Beyonce’s baby and they can be the Blue and Gray!

MB on

Congrats Jenna and Brad!!! I think Gray Audrey is a very cute name, it’s different. And to all you who say it should be spelled Grey, that would look weird! It’s a name now, not a color, and it’s HER baby name most importantly, let her spell it like she wants.

But again Congrats!

Someone You Know on

Her initials are GAB!

Congrats on the new member of the family!

Mavvy on

I always spell the color with an E. I think it looks better as Grey. It’s not incorrect it’s just another way of spelling it. Grey is the British spelling. Get over yourself Megan.

Britt on

The name’s alright, but I would prefer Audrey Gray. Kind of like Blue Ivy – I would totally name my child Ivy Blue, but not Blue Ivy.

Congrats to Jenna and Brad, though!

annabelle on

Love the name, it’s not one you hear every day. As for the middle name, it works better than a one syllable name would. Hope there’s a picture posted soon.

MollyF on

Don’t forget people, Jenna is a blogger here and some of the comments are rude, IMHO. She can name her daughter whatever she wants. I actually love the name.

jill on

I love the name. I have a son named Grayson and we call him Gray and a niece named Audrey. I love unique and classic names. I also have a daughter named Katie Rebecca. It is her child and she can name it whatever she wants! She doesnt need anyone’s approval! Congratulations to the new family!!!

look on

Gray is a color not a name. Just like blue. And apple is a fruit, the one satan tempted Eve with, not a name. And Maxwell is a name but it’s a boy’s or surname.

Boston Mom on

I love the name, different but cute!

Anna on

Congrats and LOVE the name!

Person1 on

Gray Audrey should have a play date with Blue Ivy.

Lyoness on

Congratulations!! Beautiful name!! Gray is actually #1 on my list. Hopefully it wonโ€™t become too popular in the next 5 years so I can still use it. Funny about the negative comments and this being a male nameโ€ฆ First time I heard this name, it was a Sr. VP for our company who is in her late 40โ€™s/early 50โ€™s. I actually told her I LOVED her name. Itโ€™s sort of unique/mysterious but you can still be an 80 year old with that name.

Janie on

Gray conjures images of old and drab. If it must be used, it seems masculine and I prefer it for a male.

These are just my opinions! Carry on.

Abbie on

Congrats Jenna!!!! Love the name, can’t wait for the next blog!

annie on

It’s actually refreshing to see people choose uncommon names for their children these days. I don’t think we need more Ava’s or Emily’s or John’s or Michael’s; nice names, but I don’t think we need to adhere to what’s popular at the moment, or what has been around for centuries.

If children don’t like their names when they’re adults, they could always change it. Most people, I believe, don’t do this as it becomes their identity. The U.S. president has a rather very unique and uncommon name, and it does not look like it hindered him professionally in the least.

Congrats, Jenna!

ecl on

Jenna has done a very good job so far protecting herself from attacks. I feel like she must read the other blogs a lot so that she knows just what to say. For example, she’ll state a preference and reiterate that it’s a preference to prevent attacks. Or she mentioned that the pillows were just for show and would be removed when she showed her nursery.

Unfortunately, she can’t protect the name from attacks so here we go….As to those who wonder at the naming of girls with “male” names, but not the reverse, isn’t it obvious? Masculine=high status while feminine=low status so of course the naming is only going one way. Just a reflection of our cultural values.

Just Sayin' on

Of all the beautiful girl names to choose from they pick GRAY? Really??

Tammy Charles on

Congratulations Jenna and Brad! Love the name Gray. Especially like that she has lots of hair ready for hairbows too. All the best, Tammy and Pam at PLH Bows.

Romy on

not sure about calling a girl Gray (dull), but congrats to them. Audrey sounds kind of ‘gray’ too, though Audrey is not a bad name. Not that I think she cares, just making conversation.

Leslee on

I like the name Gray and wouldn’t mind having that myself. A female named Gray sounds very literary. I’m glad her baby arrived safely and all is well!

MA momma on

Congratulations Jenna and Brad! Can’t wait to read about Gray’s arrival in more detail in your next blog, which will, I’m sure, be full of your trademark humor (honestly, what would we do without humor honey?!). Doesn’t matter how she got here or when she got here, she’s here!!! Savor every little thing and don’t sweat the small stuff. Those pups of yours must be excited to meet their newest sister ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jennifer on

Love the name; so pretty and unique! Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

Shannon on

Audrey Gray would’ve been sooooooooo much better. But I doubt they really care what I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats!

Alana on

I definitely love the name “Gray.” I have always loved it as a boy name but equally like it hearing it for a girl. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use “Gray” for a name because my last name is Wolfe. “Gray Wolfe” sounds a bit too… TOO, if you know what I mean. lol

Mina on

ecl, but then if a male gets hired over a female the female will shout from the rooftops about double standards and “girls can do anything guys can do”…yet guys are simply NEVER allowed to act like girls! It makes me embarassed to be a woman. Women want everything thier way, plain and simple.

Catca on


I agree with you, I think the name Gray for a girl sounds literary too, especially with the last name Bratcher. It just sounds like a cool name for the heroine of a novel. Could it be mistaken for a boys name? Sure. But hey, that may actually help her on a job application so what’s the problem? To me the name itself inspires sounds strong and inspires confidence.

Mina, guys can pretty much do anything they want and have not been an oppressed gender for thousands of years like women have. And I know quite a few guys that like to dress in drag, cross their legs while sitting and wear the color pink and not all are gay (Scott Disick is one example you may be familiar with, wearing pink and crossing his legs – not the drag part).

Men in England have “fancy dress parties” where they dress in women’s clothing and these are conservative straight men. And women can’t shout to the rooftops when a man is hired over her if he is more qualified, or if it’s a one off situation. That “shouting” only works if a pattern of discrimination can be demonstrated.

I honestly am not sure where you are coming from with your comments. I can understand the notion that rectifying past (and current) discrimination has resulted in some anti-male gender bias and that is wrong and shouldn’t happen, but to take women achieving a more equal status, particularly with respect to legal rights to be an “embarassment to being a woman” seems pretty extreme.

blessedwithboys on


First off, congrats and welcome to the club! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think Gray is a lovely name. Jennifer Garner carried it well in Catch and Release and I think your daughter will do the same.

I hope that whatever prompted the c-sec is an issue that was not too major and is now resolved. I have had 2 of them myself, neither planned (or necessary IMO). Please take good care of yourself, get plenty of rest, & keep Gray in bed with you at night so you don’t hurt yourself getting up and down to care for her (actually, make your hubs bring her to you! LOL).

Nursing can be a bit harder after a c-sec, esp one that wasn’t anticipated. I wish you all the best of success with it, and don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it!

Well, that’s all the sage advice I have for new mamas. Enjoy your babymoon. ๐Ÿ™‚


What of it? on

I think the name Gray is elegant. It’s unusual but not off-putting. Congratulations on the new arrival. I’m looking forward to reading your delivery story!

Jenn on

I actually really like the name. And I love her blog, can’t wait to read her observations about motherhood.

soph on

Gray is a color not a name. Just like blue. And apple is a fruit, the one satan tempted Eve with, not a name. And Maxwell is a name but itโ€™s a boyโ€™s or surname.

Seriously, you have to mix in Apple among these? She was born close to ten years ago…get. over. it.

becky on

My granddaughter’s name is Branson. which could be a boy’s name. It is a family name. I love the idea of using last names for first names – very trendy right now. I love the name Gray for a girl, she will always be unique!

Holiday on

Congrats! I love the name Audrey but not Gray. Audrey Gray would be pretty though!

Bobbi on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl getting a so-called boy’s name. Mine is obviously one of those gender friendly, though recognized as a boy’s – names, and I love it!

There are far worse things to be worried about other than a child’s name. There are men who have names recognized as girl’s names – it is not just the other way around. While sometimes it is questionable as to why a parent (or parents) chose a name, but it is their child, their decision.

I think Gray is beautiful and yes, maybe baby Gray will hate the name when she gets older – but that is nothing we have to live with. Luckily, she has a middle name she can always go by or will embrace the name her parents gave her.

maddie on

Jenna, i love the name Audrey. It’s what i’m going to name my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ Gray is unique too, and is quite pretty.

A c-section at 37 weeks must have been scary, hope you are recovering well!

Oh and everyone who is commenting on the name choice, i’m sure Gray could go by her middle name if she chose to.

Madison on

Congratulations, Jenna!! I love her name. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tammy on

Do even HALF of you know the origin of YOUR name? For example…my name is Tammy…one would think that it is short for Tamara…but it is NOT…Tammy is the Old English (think 12-13-1400’s) Nickname for…wait for it…THOMAS!!! So, for those of you who think that Gray is a boys name…research YOUR names origin.

Congrats on the birth of your Baby…and I will send up some prayer for a great recovery from your surgery.

Jaime on

Wow. So Jenna is sure to read this page considering she does blog for, and you are attacking her newborn’s name choice.

If your friend had a baby and named it something you didn’t care for, would you say half of these things to your friend or even in a text message? How mean-spirited…If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it all.

Gray sounds so literary. I absolutely love it combined with Audrey. Unique, strong, feminine without being frilly.

Jenna- enjoy your babymoon and I hope you have an easy recovery! Congratulations!

Missy on

I would definitely have spelled it “Grey” with an “e” and would have switched the names around to “Audrey Grey.” Her current initials are GAB, so maybe she will be a real talker. Glad she is here and healthy.

SMiaVS on

I think Gray sounds lovely. It’s a color. The last time I checked, colors don’t have genders (at least, not in English) and aren’t reserved for a particular sex. Love the middle name. It’s one of my choices for a middle name for a future daughter, as it works well in both English and French.

happygolucky on


No where in the bible did it say that Eve was tempted with an apple. She was tempted to eat the forbidden fruit. We do not know what fruit that was.

Sorry for going off topic but people always get that wrong.

J-Nelle on

Audrey Gray would have been lovely. Has Beyonce started a trend of ruining a name by sticking a color in front of it?

Alexandra on

Audrey Gray flows a lot better in my opinion. Audrey is adorable, classy, and feminine (thanks to Audrey Hepburn!) while Gray seems to be more in-the-moment trendy, masculine, and hip. Idk about “Gray Bratcher” with the “-ra-” sound at the beginning of both, but to each their own. I think the last celebrity baby girl name that I really liked was “Arabella Rose” from Ivanka Trump.

Anonymous on

Catca and Mina- I think you BOTH have some good points. Catca is right that men HAVE historically had more rights than women. However, Mina is right that it’s often frowned upon for a man to dress or act like a woman, while most people find it perfectly fine for a woman to dress or act like man. For example, it’s so routinue for women to wear pants that no one even notices when a female comes into working wearing them.

However, if man were to come into work wearing a dress or even a skirt, he’d probably get fired. Same thing goes for the way women treat men at times as opposed to fellow women. It’s perfectly acceptable, for example, for a woman to be a stay-at-home mom and not have a job (a paid one outside the house, that is. Obviously raising kids is very much a job!).

But when a man doesn’t work and stays home with his kids, he’s called a bum, a freeloader, or any number of other not-very-flattering name (just go to virtually any Jessica Simpson post and you’ll see what I mean. People are constantly on her poor fiance’s back for being unemployed!).

So it IS true that women don’t always afford men the same freedoms they afford themselves (and I say this as a woman myself!). But enough on that subject!

Congrats to Jenna and her husband, and the baby is a very good weight and length for being three weeks early!

Anonymous on

J-Nelle- Considering the name Violet (a color as well as a flower) has been a perfectly acceptable name for girls for years, I doubt it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Monica on

If I have another child I’m going to name it Yellow. Or maybe Red, Purple, or Green. Blue would make it look like I’m a Beyonce fan. Or if I can’t make up my mind I’ll name it Roy G. Biv and be done with it.


Daisy on

I’m a bit of a “name nerd” and I can honestly say I have never heard of Gray/Grey as a name before. I’m surprised so many commenters mention knowing people with the name. Must have never made it to Australia.

kpmonkeymommy on

Gray is one of those names that is gender neutral to me. I love that she gave her daughter a more obviously feminine middle name to kind of balance it.

I am so normally NOT into creating your own name MOST of the time, but (not that her name isn’t already just fine), I probably would have added Elle/Ella at the end of it

Grayella or Grayelle just sounds more girly to me.

But to each their own.

JRW on

LOVE the name. Beautiful. Loved the movie Catch and Release and Gray was Jennifer Garner’s character’s name in that movie. Congrats to the family!

Jen on

I looooooove the name!! That is so unique and pretty. Love it!

mamaofthree on

I love the name Gray! It’s my daughter’s middle name, but was high on our list for a first name too. My husband has a rule about a first and middle name sounding good together if they become singer songwriters, so all of our daughters have three syllable first names and one syllable middle names.

I had two unexpected c-sections (third was adoption…not that it didn’t have it’s own kind of pain!)and it’s hard to not have the birth you wanted. Hope you are recovering well and adjusting to your sweet new one! And, ignore those who disagree with your name choice. Our second daughter goes by her middle name, Maeve. People either really love it or really don’t. But, they always remember it!

emily on

@ Look

If you’re going to get on your high horse, you might like to ride with the correct information. No where in the bible did they specify that the fruit Eve ate was an Apple. Weird thing to point out, I know, I just hate it when people bring people down and their ‘facts’ aren’t even right.

I think Gray is beautiful. I’d definitely consider it for a middle name.

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Jenna & Brad on the birth of baby girl Gray!

I actually love the name Gray, I think it’s unique but not too out-there, but I just can’t get my head around Gray Bratcher sounding nice?

jessicad on

I like the name, it’s unique and feminine.

Hope Jenna is recovering well and hopefully she’s not scared to write more blogs here after so many people tore the name apart. There’s a difference in having an opinion and being mean, you wouldn’t say this stuff to a friend who just gave birth so why to a stranger??

A on

I think Gray is a wonderful first name for a girl. My great grandmother was named Gray and she was every bit a lady.

Niko on

Hmm, interesting. First name a color, then a feminine second name…like Blue Ivy. Congrats!

Renie on

I like the name, but I’m probably biased. My 2year old GIRL, is named Graelyn Rose. We call her Grae. I was thinking of the name Grayson for a boy, but hoping for a girl. When we knew she was a she, I just fem’d up the name and got creative with the spelling.

I always have to repeat the name when asked, and she gets called “Grace” sometimes, but I also get a lot of compliments and I can’t imagine calling her anything else.

It’s unique just like her. One weird coincidence tho, she actually has grey eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ People think I named her Grae for that reason but her eyes were blue when she was born.

kimmie on

congrats but i have issue with that hair comment. i am a mother of one of those babies that were bold way beyond 1 year and it rubs me wrong way when a mother of a hairy baby says “mine has more than yours lalalala”

jenna, this is not hair competition! one thing is to mention that and the other is to compare and compete wiht other mothers to see if you can win.

Holiday on

Oh good lord kimmie she is simply stating that her baby with more hair than lots of 1 year olds. Maybe she was shocked her tiny newborn had a headful of hair. My daughter turned 2 this month and still has pretty short hair. I was not at all offended by her comment.

MiB on

Congratulations Jenna! What a lovely name! If I could get away with it language wise I would put it on my name list for potential babies, but unfortunately both Gray/Grey (depending if you are american or british) and Audrey would get mangled in my native tongue.

4mom on

Congratulations! I say name your baby whatever you are comfortable with after you have given it plenty of thought. We named our third child Ayla and my mom almost had a heart attack when my husband showed the baby to her and my dad and told them her name. Turns out she was trying to convince him to name her Emma while he was waiting to come into the operating room with me. She said Emma was very popular. SO? We fell in love with the name Ayla and if you fell in love with the name Gray then that is your choice. Love her and enjoy her because all too soon they grow up!

Janie on

Anyone complaining about the name is a nutbar. Seriously, it seems this child will be loved and raised in a fairly affluent home, she is not your kid and will be more than fine. Having a UNISEX (this means both guys and girls have it) name will:

1.make her trendy
2. make her more like the kids in her classes than the ones in your class 20-40 years ago (In my neighborhood, boys and girls called Sawyer, Emmerson, Camdyn, Charlie – to name a few).
3. maybe make her more money when she grows up

Having a name like Deborah, Barbara, Jennifer will make her the weird kid in class with a Grandma name. The most unique name in my daughters kindergym is Jessica, shes the only 2 yr old Jessica we know!

Jennie on

I know toddlers/young girls called :Jayden, Reese, Dylan, Charlie, Riley, Jordan,Finn, Logan, Sawyer and Peyton. Gray will have a normal name – for her age group (not yours!)

christina on

My daughters name is Greysen Olivia I think its a beautiful name not at all a boys name. Shes 17 months so it has 0 relation to 50 shades of grey. I dont think anyone should judge anyone’s name choice.

RJL on

Congrats to Jenna and Brad on the birth of their daughter…I can’t wait to read Jenna’s blog next month to find out all about the birth!

I think Gray Audrey Bratcher has a nice ring to it, actually. And I’d rather see people name their children something old-fashioned or unique, instead of going with something that everybody is using these days.

sonjaferguson on

And for all of you who chose to question Jenna and her husband’s choice of name for their daughter…..would you react that way in person to a friend who had just given birth and named their child something unique? What makes you think it’s cool to put your two cents in here? I understand it’s a public blog…..but you are still responding to someone’s joy by tearing them down because of name choice. That’s pretty petty.

In any case, Jenna, congrats! The name Gray is lovely and unique. I knew a baby named Gray and she was adorable and lived up to the non-traditional name that her family had bestowed upon her. Kudos to you for not choosing a name like Jennifer, Katie, Cindy, etc….. Much love!

ANJ on

Mina said: “ecl, but then if a male gets hired over a female the female will shout from the rooftops about double standards and โ€œgirls can do anything guys can doโ€โ€ฆyet guys are simply NEVER allowed to act like girls! It makes me embarassed to be a woman. Women want everything thier way, plain and simple.”

There is a big difference between what is societally accepted for men and women and women being underpaid in the workplace.


allaboutthesmiths on

Congrats on the birth of your daughter! Lovely name, and quite honestly, who cares what ANYONE else thinks? People always feel their opinions matter to complete strangers…it’s funny really.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your time with Gray!

Michelle on

I’m really sad to read the comments on here. A name doesn’t determine who you are in life. My name is “normal” and I have never loved it, but it’s my own. I remember the pressure we were under trying to find a name. It’s a hard thing to do and there is no better feeling than finally choosing the name you love and will call your child for the rest of their lives. It makes me sad to see people rip someone for what they chose to call and remember their child by. Jenna will probably be a great mother and her daughter will be loved and that’s what Gray will remember when she reads back on these blogs, not that someone disliked her name. So let’s just congratulate her on being able to experience one of the most amazing gifts in this life and for her experiences to come!

Meg on

FABULOUS name! My oldest has a “masculine” middle name – Rowan – that is now considered gender neutral, and at 13 (that super-picky, why-are-you-ruining-my-life age) she loves it. Also, my best friend is an Asa, and thanks to her I can’t imagine that as a boy’s name.

As the mom of girls with different names, I can tell you that she’ll most likely be glad to be unique when she’s older!