Brooke White Welcomes Daughter London

05/25/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
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Known for her sweet vocals and joyful personality as a season 7 finalist on American Idol, Brooke White has a bundle of joy of her own.

White, 28, gave birth to daughter London, her first child with husband Dave Ray, on Thursday, May 24 at a Los Angeles-area hospital.

“Baby London is here,” an ecstatic Ray tells PEOPLE. “Our girl came in at 6:41 p.m. and is 8 lbs., 12 oz.!”

Mother and daughter “are both healthy as well,” Ray adds.

According to Ray, the name London is a nod to his parents and family, who are all from England and specifically the London area.

Both Ray and White visited there two years ago and fell in love with the city. Also important — White is fond of the nickname ‘Londy.’

“We’re so excited,” White told PEOPLE in January.”By the time the baby’s born, we’ll have been married eight years. I met Dave when I was 19 years old and we’ve been together a really long time, and we’ve always wanted to be parents.”

A year ago, White made her acting debut in the FOX TV movie Change of Plans. This year, she continued to record music with writing partner Jack Matranga as the duo Jack and White. Their latest EP, Undercover, will be released May 29 on iTunes.

Fans can follow White’s baby adventures on her blog, Brookie Babble.

Courtesy Brooke White

— Cynthia Wang

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Margo on

Aw, yay! I loved Brooke on AI!

Congrats to the family 😀

kjc on

I love the name!

My husband and I started dating at 17 in high school, got married nearly 6 years later and then had our first baby last year at 27, almost 10 years after our first date. We didn’t plan to wait that long for kids, but I cherish all the time we had alone. I’m not sure if Brooke planned to wait and establish her career slightly, or if they were trying for awhile, but you don’t seem to hear of too many couples who wait that long.

Congrats to the new family!

kirsty on

I dont know kjc I dated my husband for five years and then we were married for 7 years before we had our daughter, we wanted to wait that long. The same with both of my brothers, they waited a long time before they had their kids. I think it makes sense if you are not ready, doesn’t matter how long you are together, some people are just ready at lot sooner than others. Congrats to them!

ruby on

Not a fan of the name London (or Paris, or Rome, or Brooklyn or Sydney, etc.) but glad to hear she has a healthy baby. I always loved her on Idol.

tomfool on

aww… I wasn’t huge on the name until she said she liked the nickname Londy. I had to say it out loud before I realized how cute it was. Congrats to them! She’ll be a great mom!

Em on

Congratulations! I loved Brooke on American Idol!! I have a neice coming in August, and the name my sister has picked out is, London Madison! I love it even more now!! =)

sherquetta on


guest on

Aww congrats to the happy family!

Holly on

I like the name Brooklyn, or Brookelynn

Ashley on

I LOVE the name. My daugheter’s name is London Elise and we also call her Londy.

Katie on

Wow her belly got huge! I actually like the name London for her baby :).

Janie on

Congratulations Brooke! I also loved her on idol, I remember she was a nanny and was so good with the kids she watched. I know she’ll love motherhood.

Donna on

So happy for her. I stumbled across her debut in “Change of Plans”. I thought she did really well. I always liked her singing on idol. Congratulations to you both!

Marky on

What a pretty baby!! So happy for this couple and glad they were together, just the two of them, for awhile. I love my children, but that’s one thing I would change, if I could. I would have 5+ years, just us, doing what we liked to do. Circumstances of life made it difficult for us to do those trips, etc later (he is very disabled now). I would not change being with him, and I’m crazy about our kids though, so who knows?

London is adorable and they sound sooo happy!! Congratulations!

Sara on

@ruby Paris and Sydney were men’s names before they were the names of cities.

Not saying that should make you like them, but I think differently about naming a baby boy Paris, which has been a man’s name for literally thousands of years than I do about naming a baby Brooklyn, which even in its original Dutch always referred to an area of land.

Cortney on

London 2012 = )

Holiday on

Love the name!!

Tee on

Patricia, she had a daughter, not a son.

Londy is adorable and I love her name! Congratulations to Brooke and Dave!

Alicia on

Meh, London doesn’t work as a name for a girl for me for you for me. And Londy sounds like lundi which is French for Monday.

If they want to honour London, why not name baby girl Chelsea, or Victoria?

Truth Serum on

@ Alicia: because they liked the name London, that would be why. Do you need me to break it down further.

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats! And she’s adorable!

JM on

what a gorgeous baby, congrats.

i have to agree with previous posters though, to me London is not an attractive name. i feel that way about most place names. it just sounds really weird.

Kembek on

I long for the days of normal names.

I have a cousin who was married 20 years before she and her husband had their first child.

Ash on

Congrats to Brook and your baby girl London!

Mira on

I don’t like London as a name. I should think that for someone who grew up in London, it even sounds idiotic.

Cathleen on

Love the name! Best of luck to her!

JLL on

Soo happy for Brooke and her husband. Baby London is adorable. Soo nice to see a happy marriedcouple enjoy some years together and then have their baby. My husband and I did the same thing.We were married 12 years, and then decided to start a family. We have a beautiful son and daughter now,and a baby on the way.Children are precious and a such a gift. I am sure Brooke and her husband feel soo blessed. London is a great name for a girl. Way better than 99% of the names I have been hearing lately.

SDS on

Dr. Phil’s baby grandson is named London Phillip. Looks like London is not a gender-specific name, like so many others. Best wishes to Brooke and her hubby.