Spotted: Katherine Heigl and Adalaide Step Out

05/24/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Ladies who lunch!

Katherine Heigl steps out with mother Nancy and new daughter Adalaide on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The actress, 33, and her husband, musician Josh Kelley, recently added the baby girl to their family through domestic adoption.

“Her full name is Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley,” Heigl told HELLO! recently.

“Adalaide because of my great-grandmother, Marie after my middle name, and Hope because that is what the process became.”

Adalaide joins big sister Naleigh, 3½.

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Sarah S. on

Adalaide looks so cute. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t imagine wearing high heels and a big purse while holding precious cargo. I think I would lose my balance.

Leslee on

@Sarah, I would fall over too but some women are so used to wearing them that they can literally run in them.

She looks like a beautiful baby and I hope they are all very happy.

Guest who on

Awwwwwwwwwwwww…. look at that little face!

sharon on

i guess she doesn’t want to ruin her figure

Kristi on

@sharon, maybe she is just aware of how many children out there need loving parents? Or maybe she struggles with fertility issues but chooses not to publicly discuss it? Or maaaaaybe she just wants to keep haters like you entertained.

sharon on


donna on

her sister is adopted so its obvious she is a big proponent of adoption…i also am a firm believer in adoption especially domestic as opposed to overseas..

liza on

@Kristi, you took the words right out of my mouth!! Either way, it’s nobody’s business!

Jade on

Yes Sharon, that is why women/families adopt. *rolls eyes* You have no idea why they chose to adopt so why be so snarky? A baby is a blessing, are we to consider them something else because their mother did not carry them for 9 months?

I cannot have children of my own and have adopted; it had nothing to do with maintaining my figure. It is wise to not make assumptions about why Katherine, or anyone else for that matter, chose to adopt.

sharon on

@kristi The girl is just giving her opinion and no she doesn’t have fertility issues , her mom adopted and she’s following in her footsteps and also her mother had biological kids…. but she said she doesn’t want go through labor , so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sharon on

so sick of these stars buying their babies

Marky on

I am so SICK of seeing posts like yours, sharon! You have no idea whether she has infertility issues, chooses to adopt for personal reason (her sister is adopted, for instance) or she just thinks there are lots of children already here, so why the burning “ego trip” to have a biological child!

No one understood why we adopted the first time, but I had been through infertility for several years and finally just decided I didn’t have such an over-inflated ego about our particular genes that I had to drive myself crazy trying to “repeat” one of us! I love children, so i had the ability to love bio, adopted or foster children Too bad you can only love a baby you had yourself; that makes you the center of the universe, now doesn’t it? Keep you hate to yourself!

Everyone doesn’t “ruin their body” having a baby anyway, for pity’s sake! I was back in my regular jeans 5 days after having either bio child, and so were many of my friends, and I wore a 4!! Good grief, the hate on any thread on “Babies” is just horrendous!

Celia on

Why are you folks paying any attention to this “Sharon”?? It’s obvious she just wants to write nasty stuff to get ya’ll going. Bottom line is that Katherine and Josh opened their hearts and their home to this baby, lucky little girl!! She’ll have a family as opposed to other kids in foster homes or abandoned. I applaud their generosity and committment. All others who just want to write nasty things are to be IGNORED.

ELC on

There is nothing wrong with adoption, but it seems to be spreading like wildflowers in the celebrity world. What is it…they don’t want to try to have their own’s in thing is to adopt?

Joyful on

@ Sharon ….stars buying babies stars not wanting to physically be pregnant…etc…. You are Nuts and a very on the inside ugly and
negative woman who is a bit jealous and envious of others whose live their life and make choices that is their right to make! The adopted children want loving and caring from who is willing to give it to them!

And if she does not want to bear a child, for any reason, a decent human respect that individual’s right to decide and should not be negative about it.

Joyful on

There are so many children without loving parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers a home! Thank God for Hollywood and those who have the financial means and heart to want to provide, love, and guide children who otherwise would not have family. I am so glad its a in thing to adopt…hopefully more and more people will give loving homes to children who need a family!!!

Ty's Mom on

She had said before she even adopted her first that she wants to adopt and have biological children. If she wants to give a child who has no family a loving home, I don’t see why that is “buying” a child. If you knew someone who is adopted and grew up in a loving home environment, you may think differently.

Ayla on

I can’t believe people think the only reason women adopt children is because they don’t want to ruin their figure. How about not being able to conceive? Wanting to help children who would otherwise not have a home? Sure, you may get the rare woman who really doesn’t want to ruin her figure but that is NOT the majority of women, famous or not.

ifonlyuknew on

Wowsers! So many harsh “opinions”. When I married my husband..I became instant full-time mom of 2 wonderful boys:) Three years later we welcomed our beautiful “biological” daughter and in recent years we have “bought” 2 new additions into our very awesome and blended family. Please don’t judge…be happy for these wonderful families!

Another Sharon on

I love that she is adopting. She has a lot of love and resources to share with needy kids. There are a lot of kids that need loving families. Kudos to her. #redeemingthenameSharon

Mel on

I wonder why both girls names are only from Katherine’s side. I’m sure there’s at least one women in Josh’s life he likes..LOL

cw on

what a cute name!!!!

Laura on

I love the name Adalaide 🙂

Beckie on

I’ve seen several interviews with Katherine Heigl and read many articles recently where she has said that adoption meant alot to her because of her sister obviously but that they also talked about biological children. She has said that it hasn’t been ruled out at all but that she believes in adoption.

I think it’s great that these celebrities that have so much can help provide a life that these babies may not have had if they had stayed in the system.

Love her and her husband and their choice to adopt…love everyones choice to adopt. I have a biological child and can have more and I would still adopt if I had the money for sure.

Chelle on

People are honestly so stupid. Why do you care if a celebrity chooses to adopt a child? They are giving the child a loving environment to grow up in instead of living with parents who will abuse or neglect them. How dare you judge her for adopting another beautiful child. Her sister was adopted and that is why she wants to do so as well.

I personally want to adopt and give a child a loving home but do not see that in any way has buying my child. People who post nasty comments about this are scum!

Rebecca on

Katherine Heigl has never said she doesn’t want to go through labor. Just this season on a number of different talk shows, she spoke of her and Josh adding to their family, and when asked about adoption or biological children she said that they hoped to adopt at least one more time and have at least one biological child as well. To confirm this find her interview from this season on the Ellen DeGeneres show – she speaks very frankly about her & Josh’s wish to adopt and have biological children of their own.

And on another side note – I think Adalaide Marie Hope is a beautiful baby girl, who will be MUCH loved by her new family. Best of luck in the years to come to the Heigl/Kelley family!!!

Dianne on

So sad that some jump to the conclusion she doesnt want to ruin her figure…perhaps she and her man ‘can’t’ have their own. A struggle for many such as myself. Most who want children and can’t have their own welcome adoption with high ‘hopes’ of a family of their own. As my situation money is an issue. IVF is far more money than we have. Please cut this woman some slack….

Helen Roper on

What amazing people Katherine & her super cute husband are … have you watched Josh’s video / song that he made for Naleigh? It’s a thing of beauty .. Congrats to them!!! As long as they are happy & good parents why would anybody care how their family is created??

Kat on

Not a fan, she seems a little off to me – but i’m 100% sure her children will be loved and probably won’t need therapy as adults …

ecl on

Mel – Josh’s family is honored in both girls’ names. They both have his last name. Done.

Kim on

Good for her for adopting a child who needed a home. Only thing that surprises me is that she appears to actually be white! Celebs all seem to be rushing out to adopt children of color these days. They’re like the new purse dogs.

Mel on

Ecl-good point. I just don’t agree with it..LOL

Meg on

Her first daughter has special needs like her sister. She believes every child deserves a chance. Would like to see the negative commenters here adopt a special needs child. Good decision given her money to assist in her care. So many of these children are less fortunate due to the high care situation. And no, I am not a fan of her acting…

Marky on

This family is amazing and so full of love, it seems to me! What an adorable baby girl (what we can see of her, lol), and love her name, and the meaning it has to them. Hope they post some pictures soon!

kimmie on

Why do you care she “doens’t want to ruin her figure”?

One (or two) less already living children that need a family!

Tee on

Comments like Sharon’s irritate the ever living snot out of me. Katherine has repeatedly said that she and Josh chose to adopt because Katherine’s own sister is adopted. She advocated for adoption long before she even married, for crying out loud!

And let’s face it… if she had a few biological children, some people would complain that she brought another child into the world instead of just giving an already existing child a home. So when it comes to how celebrities choose to expand their families, it’s pretty much lose-lose for them. Downright sad.

Val on

Some people in this world choose adoption as a first choice, and it has nothing to do with losing their perfect figure!!! My daughter is adopted from South Korea, and it doesn’t matter where children get adopted from, we are all of the same human race, and that is all that should really matter. All children need homes, in the US, as well as in other countries. Love each other.

amsjll on

@Donna, why are domestic adoptions better than foreign adoptions? Does a child born somewhere beyond our man-made borders deserve love more than another? A child is a child is a child, no matter the color of their skin or the country of their birth. Every child without a family deserves one and feels the same loneliness and sadness without one equally.

Anonymous on

Kim- If you don’t state a racial preference when adopting here in the states, you’re more likely to get a black, hispanic, or mixed-race child than a white one. That’s because there are more babies of color avaliable for adoption than there are white children. Healthy, white newborns are actually the hardest children to adopt, because there are far more people waiting to adopt them than there are white babies waiting to be adopted.

So perhaps the celebs who have adopted black or mixed-race babies simply haven’t stated their preference and a baby of color was what was given to them! And as far as international adoption goes, babies of color are far more likely to be adopted there, too…because the vast majority of “donor” countries have a population that is mostly or eclusively POC.

Rebecca- Katherine actually DID say a few years back that she was turned off by the idea of giving birth (this was when she was doing interviews to promote, if I’m remembering correctly anyway, her movie “Knocked Up”). However, it’s entirely possible that she’s changed her mind since then, and she probably has as, like you said, she’s since mentioned wanting both adopted and biological children.

Kim on

Grats thats shes adopted, I don’t have anything against her choosing adoption over biological babies or anything, besides she said shes not adverse to having babies herself anyways but one thing did Josh get any say in their naming at all because the first, Nancy Leigh, is named after Katherine’s mum and sister and this one is named after her great granny, her middle name, surely Josh has a special family name he’d like to include? Just saying.

numbc on

Let’s face it… if she had a few biological children, some people would complain that she brought another child into the world instead of just giving an already existing child a home. So when it comes to how celebrities choose to expand their families, it’s pretty much lose-lose for them. Downright sad.

Rose on

Katherine has mentioned quite a few times, that her sister was adopted.

So, she felt a need to adopt.

I believe she said that they will have a biological child, further down the track.

JM on

sharon you’re a pretty horrible person aren’t you?

also, it makes you look stupid to pretend to be someone else and then agree with yourself.

pu on

Why would a person who can have children and she said she can,ever want someone elses??Sorry it’s not the same feeling.Not to mention how do white people seem to think that they can parent black children??Talk to black children raised by whites and see how they felt growing up.

sandy on

I am constantly AMAZED at total strangers posting things about people they don’t even know- in this case the Heigl’s.
I read opinions that are just that and not true facts. No wonder rumors get spread! No one on here is a personal friend or family member so no one really knows what their situation is. The only thing we do know is they adopted two children that I’m sure they will love unconditionally. Congrats!!!

AJ on

God Bless Katherine and Josh! They’ve brought home two very lucky little girls who, if otherwise, may not have had a chance. The reason you are made aware of celebrity adoption is because those folks spend their days under the eye of a telescope, case in point is this blog and how some of you are picking the named subjects choices apart. I’m adopted and can tell you, it’s quite expensive. My parents had to refinance their home and dip majorily into their savings on classes and legal aid just to bring me home so thank God that Katherine and Josh are spending their money bettering the lives of children born into their hearts versus material things. Also, the comment about celebrities adopting “children of color”, be aware that the majority of children wanted are WHITE BABIES which leaves those “children of color” less fortunate. The statistics on non-white children being adopted are staggeringly low. Please keep that in mind before you rip them apart for adopting the blessed children they have and know that any reason that she’s has for adopting has enhanced those two little girls and any additional children that may follow.

AJ on

PU, please, have you talked to ANY children who don’t have parents and asked them how THEY felt growing up? Black, white, yellow or brown, love is love and YES, it’s very possible to love someone elses child.

Alice on

After seeing how the liberal Hollywood crowd gushes over the moron in the White House I am so happy they are NOT reproducing. We do not want more people like them influencing future political races. Why in the world do they give these poor kids such awful names? Adalaide ? Naleigh?

Get them counselors now.

amanda on

@Mel, Maybe they don’t like the names on Josh’s side of the family. My husband asked when we were pregnant with our daughter if I wanted to use any of my family’s names for her. After I rattled off the list of names we have (Fanny, Betty, Blondell, Rushimae, Nelmer, Ouida, Martha Lee, etc.), he said, “Nevermind,” and we went with Laura. I like all of the names in my family just fine, but not for a child born in 2007. We just couldn’t imagine calling for “Rushimae Ouida” or “Fanny Blondell.”

Michelle on

“Steps Out” – she’s got to get attention in one form or another.

alicejane on

So Michelle, how long do you think Katherine needs to stay cooped up inside, so as not to be begging for attention? How dare she go outside?!

Adalaide looks adorable, congrats again to the happy family!

Teresa bOLDING on

I applaud her and her hubby for adopting. And it’s domestic adoption, which means they adopted here, not overseas. Wish more people would adopt. Good for them. Hope they’re all very happy. The baby is beautiful.

Tina on

@Sarah S., I was thinking the same thing. But she’s probably not taking more than 20 steps to her destination. Heels with a baby in your arms is pretty risky business, to me. Like Victoria Beckham. But I’m sure she’s got bodyguards on either side of her JUUUUSSST in case she stumbles.

meghan on

Right, Michelle? How dare she take her daughter to the doctor! What kind of mother is she!?!?

meghan on

My grandmother wore heels so often for so long that she couldn’t wear flats by the time she was in her forties. Even her house slippers had to have a heel, she was like Barbie. It hurt to put her heel to the floor. She was only five feet, so she was in heels young! She didn’t trade them in after she became a mother or when she became a grandma. Thank god I got the height gene, at least I have options.

Fabulous on

NO DUMB AZZ Sharon… She said recently that she wanted to adopt FIRST before having biological children… NOTHING about NOT WANTING TO GO THROUGH LABOR….#DayumIdiotAzzTroll…. OAN: Cute baby… And blessings to her family

patrick douglass on

We had sex and nine months later,,WALLA we were parent’s ! 1/5 . We did it the old fahioned way, we earned them, we didnt buy them

meghan on

I doubt you “earned” them, Patrick. Just like Katherine didn’t “buy” them.

Mia on

I think the baby is very cute…I love that celebrities are adopting. Just like they promote many products, breastfeeding or lifestyles, I think that having more adoptions in the celebrity world will normalize the process and not make it so taboo when others do it. It does seem like there is quite a surge in adoption and fertility drugs(twins) in the celebrity world lately, but I think that is in part due to so many women having careers first and being in their late 30s/early 40s to be ready for motherhood. Everyone has their reasons for starting or not starting a family when they do…and the way families are formed is such a personal choice.

Anonymous on

meghan- As a fellow five foot gal, I’m sorry your grandmother had height insecurities. There’s nothing wrong with being short, and I embrace my height. Not only is it part of who I am, but at times it actually comes in handy (for example, I can see the last few cans of soup or whatever hiding at the back of the lower shelves at the grocery store without having to bend over or squat down.)!

I wish more short people could feel comfortable in their skin!

pu- Thankfully not everyone feels the same way about adoption that you do. And last time checked, neither of Katherine’s daughters is black. Naleigh is Asian and Adalaide appears to be caucasian.

Anonymous on

amanda- Right on! It’s no big deal to honor only one side of the family. My brother and I both have names that honor our father’s side of the family, and not only was my mother okay with that, she like the names just as much as my father did (I suppose I should say “likes”, since my parents are by no means dead and still like my brother’s and my names!).

anon1 on

Patrick Douglass, adoption is not about buying babies. All these babies would be sitting in orphanages or in foster care if it weren’t for parents willing to go through the trials of the adoption process. for some, adoption is their only choice for having children and they shouldn’t have to read an ignorant comment like yours saying their children were “bought”. some people cannot conceive and have undergone pain in the process of trying to become parents. good for you that you have children and you and your partner have the ability to naturally conceive. some couples don’t have that and seek adoption. some couples choose to try to give a home to a child who otherwise wouldn’t have one and they are no less parents than you.

Hea on

1. So much seems to be about color of people’s skin in America. I find that sad.

2. Patrick Dogulass – You don’t EARN babies by sleeping with your woman and getting her pregnant and you don’t buy babies by adopting. Are you dense or something?

Eph on

i think Katherine is kinda a beeyatch, but honestly, seeing her open her home to these two children makes me support her career that much more…

and honestly, id rather people adopt kids, than these fashionable IVF twins everyone is LITERALLY buying (hay marc & jen, brad & angie, and nick and mariah) or couples in their 40s -60’s having brand new families that they’re too damn old to do anything with (i see u john and kelly, celine and rene)…

i’m more concerned w/ if Katherine and her inflated sense of importance is taking the proper responsibility to put people in Naleigh and Adelaide’s lives who look like them. It is important to have good and loving families, but it is also important that when your family doesn’t look like you or has a different background than you, it is SO important that there are people in your life who do. I saw a picture of Adelaide on a magazine, and she looks as though she is biracial, so i pray they keep positive people of Asian descent and of color in their personal lives (in a perfect world, our friend circle woud already be colorful so there would be no need to make a concerted effort to do this, but… a perfect world it is not)

Tigerlee on

Patrick you did what any dog in heat can do. Earned? You’re a laughable little man.

MiB on

Eph, I would hope that Katherine’s sister would qualify as “someone who looks like” Naleigh and a “positive people of Asian descent”, seeing that it was her being adopted from Korea that inspired Katherine to adopt in the first place. At least you don’t have to worry about Naleigh!

eph on

I can admit when I make a mistake, I’ve never seen Katherine’s sister, I didn’t know she was of Asian descent… so i’m glad to hear that… lets hope she does the same for Adelaide…