Jillian Michaels Is a Mom – Times Two!

05/23/2012 at 08:30 AM ET
Andrew Macpherson

As a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels was known for dishing out tough love to contestants.

But these days, she’s doling out tickles and hugs to her 2-year-old daughter, Lukensia — whom she recently brought home from Haiti after a lengthy adoption process — and the newborn son, Phoenix, that partner Heidi Rhoades gave birth to on May 3 in Los Angeles.

“We’re swimming in babies over here,” Michaels, 38, gleefully tells PEOPLE in its latest issue.

In an exclusive at-home interview and photo shoot, she discusses the two-year journey that led her to her daughter and reveals an incredible twist of fate: Rhoades, 31, delivered their son the same week Michaels finally brought their daughter home.

The instant family has made for long days and nights for Michaels. But she insists she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t even answer email. I don’t have time to care about anything else,” she notes. “I want to be really present and enjoy all the nuances of their growth and development. I don’t want to rush any of it.”

For details on Michaels’s new life as a mom and to see more images from our exclusive family photo shoot, pick up the June 4 issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Monica Rizzo

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Teresa Foskey on

OMG They are ADORABLE!!! Congrats to her and her partner. I wish them nothing but decades of happiness!!!

Sharon on

Amazing!!! Congrats to the whole family 🙂

Shelby on

Congrats to the new family! JM has been really open with the adoption process and glad to know that all worked out. Best wishes to all!

anonymous on

Bless Jillian for allowing her new daughter to have a different life outside of Haiti. The more celebrities that draw attention to the need of Haiti, the more that the rest of us will catch on. I’d love to see a picture of both moms with their new children!

sarah on

Congratulation Jillian!!!! I LOVE her and I wish her and her new family all the best.

H. on

Oh goodness what a job! A 2 year old and a newborn! They are in bootcamp like no other! I hope they’ve done their reading and are being super gracious with 2 yo and eachother all around- they are in for quite a ride. What an adjustment! Blessings to them all.

GeeMoney on

Wow. Didn’t know she was gay.

What of it? on


Charli on

Congrats to them!!! Going from Zero to two babies in the same week had to be crazy ride.

Shari Colbon on

Congrats Jillian! So happy for you!

BB on

Beautiful kids for a beautiful family. Congratulations to her and Heidi…many years of happiness, good health and love to all of them!

Erika on

Wow! Congratulations to her, both kids are adorable! I knew she was adopted, but I didn’t know she had a partner or that her partner was pregnant. How awesome though. They must be crazy busy with a two year old who just came home *and* a newborn!

Kathryn on

Congrats to Jillian and Heidi! Such an exciting time in their lives!

Just Me on

I did not know she was gay either. What beautiful children! And I love her outlook parenting…if she is as dedicated and motivated to parent as she is to all else in her life, she will be amazing!

Tracey on

It must be so NICE to BUY babies and not have to mess up the figure that has made you millions.

Not just you Jillian but everyone of the “Hollywood” people who want something, they just go out and but it.

So not right..

Athena6515 on

I thought she was adopting from the Congo or something. I wish they would’ve put her partner in the picture. It’s a great picture. Good for her. Whatever makes her and her kids happy.

Martee on

So thrilled for Jillian and Heidi.

What a fabulous photo.

You can see the joy in Jillians face.

May your family be blessed with happiness.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi!

lynn on

I thought she was always saying she does not have time for kids? Guess if you have all her money you can hire nannies. No way she waited in line for child from Haiti-I’ve been waiting for much longer. Guess money talks. She’ll be psycho-analyzing them like she tried doing to contestants on Biggest Loser. Wish them the best, but I can’t stand her persona.

J on

Phoenix is so cute!

KD on

JM has stated in other interviews that she has dated men and women…I love her and wish I could have her over for some training sessions. Happy to see she has the children she’s wanted.

While I do think some celebrity find it “simpler” to adopt then have a baby I also think how refreshing that she CHOSE adoption and the child is 2 yrs old, not a baby. If only the US would make it easier (w/o sacrificing anything) for US citizens to adopt children here.

Tammy on

What a beautiful family. Congratulations to them all!

Joshua on

That’s awesome.

Lexi on

Cute photo–congrats to the new parents 🙂

Jenn on


BUY a baby? Are you serious? The adoption process is a long, emotionally draining process. It certainly would have been easier to find a surrogate if she was so concerned about her figure. Ridiculous. You really should think about what you are saying before you say it.

Bunnie on

Celebrating an adoption and quietly coming out at the same time. Interesting.

Jan J. on

Beautiful babies – congratulations on two little ones at once – a double blessing and good thing she is in shape LOL!

jones on

@Tracey-drop the judgment. You don’t even know if people who adopt can biologically have children. Many women struggle with infertility and choose adoption because of their struggles. Some women choose adoption because they have adopted family members (Katherine Heigel has mentioned this) and some choose adoption to help give a child a permanent home. As long as a child gets a loving home, why should the reason for choosing adoption matter?

marfmom7 on

Congratulations to them! But, um, since they’re partnered, shouldn’t it read “she discusses the two-year journey that led her to THEIR daughter ” and not HER daughter? I mean I understand she might have adopted her on her own, depending on Haiti’s laws, but they’re still raising both of their children together, right?

Michelle on

Tracey, what a thoughtless, unkind comment.

Jillian Michaels has spoken in the past of the endometriosis she deals with, and the resulting struggle is presents to getting and staying pregnant.

Adoption is not “buying” a child. You’ve just insulted a huge percentage of the population, not to mention many of the mom’s who read and post here.

Dawn on

Tracey, since you seem not to understand the idea of adoption, it’s best that you don’t plan to adopt anytime soon. in fact, with that attitude, please don’t have kids or pass that negative cynicism on to them. i doubt she didn’t want to have a baby bc she didn’t “want to mess up the figure that has made her millions”. you are not her vagina or uterus or a personal friend so you really don’t know her struggles. the article states her partner just had a baby. maybe they choose the other to do it bc jillian wanted to adopt. maybe jillian couldn’t do it. maybe she just didn’t want to. who cares either way? there’s an old saying that is rarely used, but needs to be. “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. that would make the world a better place, jacka**.
On a better note, jillian’s babies are both adorable. good for them to finally be a family.

Mary E McKelvey on

Congratulations, Jillian, I am so happy for you and your partner. I am a doctor, but having a baby was the most important thing that I ever did. I was deliriously happy at the time that you are in right now. Enjoy it–every stage gets more wonderful.

Jaime on

Wow, to Tracy, Um how about the fact that she decided to give this child from Haiti who had no parents a better life? How can you think so foolishly?

Shannon on

Wow what a coincidence. Congrats.

Patsy on

Very, very happy for both Jillian and Heidi! They are giving a child that would never have had a chance to have a real family and true love all of that and more! If you have an issue with the two of them providing a loving home to a child, keep it to yourself. There are many other entertainers and regular people adopting here in the USofA – read the magazines! It is really hard to adopt babies in America, because everyone wants them. Very few want babies from third world countries. By not adopting here, in my opinion, she allows a “regular” person who doesn’t have her wealth to have a chance to adopt a baby.

Heather on

Tracey, Why are you so ignorant? Do you honestly think this beautiful child would have done better in a Haitian orphanage? If I had the money, I too would BUY several babies, as you so stupidly put it.

Vee on

Cuuuuute kids!! In response to the person who said Jillian adopted because she didn’t want to mess up her figure–that is incorrect. I read her interview in either Prevention magazine or Women’s Health: but she has some sort of medical condition that would make pregnancy and childbirth risky. So perhaps you should educate yourself instead of making assumptions about people.

Kara S. on

congrats! What a beautiful family!

lyn on

I had read about how she wanted to adopt but I didn’t know she had a partner that was expecting! Wow! Congrats to her and Heidi.

gagirl on

How awesome is that? I knew she’d adopted the one but had no idea they had two. Good for them. That’s a really sweet picture. Those kids will grow up surrounded by love. Tracey, you should really get a life and stop hating on people who have more money than you. Your comment shows just how unhappy you are in your own life. Must suck to be you. Lynn, too. Just a bunch of unhappy people in this world.

nacho mamma on

Didn’t realize she was a lesbian, but no matter. Anytime a child is adopted by parents who love him/her is a blessing! Congrats! and a new healthy baby to boot, even better!!

marni on

Very sweet babies.Best of luck to her and her partner.Who knew!

jojo on

I am all for adoption, dont get me wrong, but are there NOT babies in the US that need adopting? or are they just older kids that celeb would rather a baby…wish her luck !

boohoobytch on

awwww, beautiful babies

Melodic Mom on

“It must be so NICE to BUY babies and not have to mess up the figure that has made you millions.So not right..- Tracey”

@Tracey, Oh yeah..I’m REALLY sure she went through the entire adoption process to save her figure. YOU sound like the shallow one. You do realize that she’s 38 years old and gay- so getting pregnant can be a little difficult. As a side note, not all women who have babies “mess up their figure.” I was skinnier 1 month after having my babies than I was before I ever got pregnant.

J-Lin on

So is a black baby the newest fashion accessory of the season for white women? Not sure if this is such a good thing. American culture is nothte most welcoming of black people in 2012; I think we have probably taken a few steps back. I hope these single white women are prepared to equip these black children for the world they live in. You need more than love to make it in this world.

Gamby74 on

I’m sure there are many babies who are hungry, neglected, and abused who desperately need someone like Jillian to “buy” them. Please. What’s not right is your twisted opinion of this matter. Then again, you know what they say about opinions…

NickyAngel on

What a beautiful family…the little ones are gorgeous 🙂

JM on

jojo, why are US babies more important? a child is a child and every child deserves a home and loving family. borders are just arbitrary definitions, at the end of the day we are all human. i never understand this notion that certain babies are somehow more important than others just because of where they were born, like they chose it…

tracey, your comment is very insulting to ANYONE who has ever adopted. or do reserve that particular class of vitriol for celebs because you assume they don’t go through the adoption process and instead just buy a child? what a hateful person you must be.

congratulations to the family and their two gorgeous little ones.

Amber Fath on

Does anyone else see how sick this arrangement is? Training young kids to think this type of family is normal. I know there will be a lot of hate mail response, but I think it’s sick.

ddsfg on

Bunnie, she came out as a bisexual a long time ago but didn’t make a big deal about it.

“But these days, she’s doling out tickles and hugs . . . ”

Wow, tickling is abuse. I wish sites like this would realize that.

Nicole on

@GeeMoney, was that all you got out of that article? I’m disappointed.

Melissa on

Would little Phoenix be her son too? The article did not say if she adopted him.

Terri on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi. You have a beautiful family. I too have children by birth and adoption and they are all colors of the rainbow. ALL children are blessings no matter how they come into your life. And to Jamie you should be ashamed for writing such hateful comments when this is such a beautiful happy moment for this beautiful family. No one knows how or why other people make decisions until you walk in someone elses’s shoes.

AZ-Mom on

Tracey, you break my heart with your vicious comment. If it were not for adoption, I would not be a mother. I assure you, babies are not “purchased” through adoption and the process is a long and grueling one, even more so than the four years of treatment for infertility I endured.

God Bless Jillian and Heidi and these beautiful children.

Sandy on

Sorry, but I don’t feel joy when people have a kid. Having a child is one of the most selfish things anyone can do. I really admired Jillian for not having kids, but now, I have to add her to my list of selfish people. So sad, I used to really like her.

jj on

Sandy ….you’re the selfish one and an idiot. Thank your mom someday for not having the same view you do..or you wouldn’t be here moron!

n/a on

Congrats! But my thing is why adopt from out of the country when there are thousands of children in our own backyard who need homes and families of their own! Why didn’t she or other celebrities adopt from the USA!!!

June on

Well, as expected, the comments have de-volved into the race and nationality of the child. Too bad.

The children are beautiful, but I too would have liked to have seen all of the family, including the other parent who did give birth to their son. Just does not seem fair to her.

Meg on

Amber–if anyone here is abnormal and, it’s you. You need to go back to the 1950s and live, since you’re so narrow-minded.

Claire on

Congratulations on the double blessing! Now that you’re a mom of two, let’s see how you manage to keep fit. Easier said than done!

Mellie on

Why Heidi wasn’t included in the family portrait?

Dee on

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to her…..those kids are BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL and she looks happy.

Secondly, had NO idea she was a lesbian, it doesn’t matter I just think it’s awesome that we didn’t know. A celebrity whose personal life is personal….nice 🙂

Thirdly, YAY babies 🙂

Jessica on

CONGRATS to her and her partner!! I loved watching Jillian on Biggest Loser all those years. And to hear about her wanting to adopt has been very inspiring. What a great sudden change in their lives to now have two beautiful children!!

Tammy on

Whatever happened to just being happy for someone? Give the ladies their congratulations – they’ve earned it. Babies are a true gift and being crude and judgemental is just trashy. Go be morons somewhere else – Jillian & Heidi deserve to be happy. Congratulations 🙂

christa on

Beautiful family, congrats.

Karen on

Beautiful babies!

swack on

Congrats to Jillian and Heide. My daughter was born on May 3rd thirty years ago!!! To all of those bringing up her sexual orientation – why? It does not matter who you are, adopting and having children are a blessing. It is wonderful that a child who is parentless will be in a loving home.

Shelby on

Everyone really feels the need to insult away, right? For those who said that this adoption was “rushed” or paid for…JM has been talking about this for years, via several forms of media, including her own podcast when she explained juts how grueling it was, including spending time with her daughter near the orphanage in Hatii.

In addition, she sent she met her daughter while on a visit to the country and fell in love with her. So to those that are debating the domestic/foreign debate – thats just who she connected with and it wokred out (finally) that they can officially be a familly.

Also – to those that want more details or more pictures (including with Heidi) you know that people is a magazine, right? And that they may save parts of the story/pics for the magazine?….

ASH on

@ Sandy… what the?! Are you trying to get a rise out of people? If that’s truly what you believe please explain why. I’m curious to know what’s selfish about having a child.

Anonymous on

Since when are people not entitled to their own opinion??? Everyone who has something negative to say toward Tracey for her stating her opinion, is doing exactly what you are accusing her of doing JUDGING! If this is how she feel, it is simply how she feels whether valid to others or not.

Charlene on

OMG….Beautiful 🙂 Congrats all the best !!!

Rhonda on

What a cute little family. I am a black female and have no problem with a white person adopting a black child. As long as the parent provides the child with a loving home that is all that matters.

Sandy on

Adopting Black babies seems to be a hot fad amongst celebs. Older White children are just too plain and not as exciting. Lovely!

Sabryna on

It is not uncommon to read about celebs adopting from other countries rather than the good old USA. We have so many adoptable children waiting for a home and family, I don’t understand the other countries being chosen over mine. Had no idea she was a lesbian with a partner who recently gave birth. It’s not easy to tell who is what and why anymore. The main issue should be a loving, safe and happy life for the child, and I certainly home this is what they get. Maybe this is a trend!!

Erika on

I meant to say “I knew she was adopting”, not adopted.


I love babies but what’s with the name “Lukensia”…I’ve never heard that before

huh on

Huh. When they split, and of course they will, the other girls eggs and donated sperm, she will have no biological rights to this child. Hope they are all friends.

donna on

To Sandy – having children is selfish? I guess you couldn’t have them.

Sheliy on

Congratulations!! The babies are absolutely beautiful and what a double blessing!! Welcome to the crazy, exciting, wonderful life of parenthood!!

Connie on

Shame on you j-lin. I am the mom of two children, one of them bi-racial and we live in a very inclusive area and my children are both wonderful and have lots of friends of all colors. We don’t see skin color in our family and we are teaching our children the same thing. My son, who is bi-racial, does not have a problem having white parents, so why do you? Neither does our community, school, neighborhood, friends ect. We haven’t experienced any problems with racism in the 14 years of his life, and we were expecting some! When will you accept all people with and without color? Then the world will be a better place.

Jenn on

@Tracey – as someone who IS adopted – your comments are extremely ignorant and hurtful. Do you think that after 9 years of trying for a baby unsuccessfully, my parents just decided to “buy” me????

Adoption is one of the most amazing and unselfish acts someone can do. It’s a long and grueling (not to mention extremely expensive) process, and only someone who really wants a baby would ever go through that. You should not judge people for wanting to adopt. Many people who CAN have babies even choose to adopt simply because there is so much need & they are good people. Those people should be celebrated, not berated.

You should really think before you speak next time.

cbaker on

kudos for speaking your mind AmberFaith. i totally agree !

Tammy on

To ddsfg…in WHAT universe…oh wait a minute…its in yours…so instead I will ask you this…Since when is TICKLING considered abuse? I have 4 children…1 has no ticklish spots…1 has asked…and been granted the right to NOT be tickled…and the other 2 will accept tickles but when they say ‘Stop’…I stop. No big deal…I am NOT abusing my children. I realize that you have the right to your opinion, just asking you why you consider tickling abuse.

erin on

TODAY, my guess is the name Lukensia was given to her daughter at birth. Maybe not, but most people keep the birth name of a child of that age when they adopt. Lukensia doesn’t sound French to me, but it could very well have been a name that she’s had since birth, and not one given to her by Jillian and Heidi.

And I have no words for Tracey, Sandy, and Lynn. I feel sad for them that their lives are obviously so empty that they have nothing better to do with their time than troll around on the internet.

ruserious on

@ SANDRA : if your parent were not “selfish” you wouldnt be here….too bad they werent more like you.

Sandy on

Donna – oh yeah, I can have kids. But with all the crap you have to go thru (and put up with) in this world to “exist”, I would never in my right mind put another human thru life. People only have kids to stay in this country, get tax breaks, charity, play house or get special treatment from other losers who have kids.

Yes, I am sure you all have comments for me, but ya know, I really don’t care. I don’t. Say all you want. I laugh it off. We ALL have our own opinions and reasons for them. Just respect them. I respect everyones congrats for “happy family”. I just feel sorry for the kids themselves for being brought into this world………. that’s all.

Jusme on

I’m glad she has a partner whom I hope softens her intensity a little. Good luck to them both.

Shannon on

She doesn’t have time to answer email but yet she has time for magazine interviews and photoshoots? OK.

Did her partner adopt the little girl?

kjc on

Congrats to the new family.

I hope that they are able to show Lukensia all the love and attention she deserves. It must be a difficult time for her right now being with a new family who welcomed a newborn at the same time as a two year old. I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful life with two great moms, I just worry about her right now.

… And not that this matters, but I didn’t know it was ever confirmed that Jillian was a lesbian. Is this an official coming-out?

Either way, congrats. This must be an exciting time for them.

Ivette Martinez on

Wow Adorable sooo extremely Happy for all of them sending them lots of Love Hugs and Blessings,My Husband and I would like to adopt in a few yrs i know its not easy But I hope and pray that we too are blessed like this just afraid of how it will all turn out .Its always Amazing to see families and their Babies:)

Sassy on

She did not just come out in this article. I’ve known for a long time that she was gay.

Congrats to the whole family!

GhostGrrl on

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi! So happy for them!

Amy on

@ Tracey: shut up. Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi. I always say things happen for a reason. They brought two home at the same time for a purpose. Maybe the infant will help the 2-year old grow accustomed to her new life. I have two friends going through the same thing right now. And Jillian didn’t “just” come out. It’s not been a secret.. I’ve known for years. Learn the fact before you look like idiots. “Buying” babies? Are you serious?

Anne Denner on

Congratulations! Motherhood is the most wonderful thing in the world!!! Enjoy and try to not miss a moment of their growing up, it happens way too fast!

Loni on

I knew she bi- and open to a relationship with either gender but I had no idea that she was actually in a relationship! Wow- that truly was a shcoker! But I am happy for her…Imagine her kids at the soccer field when they get older she’ll be one of those parents yelling at the kids…haha. But all jokes aside I am so happy for her. She was always me favorite on the show. Congrats Jillian!

Anonymous on

@Tracey, seriously, if you knew anything, you’d know that Jillian has health problems that would make it difficult for her to carry a baby to term. Sounds like you might be a little resentful. These people are so happy and have a wonderful family; people like you have to get on here and make it something ugly because you are an ugly person inside. What is wrong with you? And even if she did decide to forego a pregnancy to keep her body, what is it to you? She HAS made millions off her body….if she actually got pregnant and then made a video geared towards women trying to lose baby weight, I’m sure you’d have something ugly to say about that too….sounds like you can never be pleased. I pity you…

Leah on

Wow. I would’ve never thought I’d read such hateful responses towards such a beautiful and joyful story. Just because you have a completely different lifestyle than what some find “the norm”, you’re not allowed to have a family and raise a child? I’m a lesbian and because of certain health issues, I’m not able to have children. So does my lifestyle not give me the right to adopt a child if I want to start a family? Give me a break. Get with the times, people. It’s not 1950…. welcome to 2012.

I’m happy for Jillian and her partner. Good for them for not giving a sh*t what others think and living their life in the way that makes them happy. Congrats to them! Like the girl responded earlier, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Carol on

She is so yummyyyy….love the kids, beautiful…would love to see her partner.

Sandy on

ruserious – trust me, I have asked my parents many times WHY they had me. And yes, they know I think they were/are selfish. LOL.

Aj on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi! Those are beautiful babies, enjoy every minute of with them.

Sara on

Dawn, for gosh sakes…cool your jets! And, BTW, my husband and I weren’t able to have children, but we are STILL a family!

Rachel on

Why couldn’t she adopt a child from the US? There are a lot of orphan’s in the United States. It just sickens me that people adopt out of the country. smh..

Tammy on

@Tracey…how do you know if she can or cannot even have a baby? Her partner just gave birth to their biological child, so what’s the deal? They had one of their own and will give another the kind of life she would not have had in Haiti plus two loving parents. Congrats to Jillian, Heidi and their babies!!

emmalee on

@Sandy….there are MANY anti-depressants available to you. Go to the doctor, get a prescription. You’d be amazed at your improved outlook on life. OR maybe you need Jesus. You’d be amazed at what HE can do in your life too. Good luck to you.

meghan on

@Shannon, it’s ONE interview. It’s not like they are making the rounds. One exclusive interview usually satisfies reader curiousity. And if it took place at their home, it probably didn’t take time away from their routine.

@Sandy, if you hate people having children, you are obviously on the wrong site. Perhaps you should log onto stupid_a-holes.com?

@anonymous, Tracey is entitled to her opinion. And we are entitled to tell her she is ignorant. Free speech. Look it up.

@AmberFath, I think your mindset is what’s sick. Not a loving family.

To people asking about a pic of Heidi, are there pix of her in the magazine? If not, maybe she doesn’t want to be photographed. I know Vern Yip’s partner wants to stay out of the press. And I imagine there are more I just can’t think of.

LC on

To TRACEY – you have NO idea what you are talking about. JM has spoken openly about how she suffers from painful reproductive issues.

This process also took over two years, clearly she didn’t just BUY this problem.


Teresa on

@ DDSFG….your comment “Wow, tickling is abuse. I wish sites like this would realize that.”

When the HECK did that become fact. I tickled my children, they are not abused. Most of us tickle kids and babies. You most certaintly have a very skewed perception of what abuse is.

meghan on

@Rachel, children having homes and parents ‘sickens’ you. What a big, loving heart you have! You are what is known as as an Ugly American.

Sue on

I’m quite baffled at Tracy;s response. This is just sheer ignorance.

Maggie on

There are beautiful photos of the entire family in the magazine. Flipped through a copy at the subway stand a few minutes ago. Lukensia seems completely taken with both Jillian and her little brother – this photo is great of Jillian but the ones in the issue are better of the children. You guys have to remember that they aren’t going to give the whole story away for free online when they have an exclusive – they still want you to buy the issue. Heidi is featured prominently there.

meghan on

Sandy Said…ruserious – trust me, I have asked my parents many times WHY they had me. And yes, they know I think they were/are selfish. LOL.

And did they arrange for the therapy you so desperately need?

Diana on

They look really happy.

CarlaMarie on

@tracey, Jillian has mentioned in interviews why she chose to not carry a child. If you think she adopted because she wanted to keep her figure because it made her millions, think of the millions she could have made off of a pregnancy. Exercise videos, clothing, and more books! Please adoption is the most unselfish thing a human being can do. Congrats on a great family JM!

Maryanne on

Cute babies. Happy family. All good news. Congrats to the whole family.

I do wish there was a whole family pic, but I wouldn’t want to be in a magazine photo shoot right after delivery either.

Rachel on


Don’t be opening your mouth at me! I simply stated why can’t people stay with-in the US for adoptions? Wouldn’t be harder to adopt outside of the US? Why do when there are kids here that need homes that’s what I was trying to say, Ms. rudeness!

pu on

Yeah it’s there kids till they break up then once they do it will become her kid really fast.Sorry how many other two mommies after a break up will say sorry this is my child.Read about those cases.

Sandy on

meghan – you are so funny. What makes you think I need therapy? LOL. Again, we have opinions, right? Just because my opinion doesn’t go with everyone else, it means I need therapy? THAT is funny.

emmalee – I appreciate your “good luck” to me. But what makes you think I need anti-depressants? Like I say to meghan – just because my opinion doesn’t go with everyone else, it means I am depressed? And don’t even bring god into the picture. LOL.

Katie on

Tracey: You seemed to have missed her article talking about having her own vs. adopting. She has struggled with weight and has PCOS which makes it hard to have a baby. Plus she said God had other plans for her other than her own babies. She adopted and I think it’s wonderful!!!! Keep your unkind comments to yourself next time.

Rachel on

So meghan, you rather have US orphan children stay orphans? rethink what you posted on me.

Lori on

Tracey….stupid comment…..
J-Jin… Are you Black? Are you a white woman? If not you have no idea what you are talking about. I am a Black mixed woman 51 years old. Was adopted and raised in a white home with two other adopted brothers who were Eskimo and Mexian/Japaneese. My Parents were way ahead of their time and you know what we saw no color line growing up didn’t think anything different about ourselves and we know each of our cultures, but I am an American born and raised I don’t have to live in a black home to be a black woman, live a black lifestyle as it seems you think we should live… I am who I am. and on another note I have a white husband, white step daughters who I love as if they were my own.I couldn’t have children,, but if we would have decided to adopt I have no idea who we would have adopted, but I know one thing it would have been a child that God would have placed in our lives and Color and race would not have been an issue.

Rosemary on

Congrates to you both. Have a Blessed future with your children.

Lori on

Oh I almost forgot….. Congrats Jillian and Heidi, you have a beautiful family May God Bless all of you…..

TJ on

Congrats to you and your family. God Bless you all.

Katy on

Tracey you are ignorant. She would have loved to have children. She has had many many health issues which result in that being almost impossible. Try actually finding out information before opening your mouth and proving your ignorance.

AKM on

It’s actually MUCH harder to adopt here in the States…lots of red tape and birth mothers changing their minds, to name just two of the issues. Don’t judge those who want to provide love to ANY child and it’s just easier to go to another country to do so. An American family now has another child to love, who happens to be from Haiti. Well-done all around, I say, and many blessings to them!

Rachel on

Oh, yea I’m an Ugly American, for thinking American children should be adopted!! smh w/e Meghan..

Sunny on

Congrats to the Family! Your daughter is beauty and your newborn is handsome! Wishing you all a best & busy years to come

Debbie on

Jillian, you really do have it all! Good for you! Beautiful children!

KB on

@Sandy- I get why you think having a biological child is inherently selfish. The child didn’t ask to be born. The parents had the child because THEY wanted one. That, by definition, is selfish. But please tell me you don’t think it’s selfish to give a child already here a good home. That would be messed up, if you do.

Julie on

Congratulations on your beautiful family!

Rachel on

I’m happy that JM is happy, i just think the kids here need a chance too.

And not be criticized for what I stated.

Amy on

I was adopted at the age of 10, which provided me a much better home than anyone expected. I am now a happily married mother of 4, successful and smart. None of which would have happened if I had stayed in the current situation I was removed from. As some of you have posted….I was “bought.” Clearly the ignorance of people on this board are people that are uneducated, ignorant and plainly mean-spirited. All I can say, thank god you choose not to “buy” me.

clarissa on

well SANDY first you think its selfish to have children then you are mad because the selfish people who are having children and adopting children are wrong for choosing a child of color instead of a older white child…you are sooo confused it seems. why dont you think real hard on adding your parents to your hate list since they selfishly subjected us to YOU… Congrats to the beautiful family…

Chef on

Wow… So I feel really behind on the uptake that she wasn’t straight… but that still doesn’t change the fact that I’ve got mad love for the woman. Those babies are adorable, and it’s def. a shocker, at least to me, that she was adopting, or having a child. It explains why she left B.L. though. Congrats to the new family. The kids are adorable.

Karen on

So happy to see this. Having been a follower of Jillian for a long time, I have seen countless posts of her attempt to adopt her beautiful daughter and bring her home. You could hear the heartache in her words over endless delays. Anyone who thinks she just went out and “bought” herself a baby is totally ignorant. I wish them all a lifetime of happiness.

Lu Ann on

Tracey – You don’t just “buy” children – you’re not at a pound. This 2-year-old has already been brought into the world and needs someone to raise her, so why not adopt? Your comments are cruel. It’s too bad that more children in the US don’t get adopted just to take care of our own, but no matter where the kids come from – it’s just one more child that gets loved and protected.

It doesn’t matter that Jillian is gay, bi, whatever – it matters that she and Heidi are going to be awesome parents. It doesn’t matter if the kids are black, white, whatever – it matters that she and Heidi are going to be awesome parents. The rest of you nay-sayer trolls keep your unhappy comments to yourselves and spend some time on your own lives – you need it.

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi!

Anonymous on

wow didnt even know she was gay

Mechi on

Before my husband and I had our miracle baby we had looked into adoption. We has pretty much settled on foreign adoption for many reasons, the wait time in the US is very long, it’s more expensive to adopt in the US and there is too high a risk the baby will be taken from you. I know people who have gone through the process to adopt in the US and have had two or three babies taken back before they were finally able to adopt. For me the 18 years of trying to have a baby and years of failed fertility treatments would be nothing compared to finally getting through the process of adopting and then to have the baby taken from me. It really has nothing to do with the race of the child… a baby is a baby.

It’s nice to see someone who really wanted a child able to fulfill that dream. Congrats to both Jillian and Heidi. All the best for the future.

Dana on

RE: Tickling being considered abuse, I’m a child care professional and we are actually taught the same thing. If you consider a child who is more sensitive than another or who is being tickled more, they may be having a difficult enough time breathing and not be able to ask you to stop. As we are taught not to lay our hands on children – abuse – something like this where they may not be able to respond and get you to stop is also considered abuse.

That being said, I understand that a child care setting and a home setting with your own children certainly differ. The above poster may be viewing it through the lens of a child care professional, however.

Anyway, I don’t intend to start an argument, just wanted to provide a possible explanation.

Island Mom on

I am so happy for them.

She did not just come out!!! She did interviews and said she loves who she loves gender is not an issue. Also she said she has had both female and male lovers.

As for buying babies you are to dumb for me to comment on. She left BL to start the process so it was not over night.

Megan on

Madonna, Angelina, Sandra Bullock and now Jillian Micheals. Little poor black kids, the new fashion trend.

Teresa on

Great story ! Beautiful babies! Lots of Love! Give it a rest Tracey. You sound bitter.

thinkingwoman on

@Sandy – while I find your comments somewhat uninformed (I can’t see how you could claim to know the motivations of those who have children, when you clearly have no desire to have them yourself) I also feel deeply sorry for you. I would concede that life isn’t easy, but you seem to actively hate it. I’m so sorry that you have experienced / are experiencing whatever has caused you to so despise life. It isn’t all bad, and loving parents can do a great deal to help a child see the wonder and beauty that is here. Only by doing that are we ever going to improve this world in any way.

As for the others who are critical of Jillian, her family or her road to motherhood, you’re entitled to your opinions. I’m not sure why you feel the need to share them when they’re spreading such negativity, because there’s already enough of that in the world.

I think it’s great that these two women chose to give this little girl a loving home. Congratulations, Jillian and Heidi.

dominique drouin on

JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW SOME COMMENTS IN HERE ARE SO SO SO MEAN WHO S BUSINESS IS IT TO JUDGE Best way to deal with closed minds like we can read in here is to ABSOLUTLY IGNORE THEM Tacey get a f…. life your jealous it shows

FLT on

That is wonderful. Congrats to them! The children are adorable and will be loved.

Natalia on

@Lynn, it’s sad that you’re still waiting but maybe your attitude and “persona” are why you haven’t been blessed yet. Just sayin.

Anonymous on

Congrats 🙂

Kim on

Sandy I am so glad that your parents didn’t share the same view as you on being selfish when you have children or you would not be here today to have posted such a closed minded comment. Tracy you have a lot to learn about life. Be happy for them, their life doesn’t affect yours and if it makes you unhappy then fix your own life. Congratulations on your new family Jillian it’s an experience like no other 🙂

G on

Congrats! Mazel Tov! What a joyous occasion! Children are blessings!

@Connie. Why shame on @j-lin? She made a valid point. Maybe not the appropriate time.

Although unfortunate that her point had validity, your response came across as incredibly naive. You live in an inclusive area – not everyone else does. Even if you lived in an inclusive area, what will happen when your child or any other child is taken out of this inclusive element – i.e. visiting relatives, when they go away to camp or college or get their own apartment. They most likely will face some sort of discrimination.

It is appreciated that you want everyone to accept all races, as do I and as well as accept all religions, creeds, genders, sexual orientations and other unique qualities that make us different but that isn’t reality. Unfortunately, bi-racial children, adoptions that include different races than the parents or even children who are much lighter or darker than their parents will have issues with this so by j-lin bringing up the point started a discussion, which will perhaps educate everyone and not shame them for bringing up the issue.

Crystal Brumek on

Congrats to her! As for adoption it’s WONDERFUL! Yes it does cost a LOT BUT so does getting pregnant for some woman who do in vitro! She gave a beautiful baby a home and a family! That is ALL that matters! NO it’s NOT buying a baby!


Congrats to you both!!! I think what you have done is truly amazing. Enjoy every moment of your time together.

Hope you let no one descourage what you have done.

Everyone wants there 5 minutes of fame even if its on a people chat, pretty pathetic. No one asked for anyones negative opinions.

cindy on

Congrats to you and Heidi. I think people who want to be parents and deserve to be parents is a wonderful thing. You and your family are BEAUTIFUL………….forget everyone else’s BS and enjoy your children and your life. Some people are just a waste of space.

christina bennett on

congrats to u both and best wishes in your beautiful family:)

Julie on

With all the DESPERATE children in the United States waiting to be adopted, why would anyone ignore the pleas of our children to help some other third world country?? It’s disgraceful.

Jennifer on

Congrats to both of them!

now…Sandy…uggh, really…

Ok, let me start with the fact that I never wanted children, because perhaps, yes, I was selfish. (yes, I said selfish) Then I was blessed with two beautiful children by accident. (sort of, yes, I know how they’re made)

I wouldn’t want it any other way. They are the utmost joy in my life. The unconditional love from children is something that cannot be explained to those who do not have children. I didn’t have them for tax breaks or whatever else you think they’re for…I have them because I love them with every ounce of my being. I work hard to provide for them, with no government benefits.

I respect your opinion, however, I do feel sorry for your parents that they have to live everyday knowing that their child is so miserable. So sad. As a parent, I would feel awful knowing that my child is so completely miserable on this earth. Sandy, life is about living, having fun, making memories. If you’re not doing just that, then maybe, yes, you should seek therapy or move to a remote island somewhere. Only trying to help! Or maybe have a baby! It works miracles! lol 😉

Missy on

Just some of you know who are coming down on Tracey for her comments…Jillian herself has said she didn’t want to become pregnant due to fears of what it would do to her body.

I do wish more celebrities would adopt here from the US. There are so many children here that need homes here too.

Sandy on

clarissa – Hey, when did I EVER say anything about color ?!?!?!? NEVER. You need to get YOUR facts straight, missy. I don’t care what color people want to adopt – white, black, purple, green, yellow, pink, whatever. It’s their choice and I respect that. So, do NOT put the color issue in my mouth/post !!!!!

jujorev on

happens to all these bad people do not realize that this woman is saving lives and babies who need help now, a challenge to everyone who believes very much for criticizing Jillian adopt a baby and you will see it is so exhausting as to bring the world itself

Laurie on

Congrats Jillian beautiful family that u and your partner have! ❤

Anonymous on

I’m preeeettty sure Jillian knows enough about diet and exercise to be able to whip right back into shape after a preganancy.

Congrats to her and Heidi! I think most people knew she was a lesbian but I like how it was eased into the article.

Elizabeth on

First of all, let’s all stop feeding the trolls, shall we?

This is a wonderful story, and I’m happy for the new family; they give me, someone who also identifies as bisexual and suffers from a severe genetic illness that precludes me from carrying a baby, hope that I will one day have children of my own. Jillian and Heidi are a wonderful example of how love knows no boundaries and I wish them all the best.

conservativemama3 on

Beautiful children. How nice.

P.Mc on

God help both those kids! That is one messed up broad. And not because she’s a lesbian, and not because she adopted…both are great…but her control issues…Watch this spot in 15 years.

Sara on

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi on the arrival of both their children. Jillian has spoken openly about her desire to have children and I know she has been waiting for her daughter from Haiti for a long time. She has spoken openly about her struggles with endometreosis and has said thousands of times that those comments accredited to her were taken out of context. Besides, she gave a wonderful home to a child with no parents who might have ended up growing up in complete poverty without her. I think that speaks mountains for her character.

Additionally, Jillian really cared for her contestants on the Biggest Loser and I think if she were the awful person that you all say she was than she would not still be friends with them. Many of them openly talk about her and Bob while individuals continue to badmouth them. You think that if they were so bad the contestants would distance themselves as much as possible from them once the show was over.

Cheryl on

Congrats u completed ur family *wish* I had kids lol Im so sad 😦

ck on

I read another article on Yahoo that is from this same interview and she states in there that she is unable to have children, has been since she was young, and that she had friends who have gotten pregnant, had their babies and their babies are already crawling in the time that she has applied to adopt and waited to bring her beautiful daughter home. She’s no different than anyone else, don’t pass judgement on her. She’s a mommy now, which is obviously what she wanted. Congratulations Jillian and Heidi.

Maggie on

They added a video to the end that Heidi is in, for those that were interested in seeing her.

Carol Armstrong on

Congrats to you Jillian..You have 2 beautiful children..

Enjoy every moment..

Brandy on

Cannot believe all of the negative comments!! She didn’t adopt to spare her body.. she cannot have children so her partner carried their child. And she did wait for a full 2 years to adopt her little girl from Haiti.. and left Biggest Loser to prepare for being with her kids!! That’s what she wants to do- read some articles and interviews about her before you judge. As for her being a lesbian or bi- SO WHAT!! Good for you Jillian!! The haters will always be out there to bring others down with their negativity, drama, & jealousy. Women need to stop judging other women- we are all in this together- learn from each other’s choices.. RESPECT each other and above all be happy and keep your nose in your own family’s business if you must be a negative Nelly!

sss on

Sandy…definately get on medication asap. thanks. what a pathetic life you must have.

Heather on

Wow! The big surprise to me in the story was that is was Gay… I didn’t know that even after watching every season of Biggest Loser. I mean not that I like her any less or nothing it was just a surprise to me… So sorry for you many men out there that think she is Hot…lol Congrats on being a mom though, I am sure it is exciting and great. I hope to know one day with my own children

Miss Kiki on

@Tracey, I have seen some horrible comments on here but yours wins the prize. Jillian has endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome, she can’t get pregnant. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic, you stupid cow.

Kacie on

With some people you can just tell that they are gay. I NEVER thought she was gay.

Anonymous on

I think all of you who think Jillian did something horrible by not adoption domestically need to think about something: these children in developing countries are at a significant risk of disease and death if they are not adopted. Conditions for children in care domestically are luxurious by comparison. Think of the life Jillian’s little girl would have had if she’d had to remain in Haiti. A life of poverty, no education, rampant disease, and an early death. Just consider the average quality of life for someone in Haiti and the life of someone here. Jillian obviously thought about these things when she made the decision to adopt internationally.

Regina on

I am so happy for JM!! I’ve listen to her podcast and listen to her struggles with this adoption and just could bust with happiness for her! And to add another lil one is just amazing! To all the negative people out there saying things about her adopting, what difference does it make to you that she adopted a child from another country or that that child is a different color then she is?!?! All that matters is that those children are surround by love and I can tell you they will be!

Sasou on

Lukensia is an haitian name. Sorry if you dislike it. That’s your problem, american people.

Gena W on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi !!!!!

What wonderful news ! Love and hugs to your fabulous family !

jj on

This is not about her being gay..Who cares..Congrats to the new family

Jen on

I didn’t even know she was gay, let alone in a relationship and having kids. Congratulations to her and the entire, growing, family. That’s wonderful news – those kids are going to be fit and healthy for sure!

Kathleen on

Tracey…YOU ARE AN IDIOT. She went through the same process as any person would. It’s amazing how someone can take a great story or a situation and twist it to make it look bad. Get your head out of your ass.

Shell on

A family is a family is a family… When will we stop the hate. So sad for those who can’t see past their own ignorance.

Congrats to The new family!

Emily on

@Tracey – I don’t usually comment, and maybe you were just trying to get a rise out of people for fun, but I whole-heartedly disagree with your comment.

She adopted a child who didn’t have parents. An orphan. She rescued this child from a horrible situation.

How is that “not right”?

LB on

To all the people asking why kids in the US couldn’t have been adopted first – I think we can all agree that even kids waiting for adoption in the US have a better life than kids in third world countries like Haiti. Secondly, I have a friend who adopted three kids, all from the US, and it’s not as cheap or easy as you may think. I think the cost per child ended up being around $15k EACH with legal fees, adoption costs, support/medical fees for the birth mothers, etc, etc, etc. And, she waited for a year and a half for the first and two years for the other two. I’m happy for Jillian and her partner.

nicole on

@dawn you said the saying if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all! but right after that you called her a jacka** you are ignorant

Kathryn on

When people start to comment on stories, it really shows how much ignorance is in the world.

Anna on

Awww I am so happy for them! Beautiful family!!

MikeP on

I’m saddened by Ms. Michaels’ sexual preference.

JM on

MikeP i am saddened by your hatred.

Guest on

Didn’t know she was gay or in a relationship or there is a second child.

Nancy on

There are so many “straght, fertile” mothers out there who don’t give a lick about their child so I am glad that people like Jilian become parents.

To all of you normal posters on this board:

People like Traci, Amber and Jo-Jo are probably trolls who sit on their computer and try to incite arguements and they apparently “get off” on that. Please ignore them.

Catca on


Actually there are very few babies available for adoption in the U.S. The U.S. is a “receiver” country in the adoption world meaning we have more couples wishing to adopt than actual babies available. Adopting in the U.S. is particularly difficult for single parents. Many of those adopting in the U.S. waited as much as 10 years for a baby. That is why so many American couples and singles (even non-celebrities) choose to adopt internationally.

Jenn on

To Tracey and Amber and all the others who feel the need to put hateful comments up here, I feel sorry for you. If all you have is hatred and negativity to spread, keep it to yourself and live in your own misery.

And it’s not called “buying babies” it’s called adopting babies that have no parents. Would you be saying that to a couple who spent $50K on in vitro? As for the trend to adopt black children, it’s about time! Now that China and other Asian countries have largely closed their doors to foreign adoptions, it’s about time people who want to give a child a home look at poorer countries who have a high orphan rate.

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi and to the beautiful little Lukensia who is lucky to have found a home! Best of love and health to all of them!

Jessica on

Amber Fath….I think your ignorant, judging of gay parents is disgusting!! Your probably religious, doesnt it say in the bible…thou shall not judge!! You would probably want children adopted to a heterosexual couple that beat it…instead of a gay couple that would adore and care for it!! Your way of thinking has no place in today’s society. We should be above that now!! You are sickening!!

Ladybug1963 on

Congrats on your new family !! 🙂

Shannon on

I’m a single mom trying to adopt from Haiti for the last 3 years. Last year a proposed new law was passed stating that single moms wouldn’t be able to adopt because they didn’t want someone posing as a single women when they are in a gay relationship. They need this law ratified by the senate, so many people have been trying to fight this part of the new law. Haitian are very religious and, right or wrong, this is their belief. I fear this article proves what the Haitians feared and now the program will close. If I don’t get a match because Jullian decided to come out of the closet after the adoption I’ll be devastated.

Sandy on

sss – LOL. Why is my life pathetic? My life is fine. Why do I need medication? Just because I don’t agree with some people in this world? THAT’S a reason for medication. LOL.

Susan on

Congrats to Jillian & Heidi on their beautiful new family! A loving home is all any child wants, needs and deserves. I wish the Michaels/Rhoades family nothing but happiness!

Jennifer on

I can’t believe I really just saw a comment that stated that it must be nice “to buy babies and not mess up her figure”…seriously adoption is such a wonderful thing to do for a child. The fact that people love to judge ever action other people make, whether they are famous or not, just makes me sick. This isn’t about a fitness guru keeping their figure or a someone using their money, this is about a women who has talked for years about wanting children and a child who needed more than anything else a family to love and care for them and by the grace of God they found each other. Congratulation Jillian and Heidi!

Mimi Rogers on

Congratulations to her! But I never knew she came out as a lesbian…

sue on

Congratulations Jillian. I think God has a plan for us all. Whether we are fortunate enough to have our own or whether we choose to take the road of adoption. Yes, it is a road. A hard, yes, gruelling, emotionally taxing road.

I can speak from experience because I to was not able to have my own after enduring 6 miscarriages. I know have two beautiful adopted daughters who miraculously are biological as well!How lucky am I. Yes, they were adopted from my own country but that is because of circumstance. It all fell into place for me within 2 yrs. That is fate! So, to all of those that have negative comments, you clearly have not walked in Jillian’s shoes or someone such as myself.

To suggest they are “bought” children, is ridiculous. The expenses are lawyers fee’s to make sure that all parties are protected. In Canada birthparents are not “paid” one cent!

As for celebrity’s adopting black children as the latest trend….I say bulls*it! It’s not as easy as saying..I’ll adopt from this country or that country..only certain countries allow adoption and alot of them are of black decent. Jillian said she connected with her daughter….what’s wrong with that. I’m sure if she connected with a child in the US, you don’t think she would try to go that route.

Please, stop being judgmental when you have no clue what’s involved with it all. And by the way, celebrity or not, we ALL have to go through the same process to adopt!!Some are fortunate to get placed right away and some wait years..it’s just the way it goes sometimes…Best of luck Jill and Heidi! Your children are beautiful and they are so lucky to have you!!!

Bella on

Wow. I didn’t know she was a lesbian. The majority here act like this is such a normal and natural and beautiful situation. It’s not. This isn’t how God intended families to be. What is this world coming to? So sad…

Denise on

Congratulations Jillian on your two beautiful daughters, I’m so glad that you got what you have wanted for a long time. Miss you on the Biggest Loser though, it is not the same without you and Bob seems to be missing you as well. Maybe one day when you are ready we will see you again, but enjoy your family for now. Best Wishes!!!

Bella on

Just watched the video. She tickles that child way too much.

Anonymous on

Wow I did know also she gay, so sad.

Heini on

This beautiful lady is a lesbian? What a shame. Any real man would go nuts over her. Too bad.

Kristin on

Let’s see.. Jillian has an illness which prevents her from getting pregnant, and with all the children being born from all the other RABBITS in the world, decided to give a child without a home, a home. If that is being selfish for giving a child that is already here a chance in life.. wow..

Not to mention, She FELL IN LOVE with that little girl when she visited the country during the natural disasters and had been visiting with and keeping in touch ALL THROUGH THE ADOPTION PROCESS; she didn’t ‘BUY’ a black kid for a ‘fashion item’.

Yup, I think that is about it.

Don’t feel sorry for the kids having an awesome future for having a well off life with a pair of Woman who obviously have a lot of love to give; feel sorry for yourselves and your ignorant, sad, close minded opinions.

You’re all hateful, bitter, and lost all the joy in your life. THAT is sad. If you hate life so much, why not try to make it better, instead of leaning on your victim excuses to be miserable and bitter.

Lauren on

Congrats to Jillian and Heidi on their beautiful family!!!

Guest who on

They are both so beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes to the whole family.

Ava on

Gosh, NEVER EVER in all my times I’ve watched or seem Jillian would I have said she wasn’t straight. She’s one gorgeous chick and not in the least does she look like she’s gay, and what a disappointing suprice. Hey its her life but still I’m disappointed. And yes like u allllll r jumping on this Tracy for her comment, ease off cause she’s only stating what Jillian herself said cause I heard that clip too, that getting pregnant was not even an option and yes it was about how it would affect her figure. Man she now have all she wanted. Just very supriced and disappointed. Heck was slightly hoping for her and Bob.. 🙂

Jennifer on

I think everyone who says “there are plenty of children in the US to adopt” need to do a little research. It is very difficult to adopt within the country. The children you refer to as “orphans” in the US are actually in the foster system and a court could give custody back to their birth parents at any time once certain requirements are met. I’ve known people who’ve gone the foster parent route and it’s very difficult to get attached to a child and then give him or her back. Newborns are adopted in this country, but that is a difficult process. So many people are looking to adopt, the parents putting a baby up for adoption are often able to choose the adoptive parents. I’m not trying to start trouble, just thought I’d inform everyone as to how it is.

As for the person who said that having a child is a selfish thing, you could not be more wrong. I have two children and bringing them into this world and being a mother is the most selfless thing I’ve ever done. And FYI, I’m a US citizen not looking for a green card or getting government assistance. My husband and I have good jobs and provide for our children without daycare and babysitters so shut your mouth and stop judging people you know nothing about.

Lastly, who cares if these children have two moms? All that should matter is that it seems like these children will have two parents who love them. Also, congrats to the new family.

Misty on

Congratulations to Jillian and her family! I miss seeing her on the Biggest loser, but her family is the most important thing in the world! My husband and I both love you Jillian! You both are blessed with 2 beautiful babies!

carol on

congrats and good luck to all four!! They’ll need it with all the bigots on this page(which alone is more attention than Sandy, Amber et all deserve)

Belle-Sexie Canuck on

@ Tracey

OMG!! If you can’t be happy for your miserable self, can you at least be happy for the poor kid who’s being given a chance by this wonderful individual? Beautiful family regardless, God bless…

LM on

Wow, just another quasi celeb with a token child of another color. Like Paris Hilton with a puppy.

Sunny on

I had no idea she was gay. I like his she didn’t make a big coming out party. LoL

Meg on

Bella–take a hike if you don’t like the idea of Jillian being gay or tickling her kids. It’s none of your business anyway, and most of us are smart enough to stand up to self-righteous Bible thumpers.

Adoptive Dad on

Before you question why Americans do international adoptions, take a look at the laws in your state. It’s amazing how unfit parents have so many rights. The courts care more about the so called parents then the children

JS on

Wow, congrats to the now much bigger family! I can’t even begin to imagine how hectic it must be to have your family increase by a toddler AND an infant in the same week but along with the hectic pace, there’s a lot of happiness in that too. Good for them. I wish both ladies and their children a lifetime of happiness.

stacey on

Kids growing up with two moms……how charming. Don’t these gay parents ever think about the heartache and ridicule these kids are going to go through during their school years?????? I have 6 kids ranging from high school down to early elementary who attend school in a very large school district and we know of 1 gay family. This is not normal.

Amy on

All of the comments about people should adopt in the US are bothering me! My husband and I have adopted domestically after many, MANY years of trying. It is an expensive, emotionally draining process made more so by some of the ridiculous laws and rules in the US. There are not “plenty of orphans” available for adoption in the US, and even older children are “protected” by so many laws that they are often unavailable to be adopted by a family for years. Like everything else there is too much red tape and too much “political correctness” in the whole process, and the best interest of the child, while repeated over and over again, rarely takes precedence. Just my opinion…..

Anonymous on

Yay good for them, I have been hopeful that she would be able to adopt. I am also proud that she has managed to keep her privacy and only allow certain things to get out. She must have an amazing support system in place to be able to keep this private. You go girl!


@Sandy, people are saying you are depressed because your reason for not having children is that it is selfish since this world is too difficult for a human to live through because of all the crapnthey have to put up with.

THAT is why you are depressed. You think that your life is so terrible that you wouldn’t want anyone else to have to live through it.

That has nothing to do with people having different opinions than you, and everything to do with you being miserable.

Anonymous on

@stacey…grow up! Kids need loving homes and not judging idiots like you.

Lesile on

Tracy’s comment was spot on. Jilllian herself said she didn’t want to ruin her body with pregnancy and that she’d rather adopt than do that. Any other statement Jillian made about it being not possible with her body was simply her backtracking. Read for yourselves:


Ann on

@ Tracey: how can you be so stupid? I think Jullian did a wonderful thing adopting that little girl. She will now have a much better life than she would have had in Haiti. Your ignorance is beyond belief and who cares if she didn’t want to “mess up her body”. That is her choice! You are by far the dumbest individual. Maybe you should think beofre you speak!

Jeannie on

With all the children we have available for adoption in the United States why must these celebrites adopt from a foreign county.Take care of our own first

Cari-Ann on


While I respect your right to have your opinion (albeit harsh) I think it’s important to understand that Jillian did not BUY her baby girl. She went through a 2 year adoption process, so that she could raise a child as her own, a Haitian orphan. There is a incredible need in Haiti for adoption. I give her a thumbs up for that! Also Jillian has POS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and cannot bear her own child.

Just a thought before you spout off again.

Congrats Jillian and Heidi!

alicejane on

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi!! I was shocked when I saw this this morning, but thrilled for them. Both babies are so beautiful.

momof2cubs on

@Tracy~I don’t understand your ignorance. Some people can’t physically have kids. We don’t know the reasons why other people adopt. Its non of our business. I thought that Jillian had said in the past that she had some kind of physical issue that she couldn’t get preggo. But really it doesn’t matter. Her and her partner have given these kids a loving home. Where the parents want them! There are some parents out there putting their young kids into washing machines and driving around with them with out car seats. I think that Jillian is actually going to care about these kids.

Sally on

It may be difficult to adopt caucasian babies in the U.S. but there are many babies and children of color who don’t get adopted and live in the hell called the foster care system until they are 18. I think it is wonderful when people adopt from whatever country they want. I just think it is sad there are so many unwanted children in this country.

Sandy on

carol – I can’t say it enough, just because I don’t see the “joy and happiness” of bringing a child into this world like so many others do, I am so different and don’t “deserve” attention? Not that I was wanting it at all anyway. LOL. I just simply stated that I HAD respect for her because she didn’t have kids. Now, to me, she IS the “Biggest Loser” – a Mother.

Ok, last post. Bye bye. =)

Have a good day.

PS. I totally agree with Stacey though.

mg on

Congrats to this family! And Stacey- get over yourself.

Guest on

Congrats to Jillian on her new family.

I’m appauld at comments about adoption. WHAT on earth is wrong with it. So many children out there are need good families. Why not let someone who has longed for a family fulfill their dream and one of a child who has been in an orphanage or foster home most or all of their life.

Jo on

Congrats to you and Heidi! Ignore those with narrow minds and hearts full of hatred. Beautiful family.

showbizmom on

Hey Stacy, I have two dad’s I grew with with people making fun of me yes. But it was mostly because of the big red plastic glasses my dad got me from costco. Kids will experience bad people no matter what sexual orientation their parents are. I and my siblings grew up in a happy, caring, loving and stable home. Also, trust me if this world where more accepting to same sex parents, there would be millions of same sex parents living openly and happily. It’s just right now, we deal with people like you.

Congrats to Julian, I don’t know who she is really, but nevertheless congrats on babies.

PS. those saying that black and white adoption is a ‘celebrity’ thing do a quick google search, you’ll find tons of blogs dedicated to parents raising kids of different races. I’m pretty sure these blogs aren’t run by Madonna’s PR team either, but run by normal everyday parents.

Mel on

Congrats to the whole family!! You will make a Wonderful mother Jillian!! Beautiful family you have there!!

Shay on

Those babies are beautiful! So happy for Heidi & Jillian! ♥

ace on

does anyone else noticed how scared her daughter from Haiti looks? was a photo shoot necessary so soon? let this child who was uprooted from her country have time to adjust to America, a new family, and her her environment as a whole. publicity is the last thing this poor child needs right now!!! shame on you jillian

sharon on

I think this is a beautiful story, she’s helped so many people get their lives back and I think it’s wonderful that her life now is so complete!

So what if she’s gay, how did you not know? She’s going to be a wonderful mom because you could see how much she cared about the people she was helping on the biggest loser.

These kids are lucky and will be brought up in such a healthy and loving way!

I wish they had showed the other mommy also, but I can sympathize with her after having a baby she probably doesn’t feel at her best, but hope to see a family picture soon!

God Bless her for taking a beautiful little girl out of the hell of Haiti and giving her a loving home…

I wish them all the best!

Ginger on

To those saying that she “bought” baby so she wouldn’t mess up her figure…did you ever think that Jillian COULDN’T have children? Perhaps she is infertile and can’t have a child any other way. Maybe her partner couldn’t get pregnant right away, so they started the lengthy (as it said in the article) two year adoption process. What should she have done when her partner did get pregnant…stop the adoption process. It’s amazing how everyone puts celebrities down – if they have their “own” babies, they are selfish and don’t care about the plight of children around the world…if they adopt, again they are selfish because they didn’t want to mess up their figure. The bottom line is that she and her partner adopted a child who would have grown up in poverty. Instead this child gets a second chance at life. Why can’t we just be happy for them?!

jessica on

@donna, that is a hateful comment.

Luci on

I really have to STOP reading people’s comments on this and every other blog – there are TOO many ignorant people in this country.

Congrats to Jillian and Heidi. I read the article earlier but just watched the video. What I saw was utter JOY and unconditional love. Jillian appears to be totally in love with her children, especially her new daughter (most of the footage seemed to be of them). It brought tears to my eyes.

God bless this new family and shield them from the ignorance of others.

Katie on

Tracey you are so cruel to say that!!!! So she adopted, good for her. Many children need loving homes. No harm in that at all!! You must not be able to have your own and can’t afford adoption either. Bitter evil woman you are!!! But Karma is a bitch! You’ll get yours!

Maria on


amanda on

she does have a medical condition, she addessed that ignorant attack along time ago. True fans don’t care what she does in her personal life or judge her for what she does or don’t do. people should’t be so judgemental. She is an amazing person who helps people lose weight and stay healthy and will make an amazing mom. Instead of stalking someone you obvously aren’t a fan of go out and find something better to do with your time. Jill your are awesome and I wish you many blessings to come. Your children are beautiful.

s on

congrats!!!! I wish you guys nothing but the best for you guys!!!

Diane on

Sandy, You do realize that you are not looking very good and your responses are not helping. It might be time to just go away?

Jen on

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them”. Mother Teresa. We all have our own opinions and thoughts about what is right or not right. This is the path that Jillian and her family are on. We have not walked in their shoes at all and have no idea what they have been through.
I am happy for all of them. The children are beatiful! I wish them nothing but happiness and love. Congratulations!

Melanie on

OMG they are beautiful-what a huge blessing they are for you! Much happiness to you and your partner…

tlc on

Wow, I knew there were ignorant people on this site, but this one takes first prize! Holy crap…what a freaking world we live in!!! A woman who can give a child a GREAT life and upbringing and not want for ANYTHING, adopts a baby to give her a better life out of poverty, illness, and likely even DEATH and she’s called SELFISH and UNDESERVING??? OMG!!!

You people are disgusting! WHat does it matter that the baby is of “of colour” as some put it, or even from another country. Do you know how long it takes DOMESTICALLY to adopt? No? Well, let me tell you first hand….years! YEARS!!!! For our daughter, it was almost 3 years!!!! The red tape and beauacracy bullcrap that we were put through was unbelievable!! Maybe if there was less worry about the paperwork and the office politics and more worry about what is BEST FOR THE CHILD, then more people would adopt domestically.

Not only that, what is up with the “those babies will have their life ruined with two female parents” crap? You do realize that gay couples ALL OVER THE WORLD have kids and it is becoming more NORMAL than not!!! Just because of your ignorance and prejudiced does not make it any less important for kids to have a loving family!!!

Holy hell….I didn’t realize the earth had spun off the axis and reverted back to the stone age!

SW on

She did tell Women’s Health magazine that she would not get pregnant because she did not want to “do that” to her body. I agree with others that when you have money it does seem a lot easier to adopt. I think many women in Hollywood use surrogate mothers for their babies because they worry about their bodies. At any rate congratulations to both of them! Beautiful kids!

Kathryn on

She has stated in the past that she has dated both men and women. It’s called bisexual, people. Get a clue.

Lisa on

Congrats Jillian.

I am African American and have NO problem with interracial (dating, adoption etc..) BUT I do HATE to see when white moms/dads adopt children and they have NO clue how to groom their hair!! Take a class or better yet get some black friends who will show you how to comb their hair! Thats my PSA for today. 🙂


Jillian was told having children would not be reccomended because of internal issues she has delt with in her life. She has scaring from ovarian cysts and on her falopian tubes among other things. Get your info fully right before you go making statements that suggest she doesnt want to ruin her figure. She could get her figure back faster than any of us if she were to have a baby!!!

Bobby on

Shannon- She was out before, she didn’t just come out after she got the baby. She’s talked about being bisexual in the past, so its not like she posed as straight to get a child. Also I think the child here is actually from Congo, but was in Haiti. I wish you all the best on your adoption@

Holly on

This is to Ave, Lesile (yes that’s how it was spelled) and SW: Jillian has been very open about her reproductive problems. She said she didn’t want “to do that to her body” in terms of fertility treatments because of the medical problems she’s suffered. It has nothing to do with her figure people. She has spent the last year or two explaining this!

And to the person who said Jillian came “out” after adopting from Haiti: Jillian came out as a bisexual multiple years ago. Whoever was handling her adoption could have Googled her and found this, isn’t a secret.

Pam on

Congratulations Jillian!! Truly miss you on the Biggest Loser, but your new job is a wonderful rewarding job!!

alicejane on

SW yes, she did say that, but she has also been very open about having health issues that would make it difficult for her to not only get pregnant, but to carry a pregnancy full-term. Not that it would be impossible for her to get pregnant, so maybe she meant that she did not want to put her body through what would likely be a very high-risk pregnancy?? Not everything is about looks, believe it or not.

Liz on

@ Sandy you are very ignorant and perhaps have had very little joy in your pathetic life to see beyond your nose.

The fact is you sound like you should put yourself out of your misery and kill yourself. If someone finds life to be so overwhelming and SO HARD, then your sad life is not worth living. Do not speak about what you know nothing about. Motherhood is the source of life and in no way, shape or form is it selfish. Feeling a human being rowing inside of you and giving it life IS a miracle and not a selfish act. Did you get abused as a child and hate yourself?? Perhaps you feel someone will abuse your child as you were and dont want to give life for that reason. The truth IS you are selfish and STUPID.

@ Tracey Are you and dumbass Sandy friends by any chance?

JILLIAN IS NOT A LESBIAN PEOPLE!!! Get it right. She is bisexual and I say good for her to be who she really is.

Shame on you that do not like her now that you know she is bi-sexual.

I live in NY where we accept anyone!! Perhaps these comments come from people who live in the deep south. lol.. freakin’ hillbillies lol…

kendrajoi on

Congrats to them- Jillian’s path to mommyhood has been a long one! I must be totally out of the loop, though. I didn’t know she was gay. LOL

Sandy on

WOW I had NO idea she was a lesbian.

Oh well.

Why would they make adoption from Haiti such a long process??? Kids are dying- why not give loving families willing to adopt from their country a chance to provide homes for these children that need homes so desperately?

Jess on

Tracey, you’re a moron. Please don’t pro-create or “buy a baby”, as you so eloquently put it. Jillian has PCOS and endometriosis, both huge strikes against her as far as fertility is concerned.

Better to remain silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…

fuzzy on

@ Liz(Bo) Right… sounds like you except everyone..”I live in NY where we accept anyone!! Perhaps these comments come from people who live in the deep south. lol.. freakin’ hillbillies lol…”

lukensia on

Lukensia????? uh, er……it sounds like a medical condition…..

no time for email but plenty of time for hair color and makeup!

fuzzy on

@ LIZ(bo) sounds like you accept everyone from your VERY accepting comment “I live in NY where we accept anyone!! Perhaps these comments come from people who live in the deep south. lol.. freakin’ hillbillies lol…”

fuzzy on

@ Liz (bo) you dont even know anyone from the deep south do you? just running your bing northern mouth now aint ya honey?

Sandy on

Nice, Liz. Telling someone to kill themselves because of their opinions? You probably raise yours kids to bully others, huh? What if she WAS abused. Maybe her PARENTS and her upbringing causes her to have those feelings.

It’s not so much not wanting to be a “mother”. When people have kids, they get caught up in the moment of having a cute little baby. They never realize what the cute little baby will have to endure in life – school, job, taxes, credit, house, car, utilities, clothes, food, etc. Basicly, laughing in the kids face “in about 18 years, it will cost you hundreds of dollars per month to be in this world, but HEY go ahead and thank me for bringing you into this world”.

Anyway, I just thought I would read the article and see some of the comments. Yikes……

kiki on

Even though I’m happy for them, I still wish those kids could’ve gotten a daddy in their life. Because no matter what anyone says nothing replaces the differences between Moms and Dads and that each kid should have at least once of each.

Anonymous on

Does anyone else think it’s a little strange that Heidi is in the background? A lot of statements about her family coming from Jillian include the words I and me. It just seems bizarre. Thoughts?

fuzzy on

I get you Sandy…not everyone has to have or even want to raise a child. And if you dont you shouldnt. Do it your way girl!

Brandy Hill on

Just want to say Congrats!!! They do grow up very fast, spend all the time you can because you cant get those years back.

Brenda on

Much LOVE and an abundance of great HEALTH to you and your beautiful family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Sandy on

No, this is not the Sandy above. A different one. Looks like there have been a couple today.

But I have to agree with you, Anonymous. Usually celebs thrived on showing off who they are with and when they are expecting. As much as I respect Jillian’s wanting to keep things private….. it’s a bit odd. And yes, there is alot of “I” and “me”, even in the video. ??

Anonymous on

Lesbians with kids,them poor kids are doomed!!

Samantha on

At all of you bashing Tracey, there are interviews where Jillian Michaels has stated she did not want to be pregnant out of concern of what it would do to her body. She has publicly stated that.

Bobbi on

Adorable babies!

Cricket on

CONGRATS!!!! …. Enjoy your Journey!!! :))))))))

Anonymous on

how awesome. What a great mom Jillian will be.

Brooke on

Who in their RIGHT MIND (so that eliminates the majority of people posting here) would have a problem with two people adopting a little girl from Haiti??? Lukensia will have a beautiful life, away from the violence and poverty of her home country.

I am thrilled for Heidi and Jillian. Two beautiful babies.

Julz on

Wow. It’s hard, I suppose for people to not have opinions on people they have never met. People tend to be inherently curious. Usually opinions are based on personal experiences that then formulate perceptions and opinions.Not all opinions, therefore, are understood, or ‘acceptable’ to an entire population, as there are inherently unique.


To take that same person you know nothing about, and then impose your own personal opinion upon them of WHO they can love, HOW they can love, WHEN they can love, WHERE they can love, and what colour/race/gender they are limited to love is pointless, and meaningless.

Love is always better than hate, ignorance and intolerance. It does not matter what sexual preference JM is. What is more important (and applicable here), is how much she was committed to this child, and will continue to be committed to this child. Partnerships of all types can dissolve, but she will be mother to these kids forever.

Please continue to have opinions, by all means, but consider, in the future, that if those ‘opinions’ are based on a life/person you have never spoken to, met, understood, or been privy to any behind-the-scenes personal information/insight/understanding of, that those opinions might also be based on a foundation of zero fact.

It is brave to place yourself, and all those you care for most under such scrutiny. Please bear in mind how you would feel if YOUR every decision (good, bad, ill-informed or fool-hardy) was also dissected, judged and scrutinised.

I respect the right to have opinions. Even ones that differ from my own. But you can have an opinion that differs from another’s without slinging mud or hate as well. Respect, people! Respect and love. That’s what this world needs more of.

Julz on

Wow. It’s hard, I suppose for people to not have opinions on people they have never met. People tend to be inherently curious. Usually opinions are based on personal experiences that then formulate perceptions and opinions.Not all opinions, therefore, are understood, or ‘acceptable’ to an entire population, as there are inherently unique.
To take that same person you know nothing about, and then impose your own personal opinion upon them of WHO they can love, HOW they can love, WHEN they can love, WHERE they can love, and what colour/race/gender they are limited to love is pointless, and meaningless.
Love is always better than hate, ignorance and intolerance. It does not matter what sexual preference JM is. What is more important (and applicable here), is how much she was committed to this child, and will continue to be committed to this child. Partnerships of all types can dissolve, but she will be mother to these kids forever.
Please continue to have opinions, by all means, but consider, in the future, that if those ‘opinions’ are based on a life/person you have never spoken to, met, understood, or been privy to any behind-the-scenes personal information/insight/understanding of, that those opinions might also be based on a foundation of zero fact.
It is brave to place yourself, and all those you care for most under such scrutiny. Please bear in mind how you would feel if YOUR every decision (good, bad, ill-informed or fool-hardy) was also dissected, judged and scrutinised.
I respect the right to have opinions. Even ones that differ from my own. But you can have an opinion that differs from another’s without slinging mud or hate as well. Respect, people! Respect and love. That’s what this world needs more of.

Annoyed on

Wow… The people who are so mad that she adopted a child – what’s wrong with you??? Children need love and what business is it of YOURS what her motivation was to adopt a child? That girl’s going to get lots of love and a much better life than she could have had in Haiti. And to Tracey who said she “bought” a baby rather than have her figure messed up – have you SEEN this woman? If she’d actually gotten pregnant & carried a child, and then delivered by any method at all, she’d probably still look better than any woman I’ve ever seen. Get over yourself!

Congrats to both women. Children are a blessing, no matter how they come into your heart!

Deb on

Jillian and Heidi, Congratulations on your double blessing. I am just guessing but I think the reason Heidi isn’t in the pictures is to keep the private life PRIVATE. It’s an amazing feat in this day and age that we didnt all know everything about the pregnancy before this day.

I have loved watching you Jillian and learning from you. Take Care of your family and be happy. Hopefully we get to watch the kids grow up some with you they are beautiful as are you.

Love Ya!

Christy on

Wow, I don’t even know what to say to all these idiots posting such negative comments. I always had a feeling J.M. was gay, and what of it? Does that lessen your ability to be a good mom? I don’t think so.

I have also heard her discuss her adoption process over a year ago, so she in no way just went out and “bought” a child. Why are you putting down someone who wants to give love and security to a child who otherwise probably wouldn’t live to adulthood?

The fact her partner just gave birth makes it all the more joyful…..and I am a married mom of 2. Way to go Jillian and congrats!!!

Ernest DeBrew on

I love Jillian Michaels. It probably explains why I have not seen her on “The Doctors” recently.

Anyways, I congratulate her on her family.

Amy on

Adoption is not “the easy way out”. Nothing about adopting, especially from another country, is easy. After trying to for years to have a biological child I am now in the process of adopting from China. It is not only costly, but it is very stressful and a lot of work goes into getting your child home. It is a legal process all the way and in no way are we “buying a child” because “it’s the easy way out”. You, all of you, that are saying these things obviously don’t know ANYTHING about international adoption. As I get closer to adopting my little one and learning more and more about the millions of orphans around the world I wonder why more of us aren’t choosing to adopt.

Now that I have that out of the way I’d like to say that I wish Jillian and her family all the best in the future. This little one who was motherless has now been blessed with two mommies. xo

mariah on

Shes gay?!?! since when?

Amber on

Well, despite the absolutely disgusting comments on here, I will choose to ignore the ignorant, and join in with a heart congratulations to the new moms an their beautiful children!

If we want to know why the world is so ugly, we need only look at an internet articles comments section.

Kim on

Find it rather amusing that when two WOMEN adopt a child it’s all “congratulations!”..but when two MEN adopt a child everyone is in a big uproar because they are gay and are going to ruin the poor child. It happened with Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John etc. Bit of a double standard…..

BTW, I’m more concerned with all these white celebrities adopting black children. I have absolutely NOTHING again black children (or adults) but I wonder how much these celebs know about the black culture. Will they bother teaching their black children about their roots? Do they even know how to care for a black childs hair? Seriously, black children have become the latest “fad” for celebs IMO.

Ashlee Gapero on

Those kids look unattractive.

diane on

@ Tracy…..oh what would the world be without a**holes like you????? oh right….BETTER !!!!

Amy on

People like “having kids is selfish” Sandy clearly get off on getting a rise out of people. If she wasn’t enjoying the anger/shock she caused she wouldn’t come back again and again and again to read all the comments about her and reply to them. Clearly her childless life affords her all the time in the world to have that sort of “fun”. I bet she comments on many of the parenting threads here and on other sites. Pretty pathetic but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I don’t know anything about Jillian Michaels but the babies are adorable and I wish her and her family all the best.

kim on

im not going to make any judgement calls on race or sexuality, i will bite my tongue. to each their own. but MY question is…where is heidi in this picture?? is she not the mom as well? why does jillian get all the attention?

Susan on

Jillian ,congratulations on your new family, they are beautiful, can’t wait to see more pics.

rftallent on

I read in another article that Lukensia’s adoption process has taken two years. As for Bunnie’s comment about “coming out” at the same time, Jillian has been out for years. Best wishes to the family. I’m so glad that the children are healthy, happy, and loved.

mamaof5 on

you are a hypocrite….. you say how us women who decide to carry our OWN babies because it ruins out bodies– yet how would you know– i have birthed 5 children and would never change it for 100 million dollars…. you shouldn’t say something until you walk in there shoes,,, and we make more money then you and we live a great lifestyle.

mamaof5 on

you gross me out

jen on

Thats freaking awesome congrats

Sara on

Finally a celebrity adopting from Haiti! Huge Respect! Thank you and congrats to your beautiful family!

jd on

BEAUTIFUL babies! I’m very happy for them!

Jo on

I didn’t know Jillian was gay. Wow, I learn something everyday.

karen taro on

To cute enjoy every day. you are all so lucky to have each other.

Jen on

Aww, what beautiful babies! I wish them both the best of luck. 🙂

@Tracy: Are you aware that some people aren’t able to have kids? Jillian has said before that she has a medical condition that can make her pregnancy risky or she might even be able to have children. My sister is adopted because the mother is a druggy and abused my sister. My mom saved my sister’s life. So for you to say people are “buying” babies so they don’t ruin their figures is offensive and ridiculous! Learn the facts before you judge people and assume things. Jillian is giving a child a whole chance at life.

@Sandy: You said: “Sorry, but I don’t feel joy when people have a kid. Having a child is one of the most selfish things anyone can do. I really admired Jillian for not having kids, but now, I have to add her to my list of selfish people. So sad, I used to really like her.”

How is having a child a selfish thing? Its starting a family. Its bringing a new life into the world. Its loving and caring for something. Does that mean you hate every single person who’s had a kid? You might as well hate your parents for having you. Just sayin.

jlblair1978 on

Are you people seriously able to really read? You are all jumping this Tracy about her comment when she wasn’t disrespecting anyone about adoption!!! Re-read her comment in the context it was meant! She was being sarcastic about someone elses comment about how it much be nice to be able to just go and buy a baby! She was being sympathetic about how hard a process it is to adopt! How someone could say she was knocking a huge percentage of the population is just ridiculous! So before you jump on one persons comment maybe you should take a course and quit being so damn judgemental and quick to assume someone means something other than what is right before your eyes!!! There is a comment up there that should have been jumped on and Tracy’s was not it! Maybe you judgemental people shouldn’t think about adopting anytime soon considering you clearly have no common sense!!!

Jann on

People keep saying that they want to see a picture of Heidi (Jillian’s partner). In the video, isn’t that her on the bed with Jillian? At least, that is what I thought. Am I wrong? Are their pics of her anywhere else?

alissa on

She’s gay? I didn’ know that. Not a big deal, I just didn’t know. Anyway, I think its fabulous they adopted that child and are giving him a chance he never would have had in Haiti. Congrats on the baby too. Those kids definitely will be fit throughout life as well.

Jen on

I meant to say “might NOT be able to have children.”

jlblair1978 on

Are you people really unable to comprehend what Tracy was REALLY saying!?! It’s called sarcasm!! She was commenting about someone elses comment about how nice it must be to buy babies!! Always trying to make something out of nothing! She was being sympathetic to the fact that it is a draining process and emotional!! Try re-reading her comment in the context that it was meant to be read in! Don’t be so quick to jump! She was clearly offended at someone suggesting that adopting is nothing more than running out and buying a baby to save a figure! She was implying that not all people can have babies! How can I be the ONLY person that read right? Always trying to make something out of nothing! I saw plenty of other comments that totally warranted the rude comments that you dolts posted about Tracy!!

alissa on

She’s gay? I didn’t know that. Not a big deal, I just didn’t know. Its fabulous they adopted that little child from Haiti. He will have a good life here, a chance he never would have had in Haiti. Congrats on the baby too. Those kids will definitely be fit throughout life as well.

Lady Yoga on

I know you’ll be a great mom!! Congrats and enjoy. They do only grow up once.

Traacy II on

What beautiful children! However I am with Tracy…

AK on

Congratulations to Jillian and her partner!

My siblings and I were all adopted: two of us from India and two from the US. I am ever so thankful to be alive. I don’t understand why ethnicity is so important to people. Skin color should not be the reason why people slam adoption. Unless you have gone through the process yourself, who are you to judge? My adoptive mom could not have biological children. She adopted us.

Megan on

Congrats! 2 babies in a week! That’s neat, I’m sure they will be very close. I’m glad their dreams have come true.

Karen on

What a shame for those kids to be brought up with two women instead of a married man and women. Gods law has been broken yet again and people celebrate it. This is shameful and an abomination to God. It will never be right no matter who disagrees with me. You’ll see … One day.

John on

Sorry to see two innocent children brought up to think the Hollywood/lesbian lifestyle is the norm.It’s not the norm.It is unnatural and sin.

shalay on

Sandy, like another poster earlier asked, I’m honestly curious if you regard adoption as being selfish. I understand where you’re coming from with saying that having biological children is selfish, but do you believe adopting children that are already here is equally as selfish? I’m just curious…

Big congrats to Jillian and her partner! Her babies are beautiful and I’m sure they’ll make outstanding parents. Any family that is filled with love is A-OK in my book, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or gender.

Cre on

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your partner, you guys make a beautiful family.

JJ on

Congratulations to both Jillian and Heidi on the adoption and birth of the two children!! I think it is just awesome!!

Kathleen on

Man…after reading all of these comments, I can’t believe how ignorant and homophobic a lot of the posters are. Adopting and/or having babies is NOT a selfish thing…what a ridiculous thing to say!!!! Celebrities have to go through the same long adoption process that anyone would have to go through. There are no loopholes, there is no “buying” babies, and who cares if they adopt overseas and not in the US??? All children deserve a good life and if JM (or anyone, gay, straight, two moms, two dads) can provide that, then that’s frigging great!!!

Seriously shaking my head right now. FML.

On another note — Congrats to the happy couple! They are giving the adopted baby a chance at a better life and they have a new baby to love too.

Sandy on

Oh goodie….. yet another member of the “Look at me, I am a working mother and I am so busy” club. Boo hoo. Blah blah. Gag gag.

Anonymous on

Kim- Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, and their partners didn’t adopt their children. Both couples used surrogacy to have their babies. Not only that, but one of Neil and his partner’s kids is his biological child, and the other is his partner’s biological child (they had one egg fertilized with Neil’s sperm, one with his partner’s, had them put into the surrogate, and both took).

Similarly, Elton’s child is either his or his partner’s biological child (even they don’t know for sure which one of them is the bio dad, if memory serves. They had some eggs fertilized with Elton’s sperm, some with his partner’s, and don’t know who fertilized the egg that ultimately “took” and became their child.).

I would imagine that the non-bio dad of each of the kids probably DID have to adopt them, but my point is that it’s quite different from the type of adoption Jillian did, and comparing the two is, IMO, comparing apples to oranges.

Sara- Right on! My parents struggled with infertilty for years before finally having children, and my mom has told me that the one thing she hated hearing above any other during that time was, “When are you two going to start a family?” She practically wanted to shout at whomever was asking, “We ARE a family!” You don’t have to have kids to be a family. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and I think it’s sad that people still don’t recognize that.

All of that said, congrats to Jillian and her partner!

Miguel Gomez on


What a beautiful family. Congratulations Jillian and Heidi!!!!

Univeresality on

Megan, I am sorry that you feel that the celebrities who are opened to adopting kids who do not share their complexion is a trend. I am sure that these celebrities are adopting black kids to show that they are awesome and hip. Are you crazy, you psycho. Please educate yourself.

Anonymous on

By the way, I just can’t get over how big Jillian’s son looks already. I mean, he’s not even one month old yet, and he looks more like a four-month-old! 🙂

Karen on

Congrats Jillian…hope you all have a lifetime of happiness and fun memories!

Ms Glitter on

Lovely! Many Congrats to you and your partner…and gurl, I hope you are ready to comb those beautiful Haitian Khamit Kinks 🙂

Melissa on

Some of these comments are absolutely shameful and those who wrote them should be ashamed of yourselves. God does not care if you are straight or gay, God just wants you to be a nice person, do good things, and help one another. Nothing more, nothing less.

Congrats to Jillian, Heidi, and their two new little ones. I know Jillian has long wanted a child of her own, to have two in one week is a truly a blessing from God.

Crystal on

Congrats on the beautiful babies and beautiful new family, it’s a wonderful thing!!!

I however really hate the “buying your baby” comment, how about these babies are given lives they wouldn’t have gotten, think about that, some of these babies have no parents and are born into poverty.

What the hell is wrong with these celebrities wanting to give a child a better life, give a child the life they deserve.

I don’t get you people who seem to have a problem with this, children don’t get put up for adoption for sh!ts and giggles.

And don’t even get me started on the homophobes, you people make me sick, rude ignorant people, I can only imagine how many of you who preach that this is so wrong are divorced or have cheated or have commented things that are considered sins according to your precious bible.

and before people start going off I am a born, raised and by my own decision now non practicing catholic because I couldn’t stand the preachings of a book that is older than anyone who exists on the planet at the moment, the world has evolved and it has changed and we have had to conform to these changes so how about all you judgmental bigots just learn to conform to this change.

I would rather see 2 happy men or 2 happy woman raise a kid together than a kid who comes from a broken up divorced family which is a common thing these days.

And those are my two cents!!!!

Wisdom on

Jillian is bisexual, not a lesbian… not that it matters to anyone but HER. Her sexual orientation is absolutely no business to others. It doesn’t harm anyone, it doesn’t impact you.

I see the conservative crowd chiming in with the bigotry (it’s inevitable, I suppose… bigotry is in the conservative bloodstream) about how it’s “sad” she’s with a woman, and will now be raising two lovely kids. What’s truly sad is the upbringing, poor parenting, close-mindedness and ignorance of those stating it’s sad. It’s sad that people like this are destroying our nation with backwards mentalities.

Jillian is one of the most amazing people on the planet- these kids will not only be amazingly cared for, they will have an amazing upbringing, be incredibly wise and healthy and loved. Those stating Jillian is “too intense” have only seen her in trainer mode. That’s not how she is when not working- she’s just successful, educated, smart and driven. She’s also one of the hottest women to grace the planet, and has a very lucky partner.

Guest on


Anonymous on

@People who use ‘Not judging’ as an excuse to not deal with deviant behavior…

Knowing the difference between right and wrong is different than judging someone’s soul. “Do not judge” was said by Christ to warn people not to take for granted God’s grace. He didn’t say that all behavior was to be deemed normal and therefore embraced. What is means is that someone who’s actively cheating on their wife shouldn’t turn around persecute a gay person (for instance). If everyone cheated on their wives (or husbands), no kids would grow up feeling secure. If all people were gay, the human race would cease to exist. Both actions are wrong. No one should judge their souls.

Bet this post gets deleted… How will they program people’s brains into a new idea of “normal” otherwise?

Nadia on

I am Haitan but I am so happy somone is going to give an adoptive child a home. I am adopted by the way my parents had 3 bio kids and adopted 4 black girls 3 from Haiti and 1 from the States. My parents saw no color since my dad is 1/4 native and looks Mexican some would say. Anyways my parents knew that black children had a harder time getting adopted so they went where the need was needed the most. I am not sure if Lukensia is a Haitan name because we usually have French,Spainish,Polish,German and middle eastern names. Those are the cultures that came to Haiti and blended with the African culture in Haiti.

Ayla on

Tracy, I’m pretty sure she didn’t BUY these babies on the black market. There is nothing wrong with adopting children who otherwise wouldn’t have a home. What an awful thing to say.

Hapibird on

Congratulations to Heidi! What a catch for her.

Lily on

@jojo “are there NOT babies in the US that need adopting?” and n/a. Yes there are. Given your statement of this need, I’m wondering, have you adopted one?

Amy on

@KD: It’s extremely easy to adopt in the United States if you are willing to adopt an older child; and by “older”, I mean over the age of 2. My husband and I have adopted four boys from the foster-care system: two came to us at the age of 7, the other two were 14 and 17; we are having a ball and highly recommend this way of making/enhancing a family. As to the parent who is raising their child to be “color blind”, you are well-meaning but misguided…all the training that we have received, both as foster parents and adoptive parents, says you should raise your children to be proud of their race/ethnicity and not pretend that different “colors” don’t exist — society is going to see it and, as evidenced by many of the posts on this site, there will be a certain amount of prejudice and non-acceptance for which you must prepare your children.

rocky1 on

These babes are beautiful!!! Congratulations to Jillian and her partner.

Sally on

I have to agree that there might be plenty of children here in the U.S. to adopt. I really can’t comment too much on this but I do see that many celebrities adopt from other countries. Thank God that there are people/families (gay or not) that are willing to adopt. What would happen to these innocent children if they were not adopted? I wish people who don’t want children or put children up for adoption would think more about BIRTH CONTROL. It’s also not right to be having babies and giving them up for adoption. At some point in time, these children will wonder why their own parents did not want them. Sad but a fact. Well, congratulations to the new parents.

Anonymous on

@jm, I am sure that Markp is not meaning to be rude. He probably is sad of her sexual preference because he finds her attractive. 🙂

Julie on

Such a wonderful and happy story. Congratulations and sounds like you are enjoying and appreciating every precious minute! It does go by so fast!

Suzy on

Many blessings to Jillian, Heidi & kids.

E Davis on

It is nearly impossible to adopt US children, unless you are married. That’s why so many celebs adopt from other countries.

Lori on

You can’t buy people It’s not normal This little girl already looks scared and confused. She”ll grow up never fitting in and want to go back to find her roots

Catherine/St. Paul on

Did she call her partner fat like she did to pregnant women a couple of years ago?. Absolutely not FIT to be a parent regardless of her orientation…

emmy on

I can’t imagine the pain of giving up that beautiful little girl. Wish things weren’t so tough in Haiti. Happy the child won’t suffer poverty, but wish she could have remained in her family.

L on

TO Bella and all the rest that feel THEY have the right to judge

SUBJECT: God is in control of the gates NOT YOU

If we pass gay marriage or not, who cares? You are not the judge, God is.. SO stop judging people and start loving those around you. Life is not a dress rehearsal, you want in the gates of heaven, fill you heart with love. Love always wins, think Corinthians.

Nikki on

Wow….how wonderful! I am especially excited about the adoption from Haiti! What beautiful kids!!

April Stroub on

How adorable congrats to you and your partner!!!

Kim on

As a fellow adoptive mother I’d like to congratulate Jillian and her partner. I know your hearts must be overflowing with happiness. I wish you and your wonderful children a beautiful life!

Heidi on

CONGRATS Jillian and Heidi. Wish you all the best. I love that people are adopting. Why aren’t the rich and famous adopting our babies here in the US and CANADA? They need homes too.

5 crazy kids on

The little girl was adopted from the Congo

Kelly on

YAY what a beautiful family but so much to handle all at once, big adjustments but how WONDERFUL! For those stupid haters with ignorant comments, FIRST Jillian has been very vocal the past couple of years about wanting a family and adopting–it did not just happen magically overnight. Secondly, there is a video clip of her, both kids AND her girlfriend. Third, her girlfriend is not a celebrity and perhaps wants a bit more privacy, so maybe that’s why she was not in the still photo. Don’t ASSUME you know what is going on. Why can’t people just simply be happy for other people??? I think their family is wonderful–it doesn’t matter how it formed, what matters is that it exists! CELEBRATE LOVE AND HAPPINESS YALL– QUIT HATING– LIFE’S TOO SHORT



proudmom on

I am 100% agreeing with amberfaith,karen and John.It is not up to us to judge.God is the ultimate judge no matter what anyone thinks,or how strong your opinion is.All of you people can arrgue till your blue in the face but in the end your opinions and how you chose to live your life will be the only thing judged.And we are not going to be the ones judging.Its not that were living in the 1950’s.It has nothing to do with what year it is.God has given us His word to live by,that doesnt change from 1900 to 2012.Never will.Its people who are getting more accustomed to all the sin in the world and taking it in as the norm. Nothing about this should be the norm.Its really sad.

Bobbi on

WOW! This is so awesome! Who the F### is this ugly woman? I have two kids, why am I not in the Peoples Mag and I actually gave birth to my kids!

Boom Boom on

Congratulations Jillian and Heidi. I’m sure you will be great parents. Very happy for you both.

aleya on

Really people…..she has said in interviews and in her podcasts; She can’t have babies!!! What she said about her body and what pregnancy would do to it was taken out of context.

Kelli on

Wow, wow WOW some of these comments. People will just find anything to complain about!!! Did anyone consider for one second how hard it is to adopt within the US??? It truly may be “easier” to adopt from countries like Haiti and such. I for one am happy for Jillian that she has two beautiful children and wish her nothing but the best.

A few years ago she did an interview where she stated that she just wanted “healthy love” regardless if that was with a man or a woman.

For those who want to see a picture of Heidi, if you go to the UK Daily Mail website (you may have to do a search) but there are some pictures posted there…and the most adorable picture of Jillian with her daughter 🙂

Again some of the comments here…I am all for free speech but just wow.

CC on

DAWN & VEE, Sorry but in an interview Jillian DID state that she would Never get pregnant because she didn’t dare mess up her body that way. So I KNOW this is at least one of the reasons for her choice in adoption. I do however applaud her decision in choosing to adopt no matter where the child is from. There are so many parentless children in need of a home. Too bad that in this country the procedure for adoption can be so difficult. CONGRATULATIONS Jillian, Heidi, Lukensia & Phoenix!!

Ally on

Congratulations to Jillian and Heidi! 🙂 Many blessings to their new and wonderful family!!!

And my compassion goes out to those who feel the need to share their negativity and hatred. I hope you will one day find peace in your life and are able to feel love and kindness for others ❤

cmonppl on

What’s with all of these white celebrities adopting black kids? Ok, we get it. You are so politically correct and worldly.

Kelly on

My only problem with this is that they intentionally brought a new baby into the world without a father. I find it disturbing that people negate the importance of the male role in children’s lives – 2 loving mommies is not the same no matter how much they try. The adoption from Haiti was a rescue and a blessing for that child who was likely to have never left that orphanage. I still wish them the best but the situation makes me sad.

jessicad on

How exciting for them! I started using Jillian’s videos a few months just to tone up and she’s amazing. I think she’ll be a great mom and good role model for her children.

Frances on

I invite everyone to ignore Proudmom before this turns into “What God did NOT say in Leviticus.”

Secondly, I wanted to quickly clarify… Bob is also gay. In case anyone was still rooting for Jillian + Bob. SHOCKING, I know. ^.^

All love and happy thoughts to J&H… congrats on a beautiful family!

Catca on


How can Tracey be commenting about someone else’s comment about buying babies when every comment preceding hers were happy congratulations comments. Tracey’s was the first negative comment on the whole message board and re-reading Tracey’s comment, there is no way it was sarcastic or empathetic. I think you must be reading a different Tracey’s comment and not the one that sparked all the reaction and that’s why you’re reading it differently than everyone else.

Nobody on

Everyone keeps asking why her and other celebs adopt from out of country. It’s because most adoptions in the US are partially open or completely open. No celebrity wants a money hungry person coming around trying to be a part of their lives if all you want to do is raise a happy family. If you adopt from out of country you don’t have to deal with that. Also, to the people that are so shocked she adopted, she announced as soon as she was leaving Biggest Loser over a year ago that it was because she wanted to be a mother and she was going through a stressful adoption process. I’m so glad that after all this time she finally got to adopt and her and her partner had a child too. I wish them nothing but happiness.

Y. LL-S on

Congratulations!!! to you Jillian!! Beautiful family you have there! Motherhood is a beautiful thing!!

Liz on

@ Sandy… whatever weirdo. Get therapy.. You need it.

@ fuzzy… well what can I say to a person with a screen name fuzzy? lol… Don’t hate because you live in a trailer with your big ol’ red pick up truck lol…

Jillian you rule! Ignore people who hate because you are succesful, beautiful and now, a mom too.

fuzzy on

@ LIZ…like you have a clue when a person needs therapy…if you did you would be the first in line!! LOL liz (bo)!

fuzzy on

I am not the one who is hateing, you are…miss “I live in NY where we accept anyone!!…then you say in the very next sentence “Perhaps these comments come from people who live in the deep south. lol.. freakin’ hillbillies lol…”. Point proven!! you arent accepting of anyone and everyone! And again, you dont know ANYONE from the deep south, do you? Because if you did, you would know, Hillbilly is a term referring to CERTAIN people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas of the United States, (primarily Appalachia but also the Ozarks. Owing to its strongly stereotypical connotations, the term is frequently considered derogatory, and so is usually offensive to those Americans of Appalachian heritage. I’ll take that over living next door to you ANYDAY!

Alexa on

@Sandy… You are a complete moron. Thank YOU for not procreating and having more of your kind around.

annie on

her statement of wanting to be thin instead of pregnant was sick hopefully these kids r loved and cared for . the woman is a obessive with herself

Kathleen on

Why do these stars have to adopt from Haiti when there are so many children in this country that need homes. Everyone complains about women having abortions yet they want to adopt from other country’s

Anne on

LOVE all the judgement about international adoption from people who won’t/can’t be bothered to adopt a child from ANY country. Put up or shut up people! Better yet just shut up! The likes of your xenophobia do not need to be raising kids.

Jen on

Congrats to the new Mom’s.. this debate really just speaks VOLUMES of where America is at this point and where we are not.

If you don’t like gays: than don’t date the same sex. If you don’t want to raise a black baby then don’t get preganant by a black man or adopt a black baby…

Let other intelligent people do what they want. They are not hurting you by being gay or having a biracial family.. You ignorant people or doing more HARM to our society by reproducing your hatred in your little bigot children and poisening their minds…

Adoption in the USA is a great idea. But adoption from a country where they will likely grow up with NOTHING and suffer great pains.. Seems obvious to adopt from a poor country…

mamaLeo on

Both babies are adorable! I’m sure she is a great mother. And a great role model for them as well.

schmemmm on

This is great news, and to all the naysayers, shame on you, she suffers from POCS and cant give birth, so before you get all judgy and preachy about adoption, spare a moment for the actual reality of the situation. I have no doubt they will be fantastic parents.

Amelia on

Congratulations to them both! I’m sure they’re in for a wild ride with two little ones, but I would bet an awful lot of money that Jillian, and probably anyone she would choose as a partner, will be a terrific, attentive, caring mother!
Adoption is such a wonderful thing; to me, it shouldn’t matter what your reasons are for adopting. You’re giving a child a home, and a loving family. It doesn’t matter if that child is from down the street or the other side of the earth. A child is a child and deserves wonderful, loving parents like I’m sure Jillian and Heidi will be. Best wishes to the new family 🙂

Bobby on

Dear, Jillian and family I just wanted to taken a min to say congrats on on your new family. My partner and I have been together for 15 years and we are trying to adopt. It is a very long process. Looking at you and your family give us so much hope thank you so much and bless you and your family.

terri on

How cool to give a child a loving home who might not have one. And for tracy WOW……….you are so wrong. And for Sandy was your mother selfish for having you?

Me on

While I do not agree with the way TRACEY put it, she is not completely wrong. It has been stated before that Jillian was overweight as a teen and that she did not want to be pregnant ever because she was afraid of it missing up her body/figure. Tracey may have put it harshly but don’t jump on her for being right. The things that have ticked me off the most about these comments are the “black baby” comments and the comments about their lifestyle and family. This is a beauty family and I think it is great Jillian adopted for whatever personal reason she had, even if it is baby from another country. Yes I am from the USA and no I am not black.

Paige on

Congrats to this new family! How great it is to provide love, support, kindness and guidance to a child, or to many children. Gay, straight, black, white, who cares! It think this is wonderful and wish them all the best!

KW on

Listen, you jerks saying nasty things because she adopted. Jillian has PCOS. Google it, you ignorant morons. It’s not about keeping her figure, she can’t have babies, just like me. Grow up. How could you pick on ANYONE who wants to open their home up to a child in need of a family?

hymasri on

ohh dear you are mom congratssssssssss

Tracy on

To: all the nasty wet-blankets posting here. How about you find a nice little article over at a hate site like Fox News or something, rather than come here to try to spoil something sweet?

Congrats to the lovely mums-

A newborn & a two year old! Yikes!

You’ll need all the energy you can get- lol. Get sleep when you can.

Good on ya~ from Oz!


Anonymous on


Just to let you know Jillian had fertility issues early on in life and it has nothing to do with messing up her figure. I’m sure should would of had her own child if should could have.

Jean Michaels on

This is to friggin’ cool!! I am so over the top happy for you and your partner! Kiddos look ADORABLE! Can’t wait to check out the full article/photos in the magazine. Enjoy those munchkins every day(even when you’re pulling your hair out) cause they will be going off to college before you know it!

Thanks for all you do with helping motivate people to live a healthier life!!


french ribbons on

Sandy I most certainly agree that you are entitled to your opinion but why come to an article about someone having a baby if babies and famalies are something you dislike? I’m not trying to be rude at all, I’m only curious as I don’t understand that reasoning at all. also, even if you think it’s wrong for someone to bring a new child into this world what’s wrong with giving a home to one that’s already here?

Karen on

40 years ago for my baby boy..hubby low sperm count…everything turned out great!! today they call it a surrogate…lol, congrats to Jillian..–ignore all negative folks in this world..’judge not less you be judged’…no one died and made these folks God!

jessica on

Wow, some of the comments on here are so sick! If you cant be happy for someone who is announcing their joy of a family then you must be miserable!!! And are people still hung up on Jillian saying she didnt want to ruin her body? Oh pa-lease! Can we not make decisions for ourselves these days? Just because she was honest bout why, you ridicule her? Her body is her business and with so many children needing to be adopted, she had an option that worked better for her! Shut up and try to have some joy for someone! sheesh!

Nicole on

Congrats to them both, I am so happy they finally have the family they have wanted!

And to all the people worried about their rights as parents, I am sure they have all the legal stuff ironed out. It’s not that difficult and there are many ways of going about both being legal parents. Why is it any of our concern. When planning a family you always put the children first and make sure everything is done to support that. And it’s really sad people are waiting for this relationships demise. For those people I feel sorry for you, get a life!

Not the same Tracey on

@ Tracey (the ignorant one)
Kinda ashamed you share my name right down to the spelling of it. Thankfully that’s the only thing we have in common. I am adopted from Bogota, Colombia. My mother went through three painful miscarriages before adopting my older sister (not blood related) and then 4 years later adopting me. I know first-hand what the gift of being adopted means. The celebrities DO NOT BUY babies. Their adoption process is just in the spotlight more than most non-famous people. They have to jump through the same hoops everyone else does. Money might not be as big of a concern in terms of paying for the paperwork process, but they still have to measure up just the same. I think it’s extremely ignorant for you to assume that every person who doesn’t come out and say specifically why they are adopting (i.e. fertility difficulties or same-sex relationship) is just trying to conserve their precious figure.

Jholmar on

Such beautiful babies! I love Jillian! So glad her dreams of motherhood have come true! Congrats to them all!

Kitty on

I think a lot of people got off track here this is a story of another child being accepted and loved not a shooting match of who’s right and who’s wrong I thank the good lord there are ppl like JM and all the other celebs and regular ppl that put aside their clean homes leisurely breakfasts going out to dinner and dancing whenever they want and give up sleeping in on days they don’t have to be at work or photo shoots or whatever the case may be to give these children homes and love as for adopting outside the US so what difference does it make when a child needs a home you know if the ppl dont adopt them most of these children would either die all I can say is congrats JM and Heidi Just love your babies and know that the general gist of things are your fans are behind you 110%and the ones against it dont matter you do your thing and raise them up to be happy healthy well adjusted humans show all the ppl that you are once again strong enough to overcome the nay sayers

holly on

Tracey, just replying to you lovely comment …….

“It must be so NICE to BUY babies and not have to mess up the figure that has made you millions.

Not just you Jillian but everyone of the “Hollywood” people who want something, they just go out and but it.

So not right..”
incase you havent notice, she is GAY! so i dont really see how you get off making comments like that, so rude!! life isnt perfect and not everyone can have children, the natural way. so yes maybe people have to adopt, or “buy” in your terms.

i just really think about what your saying before you open your mouth….

Nikki Wills on

That is SO rude and judgemental! Did you ever think that maybe she COULDN’T have a baby? It happens to more and more people everyday! The reason you see it all the time from celebrities is because it’s made public. No one says anything to the everyday person who has adopted! SO many people adopt because they, themselves, can’t carry a baby. WOW so quick to judge! They can afford to give that baby a home, and as long as they are good parents why do you care if they adopt or have a baby of their own? Besides, baby #2 IS their own. How about you live a day in the life of someone else before you judge them so easily? I have 2 children of my own, but if I could afford to adopt a baby who needs A home, I would.

logan on

Congrats to the happy family. Jillian has been a lesbian her whole life. Not all knew this but I did. Some choose to keep their private life private. She now feels free to let it be known. Her ex-girlfriend is the famous trainer Jackie Warner who has been out for years.

Me on

Tracey – Buy a baby? are you serious? She has endometriosis and cannot have children. People need to do their research before they open their mouths

Eva Mckenna on

adopting kids who need homes are good thing some people can not have there own childern, or siome just want to adopt to help those kids that need homes, some of you really need to think before saying mean thing who cares if she is gay or not at least she wants kids.

geri on

Tracey, before you start making comments maybe you should know what you are talking about. Jillian has stated in the past that she has polycystic ovarian syndrome which if you know anything about this, it makes it very difficult and in many cases impossible to become pregnant. This may have been the reason she chose to seek other avenues for having a child…I doubt she is worried about her figure, she would know better then anyone on how to get it back!

Danna on

Those are her beautiful, and I hope she happy and her family is Blessed. Al this coming from a woman who does not approve of Gay adoptions. ( Because if two men/women can’t ever make a baby then they were not meant to raise one) It’s the truth, ppl get upset the truth hurts, like it or not. But Im happy that Jillian Love her Kids and looks smitten with them. Any way I was to say , adoption in the USA or abroad is great. Yes their are many children here that need a home, But ppl have their rights and we can’t just say stay local when we don’t know background of the process. I do love older children are adopted because it’s so hard for them to find homes.

Koali on

You have beautiful children.
Savor all the time you can with them.
They are gorgeous.

Seamonkey on

So happy for all of them! I know Jillian had medical issues that made giving birth impossible for her but wonderful that she went to Haiti AND they had their son at the same time.

angel on

WOW! Sandy…..the angry one! You really do crack me up. Obviously someone has treated you very badly for you to have such anger for others that choose to have children. Possibly your parents abused you or did not have any time for you as you grew up and or maybe they tossed you out of their house the minute you turned old enough that they thought you could take care of yourself. For others to cast judgement upon you for your opinions maybe not right however you also are casting your judgement upon others…. you say that you will never bring a child into this world bc of all your on and on reasons ( which btw you do have a point even though I do not agree ) but that is YOU others do not feel the same so how about you not be so hateful of others and THEIR choices? I myself have 5 children and 1. I am not a big fat blob bc of it, 2. I do think it is the hardest job ever with tons of highs and lows but I would not trade it for anything! I do not have nannies that do all the work while I take all the pleasure! And 3. we are not rich or poor and do not rely on the state to pay our bills or feed us. And the comment you made about parents just wanting tax breaks……. HA HA AND HA it seems as though with all your “research” on having kids you would have come across the one with the average cost it is raising a child in my northern area it is about 161,000. I highly doubt someone says “HONEY LETS HAVE A KID SO WE CAN SPEND ALL OUR MONEY RAISING IT” I know I did not. I had my children bc I wanted to. Not bc there was something in it for me. Sandy if you do not have someone to love and love you back (with your attitude my guess is you don’t) you need to find someone…… girl you are wasting your life being angry and jealous of others! Make the best of your life. You are alive so you might as well try to be happy! Best wishes for you! 🙂 And I WILL have a good day being with my family so thanks!

Emma on

I have watched every season of Biggest Loser, and Jillian you were a force to be reckoned with. And that is a huge compliment, these children will benefit from having Heidi and you as parents. Enjoy each and every moment, you both will be awesome parents. I have seen how you care for contestants on the show, and I know that with even an ounce of that caring your 2 wonderful additions will grow to be great adults, as is the potential of any child in the world. So Congratulations to the both of you. And yes there might be haters, but they don’t even touch the happiness it looks like you have found.

Bones on

All children need love and a good home,however there are plenty of children here in the USA that need love and a home. Why does everyone have to go to another country to find a child to love. Just do not understand. Every child in poor countries cannot be adopted so how can you go their and pick. Seems like you would have to pick all of those poor little persons. Sorry, but I beleive in the Home front first. I wish only the best for the little girl and hope her life will be what she needs as she grows into a woman.

Charlene on

Jillian, you will make a very good mom, and just enjoy them when you can, because they dont stay little long. I have seven children and they grow up to fast. So enjoy and congrats. My Baby is 40 all ready, but he is still my baby.

Ronna Neal on

SO many myths on this board regarding adoption. Obvously from people who do not know a thing about it…. Or have children themselves… We adopted in China in 2005 after Family Services wasted our time in their Foster to Adopt Program here… Just used us for 2 – 3 wk intervals as a holding home… We have a very flawed system, that is why people have to go overseas to adopt and Stars have to jump thru the same hoops and timeframes as the rest of us. Haiti and Africa happen to be the easiest at present if you are considering… Use a large agency not small and do your research before you leap… Everyone wants the experience of giving birth but after not being able to have a child and adopting from China, we would do it again FIRST!! China no longer allows single/gay parents but the US does allow both… Expect all foster children to have some special needs… You know we have a problem when 3rd world countries adopt out healthier babies than USA…. All children deserve a home…. This world is terrible in my opinion and we should be taking care of all children in the world. Have one then adopt the rest I say… You don’t have to be rich to adopt… We aren’t… Took out a home equity loan and paid payments till we able to move and pay it off with our equity… Adoption is LOVE ❤

CoCo on

Tracy you are ignorant. So she adobted. Do you not think these children who are adopted need a family? Get over yourself.

agnes coulter on

Congrats Jillian. You’re an awesome trainer because of your passion to help others. Keep on keeping on N God bless you for partaking giving bk to the daughter you have adopted

Laura f on

Many people, not just celebrities choose to adopt outside the US because some states are so ridiculous with their policies, example: my cousin who is white and her husband who is Latino wanted to adopt they were willing to accept a child of any age or race but they were told that placing a child with them would be difficult because they are an inter racial couple-seriously. They jumped through so many hoops for so long that once they thought they may get a child, they were told they were no longer eligible because my cousins husband had turned 41 and the age cut off is 40 no exceptions. So they adopted from South America.

Kiddo1980 on

ja mam tylko jedną refleksję- że JM ma rację co do wszystkiego, ale tylko w przypadku zdrowych osób. Sama zmagam się z PCOS, Hashimoto, hiperunsulinizmem i cudem po terapii urodziłam dziecko.
Mimo, iż również posiadam wiedzę, wieloletnie doświadczenie w treningach, odżywiam się jeszcze bardziej restrykcyjnie, niż ona proponuje czy sama przyznaje, ale po porodzie mój metabolizm runął pomimo perfekcyjnej diety i ćwiczeń, pomimo posiadania niemowlęcia i zajmowania się nim samej. Mam wyjątkowo dobre i zdrowe dziecko, mogę trenować przy nim i z nim cały czas, ale niestety, osoby takie jak Jillian nigdy nie zrozumieją matek, które mają problem z figurą po ciąży. Na podstawie np.swojej partnerki nie może ocenić miliona kobiet…
Poza tym bardzo się cieszę, że mają dwoje pięknych i zdrowych dzieci. Dzieci to największe szczęście. A że ktoś zarzuca im, że mają pieniądze itp., że łatwiej im było zaadoptować dziecko, czy wynająć nianię- to bzdury. To świadczy o tym, że są bardzo odpowiedzialne i są w stanie zapewnić dzieciom wszystko, a przede wszystkim stabilny dom. Bardzo mocno im kibicuję i trzymam kciuki. JM jest najlepszą i najrozsądniejszą trenerką jaką znam.
Myślę, że jest bardzo dobrą matką i przekaże dzieciom najlepsze wzorce i wartości.