Meet Jennifer Lopez’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins

05/23/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

It’s not every day that actors make their on-screen debut alongside Jennifer Lopez. But that’s exactly what happened to 2-year-old twins Samuel and Asher, who play the son Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro adopt in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, currently in theaters.

“Sammy was the first one to cuddle up to Jennifer,” says the boys’ father Kindred Howard, who, along with his wife Meredith, adopted Samuel and Asher from Ethiopia with the help of the charitable Gift of Adoption Fund.

“I thought, ‘He just weaseled his way into the top spot.’ There were times when I would look at Jennifer between takes and she would be playing peek-a-boo with Samuel.”

The boys at 8 months – Meredith Howard

Asher, on the other hand, bonded better with Santoro.

“So Sammy is the one you see in just about all of the scenes with Jennifer and Asher is in the dude scene with Rodrigo,” explains Howard. “Between shooting, Rodrigo was taking pictures on his phone of he and Asher. It was the sweetest thing.”

It’s been a tough road to Hollywood for the boys, who were severely malnourished and suffered from meningitis and sepsis after their biological mother died at childbirth.

“Being in a very rural village, it’s not like they could run to the store and get formula,” says Howard. “Their father, out of love, gave them to an orphanage.”

“He let me take some pictures of their biological mother to show the boys later on,” adds Meredith.

The Howard family today – Courtesy Howard Family

Originally hoping to adopt a little girl, the Howards decided to adopt the boys after two families had declined them. “They were possibly special needs, but they needed a home,” says Meredith.

After bringing the twins to Atlanta to join the couple’s three other children, daughter Emerson, 9, and sons William, 6, and Carson, 4, the Howards nursed the boys back to health, including taking them to physical therapy.

“They couldn’t support any weight on their legs at all,” recalls Meredith.

“Now, everything is normal. They are running around and getting into everything. They are just little miracle babies.”

— Jessica Herndon


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Shannon on

Handsome fellas!

Leah on

Those are some CUTE babies! Smooches for those adorable faces 🙂

Lotus on

Thank you to the Howard family for being so decent, loving, and selfless. The world is better with people like you in it.

showbizmom on

Hmmmm A white family that aren’t celebrities adopting black babies? Who wouldn’t have thought????

Super cute family!

Charlotte on

They are the most beautiful little boys! 🙂

Brooklyn on

Adorable little boys! Love their names, too.

Skip on

What sweet babies. I feel for their biological father, though. Hope they will be able to go back and see him someday.

Nadia on

– showbizmom

“Hmmmm A white family that aren’t celebrities adopting black babies? Who wouldn’t have thought????

Super cute family!”

Are you kidding they are many white families that have adopted that are not on the spotlight. To be honest i have known of so many white families that have adopted black kids more compared to asian. I am one of those black children that was adopted into a white family well my dad is 1/4 native so he isn’t white but you get the point. So my parents adopted 4 black girls 3 from Haiti where I am from adn 1 American. Also there white friends adopted 3 kids from Haiti they father is white Canadian and the white mother is from Argentina.

Na'eema on

Awwww they are soo cute!

showbizmom on

Nadia, it’s called sarcasm.

The Howard Family on

Hi, it is Sammy & Asher’s mommy here. I am so grateful you posted that about the boys’ biological father. we agree with you 100%.

Adoption is truly a heart-wrenching, beautiful thing…all rolled up into one. It is hard. It is born of loss… We had the honor of spending time with their father in his village in Ethiopia.

We can only hope and pray to not only bring honor to their birth parents, but also to their amazing birth country with their story. Thanks for posting-

P.S. If you want to continue to follow along with our journey, you can follow us at

Thanks, Skip-

kpmonkeymommy on

This family is amazing… they had the means to expand their family through adoption and opened their hearts to children who otherwise would never know a forever family.

My heart breaks for their father for the hard sacrifice he had to make for the boys to have the best life possible, but I know that they will always be grateful to him for it.

I also hope they can one day return to their birth country, meet him again, and tell him all about their lives in America. They are very blessed to have a special angel watching over them in heaven, two wonderful loving parents, and a man who loved them so much he did what he had to do to ensure they had the best life.

How wonderful that they could portray a child being adopted… too fitting!

(And I’m sure Emerson does not mind being the only princess in a family with 4 brothers :))

annachestnut on

those are adorable, lovely boys!

Caroline on

Gorgeous boys & a beautiful family

alicejane on

Now this is the kind of story I love to read, the kind of family I love to read about! Thanks People for posting this and congratulations to the Howards on their beautiful family!

kjc on

Beautiful boys! It’s great that the Howard family gave these boys a chance at a great life when a couple other families were too concerned about their health to adopt them.

I checked out your blog Meredith, and your boys looked adorable at their movie premiere. You have a beautiful family. Their birth father will be proud of how you are raising the twins.

Jillian on

Howard Family,
Your family is beautiful! That family photo is amazing. I can’t wait to see this movie on Saturday and am looking forward to seeing your boys in their Hollywood debut. They are so lucky to have amazing parents like the both of you to nurse them back to health. My heart breaks for what would have happened, had you not been brought into their lives. I am looking forward to reading your blog.


Amy on

Beautiful babies,beautiful family. They are all blessed to have one another.

FC on

J.Lo was lucky to have worked with them. I might’ve taken home with me. They are adorable!