Look for Less: Harper Beckham’s Travel Chic

05/22/2012 at 10:00 AM ET

Like mother, like daughter!

While leaving Hong Kong on April 26, Harper Beckham achieved mom Victoria Beckham‘s ability to look oh-so fab while traveling in a totally polished and girlie ensemble.

The bright-eyed brunette paired Stella McCartney‘s Bell Dress ($66) with Bonpoint‘s Galleo Nursery Shoes ($125) and Glitter Headband.

Love Harper’s pretty pint-size style? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $30!

Courtesy Cassie’s Closet


From the dainty lace detailing to the crystal embellished tulle skirt, Baby Sara‘s Ivory Lace Dress ($30) is the perfect mini frock for your sweet angel.

Courtesy Gap


Kick off her summer sandal collection with babyGap‘s Fringe Sandals ($17).

Also available in a pretty pink, the adorable shoes are crafted from a super soft suede and feature a sturdy sole.

Courtesy Pumpkin Patch


Finish off her sweet outfit with Pumpkin Patch‘s Bow Headband ($9.50). The over-sized side bow is oh-so cute!

— Anya Leon

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Mindy on

Why does an infant need $125 shoes? She is an adorable child but that just seems crazy to me, she’s not even walking, what a gross display of wealth and waste.

Cindy on

While I think the baby is very cute, who the heck pays $125 for BABY shoes? In a way, I could understand it for an adult after your feet stop growing, but in a little while, the shoes will be worthless. I wish people would stop equating price with quality all the time – those $17 shoes look just as cute!

tlc on

Not to mention, how do they stay on her little feet? Those toe things must bug the crap outta Harper!!!

She does look a lot like Romeo though. Cute.

em on

She is so chubby! I could gobble her up.

Sarah S. on

You just want to kiss those tiny plump feet–she’s so adorable!

stacey on

I just love her. She is so completely DARLING!!!!! Cutiest baby ever!!!

emily on

Do you people not understand how rich they are? $125 for baby shoes is like $5 to us. It’s all relative. If they can afford it, they can certainly buy it…same rules that apply to the rest of us. It’s not that hard to comprehend…

Jen DC on

I love love love love her plumpness. Although my arm and back are cramping just thinking of propping her up on my hip!

Also… the global economy is in the crapper. Please, rich people, spend your money, since you’re the only ones who really have it.

Honestly, both she and her husband are millionaires many times over. Plus, she’s a designer… Do you think she paid for those shoes? Bonpoint probably gave them to her because they realize her baby means free publicity for their stuff and there are some people – also with money – who value “keeping up with the Beckhams.”

Jenner on

Emily, I’m glad it’s not hard for you to comprehend these people throwing away money on unnecessary, uncomfortable shoes for a baby when there are people starving in our country. I, for one, think it’s sick.

Sarah on

Jenner, Emily didn’t say she condoned their spending, she just was pointing out the difference of their earnings to most people. No need to jump down her throat.

That being said, Harper is beautiful, the outfit is gorgeous, and if Victoria and David want to spend THEIR money on THEIR child’s clothing then that is THEIR choice.

RKF on

Oh please, Jenner. What a tiring comment. If they (or anyone else) can afford $125 baby shoes, that is their prerogative, and they are allowed to buy their child whatever they please. The Beckham’s Charitable Trust made them UNICEF ambassadors, and they donate a large amount of money to various important charities. Do you? Likely not.

Adorable baby, on a positive note!

Mar on


Didn’t you read ANYTHING Emily said? Clearly you do not understand the point she was trying to make. Spending $125 on a pair of shoes to the Beckhams is like you spending $5 on a pair of shoes. Next time you buy a pair of shoes for your child, please remember that the shoes that seem affordable to you may seem expensive to someone poor or homeless. The way you are judging Victoria Beckham, a poor person could judge you the same way by saying “Wow, spending $5 dollars on a pair of shoes that the child will only wear for one month? They could buy a used pair at goodwill for 50 cents and give the $4.50 leftover away to fund a poor family’s dinner!”. Does that put things into perspective for you?

Anyway, even if the shoes were $1,000 instead of $125, it is their money and they have a right to do with it as they please. Its not Victoria Beckham’s responsibility to take care of anyone other than herself and her family. She already gives millions of dollars of her income away to taxes (35%) every year, so I’m pretty sure she’s already paid her fair share and done more for the poor than you ever have or ever will

Vanessa on

I reckon she weighs more than Posh.

S* on

harper is so cute! and my baby girl is the same age and has hardly any hair yet- jealous 🙂

Samantha Lowry on

Important to note: the rich get richer here. The Beckhams didn’t pay for any of this kids’ clothes, it’s all given to them gratis so places like People report on it. So while $125 is outrageous to spend on a baby’s first pair of shoes, it’s more outrageous when places like People make a story out of it, thus motivating the manufacturer to continue to send the Beckham’s more and more free stuff. Just as an FYI. I used to be a publicist for a major fashion house and that’s how we did it. Send your stuff to celebs through their publicists and the earned media is well worth the cost of the item. It’s a sick cycle but that’s how it works in this industry.

K on

You can tell the people who failed Finance 101. I agree with Jen DC 100%! If you have money, please please spend it so that genuinely backed money is circulating and inflation and the cost of living go down and wages can go up. It’s the panic and the pulling money out that makes the economy WORSE, while it’s the spending of the people who HAVE money that helps it IMPROVE.

Shannon on

What else would she spend money on? This is Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, who finally had a daughter after being mom to three adorable boys. I expect nothing less. hee hee

martina on

Her shoes look soooo uncomfortable. I have a baby the same, and would never put something that is purely a fashion statement on his feet. Babies are not fashion accessories!

Jen DC on

Plus, there’s the whole “why come to People to complain about how the rich outfit their children” angle. What did you expect to find here, exactly?

Anyway, also what RKF said. They give to charity and spend their cash as they see fit. As we all do and have the right to do. If we went through your receipts, I’m sure we could find some questionable charges, a Starbucks habit, perhaps; maybe Dunkin Donuts…

kimmie on

Also keep in mind that by her buying these shoes, a sales associate gets comission, he or she then goes to spend it at the store, where another sales associate gets salary and so on. Somewhere in this chain is you. So it’s in your best interest that she buys expensive (to you) shoes.

joan on

how can sandals cost $125 PERIOD?? there is nothing TO THEM. I wouldn’t spend that as an adult let alone a child even if I HAD the money.
I just can’t believe how much some things “cost”

cara on

She is such a doll ! and as some people here have already said, $125 is all relative. Certainly would not criticise her for spending money on her kids clothes, they are always dressed very nicely and it is important to her.

Anyway, David Beckham does loads of great work for charity, so the analogy of them spending less on their kids to give more to charity is ridiculous. They may give more to charity in a month than most of could ever afford in 10 lifetimes.

cara on

PS I agree with Jen, who says that probably everything they wear, use, drive etc is given to them with the agreement they will be seen wearing / using / driving it in public. That kind of publicity is priceless for any brand. Who knows, maybe they spend less per year on kiddies shoes than any of us.

Maya on

I agree – the shoes look very very uncomfortable. She shouldn’t have anything pressing her between her toes. Such sandals are meant for adult feet – not infant or toddler.

Michelle on

Thong sandals on babies make my eyes twitch.

Donna on

Thong sandals can be dangerous for little feet. I’m not impressed by them.

Brooklyn on

Adorable! I think her shoes are cute. I don’t really know a lot about baby feet & sandals, but if she’s not walking yet, there’s not a lot of pressure on her feet, no? I see no problem with the shoes being $125 for a celebrity. Obviously Victoria has enough money. Would I buy shoes that expensive for my children? No. But that’s only because I don’t have that kind of money.

Patricia on

Agree with Jenna. I used to work in the public relations industry. It’s exactly how the industry works.

Fabulous on

Jenner Its not wasting money… They buy what they can afford.. JUST LIKE EMILY SAID… I would think it a waste to buy anything you can’t AFFORD. AND since they give to many charities that help people…. They are giving back so WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT THEY BUY!!!! IT’S THERE MONEY!!! Keep buying your cheap shoes and hoarding your on money….. OAN: cute baby.. Cute outfit!!!! Darling little shoes!