Spotted: Gwyneth and Kids Check out Jay-Z Show

05/21/2012 at 12:45 PM ET

Purse in hand? Check. Pink hair? Check. Pass around the neck? Check.

Apple Martin, 8, and little brother Moses, 6, join mom Gwyneth Paltrow for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “Watch the Throne” tour Saturday night in London.

“Yup. Uncle Jay at the O2,” the actress, 39, Tweeted, sharing a photo of her children throwing up the rapper’s diamond hand sign at the concert.

Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, are famously close with Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé.

“Yes, it’s true; My kids call Jay-Z ‘Uncle Jay.’ I call him Uncle Jay too now,” she joked in 2009.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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DawnMiller on

I am a big Jay-Z fan, but his lyrics are not appropriate for 6 and 8 year old children. Epic fail, yet again, Gwyneth.

Ivy. on

Never thought I’d say I’m jealous of an 8 and 6 year old. They must have the most amazing life. And I love that Gwyneth “shows them off” without showing their faces.

Kandy on

Who on earth would take kids that young to a JayZ and Kanye concert? Miss Gwyneth “I have a website and tell you all how to do things” certainly could take a bit of advice from others it seems. I don’t care if its their “uncle” or father or brother. Absolutely nuts.

Mel on

I am not a Gwenyth Paltrow fan at all, but this might just be one of the funniest things I have ever seen..LOL Unless he’s changed his act some there’s no way I’d be taking kids that young to a Jay Z concert.

becky on

I was at that concert!! and I completely agree with previous posters; wouldnt let my my pre-teens attend that concert, let alone 6 and 8. “uncle” or not

elizaandeverett on

I’ve never realized how close Apple Martin is to Apple Martini.

Poor girl.

ruby on

You took an 8-yo and a 6-yo to a Jay-Z/Kanye concert?! Are you insane?!

jones on

Whoa, unless Jay-Z performed a special kids’ concert it is hard to see how this is appropriate for a 6 and 8 year old.

babyfat on

even my 14 yrs old son when he was a 9th grader in Highschool – i’m not one of those very open mother to take my kids to those concerts : But we do Disney on Ice every Holidays when it come to town

Frederick on

Yeah, I’d have to say that little kids at a Jay-Z concert probably isn’t a good parenting move. My opinion.

Sophia on

I’m a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z, but taking small kids to Jay-Z’s concert? Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Gina on

Not exactly children’s music and why would she let her daughter have pink hair? Uncle Jay my A–!

Sheryl on

Yeah not an entirely appropriate concert for little kids. Is it me, or does she love to talk about how many famous people she is friends with? Yawn…..

swack on

@ivy, the children’s faces are shown when they are walking. So how is that not showing their faces? Also, I agree that this was not an appropriate concert for the children. Not only the lyrics, but what time did the concert end? Maybe a bit late for children that age?

Hea on

It’s just language. Calm down.

showbizmom on

@ swack

Actually she didn’t show their faces in the second picture, that was taken from a company called Xposure. She didn’t release that picture, they did.

Sara Van Allen on

I may not have kids of my own yet, but I am a preschool teacher and student taught K-5, and let me tell you, most kids don’t understand lyrics in songs. My kids come in singing all sorts of lyrics they hear in songs on the radio and many of them they have no idea that they aren’t supposed to be singing them or saying them. So, I highly doubt Gwyneth’s kids know what pimps are…I mean, really…what six year old knows “I kissed a girl and I liked it” means something dirty??? So, basically you probably shouldn’t let your child listen to the radio anymore either…

Shannon on

She is such a poser.

Celtics_Diva on

Her kids, her life.

Side note : Watch the throne is a hip hop classic! Love Jay and Kanye together!

ugh on

she is so corny.

LizzyM on

Gwyneth again trying to prove how cool she is by flaunting celebrities that she associates with. I guess that’s what one does when one is desperate to stay relevant.

sally on

Jay-Z and Kanye West concert? Has anyone heard some of the lyrics? Not appropriate for children!

ash on

it doesn’t matter what all you guys think, its her choice because it’s her life.

Nono on

Is almost everyone here still in high school. Grow up people, if Gwyneth wants her kids to watch a concert, so what. As for pink hair, once again so what. Hair is one thing that your body recycles, it grows it gets cut. Such jealousy should have disappeared with your teens,grow up.

Ivy. on

@swack I wasn’t talking about the paparazzi photos. I was talking about the personal photos she shares on twitter. there are a few pictures of her kids, but she doesn’t show their faces.

She doesn’t have a whole lot of control about what’s shown when it comes to the paparazzi.

love on

Love Gwyneth, and her family. They looked like they enjoyed themselves, good for them, NOT a fail to me. She’s living her life with her family, everyone on here is just commenting on her life,go figure.

sally on

Jay-Z and Kanye West???? Good choice Gwyneth……………NOT

blessedwithboys on

Shame on you, Gwyneth!

nacho mamma on

Did Jay Z change the lyrics to his songs just for Gwenie and her children, because 8 and 6 is pretty young to be hearing such verbage. more like Big Rush would be their style. But again, she is perfect in every way so she MUST know what she is doing right?????

Lotus on

I think I’m more saddened by the fact they’re throwing up the Roc diamond sign like mindless drones to Jay-Hovah (his nickname, not my creation), than the fact they’re at the concert. By the way, I wonder if they sing the lyrics to “Ninjas” in Paris. lol

boston on

It’s just language? Listen closer– it’s degradation of women with an insanely catchy beat. I like some of his songs– though I wish he’d lighten up on his lyrics– but would never take a 6 and 8-year-old to his concert.

Leslee on

The Apple surely does not fall from the tree, the young lady reminds me so much of her mother as she is walking to the concert. Beautiful girl 🙂

Liz on

Ha ha, laughing about the comment about Gwynnie being perfect so must know what’s she’s doing!!! Hilarious and so true, Gwyn has the biggest ego on earth. And yes, she does name drop constantly. Hey Gwynnie,no one cares about your immoral and scummy celeb friends. Taking your kids to that show is pathetic. Buh bye.

orangekitty on

Oh Gwyneth, so not appropriate to take them to see that concert. Cringe worthy…..

Sara on

People, judging Gwyneth is not going to change her parenting style. Would you like a tabloid posting all the decisions you make for your children for the public to see? I agree with the commenter, that said most children that young don’t even remotely know the correct lyrics..nor what the words mean. They were just excited to see their, “Uncle Jay”. Ease up, just enjoy the pictures.

Catca on

I grew up in the 1970s and they didn’t really have teeny bopper bands for the pre-teens like they do now and I heard all kinds of lyrics all the time including things that I could understand pretty well like “We don’t need no education” from Pink Floyd. But here’s the thing, hearing the lyrics didn’t make me say “I don’t need no education” and fight my parents about going to school. Rather I listened to the song in the car on the way to school, and yes I went on to college and did quite well. I also heard songs about war as it was the Viet Nam era, and all kinds of other stuff that would be deemed inappropriate now. The kids are enjoying seeing someone they know performing a concert (that would be extremely cool for any kid) and they’re wearing ear phones to protect their ears from the sound. Truth be known, I don’t listen to Jay Z’s or Kanye’s music, nor have I seen them perform so I don’t know how bad it is, but somehow I have a feeling it’s not approaching “2 Live Crew” territory in raunchiness. The pre-packaged Disney/Nickolodean stuff is rated G music, yes, but kids are smarter and deeper than we give them credit for and frankly the “kids” marketed music is not exactly cutting edge inspirational stuff. It’s nonoffensive and pleasant, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but I do think kids can handle edgier fare with parental guidance.

Yikes on

Wow what cool best friends are they jay z/ beyonce and chris/ gwyneth??? I friggin love it!!! ROCNATION!!! 🙂

Kat on

I’m not a hater and everyone has a right to chose who they wonna befriend but I think Jay-Z music is not for 6 and 8yr olds.

MollyF on

Um, they’re kids and Gweneth is their parent. When I was six years old I was listening to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don’t get you guys at all. I don’t have kids, but i’d explain to my kids that you don’t use the language Jay-Z does. People just calm down. Gweneth isn’t a bad mother. Maybe all of you who are complaining shouldn’t alolow your kids to listen to the radio at all and monitor what their friends are listening to.

Jac on

I don’t see the big deal. You really think your kids don’t hear rap music and bad words outside of your home? Be realistic.

BRod on

What is she teaching her by kids letting them listen to “Uncle Jay’s” shallow, materialistic filth? The “diamond hand sign”? WTH is this country coming to?

Romy on

pink hair? totally fine once in a while (imo) and washes out. kids at church camp do it for crazy hair day. Jay Z concert at their age, even if he’s Uncle J, does seem appropriate. There is no way to plug their ears to every bad word etc, and there is no way to know exactly what they take out of what they hear. They have their own minds. hmm but maybe we wouldn’t all comment so much if she weren’t Gwyneth/Goop giving such grand tips (“she’d rather die than feed her daughter soup from a can”).

Tina on

children at HIS concert, with THOSE lyrics?? are you freakin kidding me?

veronique on

I have 2 sons, 16 & 13, haven’t worked a day outside of my home since my older son was born. We’re Catholic, attend a Catholic school, go to morning mass before school every single school day. We monitor what they watch on tv and music they listen to. Last September, I took my sons to a Coldplay concert. To warm up the crowd before the band came on stage, they played Jay-Z’s 99 problems. My very well raised Catholic sons knew every word. In another setting, I would have been horrified. But here, all pumped up and ready to see my favorite band, I just smiled and joined in. It’s been 8 months now and my sons are still the same nice, obedient boys I raised.
I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the way Gwyneth Paltrow has put her marriage and kids 1st, just like her parents did. Apple and Moses have 2 fantastic parents and will be just fine.

Lia on

Uncle Jay, give me a break. Gwyneth and her husband are terrible parents they have Apple have pink hair + take those 2 kids watch ”uncle Jay” sing those lyrics come on!! Very weird that Gwyneth and her ugly husband never come out together.

Sarah K. on

It looks like Apple’s pink hair will wash out. She probably just wanted to dress up for the concert. Also, not seeing the big deal with taking the kids to the concert. If you guys really don’t think that grade school kids don’t already listen to Jay-Z, you are sadly mistaken. I listened to rap songs when I was kid and I had NO idea what half the lyrics even were.

bond on

I would love to be a fly on the wall where all you haters live, you all act like your so perfect, please!, EVERYBODY has listened to songs when we were kids that we should not have, it really is no big deal!, I think it was more of a way to let her kids see their Uncle Jay in concert. Why are you all so critical, so it’s not ok for her to take the kids to see this concert but it’s ok for you all to criticize her, do you teach that to your kids! thats not nice, oh, and if I was her I would be name dropping my friends too, and so would all of you. I think she’s a pretty mom and a supportive friend.

Janna on

It’s okay. No better time for her daughter to learn that she’s destined to be just a ‘ho and for her son to learn that that’s all women are.

dd on

Oh, but we musn’t forget, if Gwynnie didn’t take the little ones to the concert, she’d miss out on a chance to brag about how her “special” offspring can refer to Jay Z as their uncle. Frankly, she’s constantly boasting and I’m not impressed. She’s had the good life since she was born, I’m constantly surprised at her lack of grace when it comes to being humble about one’s blessings. Most that have always had money, don’t feel the need to remind everyone about it ….with every public comment. She just never learns.

Marin on

Her kids don’t even know what the lyrics mean. When I hear songs that were popular when I was 6-8 years old, I’m always shocked by what I was singing.

love on

WOW! There are a lot of haters on this blog. Mad cause Gwyneth has famous friends, rich, happy family, talented. Grow up, take care of your kids, she is taking care of hers.

Angela on

The one thing that all the haters fail to realize,these are her CHILDREN. What you do with your is your business and with all the wonderful Mayberry upbringing “1/4 will still try drugs,have sex,text while driving and a full range of imperfect behavior as teens”

hater on

To all of those bitching about people POSTING THEIR OPINIONS, you need to get a life! Last I checked we are all still allowed our own opinions. If you don’t like them then go somewhere else!

And for the record, I would never let my kids go to either a Jay-Z or a Kanye West concert. Disrespecting women, foul language? Yep, that’s something I’d love my kids to be exposed to.

Anonymous on

I agree with the posters who have said that, at their ages, Apple and Moses probably don’t even know what the lyrics mean. For example, I doubt they know what “ho” or “b*&ch” mean, or what it means to kiss a girl and like it. So odds are that Jay-Z’s lyrics aren’t teaching them to disrespect women.

If anything, it’s preteens and teenagers that shouldn’t be listenting to Jay-Z’s music, as they’re the ones that it could actually have a negative influence on.

On a happier note, I wonder if Apple and Moses have met Blue yet?

Anonymous on

Oh, and I don’t see the big deal about Apple’s pink hair, either. It’s just a few pink streaks, and it looks like it’s probably wash-out dye.

Marky on

Angela, you may be correct, but I won’t have helped my child decide to do those things because they think it’s okay with me. I do not claim to have been flawless as a parent, but my kids knew I had principles and didn’t do what I asked them not to. Gwyneth won’t feed her child a “can of soup”, but she won’t pay attention to what her child is singing or listening to? That doesn’t compute to me. I’m not a hater, and she can do as she pleases, but it just doesn’t make any sense to say a can of soup is worse than raunchy lyrics and attitudes that denigrate women are.

corporatechirowellness on

I’m actually a GP fan, and generally think people are too hard on her. I do disagree with her on this one, though. The lyrics of this music isn’t age appropriate for her kids. I imagine it’s actually harder to separate the two when you’re actually close with the artists, but I think she needs to set a boundary here. Won’t make her “cool”, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

postathread on

“over exposed” twit…cannot STAND her…cute kids, though!

Amber on

All of you need to grow up and leave Gwyneth alone so what if she took her kids to that concert, it’s not that horrible I can think of worse stuff. If you don’t like it keep your rude comments to your selfs. she is a good mom and they all seemed to be having fun

Marky on

I wonder how many of the posters saying Apple and Moses don’t know what the lyrics mean actually have children and if so how old those children are? It surprised me how much kids that age know about the words in those lyrics, and what they know about what they hear from TV. Kids today are exposed to so much more than they used to be; they are old beyond their years sometimes. It dumbfounded me that a first grader informed his friend that he “knew why you don’t have a father. Your mother had sex with someone she wasn’t married to, that’s why!” When I was in first grade, I didn’t even know children who didn’t have a parent unless it was because of death, let alone would i have known that was why some child had never had a father. Come on, people, we don’t live in Mayberry, and children are not so innocent anymore. Parents are exposing them to things inadvertently even, much younger than they used to even 15-20 yers ago.

Hea on

– boston – Yes, both of them need to work on their lyrics and what they write but it’s also music. And if you’re a good parent you can explain these things to your kids if they ask. Apple and Moses will not grow up disrespecting others just because they’ve listened to hip hop.

Syljr on

have you considered that maybe they didn’t stay for the entire show?? maybe a song or two ?? and even if they were there for the entire show, so what… they’re not your kids. get a life!

KD on

I don’t get why 8 yr olds also have to wear heals..and a JayZ concert..guess that’s the life of a Hollywood kid.

Shannon on

I see it’s deemed fine for Apple to have pink hair. She’s younger than Willow Smith but Willow gets bashed for being just as creative with her hair. Hmmm interesting.

martina on

Why is Apple dressed like a 25 year old??

annie on

its not a diamond sign its a pyramid sign for illuminati

Angela on

Marky, you can instill your morals and beliefs in your children and monitor what they do and watch. In the end it’s up them to act accordingly.
It’s not the parents that are exposing children it’s other children,current events and culture. I grew up in the seventies and what my parents didn’t explain,the kids at school did. I knew my parents wouldn’t have approved and I also knew not to tell them.

JMO on

Hmmm well I don’t like Jay Z so I wouldn’t have gone to a concert anyways and I do know he has a lot of profanity in his music so I don’t think it’s appropriate but at the same time their dad is a mucisian so I’m sure they’ve seen and heard a lot that most kids their age have not. Gwyneth is the mother and I’m sure she knows whats best and who knows maybe knowing they were there Jay Z kept it a litle more pg 13 lol.
But yeah the way she flaunts her friendship with them is annoying anymore. Yes we know your friends with them – whippee nobody is jealous – atleast I’m not.

SMiaVS on

um. she named her kid apple. why is anything she does surprising?

Amanda K on

A rap concert is not a place for kids. Sorry. I’ve been to many shows and not only the language but the pot smoke and drinking are not something little kids need to be around.

Niko on

Isn’t Gywneth’s kids too young to be going to a Jay-Z concert? I know she’s frienda with him, but her kids are younger than 10!. Its OK if Jay-Z keeps his rhymes clean, but does he??

ross on

Didn’t know the Gwyneths and Jay-Zs are friends, maybe I’m kind old

Jillian on

“If anything, it’s preteens and teenagers that shouldn’t be listenting to Jay-Z’s music, as they’re the ones that it could actually have a negative influence on. For example, I doubt they know what “ho” or “b*&ch” mean, or what it means to kiss a girl and like it. So odds are that Jay-Z’s lyrics aren’t teaching them to disrespect women.”

Teenagers shouldn’t be listening to Jay-Z?!? Umm…I think 16, 17, 18, 19 year olds are more than able to listen to the music of Jay-Z.

And, not sure about your children. But, I would not let mine listen to a song about a ho and a bitch. My child who is around 8 DOES know what a bitch is, as many children around this age does. This is the year 2012, where they sadly hear and learn a lot more. If I can restrict my children from disrespectful music, I will.

Do you actually let your children around this age listen to this song and others like it?