Spotted: Gwen Stefani and Kingston – Tag Team

05/21/2012 at 04:30 PM ET

You’re it!

Gwen Stefani catches up with son Kingston James McGregor — who turns 6 on May 26 — while enjoying a day at the beach Sunday in Marina del Rey, Calif.

The No Doubt frontwoman, 42, and husband Gavin Rossdale are also parents to son Zuma, 3.

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Liz on

Really cute kid. His torso looks like an adult male’s here!

Kim on

Who wears a blazer to the beach?

JM on

wow he looks so much older all of a sudden.

Shannon on

Looks like fun but why is she dressed like that at the beach? o_O

Cali on

That’s actually not Kingston. He’s on the beach, too, but this kid is one of the party go-ers she was playing around with.

Anonymous on

Cali- Unless Gwen and Gavin have a secret older son that we’re not aware of, that’s definitely Kingston. 🙂

Anyway, he looks so big all of a sudden! Also, I think I spy Zuma behind them. 🙂

Anonymous on

Kingston looks like he has hairy chest:)

Jenn on

I am with Cali on this one. I don’t think it’s Kingston either. The kid in the pic is WAY taller than Kingston. The kid in the pic looks at least 8 years old and Kingston is just now turning 6 and has never really been big for his age.

carla on

That is definitely Kingston. There are other pics from this outing posted on the web and you can tell that it is 100% Kingston.

ang on

as if the paps are gonna take a pic of some random kid-a kid they see probably almost every day.

lindsey on

I’m wondering why she has her son named Kinston, that is Jamaica’s Capital city name!

JM on

lindsey i think it has to do with her and her husband being big reggae/bob marley fans.

Beeno on

Of course that’s Kingston! How many other 6 year-old little boy’s are sporting 5 inches of golden blonde hair with 2 inches of black/brown roots these days?! And why is Gwen wearing a blazer? I’ll bet the nanny got fired that day. It’s HER job to keep up with Kingston and Zuma,….. their mother is simply there for any and all photo ops. (Hence the blazer, hair and full make-up).

JM on

Beeno, actually the blond hair with dark roots is not at all unusual. two of my nephews’ hair looks pretty much exactly like kingston’s and i can assure you their hair has never been dyed.

Anonymous on

Beeno- I don’t understand wearing a lot of make-up myself, as I don’t wear ANY myself (I HATE the feeling of all that stuff on my face) and think women look better au naturel or with maybe just a little lipstick and blush or something. However, some women are actually more comfortable with make-up than without…even if they’re going to the beach or the pool or someplace similar.

Gwen could very well be one of them. This also isn’t the first time I’ve seen her playing and running around with her children. 🙂

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that, according to JustJared, Gwen and the boys were attending a birthday party. That probably explains her outfit.

Fabulous on

People are so judgemental from seeing ONE photo…. DAYUM!!!!! Just shut up already!!!! Go to other sites…. See that it’s a Birthday party… Kids playing and YES It is Kingston… SMGDH@StoooooopidAzzPeople

Jillian on

Anonymous, I am with you on the little to no make up front. I feel no need to wear it and feel great not having it on. However, I know I am not the norm. Most people wear it and wear full make up most of the time….especially, those in the spotlight! And as you mention, they were at a birthday party. So, it makes perfect sense that she would have make up on and be in the outfit she has on.