Spotted: Charlize Theron and Jackson Step Out in Spain

05/18/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Hola, Mami!

On-the-go mom Charlize Theron keeps son Jackson close while out and about in Madrid, Spain on Thursday.

The actress — who is currently doing press rounds to promote her latest flick, Snow White and the Huntsman — later ditched her chic mommy duds for a hip-hugging red number while posing for photos alongside costar Kristen Stewart.

Theron, 36, and her globetrotting 6-month-old were spotted kicking off their European travels with their arrival in Paris last week.

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JM on

Aahh! so cute. look at his chubby little arms. adorable.

Michelle on

He is just so yummy and cute.

Michelle on

Jackson is such a cute baby.

Hea on

Is it really a good idea to go globetrotting with a newly adopted baby? Isn’t a stable home environment and attachment to his new mother Charlize what he needs the most right now? I know this is her job, I understand that, I’m just asking because I doubt child social services where I live would be cool with this.

Acorr on

Her face is just so different these days.

Shannon on

He is cute. She still seems detached like she’s going through the motions.

jmanagement on


Anonymous on

Hea- I understand your concern, but it’s been at least two months since Charlize adopted Jackson (he was four months old when she made the announcement, and all she said then was that she’d adopted. She could have easily had him for a few months prior to making the announcement), and it’s only recently that we’ve seen her taking him with her while she works.

So I think he’s going to be fine.🙂

Anon- If that’s what “detached” looks like, then most celebs are “detatched” from their children, especially when they’re pretty clearly just walking from point A to point B (as opposed to playing with their children at a playground or something). To me it just looks like she’s concentrating on getting Jackson past the paps and into the car or wherever.

Also, keep in mind that Jackson is her first child, so she’s new motherhood, not to mention dealing with taking a baby out and about. Not every mother is a “natural” from the get-go.

Anyway, Jackson is adorable, and he reminds me a bit of Louis Bullock when he was a baby (and no, I’m not just saying that because they’re both black! I’d be saying the same thing if they were white and looked similar!).🙂

Leslee on

Babies have always traveled, it’s not a crime nor bad parenting. Ridiculous even suggesting it’s bad parenting. Home is where the mom is.

heidi on

It’s funny how adopting has become all the rage in hollywood. It isn’t a bad thing at all, but I have a feeling a lot of it’s done for PR.

s on

Hea – he is adopted, not in foster care. If the adoption was private then she is allowed to travel. It depends on the individual case plan., but usually they require 12 weeks of leave for 1 or more parent to be home to bond with a child.

Would you tell a family not to take their newly adopted child on a family vacation if it was to Disney? Why is this different? Because she is in Europe for a few days for her job?

Jennifer on

Ew…that is not a cute baby. I could say something much worse, but I am not going to.

Lia on

She does seem detached. She act like she is disappointed because this was the only baby she could get.

D on

Hea, how do you think Jackson is going to attach to his mom without being around her? She’s the stability, she’s the constant. She’s taking him everywhere and I think it’s great. Angelina Jolie’s kids seem perfectly well attached and happy and she did they same thing.

Shawn on

Beautiful family..And I know people who made comments ask about why she takes the baby everywhere. It’s customary in adoption cases to not leave your child for a extended length of time when you first adopt. SO it’s good that she’s taking him everywhere coupled with his age. She’s just being a good mom.

Amy on

Such a beautiful mom and baby.

Guest on

Oh he is such a cutie! So adorable!

Ana on

totally looks like Sandra Bullock’s baby when he was a tad younger

Jac on

It’s funny because all I see is a mom walking along with her kid. She looks detached? She looks like she’s mad he’s the only baby she could get? What are you people smoking?!?!??! She can travel with her kid if she wants. I have two adopted siblings and they both left the hospital with my mother at 2 & 3 days old. You don’t know how long she has had her baby. Also, she’s South African, so who is to say she didn’t request an African American baby? Grow up, and stop judging everything everyone does…

Hea on

I am not saying she’s a bad parent! No no no. And, for the record, I am Scandinavian and we don’t have Disneyland.😛

Where I live, at least one of the adoptive parents (if there are two) gets to stay at home (well not house arrest or anything) with the child for approximately 24 months. To bond, to attach and connect. I’m just a bit surprised that Charlize didn’t plan a longer maternity leave to be with her little prince but, who knows, maybe she was suddenly cleared to adopt him and I’m sure he’s not suffering.🙂 I’m just not used to the idea of traveling the world with a newly adopted little baby but maybe they are very attached already.

Ugonna Wosu on


well, if she left him with a NANNY, y’all would be complaining too. Rock on Char!

shifafire on

to whoever said this should be a child social services matter:
this is why I live in fear in the US: micro-management of day to day life. where to ride your bicycle, where to swim, where to walk, lists and lists of rules about right and wrong in areas where it is really not only not required but unjust and intolerant to not allow alternate lifestyles. it parallels an islamist state.

Freedom in the US is an illusion.

Ugonna Wosu on


if she left him at home with a NANNY, y’all would be saying she’s a bad mom. Rock on Char!

As for looking “detached”, I see a slight smile on her face. And so what if there isn’t? Do you guys walk down the street smiling all the time? That would be quite creepy. She’s focused on getting from point A to B, and there are pics all over the web of her kissing Jackson and hugging him close.

Cinder Lou on

– Lia: It’s not so much that, as it may be because she’s surrounded closely by people and obviously has a camera in her face. I’d be “distracted”, too, if I was carrying a six-month-old in a foreign country.

Liz on

Jackson is a cutie. He looks almost as detached from her as she is from him, poor thing. It’s almost impossible for me to picture her changing his diapers and cleaning up after him when he has the flu one day. I hope I’m wrong!

Anna on

SO cute! Look at those chubby lil’ arms!

Anita on

Lia, you are a nasty person! Every child is a blessing and I’m sure she’s very happy with her child. Go spew your filth somewhere else!

Just Me on

I love Charlize and the baby is so cute. But the article itself makes me laugh – it’s so contrived and tries so hard to be hip.

Tigerlee on

Those cute little “fat creases” are killing me. Too cute!

Catca on

Lia, why would Charlize be disappointed? Jackson is adorable. Where are you all getting detached from? She is holding the baby to her and supporting him with both arms with a slight smile on her face. She has to navigate around the paparazzi not to mention watch where she’s walking so she has to look ahead. What do you want – have her staring into Jackson’s eyes at all times and not watching where she’s going while holding him?

cheremaman on

Goodness gracious! ONE photo! ONE nano second of a moment! And you can tell so much about what kind of mom she is! Detached? Disappointed? Unstable home? Just simply amazing people! Once you put those words out there, you can’t reel them back in.

Anonymous on

Hea…Really? That’s NOT abuse! If you called CPS for something so silly, they would laugh at you. REAL abuse is starving a kid, locking them in their room, taunting them until they cry, beating them black and blue, leaving them alone for days on end, letting a known child molester babysit, burning them with cigarettes, biting them, throwing heavy objects at them, refusing to let them use a bathroom so they are forced to mess themselves, not allowing them to shower or washing their clothes, completely ignoring them when they hurt themselves, refusing to let them drink water, forcing them to eat rotten food, calling them names, putting them down, slapping them in the face, beating them with a wooden spoon until it breaks, breaking their bones, shaking them to make them stop crying….I could go on…THOSE things are abuse!

There is nothing wrong with disciplining your child with an open handed smack on a padded bottom once or twice if they are misbehaving, especially when you’ve already tried everything else. Children do need a spanking from time to time. It teaches them that there are real consequences for their actions. Telling them “No” a millions times doesn’t get the point across. That’s how you end up with mouthy, disrespectful teenagers who think they can say or do anything they want. I knew, growing up, that if I stepped out of line, there would be consequences. I wasn’t scarred for life because my parents swatted my bottom when I disobeyed. I learned to respect their authority.

There certainly is nothing wrong with taking your child to work with you. What is she supposed to do? Leave the child home with a nanny? Then you’d call that neglect. Learn what real child abuse is before you make foolish comments like that and run off calling CPS for every silly thing. People like you are the reason parents are afraid to discipline their children these days.

bradygirl on

She looks like a normal mom with a small baby. Anyone who is complaining needs to have a picture of them taken with work pressures and baby, you would probably look the same!

stacey on

This kid is beyond hideous. He looks like a 50 year old man in the face. And she is such a pretty lady….feel sorry for her.

PPP on

Jackson is a real cutie! Charlize looks a hell alot more relax carrying her son that Sandra Bullock did two years ago when she first started taking Louis outside. Sandra always looked very uptight and rigid walking with Louis. Charlize looks more at ease and comfortable while walking with her son. She knows the papz are there but she doesnt let them get under her skin. Sandra is the total opposite, she stiffens up and looks miserable.

Debbie on

I have a bad feeling everytime i see one of these white woman with a black child, they dont even have black friend so can the hell can they love a black child that will grow into an adult… It doesn’t look natural. All these women with balck baby boys i have never once seen them with a black person but they suddenly have to save a black chld… I wonder what there thoughts are towards black people in general expecially black men.

janie on

to you negative people – try getting from a building to a car holding your baby with 100000 photographers pushing themselves in your face, and see what you would look like!

Cathy on

Lia, that is a ridiculous comment. You can’t even see her eyes to know what her expression is. Next time, try to be a human instead of just trying to get attention.

Kim on

Lia, how exactly is she acting “detached”? Please explain. We’re all wanting to know since you must be an expert.

Tzarina on

I often hear babies and young infants crying on planes. A friend who is a doctor told me it is common for young children to get ear aches on planes because of the air pressure or something like that. Now when I hear young children crying when flying I get angry at the parents for causing such pain to their babies.

Karen on

I’m a cheek-kissing mommy, and those are VERY kissable cheeks 🙂

meghan on

Debbie, you know what kind of friends Charlize has? Do tell. Or better yet, shut up.

Rose on

The baby looks cute!

ruby on

I just love fat babies. What a cutie🙂

meghan on

Tzarina, everyone’s ears pop on airplanes. Charlize is traveling to fulfil work obligations. What do you suggest she do?

Anonymous on

Debbie- I’m sorry, but that’s a very ignorant comment. A child being a different skin color than you doesn’t prevent you from loving them (or at least it shouldn’t)!

Anon- Hea never implied that Charlize is abusing Jackson. She just said she was a bit surprised to see Charlize traveling with Jackson so soon after the adoption because that’s not the custom in her country. And she mentioned social services because they’re the ones who are in charge of domestic adoptions, and she wondered whether they’re normally okay with something like this.

As for spanking…I have to disagree with you. There ARE other ways to show kids there are consequences for your actions. My parents, for example, would take away something that we liked, whether it was watching TV, being on the computer, or even a favorite toy, for a few days whenever we mis-behaved. And guess what? It worked! We learned very quickly that there were certain things we weren’t going to get away with, and we stopped doing those things.

The reason why taking things away doesn’t work for a lot of kids is because a lot of parents don’t follow through with the consequence. But when they do, as my parents did, it’s a very effective discipline techinque!


Meghan, i can so see her with other black parents hanging out, i don’t have to guess what kind of friends she has, you can tell, please. She doesn’t look happy and it doesn’t look natural. I am a black woman i don’t like what i see, i have never seen her with a black person so you can keep you thoughts to yourself. I am able to voice my opinion like you so step off…. Well anything that is kept in the dark will come out into the light. Doesn’t look natural, yes she is south african and we all know how all whites in south africa treated blacks and now she owns one like a purse or a puppy..

tm on

Some of these comments are funny …. some are just rediculous and some are downright nasty. Hea – I don’t know what country you are from, or what planet, but you are a brick shy of a load. She has adopted him and can take him where ever and whenever she wants to. She isn’t a foster parent … she is HIS parent!!! Jennifer – I am sure you could say someting worse … you were probably raised as a trashy person, or at least one with no manners, bet your parents are so proud of you … NOT!!! Stacey, there are no words for you outside of I’m so sorry for you …. you don’t deserve a comment.

I think it’s wonderful she adopted a baby … doesn’t matter what color. He could be green with pink polka dots and he would be adorable and she would be the luckiest Mommy!!!!!! All you others … go crawl back under your rock!!!!!!!!!!! I guess your mother pooped you out on a rock and they had no choice but to take you home. He’s one lucky little boy!!!!!!!!

Holiday on

There are some mean people on this thread. It shows just how nasty and racist so many still are. How sad!

Hea on

I am not a “brick shy of a load”. You don’t know what country or planet I am from? Climb down. Where do you get off? :O I never said she’s not his parent, I asked a question! I never said she abuses him, why would I, I am sure she does NOT.

Adoption in my country is usually at least a two year long process. It’s a slow process where (I don’t know how else to translate it) child social services are involved as well as the adoption agency. To make sure the child has a stable family and so on, so forth. It’s a delicate matter and that’s why I asked a question because I am so not used to this idea. The only newly adoptive parents working, especially away from home, that I’ve ever seen are the ones in Hollywood.

Stephanie on

Many celebrities have adopted in the past. It is not a trend, its statistics. There are more celebrities adopting, because there are more celebrities. Joan Crawford, Steven Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julie Andrews, Lionel Richie, Paul Gilbert, Tom Cruise, Mia Farrow and Tony Shaloub are all celebrities that adopted before it was considered a “trend”. As for “settling” for children outside their own race, last I knew, all babies need parents, and I have seen way too many babies go unadopted because they are the “wrong” color.

Debbie, she has a foundation in Africa that helps prevent young people from getting HIV/AIDS, working in collaboration with Oprah. She is also friends with Will and Jada Smith. Just because you don’t see her with black people, doesn’t mean she isn’t friends with any. In fact, you rarely even pictures of her out and about.

Guest on

Good luck with that!!!!

Tigerlee on

The obtuse heifers are out in full force in this post. Celebrities adopting and adopting children of a different race or ethnicity is nothing new. What’s new is the obscene amount of media coverage and speculation about personal matters and the horrific behavior of trolls hiding behind digital screen names who think they know so much about a person’s life because they saw them in a movie or saw a few photos. No wonder the US ranks so low in education and intelligence. Limited thinking for the win!

Felice on

He is so cute!!!!! Any future movie role that she takes, will pale in comparison to motherhood. She is embarking on a wonderful, unpredictable journey.

Easyup on

ok TIGERLEE, well this is a fact: Charlize is a WHITE south african that through history has a hatred for BLACK africans. I find THIS PARTICULAR adoption strange and uncomfortable. I never got the impression that Charlize as maternal and was surprised that she adopted A baby, much more a black one.

of2minds on

It’s amazing how every time there are pics of Baby Louis or Baby Jackson there are always negative comments about their looks. Never see any negative comments about the looks of other non-black children. Sad.

Doreen on

Saving the black child at a time!

meghan on

Easyup, I know this might be too heavy a concept for your pea-brain to process, but there are white South Africans who did not agree with apartheid. Perhaps Charlize is one of them. And if her adoption makes you uncomfortable, well, really who asked you? And if you, as someone who only knows her from what she says in interviews, don’t find her to be maternal, I ask once again, who asked you?

Tigerlee on

Oh obtuse one. You could make the same argument for the United States which has an equally if not more disgusting racial history. I suppose you have the same vitriol for the many US white citizens, celebrity and “mere mortals” who have adopted babies of a race or ethnicity different from their own?

Easyup on

MEGHAN, what are you, her PR person? My pea brain accepts and agrees with your logic because not all of any nationality is all bad. I like her as an actress but I just don’t see her in the mother role. I applaud all adoptions in general because you can SENSE a love and connection within the family – don’t get that with Charlize. It’s going to take a long time watching her with Jackson to think differently.

Sandy on

I can understand the one woman’s concern about her not having any black friends. I know an Italian-American girl who got pregnant by a black guy, he just disappeared, and she got left with the child by herself. She is the girlfriend of my brother-in-law (who is white). They just bought a house and she said she wanted to buy it in an area where there are no black people. The kid looks black. I guess he’s just going to grow up hating that part of himself and avoiding it despite his looks.

meghan on

No, Easyup I’m not a PR person. I just can’t stand dumb people like you.

Candyz85 on

I think it is a wonderful thing when we are sure the children here been given this chance

No is no dispute about that at all. Those children WILL remember that past.. And if they are supported by their caretakers as their children and some possible therapy there.

I pray that Charlize Theron and other actors (who do it oh so quietly at first; then they want to show this child, almost as if they want to demonstrate or show how good “they” are themselves–publicly or private; plus thos job offers come in more after their “Human” side are doing it for all the right reasons. I believee Ms. Sandra Bullock did it, but for the right reasons. My own personal life has been all about this siiituation, which you never get over. You can never know what is ahead for the individual child. Truth is ultimate for the child and it is important for the children to believe in thier caretakers (new mom and/or dad)and why these particular children were picked in a forwign land. Evenually, there is a time that the story will come out and the child will feel betrayed for that, no matter how wonderful their new family has been. Morever, people with money never seem to spend as much time waiting for a baby as long as the everyday Joe. Plus, there are a lot of lonely homeless people, as well as children. What about the children here in the United States,as well?

Shelley on

The baby is adorable; and contrary to the way some people think Charlize looks (detached?), I think she looks content, considering she is most likely surrounded by numerous photographers.

Anonymous on

Candyz85- It’s been stated that Charlize adopted Jackson from the U.S. (there ARE black children here too, you know!). So she DID think about kids her that need homes. Also, plenty of famous people spend a long time waiting to adopt. Mariska Hargitay, for example, recently explained how long and difficult the road to her new daughter and son was (which included the adoption of a baby girl who’s mother changed her mind just days after the fact).

Sheryl Crow has said that she had some adoptions fall through before she finally got Wyatt, and again before she finally got Levi. Sandra Bullock has said she waited four years for Louis. And Meg Ryan has said that she tried to adopt in the U.S. for a grand total of TEN years before finally turning to international adoption and adopting a Chinese girl.

Also, I completely agree that it DOES often seem like celebs adopt fast…but that’s because, in general, we don’t hear about a celebrity’s adoption until they actually have the child (or in some cases, just before they have the child). We have no idea how long they were in the process before getting the child.

Anonymous on

Also, I keep meaning to ask: Why is it only Charlize that’s getting negative comments about adopting a black baby boy? When Sandra adopted, hardly anyone said a word about Louis’ skin color. And most of those who did were praising Sandra for being open to a child who was a different race than her. Nor did anyone say she was doing it because it was “trendy”. Anyone have any idea why there’s such a double-standard?

Shannon on

Sandra got a “sympathy pass” because she had just won an Oscar and was going thru a split with Jesse James. Everyone thought it was great she was moving on with her life.

Charlize seems detached because she probably is. She likely has no maternal instincts. That may change but right now it’s quite obvious. Didn’t she split with her ex because he wanted children and she didn’t? Now all of a sudden she’s a single adoptive mother? GMAB.

She’s not cradling the baby’s head, pulling him close to her, soothing him, shielding his eyes from the camera flashes, etc. Like others said: detached.

leni on

I have nothing against anyone traveling with their kids but do they know that every flight is like being x-rayed? My husband is a radiologist and he said there is nothing against it but it’s a fact that flying exposes the body to radiation equivlent to an x-ray. We still fly about 3x a year with our kid but it’s something I think about. And these stars are constantly in the air. Not sure if I would like that.

Jackson is a cutie🙂 Great for her for adopting!

Marky on

Leni, if she left him home with a nanny, I can’t imagine what all of you would be saying! We can’t wrap our children in cotton balls, and never take the slightest chance with them; my parents took me all over the country in a car with no seatbelts, and we felt we had great opportunities to see wonderful sites and learn so much about history (which still fascinates me). Some kids were hurt in car accidents and some were not, but my generation roller-skated on the sidewalk, rode our bikes all day with a bag lunch and just checked in sometimes through the day, shot firecrackers for July 4th, and weren’t so protected we didn’t know how to live! The idea she can’t fly with her child without feeling guilty about it—what??! Everyone dies and that’s just a fact. People don’t all die from the same thing, and we aren’t in an episode of Twilight Zone. This is our time on Earth, and let’s have some fun without worrying ourselves crazy over every little thing! Time to breathe and actually just live your life, people. What is life with no adventure?

Hea on

Shannon – Who knows, maybe he hates it when she cradles his head close and shielding his eyes. Perhaps he wants to see what’s in front of him?

Universality on


Shannon on

ToRo on

@ Shannon

2 pics of Charlize and Jackson


meghan on

Shannon, why are you insisting on comparing Charlize and Sandra? Because their sons are black they are supposed to hold them the same? What kind of F-ed up logic is that. Charlize Theron is hardly the first person to hold their child like this.

Anonymous on

ToRo- Thanks for sharing those pictures. I just looked at them, and Charlize looks plenty attatched to Jackson in them!

Shannon- I don’t think anyone but Charlize or her ex knows for sure why the split. And whatever the reason, it was nearly two years ago, and last time I checked it’s perfectly acceptable for people to change their minds about things. Also, Charlize may have simply felt that her ex ultimately wasn’t the right man for her to have kids with. In otherwords, she may have wanted kids, but not with him.

meghan- I agree completely! Also, not all children have the same tempermant or like the same things. Some babies are shy and clingy, others are outgoing, “independant”, and will babble at practically anyone or anything they pass by! Perhaps Jackson falls into the latter category and/or the paps don’t faze him.

Bottomline: Louis and Jackson are two different kids, with two different mothers. Of course they’re not going to do the same things or have the same things done to them!

Anonymous on

Meant to say that it may also be possible that Charlize has a bit of “the baby blues” or even PPD. I realize that she didn’t give birth to Jackson, but I would think that those things, at least in some forum, could easily affect women who become mothers through adoption, too (heck, some experts even say that new dads can sometimes get a form of the “baby blues”!).

My point is that a picture is NOT always worth 1,000 words!

Jillian on

Charlize sure doesn’t seem to act like she has the baby blues or PPD. She speaks like a happy, loving and doting first time mommy!! People shouldn’t judge a photo. Also, never heard of anyone adopting and having PPD, since it is hormonal….


Anonymous on

looks like an ape

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