Jessica Alba and Her Girls Get Glamorous

05/18/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy FastCompany

It’s a day of dress up!

After being named one of the top 100 most creative people in business in 2012 by Fast Company, Jessica Alba poses with her daughtersHonor Marie, 3½, and Haven Garner, 9 months — for an ultra chic photo shoot.

While the adorable sisters donned girlie pink and white dresses, Alba looked stylish in a melon-colored blazer, white top, super short cobalt bottoms, thigh high socks, and black patent heels.

Later, the mom-of-two swapped out her sexy get up for a glamorous black and white printed dress while her baby girl looked oh-so sweet in her ruffled bloomers.

The actress was recognized for co-founding The Honest Company, a line of eco-friendly baby and household products.

“You spend more time changing your kid’s bum every single day than anything else,” Alba says of the colorful yet chemical-free diaper collection. “Why not have it be more pleasant?”

And while Alba admits the family market was already full of products claiming to be equally as eco-conscious as her proposed plan, she was one of the few to follow through on her promise.

“I was sick of people saying, ‘This is our green line, it costs a dollar more,’ but it’s the same stuff that’s in everything else,” she explains. “They deleted one fragrance, but it still has tons of carcinogens. Like, really?”

Courtesy FastCompany

— Anya Leon

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tiffany on

Such a beautiful family. Her girls are absolutely gorgeous.

Lynn on

Love her! People who go against the grain and really do good works in this word ROCK!!!!!!!!!

stacey on

OMG, these pictures are adorable!!!

anon on

I always think pictures like this look weird. The kids look relaxed and happy and the mom is making sexy-face. Don’t get me wrong, she looks beautiful, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the picture. JLo does the same thing.

Sarah S. on

Honor and Haven are adorable–great pics!

Anonymous on


Athena6515 on

Did they “lighten” Jessica and Honor? They seem a few shades lighter then they are? Whoever did the photoshop needs to lay off. Her youngest is the color of Casper in that 2 picture (not trying to be rude- it’s the picture not them). They are a gorgeous family and it is looks weird because of that.

Athena6515 on

Whoever took the picture needs to lay off the Photoshop. They are a gorgeous family, the photographer way overdid it. Haven is like glowing white (like a light bulb). ah.. I love her eco line and she deserves the recognition, too bad for this picture

Rusty on

@Athena6515, good call. It could just be harsh studio lighting, but magazines need to would stop whitewashing POC. This is just like when L’Oreal turned Beyonce into a pale, strawberry blonde…

Too many children of color grow up thinking their brown skin is somehow inferior and here we have children of mixed race washed out until they look almost unrecognizably fair. What’s wrong with kids looking like themselves?

To change the topic: What’s with the thigh-highs/short-short combo? Jessica looks gorgeous, but her outfit is just weird.

Ivy. on

In other photos I’ve seen Haven looks like she might have red hair, which is really cool, I think! These girls are super cute and I love the way Jessica/Cash dress them!

Amy on

I just love her!! They are all just precious!

Shannon on

Wow, her children look nothing like her!

The pics would look much better if Jessica was interacting with her daughters rather than posing. This reminds me of similar photoshoots with Britney and her boys, JLo and her twins, etc.

pat on

The head band on the younger girl looks really cute. Both girls look very adorable the way they were dressed.

Emry on

Her oldest daughter looks just like her daddy, beautiful girls

JessicaB on

THAT is a cute baby! they all look great, but getting a baby who cooperates with the camera AND is cute; something extra. their disney family photo is as cute as any disney ad photo i’ve every seen. beautiful family!

Jesse on

FYI to all you complaining about the “white washing” her girls are light skinned… Between Jessica and Cash they are of many mixed races and the lighter ones came out in their daughters, especially the younger one. As for these pictures, maybe she should have dressed for a family photo not a seductive one.

SAR on

I agree that the lighting is way too harsh. Jessica is so pretty and Haven and Honor are so adorable; there’s no need to mess with it. Just photograph Mom and daughters in natural lighting.

Haven’s expression in each photo is hilarious, and both girls are doing the “side look” thing in the second photo. So cute!

Bex on

I use Honest Co. diapers and they do kind of rock 🙂 My little guy has skulls on his bum, and I dont think that they are really more expensive than huggies or pampers. 🙂 But I’ve gotta say that I HATE the baby wipes… they are like wiping up a mess with a wet fabric softener sheet… very mesh-like. I love the photos here, her girls are so gorgeous!

Lauren on

Not a fan or hers, but was curious of the photo. Actually, it’s beautiful.

Gigi on

Jessica is just flawless…as always…and her girls are absolutely precious. She seems like such a good mom.

LuvLeeRita on

A beautiful mommy and beautiful babies.

Anonymous on

Jesse- I have to disagree. Honor has olive skin and you can clearly tell she is multi-racial. Haven, on the otherhand, is so pale that if you didn’t know who her parents were you’d probably assume she was one hundred percent caucasian. But in this pictures, Honor looks as white as Haven.

Jessica (who, like Honor, is olive-skinned) also looks much lighter in these photos than she actually is. And I agree with the majority that magazines and other media sources need to stop “whitening” POC.

That being said, the girls are adorable and I especially love the first picture, where Honor appears to be kissing Haven. I’d also love to see the other picture mentioned in this post (where Jessica is pictured with just Haven and is in a black and white outfit). Anyone know where I can find it?

Anonymous on

Okay, ignore my question about where to find the other picture mentioned in this post. I did a little searching and found it myself (well, a cropped version of it, anyway. You can’t see the “ruffled bloomers” on Haven that this post mentions)….and it is ADORABLE! If anyone else wants to see, it’s here:

Dina on

I hate her clothes

Dina on

they look very white, there is too much contrast in the pictures.

Xoxo on

I love how different they look! – Haven is 100% dad + Haven is a redhead from her grandma!

I’m guessing Cash must have red hair in his family somewhere too – dark hair is usually dominant.

I love genetics!

Anonymous on

The pictures are really cute, but I agree that Jessica’s outfit is not the best for a “family” picture. It’s rather odd in fact.

BBB on

Her daughters are lighter than her, get over it. Parents who have various ethnic backgrounds (that includes a lot of Hispanics) can have a genetic roulette going on when it comes to children. Same goes for people of mixed race, whether they acknowledge it or not (i.e. “light” skinned Africans are clearly products of mixed racial backgrounds even if they refer to themselves as just “Black”). She and her husband have genes for lighter traits, it happens. My aunt is olive toned with dark hair and eyes, her daughter is pale, amber-eyed, and blonde. She’s her daughter and she’s obviously not photoshopped in real life.

Marky on

Jessica is very pretty and I’m impressed with her business acumen, Her daughters are so cute and are the colors they are–one lighter than the other, maybe partly because she is younger and not exposed too much to the sun, just yet. The look Jessica is wearing seems to be an old look that’s back this year. Too bad, because it wasn’t a great look the first time around! Otherwise she looks great!

librababe on

There’s something weird about the first picture. Look at Haven’s feet.

southernbelle on

Love her! She and Jennifer Garner have to be the two most down-to-earth women and best mothers in Hollywood! You never hear anything bad about them. Thanks for being such great celebrity role models. There’s not many of them out there these days!

kazumi_yumi on

i love the pictures! jessica’s girls are just so adorable…..

valerie on

If you had seen pictures of Haven prior to this one, she has a lighter complexion, remember we just don’t have the genes of our parents, but all the family genes on both sides. Cash’s mother is white, so maybe Haven picked up those genes.

bh on

Wow – Jessica has long legs.

cat on

Julie I was thinking the same thing cute pic but that hideous outfit they put Jessica in thigh highs with a mini and a melon colored jacket is just eww. The stylist was trying to hard to make Jessica the “sexy mom” when she is just so naturally pretty and sexy already.

SH on

Cute pic, however, Ms. Alba, don’t start complaining when the paparazzi is hounding you and your girls. You are putting them out there doing these photos. I prefer when “celebrities” keep their families out of the spotlight.
PS- I still remember what a total b*#ch you were on Punked. .

Tammy on

Its gotta be the horrible lighting…even Jessica Alba doesn’t look as dark as she does in other pictures.

kim on

Beautiful Family.

Charli on

Cute but not glamourous…Does everything qualify as news on this site?

guest on

all soo pretty and lucky-those children are so adored by their parents I can tell

BannedB*tch on

Is this what passes for glamor these day? The days of Zsa Zsa are over.

Ava on

Her clothes are so sl*tty, but I like the idea of her personal care line.

Jeana on

Very cute

Rose on

They look a couple of shades lighter than old photos. Cute photos though.

Anonymous on

Charli- Only if it’s about celebrity babies. And by the way, this isn’t a news site. It’s an entertainment site. If you want “real” news, try CNN. 😉

Tigerlee on

The little one looks she’s going to be a spitfire. And, I mean that in a good way. I think it’s a very cute picture and Jessica looks he!!-a sexy.

Jen on

Is it just me or does this baby look absolutely nothing like her parents? I swear if I had not seen JA pregnant in pictures, I would have sworn she was born of a surrogate or adopted.

Anonymous on

Jen- Just an FYI: Most children born via surrogacy are the biological children of the intended parents. 🙂

Amanda K on

Beautiful girls:)

Voyo on

Sorry , but her girls are not cute. Jessica love attention.

christa on

It looks, like little Haven will be an actress also, she likes the camera.

jessie on

Adorable kids but why is she trying to make sexy faces? Doesn’t go with the overall good mom look. More of “do me now” and oh by the way i have two girls.

Crystal on

I see there are a bunch of haters yeesh!!! Her girls are adorable.

lanam on

her children are absolutely gorgeous – this picture is really a KODAK moment; also proud of jessica and her projects.. i also love the names Haven and Honor, at least its not Science Lab which is totally off the charts crazy…again lovely picture of Jess and her girls 🙂

Kat on

What is that in the second picture – an electrical outlet? Photoshop error – for real!

Traci on

Jessica’s daughters are gorgeous just like she is.

Traci on

Haven’t any of you seen previous photos of Honor? She has olive skin.

Haven on the other hand is of lighter shade.

Both girls are adorable.

Honor is a spitting image of Cash.

Tasha on

Haven looks nothing like Cash, or Jessica really. Could the baby be someone else’s?? Haven is fair skinned and has red hair. Hmmmm..

Maggie on

Haven looks JUST like Jessica’s mom Cathy.

Alina on

Jessica and her children are NOT bi-racial. Latinos can be of any race. Jessica happens to be white. Latino or Hispanic IS NOT A RACE.

lydia on

her eldest daughter is so nasty looking. kinda freakish. her baby is gorgous tho.