Beaba Bib’Secondes: A Quick and Efficient Bottle Warmer

05/17/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Beaba

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night, your baby’s screaming, and the bottle is ice cold. And waiting for it to heat up is a painstakingly slow process for both you and your hungry bambino.

The solution: Beaba’s Bib’secondes ($65) bottle warmer, which heats up milk in less than two minutes.

User-friendly (and BPA-free!), it features a warmer dial that easily adjusts to both room versus refrigerated bottles (or baby food jars) and the amount of liquid being used.

Plus, whether you prefer glass or plastic bottles, the steaming process – and electronic timer – will heat the milk to the right temperature each and every time.

All you have to do is place the bottle inside, put the cover on, adjust your dial and sit back and wait for the “music-to-your-ears” timer to go off.

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— Anya Leon

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Shawna on

Or you could breastfeed and the milk will always be the right temperature…

mamato3littles on

Shawna really? BFing isnt possible for everyone eg adoptive parents, foster parents, single fathers, breast cancer survivors (masectomy) to name a few. Some people choose not to breastfeed or have a lot of difficulty or depression or low supply. Their reasons alone really! Also expressed breastmilk could be heated in this plus food so I think its a good product.

Rachel on

I totally thought this said ‘bib-warmer’ at first and was ready to be all ‘that’s a bit much!’ I swear I can read ;D

JRW on

Hey Shawna – what about pumped breastmilk??

Are you really that daft or are you just trying to be a witch?

Mel on

Is warming a bottle really necessary? Not trying to start an arguement. Just wonderting since I never did it.

cindyambrose on

We’ve all been there?

Nope, that’s quite a presumptuous assumption.

Never had to warm up a bottle for my 2 kids, nor will I for my next.

Straight from the tap.

meghan on

Well, cindyambrose is better than all of us! Get over yourself.

question on

So you don’t have to add water for it steam? I don’t see where you would….if the bottle wasn’t cold though would it still steam? Just wondering. As an adoptive parent who likes to give her baby a warm bottle I am need of some good suggestions for bottle warmers. the current one we have uses water and tends to heat the outside more. So you are having to check it constantly…so any suggestions?

TLH on

Mel ~ it depends on the baby. The baby girl I take care of during the day will not drink a bottle unless it is warm, it gets spit right back in your face. 😉

Mommyof3 on

Breastfeeding is good for certain mom’s and babies, I had twin girls who we’re in the NICU for 3 months, I tried to nurse, and pump. But guess what, I lost my supply with in a month. 😦 and also, they wasn’t gaining weight like they we’re sure post to, so guess what, formula. I think about it now, they we’re better off on formula, my son was nursed for 18 months and it worked out perfected, so if you don’t like bottles or anything, don’t look at things to do with bottles. It’s not right to just assume crap. (yes this gets me fired out, because I cried for months because I couldn’t nurse.)