Spotted: Chris Hemsworth Steps Out with His Lovely Ladies

05/16/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Eagle Press

The Avengers may be blowing up the box office but Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the action-packed superhero film, is likely more interested in baby rattles than any magical hammer.

The actor and wife Elsa Pataky, who welcomed a baby girl last Friday, stepped out with daughter India Rose on Wednesday.

Married since 2010, Hemsworth, 28, and Pataky, 35, look as happy as proud new parents can be as they made their way through London’s Notting Hill neighborhood.

“I always liked Indie or Indiana for a boy, and she liked India. We went, ‘Oh well, whether it’s a boy or girl, that will decide.’ It just seemed to fit,” Hemsworth has said of their name choice.

— Aaron Parsley

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Mindy on

What a sweet picture, seeing him hold his daughter this way makes me melt. Enjoy this beautiful time!

Stacey on

Who takes a 5 day old infant out? I think that’s crazy!

Guest on

he doesn’t really look like he is holding a nearly week old infant…adorable picture, nonetheless

cmac on

Looks like he’s carrying a sandwich.

Jessica on

@Stacey As long as the baby is healthy and they have the energy to be out and about, there is no reason not to be outside with a five day old.

Easyup on

Is that a baby in there? So tiny. Looks like he is carrying a wrapped up cake.

Ariel on

She looks like a little peanut in her daddy’s hands, how adorable! Congratulations to Chris and Elsa. India is a lovely name.

sindrii on

@stacey seems like you dont know a thing about it,ask in africa, far for the commercial cities how they take care of a newborn!!!

she will survive the stroll!!!!

Teresa on

Stacy…why not???!!!! If the baby is healthy it is not big deal. What are you supposed to do, stay cooped up in the house and not go anywhere. My oldest was born on a Sunday, out of hospital on Wednesday and I was at the grocery store with her on Friday.

Shell on

I had my son out at 3 days old and it was December! He was healthy and I had him bundled up! Now with our daughter she was in NICU and got out when she was 12 days old and I had her out and about the next day, and this was March! I had my babies out in all elements to help improve their immune system and it worked. My son has had 1 ear infection in his 29 months and my daughter has had 1 ear infection in her 14 months of life. Neither has had the flu or really bad cold, just sniffles here and there. Nothing wrong with taking your child out. πŸ™‚

Guest on

Such a sweet picture. The people who commented that its looks like he is carrying a sandwich or a wrapped up cake made me laugh. It’s easy to forget that newborns are really tiny. Plus he’s like 6 feet so his daughter looks extra small in his arms.

may on

My doctor told me the baby doesn’t need to live in a cocoon. If they are well enough to leave the hospital they are well enough to be out and about is what I was told.

MsPeaches on

@Stacy, there is nothing wrong with taking your baby out. Had my daughter on Tuesday home on Wednesday, on the way home my husband stopped at the grocery store and mall. she’s was fine. Now she’s 22 years old and healthy!! Nothing wrong with taking out a newborn as long as mother and child are healthy and dress appropriatly for the weather.

kristen on

Stacey how are you getting your baby home from the hospital? Assuming that you didn’t give birth at home, aren’t you taking that newborn out?

crystal on

Congrats! I too think this picture is very awkward though! Where is the baby?? In that bundle? Looks so uncomfortable and just odd! I am all for getting out of the house but how about a snuggly or a baby bjorn?

Laura on

It’s people who keep their babies in bubbles that end up with sick kids. Can’t build up immunities if you keep them hidden from the world.

Kristie on

First nothing wrong with taking a new baby out, had both of my boys out within a week to the grocery store. Second, nothing sexier than a doting dad!

Pamela on

I thought it wasn’t a good idea to take newborns outside often because of the added exposure to infection/germs…newborns immune system are just developing, and it’s much easier for them to get a cold, flu, etc. Even if it’s a small chance, why risk it?

Taylor on

Stacey, keeping a child cooped up in a house isn’t good for their immune system. They need the fresh air!

Lourdes on

Shell, you’re boasting about 1 ear infection in 29 months of life for your kid. That’s not a big deal. My daughter is 22 YEARS OLD and has never had an ear infection…

Becca on

Dang, get off Stacey’s back. There are lots of people who think it’s a bit early to take a baby into public at 5 days old! Everyone has their own baby rearing style. Some more protective than others. Especially if they’re “old school.” As long as the baby is your primary concern, it’s all good.

Kate on

@Stacey-Funny how judgmental people can be…The family looks healthy and I’m sure they have better judgement about their family then you do!!

I think the baby look so small cause he’s so big…but super cute picture!

Pidge on

Look like he’s carrying meat. Don’t think it’s a human.

Mya on

Erm if you have your child in a Hospital you’re already technically “taking it out” exposing it to millions of germs and illness. So why not take them outside? They’re exposed to a lot less there than they were in the Hospital!

I birth at home and life goes on as it always has. We go out when we need to go out. My kids are never sick.

Kristin on

Elsa is Spanish and Romanian. She is 7 years older than him, wonder how she got him to get marry at his age.

Monica on

I don’t know what all your pediatricians have to say, but mine said to keep my newborns away from the public until 6 weeks. There are just too many germs out there for such a tiny practically non-existent immune system. Not that there aren’t germs at home- my 2nd had a cold the 1st week she was home courtesy her 2 yr old sister. But let me tell you, there is nothing worse than a sick infant who you can do absolutely nothing to help. So after that I definitely didn’t risk taking her out and about until after her 8 week shots. Better safe than sorry.

So I’m hoping they had the baby out to go to the dr or another essential appt, not just a coffee run. Just my two opinion tho.

Sarah S. on

@Stacey…yeah, what is the big deal? I gave birth to my daughter on a Monday in early September. Was back home on Wednesday, and went outside with her around the neighborhood on Thursday.

Embee on

I think they are messing with the Papparaziiiiiiii….no baby there.

kazumi on

that’s a baby he’s holding? i thought it was just a cloth wrapped around his hands, jeez, that’s how big a guy he is…

C on

Wow. I wish I looked half as good as Elsa does just a few days after having a baby. Talk about good genes!

Cassie on

This picture is precious, they look so happy! All the best to Hemsworth/Pataky family! πŸ™‚

@Guest – I’m assuming because he loved her…!? What kind of question is that!? Age is nothing but a number…

Bee on

Good for them. The quality of the air in your house is much worse than the air outside. We took our firstborn out to a restaurant at 3 days old. Our second was born at home, and we didn’t leave the house for 5 days, but that was only because we had no reason to go out.

J on

Grow up Kate.

susan on

That can’t be a baby he is holding… looks more like leftovers from the deli or something…lol

nice name they chose though

Romy on

wow, I can’t imagine wearing tights and a short skirt after just having my babies! she looks great!


That baby does look tiny because Chris H. is a big man; 6’3″! She is probably one pretty baby and I think Elsa is one lucky lady…Chris is a HOTTIE, hubba hubba, LOL!

Jill on

The baby looks so small because half of her is in his shirt. If you look at the picture his shirt is bulging in the direction the baby is facing.

castlehaynejane on

Finally, a pretty and feminine sounding name. Congratulations!

Cinder Lou on

I wear tunics that are longer than Elsa’s skirt.

Melissa on

It’s definitely a baby, she is half tucked into his coat, so looks smaller, plus if you see a larger version of the photo, the outfit is a zip up with little ears on it – not a sandwich. πŸ˜‰

Kristine on

Such a tiny baby!

My kids were born during cold and flu season. After seeing my two nephews admitted to the hospital and have spinal taps done because they were running fevers – one at less than a week old, one at four weeks old – we chose to limit our errands out with the kids. Even doing so, our kids are normal and healthy. They don’t live in plastic bubbles, we just kept them mostly at home during their first two months of life.

Missy on

Wow such harsh reactions! My doctor told me absolutely do not bring the baby around crowds of people until he’s 6-8 weeks old. Fresh air and walks in the stroller around the neighborhood are totally fine. So that’s exactly what I did : ) I followed my doctors orders. Everyone has a different way of rearing their children, as long as the child is not suffering then everyone should stop judging one another. We parent how we see fit and how it works for us. Besides which, I don’t think Thor really cares about all these lovely mama’s jumping to his difference for walking his baby around.

marlowe on

i love him cradling her head! and they both look so happy and relaxed… sweet.

is it just me or he a bit heath ledger-ish… not a bad thing to be IMHO

Ciera on

Gosh, people! It amazes me how even the most adorable picture can be ridiculed by others. Shame.

Anyway, what a beautiful family! I’m sure their daughter is as beautiful as her mom, who looks amazing by the way. God bless!

Catca on

My son was born in February in a northern climate and I took him out. Fresh air is good for you. I was concerned about germs at first because his immune system was immature so I while I took him outside, I did avoid crowded indoor shopping malls for the first few months where the germs just sat in the air. I also like how Chris is holding the baby. He has the baby well bundled and her neck is supported. The baby is being held as close to his chest as she would be if she was in a baby bjorn, but her neck is being supported here and it wouldn’t be in a carrier. Not sure why people find the pic awkward. I see two happy parents bonding with their daughter.

laya on

I had my daughter on fri too and ive been out with her! My husband passed away and live alone- i have to do it all alone! I nurse my daughter and she is happy and healthy!!

Stacey on

People are idiots – taking a baby home from the hospital isn’t stopping at places and picking up germs and what not. I do not care what he or anyone else does, but I would never do it.

Framma on

My first child was born in Germany. We stopped at the comissary to grocery shop on the way home from the hospital. Was amazed at the baby as she looked around like she was enjoying the colors. She survived and today is 53 years old now.

Lucy on

@Shell, taking your infant out in the cold does nothing to improve thier immune system, its a myth. My daughter is 18 mos old and was born in Oct. Didn’t take her out right away, I was receivering anyway from the c-section. But she has NEVER had an ear infection and hasn’t been sick either, well 1 small cold. My son was taken out when he was born in January 2008 and he’s had numerous ear infections and when he gets a cold he gets really sick. It depends on the childs immune system, not whether you take them out right away.

danielle on

First Congrats to the Happy Parents. second @stacey I flew from Florida (where my baby was born) to Arizona where I live when she was just 3 days old. It’s not like he’s allowing tons of strangers to handle her. Big difference.

Barbara Wade Cox on

my first impression, he was holding a pot roast for dinner…but, I see others got the same impression I did…lol….why tempt us with a picture and there is none…?

Cy on

With a newborn, it is not really necessary to take a stroller if you are just out for a stroll and don’t need your hands free to do something. The wife has the baby bag on her shoulder so her essentials are in that bag. And I am amazed that some people think taking a newborn outside is a no-no. Think of many 3rd world countries where women give birth outdoors in hut homes, grass homes, mud homes and take them outside minutes after birth. European ancestors also took women outside wrapped on a wood slab on their backs so they could continue to harvest or farm.

Sara on

My doctor didn’t recommend taking my oldest out where a lot of people would be touching and holding him for the first few weeks. But, I don’t see how just taking a walk or having a picnic at a park would hurt. Maybe all doctors just have different opinions. My big thing is that I wouldn’t want to go out. I guess I’d rather just relax after only 5 days!!

That said, this is such a cute photo!

Momof4 on

Adorable! You will LOVE the baby feeding tray when baby is six months old. See what works with it at feedingsolution com great for
when you are on the set of a new movie.

Marsha on

I don’t think it is a big issue to take a 5 day old baby outside as long as he/she is dressed appropriately. I would, however, limit those who come in close contact with the baby; no telling the germs they might be spreading (especially the children whose parents chose not to inoculate them). I had a 2 pound preemie so the germs people carried worried me a whole lot more than the elements found in nature! I can only speak for myself. My daughter was in the NICU for 2 months and when we got to bring her home, we stayed home for a few days then took her out for a walk. I think it actually helped her get strong. She is almost 6 years old and other than strep (which she caught from kids at preschool) she has been very healthy. I could have kept her isolated inside then both she and I would have gone crazy!

mell on

The matter is not the baby’s health. It’s the mothers. The mother is the one whose body was open up in order to give birth, whether natural or c section. She is suppose to stay in to heal. No unnecessary germs. And no newborn goes out without her mother. The better the mother’s body heals the easier her next pregnancy is too.

Motheroftwo on

@Stacey who cares if she has the kid out at 5 days old, the minute that kid pops out it is exposed to every germ floating around that hospital, as long as the child is healthy taking it for a stroll wont hurt as long as he or she is dressed properly. His hands are so huge it doesn’t even look like he’s carrying a baby. She looks great for just having a kid 5 days ago, quickest bounce back I’ve seen yet.

Leslee on

I agree w previous posters, it does look like he is carrying a little loaf of bread or cake.

The baby is swaddled nicely and tucked into her daddy’s jacket as she also gets body heat from being against him. It seems like she will stay nice and cozy.

I was out and about with my boys right away and continued to do so. All of them have been very healthy little people. I was far more worried about taking any of my babies into the peds office for a “well check” or weight check where swarms of snot ridden kids with coughs and sneezes were there to greet us in the waiting forever room.

Some babies need to stay in, most don’t, but it’s up to the parents on how they want to handle it. Neither staying in nor going out is wrong πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

All hail India Thorsdottir! Bow down before the might of the future wielder of Mjolnir and heiress to Asgard!

(Wittle sweetie.) πŸ™‚

SadieA on

For what it’s worth, there are several other photos of him cradling the baby and holding it closer to his body.

Ruth on

In some countries, women have babies and go back to work the next day. In Africa and many other countries, women work on the fields until they give birth and continue to work right after the birth. We are very fortunate in this country because we have the luxury of taking six weeks or more off work to carry for our newborn.
A lot of people actually hinder the development of their children’s immune system by keeping them at home, not letting anyone hold them. My boys who are now 17 and 16 are never sick, except for the occasional cold because I took them out, never sheltered them, they were rarely sick as children.

Yvette on

The baby is too young to be out and about. Crazy!!!

Olivia on

Stacey, I did just last week.

orangekitty on

Unless there’s a cultural belief involved there’s no reason to take a baby out. Our first pedi visits were within days of leaving the hospital. Congrats to the new family.

Olivia- on

So, she gave birth in London?
I came around the name, I like it.
Stacey, why not? My mom tells me that 4 days after I was born she took me to the supermarket and I’m totally fine 20 years later. If the baby is fine take him/her out to the world! You don’t have to hide like Jessica Simpson

India's Mom on

I just had a daughter Jan 6, 2012, and her name is also India Rose, our babies name ROCK.

Bree on

My husband and I took our daughter out to get a Christmas tree the SAME DAY she was released from the hospital, she was only four days old and I was taking her out pretty much every day until she was about a month old. At two weeks old we were taking to her to Church and to visit family and my husband has a pretty big family!! And they all wanted to hold her a visit with her (She is the first grandchild and greatgrandchild)
I have every intention of leaving the house right away with the rest of my kids as well since I will have to get my oldest to school and appointments and get groceries and things like that. Having a new baby in the house is a fantastic thing but everyone else still needs to eat and keep up with the rest of their lives. I have no intetion of pulling my older kids out of school and all their activities for 6 weeks when I have my youngest just so that I can keep the new baby away from all the germs, nor to I have any intention of keeping my older kids away from the baby because they might have germs.

All that being said, GREAT picture, they look so happy πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see pictures of India’s face (LOVE The name!!) I am sure she is a total cutie pie!!

Shannon on

The baby should be home, not being papped with attention seeking parents.

Elsa looks like Kylie Minogue in that photo.

Sarah on

I think it’s perfectly fine to go out and get some fresh air on a short walk – I did when my baby was that old. What I don’t understand is how she looks like she looks. 5 days postpartum I was completely swollen from all the fluids I got during labor and felt like I could barely walk because I was so sore down there. I was in comfortable, unattractive, baggy clothes. She’s got tight clothes on and looks fantastic! I guess different people’s bodies respond differently to the childbirth process! Good for her. My baby is 6 weeks old and I still don’t look that good.

Beth on

And he just got hotter!

Kate on

I’m sorry, but it looks like he’s holding a wadded up blanket. No way he’s holding a newborn that way.

kt on

I think a lot of you are failing to realize that the baby is partially in Hemsworth’s jacket.

MCP on

There is no way that is a baby. He is holding a package.

Cko on

Studies have proven that is a good idea to expose infants the outside world, that way they are less likely to have allergy’s as they grow older.

Audre on

I was out getting flowers for my yard when my son was three days old. He slept in a front pack…not even a wimper.

Daniella on

I’ll probably be willing to take my baby out for a nice stroll (as long as the baby’s born healthy) after a few days, but into stores or around large crowds of people? No thanks, I think I’ll wait until 3 or 4 weeks to do that. One of my cousins caught strep throat when he was only 10 days old, and the only person/people he could’ve gotten it from were those in the grocery store my aunt had visited with him. It very nearly killed him. And other than that incident, he’s been fairly healthy overall, so I think I’ll take my pediatrician’s advice & wait a few weeks for my baby’s immune system to build up before venturing out into stores or crowds.

Cathleen on

Wow, India looks especially tiny compared to how massive her father is! I wish them the best of luck!

Holiday on

I took my son out and about right away. He was born on Thanksgiving and there were parties and such we would attend. He was breast fed and did not get sick until he was about 7 months. My daughter was 5 weeks premature and so I did wait longer to take her out, although we did take walks outside like they are doing. Fresh air is better for babies than inside stale air!

Anonymous on

I can’t believe some people think Chris is holding a sandwich, meat, or some other package. I mean, come on, who cradles a package the way you would a baby’s head?! Anyway, this picture is adorable, and the baby looks so tiny!

Also, how does Elsa manage to look like she hasn’t given birth?! She looks amazing for being just five days postpartum!

bev on

are YOU serious?????? That does not look like a baby and IF it was. it should be in a proper baby carrier in case the father tripped and fell… reckless!!! are these people above the natural rules you’re told at the hospital??? for pete’s sake, it’s just common sense!!!

Anonymous on

Olivia- I don’t quite understand why you singled out Jessica. A lot of celebs stay out of the public eye for awhile after giving birth. She’s not the only one!

Jillian on

“Also, how does Elsa manage to look like she hasn’t given birth?! She looks amazing for being just five days postpartum!”

While I disagree with anyone saying she hasn’t given birth. The reason people question it……you explain it in your comment above πŸ™‚


MiB on

They look so happy and proud! And fresh air will do them all a world of good. It’s not really likely that someone will get close to her the way she is carried, and as several others have said, if she’s born in a hospital and has been to a pediatrician, then she has already been exposed to more germs than you get exposed to outdoors. I would actually get a bit more worried if they where in a mall, which is way more germ infested than a city street.

kat on

I think that she looks even smaller because it looks like the bottom part of her is snuggled into his shirt. He is trying to keep her close and snuggled into his body. Whether they take her out or not is their decision. They look like a beautiful family, i can not wait to see a picture of her.

sunniemonnie on

No way to really know if the baby is wrapped in that looks like maybe a hunk of cheese..

Susan on

How cute, Congratulation to Chris…Wishing you luck and health!
Love you always!!!

Susanna on

How cute! Congratulation to Chris, Wishing you luck and healty!
Love you always!!!

Cassie on

Are you serious? “It looks like cheese….deli meat….not a baby!”

Where do you guys come up with this stuff? I mean really!?

You should be less concerned with what this couple chooses to do with THEIR baby and be more worried about your tinfoil hat theories! wow.

ruby on

Having given birth twice myself, I question Elsa’s choice of “pants” LOL. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. I went stir-crazy being cooped up in the hospital for 48 hours; I took my baby out, too. If baby is healthy, and Mom feels up to it, no reason to hide in the house.

Leslee on

Do any of you remember that old episode of “I Love Lucy” when Lucy wanted to bring a giant salami back on the plane with her from Europe and they told her no? She wrapped it up like a baby and had to feign tending to it until was discovered the baby was really a giant sausage! Reminds me of this, lol.

I wish we could get a peek at the real baby cradled with her daddy.

Grace on

Some people thought he was holding a sandwich or something is because the baby was tiny, but he was only few days old. It’s just too soon to bring the baby out.

Anonymous on

Okay, guys, I found some more pictures of this outing, and that is definitely a baby Chris is holding:

Unless, of course, they’re into putting hats on meat, sandwiches, etc. and Elsa likes cooing over inanimate objects! πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Meant to say hats with ears.

Kresta on

Do we know the baby’s birth weight? She may just be a really tiny baby. My babies were eight to nine pounds and six pound babies looked tiny to me.

Joy Devereaux on

Most of the baby is tucked in his jacket. If you look at other pictures the baby looks like a normal weight. This is NONE of your baby so CALM DOWN!

Sam on

Elsa looks fantastic! Wish I had looked as good that soon after giving birth.