Molly Sims Celebrates Her Baby Shower

05/16/2012 at 12:30 PM ET

Molly Sims‘s son isn’t due for another month, but after her shower, the mom-to-be is already feeling inundated with affection for her little one.

“Based on all of the overwhelming love and support I felt from my friends and family at the shower, this is going to be one very adored baby,” Sims wrote in a post on

The baby, which Sims recently revealed is a boy, will be the first child for the model-actress and her husband, Scott Stuber.

Sims also shared a photo of herself, holding up baby pictures of her and her husband.

Gia Canali for

Saying she “didn’t want to torture people with shower games” at the celebration, Sims, 38, instead planned other activities, including asking guests to write letters to her son at designated ages, which will be given to him annually.

“He will get to open one on each birthday for almost 50 years!” according to Sims.

The shower also featured a scented oil station, where guests combined their favorite fragrances to create a perfume for Sims to use in her hospital room when she gives birth.

In addition, guests were asked to bring trinkets symbolizing important aspects of womanhood or motherhood, which will be strung into a necklace that Sims can wear with her to the hospital.

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Shelley on

I’m not sure I’d want to have the perfume in the delivery room (my own preference, of course), but I think the trinket necklace is a lovely idea!

Hea on

Love her dress.

emily on

Her face has totally changed! Pregnancy is so funny. Sometimes it makes you look like a different person. I only had a big belly…but some people get puffy throughout. It’s interesting, no telling how it will affect you.

She looks so happy- I’m happy for her.

Jess on

I wish I had thought of the letter idea for my baby shower. What a grea idea! Even if it is only 1 sentence in the letter it would be very cool to be able to relive the joy of that day for years to come, and to be able to share everyone’s love for your unborn child with them as they grow.

Sarah on

Yes, love the letter idea I think that is sweet!

anon on

That letter idea is AWESOME!!!

Carrie on

What a great idea about the letters…inspiration, words of wisdom, etc…

torgster on

She looks so pretty here – like back when she used to be on Las Vegas. She always seems to wear her hair in those tight severe ponytails now which don’t compliment her at all.

tina on

i like the idea of the letters .i have wrote my son letters over the years .

Anonymous on

“Saying she “didn’t want to torture people with shower games” at the celebration, Sims, 38, instead planned other activities, including asking guests to write letters to her son at designated ages, which will be given to him annually.” So Molly threw and planned her own shower?

I hope not, because I think that’s bad etiquette. I’m all for baby showers, but I think it’s tacky to throw one for yourself!

Jillian on

Anonymous, her friends threw the shower that was thrown at her friend/event planners homer. It’s common for the mother/bride to be involved on planning the shower, if they’d like, which clearly she did. I have been a part of so many where the guest of honor says NO games! I personally was surprised and like it that way, but not everyone is that way.


KD on

You don’t want to torture guests w/ games yet you want them to write a letter? What happened to the old fashioned showers that us non-rich ppl have – it’s a SURPRISE, guests come, you eat, have cake, open gifts…none of this bring a gift for the mom’s necklace, write a letter, make some perfume. Good lord.

carla on


Us Non-Rich people go for the non traditional as well. It is quite common for the mother-to-be now a days to help out with the planning of her shower. Plus who said that Molly’s guests didn’t eat, have cake, and open gifts? Good Grief. I applaud those who think outside the box and offer up something new for these types of events. We had people design onesies for my sister’s baby at her shower. Everyone LOVED IT! New idea keeps things fresh and fun for everyone.

Kate on

I really liked the letter idea. It is a sweet gift from friends and family.

Anonymous on

carla- Exactly! Not all baby showers are the same, and not all of us “normal” people have surprise showers. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a single baby shower (some of which have even be held AFTER the baby was born) that was a surprise for the mom-to-be (and the same goes for bridal showers). That’s not to say that I don’t like the idea of a surprise shower. I do, very much so. But it’s by no means a requirement for a “normal” shower either, nor is sticking to “traditional” things like games.

Anonymous on

Oh, and I have to say that I really like that Molly’s shower doesn’t seem to have been sponsored the way so many celebrity showers are.

Anonymous on

I’m trying to do the math; married in September 2011 – baby due in June? Conceived out of wedlock. I think!!

emily on

Anonymous – Get a life.

Jennifer on

I think she is glowing! Her personal site has some amazing pics of her pregnant, too.

As for surprise showers, I haven’t been to one either, but not sure how much you want to jump out and “surprise” a pregnant women either. 🙂

renee on

congraduation to you and your husband on your little miracle