Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Welcome Daughter Adalaide Marie Hope

05/15/2012 at 12:30 PM ET

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Welcome Daughter Adalaide Marie Hope Steve Granitz/WireImage

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley recently added a second daughter to their family — and now they’ve revealed her name.

The couple’s latest addition — a newborn girl adopted domestically — is named Adalaide Marie Hope, the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE.

She joins big sister Naleigh, 3½, whom Heigl, 33, and Kelley adopted from South Korea in 2009.

The newfound family of four shared a quiet Mother’s Day at home, with singer-songwriter Kelley, 32, preparing a sweet spread for his wife.

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!! Hope you dudes out there take care of your ladies. No skimping…,” he Tweeted, before sharing a photo of “the breakfast I made the mother of my children this morning.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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AllisonJ on

How sweet! I wonder if they will call her Adalaide or Addie. Both names are pretty. Can’t wait to see a photo!

klutzy_girl on

Love that name! I saw another article that said Adalaide is for Katie’s grandmother, Marie is her middle name too, and Hope is what they needed during this process. I think it’s sweet.

Can’t wait to see a picture!

Me on

I LOVE her name!! I can’t wait to see a picture!

Erin on

Adorable name! I like Adelaide a LOT more than Naleigh.

Oliviana on

Aww..my grandmother’s name!

Someone You Know on

I absolutely LOVE the name Adelaide!!

Tee on

What a lovely name! I really have come to adore this family!

DJo on

Josh seems like a real honey! He’s always bragging about Katherine and Naleigh! Lucky ladies!

Alexis on

Erin, Naleigh is just a nickname. Her given name is Nancy Leigh (also for family), and she can always revert back to it if she doesn’t want to be called Naleigh anymore.

Amberley on

I am so glad they have chosen somewhat ‘normal’ beautiful names for their daughters. LOVE THE NAMES OF both girls.

Ivy. on

Adalaide is one of my favorite names! It’s so classy and feminine.

Shelby on

LOVE her name, how precious! Congrats

Lulu on

No, they didn’t SHARE it, because how would they divide it up? They TOLD it or revealed it or disclosed it, but they didn’t share it (I don’t want any part of it!!!!).

No one will ever spell those girls’ names correctly, and no one knows how to pronounce the name of the older one. And what nickname can you use for Adalaide? Addie? Yeah, well…..maybe Laid….

“Share” does not mean “say” or “tell.” It means portions are allocated.

mary on

actually Alexis, Naleigh is her name, I am pretty sure it came from her mom and sister, but her given name is Naleigh.

Jada on

Actually alexis..her name is Naleigh…she was just named after her mother and sister Nancy and Leigh

Hea on

mary – No, read the link.

Jenno on

Lulu, I’m not sure why you are so upset, but “to share” can in fact mean “to tell”. “Share” is a homograph which means that it has more than one meaning.

And the names are beautiful…You can make any name have an inappropriate nickname if you try hard enough.

Heather on

Katherine and Josh have named their daughter Nancy Leigh and she will go by the nickname Naleigh. She is named after Katherine’s mother Nancy and Katherine’s sister Margaret Leigh

stacey on

HORRIBLE name, but Maxwell is still worse.

jbeenn on

“Katherine and Josh have named their daughter Nancy Leigh and she will go by the nickname Naleigh. She is named after Katherine’s mother Nancy and Katherine’s sister Margaret Leigh. -from link in article regarding Naleigh.

alicejane on

I love the name! Very classic and beautiful. Congrats to the family!

Anna on

@ Lulu,

Please look up the definition of “share”. Under the share as a verb section, you will see it says “to tell”. But nice try.


Haha yes I don’t know what she’s so upset about either? Kind of a weird thing to get miffed about.

And to the others:

I’m pretty sure her given name is Nancy Leigh, because I remember reading that and being surprised, because I had thought her name was just Naleigh. Don’t quote me on that though, it’s just something I remember reading at some point, couldn’t tell you where.

So happy for them!

emily on

I love the name Adelaide (I prefer that spelling, but it doesn’t matter). I wanted to name our new born baby girl that, but my husband wasn’t too sure 😦

It’s a beautiful old fashioned name in my opinion- nicknames could be Addie or even Ladie! (pronounced Lady)

Anna on

Beautiful name and congratulations!!!

MB on

BEAUTIFUL name! Congrats to both of them! Now, if only People magazine could use the proper term for a name instead of “moniker”. I doubt real people go around saying “Hi, my moniker is Sam!”

Shawna on

Here are two pictures of the new baby – http://greysfrasi.tumblr.com/post/22993035031

When I heard they adopted I assumed it would be from Korea again so I am surprised, but I think it is nice that they get to experience parenting a newborn as well.

chevjuls on

beautiful name, wishing the kelley family lots of love, also concratulation to the family.

illeryial on

get a dictionary please and cork it.

I love old classic names. We are expecting if we have a girl we want and older classic name for her.

kitty62862 on

Pretty name!

canada girl on

Cute name and I like that they spelled it differently and that way the can call her Ada, Ade, Addie.

Brooke on

Sweet name!! Naleigh and Addie….Adorable.

Anna on

**Also: I just saw an article about them somewhere else, and it says her middle name is Marcie, opposed to Marie. I have a feeling that Marie is right though.

Just thought I’d share 🙂

Nigerianchick on

I’m Nigerian and the name “Adelaide” is as Nigerian as it gets–(from the Yoruba ethnic group). Its kinda strange because I thought her daughter was from Asia? Oh well.

Cyndi on

I thought they change Naleigh’s name from Nancy Leigh to Naleigh Moon? I was watching a TV show called Crook & Chase and Josh was on there and they kept revering to her as Naleigh Moon.. I mean, Josh’s song is called “Naleigh Moon” and its about her, so maybe I’m reading into this……

Anonymous on

@Nigerianchick, her first daughter was from Korea. The article said this baby is domestic, which I take to mean born in US. She could very well be of Nigerian descent though. Maybe you are right about reason for the name.

Alicia Dawn on


Patty on

@Nigerianchick–her first daughter is from Korea. The article said this baby was adopted domestically, which I take to mean born in US. She may very well be of Nigerian descent though–you may be right about reason for name.

Beth on

Hey! That’s my daughter’s name! Spelled “Adelaide” though, and we call her Addie. This makes three Adelaides that I have seen.

Cortney on

That baby is adorable! Thanks for the link Shawna!

Katherine on

I saw Katie on Ellen right after Naleigh’s bday, and she explained that her given name was Nancy Leigh and they had a “fancy Nancy” party so the invitations said “Fancy Nancy Leigh Turns 3.”

Heather on

“Her name is Nancy Leigh Kelley and we push the Nancy and the Leigh together, and we call her Naleigh,” Josh told The Boot. “And the ‘moon’ part of it comes from her original name, Mi-Eun. I’m too redneck to say that, so I just said ‘moon.’ [laughs] Naleigh Moon, instead of Naleigh Mi-Eun.”

This explains the origin of his song Naleigh Moon.

Amy on

Very sweet!

geka on

thank you for the link what beautiful pictures!

Jillian on

I hope you don’t teach your children (if you have them) to speak as you did above. You not only are very wrong, but you are “yelling” and insulting someone. Do your homework first, so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

According to the Webster dictionary, share can be a noun OR a verb. As a verb, there are several meanings. The 4th meaning is to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others —often used with


Kate on

They might have chosen the specific spelling so that they can use the nickname Ada for her, too.

La La Outlandish on

Adelaide is an Australian capital city. A well-regarded name in Australia, along with Matilda.

Casey on

Know what the biggest trend in baby names is? Vowel names. Especially A names. And it’s getting quite tiresome. Half the kids in the class are going to have A names. Getting cliched now.

Cynthia on

how sweet!!! i want to see their baby girl

slickteig on

Ahhhh so sweet, glad for you and your dear little family.God bless

Mira on

Hahaha, Lulu takes the idiot cake.

Sarah on

Adelaide is a very beautiful, very old German name.

lovemybabygirl on

LOVEEEEEEE THE name My daughters name!!!

Anonymous on

Shawna- There are no pictures at the link you gave, so I assume they’ve been taken down. I’m actually kind of glad, though. I’d rather the first photos of the baby be shown with Katherine and Josh’s consent. 🙂

Heather- Thanks for explaining that. So it sounds like “Naleigh Moon” is just an extended version of her nickname.

Anyway, beautiful name!

Brooklyn on

I really like the name!

Pat on

Congrets to Katherine and Josh!

Marky on

I love the name and can’t wait to see pictures of her! I really like this family, and think they are lovely parents who care deeply for their child(ren). Haven’t seen them with Adalaide, but can’t imagine they won’t be as great with her as they are with Naleigh!

Kate on

Congratulations to them! I love the name!
We’re from Adelaide in South Australia, and it will always be our home. We’re living overseas for a few years, so it’s our baby daughter’s middle name.
Love it love it love it! (although prefer the real spelling)

Erin on

The name Adalaide (according to BabyNames.com) means: “Of a Noble Kin” and is German in origin, in case anyone was wondering.

stephanie on

I live in Adelaide, South Australia and know a few Adelaide little girls but never seen AdAlaide. Our city was named after Queen Adelaide and I think it’s an elegant, beautiful name. Congratulations to them all

Sarah K. on

Oh Lulu, words can have more than one meaning. If you’re going to argue so passionately about something, at least know what you’re talking about first.

Sharon Little on

For heaven sakes,they can call their children whatever they want.Who cares if you all like it or not? Its not like any of us commenting will ever even speak to the kids to call them by their names.

Mimi on

Easyup on

What is the babies nationality? This was Charlize Theron’s misstep. If you are not going to supply a picture with your announcement, a few words of the babies descent would help us visualize the new addition to your household. When you know ahead of time, it’s not a surprise but something you are expecting. She’s probably going to be a minority baby but which one? The babies name is lovely.

Tam on

Maybe I’m being bitter but I always wonder why people make their childrens full names available to the public. Is there something wrong with just announcing their first and last name? I’m pretty sure a lot of people wouldn’t willingly share their full name on the Internet, so why would they share their kids full name?

AR on

That’s sweet! Happy for their growing family!

my girls name on

My DD name, spelled the same way. LOVE IT

Anonymous on

Tam- I’m guessing it’s just because they’re proud parents who want to gush about their baby. Most people put their baby’s full name on birth announcements and such, and celebs and others in the public eye probably just don’t think to do it differently for public announcements.

Lily on

According to the translated article in Hola! they are calling the baby Addey Marie as a shortened version of her name. I don’t know if this is accurate information or lost in translation, but that’s what it says. The baby is a cutie, as is Naleigh (whose full name is Nancy Leigh – Nancy for Katherine’s mother and Leigh for her sister Meg’s middle name.) But, I sure wish someone could tell me how to pronounce “Naleigh!” Is it NAH-lee (like the a in car), NAY-lee (like the a in cake) or NAA-lee (like the a in cat?)
Family Photo in Hola!: http://www.hola.com/cine/2012051658529/katherine-heigl-hija-addey/

peacebeme on

Wonderful! It is selfish to have your own children and bring more suffering beings into this world and I absolutely commend people who do the right thing and adopt! What a wonderful family.

Denise on

Congrats Katherine and Josh!