Charlize Theron Wears a J for Jackson

05/15/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Charlize Theron is keeping her new baby close to her heart. After the announcement that she adopted son Jackson in March, the actress was spotted wearing Dalla Nonna‘s delicate yellow gold “J” initial necklace (starting at $225) to celebrate her little bundle.

“Motherhood was something I always knew I wanted to experience,” the star, who adopted her son when he was 4 months old, tells InStyle in the June issue, on newsstands May 18. “What a great opportunity.”

Other celeb mamas are also hopping on the hot trend of personalized necklaces. Earlier this month, Beyoncé posted a photo on her website wearing a nameplate in honor of her four-month-old daughter, Blue.

Brooke Showell

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Shannon on

“Motherhood was something I always knew I wanted to experience,”
“What a great opportunity.”

She seems kind of detached to me. It was a great opportunity? Did the little one just fall out of the sky and she said OK, I’ll be his mother? Weird.

The pendant looks like a fish hook moreso than a J.

cn tower on

Shannon, I also found the “What a great opportunity” quote a bit peculiar. When I think of “great opportunities”, I think of a plum job, a business acquisition or the chance to travel somewhere new and exciting…not having a child.

eva on

Not every single parent has to describe motherhood with syrupy metaphors and call it “the single most wonderful thing ever” in order to prove that they are happy to be parents.Some people are practical and simple when it comes to expressing emotions.It doesn’t mean that they are detached,unfeeling or indifferent.

Also,I am an adoptive mom,and I do think having the opportunity to welcome a child through adoption is great.I believe I understand what she is saying.

madolyn on

Prices start at only $225 for an unattractive necklace. Pocket change for them.

Melissa G on

Now only if she’d say “hey you know what, I’m going to stop doing all these press junkets, let the rest of the cast promote this movie so I can raise my newly adopted child instead of a nanny” I might see her as more of a role model to other single women who are adopting.

yes I know, being an actress is her “job” – but for those non celebrity single women who want to adopt, I’m sure they have a multitude of ways they have to prove they will be able to care for their child over a two-parent household. To make the time.

Since she’s adopted this child we’ve only seen her out with him once and then it was clear you had to look 10 feet behind her for the nanny with the diaper bag as Charlize had nothing else on her person.


Bree on

@M these press junkets are part of the contracts she signed when she agreed to be in the movie, contracts that she signed well over a year ago, she probably had no clue she would be getting Jackson when she did and she is facing being sued for breach of contract if she backs out of it.

Not a fan of the necklace personally but it may just be that the “J” is a bad example of their work as is does so easily end up looking like a fish hook if they leave the top line off.

srsly on

What is with all the Charlize Theron hate on here? It’s like this woman pissed in your cheerios and stole your husband. I’m not a huge fan or anything, but I don’t get why everyone is on her all the time.
She’s been “seen” with her son multiple times. If people aren’t complaining that celebrities are whoring out their kids for the media, they’re saying they’re never seen with them. “Opportunity” is probably odd phrasing, but really, it is a great opportunity for a single woman to be able to raise a child. Lord knows she has the means, and it sounds like she had a solid upbringing herself, including a good mom to model herself on.

Hea on

M – Why are you even on this site if you don’t respect and appreciate celebrities and them sharing their lives with you?

Liz on

Charlize gives me the creeps, seems like an ice woman. I read her interview in In Style with her odd detachment about being a new parent. Her glamourous nights out three times a week sans child are not helping her image either. I truly feel for that little boy, I really do. It sure isn’t a “great opportunity” for him.

Jillian on

Liz, we must have read two different articles….