Amanda Peet: I ‘Feel Passionately’ About Life-Saving Shots

05/15/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Shot@Life

Her latest show may have been canceled, but Amanda Peet is still Bent out of shape over the vaccination debate.

After her daughter Molly June contracted whooping cough in 2010, the severity of the epidemic hit home — literally — and now the actress is determined to spread the word to save other children from a similar fate.

“It was pretty scary,” Peet, 40, tells PEOPLE. “It took a long time to figure out what was wrong. No one would think it’s whooping cough.”

After being treated with antibiotics, her now 2-year-old fully recovered, yet the experience had a huge impact on Peet, who is also mom to daughter Frankie, 5, with her husband, Game of Thrones producer and screenwriter David Benioff.

“The [Centers of Disease Control] called me and we had to report it,” says the actress who lives in California, which has had the largest outbreak of whooping cough, or pertussis, in decades. Though Peet’s daughter had received two pertussis vaccinations, she was too young to receive all recommended doses.

Rattled by the experience, Peet became a spokesman for Every Child by Two, an organization that encourages vaccinations. She also became a global advocate for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life program which promotes vaccines for measles, pneumonia, diarrhea and polio in developing countries.

“I feel so passionately about this topic,” Peet told PEOPLE as Shot@Life unveiled a new public service announcement at Times Square. “The thing that moves me is that we have a cure for these diseases. We have the medicine — we just have to get it to the children.”

She continues, “If moms in the U.S. banded together, we could be on the right side of history. Let’s get it done. It’s not just about your kids, but about your neighbor’s kids, everyone’s kids.”

— Joanne Fowler

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ANJ on

Thanks Ms. Peet!


james on

hmmm….i thought there would be some comments here. this is for sure a debatable topic. I’ve had my own beliefs on vaccines since my first born 5 1/2 years ago (i am 28 now), and that was right around the time jenny mccarthy appeared on oprah to discuss autism. i honestly had a bad gut feeling about giving my new son the mmr(measles, mumps, rubella) shot, in my gut everything told me it was the wrong thing to do. so i did not, and then i didn’t with my second son, and i do not think i will give it to my now 9 month old daughter. i do plan to give my sons the vaccine now that they are older, i just could not shake the feeling i had, everything in my body told me it would be a huge regret, and although i did NOT have that feeling when it was time to give my second son his immunizations i had already decided i would wait with him too. i am just curious what people think about the mmr shot and A LOT of moms instinct that that is what triggered autism in their own child. its hard to shake a mothers instinct, and its hard not to believe them. science and along with the gov’t would never allow a public announcement stating that in fact an immunization given to millions could cause/trigger this sort of illness, right? i know i know they have ‘debunked’ this myth ‘science’ says that was never the problem in triggering autism but if a moms instinct tells her ‘yes it did do this to my child’ is she wrong too…who is right? i’ve also always been interested in the %/# of moms believed the mmr shot was the cause….food for thought i guess. as i said vaccines are debatable for sure (oh i also did not give my children the chicken pox vaccine, i had them as a child, so not sure what the dig deal was with that either..)

Jen on

It is known – Benioff is hot! Amanda is a lucky woman.

JM on

ok, trying to be nice about this, there is ZERO scientific evidence that vaccines and autism are connected. if you do not have a child vaccinated you are harming the rest of society and for what? a ridiculous rumour that was spread without any evidence behind it.

does your child wear a seatbelt? if yes, then why not vaccinate your child? the decisions are the same. if you care about the safety of your child and others then vaccinate your child.

i am truly sorry to those parents whose children have autism, but vaccines did not cause it. the sooner everyone accepts this, the safer the population will be as a whole.

please do the right thing!

Lizette on

I understand her situation, but she was not willing to listen to other senarios and was arrogant about it.

Lizette on

JM, are you a researcher? Do you know that? Stop voicing in on what you know nothing about. I’m not saying not to vaccinate children, but you don’t know for sure that vaccines aren’t causing it. BTW, it did not sound like you were being nice at all.

Amanda on

My nephew got whooping cough in 2010 as well. He almost died. They even called a code blue on him. His lung collapased and he was on a ventilator. This is why I chose to vaccinate. I would never want my daughter to have to go through that. So I know what a real and scary thing that is!

Krissy on

It is easier to prevent the disease than treat it!!!!!!!

nicole on

She’s being simplistic. The schedule advocated by the CDC is not about saving lives. It’s about convenience. The US is pretty much the only country in the industrialized world that mandates the chikenpox vaccine. Look at the schedules of the various European countries. Most don’t vaccinate for Hep B(an STD) at birth or the rotavirus(diarrhea). Some vaccines are important, but deviating from the CDC schedule is hardly playing roulette with your child’s life.

thanks on

I am very happy to see a “celebrity” come out and support vaccinations. I think we now have a couple generations of mothers who have never seen what the diseases can do and its very harmful. If these mothers had to watch their children suffer with them I think things would be very different…vaccinations only work when everyone has them. If we start having mass peple without vaccinations then we lose our safety in numbers…I just want mothers to realize that its not just their child they are affecting its my child as well.I know life isn’t “fair” but it seems wrong that those who don’t vaccinate are truly taking away my choice as well. I understand they think they are “right”, but I think I am “right” to vaccinate but my choice is taken away when they don’t vaccinate. I again, though, am happy that she is supporting vaccinations and hope someone who might might have been on the fence will now decide to vaccinate.

Angela on

Lizette- I am a scientist and there is NO evidence linking autism to vaccines. The studies that claimed an association were later refuted do to improper experimentation. The truth is that no one knows what causes autism just like no one knows what causes allergies, asthma, and other diseases. I’m not being mean. I’m just stating what the scientific community accepts. Maybe it will change in the future, but for now this is what is accepted.

Jen on

I had all of my vaccinations and I still contracted Pertussis. How well have the vaccines worked? It goes to show that not all vaccines are 100%.

kate on

I’m so glad she’s speaking for vaccines, and I do NOT think she’s being arrogant about this topic. It’s arrogant to assume that these diseases won’t have any effect on your child if he or she is not vaccinated. Measles can and does kill. Autism is heartbreaking for any family, but no valid study has ever shown a link between autism and vaccines. One of the most scary things about autism is that it is so unknown. I think people jumped on the anti-vaccine bandwagon because it was an easy target, but there is no proof that there is a link. What has been proven is that children who do not get these vaccines can die. That we KNOW.

Here’s some info from the CDC:

UNICEF also has some very sad statistics regarding un-vaccinated children dying worldwide:

KD on

I was vaccinated as a child and my son has been as well, we spaced some of them out due to him being a preemie, etc. I also don’t feel there is enough evidence linking vaccinations to autism, etc. I also have an issue w/ those who chose not to vaccinate (I’m not telling other ppl what to do) but this year in my school district they had a huge outbreak of whopping cough and we had quite a few kids contract it. It was scary and while I’m not going to tell someone else what to do it’s that population who are running the risk of not vacinnating your child and having them in the school popluation, etc.

Heather on

You have to do your research and go with your gut. In my opinion, the pertussis vaccination was a no-brainer, but to give a newborn Heb B and rotavirus is ridiculous. Chickenpox is hardly life threatening and un-neccessary. Not all of the CDC recommendations are “life-saving” as Amanda Peet says.

Katie on

Thank you Amanda for standing up for this very important issue! I believe Amanda was a pro-vax advocate even prior to her daughter’s illness; I seem to recall all the anti-vax/anti-science folks going crazy when she called non-vax families “parasites” a few years back.

And, for the record, JM is correct in her statement about there being no scientific link between autism and vaccines. That British study linking the two (the one everybody including Jenny McCarthy has been referencing for years) was retracted and shown to be “an elaborate fraud.”

Emerging research has shown signs of autism in babies as young as 6 months… far younger than the age at which the MMR vaccine is typically given to children.

kate on

*who do get these diseases can die. whoops on the typo.

Leah on

I applaud Amanda for standing up in support of vaccines. To not have your child protected against MMR or Pertussis out of fear that it MIGHT cause Autism is a little disturbing. That’s to say these parents would prefer their child contract a horrible, painful, life threatening disease rather than have Autism and live a healthy but challenging life.

I’ve lived my whole life with a sibling with Autism, and though it’s tough on the family and the person, I can say that I feel more enriched and empathetic because of that person. Autism is a scary thing to deal with, but my sibling has never been in the ER fighting for health, and I’m thankful for that.

Kiki on

You know, I believe that the government does not tell us everything. Do you really think big Pharm would want it to come out if vaccines were indeed triggering autism?? Do you think those politicians wouldn’t accept a hefty campaign contribution or wouldn’t be swayed by lobbyists to stay quiet? I hate when people are sheep and never fully look into anything…. they just believe whatever they are told.

As for Amanda’s daughter, it isn’t crucial that a baby get vaccinated against pertussis when they are that young because they can’t finish the series until 15-18 months! They have ZERO immunity until the series is complete. So why start when they are only 2 months old? If anyone should be getting vaccinated, it should be adults whose TDaP has expired. Even then, the pertussis virus is mutating, and the current vaccine only covers some of the strains. The recent outbreaks are due to mutated viruses. Of course they don’t publish that everywhere, though, in order to keep the sheep in line with the flock.

stacey on

can this woman ever think about any other topic to discuss other than vaccines????????

Shelby on

To each their own. As for me? NOT doing it.

Anonymous on

When our 19 year entered college the one vaccine the Dr highly recommended was meningitis so of course she received it. Never did anyone suggest a booster for whooping cough. And last month she came down with whooping cough. All of us and everyone who came in contact with her over the holidays needed to be placed on preventative antibiotics. I highly recommend getting boosters. She still has a cough but is no linger contagious. I will also add that for five days she could h

Angelica on

For James – just to clarify…Autism is not an illness. It is a neuro developmental disorder. Please be aware of the difference. I am a mother of a child with Autism and he is not ill. 🙂

JM on

Wow Lizette don’t you look like an idiot? Talk about voicing an opinion on something you know nothing about.

I don’t really care to discuss my profession on here, but what i said was that there is NO scientific evidence to support the idea that vaccines and autism are connected in any way. that is not to do with a government ‘not telling us everything’ as there has been multiple independent research done in various countries. oh but according to you that is probably a big conspiracy of several countries, pharmaceutical companies and independent scientists working together to give all our kids autism. yep, that’s right.

i did try to be nice with my initial statement (show me where i wasn’t being nice). but to me this does come down to, if you’re a smart person you will vaccinate your child. no that doesn’t mean every vaccine under the sun. but there are obvious ones where, i’m sorry, if you don’t get them for your child, then in my eyes you are an irresponsible parent.

Shannon on

An autism-vaccine link has never been established.

However this woman is not a health professional and is almost as annoying as Jenny McCarthy. Didn’t she call parents who don’t vaccinate children “parasites”? Who really takes this woman seriously? Stick to promoting movies, dear.

Retro on

But she WAS vaccinating and her daughter STILL caught it. Has nobody read this article through? Some people will get things regardless and some won’t. Doesn’t make vaccines evil or not. It’s a parent’s choice. I’m glad she has made a decision to vaccinate but I don’t really need to hear her opinion on it either.

gabrielle on

I am a FIRM believer in immunizations. Not only do they save lives from diseases that would be life threatening but they have almost abolished them as well. Now that there is a “vaccine strike” amongst many parents, we are starting to see more cases of measles(which kills 400 children each year) but are starting to see an uprise in wooping cough. Although most countries do not vaccinate for chicken pox, if you don’t get it as a child, which some of us don’t, you will be extremely ill as an adult if you get it. Why risk that? I know all about the controversy with the MMR and its links to Autism. IF people did the research, they would know that the doctor behind that study was convicted of fraud as the experiment was not done correctly and there has been a NO LINK proven. My nephew has autism and he did not get it from his MMR(which my sister decided to space out because she was panicked from reading a Jenny Mcartney book). I think it is irresponsible for people like Jenny to claim that immunizations were to blame for her sons autism as well as to say that it has been cured(which it cannot be). The fact is that most children are diagnosed with autism around the same time that they receive the MMR shot. It is merely a coincidence. Autism is tragic, however, to create a society where people feel that there children are safe from diseases because my 2 children were vaccinated is irresponsible and immoral. Living in NYC, I see and hear it all from mother’s who don’t believe in shots and I have to bite my tongue ALL THE TIME. The person who commented that HEP B(Which is given @ birth and is only an STD) does not know what they are talking about. It is actually a disease of the liver and happens to be contracted through bodily fluids(such as blood, seman). It is also contracted through needles and can be passed to an unborn child. Rota virus is one of the most horrible things to deal with and thank goodness there is a vaccine for it. they didn’t have it with my older daughter and she got it. My little one never had it due to the vaccine. PEople need to stop the nonsense

Kara on

I’m glad she does what works for her. I’m a big believer in each family doing the research weighing out the pros/cons and making the decision for themselves. I think anyone on either side who goes into the drs office refusing/accepting just because someone tells them to is an idiot. I don’t believe vaccines cause autism but there are many other side effects that can happen. just as there are side effects to the diseases themselves. A blanket approach is just not reasonable though.

Holiday on

I am also passionate about shots. Do you know what the child and infant mortality rate is in developing countries that do not have shots? Look it up and maybe you will see why shots are so important.

Kirsha on

We have people that are pro for vaccines and we have people that are con for vaccines. Autism is “like” other ailments of the body. Before you all get on your high horse about that comment, here is what I mean. It has been said that just because your mother had breast cancer does not necessarily mean that you will get breast cancer also. There is a gene that the body carries, you may get cancer, you may not get cancer. Autism, to me, is like that. The gene is present, and unfortunately when the child is immunized, that gene gets triggered.
If vaccination is what causes Autism, then every child that has been immunized would be Autistic. As for the ones of you that say that just because a child has been vaccinated for Whooping Cough, that they should not get the disease, welllllll this is what I have know for the last 20 years, THERE ARE booster that the doctors recommend the child getting. I lived in Germany for 4 years and before I could come back state side, I HAD to get a booster of the MMR vaccine.
I am PRO for vaccines, there is too much other foreign agents that a child can contract not to be vaccinated for. OH and BTW, I know that they no longer do the oral Polio vaccine, it is the injection now, but my son had all of this immunization when he was small and that included the oral Polio and he is fine and healthy now and was a preemie at birth.
Personal choice I am for, whether to vaccinate or not, that is your choice and I respect it.

nicole on

In Europe adults who haven’t contracted the chickenpox are considered an at-risk group and can receive the vaccine.

c on

Nicole- People vaccinate newborns for HEP B and give 3 doses because it protects babies from transmissions from their mom during birth. Babies come from vaginas!

nicole on

Mothers have to be Hep B positive to transmit the disease to their babies, yet the CDC recommends that all babies receive the vaccine. This is pointless. Even in Canada they wait until school age.

Heather on

The doctor’s test the mother for Hep B therefore it is known prior to delivery if the mother has it and therefore the baby has a risk. If the mother does not have it, in my opinion, I can’t see any reason to give your newborn a Hep B shot. Our hospital doesn’t routinely do it at birth. It’s not necessary.

think for yourself on

Parents need to think for themselves. Spend as much time researching your child’s health as you do picking out their stroller. Most don’t give it any thought. Shame on anyone that takes healthcare advice from a celebrity-any celebrity. It is your child and your responsibility. Educate yourself and make informed decisions whatever they may be.

lame on

My son has autism and it was not from the MMR vaccine, please people stop pushing that as the cause!

A on

The facts are pretty clear…as others on here have stated, look at other countries mortality rates of children who do not receive vaccines and look at our infant mortality rates…My opinion but I think it is absolutely ridiculous and detrimental to not vaccinate your children! I think Jenny Mccarthy was looking for an excuse or an answer as to how her son got autism but I firmly believe vaccines do not cause autism. However, I do believe it is the parents choice as to whether or not they want to vaccinate their children, as do I believe people should always have a choice and not be told they have to do something.

Liesel on

Okay, here’s the thing that completely burns me up about this whole discussion. The parents who don’t vaccinate their children are banking on the rest of us being responsible members of society and vaccinating our children.

There’s no link between autism and vaccines. NONE. Zero. Nyet. Zippo. The big goose egg. So arguing about vaccines from that angle just makes you look ignorant.

Here’s an idea! Let’s all stop vaccinating our children and then we can have a great time all suffering from measles, and polio, and pertussis! Good plan!

nicole on

Our infant mortality rates are abysmal compared to Iceland. Take a look at their schedule. It’s much lighter than ours:

Holiday on

I personally feel it is neglect and abuse to not vaccinate your children against diseases that can and will kill them! I dont get the mind set at all of people against vaccinations.

Leslie on

Most women don’t have Hep B, but their babies are getting vaccinated unnecessarily at hospitals upon birth. Your doctor can test for Hep B before giving birth and if it comes back negative then your baby doesn’t need the shot. Most hospitals do it automatically unless you tell them specifically not to.

JD on

How is my child who is not vaccinated going to get your vaccinated child sick?

Jillian on

My infant daughter Isn’t old enough to get her shots yet. My son hasn’t got all of them. There is a schedule……sad you don’t know. So, your child can get my innocent children sick and all the other children sick, who have no choice to sit and wait until they are old enough for their shots.

I would do everything to protect my children from getting in harms way. Putting them at risk for a disease is easy for me to try and prevent! Vaccinations.


james on

i wasn’t trying to offend anyone calling autism an illness…i know what autism is, i am compassionate towards it, my children go to school with kids who have all sorts of disorders. i teach my children compassion. i do my research. but i also do not always trust the gov’t when it comes to pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines. i will vaccinate my children for mmr. but sometimes their little bodies are getting too much to handle and then they fall ill or have reactions… i for one, do not believe that just because i choose to wait, means i will get all of your kids sick, and i should be singled out. my son has had the pneumonia shots and has still had pneumonia 3 times, hospitalized each time, so those vaccines have done nothing so far for him. yes, ‘disease’ should be controlled, but immunizing for everything, flus, diarrhea, colds, every little bug out there, is just craziness. its getting a little out of control, when every time i have a new baby, or take my child in for their vaccinations (which i do get for them), there is a NEW vaccine for something. i was very on the fence when my child was born in 2006, it was everywhere that the mmr vaccine was the cause, or was linked to, autism, and it was not until 2011 that they cleared this ‘myth’ up. it’s interesting to see how many people just do what they are told, and how many people actually research what they are doing for their child. i believe a mother knows best, yes sometimes mistakes are made–but just curious, do you feed your children meat? do you know what is in meat/dairy products? did you know your child could die from eating a hamburger? because its funny that something so important as administering vaccinations is all the rage when some (no not all) DO NOT look into what they are feeding their children. good food and nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your child, so why do so many feed their children grocery store foods, foods that come from factories, foods that are poorly watched over by the ever so important food safety system. many systems fail us. i just choose to be aware of this, that’s all. to each their own. right?

nom on

Well said James!

lee on

I chose to vaccinate my child, but decided to do it one shot at a time instead of in a big wham. It took a lot of my time, but totally worth it because the last time he had a cocktail he got really sick.

NLT on

OK…wait…her daughter GOT 2 of the pertussis vaccines, and she STILL caught it?

Way to advocate!

I actually like Dr. Sears Vaccination Book.

We select/delay vaccines in my family.

Sarah K. on

JD, because your child can contract life-threatening diseases and then expose others to them as well. Guess what – polio and the measles are not eradicated. People don’t get it because they have been vaccinated. But, newborns and small children have not (and cannot) had all of their shots, so you not vaccinating your kids DOES put other kids in danger. Vaccines only work if everyone gets them.

JM on

seriously, some people here…. they think ‘my opinion/instinct/gut feeling’ have the same validity as science. you can’t go round making outrageous claims just because what you’re saying somehow feels right to you.

get your kids vaccinated. if you don’t, then don’t kid yourself, YOU are part of a massive problem in society.

Meghan on

those who don’t vaccinate their kids are selfish in my opinion, relying on herd immunity to keep their kids from contracting diseases. there was just a terrible whopping cough outbreak in washington state which incidentally has one of the highest rates of parents who choose not to vaccinate

Regina on

The MMR shot made my son’s platelet count drop to nearly nothing. He almost bled to death. VACCINES ARE NOT SAFE. THOSE OF YOU THAT PERPETUATE THE LIES THAT THEY ARE, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATHS THEY CAUSE.

Wyatt's Mom on

4 days after my son, Wyatt, received the MMR/DPT he lost his speech, started banging his head on anything hard, subsequently started screaming in gut pain and went into his own little world. After the Hep B at 6yrs I watched my son Cody’s personality change. If you are going to vaccinate I suggest you read “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Vaccinations” written by Dr. Stephanie Cave, who is pro vaccine but on an altered, single-shot schedule. I’m pretty much done with the topic now.

E.T.'s Mom on

Amanda Peet can preach her view all she wants. She and her pharma friends can keep their vaccines. I watched my newborn son that I had spent 5 years trying to conceive nearly die from the neonatal dose of hepatitis B. I watched his body swell, watched him shriek for 3 days while in NICU on oxygen. And I watched the hospital try their best to cover it up. His newborn testing was fine. HE was fine, until that shot. He is 6 1/2 years old now. He cannot walk, is not potty trained, is only barely able to talk, cannot feed himself. For a vaccine against a disease he had absolutely no risk for.

He never got another vaccine. And I didn’t vaccinate his younger brother. I’ve already sacrificed one child on the alter of “preventative” vaccines. They won’t get another. I can handle treating pertussis, measles, mumps, etc. Lifelong disability and watching my son spend his childhood in doctor’s offices and therapies, not so much.

Lisa on

Some children are not candidates for the pertussis vaccine. If a child has a brain abnormality or a brain disorder, they are not supposed to have this shot. It can cause severe seizures, further permanent brain damage or death.

james on

mel mel and JM- you are being ignorant. period. you think all little bodies are built the same, and therefore should be given a ‘one size fits all’ vaccine. c’mon. clearly you are the ‘sheep’ of the what you’re told right. ok.

i feel for the moms who trusted a system that failed you, so much.

its so unfortunate that we trust the gov’t to keep us safe, but time after time, they withhold important info on so many things. call it conspiracy, call it paranoia, call it politics, call it being unable to trust, call it what you want…sometimes a ‘gut feeling’, or intuition, is what people need…if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. i also feel for the people who have no intuition and do not trust their own instincts. i’m done now too, some people will always be bullheaded and gullible, thats their own misfortune.

JM on

james, two words: scientific evidence.

what you says is all very sweet, you know, for a 5 year old with no logical or rational reasoning skills. but it is basically the same as saying you think that vaccines cause flat feet, or antibiotics make you blind. i’m not saying you can’t say it, but you will always sound like a hysterical irrational person if you do.

note, i am not talking about administering all vaccines at once. maybe things are done a little differently in the US (wouldn’t surprise me, the healthcare there is pretty messed up), but that doesn’t mean that vaccines themselves are bad. be responsible, educate yourself, talk to your doctor if you have concerns…. and then get your damn kid vaccinated.

james on

JM-i feel for you too.

i have a university degree. i know how to read, you should try it, its good for you!

james on

JM- i feel for you too.

i have a university degree. i know how to read, you should try it, it’s good for you!!

JM on

Obviously the ‘post’ button was so good you read it twice. how’s that degree working out for you? (see, i can be just as childish, there’s no skill in it.)

but no, seriously, applauding the university degree, i have one too. yay, aren’t we special? i don’t really see how it is relevant to this discussion. do you have any pets?

all i am saying is that it is sensible and rational to trust scientific evidence. and i don’t think anyone should need a university degree to understand that.

Mary E on

Injecting harmful, toxic Chemicals into my babies blood streams? No way- Breastfeed and do not vaccinate! Research the ingredients, know your options as a parent. Do these vaccinations work? No

Solveig on

For all those preaching pro-vaccination I suggest you walk a mile in the shoes of a parent who has watched a child’s mental and physical well-being go down the toilet immediately after receiving a vaccine. Then tell me how wonderful vaccinations are. Tell me how you plan to vaccinate the next child because the government says it’s a good thing to do. While it’s true that most children are not obviously harmed by vaccines, there are enough infants and children who are that it should raise some serious questions about the overall safety of the practice. The fact is that contracting some of these illnesses is not a life or death matter for a healthy breastfed child with good access to quality healthcare. The decline in contagious disease directly correlated with improved sanitation practices and handwashing, not just the advent of vaccines. Vaccines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. No doubt some are useful and have saved lives, but the United States goes way overboard in the vaccination schedule and sheer number of vaccines they recommend babies and children to receive. If you want to vaccinate your child according to government guidelines, fine, but don’t judge families that make different choices. We are all ultimately just trying to do what’s right for our children and there is no single judge of what defines “right” in these types of issues. Be humble and remember we are all in this together as parents that love our children.

amc on

There are two conclusions she could have drawn from her kid contracting whooping cough: 1) she didn’t vaccinate enough or 2) the vaccine did not work. One will never know, because there are scientific studies that “prove” (loaded term, too much manipulation and political agendas involved to attest to the integrity of the studies) both sides.

Tamara Alexandris Diaz on

Vaccinate your children! Otherwise, keep them away from mine.

rosie on

Three points:
Amanda’s child had not had the full set of shots so was not fully immunized. Immunization is never 100% anyway, like pretty much everything in life.
If everybody else had had their shots, there wouldn’t have been anyone with pertussis to infect her!
If you eat Cheerios for breakfast one morning and later the same day are diagnosed with cancer, did the Cheerios cause the cancer? With all the shots kids get, some children are destined to get sick or whatever at the same time as a vaccination. And yes, a rare few have a true reaction to something in the vaccine–very rare. I always said a prayer when signing the permission form for my children to get their shots.

I agree that it’s unfortunate that most young parents alive today don’t remember having classmates in leg braces and iron lungs because of polio, or the mental retardation, blindness, or deafness of siblings because of rubella when their mother was pregnant. These things were WAY more common than an occasional bad reaction to the shot.