Monroe & Moroccan Cannon’s Birthday Snapshot

05/14/2012 at 03:00 PM ET

Dressed to the nines! Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon looked quite dapper while celebrating their first birthday on April 30th in Paris. Parents Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently shared photos of the bash on the twins’ website, Among the gifts the tots received at their party were a toy piano, rocking horse and mini Ferrari.

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Ivy. on

They are little dolls! He showed more pictures of them on Ellen. They’re super cute kids.

em on

OMG these children are scrumptious! I love the photo. So beautiful. Say what you want about Mariah being a diva, but these are two gorgeous babies. I want to squeeze them!

Leslee on

Mariah gets on my nerves but I’m very appreciative she is sharing pix of her babies. Famous parents or average Joe and Jane, it’s always nice to see well done pictures of little ones.

Katie on

Oh are they darling children!!!! Super cute!! Did Mariah and Nick nickname them “dem” babies? HAHA it’s cute!

megan on

Monroe is the spitting image of Mariah’s grandmother : )

Brooke on

Oh, they are just GORGEOUS! Such beautiful little faces.

Shannon on

Beautiful children!

Someone You Know on

Holy crap…there’s no doubting those are her and Nick’s kids…ADORABLE!!

mary on

Just adorable and beautiful babies- WOW!

Eliza J. on

“Dem babies” are too cute!

JessicaB on

adorable!! their little faces are so perfect they look like dolls.

Misty on

Pretty babies!

Heather on

Your twins are so GORGEOUS!!! I love there little outfits so cute 🙂

Cassie on

I usually dont comment but MY GOODNESS ‘Dems some beautiful babies. God bless them!

sandra on

Wow! These are two precious babies! Mariah and Nick are blessed to have them. Congrats to them on their first birthday.

Chi on

they really are beautiful children.

sam and freya's mum on

Very cute babies!

Vanessa on

These babies are beautiful! I hope she is a good mother. She seems kind of weird sometimes.

christa on

They are gorgeous babies, a very well done project, Mariah and Nick : )

brooklynbound on

Whether you love Mariah & Nick or hate ’em, one thing is certain they make cute babies together!

Christina on

They are so beautiful! They don’t even look real. Like dolls. lol Happy birthday to “dembabies”!!

amy on

Monroe looks like a mini-sized version of her Mama..very cute ❤

Tammy on

Say what you will about Mariah (GORGEOUS) and Nick (VERY Handsome) but you cannot say they don’t make beautifully gorgeous & handsome children!!! I thought my kids were all cutie patooties…but these…or rather…DEM babies out-cute mine! LOL

I'm standing beside the person behind you. on

They look like a pair of mini me’s. Too cute!

kels on

girl is ok…what is wrong with the boy, weird features

Lillith on

These babies just took my breath away! They are just too beautiful for words!!!

Karen on


Ethel Korman on

Dem babies are so cute. Just sayin.

Kelly on

Prettiest celebrity babies Ever!!!

Michelle on

Not a musical fan of either parent, but these are the MOST beautiful kids ever!!!

Kim on

the twins website is Really? Can you say ghetto?

Kasee on

Kels, what a terrible thing to say 😦

KGurley on

Oh my goodness! Dem Babies r just getting 2 b so big and so adorable.

Jennifer on

Ohh..They are beautiful babies 🙂 Lovely photo!!

Kim on

What a blessing Nick and Mariah! Your babies are really beautiful and looks so precious.

Kimberly on

Your babies are too precious! What a blessing Nick and Mariah.

Kimberly on

What precious babies! They are so beautiful Nick and Mariah!

AllisonJ on

those babies are so darned cute!!

Terri on

Oh what beautiful babies. They are just tooo sweet. 🙂

twinhappy on

Gorgeous, gorgeous babies! Loved the photos!

Donna on

I must be blind because I don’t think either one of these kids looks like either one of them. They are cute though.

Ginger on

Adorable! Moroccan looks just like his daddy!

simartful on

I want to know who came up with ….. lmfao!

SHar on

What beautiful, beautiful children!!!

Grace on

What beautiful, precious little angels!

Heather on

The kids are precious but no way are they the biological children of both of them. Possibly an egg donor was used. Doubtfully a sperm donor because Roc looks a little like Nick. Neither look anything like their Mom.

sally on

They are ok looking!

Barbara Wade Cox on

OMG,,they are gorgeous…the girl looks like the mother and the boy looks like the father…how perfect…

Ella on


Jusme on

Darling kids, but they really don’t stand a chance being raised by Mariah. A more spoiled and materialistic woman I’ve never seen. How can these babies ever develop any understanding of what real life is?

Sam on

Kels, there’s nothing “wrong with the boy.” Both babies are beautiful.

Kira on

Gorgeous kids!



Kim on

Gorgeous babies! I just know how practical white is, she always puts them in white, mustn’t let them run round or eat party food lol but then I’m a cynical mummy of two young kids who are messy little munchkins lol also are they still in capsules because thats a bit young for them to be carrying round in capsules isn’t it? As for what Kels said thats really harsh, hes a little baby and will grow into his features, I think he looks like mariah who has wideset eyes and it def works for her, I think hes gorgeous either way!

Jean on

Beautiful children. Wishing them both a long life filled with love and happiness!

nikki on

“Dembabies” are cute, I am not fond of Mariah Carrey’s new music, can’t say I know Nick Cannon’s. I hope “Dembabies” can live up to Mommy’s expectations.

J on

Breathtaking babies!

Christy on

With all the hurt and pain of of their miscarriges, I love to see them so blessed with these two very special little Angels. God Bless the Cannon Family!

Fabulous on

DEM BABIES are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


DO they ever dress them with normal baby clothes….i mean ones the kids can crawl around in? Please…i hate how they always dress DEM BABIES up

Boof on

I’m sorry, but those babies are weird looking…

Liz on

Beautiful twins. So cute!!

Holiday on

Wow their babies are so adorable! They have the most gorgeous features.

Sarah on

The girl is cute, but the boy has a big forehead and his eyes are oddly spaced. Maybe he’ll get better with age, like fine wine? He’s still a precious baby, though!

j. ronald windfall on

lil dude looks like joakim noah, i’m just saying nick.

pat on

Wow…beyond adorable. Is it just me or do celebrities have higher than average rate of having twins?

bec on

adorable! that little boy is just the cutest little thing!

Marky on

Boof, you are definitely in the minority. They are darling kids; very cute, and apparently can manage to keep their food off their clothes. Why should people be speculating about whether these babies came from Mariah’s eggs or not; when they did IVF, and the kids look like both their parents.

Pilar on

@ Kim Seriously if I hear the overuse of the word ghetto one more time. Does everything black have to be ghetto? Try expanding your vocabulary. I forgot, maybe you are “Ghetto.” They are beautiful babies the period the end.

Indira on

Mariah Carey has a very bland face that isn’t particularly distinctive so her traits may not come out until the kids are older. Moroccan looks a little like her as a baby.

antoniariv on


Jane G. on

Sorry for not thinking like most of you – but the boy is just ugly.

Rhonda on

What cute babies they are. The little boy looks just like his daddy. What a blessing children are.

tlc on

Not a fan of Mariah, but LOVE Nick. The kids are cute. Love Rocco..he’s darling. Love his hair. 🙂

Roe doesn’t resemble either of them right now, but I bet she will in future. She is very dainty looking. I have to agree though, put them in some COLOUR and some practical clothing. THen again, I guess if the white gets stained, Mariah just buys more and throws them away!

Not a fan of white for babies or ANY kids for that matter…too hard to keep clean and not dingy without using a ton of bleach.

Sandals on

Beautiful babies!! Absolutely beautiful!!

jsp81355 on

They are absolutely gorgeous babies. God bless their precious hearts.

tina on

they look slow or touched mentally.

ruby on

Wow, nearly every comment on here is hateful and spiteful. These are children, really babies, only 1 year old!!! Find some other outlet for your vitriol! They’re very very cute, they were dressed up for their birthday party, good grief! They were wanted very badly, and their mom and dad went through a lot to conceive — I have two boys I had no trouble conceiving, and I make a HUGE deal out of birthdays. Give Mariah and Nick a break. And they DO look like their parents; Monroe looks like her mother and Moroccan looks like his father.

Lady on

You people are CRUEL…hope you sleep well at night being such negative rude mean insensitive ugly people at heart.

Both Roe & Roc are beautiful babies, Happy 1st Birthday to them!!

brian kenya on

what a blessing you have Carey

Jasmine on

OMG those babies are so beautiful

JMO on

Actually Mariah showed a baby pic of herself when she was around Roc’s age and they both look very much alike. Monroe I think looks like both. She’s gorgeous!

Debbie on

What beautiful babies!! How precious are they?!

AmandaC on

Wow is that baby girl beautiful, she’s gonna be a stunner (which she already is) when she grows up!

Joan on

What adorable childern too cute!!!!

cbaker on

the kids are cute. the parents are weird/ghetto/spoiled/materialistic.

i just hope the kids have great and loving nannies to raise them.

parents will only bring them out for publicity stunts.

Me on

Actually, Ruby and Lady, there are an unusually large number of compliments to these little cutie pies. Not the normal cyber bullying I see. Nonetheless, these are 2 adorable babies (almost as cute as mine, but not quite ;)- ). Their parents are quite blessed. Thanks for sharing the pic!!!

Karen on

They are so beautiful. May G– keep them safe and healthy. I hope their parents understand how precious they are and how lucky they are. May Nick and Mariah also stay healthy to care for these wonderful children.I wish I could have spelled the word G– out but then this note of good will would have been trashed.

Classylass on

What incredibly cute babies! Just adorable! Mariah and Nick are very blessed. Mariah and Nick definitely make beautiful children together. – LOL. They are a very sweet little family – it’s very nice to see.

Joanie Joy Thompson on

Oh sweet little precious angels. They are such a beauty to see. They look like they just came down from Heaven. God bless them and their beautiful parents. Wow.

Joanie jaye on

Oh how beatiful. They are little angels looking like they just came down from Heaven. Extremely beautiful. They will be in magazines soon, if not already. Gorgeous.

William Moriarty on

Wow! It makes them so much more unique than the other billion or so women who have babies. God get a life!

Tigerlee on

Fainting from all of the cuteness. I think the little girl has Nick’s eyes and the little boy definitely has Mariah’s eyes.

kat on

their website dembabies has really cute photos =) I think that it’s also good that we don’t really see the babies that often in magazines and Mariah and Nick seem to be keeping them from most of the public eye.

cc on

If you dont have something nice to say you should not say anything. I dont understand how anyone can say a baby is ugly, you know my mother use to say it comes back on you if you are ugly to people. I would love to see what you child or children look like and have someone call them ugly it would hurt your feelings really bad. If you have to call a child a name say it to yourself so the ugly part of you will not show.

Kim on

They are a lot cuter than J-Lo’s twins though thats for sure lol

maddie on

These babies are just gorgeous, they really are. The other pictures on are just precious. It looks like they are a little spoiled though…which i understand to an extent given how wanted they were. I hope they grow into grounded people, given Mariah’s wealth and lifestyle.

Kat on

Happy 1st Birthday to Monroe & Moroccan!!

Andy on

Okay people just because someone says that a kid isn’t cute, doesn’t mean that they aren’t allowed to state their opinion. IMO, these kids are just not cute. Sometimes kids/babys/people are not attractive. That is the case here. Not being mean or hateful, just my opinion. Not everyone has to go with the crowd and be a sheeple