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05/14/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Kim on

Cameron Diaz needs to keep her mouth shut about issues she has no business talking about. She has never had a child and experienced the birth with her spouse–enough said.

Gigi on

Easy for a childless woman to comment on child birth. Whatever Cameron!

Anonymous on

Kim and Gigi- Cameron may not be a mother herself, but as she said, she WAS in the delivery room each time her sister gave birth, three times in all. So she DOES have experience with what it’s like to watch a baby being born, and I don’t see why she shouldn’t say what her views are on that subject.

That being said, I disagree with her. I think that dads should be encouraged to watch their children being born. Also, I’m confused about what she said about dads “not going past the curtain”. Unlike Cameron, I’ve never been present at a family member’s birth (or anyone’s, for that matter)…but I HAVE watch a number of birth videos (call me crazy if you want, but I love watching videos having to do with various aspects of the human body and how it works. That sort of stuff fascinates me!), and not once have I seen any sort of “curtain” hiding the “business end” during a vaginal birth.

There ARE curtains involved with C-section births, yes, but Cameron was clearly talking about vaginal birth when she mentioned that dads shouldn’t see it.

kristen on

How about we just stop watching anything of Cameron Diaz’s?

Indira on

I’ve always wondered who I would want in the delivery room. Given my personality, I’m very very very private with my body but also emotionally, I think I would just want the midwife and myself for the actual pushing. If my husband didn’t want to be there or didn’t want to see the baby being expelled I wouldn’t have a problem. “It’s amazing” sure but it’s also bloody and slimey, some people can’t get around that.

Janna on

Are you hags seriously saying that you don’t understand what she’s talking about? No, much easier to just bash the hell out of her because that’s what all of the hags on this website do. No thinking, just whining. It’s pitiful and I’m not sure how you people even HAVE husbands.

JM on

I think it says a lot about the lack of closeness she must have experienced in her relationships so far. i can’t imagine anyone who has a good relationship with their partner not wanting them present at the birth of their baby. i know the actual process is not exactly the most beautiful thing in the world but it is the most amazing moment to share. i think if i was a dad and i wasn’t there for the birth of my child i would regret it later.
maybe is she truly falls in love with someone, wants to share her life with them and raise children together she will change her mind.

JM on

Janna you sound like a classy lassy.

Jillian on

Kim and Gigi
I agree! One of my annoyances on here is certain “lectures” by people who act like they are experts and have never had a child! There are some things you can’t speak to unless you haven’t experienced it! There is one person who does that constantly! I feel so bad for them, especially when they give wrong information represented as facts.

Anonymous (the first one), somethings have to be personally experienced. Witnessing a birth doesn’t count, IMO. As a wife and expectant mother….you want your husband/soon to be father. She would have no clue what these feelings are like bc she has yet to experience them. She has no idea what child birth or labor is like and why you want the daddy present. Unless you have lived it….you can’t say it’s wrong and have your opinion mean anything. It would be like me talking about a life with triplets. I have friends who have them, so I know a lot….,but they aren’t mine. Only a mother of them could truly speak on what it’s like to have triplets. Oh, and in vaginal births, there can be “curtains.” In real life, these things can happen….just bc your video didn’t show it, it happens. No reason for her to make that one up!

Jm, totally agree