Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Welcome Daughter India Rose

05/12/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

Thor’s a dad!

Chris Hemsworth, who flexes his muscles as the Marvel superhero in The Avengers, and his actress wife Elsa Pataky welcomed a baby girl on Friday, May 11.

They named their first child India Rose. “We love the country and love the name,” Hemsworth, 28, tells USA Today.

Hemsworth, who also stars in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, and Pataky, 35, who appeared in Fast Five, tied the knot in 2010.

When she announced her pregnancy, the Spanish beauty had some other news — for Hemsworth — saying he’d better brush up on his language skills.

“I’m only going to speak to the baby in Spanish,” she said in an interview in Hola! magazine. “I already told my husband, ‘Get ready fast with Spanish because, if not, you’re not going to be able to understand what we say.'”

— Mike Fleeman

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cynthia on

that is one fine specimen of a man…and i like the baby’s name. simple, exotic, and girly.

Anonymous on

So happy for them! I’m sure India is gorgeous!

Lola on

Love love love the name, sounds so regal!!! Congrats to the gorgeous family!

Mel on

I for one love the name!

Addie on

Congrats!!! With those parents she can’t be anything other than georgeous 🙂 Although I’m not normally a big fan of country/city names for children, I do think India is beautiful!

theatergirl on

I love this name, probably because I’m also an India! Congratulations! 🙂

SAR on

What a beautiful name!

I must admit, I’m surprised this baby was a girl. I was sure it would be a boy. But who cares? I’m happy for the parents, I bet they’re thrilled.

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! I was just wondering yesterday when they were going to have their baby (since they said Elsa was due in the spring and there isn’t very much of spring left!), or if they’d had the baby and just hadn’t said anything…and now here she is!

What a nice early Mother’s Day gift for Elsa! 🙂

Sam & Freya's mum on

Beautiful name, my son had a friend in his Year 1 class with the name and always liked it. Pretty and a bit different without being OTT. Congrats to the new parents.

Natalie on

Aw yay! Congrats to them. I’ve been waiting for this announcement. Really like the name choice too. Very pretty!

Leslee on


You have a beautiful name. Someone commented in the main that a Gone With The Wind character, Ashley’s sister, had that name, which I had totally forgotten. I knew a woman that would now be in her 70s with that name and it has stood out in my mind all these years and have never forgotten her. It’s a good name and glad you love it.

India Rose was a beautiful choice and glad they have a healthy baby girl.

Emily on

What a beautiful name for what I’m sure will be a beautiful little girl. Totally imagined Chris with a girl so wasn’t surprised 🙂

Megan on

Thor and a baby girl! Soooooo cute!! The idea of this hunk of a guy with a tiny baby girl is just beyond adorable! 🙂 CONGRATS!



June on

A child named India, who will learn to speak Spanish and most likely be raised in Australia and travel with her parents around the world for their work. Quite the international experience.

Jenna on

Now THAT is a beautiful name!

Shannon on

India Rose is a lovely name!

Jayda on

I heard they were expecting a boy…. But a baby girl with one of my favorite names is almost better! She’s going to be such a princess!

Kate on


Right? That is one lucky baby. I love it when couples from different backgrounds come together to bring such a multicultural and ethnically diverse environment to their kids. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to experience so much at home that many people never do.

If only I had the resources and knowledge to provide my own kids with the tools to be bilingual and travel the world. 😦 I really want them to be able to experience different cultures and beautiful sites you’d never see at home across the continent, the food, the music, the art!

…..Forget growing up in such a lovely way, my adult butt is already jealous of this baby!

merry on

@Kate I am with you, I’m always thinking along the same lines. I don’t have kids yet, but providing them with this kind of environment has always been my dream.

Romy on

I don’t care for the name at all, but it could be MUCH worse. It seems like people keep using this name though. Baby girl is bound to be cute.

grace on

Find it just a bit curious that the baby’s name is India and Robert Downey Jr.’s eldest son’s name is Indio.. 😀

kendrajoi on

Congrats- love the name!

Julie on

Congrates to the gorgeous family!!

Indira on

The name is pretty nice 🙂

Anonymous on

Kay and Shelly- They never said anything about their baby’s gender, so it was most likely tabloids saying that. 🙂

Anonymous on

Thor Almighty, Chris is a dad!

Congrats to them–she’s gotta be beautiful. It says on wenn news that the baby’s name would’ve been Indiana if it had been a boy.

janet on

I am sorry, but you should be speaking English to the child, after all you are living in the USA!!!!!!!! How rude you are to your husband, you should have married a spanish man then.

Tina on

Boy, he’s good to look at. And that’s a beautiful name for the baby. Congrats!

BM on

Congrats! However his wife seems like a witch..BOO!

Jen on

I read several articles where this couple was having a son. What the heck? Anyway, congrats, and Thor, if you get sick of the spanish, come on over to my house!

Melissa on

Where did you guys hear they were having a boy? All I ever read this whole pregnancy was Chris demurring anytime he was asked a question about the baby – they kept the whole thing quite private.

emily on

Janet- The US does not have an official language. English is the most common spoken, with Spanish being second most common.

Also, it IS possible to speak two languages…

Don’t be ignorant.

Pandabear on

If mom speaks Spanish to the baby and dad English, the baby will be bilingual in no time. It’s the best gift for the baby ever! I fail to see the problem anyone would have with this. How exactly does this make her a “witch”? Most people from other nations speak a minimum of two languages. That baby has got to be gorgeous.

acorr on

Janet, RIGHT ON!!! The way the comment is poised in the article I find to be quite arrogant. Just the attitude that came across from Elsa, whether she meant it or not. If you marry someone outside of your verbal vernacular, religion, creed, etc; I think it is important to consider your spouse. The announcement of a birth should be special, not tainted by previous comments made by the NEW parents.

Anonymous on

Pandabear- Excellent point that in many parts of the world, being able to speak at least two languages is the norm. In fact, in several European countries, taking at least one foregin language course is actually required in order to graduate from high school. Not only that, but it’s not unusual for those classes to start as early as the equivelant of our elementary school!

Anyway, with all that being said, while I’m sure Elsa meant what she said about speaking to the baby in Spanish (it IS her native tongue, after all!), I’m guessing the part about how Chris better learn Spanish or he’ll be left out was probably meant in a joking manner. 🙂

Kim on

love the name! So pretty and flows beautifully, congrats to my fellow countryman, Chris and his beautiful wife, bet that baby is super cute 😀

SMiaVS on

@Merry & Kate, you don’t have to be wealthy to expose your children to other cultures and languages. Do a bit of research, and I’m sure you can both find some sort of cultural centers or the like with programs in your areas.

Good for Elsa. Language is the best gift you can give to your children, and the earlier they are exposed to multiple languages, the better.

meghan on

Janet, why should she speak a language to her child that she is not fluent in? God forbid a parent try to enrich their child.

MiB on

Bilinguality is a great gift to give a child, and Anonymous is right, in Europe learning a second language is the norm, usually it’s english, with French, Spanish, German or Russian as a third language, and depending on the country you start learning your first foreign language somewhere between first and sixth grade.

The countries with the best foregin language learning rates are the ones that don’t dub their films (except for childrens films, which often come in a dubbed and an undubbed version), which goes to show that immersion is the best way of learning a language, you need to hear, speak and read a language in order to learn in properly, so cudos to Elsa for giving the gift of bilinguality to her daughter!

Maggie on

Learning 2 languages is excellent for a child. I wish I knew Spanish, since they rule US. and English is taking a back seat. I live in the Midwest and am bombarded with stores speaking Spanish over the PA system

Madeleine on

ohh she was born on my 12th birthday :’)
congratulations to this amazing couple :’) allthough i’m not really a big fan of country names for children, i love them and i wish the best for them ❤

Indian on

I love the name for obvious reason as I am an Indian. Thank you Chris and Elsa..

Anonymous on

Love the name..maybe because my names India Rose too hahaha