Celebs Weigh In on TIME‘s Breastfeeding Cover

05/11/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

The nation’s breastfeeding debate is hotter than ever.

After TIME‘s latest cover — depicting mom-of-two Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son as he stands on a chair — went viral yesterday, social media sites immediately started buzzing with a range of reactions.

And with so much chatter surrounding the image and ideas behind the cover story, it didn’t take long for celebs to offer their own opinions on the matter.

“@Time no! You missed the mark! You’re supposed to be making it easier for breastfeeding moms. Your cover is [exploitative] & extreme,” first-time mom Alyssa Milano, who has been open about nursing 8-month-old son Milo, Tweeted.


She later Tweeted a link to another article she described as a “beautifully written” piece about breastfeeding.

Actress Mayim Bialik, who is pro-attachment parenting, also Tweeted that she was “being bombarded” to give her thoughts on the topic.

“This is not easy, to try and speak for all of us, but I will do my best to make you proud,” she wrote on Facebook.

Bialik also praised TIME‘s cover mom, Grumet. “I was shocked how amazing her story was. And breastfeeding an adopted baby is incredible. And she gave an educated and eloquent set of responses. I would not have done a photo shoot myself, but I respect her and think she is a smart woman.”

Bialik, who wrote about her experiences and parenting philosophies in Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way, is still nursing her 3½-year-old son Fred.

— Anya Leon


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sara on

Breast feeding is for babies, not toddlers

sara on

Breastfeeding is for babies, not toddlers.


ding ding ding … round 1 begins!

Laine on

I really support breastfeeding moms, but in my opinion if your child is capable of running, talking and counting, they are too old for it. In other words, if your child is older than 1.5 or 2, it’s time to consider weaning.

sally on

Are we suppose to care what they think about the cover of Time? I think it is disgusting!

Mary on

COME ON PEOPLE! If a kid is big enough to hold a cup and drink from it with no help; it’s time to wean him. I have three children and breastfed them all for 13 months. They were walking & they refused the bottle! My doc said that 6 months was long enough but 18 months is just too long. By the time the kid is 18 months they are better nourished by table food. Past 18 months they are just being passified.

S* on

I don’t necessarily have a problem with nursing a 3 year old, however, I am creeped out by this particular photograph. only adds to the view that it’s ‘strange’ IMO.

Jodie on

Breastfeeding is healthy for babies. If a mother chooses to give breast milk to a 3 or 4 year old then it would probably be better to pump and pour it in a glass. There are better ways to bond with your older child than to let it suck on your breast!

Leslee on

Here we go again.

Everyone has their choice in what they want to do but I’m just sad to see Dr. Sears in the middle of this. He is very easy going is less inclined to tell his patients that one way is the right way and the other wrong. Bill and Martha are nice people and had the most polite teens you would ever want to meet. I haven’t seen him in many years but I won’t ever forget what a calming effect he had when my son’s birth was getting very difficult. He is a very kind man.

fatvole on

With all due respect (I guess) to Ms. Grumet and Ms. Bialik, if your child is old enough to walk up to you, AND old enough to chew steak, it’s beyond time to stop! The only thing TIME magazine proved is that it just now got the same idea that Playboy has known for years — boobs sell magazines. I am a woman, and I am disgusted by the “I’m more mom than you” militant stance of the whole thing. Way to make women who are incapable of nursing feel just GREAT, Time. This cover is sexist and sets that poor boy up for DECADES of psychological abuse (on top of that inflicted by his yet-another-publicity-hog mother). Nice job.

Maygin on

I am 100% for breastfeeding. I breastfed my youngest for 18 months. However, the way this image is shot portrays breastfeeding as a bad thing. I think Time has done breastfeeding women around the world a huge disservice with this cover.

fatvole on

This isn’t Dr. Sears’ fault, Leslee. This is Ms. Grumet’s fault, for parading a super-militant stance (literally) on the cover of a magazine for her own fame. Notice how she’s already started the TV circuit (with her REALLY whiny, interrupting and badly-behaved attachment-son in tow…WOW, there’s a shade of things to come). If someone’s kid is old enough to walk up to his mother, and to chew steak, it is PAST time to STOP. This kid is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life (can’t wait for high school!), because his mother had to have her 15 minutes on TIME. The only thing this cover proves is TIME apparently just now learned what Playboy has known for decades: Boobs sell magazines.

~Em on

I think if a child is old enough to be weened off a bottle they should also be weened off the breast.

momof2 on

I nursed both my boys for 16 months. It was a wonderful experience. There are many ways to raise children, and it’s more important to support other parents, than it is to get into a “my way is right” way of thinking.

rocky1 on

Breastfeeding is not the problem. It is the picture that TIME used just for a response. This is not how women breastfeed – with their toddler on a stool — that is why it looks revolting – the mother glaring at the camera and the kid’s one eye looking at the camera with boob in his mouth. I feel sorry for this kid – when he grows up, he will never live down this picture. Kids unfortunately are mean. As far as breastfeeding a three year old – this kid is almost four. I told my 17 year old daughter about this photo since she is studying child development – and she said this was nothing – to look up the youtube videos of a mother still breastfeeding her 8 and 9 year old daughters.

rlrose328 on

I had trouble breastfeeding and he had trouble latching, so yes, when my son was a baby, I did feel something was missing while I bottlefed. However, I never would have gone past a year. I don’t believe it’s as natural as the attachment parenting movement would have us believe. Once a child is able to physically hold a cup and eat table food, that is where their nutrition should come from. There are a multitude of other ways to nuture your child that will progress their development.

Syaron on

This cover looks like it belongs on a parody magazine…”Mad” or the old “National Lampoon”. Looks like Time is feeling the need to sell more magazines. What was this woman thinking? If she wanted to advocate for this parenting style then she should have chosen a less sexualized stance. Poor kid. Bet his friends will love this one when he is 16! If it looks like a pig and smells like a pig then putting lipstick on it won’t make it anything else… and this pose is a real pig.

Mindy on

The strangeness of this photo is not that she is breastfeeding her three year old, but that she is not looking at him, staring defiantly at the camera, and it is a photo-op designed to create controversy. If you breastfeed your three year old — whatever, to each their own, but why not feature a mother breastfeeding her child tenderly (and a mother who is not a model, please, a regular Mom!) in her home (without the strange chair prop). This photo is divisive and sterile.

Adrienne on

“WHO recommends

WHO strongly recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. At six months, other foods should complement breastfeeding for up to two years or more.”

Other food should complement, not necessarily take the place of breast milk. I’m not saying that I would breastfeed for more than 18 months myself, but I don’t see a problem with people choosing to longer. As long as it is what the child wants and not a need thing from the parent.

Jen on

I remember my cousin walking up to my aunt at about 3 or 4 years of age and saying ” I want a frink of milk.” Way too old to be breast feeding.

Karen on

Why do you all care so much about what other mothers are doing with their children? How does it affect you? How do you feel the right to impose your opinion on the perfect or exact age that a child should stop nursing? You’d think this was a picture of a woman beating her child or something!

Lee Parker on

If this is supposed to encourage breast feeding, it does just the opposite.

Kai on

As a person who work with children from 6 weeks to middle school, I’ve seen it all when it comes to parenting styles. Whatever works for a family shouldn’t be criticized unless it’s harmful to the child via physically, mentally, etc.

I don’t see why people need to make a big deal about a mother who wants to breastfeed her child till they are 1, 2 or even 5 years old.

It’s not your child and you shouldn’t be condemning anyone for their style of parenting. Just like no one should be looked down on just because they choose formula, or decide to let their child cry it out, or if they decide to work instead of being a SAHM. Get over criticizing other people. It’s a waste of time and there’s other people out there that really should be getting attention, i.e. children being abused, children starving, etc.

Brandi on

Breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience BUT there is a time you cut it off before say they look at ya and say Mom driving to the mall to shop be back at 3 for my feeding!!!!

A on

Breastfeeding has been around forever and its for BABIES! not 3 year old toddlers its just plain wrong to do that when a child is that old sick people!

jill on

People in general need to stop sexualizing the breast and thinking that it’s only for fun. It’s purpose is to feed our children. The duration of time that they choose to do so needs to be set by the child and mother.

John on

If the kid can go to the refrigerator and get a drink, he doesn’t need to be breast fed.

Julie on

Women are walking around showing off there breast just because they can, I am glad she is showing it for something useful. This is very natural and has been done for hundreds of years. Good for you.

Wally on

Toddler??? Are you kidding me.
When children learn to walk, they are called toddlers. Usually this term is applied to one and two year old children.
The picture looks so sick. I have two boys age 3 and 4 and I can not even imagine breast feeding a preschooler. Give me a break

Me on

Any child over 1 yr should be weaned and on solid food.

Robyn on

I breastfed my kids until I had no more milk to give and unfortunately for me, that was around the 4th month. All the women in my family dry up around the same time no matter how much water, herbal tea, and vitamins I took. My kids are incredibly healthy and I marvel at the fact that in all their years of elementary school, both have missed no more than 3 days of school. I hear from my friends all the benefits of feeding for a longer time, some past the 2 year mark. Of all the reasons they give, they are more centered on them feeling closer to their children and feeling more a part of their lives, and not what benefits the kids. I think at some point, mothers have to try to realize what their reasons are for breastfeeding a toddler or preschooler. Is having a preschool child ,who is supposed to be learning to become more independent, attached to a breast a positive thing for him or for the mother.

red on

You could always pump your breast milk and give it to them in a cup. Done.

guest on

Can’t she just use a breast pump instead of doing it this way???
In my opinion, breastfeeding is for babies, and I personally do not agree with her. There are other ways to bond with your child. Does it make this woman a bad mother, no. However, she is going to have to deal with the criticism she will receive from the cover and article.
To me this is the equivalent of seeing a parent still pushing 4 or 5 year old in a stroller, using a soother or worse yet still using a diaper, it’s ridiculous. It is their parental choices, but be ready for the stares and criticism because you will get them.
Bottom line the cover is to sell magazines, get people talking and most of all to shock.

Tiffany on

Breastfeeding is for babies, I agree! My mother breast fed me for 4 months, but she breast fed my brother until he was 5 years old! I don’t understand why she would breast feed that long, comforting for who? Not to mention, breast milk is for nourishment for the BABY. When they get teeth, they can eat food, and should!

nay on

Sorry but breastfeeding past 6 mos. is just gross….Pump and place in cup or bottle… wth is wrong with the world today….

cn on

This woman standing up while Breast feeding is SICK! She has detachment issues and her poor son will suffer as a result.

Ella on

Mayim Bialik is not only a wonderful parent, but she is an awesome person. She can express her opinion on a topic without being judgmental, condescending or disrespectful towards other people.

It’s a skill that some here have yet to learn.

Jen DC on

The TIME issue of the cover art is less about the mother, breastfeeding, length of time to breastfeed, etc, and more about drumming up false controversy… And you’re falling for it.

#1, it’s no one else’s business how people are parenting their children, as long as the children are not being abused, are well-fed, clothed, sheltered, well-behaved and respectful and most of all, LOVED.

#2, I do not agree with this mom’s particular choice to showcase her 3 year old son’s face, but again, he and she will have to deal with that decisions and the repercussions thereof.

#3, Why must everything in the US be sensationalized, particularly how women choose to mother? If you find it disgusting, wrong-headed, what have you, you have the choice NOT TO DO IT. Why must we criticize others’ choices on how they do their parenting? Why are there no “Daddy Wars” to compare to the “Mommy Wars”? Why must we, as women, buy into this nonsense? I mean, honestly, IT IS NOT A COMPETITION.

#4, and I read this elsewhere, but can’t recall… Why is there so much vitriol for this woman, when we see kids his age walking around with Cokes and chips and everything else bad for them under the sun? At least what he’s getting is healthy! (Presuming she’s eating a decent diet, but seeing how tall he is and how healthy she seems, it seems likely she’s eating rather well nutritionally.)

I don’t care how others parent unless and until their child behaves improperly toward me. Then, I have a problem, usually a short-term problem, easily solved.

Thanks, TIME, for making (some) moms feel worse about their choices and giving others the opportunity to feel superior with regard to their life choices. Good job.

Media manipulation at its best.

cn on

SICK SICK!! The woman has psychological issues that she will now pass on to her poor son!

B. H. on

I have memories of when I was 3. I think I would be scarred if one of those was of sucking on my mom’s boob!

Ann on

IMO, this photo set us back to the dark ages, where we had to keep covered up. Time obviously wanted to start a controversy. Bottom line: Breasts are made for feeding children. It’s every mother’s own choice how long and how to feed their children. I agree with the comment about her looking “defiantly” at the camera. If she’s OK with it, then just do it, but don’t make an issue.

Jeani on

How is this kid going to feel when he’s 10 and his friends start teasing him? Or 16? Or 25? It’s time to let him get his fluids another way.

Joe on

So… If this is OK, how about 4 yo? 5, 6, 10? Anyone want to offer an opinion? There doesn’t seem to be any difference in ability to eat or drink on their own past three, so what constitutes too old? Mom’s opinion? Should she be stopping by school for junior’s lunch? My opinion? Once they can be weened and can feed themselves, its time.

Anonymous on

I breastfed my daughter under she was 23 months old. I knew it was time to wean her when she took my hand and led me to the recliner and asked me to sit then she climbed on my lap and raised my shirt. It was hard to stop I loved loved to breastfeed, but they have to grow up sometime and I preferred to her to do it without my breast in her mouth…lol..

Stephanie on

Let’s stop the Mom on Mom hate! If the Mom and the child are happy and comfortable with the nursing, then by all means, nurse! That is the only thing that matters! If we Moms stood by each other instead of judging each other, the world would be a better place!

Jeana on


featherknife on

Get a grip. It’s none of your business. The real problem is that we live in a culture that sees the female breast as a sex organ. It is there to feed our children. It would be real good for our society for time to put a picture of a woman breastfeeding her child on the cover every week for about a year. We need to get over our unnatural obsession with the female breast. THAT is what is sick.

Gary on

I applaud her to do the story and the cover shoot, and respect her rights as a mother to raise her child her way. People really need to chill on the negative attitudes and comments, and realize that just because they would not do something like “that”, doesn’t make it wrong.

Jill on

There is NOTHING wrong with all of this. Absolutely nothing. Just a strange puritanical society that makes a big deal about everything.
Nothing is unhealthy about this. She is not damaging the child. Everything is fine.

Me on

I find it funny that so many people are up in arms over a child drinking his mother’s milk, but have no problem with letting a cow become their child’s wet nurse.

Terry on

It’s her kid, her breast and her right. Not a problem except for the perverts and judgmental idiots.

aimspanier on

Nay, what’s wrong with the world these days is that people think they know best how to parent another person’s child. How’d you come up with the six-month mark for placing the line between “ok” and “gross”? Why not five months? Or seven?

It’s arbitrary, and personal, and there is no hard-and-fast age beyond which breastfeeding becomes “gross”. This photo makes me a bit uncomfortable, admittedly, but that’s for ME to contend and come to terms with. it’s not Grumert’s problem.

Ed on

Hellloooo….In just a few years (and for the rest of his life) he will be teased by his peers once they see this….

Tybill on

Ok. The child is actually LOOKING at the camera while he is on her boob. If he is just there to have nourishment WHY would he be looking at the camera?!!! This is ridiculous!!!!!

shalay on

I agree with JenDC. This was a ploy by TIME to stir up controversy and conversation, and it worked. I fail to see how attachment parenting is even an “issue” in society. I’ve never even seen a mother breastfeed a toddler or young child in public, so it’s not something I can say I have a problem with. What you want to do with your family is your business.

Personally, I could not breastfeed a child who is old enough to request it. It gives me the creeps, but that’s just me. I couldn’t care less if someone else wants to do it.

These “mommy wars” seem like they’ll never end. Working moms vs. stay at home moms, vaginal births vs. c-sections, breastfeeding vs. formula, etc. The only thing I care about is whether children are loved and provided for, which has nothing to do with any of these issues.

RT on

The breastfeeding mother could have been portrayed differently. This photo makes mom look defiant and says to me “I’m breastfeeding, so what?” The child, with his eyes looking up from her breast makes it look like he’s been caught doing something wrong.

After the birth of my first child, I was not producing milk, no matter what I did or what the doctor did, my body simply didn’t produce enough to sustain her, so, she was a formula baby. Years later when I had my son, the same thing happened, however that time a “lactation specialist” with the hospital pretty much forced me to breast feed, not understanding or listenting to the fact that I didn’t produce. It wasn’t until I asked that she be kicked out and kept away from me that I was able to provide my newborn with the nutrition, via formula that he needed. For some of us, breastfeeding isn’t an option and we shouldn’t be made to feel that we’re any less of a woman then a mother that chooses to breast feed her child until he’s 5.

This cover, in my opinion, is a disservice to breast feeding mothers, it’s simply served to sensationalize something that should be private and up to each individual.

RJ on

Despite the comments here from a few women that breasts should only be viewed as tools of nourishment, let’s get real. They are highly sexualized in fashion, and always will be seen in a dual manner.

As for the picture, its obviously not a natural pose and is framed for controversy’s sake.

As for the boy, I hope that he grows up unaware that he was used by his mother to to fulfill whatever ego issues she has.

And someone buy him a cheeseburger.

egc on

I am appalled at the idea that if you don’t breastfeed your child til he’s 3 that ” you are not MOM enough”. Breastfeeding can be a difficult and time consuming thing. I think any woman who chooses to breastfeed her child IS MOM ENOUGH. What an insult.

sindra on

This picture is ridiculous, no matter what excuse. For those who say the breast feeding should be set only by the mother and child, does this apply to thumbsucking, toilet training, weaning from a pacifier? Why not let the child decide when he or she is ready to stop using diapers? Or stop sucking their thumb or pacifier? These are all steps children take toward adulthood, and breastfeeding is the same way. There is no need to keep the child at infant level, it’s time to train him for independence at this age and breastfeeding at the age of three is not something that is good for the child, but it’s more a need for the mother. This mother in particular seems to be as immature as her son.

Michelle on

I am all for breastfeeding and actually grew up with across-the-street neighbors who did extended breastfeeding – the mom was from Guatemala and it was the norm for her; her youngest child was still breastfeeding at 4. So I am not grossed out by breastfeeding. What I question is the mother’s decision to get famous by putting her son doing this on the cover of a magazine. The extended breastfeeding is not questionable parenting, IMO, but using your child to make you famous in this way is very questionable. A lot of these “extreme moms” are attention w****s who use their kids as weapons in their own personal games of “I am better than you because.” The Time cover photo may not have been an accurate portrayal, but the headline sure was – for a lot of these moms, their whole identity is tied up in being “more mom” than anyone else. It’s sad, and I feel sorry for them.

hockeygirl71 on

It makes me sad to read these replies. We live in a society where our morals and values have become completely skewed. We are entertained by sexualized children on Toddlers and Tiaras. We support retail stores that dress our pre-teens in daisy duke shorts. We have become completely desensitized to sexual content in movies, television and music. Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition outsells Time Magazine and yet we are disgusted by a photo of a Mother nursing her child. Yes, her CHILD. Americans on average nurse their babies far less than other countries, yet have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world. Coincidence? I think not. Would we be better mothers if we fed our pre-schoolers cows milk pumped with hormones and antibiotics? It’s already been shown cows milk is very difficult for small children to digest and can’t offer the vitamins and nutrients young children need for brain development. The child is 3 years old. THREE. In all likelyhood he’s still in diapers and doesnt even have all his baby teeth yet. Let him be a little boy. Let him form strong bonds with his mother . Let him drink the milk God made for him so his bones will be strong and his brain will develop to its full capacity.

crazy on

It’s not the breastfeeding that’s a problem, its the way the picture looks. It doesn’t look motherly, it looks like a porno, and the kid looks 5-6. I have a niece that at 3 could walk to the fridge and get her own drink. He looks plenty capable of that and more, so I don’t know why you’d let him still breastfeed.
But again, its the pose. it really does look like a porno or playboy cover

ssranon on

Wow. Just…wow. That kid on the cover is going to take so much abuse from his classmates that now he’ll probably need to breastfeed well into his college years.

Cornelia on

Personally, I think the photo is intended to be sensationalistic by portraying the woman as being provocative while breast feeding a boy. I think Time realized that by making this as controversial as possible, they would sell A LOT of magazines. It’s a bit gross that they made the woman look sexy (verging on “turned on”) while having the kid stand up in a way that makes him look as much like a “kid” rather than a “baby” as possible. It’s too bad because breast feeding needs GOOD PR, not bad PR. That said, I agree with all the comments saying that if the kid is old enough to talk and feed itself, it’s too old to breast feed. I had a friend who breast fed until her son said, “Mommy, I want your booby now” in public…. She quit that day. It might be cultural norms, but our cultural norms say that’s disturbing. basically, in a culture that over-sexualizes women and particularly their breasts, small children become aware of those concepts very young. I think it’s disturbing to have kids still sucking on a breast who are soon going to start asking about sex, reproduction, and why women have to cover their breasts. Think about it– seven-year-old girls in our society wear push-up bras and makeup. Unless you are going to start really treating little kids like little kids (like they should be), and stop treating them like little adults, then they probably shouldn’t be breast feeding either.

DB on

[In reply to @ momof2 — your reasoning of supporting parents regardless of the situation is a terrible argument. When another person is wrong, that wrong should be addressed. With your reasoning, no one would ever be called to task for wrongdoings. When a parent makes a gross mistake such as Grumet’s, then, that person should be held accountable for it.] This is a ploy by TIME Magazine to over-step boundaries of normalcy in an attempt to make this photo shoot and eventual cover and the breastfeeding of children beyond the age of toddlerhood *seem* normal. It is one of the most outlandish and outrageous things I have witnessed in my lifetime. TIME Magazine will never see another penny of my money, nor will I ever read another article they print. As far as Bialik supporting Grumet, I will no longer be watching the television program on which she appears. (“The Big Bang Theory”)

Michelle on

I have no judgement about the act of breastfeeding a toddler. Every mom should do what is best for their family.

My issue with this image is that it is exploitative, overtly sensational and intentionally divisive.

Are you Mom enough? Are you kidding me? Fanning the flames of the mommy wars is just wrong. Mommy wars are wrong.

I am willing to bet the article is much more balanced, but I will never read it because the cover is extremely bad journalism.

Cinder Lou on

@ Karen: “You’d think this was a picture of a woman beating her child or something!” No, this is child exploitation, pure and simple. And in my book, that’s as much child abuse as beating is.

DB on

In response to @ Ella’s comment RE: Bialik. No, she has learned to employ the diplomacy and spin of powerful PR firms and management teams.

A1A on

If this woman was anyone other than his mother, the publication of this would, without any doubt that I have, be considered “child porn” and if you were found to have it on your computer, you would be arrested.

teddiebear1209 on

For everyone against an older child drinking human milk, how do you feel about giving them cow’s milk that is meant for a calf? This society is so backwards.

DB on


Sunny on

I totally support breastfeeding BUT when they can ask for it – its time to quit.

Sunny on

AND a three year old ia a pre schooler – a toddler is from 1 to the third birthday.

Barbara on

I pity the kid when his peers later on see this picture. They will slaughter him. Has she even thought about that? Poor little boy.
A life of shame to be lived forever.

Adevarul on

Dr. Keith Ablow:

Thank you for have the professional skills and integrity to write such an insightful vantage point to the act portrayed on the TIME cover. It’s pretty clear what the mother wanted from the experience. The industry she’s a part of will hail this as a “seminal moment” in pushing the envelope and for that, they will reward her – just as she expected. Her name and likeness will be
spread world wide – just as she hoped. What is truly despicable is the likely price this boy will pay for her 15 minutes of fame. If she and the photo team could not, or would not, consider and acknowledge the current and future implications of the photo shot on the 3-4 year old, she is no mother figure and collectively they are engaging in what some might consider highly-distributed-soft-kiddy-porn done for big profits and spun as “enlightenment of a timely topic”…which we are supposed to accept as perfectly appropriate because they say so.

Regardless of the spin they put on it, I believe you put them and this deplorable TIME cover in proper context.

jonas on

i breast fed 4 daughters…2 were a set of twins. i support everyone’s right to do whatever works for them…the twins were very premature and nursed until around 2 years of age…..but, whooo! was I happy when they did!

Sharon on

This magazine should come with a plain brown paper cover. All 4 of my babies were breast fed until they were around 2 and then they were weaned like any mentally healthy mother would do.

nola on

i think it is a little personal

Doug Batchelder on

Classless………….totally classless.

debianddaisy on

With all the arguing about when a mother should stop breastfeeding, it is my opinion that the problem is hers as to when she does it, but to subject the public to this picture is NOT necessary!! This is simply this magazine’s shock tactics to get someone to buy their magazine. I really thought this publisher had better judgement, but seeing this cover, they have convinced me that I really don’t need to look inside the covers of their magazine any longer. So more power to you Mom, but don’t flash it in my face anymore!

Maria on

If you want to breastfeed thats fine but if the child can walk, talk and ask for it then thats gross. Anything above 1 is not right. This is more for the mom herself. Im sure the child would be just fine without it. This attachment thing is not for the kid. If you want to bond with your kid, then play with them, take them to parks, read to them. You know like normal people and put them in their own beds not yours.

BreastMilkAdvocate on

One day, back in the mid-90s, a bunch of ladies I know ended up stopping at my home w/ their many kids. At the time, four or five of the moms were breast feeding, from gals in their early 20s, to 40s. One of the moms (40s) had a three year old who went right into my kitchen and proceeded to gather the items to make a PB&J, make it, and then eat it. He then ran up and screamed rudely at his mom, “TITTY”!!! (he wanted a little milk to wash down the last of his sandwich). Yes, collective jaw dropping did occur. His poor, worn out mom at first objected, but at the first hint of tantrum, acquiesced, and allowed him to breastfeed. We all talked about it- with her- believe me, but she was just so worn out, she said it was easier to give in. Well no wonder she was worn out, and so skinny- but her little boy was a little chunk, lemme tell ya’.
Yes, when the breastfed child is old enough to make a sandwich or pour a bowl of cereal, the good breastfeeding mother can enforce weaning, and give her body, if not much, much sooner. Also, I don’t recommend allowing a child to ask for “titty” when they want mother’s milk, it just sounds rather horrible, especially when its screamed by a gigantic three year old boy.

Cornelia on

Good point by a lot of people that the problem with this picture is HOW the subject is depicted. It really would be considered child porn if it wasn’t an article about breast feeding. On the other hand, that thought just wouldn’t cross anyone’s mind when they saw any photo of a child young enough to be considered a “baby” on a woman’s breast. Pre-schooler on breast=porn to most people in terms of gut reaction and “baby” on breast=breast-feeding to most people. If they had shown the woman looking lovingly at her son, while sitting down, and while he looked like a 2-3 year old, rather than her looking pouty, arching her back, wearing tight clothing, and having her son stand on a stool looking at the camera, then the reaction would be a fair amount less hostile.

heather on

rocky1…you hit the nail on the head. I couldnt agree with you more. Its not that this woman chooses to breastfeed her 3 yr old, its the photograph. Pure shock tactics and it worked brilliantly, everyone is talking about it apparently

Wowee on

This photo is an attempt to sensationalize something that shouldn’t be sensationalized. Controversy sells magazines, and it is obvious this is the intent of both the photo and the caption. There is nothing at all wrong with breastfeeding. As far as child development goes, there isn’t anything wrong with breastfeeding into the toddler stage, but many childhood development specialists agree that much after 3 years old problems can develop, especially if breastfeeding isn’t only briefly supplementary to solid food by that point. I live in country where EVERY child is breastfed, there is no restrictions on showing female breasts in public, and breastfeeding just happens naturally and is a culture norm. I often see kids still breastfeeding after 3 years old, but by that time weaning over to solid foods has naturally commenced, as well. The USA is so obsessed with female breasts that it will use them any way it can to sell something to someone. Sad but true.

buddiesmama on

A three year old should not still be being breastfed. It’s silly. He is on regular table food, using utensils, a cup, potty trained, talking, etc., what possible reason would there be for this? Only one 1 reason, the mother has detachment issues. This child isn’t an infant and can’t be even looked at as a toddler. Let go. Children need to go through life growing and doing things separate from their parent. That is how children grow into adults and able to make good decisions and capable of caring for themselves. I didn’t look at it as a sexual issue, but as a problem that the mom can’t let go.

meme on

I could care less how long someone chooses to nurse their kids, but this picture just rubs me the wrong way. Nursing is suppose to be a calm, relaxing time. You are holding you baby/child in your arms and nourishing and comforting them. This photo protrays none of that. It could have been done to protray a beautiful moment between mother and child. This pic does none of that. i agree that Time totallly missed the mark. Their main concern was to create vontroversy and sell magazines.

buddiesmama on

He’s too old. There comes a point where the child and the mother have to part ways. It the child can walk, talk, eat real food, drink from a cup and go to the toilet…it’s time. I understand the nurturing aspect and the bonding aspect, but when the child can ask for it??? It ceases to be nurturing and it’s just habit. All along as our children grow they reach milestones, able to separate, do things on their own. It’s part of being a parent to encourage growth and separation. That’s how we all learn to become self-sufficient adults. Breastfeeding past say 1 1/2 is being done for the parent not the child. These mothers have separation issues and can’t face the fact that this now preschooler isn’t an infant anymore. Time is time and it’s way past time in this case.

m.a. on

what exactly is the child drinking? milk is dried up by thattime… sukking dry nip…I think it’s the mom who’s getting off on this!

Guest on


Guest on

My husband is 46 and I still can’t wean him!!

kelo on

kinda pervy IMO

criticaleye on

Only read the first couple of comments.

If BF is just for babies and not for toddlers, why oh why do I see 2-3 yr olds with binkies? Can they not take a teddy bear?

I would not put a pic of myself like that on a cover, not even on facebook. The setting is artificial and unnatural.

However, it scares me that lots of people are brainwashed and think breasfeeding a 3 yr old is not normal. It has always been normal in communities, where parents don’t go to work after 12 weeks of vacation.
Breast milk has folic acid, magnesium and DHA till the second year, that’s well into the toddler years. Plus immunity and security, attachement.

If someone doesn’t want to be attached that much because they don’t want or can’t, okay. But don’t state stupid stuff like a toddler should take a cup of milk. Do your research on the benefits os breastfeeding after the first year.

Discomom on

First, the mom in this shot did not pick the picture, the editors of TIME did. She posed, they clicked. So we all can’t keep commenting on her “militant” stance. With that being said, there are many other ways to “attach” yourself to your children and this is NOT it. She is setting that little boy up for a lifetime of ridicule once his classmates and friends find out he was the cover ‘baby’. A MALE doctor is advocating this and he’s NEVER had his breast in a childs mouth so how would he know that this is beneficial???? We all make choices as parents, some bad, some good. To me, this mother made the worst choice of her life.

Bella on

This is Sick.. sick.. sick…
My son was masturbating at that age..and there nothing wrong with that…
But this is just sick…what does she tell her son when he ask mommy why is my penni getting hard when you breastfeed me…thats what I would like to know…
Come on enough is enough…

Annoon on

There is nothing wrong with a 3 year old breastfeeding. I breastfed all my children, weaning from two years to just past four years. Yes, they were eating plenty of table food and drank water from a cup. Breastmilk wasn’t their only source of nutrition and I sure as hell wasn’t nursing them “for me”. It takes a lot of energy, food time on the part of the mother.

To those that say if they can do this and that, they shouldn’t be breastfeeding; would you say the same for a pacifier? a bottle? a sippy cup?

May on

What I find just as controversial on this cover isn’t just with the mother with the 3 year old breastfeeding, but the question about if you’re mom enough? I haven’t read the article yet, but in reading this question alone I feel it suggests an idea that if you don’t breastfeed, and especially for great lengths of time,that a woman isn’t mom enough. Speaking from experience as I have 3 children, and one who I’m currently breastfeeding, I find it to be very igonorant to suggest that breastfeeding is the sum of total motherhood or good parenting.

Guest on

“what exactly is the child drinking? milk is dried up by thattime… sukking dry nip…I think it’s the mom who’s getting off on this!”

Shows how ignorant you are about the breastfeeding. A woman can/will make milk as long as there is a demand for it. I nursed my child until she was 4 and was her sole source of nutrition until she was past 3 because of a medical condition and had I not been making milk, she would have died.

Shelby on

I think the real crime is that this woman is 26?! She looks 40.

Indira on

Covers are supposed to grab attention. Job well done.

mdmomx5 on

while it may be YOUR opinion that when they ask for it they’re too old that is not the view of every medical association & health organization in the world. The AAP recommendation is at least one year while WHO, American Academy of Family Physicians, all the Canadian Societies & Nutritionist all recommend a MINIMUM of 2 years. And they all say for as long as mom & baby want. And what is asking for it? Specifically saying “I want to nurse”? Doesn’t a newborn “ask” to nurse by rooting, sucking on their fist & crying? When my 5 kids were about 9 months old they had a vocalization & a baby sign for nursing-did that mean they were too old? That is well before even the AAP’s minimum. I guess a mute child could nurse for ever because they could never ask for it. While it may not be your choice, there is not one shred of medical evidence that shows any negative effect-physical or mental-from extended nursing. Developmentally humans are designed to nurse between 2 and 7 years.


Wasn’t sure what she was trying to sell at first…bras, underwear, perfume, skinny jeans, bikinis? Strange pose for breast feeding. I usually see moms cuddling their kids while they nurse, not posing like they’re modeling for Victoria Secret.

PS…that poor kid is probably going to get his butt kicked on the playground.

PSS…nice title Time…”Are you MOM ENOUGH!” How many mags did you sell with that one?

Daniela on

OMG why don´t people worry abt violence, poverty, abandoned chlidren, AIDS, Corruption etc etc? Breastfeeding IS NORMALLLLLLLL and NATURAL!!!! If there are women breastfeeding their kids until 3, 4 years-old is THEIR PROBLEM!!! No problem abt that!!!
This isn´t a crime!!! Wake up hypocrites!!!
What´s the problem with this cover? I´m 100% breastfeeding!!! It doesn´t matter if it´s a baby or a toddler.. Mother is mother!!! and if they are breastfeeding their kids until when they want, it´s why they think this is the best to their children…
I don´t know why the TIME´s cover can be so controversy! why? By chance, a cover with a toddler nursing is a crime? It´s wrong? It´s sexual? No, it´s not.. I have no problem to see this.
Here, in Brazil, is normal mothers breastfeeding in public (squares, restaurants, bus, shoppings)… and they breasfeed babies, toddlers.. what´s the problem abt that? OMG!!! It´s ridiculous!!!
I´m not feeling shocked with this cover, coz to me.. this is natural.. being a mother, is the most beautiful thing is this world!!! and breastfeeding? IDEM… be grateful if u can do this to your child! coz this is a God´s gift to women!!! Who can breastfeed your own children, providing this healthy food to beginning of their lives can be considered blessed!!!

nikki on

THIS CHILD IS ADOPTED!! Why didnt she have her “own” child. I just dont understand. This seems more like a show for her to gain some sort of celebrity!

anaccidentalvegetarian on

If they had put a fat ugly woman on that cover nursing a 3-year-old, then the picture wouldn’t be as sensational as it is.

How people raise their children is THEIR business. There is ZERO evidence that nursing a 3 or even 4 year old is dangerous in any way to their development. HOWEVER there is plenty of evidence that NOT breastfeeding your kids harms them in a multitude of ways for THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.

And for the people who think that nursing past 6 or 12 months is sexually gratifying to a woman – you ARE SICK IN THE HEAD.

Daniela on

Ah, and i TOTALLY AGREE with @Terry who says:

It’s her kid, her breast and her right. Not a problem except for the perverts and judgmental idiots.

– Terry on May 11th, 2012

satto on

I’m going to ask my husband to stop sexualizing breasts since that seems to be the solution so many of the previous posters are suggesting.

Wonder how that will turn out?

holli on

Wow – I am so disappointed with the amount of people who feel they know what is right when it comes to how long a mother chooses to breastfeed her child. Whether the child calls it titty, can chew steak, get a cup for themselves, it’s still not your child or your business. Are you going to judge them next on how long their kids sleep through the night or when they got potty trained? Mind your own business and work on your own kids problems and concerns.

Carolyn on

I just read this boy will be four next month, hardly a toddler. I think the bonding has been established and he should be learning to be somewhat independant. There are other ways to bond than to breastfeed a four year old.

Squirrell on

I am still breastfeeding my 2.5 year old daughter. It’s only at night, and sometimes at naptimes. She’s not coming up to me in the middle of the day, lifting up my shirt, and asking for a snack. And it’s done in the privacy of my own home. People who visit and/or take care of my daughter during the day have no idea she’s still nursing. If we have a babysitter, she’s completely OK with not being nursed to sleep.

Rather than it being solely for nourishment, it is how the 2 of us stay connected and “snuggle”, since that’s really the only time we get that one on one time.

Anonymous on

Wonder if the kid is still wearing diapers as well? Breast feeding a child that can walk, talk and pee on his own is just sick.

Anonymous on

Um…milk doesn’t dry up until you stop breastfeeding.

patti on

I applaud mothers who can breastfeed their children until they are anywhere between 12-18 months. I have twins and stopped breastfeeding them when they reached 6 months, largely because I had returned to work (full-time) and breastfeeding twins is no easy task. But at some point, mothers have to let go… I respect Mayim Bailik but the fact that her son is 3 1/2 and she’s still breastfeeding, SHE can’t let go. If a mother is barely able to find food for her children and her breast milk is that baby’s only source of nutrition fine, I get it…. but none of these ladies who continue to breastfeed their children past the age of two living under such harsh conditions. Wake up ladies!

heather on

m.a….you are an idiot, seriously

heather on

teddiebear…children arent going around nursing straight from the cow’s udders.

Jules James on

This kid is more like 6 years old! Where is the birth certificate? Why dosen’t he just feel her up with his spare hand? Absolutely offensive and disgusting. I just canceled my subscription to TIME! Desperate attempt to sell mags. This will backfire!

Catca on


I doubt Mayim Bialek used the powerful pr machine to spin her response to the story as well as her own actions as she’s much better qualified to speak than they are. You may not realize this, but she has a phd in neurodevelopment. You may find this a surprise, but there are actors and actresses in Hollywood that are quite brainy. If you read Mayim’s comments you would find that she didn’t take an extreme position in anything, and was supportive of other moms, as well as breastfeeding her own toddler. She said she wouldn’t have imagined continuing to breastfeed this long, but her son enjoyed it, got great comfort, and there is a nutritional value. She does not advocate babying her children with everything and had both her boys toilet trained at age 1. She is hardly an extreme parent and her views should be respected. After all, she respects other moms who make different choices than she does so why shouldn’t she be given the same respect?

mfh on

This is beyond inappropriate. Mothers breastfeed their “babies” to provide nurishment and once that baby is a certain age and can start eating real food that should be the end of breastfeeding for that kid. I have three childrend and cut them off at six months. Enough is enough. I ripped my brother and sister-in-law for continuing breastfeeding my nephew when he was two. Enough with this crap you breastfeeding freaks. Yes it is a natural thing and every woman should try it if it works for you but this breastfeeding a three year old adopted kid is just beyond what the meaning is. Stop the craziness.

savannah1620 on

As long as a child continues to breastfeed, the milk will more than likely never stop flowing. The body produces hormones in response to a mother’s body needing to produce milk, so the breasts produce the milk. Many more moms are waiting to wean their children from breastfeeding. No one is saying you have to physically put the nipple in the kid’s mouth, a mother can still pump the breast milk as long as she needs to and transfer it to a bottle. There is not difference.

There are of course situations where women can not produce the milk or the baby doesn’t latch. But I believe every mother should at least try to breast feed. If the baby doesn’t latch, then try a pump. Your baby will only benefit. Any illness you have will not be passed to the child; on the contrary, the child will receive the antibodies through the milk, so they will be protected.

It is not fair for everyone to say “no you can’t breastfeed” or “everyone must breastfeed” because it’s not for everyone. But every mother should at least try it if possible. And if that doesn’t work, try a pump. A lot of women want to get back to their careers and think breastfeeding will only hurt them. I don’t think it’s fair for a mother to leave her child and compromise her child’s health for a job. There are circumstances where it’s necessary. But is your paycheck really more important to you than your own baby’s health and well being?

ABC on

I’m glad all of you are so informed, intelligent, and perfect that you can tell others what they should/should not do. Thanks for letting me know when I should stop nursing my baby- I don’t know what I would have done without your (completely ignorant) advice.

ABC on

Laine, you might want to instead say “I support breastfeeding moms who fit *my* definition of normal” because as a breastfeeding mom whose baby runs, talks, and counts, I’m really not feeling all that supported by you right now.

Anonymous on

As a mother of a one and three year old (both boys), it breaks my heart to think that this mother sensationalized (and profitted, Im sure) at the expense of her son, who will live for the rest of his life with this photo of himself. The media has and always will do what it takes to make a profit. It’s our job as parents to protect our children; not sensationalize them. I’m not disgusted at the media – they’re just doing the job that we all have supported; it’s his mother that disgusts me. He’s just an innocent child that his mother is taking advantage of.

Terry on

I’m sick of mommy wars. If you want to fight for something more– all the kiddos without mommies at all– read this: http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/2012/05/where-is-mommy-war-for-motherless-child.html

Rosey on

This is just something to add fuel to the mommy wars. I do what I do without being preachy. Her poise shows attitude. A disservice to both breast feeding and formula feeding mothers.

peggyharris on


Sandy on

m.a., you have no idea what you are talking about. If you keep nursing, you keep making milk. It doesn’t just dry up.

peggyharris on


Elle on

If your child walks and talks early, are you supposed to cut them off because you make everyone else uncomfortable? My son started getting teeth at three months…should I have stopped nursing him because his teeth came in sooner than expected? Breastfeeding has been around since the dawn of time — everywhere else in the world, including first world countries, people breastfeed for many years — seven years old being the norm. Only in America do we have to find convenient alternatives and point fingers in disgust when we don’t understand the real true nature of something that gives your child nourishment and comfort. SHAME on Time magazine for exploiting something SO personal to each family.

Dan on

This is what is great about America. People get to express their opinion if they so choose. It can be an educated one or it can be a completely uneducated one, but they still get to express their viewpoint.

Time’s choice of picture for their cover story is unfortunate and destructive as a lot of the comments show. Intolerant people don’t understand breastfeeding and how the length of that is between a mother and her child. The benefits for this for a child along with attachment parenting are immeasurable. It’s an extremely hard parenting style to use because of the time, patience and understanding it takes to commit to it.

It’s not for everyone. But for those who it is for, the rewards are incredible.

nancy on

disgusting at 3 months and 100 times more disgusting at 3 years

alg on

It is a three year old, not a teenager. People who are disgusted have some very weird sense of what is normal. is it normal to give them cows milk that is for cows? Milk loaded with hormones and stuff that we will no sooner then later it is not that good for us. Reason we do not know now is-money. That is why we are bombarded with all. I am pretty sure formula companies are laughing at your back, all the way to the bank. Why not, it is you-not them-who will be worried why your child did not get over that pneumonia so soon. Real effect off not nuring at least 1 year are known, it is just to much cash to lose so nobody will do a real study. In many culture children are nursed up to age 5, healthiest and without any issue. Just look at all issue Americans have, all those fed formula…

Anonymous on

Why in the world is he dressed in military gear? Makes it seem a little ‘kiddie pornish” in my opinion.

kimmie on

“Sorry but breastfeeding past 6 mos. is just gross….Pump and place in cup or bottle”

Really? Why is it gross? What do you suggest babies that young eat? And why bother with pump and cleaning, sterilizing, heating the milk up, doubling moms duty (first obtaining milk and then feeding the baby) if she can do everything in one single step? I nursed my baby until she was 14 months and I kid you not, I would 100% rather just nurse her in the middle of the night than run downstairs, prepare the pump, nurse for 20 or more minutes, while she’s screaming upstairs hungry, then clean and sterilize everything. And just so you know, the pump will never get out as much as the simple nursing does, moron!

kimmie on

And what does it mean “are you mom enough”! We all are, nursing or not! That is so ridiculous. I am not buying Time this time around.

fertilitygarden on

Many folks are missing a key argument in this discussion and that is the powerful, long-term health benefits human breastmilk provides the baby, unlike any other superfood (protection against middle age disease such as cancer, diabetes, etc.). In 3rd world countries and in more enlightened, first-world nations, breastfeeding into the toddler years is not at all uncommon. I was very pleased when my two children breastfed until the age of 1 when they weaned from me on their own. However, I would have continued much longer if they had been game.

That said, I thought ‘Time’s’ cover was over-the-top & could have been done much more powerfully & respectfully to the topic and to Time’s broad audience. I think it was a ‘fail’ and as the first celeb said, it created more trouble for breastfeeding than support.

Mrs. Woodrow on

We all think about how provacative the pic of the mom is, but what about how tormented the little boy will be for the remainder of his adolescence! I know someone who was breatfed til they were 4, and we still tease them about that to this day! He/she claims to have no memory of it btw. The mom explains that since it was her last child of four, “it was hard to let go” and that’s why she breastfed for so long. Soooo weird!!!

themommypsychologist on

Apparently, no one was reading Time which is exactly why the editors published it. It was like dumping gasoline all over a simmering fire and then throwing a match on it. We all know what you get. A hell of an explosion. And we all proved we were lemmings. Meanwhile, all of the marketing executives and editors are high fiving each other backstage. I talk about the end of my role as a lemming here:

Alyssa13 on

I think breastfeeding is fine as long as the kid is a baby. Alyssa Milano breastfeeding her 8 mos. old son Milo is just fine, having a one yr. old is pushing it IMO. IF you have a 2+ toddler that you breast feed, I think its leaning more on an obsession/paranoia for the mother than it is a health benefit for the kid. Parents also buy into these Dumb Doctors we have now days, they toy with the heads of new moms. My mother formula fed my brother and I and we are just fine. We were in sports, orchestra, girl scouts/boy scouts. Good Grades, graduated. Its a mind game. Im a 23 yr. old virgin and I know this stuff from medical/psychology classes, parents need to relax and calm down.

L* on

I’m all for breastfeeding children who need the nourishment while they are young. However, I wonder if all this hoopla about attachment parenting is just an excuse for some mothers to keep a hold onto their children because they are unwilling for them to grow up and be separate from them. Yes, be a nurturing mother, but there is a point where you have to let your children be independent of you and learn how to adapt to life as an individual. I feel sorry for this little boy as this mother did not think of how this magazine cover might affect her child years down the road.

Tami Lewis on

We are the only country that weans our children at such an early age. Children, even toddlers, get more nutrition from nursing than from “eating”. Mothers are made that way. Actually the ones who should be offended are the moms who do nurse for extended amounts of time since weaning a baby at 6 months or even a year is detrimental to the child. Of course in this society of working moms that doesn’t fly. Too bad babies get put last in this country. Of course going to Hooters and wearing barely any clothes is accepted because our country sees breasts only as sexual objects and other countries don’t. Sex and money- great values!

Robert Buckley on

It is a fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was coddled too long by his mother, and look what happened to him.

maria on

It’s whatever is best for an individual mom and her baby. Just because YOUR baby weaned him/herself at 6, 12, 18 months, that is not the case for all babies/toddlers. WHO recommends breastfeeding through age 2…yes, the World Health Organization! Lactation can last through age 6.

And for the idiots who chime in only to say “are we supposed to care what they think about this issue”, etc. it clearly takes time to log in and make a comment. Why do YOU care to read this article and comment if you aren’t interested in the topic. Clearly, you have too much time on your hands.

Mae on

If you can bf then bf but as in ALL things in moderation. My problem with this article is that there are so many things going wrong with this country and Time mag has to push this into folks faces, really?!! And as it’s been mentioned this is suppose to be about bonding, then why does the mom have such a defiant look to those reading this mag. And as for health. I wasn’t able to bf and my children are healthy and haven’t had to go to the doc except for check ups in years and yet a friend of mine bf for 2 years and they are always sick with colds or the flu. A great way to show Time how we feel is, send back those received in the mail and not buy those off the shelves. Let’s get back on track as to making America great again!!

Lorelei on

When does it go from a child need to a mommy issue?

Guest on

This is just wrong. I agree that the Mother is a sick woman. This is a perversion. I’m shocked a reputable magazine would allow this content.

lsia on

this is not about breastfeeding babies. everyone knows breastfeedign is the best option, if possible, but for BABIES. This is about breastfeeding a toddler. no other species feeds from the breast that long. at this age it’s not about the child, but about the PARENT’S issues. seems to me the parent has the attachment issue, not the child.

Umm on

So I have my own personal opinions on this issue, but I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks that cover is just creepy and inappropriate?

Jackie on

As a mother of a 6 year old, I think it’s disgusting!

christa on

I am all for breast feeding and also breast feeding in public, if you have a baby, but a toddler, NO. I agree with ALyssa.

Guest on

While it makes sense of the bonding that happens with a mother braestfeeding her baby, it does not make sense to feed a toddler that way. Once they get teeth that just seems like it would hurt to feed them. Just no way to make this picture seem right.

LM on

Kai – while I don’t like this TIME cover, I appreciate your post. It’s true, people should do what’s best for their family and their circumstances. I was harshly judged for bottle feeding my child even though that’s what worked best for us at the time. People need to stop the judgement unless a child is being harmed. That said, I still think this picture is overly provocative and doesn’t show a nurturing mother.

Anonymous on

Breastfeeding is great..applaud all the moms who do it. However, this picture only brings to mind how completely co-dependent we are raising our children to be. At 3 that boy should be able to drink out of a cup, not latching on to his mommy’s boob for a slurp. To me this is mother’s desire to retain some sort of control, rather than to benefit the childs health.

Easyup on

@buddiesmama, you have said it all, couldn’t agree with you more. Just caught the tail end of an interview that Grumet gave and the child was whiny and cranky to the point that they had to take him away from the interview. I’m sure he had visions that she would be following soon to give him his comfort. Too much attachment. At three+ I think good parenting is being responsive and attentive without offering a breast in the mouth, you are keeping him a baby/infant when he is not! His next table meal is what he should be looking forward to on his road to independence. It is not attractive seeing big kids with teeth and full knowledge route for what is under your sweater, they only ask for it because you allow it, if you had put it away, they would get on with life without it. I have another question for you; is the goodness of your breast only for your offspring? How much of an earth mother are you? Would you consider taking a queue from Selma Hyak? If you want to be a hero would wet nursing be on your agenda? If you are so keen on keeping it coming perhaps you could offer it to those REALLY in need. If not your own breast, pumping and offering the goodness to a hospital or milk bank for BABIES really in need, maybe even to third world countries (are there any such programs in place?). Are you scrunching your nose up at those ideas as I am at your attachment hooey?

kristen on

It’s odd the people that find it wrong to breastfeed a child who’s older than a few months but our society finds it completely normal to nurse from a cow for a lifetime. So mother’s milk is weird but the product of another species is okay?

Bobbi on

This photo is sick and perverse! I breast fed by “babies” and did it respectfully! What’s next, a photo of a woman’s vagina while she’s giving birth? The pedophiles are going to love this issue!

Bobbi on

This stupid, selfish woman just killed her own child! This boy is going to be tortured on the playground and end up hanging himself!

Shawna on

Wow, there is a lot of judgment and misinformation on here. I nursed my girls until they were 4 years old. I practiced child-led weaning. At that age they are not nursing around the clock. They would nurse before a nap or before bed. There was nothing “gross” or “disturbing” about it, and certainly nothing sexual. They are now 10 and 7 and are completely normal children. They are very confident and not over-attached to me at all. Historically women breastfed for a lot longer than they do now. 1 year of nursing is the minimum length of breastfeeding the AAP recommends, and 2 years and beyond by the WHO. The majority of women make it to 3 months. They are the ones doing something against nature, not the people who are choosing to nurse longer.

Leslee on


That’s the whole problem in a nutshell, you took what I said to be that it’s the fault of Dr. Sears. People are twisting things around and this is what happens. I said he is a very nice man and he doesn’t tell his patients, friends and family what to do and “must” do but he is entrenched in this debate of others, as is the pictured mother, as someone dictating the “right” way to do things. Bill Sears sincerely wants parents to have options and feel comfortable in however they choose as the best way for them and to help you have a happy and well adjusted child.

The woman pictured is incredibly soft spoken and anything but an a loud activist. Time set up this cover as a way to spark the conversation and to sell it’s magazine, the mother not even planning on being a cover picture, nor having her child stand on a chair. I may not agree with her but I appreciate her efforts to make it ok for people to come out of the closet and not feel bullied. After all is said and done, isn’t that what we want is to feel that others will allow us are space to be the parents we choose to be and in the best way that works for our own family?

Estoria on

In my opinion, the only time breastfeeding should go on past 1 1/2, 2 years old, is if you live in a third world country. Then it makes total sense as nutrition in those countries are not as good as in the western world. They also often use premastication practices as they don’t either have jarred baby food or can’t afford it. Blenders etc are often out of the question. Therefore, I don’t see anything wrong with that but over here it just isn’t necessary. There is a reason why we don’t give our babies formula after a certain age, because they can eat on their own and get all the nutrition they need from the food they eat. So it goes they same for breastfeeding. With that said, to each their own. As long as it isn’t in my face as personally I find it uncomfortable to watch when they are 3, 4, 5 etc.

Kimberly on

This debate goes both ways, I didn’t breastfeed either of my boys and had no interest and you would have thought I was feeding them poison the way the nurses acted. The one kept on hounding me right until I was released from the hospital and it made me very uncomfortable. I do think it’s wrong to feed your child when they can unbottom your blouse but I just think all the judgment needs to stop. I agree with others why not pump and put the milk in a cup?? But really it’s not for me to judge, whatever works for you!!! They are not harming others by breastfeeding their children it’s not like I’m seeing this on the beach every day, lol….

Talia on

I breastfeed all three of my children until they were 3 – 3 1/2. It was a wonderful experience. I find this cover disturbing. It doesn’t reflect attachment parenting at all — the mother and the child seem totally detached, without connection. Why not show them cuddling on the couch gazing into one another’s eyes? Shame on TIME for taking advantage of this young mother and her child in favor of controversy.

bellus on

I breastfed my son until he was 8 mo. old. He just weened himself at that time. Every situation is different, however, a child of 3 yrs. or even 2 yrs. is too old to nurse. Breastfeeding should also be done in a private way. Keep your breasts covered. Going “topless” is illegal in public. This woman is just acting stupid and pushing her agenda publicly. I applaud those who can breastfeed. Not all women can for one reason or another. And certainly breastmilk is better than soy based formula. One poster said that using a cow as a wet nurse is wrong, but for older children milk is necessary for good development. There is absolutely nothing wrong with good, organic cows milk for toddlers. Hand that little boy a cup and cover up lady.

Holly on

I respect each mother’s choice to breastfeed their baby or toddler until they feel comfortable. Like Mayim I thought the reasons she gave and her story were extraordinary and I applaud the choice she made.

My issue is with the title “Are you Mom Enough?” As a mother that wasn’t able to breastfeed my son due to all kinds of issues, and who spent hours with lactation consultants, making herbal remedies and even resorting to accupressure to make lactation possible, I am offended that I am not MOM enough. A mother is not measured by her ability to breastfeed or not… it is the love and care she gives her child. My son thrived on formula and whole milk and is a happy healthy 2 year old. That to me tells me I am Mom enough!

V.S. on

Wow, I didn’t realize that so many people were so closed minded. I have a 6 month old & I am weaning him off of breast milk. For me, it is the right time. But for this mother, she has chosen to breastfeed her child longer. Who am I to judge? She said that her mother breastfed her until she was 6. She did not come across to me as a self indulgent clingy “the whole world revolves around me” kind of person. She stated that if something works for one family, they should stick with it. This is not for everyone. We should be praising her for being an attentive parent. She is not harming her child. All children at that age are restless when they are sitting (especially in front of a camera). The world needs more mothers like her! Power to you sista!

smiavs on

The World Health Organization recommends AT LEAST two years. Breast milk changes according to the child’s needs as (s)he gets older. The problem isn’t so much a three year-old breast feeding (with the exception of a few extreme cases–the ones that like to make a public fuss over it, unfortunately–most of these kids are doing it once or twice a day, in addition to a normal varied diet) it’s the photo, which was clearly designed to stir up controversy. It does NOTHING to help breast feeding women. Some breast feeding mothers are trying very hard to fight for the right to nourish their children when and where they need to, and women like this are only HURTING the cause. THAT’S what’s shameful.

Sam on

I’m all for breastfeeding your OWN babies in private. Not adopted children and not toddlers. If you choose to do it in public, don’t whine about it when people get (rightfully so) offended.

Anonymous on

Yea great bonding experience. They aren’t even looking at each other. The kid probably wants to be outside playing with his buddies.

The mother probably likes the rush of endorphins that come with breastfeeding. Many women do. The fact that she herself was breastfed until age 6 probably has something to do with her preference too. It seems these parents can’t fathom that *gasp* children are their own people and *gasp* can learn to self-soothe and get their needs met from *gasp* other sources beyond mommy.

Another thing: As fatvole stated, the child is whiny and clingy. He’s also horribly misbehaved and immature for his age. Wonder why. Guess he needs more “bonding” and “security” from mom’s boobs! LOL!

LC on

If your child is at at an age where they will possibly remember being breastfed when they are older, it has gone on for far too long.

Denise on

Where does being a good parent and crossing the line to sexual abuse begin? I’m all for having a bond with your child but this is gross. How are you supposed to raise independent confident children when they can’t comfort themselves without a breast? Give it 10-15 years and we will be living the repercussions of these mothers decisions.

Ayla on

I don’t have children and can’t say when the appropriate age to stop breastfeeding is, but my personal opinion is if the child is old enough to walk and talk then the child is old enough to drink from a cup. Even if you pump the milk and pour it into a cup, but to still literally be breastfeeding at three years old is questionable. It’s also my opinion that unless you are doing a photoshoot for a parenting magazine where it’s expected to see a mother breastfeeding an INFANT on the cover then it should be kept private.

MM on

The sad thing is……Wait until this kid is about 13 years old! What was this ignorant, selfish woman thinking. This poor kid will have mental problems and high risk of suicide when he becomes an adolescent and is reminded of this photo! This mother will be responsible for her childs demise. I hope she thought it was well worth it!

Kathy on

I find it irresponsible for a parent to plaster her sons face on a magazine for the world to see him in that position.. Imagine what his school years will be like…If you feel the need to cont. breastfeeding him maybe you should pump so he can drink it out of a sippy cup..

Anonymous on

I am the mother of 4, all of whom were breastfed until they were at least 6-8 months of age. Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience, but I am sorry at some it is just creepy. I am for a woman’s right to breastfeed, but when the child is old enough for solid food wean them, please. And please cover up! I went out in public and almost every women’s restroom had an area for breastfeeding mothers. Just because it is your right to breastfeed in public doesn’t mean the entire world wants to see it, there is such a thing as a breastpump for those tiems when you leaving the comforts of your home.

Mia on

It’s gross and crippling – if the kid can ask for it….know what’s going on and is old enough to feed itself/start being independent — Stop!

There is no logical reasoning to keep BF once the kid is over a year old…..people need to remember they are raising adults + not keeping babies forever.

kate on

this is so disgusting….give the child a drink out of the refrigerator!!!!!!!!

Kelly on

For all the people who believe that we should just accept mothers breastfeeding their 5-year-olds in the great wide open, here is what I say:

You’re right. It doesn’t hurt us. But added all together, the moms who brazenly breastfeed in the middle of the grocery, or on a bench in the park, this is one of the collective activities that is ruining another small part of the modesty that society has left. It isn’t WRONG, or against the law, it is just rude and inappropriate.

Give it a rest, because you all sound like teenagers trying to force people to accept how UNIQUE they are.

Momof2 on

Personally, I am more offended by Time’s headline “Are you Mom Enough?” than by the mother breastfeeding her soon-to-be-in-therapy son. It implies, actually more than implies, that if you don’t breastfeed your child until they can drive that you are less of a mother. Time has done a huge disservice to mothers, period.

Terri on

It’s a very personal choice, & I wish people wouldn’t see fit to tell other moms how to raise their children.

Terri on

Wow, Sam. Adopted babies shouldn’t be breastfed?

kimmie on

“I know someone who was breatfed til they were 4, and we still tease them about that to this day”


kimmie on

“no other species feeds from the breast that long”

Again, not true. Where are you getting your facts, have you even researched, before you posted whatever first thing came along your tiny brain? For example, elephants nurse on average for 5 years (life expectancy similar to people, 60 – 70 years)


Momof2 on

Personally, I am more offended by the headline “Are you Mom Enough?” than by the mother breastfeeding her soon-to-be-in-therapy son. It implies, more than implies, that if you do not breastfeed your child until they are old enough to drive that you are less of a mother than other women. Time has done a great disservice to ALL mothers, period.

B.J. (the girl) on

Disturbing. I would be horrified if I had any recollection of breastfeeding. I’m glad my mom did it, but I don’t need to think about that, and thankfully I don’t, because I don’t remember it!

Nina Ackles Vieira on

Do u know what it makes me feel disgusted? People who comments things like this:

“This is just wrong. I agree that the Mother is a sick woman. This is a perversion. I’m shocked a reputable magazine would allow this content.”

OMG!!! What ignorant!!! What world are u living? We are in 2012 people!! and this mother in Time´s cover.. She´s not sick, idiots!!! As a mother she thinks this is the best to her boy, and it´s not your business! I bet lots of moms would like to breastfeed their own kids, but they can´t..
“It´s sad, but it´s truth: USA have obesession to female breasts”,
like somebody said above.. coz of that, some ignorant people thinks that mothers breastfeeding in public is “disgusting” and it´s an offense.. God, this is sooooo ridiculous!!! I think lots of mothers prefer giving formula to their children, than breastfeed. In USA, lots of moms are this way..why? By chance, your boobs will be “damaged”? Are you worried abt your boobs or abt your kids’ health?
What it shocks me is: in a 1st country like USA, people still think “a mother in a cover magazine, breastfeeding her boy is sick, is disgusting and sexual..”
WAKE UP IDIOTS!!! Who still thinks: a mother breastfeeding is sexual, is sick, disgusting, etc etc.. OMG!!! Who is judging this mother, i´m sure – was unable to breastfeed own child, or has nothing inside own brain or then is a complete ignorant!!!
And to finish: if you feel uncomfortable seeing this cover, or reading this magazine.. what are u doing here reading this article? or why are u buying the magazine?
Waste your time and money helping somebody, who needs it or doing something useful in your life, instead of judging this mother.
I really applaud mothers to think abt their children exclusively.. abt their health mainly. and breastfeeding is PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL and NATURAL!!! God gave women breasts to this function…
Conclusion: lots of people in “1st world” need two things – wisdom and when shut up!!! (this isn´t to all, of course)

TIME: Congrats!!! This cover is great!!! and who’s feeling uncomfortable with it, that´s simple: don´t buy it and don´t read it!!! Nobody is forcing u!!

Jamie Lynne Grumet: Congrats!! You are “mom enough”, to love ur little boy more than anything is this world, and you are blessed!! Don´t care abt these stupids commentaries.. You have my respect!!! You are an example of love to mothers in whole world.. God bless u!!!

Janie M. on

This same woman, Jamie Lynn Grumet posed her almost 4 and 6 year old sons eating her edible underwear.

One her blog she said that her adopted son had been BOTTLEFED up until his adoption at almost 4 years of age from Ethiopia. But in an interview she claimed it wasn’t strange to breastfeed the pre-schooler because he (in an orphanage somewhere) had been BREASTFEEDING.

She’s a liar and a glory hound. She knew she was sexualizing her child with that photo shoot and she allowed him to be exploited because SHE wanted the attention.

Stella Bella on

So I have my own personal opinions on this issue, but I can’t possibly be the only one that thinks that cover is just creepy and inappropriate?

– Umm on May 12th, 2012

You are not the only one. Totally creepy and inappropriate imo.

Nicole on

I just find that photo so disturbing.
If people want to breastfeed their child, that’s their decision. What age they want to stop breastfeeding at, is also their decision..
But I don’t think this photo does anything to support her choice..

wth on

Even a cow knows when to ween her calf. Enough is enough. And to the person that asked about pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups…Yes,they are also for BABIES and big kid cups are for KIDS…that is the point! If you are old enough to go potty and drink from a cup, then you are definately too old for bottles or breasts. It isn’t about the child at that point…it is the mother trying to keep her child a baby. Doesn’t the attachment parenting try to have small babies poop on the toilet, but yet they want preschoolers to still be fed like a baby. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Holiday on

I dont find it disgusting or perverted at all but the title really is offending. The statement “Are You Mom Enough” makes it seem like parents who do not breast feed until 4 are less of a mom. I personally would not breast feed that long, its about a year or two past my comfort level. My daughter turned 2 this week and I still nurse her but I doubt I will for another 2 years.

Jamie J on

Ok yes this was a very, very poor photo to showcase attachment parenting. However I’m finding it hilarious that some of you are pointing out how unnatural it is to breastfeed toddlers. Brush up on your history folks, it’s only in the last century that weaning by the age of one became the norm. It was commonplace to breastfeed your children (or your wet nurse if you were too high society to breastfeed yourself) until 2 or 3. In many other countries that aren’t as uptight as the U.S. it is still common to nurse well past the age of one. In fact the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first two years. Breastfeeding a toddler is far from new and is only scandalous over here.

But back to the Time magazine cover. I’m sad that they had a chance to talk about attachment parenting and extended breastfeeding and chose to use a photo clearly picked for shock value instead. If you see some of the other photos they had with other moms (such as the mother tandem nursing) you can see they had much better options but I guess they’re going to use what gets people talking. And boy did it.

Mia on

Why can’t you just snuggle with your kids like a normal parent…..and not BF when they are 2 years old+

It’s inappropriate.

Move on.

ron on

love for young women to expose their breast in public for us guys,to look at ,mother or not. believe me we will look ,the same as if she wasnt a mother . so cover up when your doing it ,in public ,an try to find a place somewhat private.knowing its natural and using that as a excuse to pop one out isnt good. remember as a boy around 12 or so my young aunt came over to my house , she pop one out to feed her child,in the living room.i was shocked ,aroused ,and thought about that good looking breast for a good while ,havent really seen one in person then.so boys and men look .cover up

Holiday on

Ron you were aroused by your aunt nursing her baby? It sounds like YOU are the one with the issues and not your aunt! Wow the thought of a nephew getting aroused by watching his aunt nurse her baby is pretty disgusting.

Marky on

I loved BF, and support it 100%. I was a lactation consultant, and I BF my baby until she self-weaned,without ever giving her a bottle, not even of breast milk. BUT, I really have never seen a situation, in this country, in which a child was breastfed past 2 1/2 or so, where it wasn’t the mother who wanted to keep going, who NEEDED the feeling of still being needed and of being the person her child wants and needs more than anyone else, even more than their father and other close family members.

I have bio and adopted children myself, and because of that,my children were a mixture of breast and bottle fed, having me as the mother from the 1st minute or from older. I really understand how it feels to want to be that important person to my child, to be so “needed” and “wanted”, but the truth is this: I also understood that the main character in this chapter of our lives was my child and how every decision would affect him or her. The reality was that for each child I needed to think beyond what MY “need” was–to have a “baby” who was dependent on me for every little thing, and to be 100% focused on only that child, which really felt great. That ended up meaning that I could be focused on that child so much that they never learned to deal with new situations, soothe themselves to sleep, as opposed to screaming and crying; having the confidence they were safe and able to fall asleep on their own and to sleep well, not waking up 2 or 3 times a night even when they were 3 or 4 years old. Many children who can’t fall asleep on their own don’t feel safe and secure; often that’s why they need to sleep with someone so long and eat in the night, even though they aren’t really hungry. My nephew was raised using attachment parenting techniques, and even though he was and is, exceptionally bright, he was not even close to being out of diapers at 4 1/2, had severe issues with “holding” his BM’s, and was running around the house with bottles in each hand (which he could fill himself with no help)because, whether you want to agree or not, some moms do “go dry”; he simply was far behind his peers in many ways. He didn’t have self-control and ran all over restaurants, constantly interrupted every other sentence of a conversation and God help anyone who tried to talk on the telephone! He was not much fun, and lest you think it must be that none of the rest of us understood childish behavior, he was the youngest child in the family and much loved by everyone. Frankly, he wasn’t all that happy himself, and it showed in his behavior and his facial expression.

After being lovingly confronted with the fact that it appeared mom just couldn’t allow her “baby” to grow up and do what was perfectly normal behavior for nearly 5, mom thought about it and admitted she could hardly bear to give up the thought her “baby” was growing up. She lovingly changed how she was dealing with him. Today, he is renown in his field, a loving husband, and about to get his PhD. The one thing that’s a holdover is that he still struggles with the idea that he ought to be able to have what he wants when he wants it, and is pretty much #1 in his own world.

While I throughly believe in breast-feeding, I must say that these claims that if you breast-feed, your baby won’t get sick, won’t have allergies, and will be much smarter, just don’t pan out to be true all the time. Your child can still be autistic, can still have learning disabilities, and can still have allergies and/or all sorts of issues. One of my BF babies had horrible allergies from age 4 mo. on, and she was totally BF. She is very intelligent, but also has ADHD through the roof! One of my sons, who was formula fed, out-grew his allergies young,(except for tree nuts), and has an IQ of 160, an amazing job, has a wonderful family with children he parents in a way that would make anyone proud, so there you go.

I think if we want people to want to BF, we need to be honest and truthful. Breast milk is great for babies, but it isn’t magic! It’s good and healthy, but it doesn’t take the place of food when your child starts getting teeth and is ready for food. We don’t, as breast-feeding moms, have to be so over the top we don’t even make sense. The idea we “need” to nurse our children until they are coming home from kindergarten in a country where we can buy organic, healthy food, or grow our own if we like; where we can buy free-range and grass-fed meats if we like, just doesn’t even compute, even to a La Leche Leaguer like me. I’m NOT putting anyone down; I’m just saying I think we should take a look at how we come across because if all we do is alienate, then have we really achieved our goal–to educate, and to encourage BF, healthy lifestyles, and healthy contributing members of society?

Maria on

A very negative projection of a mother and the poor son will have to live with it throughout his life. No way I am buying this issue. Fail to understand what cause it is serving.

emilyc on

I would love to see mothers empowering themselves with education instead of ingnorantly insulting others! The facts are that extended breastfeeding is the norm in most cultures around the world and even the ‘experts’ are in agreement. The World Health Organization, says and I quote ” Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”
And for all you Americans, The American Academy of Pediatrics ” recommends that breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child.’… ‘there is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding and no evidence of psychologic or developmental harm from breastfeeding into the third year of life or longer.’ Also the American Academy of Family Physicians states “As recommended by the WHO, breastfeeding should ideally continue beyond infancy, but this is not the cultural norm in the United States and requires ongoing support and encouragement. It has been estimated that a natural weaning age for humans is between two and seven years.” This is not a matter of opinion here, It’s about the facts and about mothers getting proper support. Saying that breastfeeding a child past the age of 6 months is disgusting, is an ignorant opinion not based on any kind of fact. What’s really disgusting here is that Time magazine set out to make money by stirring up peoples emotions and they are succeeding with flying colours! It’s all very sad really.

Easyup on

North America is not a third world nation or Europe, we are more modest here and we have proper food to feed our children. We are not elephants and yes, the overwhelming majority of the wild animal kingdom dispatches their young from teat feeding very quickly because survival is their main focus. In the undersea world, they are only protected as embryos, once they are born, they are on their own. As humans we can afford more protection and nurturing of our young and obviously there is more than one way to do it but you will never convince me attachment parenting is the way to go, I am happy with the more conventional path and to each their own but I enjoy having my say in the discussion.

I wish those bloggers that rail and complain about what people have to say on these sites would stop participating. You can speak your mind but don’t tell people to shut up, we are here to put in our ideas of weither we are for or against. I consider these sites a place where I can pick a topic and speak my mind. It is a forum for discussion and debate on subjects, we don’t have to get crazy or ignorant or be mean. We can get into some hot debates but be respectful. I don’t have an outlet in my circle of friends because they are not interested in entertainment news or as we have here, a really juicy topic but here I can find other people who want to talk about what I want to talk about and I enjoy reading what everyone has to say. I have read all the comments on this article because I am interested in what other people have to say on this subject, I find this topic fascinating. We have freedom of thought, word and practices here in this country and we all should enjoy them to their fullest. BUDDIESMAMA, I love what you had to say, I think you are so right and MARKY you have given us much to think about about where this could lead in the future. Have a good day everyone.

Jennifer Carvalho on


Breastfeeding is normal and natural!!!
Why don´t u worry abt women showing their breasts on TV, INTERNET, MOVIES, SERIES and beaches?
Are u worried abt ur kids are seeing this everyday? coz YEAH…This is DISGUSTING, PERVERTED, SEXUAL…
Breastfeeding? NO, it´s not.
Don´t judge this mother! Go taking care of your own lives stupids!!!
USA needs to leave the ignorance!!! It´s missing inteligence there!!
A 1st world country? hahahaha.. just abt capitalism, money, “power” etc etc.. and it has courage to tell “WE ARE CHRISTIANS!!!” oh yeah? where? Open ur minds!!! Are u still living inside a bubble?
True christians don´t judge, don´t condemn..
A mother breastfeeding isn´t sexual!!! Stop to sexualize breasts assholes!!!
If you see the breastfeeding like a sexual thing, i’m sure.. you´re sick!!!

Paula on

@easyup i agree.. North America isn´t third world or Europe.. THANKS GOD for this.. coz USA is a shame to the rest of the world. Americans can be more ridiculous and ignorants than everything.. They think they are the best of the world, but the truth is: USA is a country where people “lives inside a bubble”.. i agree with @Jennifer Carvalho.
USA should be a country of 4th world..
All countries have proper food to feed children, but in the USA, lots of mothers use this as an excuse to not breastfeeding and YEAH, they prefer using FORMULA (not all of them, of course.. but the most of them).. and why? This is more convenient!!! but obvious… FORMULA isn´t the best for the babies.
and the Formula´s factories think FORMULA IS GREAT.. of course, Money is coming to them.. this is matter!!!
The difference is: mothers in the rest of the world know being more intelligents than americans mothers, coz they breastfeed their children, and FORMULA? it´s just in last option.
By chance USA don´t know what World Health Organization says?
”Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”
But this is not a culture in USA.. This is sad!!! I’m sorry abt american children.. They don´t deserve this…
At least i´m honest!!!

Easyup on

Holy smoke JENNIFER CARVALHO, I think I was just talking about you – yikes, you are mad. You know what is good about a free world country? You are free to do what you want. You are free to get on a plane and go to a country where they do things more to your liking. I like the system we have here. Yes, sexuality in marketing is big in this country but EVERY COUNTRY HAS ITS DOWNFALL. The sexual stuff I don’t like, I avoid, skip over and bleep out. I avoid some music artist because of their sexual content. I don’t want to wear a burkha, I don’t want to be considered not equal to my husband because I am female and have less rights. I feel the same for same sex partners and those not happy in the skin they were born in. I am not a nudist but here you can be and live in your own community. You are not restricted to one child, you can have 19.

No one here is against or sexualizes breastfeeding for infants and babies, our topic of discussion is breastfeeding for preschoolers and older. Anyone with a love of extended breastfeeding can open a commune where those attached to you are as tall as you are but we are a society that is free to speak our mind about it!

Patrick on

Mad? I think she told the truth.. and the truth sometimes HURTS…

Henry on

It’s funny!!! Americans are basically, the “kings of pornography” and they loveeeeeeeeeee to see women naked in the PLAYBOY’s cover and nobody is shocked with it.
Now, a mother breastfeeding is shocking!!! Ahhh, give me a break, please!!!
Let her breastfeed her little boy in peace!!! It doesn’t matter if her boy is a preschooler… it’s her choice to breastfeed him until now. What´s wrong with this?
Get out PURITANS!!! I need to laugh!! and LOUD.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
It’s missing God in your hearts!!! Poluted minds!!!
Shocking is watching on TV everyday, mothers abandoning babies in streets and trash’s baskets..mothers killing their own children.. This is shocking!

Shell on

World wide the average to wean from breastfeeding is over 3.5 yrs old. We are spoiled Americans who take clean water for granted. If theses mothers did not breastfeed the children would die. I suggest people who don’t support breastfeeding into toddlerhood should read the new position paper put out by the AAP American Academy of Pediatrics who now support breastfeeding over a year. If more women were supported with their breastfeeding goals healthcare costs would be drastically reduced. So read up before you knock theses moms.

Marky on

Many people on this site are extremely supportive of mothers breastfeeding for at least a year, or even up to 2 years if that is what the child is wanting and/or needs. Some other countries do not have clean water supplies, and therefore mothers nurse longer because there’s no water fit for a child.

Screaming insults and rude comments does NOT make your argument stronger, people; it makes others slam the door on your argument! Most people I talk to are sick and tired of constant arguing and bickering. When it starts, they just shut down rather than listen to screaming insults or discuss the subject. Easyup is right to say this is a country where we encourage civil discourse, not screeching attacks on those who don’t agree with you.

What has happened to people to make them think for even a minute that they can throw a hissy-fit and scream others into submission? Some say it is too much “attachment parenting” where the child reigns supreme and what they say goes, and I mean NOW!

I don’t really know whether that is true or not, but I know that like Easyup, I want to be able to discuss subjects rationally, without being told how spoiled I am because I have clean water! Good grief, American ingenuity has created quite a number of good things, as has ingenuity of intelligent people all over the world. Many of us are deeply involved in projects to get clean water to people in other countries, as well. Why are you spending time insulting people rather than making a positive difference in the world?

Julie on

I’m 100% support breastfeeding up to around 1.5 to 2 years old babies, but not beyond that!

Shannon on

1. Animals and humans are different in many ways. For example, animals abandon, kill, or eat their young when they’re born with abnormalities.

2. America is very different from many parts of the world.

3. The issue is not breastfeeding. The issues are breastfeeding past a certain age in America (where this magazine is being sold) and the depiction of this phenomenon on a magazine cover.

Logic, people. Use it. And calm down and learn to accept differing opinions without resorting to cyber-yelling and insults. No one will take you seriously otherwise. Good day.

Kitty on

Since when telling the truth is an insult? Look at the mirror asshole..

Kelly Regina on

Hey everyone, please!!! This discussion isn’t necessary!
I think.. this mother – in Time’s cover – deserves respect.
If she wanna breastfeeding her boy, it’s her life… it’s her business!!
and everybody must respect her choice. It’s her right!
Don’t judge! Please! Every mother knows what is better to their children.
and nobody here is paying her bills ok?
Everybody deserves respect!! It doesn’t matter your culture, your country.

Anonymous on

I support extended breastfeeding, and was myself breastfed past “walking” and remember it, but that picture is just wrong…

maria on

I can’t help and wonder how her son is going to feel about this cover when he is 16yrs old. Talk about the jokes his friends will come up with.

patty d on

I think the time mag. picture is disgusting. Your child is old enough for a cup. you are just a disgusting pig. Breast feeding is fine to help your child but there is a time to stop. And you passed that time a long time ago. As for Mayim Bialik who is still breast feeding her 3 and a half year old child shame on you. Big Bang should take you off there show. you don’t deserve to be there. You are also a pig for doing this for such a long time. Your child is never going to grow up right. any one who thinks this is ok to do you are also screwed up.
toddles do not need to drink from a mothers breast. If you need to give your child breast milk then pump your breast and put you milk in a bottle like every normal mom does. I breast fed my child but i know at a point you stop and ween your child to a sippy cup. Grow up people toddlers do not need to drink from a breast to get healthy milk.

Faye Murphy on

Disgusting is the only word that comes to mind about the Time cover! Breastfeeding is for babies, not toddlers!!!!! As far as I’m concerned this is nothing more than pornography, plain and simple! That mother should be arrested and prosecuted!! As far as that goes, so should Time for even publishing such an explicit photo!

KD on

I agree w/ many who said breast feeding is a personal choice..but the way TIME magazine chose to support this was wrong on so many levels..I saw this mom on the Today show and she seemed somewhat intelligent..i’m surprised she allowed them to just pose her and the kid like that.

Ashley on

You GO Faye—I couldn’t be more with you. This is DISGUSTING…..I always thought breast feeding was for BABIES. And I mean, under a year old. TIME just wants the attention, for sure!!!!

emilyc on

Why do so many of you chose to ignore the science behind extended breastfeeding? There is so much information supporting it out there, that is easily accessible, but yet some still continue to spout such misinformed opinions. The ignorance on this board is truly disheartening.

Paula on

And a four year old is to old to suck on a pacifier?

Pat on

Agree with @Easyup. The Time is just trying to sell more magazines, Period!

MG on

if the argument is that a toddler is old enough for cup it can also be said that a baby is old enough for a bottle!

i love the TIME’s cover, reminded me of me and my boy. not sure if i would be comfortable showing the whole world our everyday routine, but then again why not? if we have naked pregnant ladies on the covers and many other silly stuff, why on earth would this natural and normal thing gross anybody, that is more ridiculous than the picture itself.

it is ridiculous to fight over such a private matter such as breastfeeding. it is exclusively between me and my child when WE are ready to give it up. i am not able to say that it was MY decision to stop breastfeeding my boy when he was 3 years and 3 months old but it was his spontaneous reaction to what we had talked about when it comes to breastfeeding. it took us longer, but it could have happened that he had refused my breast when he was 18 months or so…

personally, i think a good mother is the one who is able to sense what her child is going through and is ready to act in accordance. i can’t stand those moms who proudly announce that it took them only a few weeks to breastfeed, they don’t even give a chance to their kids to learn how to do it. or those who claim they have no milk anymore. my son took a few months to really learn how to suck and when i noticed my milk was not sufficient i fed him formula and still nursed him.

so, if i’m to listen to those mothers who brag about how cool it is to cut their babies milk, why on earth should we be so judgemental about the moms continuing with it as long as their KIDS need it? it coldbooded and self-centred. same as those deciding on getting a shot so they have no milk at all in order to preserve their breast shape!!!

Dina on

The picture is NOT maternal at all. Do you know pedophiles also include women who like boys?
It is gross and Time should be punished to publish this stupidity and obsene picture.

Jasmine on

Breast feeding is for babies NOT toddlers. Thats just nasty letting you your child which is a toddler suck on your nipple. You better buy a damn cup or some.

cc on

This cover is just disgusting and nasty. At this boys age I belive the mother is getting some type of satisfaction that is not normal.
I have a problem with women who breastfeed in public without hiding their breast because that is rude behavior. If you breastfeed what is wrong with covering yourself so the weirdos and sickos wont be staring. Why cant women pump the milk and carry it with them when they go out. They pump if they are returning to work or have business to take care of so why cant they pump to go out to lunch or just being out in public.

arroc on

HAHA everyone defends the right of free speech no matter how hateful the contents of that speech but you want to crucify mothers and their children because they choose to breastfeed longer than the “american” standard. The language on these posts is so violent and cruel. I applaud these moms and no matter what all of you “mom and children haters” say it won’t change the loving relationship they have. It won’t change the crappy ones you have with your children and your mothers either.

T on

Society as well as media has made the breast an object of sexual attraction. No doubt men and some women find them sexually appealing, but they are intended to feed your child. When a mother or child decides enough is enough concerning breastfeeding that is when it should stop. I applaud this woman for continuing to nurse her child. I have breastfed all three of my children and quit at different ages with all of them. It is not easy, your body is not your body, but you know your child is getting PERFECT nutrition from your breast milk. It’s a shame that people act as though she is doing something immoral when she is doing what her breast were intended to do.

silkwoodlit on

The most salient thing that comes up for me when I read so many of these posts is the ANGER. I can’t fathom why someone’s choice to BF a child past an age that is considered by so many to be inappropriate – and seems to be a moving target- one person said 3 months was disgusting, others say past the time one can have a memory of it, etc.

Yes, breasts are sexy and attractive, but that is their secondary function. Everyone likes breasts! I like how mine look in a tank top! But to consider breastfeeding (the breasts’ primary function) to be disgusting in public or after a certain age, and to make a leap of logic that brings one to a feeling of anger that children over the age of 1, or 2, or six months, or whatever, are STILL nursing, seems to reflect a sexual uptightness that has no place here. Not all breast exposure is created equal. I was not aroused when Steven Spielberg had nudity in Schindler’s List. It’s about context. Feeding a young child should literally be considered the most innocent thing on the planet, but so many of the posters here go THERE to a sexual place when they look at the photo or think of a walking, talking child being nourished in that way, while calling this woman sick, or remarking that women should cover up her breasts while nursing because “men look”.

I have three children. I nursed the first one for about 7 months (which I regret, but I was young and did not know better), and then the last two for 22 and 21 months, respectively. We should all just support each other as moms. We don’t all need to get there by the same path. There are many ways to raise good people. Let’s stop with the judgments, especially the ignorant ones that have no foundation.
This is already long, but I wanted to address a few things briefly that keep coming up on the thread:
1. The child misbehaving on television doesn’t mean her breastfeeding and parenting approach is a failure. For all you know the kid was woken up 3 hours earlier than usual and he was hungry or getting the flu. I have great kids I am proud to take out publicly but every now and them there’s a blip. Or worse.
2. It’s unfortunate that this kid will probably get teased because of this picture. But maybe we should look at the fact that we live in a culture that produces people who would shame this kid for being nursed past an ‘appropriate’ age. Nursing isn’t shameful. We need to assign derision where it belongs- perhaps her choice is wise because it will desensitive in a good way the stigma of public breastfeeding. I heard very few people say she was courageous. People get pilloried for doing things that shake up a paradigm. If people follow her lead, by the time this boy is older, no one will care. TIME could have presented it better but instead undermined what she may have been trying to accomplish.
3. To those non-American posters who like to slam all American mothers, that is bigotry. American mothers parent in all different ways (yes, skewed elements of American culture, unfortunately, have given too many women cause to think nurturing parenting behavior is damaging behavior, but there are many, many exceptions). Many moms have values I don’t share or approaches I would not use, but don’t generalize about a whole nation of women. I lived in France and appreciated the differences and found many different kinds of mothers there too. I think crappy parents can be found everywhere. Luckily, 99+% of moms love their children and want what’s best for them. Americans are an easy target. We’re not all capitalists with fangs. Many American moms feel the same way you do!
4. Why does the fact that a kid might later remember that she breastfed, or that he may be able to ask for breastmilk, give cause to shudder? It’s not a traumatic event, and children ask for all kinds of things! Are we supposed to automatically deny kids things they ask for? Weird. I will remember that next time my kids want food or help. If they want it, they shouldn’t get it, because it’s from a boob and they know how to say “boob”. OK. That’s pretty unreasonable.
5. I’m not a fan of the cover photo; it looks awkward. But I don’t think the mom looks defiant, as so many say. Her expression is rather serene. And the kid is not wearing military garb, for God’s sake. He’s wearing clothes from probably Old Navy. The whole sexual perversion angle is just appalling and anyone who goes there should be ashamed and maybe see a therapist if a little kid in camo nursing from a slender, attractive mom makes you go to such a dark ugly place.
6. I can’t count how many times I wished to God I could nurse freely in public. The Hooter-Hider I had helped me feel less self-conscious, but I wish we lived in a culture where moms don’t have to duck into a bathroom stall or force their child to cry until we can find a place to nurse that doesn’t make the misprioritizing masses uncomfortable or horny. If TIME had executed the cover better, it could have helped all moms who are breaking into nervous perspiration trying to nurse a child somewhere awkwardly.
7. Yes, yes, YES! It is weird to think human breast milk is gross for anyone over the age of 1, yet we drink the milk of another type of animal until we die and think that’s normal. Drinking cow’s milk is pretty off the wall, if you think about it. So backwards. Are we a bunch of calves? Why are we acculturated to gag at the idea of accidentally consuming breast milk but we guzzle cow stuff and say yum?

Marky is very smart and I like what she had to share in one of her comments. I fall in with her more balanced and pragmatic view. My children are very bright but my second has ADHD and had an allergy attack at the age of 4- breastfeeding is not a magical elixir of the gods, but it is the best thing out there for nourishing babies and for supplementing older diets, should that be the choice. As far as some sense of associated parenting style, I don’t think there truly is one, even if they want to call it attachment parenting, or whatever (I do some things Bialik does, but diverge). My youngest, who nursed long and often co-sleeps, is a little bit too clingy at times, but also wonderfully independent at other times, and all my children are generally well-behaved, but not always. They are children. For people to criticize and snipe because her preschooler acted in an unpredictable manner on television is ridiculous. I’d like to note, in harmony with Marky, that my husband was never breastfed but he is literally the best-brought-up human being I have ever met in terms of how he handles himself in the world. We all parent differently, and all of our approaches are mosaics. There are many types of well-brought-up people and there are many roads to get there.

Bottom line, at the end of this opus: we need to be supportive of parents who mean well. I agree with the posters who point out that too many parents physically and emotionally batter their children or don’t properly love them. Let’s not lash out at the parents who love their children the best way they feel they can.
PS. I think it’s amazing that a mother has the capacity of love to nurse an adopted child. I did not read this article or see any of her interviews, but on its face, I think it’s awful to criticize a woman who nurses a child who has no biological mother to do it for him. She is loving him truly like one of her own. No doubt she should have considered the repercussions of that photo, but I blame society for how that may affect him. She could have been (could be) part of the change our society needs, but TIME may have messed that up.

MarryN on

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