Nicole Kidman, Sunday and Faith’s Portrait Pose

05/11/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Harper’s BAZAAR

It’s a wrap!

After a day of shooting on location for the June/July cover of Australia’s Harper‘s BAZAAR, Nicole Kidman took a few extra moments to spend time with her two on set visitors: daughters Faith Margaret, 16 months, and Sunday Rose, .

The actress, who kept her youngest cuddled inside her black robe, originally intended to use the photographs in her own personal album. However, after a bit of convincing on the editor’s part, Kidman agreed to share the beauty behind the family photos.

“I think it’s okay because you can’t see their faces; they’re still protected,” she explains. “I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family.”

Kidman and husband Keith Urban, both 44, are spending time down under while he serves on the judges’ panel for the Australian version of The Voice.

Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

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Lau on

Gorgeous photos! I thought Nicole looked a little like Keri Russell in the first one.

marlowe on

awww!!! faith’s a redhead! how gorgeous

Sarah S. on

AMAZING photos!

avamarcel on

Beautiful picture, Beautiful family. 🙂

Steph on

She looks beautiful.

Whatever she was doing to her face, I’m glad she cut it out, and that whatever she did wasn’t permanent. She looks like herself again.

mary on

These are absolutely beautiful photos!

Stella Bella on

LOVE these photos!

Kim on

Why on earth would Tom leave her for Katie?
His loss.

Kim on

Beautiful woman all around.

Laurie on

What about her other daughter? She does have 3 of them!

MN on

Kim, they were divorced YEARS before he met Katie Holmes.

Susan on

My question is-doesn’t it look awfully cold to be holding a baby with no clothes on for a picture?

Mich on

What about her other daughter, is she not claiming her anymore because she isn’t married to Tom Cruse? Seems pathetic to me. She adopted her why decide to not claim her now?

heather on

guess her oldest daughter wasn’t invited…kinda sad

Jacks on

These photos really are beautiful … I love her hair in the first!

Midwest on

She is beyond beautiful…I think the photos are so touching….you can see the love she has for her daughters.

heather on

Weird how she NEVER talks bout her older kids. Just strange, I mean she has 2 other children for goodness sakes.

Kim on

She has two other children, has she forgotten them ?

DjaksMom on

Lovely photos, but still always find it sad that she has all but forgotten about the 2 children she adopted when she was married to Tom Cruise. Thankfully, he has not.

Stacey on

as heather stated – it is sad her oldest daughter was not invited. It seems she no longer is a parent to her bonus children with Tom…that she has electively chosen not to include her with her “new family” and that is very sad.

Jenna on

How do you people know that she has forgotten her older children? They are young adults and doing their own thing now. Not there for Mom’s every photo shoot. Grow up and stop speculating on people’s lives.

Anonymous on

What about the children she supposedly adopted with Tom Cruise? I’m sure it was an arrangment since he’s clearly gay, but wouldn’t you think she’d see them?

Raelena on

I no longer have respect for her, she is never with her two older children. It is as if she started a whole new life and left the old one behind, including her two older children.

Kim on

Dear Nicole – just in case you forgot, you have another daughter too. Not to mention a son. Look them up some time.

Amaryllis on

The older kids live in LA with their father and Nicole splits her time between Nashville and somewhere in Australia. The older ones are not with her all the time, hence, not necessarily around for photo shoots.

Anonymous on

To EVERYone who’s asking about her other ‘kids’…1.) they’re both adults now so what SHOULD she say about them? 2.) And even if she did speak about them, what about their privacy, especially now that they’re grown? She speaks about the smaller ones because they live with her, where the two older ones chose to stay with Cruise in LA after the divorce. Give her a break. She’s been dignified about respecting the privacy of her ‘first’ family and all the slander, as if she’s somehow FORGOTTEN them is ridiculous.

Julie on

Her adopted children choose to be with Tom over her. Two sides to every story in this case. Let’s not jump to conclusions that it is her forgetting about them as it could very well be the other way around !

Amanda on

Her older children are the ones that don’t have anything to do with her. They choose to live near their Dad and they’re also older and living their own lives now. She’s stated in interviews many times that she wishes she could spent more time with them and that she wanted them to live with her after the divorce but they chose not to.

Lauren on

I really feel bad for her daughter. Nicole is pictured all the time with the two kids she has with Keith Urban and you never see her with her other kids. Why on Earth did she let this happen? She’s the mother, if she wants a relationship with her kids she needs to make it happen. I just saw something about Isabella where she said that she refers to her not as mom but as Nicole. Real nice. She also said she sees her sometimes and talks to her sometimes. The whole situation is just sad.

Lisa on

When was the last time she was photographed with her 2 older kids? Conner and Isabella? She forget about them? It’s been years since they’ve been photographed with her and they have lived with Tom since the divorce…..

Julie on

But where is her other daughter Isabella? Should she not be in the pic as well? Or any pics for that matter. I never see her with her daughter Isabella’s in any pictures. Whats up with that!?

NL on

Come on, guys. Did you not read any of the interviews with Katie? Her adopted children do not call Nicole mom or want to see her. They call Katie mom and consider her their mother. I don’t know why – I don’t care. But if her two kids don’t want to recognize Nicole as their mom, she shouldn’t dwell on it. It was their choice according to various interviews.

Datch on

No one else finds it incredibly distressing that Nicole Kidman has two other children that are clearly not part of her life in any substantial way? When you adopt a child, he and/or she is YOUR CHILD, as much as any child that is born to you–you don’t just get to walk away and say “Oh, that was then this is now”. i find this portrayal…as if these are the only children that are hers…very offensive.

Marianne on

How do you know they choose not be with Nicole? I can’t imagine that a woman who has two children with her current husband certainly doesn’t want anything to do with her children with her previous husband. We have no idea what went on in their lives. Just enjoy the pictures she had taken with her two younger girls or don’t read anything about her again. I personally like her and think that maybe she chooses not to share the whole story, even Nicole is entitled to privacy about things!

DJ on

She HASN’t forgotten the other kids..they’re grown, so what exactly SHOULD she say about them? Out of respect for their privacy, especially now that they’re adults, she has been very dignified regarding her ‘first’ family. And THEY choose to stay with Cruise in LA after the divorce. She’s said numerous times she would’ve LOVED to have them with her but she didn’t want to force them to do or go anywhere they didn’t want to. And she only speaks about the two babies because they’re with her every day.

me on

She was on location for a photo shoot. It clearly states the pictures with the children weren’t planned. Why would her older daughter be there?
It amazes me how much pleasure people get out of thinking the worst of another person.

Susannah on

Perhaps the older daughter (who is an adult now) didn’t want to be in the shoot, or her schedule wouldn’t allow her to fly to Australia for it. Who knows? Unless you do know the intimate details of the family’s dynamics, quit criticizing. BTW, the older daughter’s name is Bella; if you’re going to include her in your rant, take the time to learn her name.

missy on

It is weird how she doesn’t seem to talk about her older children much, but I’ll reserve judgement until the rest of the article is released. Maybe she mentioned them in the interview. This photo shoot was done in Australia. Her older kids live in L.A. so they weren’t with her for the shoot.

Anonymous on

Does she spend as much time with her adopted kids with Tom Cruise?

Sunny on

I guess she forgot about her oldest daughter. Going from the adopted daughter of uber rich Tom and Nicole to living on skidrow must be hard.

Sammy on

“I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family.”

Whatever you say Nicole. I understand the other kids are older but the fact that she has these two children now and she never talks about her other kids unless they are brought up says a lot. I like her as an actress but as a mum (as she puts it) she doesn’t get high marks from me, Family please.

But i do like how when people like someone they make exceptions of what they do or say. Even when Keith talks about the family it’s only about their children together.
I’m not a Katie fan but she talks about the older kids as well her that little adult she birthed.

Anonymous on

gee nicole…looks like you forgot a daughter…your adopted one? i suppose they really are not part of your new and improved life

Tee on

Some of these comments are making me really angry. I don’t understand why people put Nicole Kidman down for doing what her older children have asked her to do… keep them out of the media! Bella and Connor have repeatedly said that they do not want their Mom doing interviews about them, so she doesn’t! I personally think that she is doing the right thing by respected their wishes. Sunday and Faith are both still very young. When they get old enough to voice their opinion, I’m sure Nicole will show respect for their desires as well!

Sammy on

“I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family.”

Whatever you say Nicole. I understand the other kids are older but the fact that she has these two children now and she never talks about her other kids unless they are brought up says a lot. I like her as an actress but as a mum (as she puts it) she doesn’t get high marks from me, Family please.

But i do like how when people like someone they make exceptions of what they do or say. Even when Keith talks about the family it’s only about their children together.
I’m not a Katie fan but she talks about the older kids as well her that little adult she birthed.

Cathy on

Where are her other 2 children – that she’s forgot about —-WOW!

Sue on

Lovely girls. I’ve always heard that it isn’t Nicole that has separated from her older children but it’s Tom that keeps them apart. The kids chose to live in LA with him and all that Scientology baloney.

TN on

I really like her, and I have to say these are the best pictures I have seen of her so far… keep protecting your little loves!

jjc on

Beautiful and very elegant. Kidman impresses with the integrity lacking by other celebs who use their children’s photos for publicity. Classy lady.

Jan on

Seriously, folks screaming “what about her two older kids” should get a life. They’re raised as Scientologists. She, being an ex scientologist, would be an outsider to them. Maybe instead of criticizing Kidman, you all should research Scientology.

Dreamer on

Nicole has said before that she wishes her two older children lived with her, but they choose to live with Tom. She has also said immediately after the divorce, the older kids lived with her for a couple of years. Then moved in with their father promising to spend time with Nicole, only for them to go to Scientology camp over the summer instead.

She has admitted she is heartbroken because they haven’t called her mom in years, but refer to Katie Holmes as mom. Nicole also says she talks to them all the time, but don’t see each other often.

Google it, she has given several interviews over their relationship.

Sissy on

How can any of you assume that you know what goes on in her family? You must havwe very small lives to attack a person of whom you have no personal knowledge whatsoever. Talk about gettin your daily viper dose! Jealous much?

kitty62862 on

Beautiful pictures.

As for her older kids, Scientology does not permit her to have a relationship with them, as she has left their church. That is the fact so many do not realize.

Sam on

Are people not reading all of the previous comments or just wanting to repeat the same sentiment about how Nicole Kidman has essentially abandoned or forgotten her two older children?

As has already been stated, she said that the children chose to live with Tom Cruise. My speculation is that they were convinced to cut off most ties with Nicole, but it’s just that – speculation.

hmmmmmmm on

really think about how controlling and freaky acting tom cruise is he had everyone sign confidentiality forms.Do you really think he would let her have those kids I doubt it and i think if katie were to split up with tom cruise it would be rocky.he has that type of personality you can tell.

showbizmom on

Beautiful photos. I’m guessing we’ll never actually know the real story, since none of us will be dinning at the Kidman-Urban or Cruise households anytime soon. So in the meantime we have this, in her daughters own words.

skg on

Who are you people asking about her older daughter? Why are the tabs so determined to cause a big stir on the subject, when they already know, the older kids prefer staying out of the spotlight. Also, Nicole has always been much more protective of the kids than Tom. Compare (almost) daily pics of Suri, to the very few we see of Faith and Sunday.

Leslee on

I agree that some people take too much pleasure in putting other people down.

Divorces can be very nasty indeed and it’s hard to say what happened and when, to assume she doesn’t care about her older children is out of bounds. Nobody speaks about the older kids much and there may be an agreement not to.

Nicole didn’t seem too interested in Scientology and the kids definitely seem to be a very strong part of it, it would make sense they are entrenched with their father.

Gwena on

Everything ws fine for Nicole Kidman with her kids until she married Keith Urban in 2007. She took pictures with them. Somewhere in 2007, they lost contact. Wow, maybe it was her Catholic wedding or she didn’t want to deal with his creepy church. It is one of their pratices to freeze parents out after a divorce, if they leave the church. Maybe, she doesn’t want her younger kids around that church.


From what i read about her kids with Tom Cruise, he made it really diffcult for her to have contact with their kids, which i think reflects . I cannot imagine how painful that would be. Also, they are now young adults, and may not want their personal lives discussed in magazines. She has always kept her children private. I respect that

C on

Not sure why everyone keeps asking why her other daughter wasn’t in the shoot, it clearly stated that she was there for another photo shoot, and her two youngest daughters happened to be with her and she decided to take some shots with them for her private family photos but then released them, there’s no conspiracy theory here, she wasn’t planning on doing a mother daughter photo shoot, and she obviously wasn’t trying to “leave anyone out” – her other children are older, living there own lives, her son is a DJ and spending time around the globe, her daughter I’m sure is active in her life but also a teenager whom I’m sure doesn’t come to every photo shoot with her mother anymore.
Stop being so judgemental people!

Sara on

So….. JJC, how in the world is her posing with her children for a Magazine not using her kids photos for publicity????

Just because their faces are not seen means nothing.

She has done a magazine cover with them & so she is not protecting them or being private like people claim.

cbaker on

ok people, lets hear some tom bashing ! from some things i have read, he (and his scientology weirdo stuff) have kept the two older ones from nicole.
looks to me like tom/katie always put suri first and push the two older ones away.
none of us know the true situation, so just wish the best to both families and all of the children.

Finn on

Spooky. Turns out they are all dead in the end.

Tonya on

Her other children don’t really speak with her because she left scientology. They called her Nicole for the longest. Isabella just did an interview stating that she now speaks to her when she sees her and sometimes calls her mom.

Chico on

I wish people would remember she has an older daughter, to which she seems to have no contact with… how sad is that?!?

Jen on

Her older daughter is 19. Its her choice and I am sure at 19 the last place she’d want to be is at a photo shoot with her famous mother. She has her own life. She has gone on the record to say that she does see her mother and has a relationship with her.

Cinder Lou on

Stunningly beautiful photos of Nicole and her daughters. And so much more classy than the current cover of Time Magazine.

guest on

For all the disparaging remarks about her “estrangement” from her adopted children who are nearly adults and I believe have always lived with former husband Tom Cruise, I’d rather judge not and just enjoy these beautiful pictures! Ms Kidman also had pictures made with her first family when they were very young, so lay off the negative comments, please!

guest on

I cannot believe some of these people on here! Everyone knows that Tom has kept the two older children away from Nicole. He has always been about control, he controls everyone in his life. I have watched interviews with Nicole Kidman and you can see the hurt she has that her children want nothing to do with her and you can tell she loves them as much as her children with Keith. AND if people would have taken the time to read the WHOLE article, it clearly states the two youngest children were not suppose to be part of the shot and that since their little faces were not shown in the pictures she related to the photography suggestions at using the photographs. Not once did she ever utter she loved her “two children” she stated“I think it’s okay because you can’t see their faces; they’re still protected,” she explains. “I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family.” So all of you bashers, who clearly are Team Tom, read the whole story before you say truly horrible things about a mother that has put through h*ll when she was with Tom and after. She is a remarkable woman.

Jeanine on

Wow a lot of hate on here for a women none of you know. Tom is always with Suri and you don’t see his other kids….they are older and most likely state side to attend school! She took photos with her children that were there with her……! And read the story people…she was doing a photo SHOOT alone, having her kids in it was never her intention! Grow up people! She is a stunning women and seems to a very good mother!

Ignorance is not Bliss on

Don’t some of you listen to her speak of her older children? She barely can contain her tears and she refuses to speak ill of their Scientology brain-washing lunatic father, Tom Cruise. There is no doubt a lot of unkind truth Nicole could reveal to the public, but to protect her older children, she controls what she says. This says an awful lot about what an amazing mother she is to all 4 of her children, especially the older 2 who could be hurt by such truths. Hang in there Nicole, the truth always comes out, and your children will come back to you.

Jude on

Why do people always have to be negative – can you people NOT READ they said she was on a shoot and had personal pics done – Her other daughter is an adult and does not live with mommy anymore – why would she be in the pics?

Jenn on

Tom must not spend any time w/ his 2 adopted children either, we never see them together. If we are judging a parent’s love by the amount of time we see the celebrity parent out and about with their children, then Isabella and Connor must not be loved or cared for at all.

Lana on

As an adoptive mother, I am offended by the comments that Nicole has somehow forgotten about or does not claim her two older children because they are adopted, because of divorce, or because she has new children with a new husband. When you make an adoption commitment, it is for life. You love them like your own, because they ARE your own. They are YOUR children just like you gave birth. You longed for them; they were no accident. If Nicole’s older children were present (visiting her on-set while Harper’s BAZAAR was there to shoot photos of only her), I am positive she would have included them in her private photos. If any of you actually believe she would have excluded them, you need to do some soul searching. Thank you Nicole and Harper’s BAZAAR for sharing these beautiful PRIVATE photos celebrating motherhood and family.

SusiQ on

It’s really wonderful to see all the comments from the perfect mothers out here just two days before Mother’s Day. Maybe all you who know EVERYTHING about Nicole’s life and how she interacts with her (grown) children should move out of her house; it’s gotta be getting crowded in there

Sunny on

My guess is she was too afraid to go after custody of her adopted kids because Scientology has a file on her. She chose her reputation in hollywood over her children.

twinhappy on


Montie on

I was just reading about the situation with her other kids on another site. The rumor is that those children aren’t allowed to associate with her because she’s no longer a Scientologist. Kind of like my gay friend who grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. When he came out, his parents quit talking to him because he’s shunned or whatever.

wunder on

I’m so glad there are some reasonable people commenting here, along with way too many people spouting off hateful incorrect assumptions.

She is respecting her older childrens wishes, what is so flippin’ hard to understand about that.

missy on

@Dreamer, It’s true that Nicole said that she would love for her older children to live with her,and Tom& Nicole have both said that they shared custody for a couple of years, but the rest of the things that you mentioned are all tabloid rumors. There are also rumors about her being a cold mother who abandoned her children. I’m not saying that I believe that. I’m just pointing out that there are tons of conflicting stories out there. Nobody really knows the truth except Tom, Nicole, Isabella, Connor, and their closest friends and families.

Kim on

Agree with jenna, just because the other children aren’t there doesn’t mean they aren’t part of her life. They’re a lot more independent with lives of their own, and not 3 1/2 and 16 months old! We don’t’ know everything about these people’s lives as much as people think we do or should!

Deborah on

The divorce was a long time ago. There was considerable speculation at the time that Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology pressured her into giving him primary custody when she chose to leave the church. The children are scientologist who were not necessarily given a balanced view of the situation when they were young (weren’t they both under 12?). For years they have refused to call her anything but Nicole. They do not seem to choose to spend time with her when she is in CA. She has often expressed her sadness that they do not spend much time with her. Perhaps that explains why they were not readily on hand for an impromptu photo shoots.

lee on

Where are her other beauitful adopted children ? I never hear her talk about them or see photos of them anymore.

bachelorvomit on

She gets lots of grief for not being with her 2 oldest. As freaky and controlling as Tom Cruise is, maybe she doesn’t get to. She didn’t buy into all the Scientology stuff and he may keep them from her. Who knows!

shrimperdan on

Again I am amazed that so many people think that they know the truth of other people’s life. I would hate to be their neighbor!!

ASA on

For all the haters saying she didn’t include her oldest daughter, re read the article. This was a photo shoot for Nicole, not for the family or of just the daughters. Her youngest babies and with their mom. The oldest, Isabella is over 18 and doesn’t go on location to photo shoots.

boohoobytch on

I love these pics for the photography itself

Jodie on

These pictures are totally creepy! Nicole is a beautiful woman but she looks like a witch in the top picture and it looks like her kid is smelling her butt in the bottom picture.

LLeigh on

When she divorced Tom, she chose not to live the scientology lifestyle. I believe the two kids were brought into it as tehy were adopted, and “aren’t allowed” to leave. I’ve heard several things about this.

I’m glad she and Keith were able to settle down together and make a normal family. I LOVE Keith Urban!


She has two other children, has she forgotten them ?
Just kidding..hehe just trying to piss everybody off again.

TJ on

What’s so gorgeous about these shots? You can’t even see her daughter’s faces?!

JP on

Everything I’ve read tells me that Tom Cruise and his lunatic Scientology kept Nicole from her children after their divorce. She’s not a bad mother forgetting them, it’s her control freak ex husband keeping them out of her life.

Julianna on

Since Isabella and Connor live in LA with Tom, Katie and Suri, they’re closer to them than to Nicole and her girls, who live in Nashville because of Keith’s career. That doesn’t mean they don’t love each other or aren’t in constant touch.
The second picture of Nicole, Sunday and Faith is beautiful.

jgkm6 on

i read an interview awhile back that stated the older kids lived with tom’s sister in a different house and she has bascically raised them. tom keeps them away from nicole as much as possible because she is not a sciencetilogist (sp??) and that he only brings them out for publicity pics when he needs too. and really their parenting of suri is very questionable also.

Anonymous on

For those people who are asking about the daughter she adopted with Tom Cruise, it has been well documented in the news that her two older children have chosen to live with Tom and Katie Holmes in LA. Don’t think she was excluded, she has made the choice to be in LA.

Mrs. Miller on

What about her other two children??? You never see her with them, on any photos, or mentioning them in interviews that she gives!! A very bad look to being a mother

Hector on

She has such beautiful children.

Shannon on

She has three daughters – and a son. smh

donna on

how does anybody know that Nicole doesnt see her kids with Tom Cruise?….maybe as someone else said, it is because they are grown with lives of their own and they choose to live their own lives and follow their own interests….nobody sees them in every pic with Katie and Suri but nobody ever complains about that do they?

AJ on

For those of you asking about her children with Tom Cruise… please do some research on Scientology. You will be surprised by what you find out.

Suzi on

For all the ignorants out there ” where are her other kids” “older kids not in photos”. This was shot in Sydney and was an after thought, while Nicole was shooting cover for Harper’s. Maybe she should have hired a private jet and sent the kids over to make all you ‘haters” out there happy. Give the woman a break. Are you so hell bent on making her a bad mother just because her older kids aren’t in the photos. Cudos to her for having enough respect to not show her little ones faces and keep some sort of privacy.
Find out all the fact before making ignorant comments!

Janice on

I do not understand why she isn’t wearing any pants? Having sexy pics taken with your kids doesn’t make sense to me.

Stella Bella on

I love their names- Sunday and Faith. Beautiful.

meghan on

Did 80 of you really need to say pretty much the same ignorant thing?

K on

How sad that she has forgotten her adopted daughter!!! PRetty pathetic in my opinion!!!

Kelly on

They are definitely beautiful pictures. I do wonder about her oldest daughter though that she adopted with Tom Cruise. She shouldn’t be left out.

JessicaB on

no pictures of the kids faces. who takes pictures like that? weird.

Anonymous on

These are lovely pictures. I am so happy for her & Keith. For those talking about her adopted children with Tom, aren’t they nearly adults now, doing their own thing? Perhaps she has similar photos from when they were young but she & Tom chose not to share them. Another idea? Tom Cruise is a narcissistic control freak who doesn’t allow much contact between Kim & their children. It does happen in divorce. Hope I’m wrong.

shalay on

Her older two children are young adults now. It’s very likely that they have requested not to be exposed to the media, and that Nicole is respecting their wishes. Just because we don’t see them photographed together or brought up in interviews, doesn’t mean Nicole has “forgotten” or “abandoned” them. As for the claims that they now call Katie Holmes mom and don’t have contact with Nicole, I have never read anything from a reputable source to support that theory.

I think it’s a somewhat difficult situation when parents divorce, re-marry, and have children with their new spouses. Not to mention, they live on opposite sides of the world. I’m sure Tom and Nicole both do the best they can when it comes to the well-being of Connor and Isabella. They both seem like responsible and well-behaved kids, so they obviously did something right.

Sunny on

Absolutely beautiful…..

Sunny on

@MN no, they weren’t divorced YEARS. As for her other children they aren’t with her in OZ right now- they are adults and don’t want MOM OR DAD commenting on their activities.

Michelle on

She has not forgotten her older kids. They still call her “mom”, that was a misquoted article, and she sees them several times a year. It would be more, but they live in LA and she does not.

They do not call Katie mom. And Tom and rarely mention them either. Why? Because they are adults and want to live normal lives.

Nicole did not abandon her kids and they did not abandon her. Tom has even repeatedly said she is a wonderful mother.

They have all moved on, why can’t you. Let it go!

ecl on

I think it’s pretty telling that Tom divorce Nicole just as her career took off. I think he couldn’t handle the fact that she was going to be a better actor than he.

Anonymous on

shalay- Actually, Katie herself said a few years back that, at the time, Bella and Connor called her mom. Whether that’s still true, though, is anyone’s guess. But you’re absolutely right that no reputable source has ever stated that Nicole doesn’t spend time with Bella and Connor, nor have Nicole, Tom, or even Katie or Keith, ever said that.

In fact, what they’ve said is just the opposite. Tom has talked about how he and Nicole share custody (obviously that no longer applies to Bella, since she’s a legal adult now) and Nicole has talked about the kids spending various holidays with her and Keith, how one of her favorite pictures if of Bella holding a then-newborn Sunday, that after Sunday was born she just wanted to be in the bubble of herself, that Bella helped Keith take care of Sunday while Nicole was at an event in Hollywood, and numerous other tidbits about how her older kids are involved in her life.

She has also said that they have asked that she not talk about them to the media (Tom has said that they’ve asked him to refrain from doing so as well, but that sometimes it’s hard for him).

Plus, now we have Bella on record saying this (from the US Weekly article that another poster linked to): “I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great,” she told Australia’s New Idea magazine (excerpted in the Daily Mail). “I see her sometimes and I speak to her.”

So that right there tells us several things, including:

– Bella and Connor are NOT forbidden by Scientology to have a relatioship with Nicole (since if they were, Bella wouldn’t be visiting her or talking to her!)
– Bella (and presumably Connor as well), DOES see and talk to her mom
– Bella (and again, presumably Connor as well) DOES call Nicole “mom”, not “Nicole” (and for the record, Nicole never said that the kids didn’t call her mom either, nor did any reputable sources. What happened was that an interviewer asked Nicole what the kids called her, she answered “mum”, and then added that sometimes they JOKINGLY call her Nicole. The key word being JOKINGLY.)

The article also, incidentally, mentions that Bella and Connor no longer live with EITHER Tom or Nicole. They live in their own house in LA.

Anonymous on

Also wanted to say that it always cracks me up when I see people remarking that we see Tom with Suri far more than we see him with Bella and Connor. Of course we do! I mean, come on, she’s only six years old! Naturally she’s going to be with her parents a lot more than her young adult siblings are!

Another thing that makes me laugh is when people complain about how Keith “never” talks about Bella and Connor either, but only about Sunday and Faith. Well guess what? Bella and Connor aren’t his children! Yes they ARE his stepchildren, but that considering they were older when they came into his life (Bella was in her early teens and Connor was about 12 or so, if memory serves), it’s very possible they aren’t that close, and that they don’t see him as a dad and he doesn’t see them as his kids.

Also, having and raising your own children from babyhood is A LOT different than helping raise your stepchildren starting when they were a preteen and a teenager. So give Keith a break!

And finally, about the pictures! I think they’re beautiful, and Faith looks like she’s a red-head! 🙂

Mel on

My cousins chose to live in Sydney with their father after a divorce while their mother lived in Queensland (in fact the daughter chose and the court then forced her brother to as well since they don’t like to seperate siblings). They are now adults and My Aunt has since remarried and has a 2nd family. She sees her to older children for birthdays, Christmas and special occasions because they are ADULTS and have their own lives. My Aunty has of pics of her 2nd family without her old children and lots of them toghether. My point is nobody knows that Nicole has forgotten her older kids or doesn’t love them or is a bad mother.

Debbie on

How darn anyone form an opinion of Nicole and her other 2 children from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise!!! We don’t know the full details, so no one should jump to any conclusion of their relationship. It seems like Tom is happy with his family and let Nicole be help with hers!!

sat on

Wow! what cognitive dissonance on this thread! Here’s some grist for the mill… a photo of Tom and Connor from 1 year ago:

Marky on

Michelle and Showbizmom, thank you for a reasonable post. I am surprised at the number of people who have posted such ridiculous posts claiming she abandoned her oder 2 children, and only cares about the 2 youngest. Good grief, were most of you posters 10 years old when Tom and Nicole separated, since you keep blaming her and don’t realize she couldn’t fight his cult. He suddenly left HER, ended up taking the kids,and with the support of the Scientology Cult, took the children. It was so sad; I remember her saying at the time that she was so heartbroken, she curled up in a ball and cried for weeks and her sister stayed with her. She had hoped the marriage could last. There were rumors she lost a baby just before or during the time of their break-up, as well.

She wanted the children, but good luck fighting the Scientologists! Bella and Conner live on their own in LA now and she now lives in Australia, and she is not a Scientologist; she is a Catholic, she and Keith got married in a Catholic Church, and she is quite private, as well. She isn’t one of those who has their children on the front page of everything, like Gwen Stefani, for instance. Nothing wrong with Gwen wanting her children in the news every day, but because Nicole doesn’t do that and keeps her life private, she gets criticized all the time. How sad!!

Chad on

Wow, 75% of all the comments were made by the same troll who still can’t get over the fact that Keith Urban got married. Sad little troll has nothing else to do.

Pics are lovely…the rest…I say “mind your own”

JMO on

I haven’t read all of these post but Nicole has not forgotten about her kids (read below)

“Though they’ve been rumored to have a strained relationship, 19-year-old Isabella Cruise says that she and her mom Nicole Kidman are on good terms.

“I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her,” Isabella tells Australia’s New Idea magazine. “We’re a very close family. I love all of our family.”

In 2010, Nicole, who is also mom to son Connor with her ex Tom Cruise as well as daughters Sunday and Faith with her husband Keith Urban, told Hello! of her older kids, “They live with Tom, which was their choice. I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

“When children are teenagers, they have a say in where they want to be. My daughter and son, their life is molded by the way I live. If I wasn’t willing to take on that responsibility, I shouldn’t have adopted them,” the Oscar-winner added. “Then it can be argued that you shouldn’t have gotten divorced, and that’s true, too, but sometimes you don’t have a decision in that. People fall out of love, they do.”

Try not to read into so much people!!!!!!!!!

Sarah K. on

What happened to reading comprehension and logic? She clearly says that this was NOT a planned photo shoot. So why would her 19 year old be there? Also, no credible source has ever said she abandoned them or Tom kept them away. She has indicated on several occasions that she still has a relationship with the older kids, but I guess that doesn’t fit into the “she abandoned her kids” theory, so it gets ignored.

Fact is that we may never know how often she sees her kids or why, but it’s none of our business.

Louise on

My, some of you people are so pathetic. Just enjoy the beautiful picture and quit speculating on Nicole’s life. You have no idea what goes on, or has gone on, in her life. It is PRIVATE. Her older children are quite grown and do not hang around with mommy and daddy. In the Cruise divorce, I would suspect there were some not so good things with Tom’s Scientology. Neither Nicole or Tom have spoken publicly, because their divorce was PRIVATE. Leave their personal lives alone and just enjoy their professional lives.

Lori on

We’re really suppose to believe that these photos were never meant to be seen publically? She always has publicity in mind. It’s looks cold. Why would she have a naked baby & barefoot toddler? Staged. And Nicole is filming another movie in Scotland and Keith is back in Sydney for the Voice. He works so hard to plan things so he spends very little time away from his family & she always manages to screw it up.

Terri on

Beautiful pictures! Just gorgeous!

MiB on

“I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her,” Substitute mom for dad and she/her for he/him and it could have been me talking about my dad. We don’t live in the same place and we haven’t for a very long time. My younger brother on the other hand did, consequentially there are a lot more photos of my brother and my dad. Does that mean that my dad abandoned me, forgot about me or stopped loving me? Uhm, no!

I also have a stepmother. I love her too, but I don’t call her mom. There are however occations where I will call her my mother when I don’t feel like calling her my stepmother or going into the inevitable explanation of I’m my father’s child from a previous marriage when all I want is to know where she went. It doesn’t bother me if people call her my mother. Does that mean that I have forgotten all about my mother? No. The thing is, the people who matter know who I am, they know my mother is my mother and that my stepmother is my stepmother. They know my father is my father and that my stepfather is my stepfather. My stepsister has the same name as I, so I will occationally correct people who think I am her, more for their sake than mine. I will also correct the people who think I’m my cousin (which is actually a surprising number of people).

My brother is from my fathers second marriage, but the only time you would hear me call him my half brother is when people ask why we don’t live together or when they wonder why my mother never mentions him. As far as I am concerned every single bit of him is my brother, so why would I call him my half brother?

Bella and Connor don’t live with their mother, that doesn’t mean they don’t see her, love her or talk to her. For all we know they might have gone through periods where they talked to her every single day.

It is so easy to make assumptions based on things you don’t know, and people love to imagine the worst, don’t they? I have had the fortune that people have usually made positive assumptions about me and my family, so I will extend that to the Cruises and Kidmans as well. The older children (who by the way were largely kept out of the limelight when Tom and Nicole where still married) want to stay out of the limelight unless it’s on their own merits. Let’s respect that. Tom and Nicole seem to.

Anyways, the pictures are realy beautiful!


Appears the only children that count are the biological ones? All a PR ploy for the Grace Kelly role

Kathrine on

Nicole’s other daughter is nineteen years old now, and lives with her boyfriend in Los Angeles. Of course she is not going to be on set with her mother. Get real.

Mary on




Niko on

I wish some people would get off Nicole’s back about his grown up kids already. You know nothing about what’s going on in her personal life. You don’t know what she’s like as a parent. You don’t know whether she sees them often or rarely. You just make your assumptions based on what you read and pic stills. Get off her back and get a life….

Polly on

Stunning! Beautiful Mother!

Linda on

When was the last time anyone saw pictures of Tom Cruise with the older two? Perhaps the two older ones have chosen not to be in the public eye and their parents choose to respect that.

Beth on

Nicole adores ALL of her children and DOES spend time with all of them. Some of you need to read more about Nic’s life before you make statements that are so untrue. Bella now lives with her boyfriend. Why would Bella have been in Australia when they were really there for Keith to be on the Voice and the pictures with the children were not PLANNED. Read up on Scientology you people and you might understand better what Nic has had to deal with. The things some of you have said will so hurtful to her. And yes, I have met her and she is wonderful.

PG on

Wow, you guys are clueless. Scientology has a “Disconnect” policy, look it up. Nicole never abandoned her older kids, they are kept from her because she is not a Scientologist. Ex-Scientologist and director Paul Haggis’ wife had to disconnect from her own parents on orders from the church, and he said they were sweet kind people who just happened to not be Scientologists.

Nicole was pushed out once Tom married Katie and she became their “real” Scientologist Mom. It’s not Nicole’s fault. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that must me, and the to hear people say that you don’t care about your own children is just adding insult to injury.

Anonymous on

Marky- Actually, it’s not just a rumor that Nicole lost a baby at the end of her marriage to Tom. She herself has said that she had a miscarriage at the end of their marriage (as well as an ectopic pregnancy near the beginning of it).

Anonymous on

Lori- Try reading the article. At the end it clearly states: “Kidman and husband Keith Urban, both 44, are spending time down under while he serves on the judges’ panel for the Australian version of The Voice.” So no, she is not in Scotland.

As for the photos, of course they’re staged. Most family photos are. And there’s nothing strange about a naked baby (and by the way, we don’t actually know that Faith is naked. She could easily have a diaper and/or bottoms on for all we know) or a barefoot preschooler. Most young children like to go barefoot, and most parents have photos of their babies in the buff.

Jamie J on

Read up on Scientology. Once you leave it, you are disconnected from your remaining family still involved. They are very strict and considering Mr. Cruise is as Scientologist as you get, I have no doubts he enforced this. Plus her children were old enough at the time that they could have been brainwashed by everyone believing Nicole to be bad because she left The Church of Scientology and could have chosen to deny contact themselves.

From interviews I’ve read where she talks about her older children, she seems pretty upset by their lack of involvement in her life.

Grace2 on

PG and Jamie J, exactly.

Some of you people are idiots. Scientology is a freakish cult. She is no longer a part of it, yet, her children still are, so they are not allowed to have a relationship with her (because it’s a cult and cults dictate with whom you can have contact…). It is certainly not her choice. How terrible for her to be alienated from her children and then to have half-wits judge her for being a bad mother.

Read up on Scientology, a religion created by a science fiction writer.

Doubter on

Beautiful photos…but remember, EVERYTHING in Nicole’s life is calculated. She’s wanting to play Grace Kelly so bad that she’s pimping out these children. She does not make one move without considering the ‘gain’ for her. It’s all about PR…and BS….

Ceri on

This is how paparazzi pictures used to look for the stars of the 50s and 60s: Respectful and taken beautifully. If only the paps were still like this.

Marky on

Doubter, I have never seen Nicole as calculating or wanting tons of PR so badly she would use her children to get it. She seems to be a real person who wants to just live her life, and is an excellent actress. She stood by Keith when he needed rehab, and she never walked away. I don’t see her as calculated at all, but as a woman who loves her family (ALL of it!), and has always guarded her privacy. She put up with a lot from Tom Cruise, and, in my opinion, still does, and she’s been a great wife to Keith Urban, living wherever he wants to and working around his schedule instead of being some sort of diva, so I think she deserves a bit of admiration, rather than insults from fans of the King of “pimping out his kid”, as well as using the press to his max advantage!

Dee on

I think it is terrible that people can write anything they want when they sign Anonymous. I’m sure a lot of these comments are from the same person. I’m sure Tom’ Katie, Keith and Nicole don’t read any of this. Don’t people know they are human and they have feelings just like everyone else, just leave them alone. They both have beautiful families, and both seem very happy.

Anonymous on

Scientology has a policy called “disconnection”. Nicole is not a Scientologist, more than likely what led to her divorce from Tom.
Nicole cannot speak about Scientology or against it, lest she never see her children again. Scientology is a cult, with several of it’s internet shills making doing their best to practice another tenet of their faith here, called “dead agenting”. My heart goes out to Nicole and all of the other mothers who have been separated from their children by this awful, criminal group.

Jac on

For all of you going on and on about her other kids – there are lots of articles that talk about the fact that they have chosen to live in the states. These pictures were taken in Australia, so of course the other two wouldn’t be in them – they’re in different countries!

Emily on

It’s well-documented that her “other daughter” is a mature teenager with her own life back home with her father and stepmother. Nicole herself has made it clear that it was Bella and Connor’s choice to live with Tom and Katie, because it was their home and what they knew. Nicole doesn’t like it, but has chosen to respect their choice and make the best of the situation, and still visits them and has them visit her.

I think it is a mature, balanced way to deal with the situation, and I admire Nicole (and Keith) for their ethic and their “groundedness” in their marriage and their children.

Beautiful photos.

Kim on

Wow so many judgemental people on here about Nicole not having Isabella and Connor in the pics…I’m pretty sure those kids chose to live with their wacko father and are so wrapped up in scientology that they don’t associate with their mum anymore. Nicole has in the past said they choose not to see her as much, they live a fair distance apart and they are adults now so can choose to do whatever they want. She said they choose to call her Nicole etc I’d would be feeling pretty sorry that they can so easily cast her off like that when she’s their ‘mum’.

Elizabeth on

Nicole and Keith have house in LA and they spend a lot of time there. I would bet that the older children visit when they’re there. Nicole is very private. No matter what all of you think,she will not disclose any of those visits to you, Tom divorced her and she lost her kids to Scientology.They chose to live in LA not Nashville.She would never forget them. She is their mother.Stop judging her in something you no nothing about.

Pat on

For those who make negative comments here, you don’t know their personal lives. Her older daughter is alreay 19, she is on her own now. Get over with it!

Anonymous on

i think its her x husband. but she is an adult she could change things . that tom cruz is a nut.

Im Jealous on

Now I am jealous, I need to move to Australia so I can watch their version of “The Voice”, maybe its better than watching Christina, take Christina out and put Keith in, please…

Mia on

Both look like mini-Keith’s – but Faith is a redhead like mom! 🙂

annacolleen on

Wow! I’d like to know how she lppks so good! I know she’s made up, but she looks so young! The pictures are ok, but I’d have liked to see their faces. I understand why she made the choice to not let them be shown though. Until they say yes, and can comprehend what that means for them, with 2 well known parents.

As for the comments about the other adult children, until you step into her shoes, and have an ex, who is into Scientology…well you have no idea what that would be like. Mr. Tom is not what we see in the movies, and what he lets his fans see is quite different than what he is in his private life. Katie Holmes is much younger than he is, and is easily swayed by what he wants. His first 2 wives were more his match, when it came to what he decided for the family, and let him know it. Son Conner received cars, nice ones for his 18th b-day, 1 from his dad, the other one was not from his mum. She’s more realistic. It may be a fun thing to get a gift like that, but how many people have to work for things like cars? It’s much easier to make the choice to live with a dad like that, but he should be making his own way in life. Most 18 year olds are chomping at the bit, to leave dad’s home and rules. Adult children who choose to live with dad know who butters their bread, for sure!

Holly on

You people are all crazy!
“I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great,” she told Australia’s New Idea magazine (excerpted in the Daily Mail). “I see her sometimes and I speak to her.”

Before moving to their own L.A. home, Isabella and her DJ brother lived with Cruise, 49, his wife of nearly six years Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri, 6. (Kidman and Cruise split in 2001 after 11 years together; she wed country singer Urban, 44, in 2006, and they split their time between Australia and Nashville.)

Nicole Kidman arrives at the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Nicole Kidman arrives at the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Credit: Denise Truscello/

PHOTOS: Suri Cruise’s fabulous life

“We’re a very close family. I love all of our family,” Isabella added.

“They live with Tom, which was their choice,” Kidman said sadly of Connor and Bella in a late 2010 interview. “I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

PHOTOS: Nicole’s sweet moments with Keith

Despite the distance between them, Kidman said she’s extremely proud of how Cruise has raised Isabella and Connor in her absence.

“They are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people,” she recently told the Associated Press. “So I’m not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have.”

Read more:

Yvonnie Ametin on

I don’t think any mother does not want to spend time with their children-no matter what age the children. Having children in your 40s is a testament to Nicole’s love for children. It’s not easy raising two little ones so close in age – even if you are a superstar. Life takes us in many directions. Children make major, life altering decisions everyday all over the world – At some point children make choices that parents need to respect, otherwise -the parent has no respect for the child.

Piccollo6e on

Wow you’d think you’d read the comments before yall regurgitate the exact same thing every other hater said. Honestly do you expect her to share her private life and most personal details with you, great friends/fans that you all are. I wouldn’t even tell you where I live.

Maureen Mann on

TO ALL THE NEGATIVE NANCY’S OUT THERE, wow! You woman should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Treat others as you wish to be treated. My goodness, you speak as if you live with these people. Why don’t you worry about your own lives, clearly you need to work on yourself if this is the way you feel to talk about others. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.

Tanya on

Ya this is great and all but I think she forgot about her other 2 children…your children should be your children “forever” biological or adopted…shouldn’t matter…and I dont like her stricktly for this reason…I find her to be disgusting…

Lee on

How can you be so mean? How in the world you know, what is the situation with her adopted children? Maybe she was not given a choice to be with her children when she divorced Tom Cruise??? Somehow I do not think she is a bad person here. You all are, who make a judgemet without any further knowledge!

meghan on

Tanya, do you have brain damage? Reading comprehension impairment? Because that’s the only conclusion I can reach for someone who makes a comment like yours when there are 50 before yours parroting the same thought and about 50 responding to those posts. Please grow a brain, then maybe you can visit another message board.

anonymous on

Listen, it was obvious from the time Tom and Nicole broke up that TOM put a barrier between the adopted kids….TOM has posed with just Suri and Katie….Good grief LEAVE HER ALONE – she always is a genuine soul and I think Nicole and Keith are a stunning couple and I could only wish for what they have.

ann on

Unfortunately, Nicoles’ older children are still members of the cult their father calls a religion.Glad Nicole got away

trish on

Her daughter Bella got in touch and told Nicole that she was missed a lot. Nicole is a busy mother and wife, she is also a busy actress. Teens are busy living their own lives, they are not forgotten at all. The nasty comments are amazing, why would any one comment of the ones who chose to stay with their dad? She was on location and had a visit from her young ones, the negative comments about Bella not being there make no sense.