Melissa Joan Hart: Baby’s Sex Will Be a Surprise

05/11/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
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Three’s company for Melissa Joan Hart, who is currently expecting her third baby with husband Mark Wilkerson.

But will it be pink or blue onesies this time around?

“We don’t want to know. We found out both other times, but this one we want [it to be] a surprise,” the Melissa & Joey star, 36, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower in New York City.

Hart admits that each pregnancy has been very different for her — and she’s not about to sugarcoat it.

โ€œThe first one I was shocked at how much I didnโ€™t like being pregnant and how uncomfortable I was,” she recalls. “The second time around I didnโ€™t even realize I was pregnant because I was so busy chasing a 1-year-old.”

But this time has been a whole new experience for Hart as she learns to juggle all her responsibilities, including sons Braydon Hart, 4, and Mason Walter, 6.

“Iโ€™ve had a lot of nausea and exhaustion so it’s been a little more difficult, especially when dealing with two kids running around the house,” she says. “So I’m still trying to figure it all out.”

One thing is certain though: she would like to have another natural birth if possible.

“[Mason’s birth] was completely medically intervened. I wanted my second one totally different, so I did a hypnobirthing class and managed to pop Brady out naturally. That’s the plan again, but we’ll see.”

As for what she and the family have planned for Mother’s Day, that’s a surprise too.

“I’m not really sure. My husband said that he would make anything I want to eat, so we will probably spend the day at home eating all day,” she shares, adding that her most recent cravings have been dill potato chips.

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Tee on

What a fun interview to read! I really admire Melissa for standing up for what her body is meant to do… give birth! She showed that birth does not necessarily have to be full of medical interventions and whatnot all. And how fun to keep the baby’s sex a surprise! I would love to see them with a daughter but their little boys are precious, so three sons would be cute!

gabs on

Tee… I think u just started something… Anyway I think she knows the sex but isn’t going to share.

Mina on

I really like this woman and her family! She is a breath of fresh air in the celeb world…so down to earth. Their family seems so normal. I hope they have a girl that is as cute as she is….and her husband is, and her boys are. They are a beautiful family. Cant wait to see the name too! I suggest for a girl Jesslynn or Jessalyn…my favorite girls name. Or Caroline. For a boy, I can see Nathan fitting in good.

Tee on

Dang, I didn’t mean to start anything. What did I start?

Steph on

I just had my 3rd baby and we also found out the genders of the first two. The third was such a great surprise! Not knowing until the baby came out was just so exciting, for us. It was great to plan for the first two, but not planning works just as well, I found out! Sorry that she’s had a rough pregnancy- its not easy with 2 other kids!

Amanda on

Love her and her adorable family. I think she’s having a girl.


I just love it when people say they’re going to keep the sex of their baby a secret. Hello! It’s not a secret … it’s a boy or a girl. No surprise, really!

BlueSkidoo on

It can be a huge surprise to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I don’t know how anyone can say otherwise. We didn’t find out with any of ours, and we were surprised with all three.

Marcia on

My sister has had three pregnancies…first two, she had both boys two years apart, then four years later came along a girl. So hopefully Melissa will have a girl. We’ll see….

shalay on

@LAURA Melissa didn’t say she was keeping the baby’s sex a secret, she said they weren’t going to find out. And not knowing whether the baby is a boy or a girl until the moment of delivery is a HUGE surprise! I hope to do that for my first baby.

JessicaB on

what happened to her eyes? is that the photo, or does she have an issue with her right eye? wondered what ever became of her.

jess on

i dont believe in that if you carry this way or if the heartbeat is that then its gonna be this…a baby decides what its gonna be from conception. my first 2 were boys carried them different heartbeats were different my last was a girl i carried her and heartbeat was the same as second son…i never wondered what was i having cause no matter what they were mine…they both are equal to me..i was blessed to have 3 i didnt say i hope for this or that…just holding my babies in the end i looked at them the same.boy or girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

gabs- Considering the fact that they found out with Brady but didn’t tell the public what he was until he was born, I doubt it. If they knew and didn’t want to reveal until the birth, I think she would have just said that they knew the gender but weren’t sharing, like she did with Brady. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, she mentioned she’s had a lot of morning sickness with this pregnancy and it doesn’t sound like she did with the other two. Hmmm….A baby girl on the way, perhaps? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Karen F. on

We have four kids, three that were born before ultrasounds who tell you what sex. I knew my first one was a girl, the second a boy. We thought for sure that our third was a girl ,but he was another boy. By the time we had the fourth, they had ultrasounds that showed he was a boy. When my daughter had her first, they though from week 17-30 that they were having a boy because the doctor thought it was a boy. But at 30 weeks after a baby boy baby shower, they found out they were having a girl.

Shannon on


Ava on

Jessica, it looks to be a lazy eye. Her eyes have always been kinda off…souless, if you will. Particularly after the Farrah Fawcett remark.

I think she’ll have another boy and name him something like Jackson.

Anonymous on

Karen F.- Situations like your daughter’s is why, when I’m invited to a baby shower, I always buy gender neutral gifts, even if the parents know (or think they know! ;)) what the baby is going to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Also, I never understand how doctors (or ultrasound techs) can mistake a baby girl for a baby boy on an ultrasound. I can understand mistaking a boy for a girl, since the penis could be hidden behind the umbilical cord or something. But how can a doctor (or ultrasound tech), mistake female gentials for male ones one? That just seems impossible to me!

Shannon on


The difference between genitals on a male vs. female fetus can be small. Genitalia on some females can be relatively large; genitalia on some males can be relatively small. Think in terms of the size of a fetus. A few centimeters here or there can confuse things.

Anonymous on

Shannon- You’ve got an excellent point! ๐Ÿ™‚

Melissa on

I have a huge feeling she is having a girl. I admire her that she doesn’t want to know and doesn’t find out till the baby is born. I couldn’t do it. I am pregnant with my third right now and had to know with all three. I am a big planner and I don’t like all the yellow and greens so I wanted to know. I have 2 boys and finally am getting my baby girl.

Kimberly on

Shannon you are correct techs make mistakes all the time more than people think so just because they say a boy or girl I wouldn’t run out and buy all pink or blue clothing, keep the tags on!! With my second son they said girl on two ultrasounds and then finally the third one they said it’s a boy!! We never purchased anything gender specific until our babies arrived. I feel its’ better to be surprised!! That is my advice if I had to do it over I would be surprised. Most people want these days seem to want to know what the sex is….only amniocentisis is 100%.

Kimberly on

Definitely a girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kimberly on

I think she is having a girl, congrats!!