Hilary Duff: Labor with Luca Was ‘Very Easy’

05/11/2012 at 08:00 AM ET

Hilary Duff will be spending Mother’s Day with her 7-week-old son, Luca Cruz — and the first-time mom certainly has a lot to celebrate.

“I feel weird, because it seems like I’m bragging, but he sleeps from like 11 to six. It is possible, ladies,” Duff, 24, told Ellen DeGeneres and an audience filled with expectant mothers on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday. “It didn’t happen right away, but the past three weeks, he’s an 11 to 6er.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Calling motherhood an “amazing ride,” Duff reveals she had a relatively painless delivery, despite being four days past her due date.

“It was very easy,” she shares. “I went into labor at about one in the morning and I very calmly had my bags packed and woke my husband up after about three hours of walking up and down my hallway. Then I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to go, let’s go now.’ We got in the car and drove to the hospital and that was it.”

Duff’s family — her momΒ Susan and her sister Haylie — arrived at the hospital the following day and the waiting game for baby boy was on!

“We wait all day and everyone is hungry. We’re southern and from Texas and my mom and sister actually went down to the commissary to the food court area,” she says.

But while the soon-to-be grandmother and aunt were busy stocking up on snacks, Duff’s doctor alerted her that the time to push had finally arrived. “I’m like, ‘Now? Like now it’s time to go?’ I’m like, ‘Call my mom, call my sister,'” she recalls.

“Things start rolling and all of the sudden the doors bust open and my sister and my mom come flying in and they’re like, ‘We got barbeque chips and root beer, guys!’ I’m like, ‘What? I’m pushing.'”

Duff says the biggest surprise about motherhood is watching the evolution of Luca’s facial expressions.

“Every single day, it seems like there’s a new face that they’re making,” she tells DeGeneres, as a picture of Luca at 3 weeks old flashed on the screen behind her. “He started to smile about a week ago, and that’s the coolest experience. It’s all good.”

“What is to come is such an amazing journey, and a lot of work,” Duff explains to the moms-to-be. “It’s just like the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”

— Liz Raftery

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Jordana on

I love Hilary Duff. She seems like just the most down-to-earth celebrity out there…and her son is adorable.

Synclaire on

She shouldn’t get used to the sleeping 7 hr thing it could change very quickly.

robin copeland on

Hillary seems like such a down to earth sweet young lady and she seems to truly cherish her family which is so nice to see! and just a side note, my daughter had the same sleep schedule as her son, after the 1st few weeks she settled into an 1030-11 pm bedtime and slept until around 830, and she kept that up til she was around 6-7 months old!

shana on

she is amazing. she was my role model and now she is a mom. Luca is lucky to have a mom like hers.

Kar on

My daughter did that at one month too, she slept for 9-4:30. It was bliss! Ever since, she has been an excellent sleeper. But as I was told many times, you won’t be as lucky with the next one!

ericalee on

Hey Hilary – google 4 month sleep regression. ENJOY!

Rachel on

Congratulations Hilary! It only gets better!

ericalee on

Hey Hilary –
Google 4 month sleep regression. ENJOY!

swack on

You’re one of the lucky ones! My daughters also starting sleeping through the night (at least 8 hours) at 3 months. Some are not so lucky – my oldest has children who had bad acid reflux and they didn’t sleep through the night until a year old! Good luck!!

Catca on

My son did the same thing with sleeping about the same time, 11 to 6, and that was even with breastfeeding so yes it is possible and at least in our case, it didn’t change. He was and still is a good sleeper. Some babies are like that and we moms are lucky when our babies are good sleepers. Having said that, my son is challenging in other ways as I’m sure Luca will prove to be as he gets older. But the challenges are just as much fun, if not more fun, than the easy stuff. πŸ™‚

MM on

Ugh, I hate when celebrity mothers act as if motherhood is a breeze. Moms feel inadequate enough without having to hear about babies who slept through the night at 4 weeks and labors that are “very easy”. Neither is normal. Motherhood is HARD, and that is okay to admit!!

Pamela on

I had easy deliveries and my first child slept through the night almost right away as well. It’s a little scary admitting it because everyone expects the horror stories!

Prille on

It is possible. Both my girls were sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. Just in time for me to return back to work. I had a rule that I would not let them fall asleep during feedings that way they wouldn’t associate nursing with sleeping and they weren’t dependent on me nursing them to sleep and that worked wonders and I didn’t feel so exhausted from nursing all the time. It also helped with weaning they were the ones who decided when it was time which was right about 13-14 months becuase they were eating more solids and not wanting to nurse so much then I dried up naturally and they are both happy healthy girls!

Kmo on

Yeah…my baby slept from 11 until 7am when she was 7 weeks old! I did a bit of bragging, but soon ate my works. My now 6-month old daughter gets up 3 to 4 times a night, including a party in her crib at 4am. Hope Hillary enjoys the next few weeks of baby respite!

Another delusional celebrity on

Ha! We’ll see, we’ll see! It’s very early days yet. And I expect nothing more from a celebrity than to bleat on about a painless labour, no doubt without any drugs. And what, breastfeeding is a cinch too?? Is she mates with Giselle Bundchen by any chance?? Mirandah Kerr summed it up perfectly – and probably the only celebrity I can recall actually saying anything close to the truth… I WISH people told me the truth before going into labour instead of BS like this, the reality is it feels like you’re being shot in the stomach by a machine gun in slow motion…

msbella on

My daughter had a schedule also similar, and she stayed on that till about 20 months, now she fights when its time to go to sleep..She seems so the girl next door..even tho, she started young in Hollywood, but still maintained her class and poise as she grew up.wish her luck with motherhood.

crystal on

I’m 25 and have one child — a 2-year-old girl. She has always been like that. Ever since she was 2 or 3 weeks old, she would literally sleep ALL night long. She still sleeps like that. It was very easy with her (at night, that is). She wakes up in the middle of the night very rarely, so when she does it always throws me off a little bit since I’m not used to it. I’m afraid that my next child will give me h#ll! Terrible twos she’s going through – it’s almost enough to make me not even want a second child.

RR on

Dear Another delusional celebrity and Synclaire,

Quit being Debbie Downers – seriously!

BetC on

You can’t have it all – easy pregnancy, easy labor and childbirth, easy baby, easy toddler, easy child, easy teenager, etc.

What would you pick?

Sounds like this girl loves to brag. She should be humbled, there are many people that have children that are born with medical problems, for example, and if she plans to be in the public eye for long, she needs to realize that she has a very broad audience. She is very very fortunate and she should downplay things that are going easily for her.

It isn’t cute to brag.

Does she have a PR person? She needs one.

liz on

Yes and she shouldn’t say “it’s possible, ladies” — that is not the case with every baby.

cheesehead4ever on

He might keep on sleeping like that. My oldest was sleeping 8 hours at a time by 10 weeks. She has been a fantastic sleeper ever since (even through storms). Of course now that she is 11 it’s hard to get her up!
My younger one waited until 5 months though to sleep 8 hours. But I think she had a higher metabolism because she ate more often than my oldest.

bh on

Just once I would love to hear a story about a 3 day excruciating labor without drugs. Guess that only happens to me.

Traci on

Ahhhhh Sinclaire. Luca could continue to sleep 7 hours or maybe even more.

I have twins and they slept 14 to 16 hours straight all the time at 3 weeks. They were the best babies. It was like I didn’t have any children that’s how well they slept so don’t go assuming Hilary’s little boy’s sleeping patterns will change.


KO on

Good for her that’s awesome! Wish her nothing but the best! πŸ™‚

thatsright on

I think if we dispelled the myth that labor was painful, we would have less painful labors and less bashing. loved labor, would do it again in a heartbeat if I could, I didn’t believe it would be painful and guess what it wasn’t. Check out hypnobirthing. Your body is made to do it, research it.
as for sleeping through the night, what is with the obssession? babies are not meant to sleep through the night, they are meant to sleep round the clock and eat round the clock.

kitty62862 on

MM- If someone else’s experiences make one feel inadequate, there are issues to address. Yikes!

Newsflash: A baby’s sleep pattern in neither a positive nor a negative reflection on mothering skills.

It is nature, pure and simple.

If you can listen to sweet Hilary Duff Comrie, and feel inadequate, get help, sincerely.

TM on

My dd starting sleeping through the night at eight weeks, and the rest is history. She loves her sleep! I hope the same happens with little Luca. He’s beautiful!

kitty62862 on

Also, length and difficulty of labor are natural. I had it extremely rough. When I hear someone had it easy. I think “lucky you!”

People have such issues today.

Allie on

@ MM Some mothers DO have easy deliveries and babies that sleep well from an early age. My delivery was a breeze even with a 10 lb+ baby and she slept through the night from 9 weeks with no regression. Why should I (or a “celebrity”)pretend otherwise because not everyone has the same experience? She is not saying the rest of her job being a parent will be without effort but, so far things have gone well. My transition to being a mother was seamless but that doesn’t mean I can’t empathise with someone who struggles. Try being a little more open minded.

mallory on

my first was up every 2 hours,. my second came home wanting to sleep 12 hours straight,. i had to FORCE him to wake up every 6 hours bc i was scared he wasnt getting enought. and he’s almost 2 now and STILL sleeps 12 hours through the night. but i would say she prolly wont get lucky with the 2nd one πŸ˜‰

Kendal on

I was blessed with my first daughter, the day I brought her home from the hospital she slept 12 hours straight every night, she is still a good sleeper all these years later. My second daughter started sleeping thru the night (9 hours) at 3 weeks and both were breastfeed.

amanda on

bitter and jealous. not everyone has the same labor & delivery

Miche on

She should be allowed to tell her story like it is without people judging her. If it was an easy labor and her baby sleeps, why should she lie to make other people feel better?
My first slept through the night at 6 weeks and my second at 2 weeks old. And breastfeeding was easy for me too. Doesn’t mean other parts of motherhood aren’t hard. We all have our own experiences and stories. My deliveries were awful. Both my sisters delivered within hours of going into labor with minimal pain but neither baby would breastfeed.
I’m glad she’s having a good time now. And I hope her baby continues to sleep well. He’s adorable.

kitty62862 on

BH – I had 36 hours labor without medication, and I had to have the drip because the contractions were not going all the way around.

Excruciating? I had one child. ‘Nuff said.

On another note, why do people take things personally? So freaking what if things were easy. She was asked, she answered. Not everyone has it easy. And…? If you aren’t old enough to remember, Cher had it so difficult that she stopped after her second child. She specifically said her body did not handle pregnancy well. She loved children and wanted more.

Any other mother’s experiences are NOT a measuring stick. Why do some women do that to themselves??????

Bethany on

My daughter started to sleep real well at 10 weeks and she slept from 730/800 pm until roughly 600 am; but sometimes at late as 8 am. It was incredible. She did that until she was 10 months old. Then, I made a mistake and took her with me on vacation and her schedule got a little weird. But, I guess I must have been lucky? I did everything certifiably organic, if that matters, which I am sure it does.

Danni on

I don’t know why people are all up on her case. I know people…non-celebrities, you know…who had easy pregnancies, easy labor, and easy children. It IS possible. You can’t blame her for being happy and wanting to share her experience. Maybe a lot of people out there will be jealous, but I don’t think she was trying to be rude about it. She’s a new mom, of course she wants to brag about everything going on in her kids life. My aunt bragged about every little thing her daughter did, even if it was perfectly normal, acted like the child was a genius and could be sent to Harvard any day now (not literally, but you get the picture) and it was cute. She wasn’t TRYING to act superior she was just excited and it was infectious. I personally think it’s very nice. Everyone has a different experience with things and people shouldn’t act like she’s the most terrible person on the planet for being a normal young woman. I for one love Hilary and adore hearing about her experiences as a new mother.

James on

my babies did the same…until i told someone how good of a sleeper they were, then it was nightmare city! lol. anyone i knew going into a first delivery somewhat skeptical i always tell them/remind them, that there is nothing else that will put you in that much pain where you get an immediate reward afterwards, i could have ten more babies just to experience the whole labour process; i LOVE the excitement and anticipation of labour and meeting little one πŸ™‚ (p.s i’m 28 with 3 kiddaroos-love them to death, but you will never hear me say its easy, lol)

Amanda S on

How is she not waking up with extreme engorgement??? I could never go longer than 4 hours without nursing/pumping in the newborn stages without waking up to boulders for boobs. I’m not sure her supply will last long if she’s going 7+ hours without nursing a newborn.

Liz on

If she didn’t know it was time to push, she obviously got a big fat epidural. No wonder it was “easy.”

Regardless, good job on doing it the natural way, Hilary, and not resorting to a C-Section like the 99% of other Hollywood mothers.

Julesy on

I am very happy for Hillary and Mike. They seem like they will be great parents. I was lucky as well since my son starting sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, starting at 9PM until around 7AM. He was famished when he woke up, though!

Me on

This woman can’t win with some of you! People whined when she left the house to exercise after giving birth. Now people are whining and being negative that she shouldn’t get use to her son sleeping. If she would’ve said that he NEVER sleeps…people would whine that she’s being mean or attack her personally. Another person whined that she hates when celeb moms act like motherhood is a breeze. Are these moms really suppose to go on tv and air all the negative aspects of motherhood??? First, no one wants to hear that. Second, she would get attacked ever more. Third, maybe these kids are THAT good(even without the help of nannies)…there are good kids out there. This woman just cannot win with some people

james on

i think she’s a nice girl too. young moms get harped on regardless….if she talked about how hard motherhood is and how painful her labour was, how fussy her baby turned out to be; judgy bitters would be saying how naive she is, how stupid she is for thinking it would be roses, how ungrateful she is for complaining about her new bay…opinions are irrelevant and inevitable as mom no matter who you are, you really can’t win. poor girl she seems very happy and good for her for always being so positive.

NoAdditives on

All babies are different. My first slept from midnight to about 7am at 6-7 weeks. By about 10 weeks she was sleeping close to 12 hours. She never regressed. My second didn’t sleep through the night until he was 10 months old. At first he was growing so fast that he had to eat every two hours. Then his body got used to that schedule and he just couldn’t sleep longer than a few hours at a time. My third is four months old and still wakes up once or twice a night to eat.

My deliveries were all different as well. I was induced with my first and had a three hour labor. I got an epidural with my second and labor was 18 hours. I had no pain medication with my third and was in labor for five hours. Only #2 was difficult because of the epidural.

Michelle on

I was never a big fan of Hilary, but it’s great to see how excited she is about motherhood. Her baby is possibly the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life! Congrats to her and her husband for such a beautiful baby boy.

Amanda on

I’m always amazed by the angry, bitter women on this page. Some women have easy labors & some don’t. Having an easy labor doesn’t make you a liar and having a hard labor doesn’t make you a bad mom. Why everyone takes things celebrities say so personally on here is beyond me… maybe deeper personal issues going on??

New mama on

I am a new mother as well (my son being born Feb 16). My pregnancy was EASY (no morning sickness, no complications whatsoever) but man, delivering my son was a totally different story. I got an epidural (which ending up not working at all) so I felt everything, and I mean everything. Sorry to discourage some but it felt like everything ripped from front to back and I didn’t even tear a single bit! Maybe my body just wasn’t made for childbirth haha. And for the last month or two, my son has been sleeping from 930-6 every night, so it almost makes up for the terrible delivery. I’m sticking with one child though, I do not want to relive that birthing experience again!

Allison on

I never understand why people are so offended by celebrities who paint a rosy picture of their lives. Should they lie about how great things are going to make some bitter Betty’s feel adequate? I don’t get it.

KO on

You negative “commenters” need to get your panties out of bunch and give the girl a break! I’m sure every labor is different and non-celebrities have easy labor, as well. I wouldn’t know personally as I am pregnant with my first child now! Stop hating!

Mary on

Aw come on BetC! Give the girl a break. So it was easy for her. So what? I had 3 babies – ALL good babies, all slept through the night at 4 weeks. Hellions as teenagers so it all evens out. Ha ha.

BRod on

She’s a neat person (not like a typical celebrities), and I’m so happy for her! Reading these stories really gets me excited about my own (hopefully) pregnancy. Testing soon! πŸ™‚

Liar on

As much as I have always respected Hilary Duff and not said 1 bad thing about her, she’s a bloody liar. You’re telling me that you went into labour at 1 in the morning and delivered waaaaaayyyyyyyy later and it was easy. Just wondering, no drugs and you didn’t feel any pain? Sorry, but some people (Giselle Bundchen-something or other too) have their first child and say they didn’t feel anything but don’t admit to using pain medication CUZ YOU WOULD FEEL SOMETHING IF YOU DIDN’T. I don’t care who you are. Sorry, not fooling me! Just admit you’re like everyone else and stop this non-sense.

annie on

Why can’t mother hear the stories of other mothers without getting defensive? She’s not saying that she’s a better mother or that other mother’s who don’t have the same experience are bad, she’s just telling her experience. Can’t we encourage each other without feeling that we’re being criticized? Have a little confidence in your mothering. And, if you don’t find out why and change it. Don’t blame others who do have that confidence.

Meghan on

i can see why some think it’s coming across like she’s bragging, but she was asked the question and answered. she’s a human just like every other mother out there and we all love to talk about our kids. she obviously had a great labor and delivery experience and enjoys talking about it when asked, i think that’s pretty normal.

have a great mothers day Hilary and all the other moms reading this!!

val on

My first baby slept through the night at 6 weeks old… we were not that lucky with the second one!

Kimberly on

Why is it that some mothers always want to focus on their horror stories? Everyone’s pregnancy is different, everyone’s labor is different, and everyone’s kids are different. If your experience sucked, sorry for you, but don’t bash someone else for being happy.

Glad she is ENJOYING motherhood and focusing on the positive. πŸ™‚


yeah my slept really good at the beginning too. Then at 3 months she stopped sleeping. 9 years later I’m still awake

G on

Look people, she has the money for all the help in the world, of course motherhood is easy for her. Try doing working full time with min. help then see how you feel Hil. These celebrities make the average mom sick

marie on

i can’t believe some of these comments!! just because YOU had a rough delivery or pregnancy, or your baby doesn’t or didn’t sleep through the night does not mean it is not possible… EVERYONE & EVERY BABY is DIFFERENT. I have 2 girls… first one ~ epidural, labor 7 hours total, pushed 1.5 hours, felt nothing. slept all night (10pm-9am)at 3 weeks and still does at 3 years old. breastfed til 12 months. second ~ epidural, labor 3 hours total, pushed 5 minutes, felt lots of pressure, no pain. slept at most 4 hours at a time, fed her and she went right back to sleep. finally slept all night starting at 12 months. breastfed 3 months (supply just went away). i feel i got pretty lucky with both, but like i said no person or baby is alike. Hillary is just like any other new mom, excited to share EVERYTHING, good or “bad” about her new baby…she just happens to be famous ~ leave her alone! πŸ™‚

Me on

Some of you people have issues. Just because she had an easy labor and delivery and a child who sleeps does not make her a liar. My pregnancy was easy, my labor and delivery were easy, my baby was an awesome sleeper and nurser, he was an easy toddler, and now he’s starting middle school and he’s still easy going. Every child is different. Some of you need to get over yourselves.

Kimberly on

@Liar – why is she lying? I went into labor at 11PM and my son was born at 7:27PM the next day. No drugs (didn’t even ask for them), no drama. Did it hurt, yes. Was it bearable, yes. Get over yourself. YOUR experience is not HER experience.

LizzyM on

My kids both slept through the night by 8 weeks, and they never looked back, no regressions. It is possible! Enjoy, Hilary!

Benilde on

Of course when you have an epidural there is almost no pain and this makes for an easier delivery. Maybe Hilary should have clarified that because otherwise normally the pain is pretty intense and no Dr. will have to tell first you when to push.

Karen on

@ericalee: Both of my kids slept through the night by 10 weeks. No “4 month regression” here!

stacey on

Love her!!!!!!

guest on

I thought you are supposed to feed a baby in regular intervalls, sleeping that long isn’t great at all.

grace on

Wow, if my kids slept like that I would’ve had 5, my kids were up every hour at night for breastfeeding for at least the first 3 months and I now know that that is the reason why I didn’t have enough milk because I was sleep deprived…even now that they are over 7 and 3 they still don’t sleep past 6 or 7 a.m. weekday or weekend…anyways enough about me, enjoy!!!

Just me on

My daughter also was one of those early sleep through the night, 730-7.. however she did also start waking up when she started teething… Every baby is different regardless celebrity or not! Still think her baby’s name is adorable!!

stepinsidemyheart on

Bethany–No, it doesn’t matter that you did everything “certifiably organic”…I mean, that’s great for you but it’s not the reason your baby slept through the night.

TracyTracy on

MM – you sound jealous and bitter. Good for Hilary that her delivery was easy and that her son is sleeping through the night. Why is her happiness and success making you feel inadequate? You should consider some serious introspection.

Faith on

Why is everyone so eager to laugh in her face and point out that her good experience as a new mom won’t last. I’m due to give birth in a couple of weeks and I’ve decided that misery just looooooves company. Some people have ease with different parts of their lives and more difficulty in others. Some have hard labors and then amazing teenagers later. Some have really easy babies that turn into criminals. She’s obviously very happy with her new family so be happy for her. Life will take different twists and turns, but don’t be sour at her for having something that any parent hopes to have; a healthy happy baby. And it’s her first! Let her brag and gush and be happy. Sheesh!!

NewMom on

What does she mean her labor was easy? 3 hours at home during early labor, then she gets to the hospital and “that was it?” It sounds like she got an epidural, which is absolutely fine- but come on, give credit where credit is due!

She neglected to discuss how long her labor was while she was in the hospital, feeling little pain…

tejanalinda on

I never liked her show on Disney, but just love her personally. SHe’s a breath of fresh air from the degrading stink that often wafts our way from Hollywood. I don’t think she’s ever said that motherhood is easy breezy (another reader’s comment)–she has openly said that getting no sleep has been the hardest thing ever. I’m happy for her that her baby has hit a sleep pattern that allows her some rest–my gal is 5 months old and it’s still hit or miss (mainly miss!) on getting more than 4 hours of sleep in a row for myself at night. Just because I’m struggling with it doesn’t mean I want other mother’s to as well, or that I feel less of a person because someone else’s baby is doing well with it. Every child is different. Anyway, I’m happy for her and I love how she sheds motherhood in such a positive light πŸ™‚

tejanalinda on

And to those questioning her attitude that labor was “easy”–honestly, it’s her good attitude that made it easy. Obviously, pacing the halls and going through labor are not “fun” things or “easy” things. She probably had heard horror stores (both before and after her labor), and realized how lucky she was to have her labor go without complications, have the baby get stuck, break a tailbone, etc. Labor was a hard thing to go through for me, but compared to other stories I’ve heard, it was an “easy labor” and I feel very blessed that it went so smoothly. She’s an optimist ya’ll, embrace it!

Nannyto1 on

Good for her. She seems very sweet πŸ™‚ I also had a super easy labour – 5 hours and 14 minutes from the time my water broke. No drugs. Easy peasy! My daughter was sleeping around 7 hours a night at 3 weeks. And I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes one week after she was born. My co-workers at the time, called me a “baby machine” lol. Even the doctor told me if I ever had another baby (which I didn’t) that I should camp out on the hospital steps close to my due date or I might not make it to the hospital (doctor barely made it for the birth of my daughter). People always love to share their horror stories so it’s nice to hear about the good stuff too!

possiblepipedreams on

@ericalee, what is 4 month sleep regression? Sorry your child has/had it, but it is not a common thing. My three children never had it, nor does anyone else I know. My third had a week or two where she was up (at around 6 months) because teething was extra hard for her, but that was about it.

Also, labor and delivery can be very easy (even with natural birth). It doesn’t make it less exhausting or less work, it just means you were able to do it with no problems.

erica on

None of my children had “sleep regression” ericalee! It is possible to have kids that consistently sleep through the night, believe it or not.

Francesca on

Wow, there seems to be such negativity about motherhood on here.. what is up with the Debbie Downers??let’s just face it.. “Only the strong survive” those who try their best and have a good support system things work out so much better for them and what really helps is having a positive attitude! Mind over matter, if you go into anything with such a bad negative attitude, then YES the experience is gonna be bad!…As for me, i have 3 kids and my middle one was delivered naturally with NO epidural and while it was very painful,she was born so quickly and my recovery was great and worth the pain πŸ™‚
Just be thankful for the ability to be able to have babies, many women out there are not as lucky.

BetC on

You know I stand by my words that she is bragging. She is not our friend sharing good news with us, she is a celebrity in the public eye on a talk-show on TV being viewed by millions of people. She needs to be responsible in her role. We all know that she has been very fortunate in her life thus far and that is why she is on a talk show.

So when she discusses how everything is very easy for her and how well her baby is sleeping, I do think she is bragging.

Come one, everyone knows that every expectant mother wants to have an easy delivery and that every new mother wants a newborn that sleeps well. These things make our lives easier and help us enjoy motherhood. Just like having a big house, a nice car, a housekeeper, personal chef, trainer, etc etc. makes our lives easier too!

Just because she is asked by a talkshow host doesn’t mean she has full license to brag.

She alienates people by doing this and she should be aware of that. I know that she is excited and she should share how wonderful everything is with her close friends and family. When she is on a talkshow I really do feel she she cut the bragging about how great everything is and just say it has been a wonderful experience and she is fortunate.

Tigerlee on

Brag on Hilary! (Though I don’t think she’s bragging. lol) Do not pay any attention to these bitter sanctimommies who need to be brought down with a garlic-tipped sleeping dart should a mom (celebrity or not) gush about having a delightful time with their new baby.

Jen on

So what, let her brag on proud mama, I’m with ya. My deliveries were all vag and no epis, and I have a set of twins. Yeah, they slept through the night by 6 weeks. I also had a child that died as a young adult. I thank God every day I at least got that beautiful baby. They don’t last forever. God Hillary, her husband and baby.

Meghan on

her experience sounds a little like mine. i had an epidural and didn’t feel anything, didn’t even know it was time to push. i would be shocked if she didn’t have an epidural. not that it matters but i don’t think she means she sat there in the hospital all night and all day not feeling anything without an epidural… no way

Jen DC on

No, BetC, she only alienates people looking to be alienated.

I wasn’t alienated at all; I thought “dang, that girl’s lucky!” She’s pretty, she seems sweet, she’s close to her family, loves her husband and has the prettiest baby boy I’ve seen in a long time. His EYES! He looked like a calm baby all wrapped up and just lying there. I hope it stays easy for her!

As far as “the truth,” why should she have to detail every minute of her labor and delivery for you? Obviously if you’re smart enough to realize that having the doctor tell her to push means she got an epidural, you have enough info to move forward. Further, everyone’s biology, chemistry and physiology is unique to them. I have a high tolerance for CERTAIN kinds of pain: I have a hiatal hernia that doesn’t bother me with the pain; I ran and walked around for days with acute peroneal tendonitis. I was completely impervious to spankings as a child and when the doctor removed my wisdom teeth (and I had – count them – 5), I never used the Tylenol 3 after the first night. But menstrual cramps? Big baby. Gimme all the drugs you can gimme.

What I also don’t understand is, you read the lede, right? You WANT to come in here and be offended. If you didn’t, you would say “hey, her opinion doesn’t appeal to me, let me move on.” Exercise your right to ignore things. And try being an adult about it.

andy on

ok, Iam not bitter but iam jealous, i think some mothers have a much harder labor, my first lasted 13 hours and when i was done i needed stiches in four areas from tearing so bad(baby was only 6lbs 14oz) baby number two labor lasted 5 hours only tore in two areas and they could stop bleeding without stiches (baby was 6lbs 7oz)

bh on

Of course it’s easy when you have an epidural. Duh!

Guest on

Lool, so many haters here. How about women try encouraging one another instead of bashing each other? I am pretty that every woman is different and goes through labour differently. The same way one woman might have a lot of baby weight after giving birth and one might not. Quite comparing each other, it’s ridiculous.
If you have a horrible birthing experience, I am sorry but do not call Hilary Duff a liar because her labour was easy. My mother said that her labour with my brother was quick and easy compared to when she had me.
It is really pathetic how catty women can be towards one another

Me on

Maybe her easy labor has something to do with the fact that she’s 23? I’m not a mother and I’m not jealous, just saying. I don’t think she should act like the expert after a few weeks…it’s nice that she cares, but it’s not useful to a lot of people…

twinhappy on

Lucky lady!

Holiday on

I had 2 horrible labors and I think its fine she is telling us how easy it was for her! I would be too if I had an easy time. I had severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I had to deliver a month early by emergency c section. I was on magnesium sulfate for seizure prevention and that stuff makes you feel horrible and hot like you are on fire and sick to your stomach. My BP was so high though so I had to have it. Then my kidneys started to shut down so I had an emergency c section and lost so much blood I had a blood transfusion. When I finally got home I had to go back to the ER in an ambulance with a heart rate of 220. At the ER the doctors had to stop my heart and make me flat line to get it going in a normal rythm. I had a 105 temp and the blood cultures showed sepsis. I was in the ICU for 6 days with a 50/50 chance of living. I didnt see my baby the entire time. And no I am not making this up this nightmare was really what I went through when I had my daughter.

mindy on

<> Um, being past your due date does not make labor any more painful, how silly.

softballjunkie77 on

My oldest 2 kids slept through the night at the hospital and have never regressed. Now my youngest one did not sleep through the night until 9 months..every baby is different and maybe Hillary got lucky this time. She should take advantage and be thankful which I think she is.

Anon on

Wow a lot of unnecessary bitterness here!
My first was a horrific labor, and a miserable infancy with endless colic and sleep problems that continue to this day (almost 4 years old). My second delivery was a breeze and although my daughter wasn’t a great sleeper immediately, she did much better than my son without any prompting, and was a super happy baby. Children are individuals and just as someone else said, their sleep patterns aren’t a reflection of good or bad parenting.
I personally think it’s great that it’s gone well for Hillary Duff. Why should I harbor any ill will towards her?

Anonymous on

Jen DC- Exactly! Some people can handle more pain than others, and that has a lot to do with how painful a woman’s labor is, too.

As for Hilary, I don’t think she said anything wrong. Yes, she probably did have a epidural, but so what?! It doesn’t make her less of a woman. It also, incidentally, doesn’t always mean an easier labor. Epidurals can sometimes slow down contractions, and sometimes they don’t take. So I don’t agree with “She had an epidural, of course it was easy!”.

I also want to point out that it IS possible to have a painless labor and delivery without an epidural (although I agree Hilary probably did have an epidural, since the doctor had to tell her when to push). It’s rare, but possible. Just google “Hypnobirth”. πŸ™‚

And as for the sleeping thing…I don’t have kids, but according to my mom, I slept through the night from a very early age (and like Luca, I was breastfed). She always says that she feels thankful for that! πŸ™‚

glstrick1 on

I really don’t understand why there have to be so many critical people in the world!!! I have 2 children a son and a daughter. My son was born when I was 18 and my daughter when I was 32 and each pregnancy was different yes, but neither was bad. My son was what I would say was a “Perfect” pregnancy, delivery, and even the first night I brought him home he slept ALL NIGHT LONG and ALWAYS has (unless he was sick). Now, my daughter, it took her about 3 weeks to get into a schedule but after that, she has slept all night also so IT CAN AND DOES HAPPEN. Please stop being so quick to think someone is lying or “Bragging” because they have a good baby. Heck, I bragged too…Lol

Teena on

@MM…neither is easy? really? I had 3 babies, my first baby, I was in labor of a total of 3 1/2 hrs. My second child was 2hrs 14 mins, and last was 5hrs. I did it with no pain meds, so yes there is such of a thing as easy! Congrats Hilary, keep bragging πŸ™‚

kristen on

My now 3year old daughter started sleeping through the night when she was a 4days old (as soon as we got her away from those retched nurses at the hospital) she would go to bed around 10 and sleep to 9-10 the next day, and that was us wakins her up at that time the following morning..If we let her go she would get her full sleep schedule in and not wake up till 2pm and be up till bedtime and playfull as can be..She stayed on that schedule till she was 18months and then dropped down to bed at 8 and up at 7:30am. with a 12-1:30 nap inbetween. So sleep schedules change and yes those facial expressions are priceless..Having a camera on hand in each room helps to capture all those cute priceless expression when they occur..They start discovering there individual personalities very early and when they find out they can make you laugh they have fun with that as well. Have funn with the exploring age, just waatch as they learn its amazing how they figure out how to gi into certain things..our daughter stacked soda cases to getonto the microwave stand at 9month..dont know how she managed to get up the strength but we watched her do it,just have fun and enjoy.

Mari on

Congratulations to Hillary and her baby. She is very lucky to say she had an easy labor. And on top of that her baby sleeps through the night too. Wow, amazing. But sometimes I have talked to women who says they labors were easy and when ask if they had epidurals they say yes. But if labor was easy why do you need an epidural? Epidurals are given to take away an almighty unbearable pain. So having said this was labor really easy? Oh well there you go. To me I admit that my labors were very difficult and extremely painful but the end result was wonderful!!

Anonymous on

“…my sister and my mom come flying in and they’re like, β€˜We got barbeque chips and root beer, guys!’ I’m like, β€˜What? I’m pushing.’”

LMAO!!!! What a scene!

ruby on

Babies’ sleep habits change constantly, especially BF babies. Hope she doesn’t have to eat her words. And she sounds very smug saying that, at her age, with only the one practically newborn baby. Ugh. On second thought, I hope she *does* have to eat her words soon. πŸ™‚

Kimberly on

Awww I would love to have another baby!! Congrats Hilary your son is adorable and I say lucky her too that he is sleeping well and that she had an easy labor, wish her all the best!!

stockpilelady on

when u have lots of cash u dont need to worry about motherhood u can hire lots of poorly paid nannies!!

Kim on

Wow sleeping through at 7 weeks old? Or 4 weeks sorry as she said he’d done it for 3 weeks, wow, that is so unrealistic as an average baby takes months to do that! My baby community nurse told me she expected babies to sleep through at 7 months (that gave me a heart attack seeing months ahead of sleepless nights!) Luckily I think both of mine slept through around the 5 month mark, just all you girls out there without babies and who are pregnant don’t expect your newborn to start sleeping through at a month old lol At that age they still have to be fed like 6-8 times a day every 3-4 hours and Mari I agree of course labour would be easy with an epidural lol I tried to have an epi with my second child but it didn’t ‘take’ so felt the pain fully but I think its a pain thats bearable, yes it hurts but its a pain thats normal and won’t last forever and thousands of people go through daily.

Tracey on

I’m no Hilary Duff fan but loved hearing her stories about being a new mum on Ellen.

She says it’s POSSIBLE, not the rule… Calm down. We all have different experiences! I don’t think it’s bragging, she wasn’t comparing her son directly/specifically to another, she wasn’t being mean. She was just sharing what was going on. God forbid you have a friend with a baby and she wants to share an update with you..

I had 2 great pregnancies, and 2 amazing labours. Yes, I said amazing. Long, but was smiling and laughing the way through. No pain killers. It’s POSSIBLE but again not the only way to do it. Then yes there was sleep issues but it’s still all good in my books!

As for not feeding the baby enough – you can figure that out when they are awake. I let my kids settle into their natural sleep/wake pattern and worked with that rather than disturb them. Engorgement? Pump. Simple.

nicole on

Aren’t they allowed to share their EXPERIENCES?? Celebrity moms are asked how the baby is doing or how labor is all the time… are they supposed to lie and make up a horrible story about their labor or complain that the baby isn’t sleeping/eating/cries a lot? I don’t see any reason why she can’t share it without people saying ‘motherhood isn’t easy, stop saying it is!’ Or complaining about how she’s making other mothers feel in adequate. If someone is feeling inadequate, that is on them, that’s their feelings and nothing anyone says or does is going to fix that. They have to work through that one their own. Get over it! Someone else’s EXPERIENCES, DECISIONS, AND OPINIONS about motherhood, child rearing, etc. should not effect how one feels about their experiences, decisions and opinions. Someone can only make you feel inadequate or guilty if you already feel that way.

That said, both of my kids were great sleepers early on. My daughter was sleeping through from birth practically. We’d been home for maybe 2 days when she did it, and my husband and I both woke up one morning, looked at each other and said ‘did you hear the baby?’ We both said no, and sure enough, she was sound asleep in her co-sleeper. She also nursed like a champ and is a fantastic eater now. Her brother was much the same way, save for some reflux issues. His labor was quite long and hard (darn inductions!) and her’s was easy breezy.

Easy labors, easy babies, and an easy transition into motherhood do exist. It doesn’t always have to be doom, gloom and complaining.

nicole on

As for when he needs fed, well, he doesn’t look like she’s starving him, so he’s obviously eating when he needs to. I never woke/wake a sleeping baby to feed them. If they’re hungry, they’ll let me know. We’re definitely on demand and on baby’s schedule around here.

Tara on

Really people- why hate on her? My first child was born after 7 hrs of labor- from water breaking, labor pains an hour later- 4 hrs of labor then an hour of pushing. I dialated 7 cm in a half hour so not everyones labor and delivery is some horror story. My endometrial biopsy was more painful than my labor pains. My son was the best baby- he slept through the night after a few weeks- but Im sure that had more to do with him having a full belly- aka cereal along with his bottle until he was a couple months old when I started him on baby food, instead of torturing the lil guy by making him wait months before starting on food, like some parents.

mimi on

my mother had a 4-hour labour with me, no drugs whatsoever there was no time. and i started sleeping through the night at around 8-9 weeks old.

clearly, i was an AWESOME baby. πŸ˜€

seriously, i can’t believe how other women get so mean and judgemental towards other women, especially after childbirth. women should be supportive of each others’ experiences, instead of tearing every person down that doesn’t adhere to your world view or opinion.

hillary is entitled to share her experience and is allowed to be happy about her baby!

Cindy on

Haven’t we all learned by now that pregnancy, labor and delivery and motherhood are just one giant competition? Who gained the least weight? Who was back in skinny jeans the quickest? Who endured the longest, most painful delivery? Drug-free, no less! Who nursed the longest, used cloth diapers, made organic baby food? Who is the most sleep-deprived? Who sacrificed a career to stay home? Wait, who sacrificed time at home to provide for the family? Ad nauseum.

Umma on


Terry on

My doctor was worried because I was over 40 years old with my second baby and tried to get me in to the hospital at least two weeks before. I had no problems throughout the pregnancy and felt wonderful.

The night of the birth, I went to the toilet and felt a cramp. I woke my husband and son to tell them it was time, but soon felt that I needed to lie down. My husband had to deliver the baby on the sofa for me because baby came too fast. From toilet to baby was 10 minutes. This is not a brag, and not a lie. It is real. There are many different stories out there. Don’t hate on people who have it easy. Birth is hard to let’s rejoice for those who do not suffer.

toteachistotouchlives on

What is with all these haters? Come on ladies, just because your child didn’t sleep through the night, your labor wasn’t a breeze, or your child’s sleep patterns regressed doesn’t mean that everyone’s child/labor is like that. And can’t you just be happy for someone who was lucky enough to have been blessed with an easy labor or baby. I’m with Hillary on this one. I felt nothing when I delivered my son, I pushed for less than 15 minutes, and he started sleeping 10-9:30 at 8 weeks old. And now at 2 and a half years old, he STILL sleeps those same hours. I even wore my size zero, pre pregnancy jeans to the hospital to deliver him. How’s that for something to hate on?! Give her a break and be happy for her that it’s going so well. Geez ladies.