Poll: What Do You Think of TIME‘s Breastfeeding Cover?

05/10/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Martin Schoeller for TIME

TIME‘s newest cover image — of a woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son — is causing quite a stir.

The magazine’s cover story addresses the issue of attachment parenting, saying that the popular method, promoted by Dr. Bill Sears, “drives some mothers to the extremes.”

But before most people have had a chance to read the actual story, they are reacting — strongly — online, on Facebook and on Twitter to the bold image of a young blonde mom nursing her son, who is standing on a chair.

“When you think of breastfeeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids,” explains photographer Martin Schoeller.

“I liked the idea of having the kids standing up to underline the point that this was an uncommon situation.”

TELL US: What do you think of the TIME cover?


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JRW on

Breastfeed your children until they are teenagers. I. Don’t. Care. But this is exactly why these “activist” get a bad rep. Why does everything have to be an issue?

Shannon on

Hopefully that’s her real-life son and not a model. LMAO!

Seriously, the cover is ridiculous. There is absolutely NO benefit to children nursing after about a year, unless malnourishment is an issue which doesn’t seem to be the case here. The kid is almost big enough to cook his own meals at this point!

Sara on

LOL, JRW! It’s true, more people will be talking about the cover, than the actual issue.

elizaandeverett on

To be honest, I think it’s a great cover. Time has captured a huge controversy, as well as popular parenting style. Breastfeeding has been in the media a lot lately and I can remember years ago when Oprah did a show on a woman who was still breastfeeding her 3 year old, one who showed home video of her child interrupting her conversation asking “to eat”.

I’m not condoning breastfeeding at such a late age by any means but I do think that the attention this cover has gotten since its publication is a success for Time and has done exactly what it set out to do… spark conversation.

My only objection to this cover is that it showcases real people; a mother and her son… among other mothers and their children inside the magazine. These children have reputations that are forever damaged. We all know how cruel kids can be and making headlines and getting national coverage while sucking on your mom’s breast is not the way most young men hope to get their 15 seconds of fame.

I wish the mothers who GOT PAID to pose and contribute to this article thought about this before they signed on the dotted line and asked their children to turn what’s natural for them into the unnatural… take after take, pose after pose.

I just wish they had used models for this one but again, I think it’s hit home on a very real, and debated issue.

Ray on

@JRW – I couldn’t agree more. You couldn’t have said it better.

DB on

Time has fallen into the abyss.

Anonymous on


egc on


Seriously, I think breastfeeding is a wonderful, amazing thing. But there is a point when the mom is doing it just for her own pleasure/joy/satisfaction, and it has nothing to do with nutrition for her child.

Detach the kid, and let him be a kid.

rikki on

I think if your kid is old enough to walk up to you and say “I’m hungry” they are old enough to eat real food, not breast milk.

BRod on

Like one CNN commenter said, “When your child is old enough to take direction from a photographer, he is too old to breastfeed!”

Rachel on

I’m all for whatever kind of breastfeeding anyone wants to do with their child… but this. This. Gack. Seriously though, when this poor child grows up and realizes his mom had this photo plastered on the cover of Time magazine all over the gosh forsaken country, forget all the great benefits of nursing, he’s probably gonna wanna crawl inside himself and die. I mean COME ON. My mom breast fed me as a baby and I’m thankful for that… I don’t want to see pictures and I sure as hell don’t want my friends, family members and everyone else seeing them.

And I totally agree with the poster who said this is where activists get a bad rep. Pictures like these aren’t appealing or sweet. Period. They’re just attention seeking.

Cammy on

Just in time for Mother’s Day. Thanks Time – how classy. That said, I totally support a woman’s right to breastfeed, in public, privately for how ever long they deem proper. But this seems nothing more than Time Magazine following one of the TV News shows that sensationalized breast feeding with Moms feeding their 6 year old. I sincerely doubt this mother would go to Target, find a chair, prop her son up and feed him this way. I also believe that if your child is old enough for preschool/kindergarten then you can wean him. Again, if a Mom wants to breast feed through those years that’s fine. But Time using this as a means to undermine all that women go through to combat prejudice to breastfeeding is just wrong.

mg on

Absolutely disgusting.

teddiebear1209 on

I think people drinking cow’s milk is disgusting and people drinking people milk is how it should be. We are the only ones that torture others for the sake of their milk for their children and use it for our own. Society is backwards.

Matt on

@Shannon: Unfortunately, you are absolutely wrong on your opinion that breastfeeding has absolutely no benefit after “about a year”. Open up google, online medical journals, or, you know, perhaps an actual book, and prepare to have your mind blown as to the actual benefits of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. And as a quick note, nearly every national/international medical organization such as WHO and AAP suggest exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and continuing to breastfeed at minimum of one year.

sally on

It’s TRASH! Just like this web site is turning out to be!

debianddaisy on

okay, some moms do this…..but I really don’t want to see them do it…I think it’s fine in your own home, but the cover of magazines is getting ridiculous. Is there nothing they won’t put on the covers? Sometimes all this new acceptance of everything in media of all sorts is really too much….we don’t need to see this…let them do it, but let them do it in private, please.

Lizette on

Well said both rikki and ERod!

Anonymous on

I would imagine this would be quite embarrassing for that little boy when he’s older.

Anonymous on

Actually Shannon, the nutritional benefits breastfeeding past one year are fantastic. Please research your “facts.” Second year milk is much the same as first year milk, providing immunities for children and well as protection against allergies.

Kathy on

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for breast feeding but I find this cover offensive and disgusting, if it were a baby thats one thing but a child that age, not so much.

N on

It is ridiculous.

Lili on

This kid is way too old to be nursing…..

SammyD71 on

The child in the photo is almost 4! This whole attachment parenting is BS! I never breast fed my girls because I couldn’t and they are thriving! Attachment parenting is when you breast feed until 4 some woman do it til 5, you sleep in a “family” bed etc. Unreal

Bobbi on

That is sick!

Shannon on

@ Matt

Google? No. I have read the scientific literature. Have you? My conclusion stands.

vlamommy on

I think it’s disgusting… While it may be normal in third world countries where there’s nothing to eat… It is not normal when a child can tell you they’re hungry and there is plenty of food.

Honestly, my son started to READ at the age of 3. Highly doubt he’d be doing that with a boob stuck in his mouth….

Enough already… This attachment parenting stuff is crazy. An infant just died in my community a couple weeks ago after he and his mother fell asleep while breastfeeding and he was smothered 😦

Janae on

As usual the comments on this site are so ignorant. Per the World Health Organization breastfeeding should be until AT LEAST age two and then beyond so long as it is mutually desired by mother and child. There is NOTHING sexual about it, anyone that thinks so has no concept of what the purpose of breasts are: They are for feeding your children. Period. The end.

Mere on

I saw this this morning and looked up this woman. She has 2 sons. She was asked how old they are and said, “my adopted son is 4 and my biological son is 3.” First of all, why does she need to specify? You have two sons. You say “my oldest” and “my youngest.” Also, I wonder why they chose to have her white son on the cover and not her black son?

JAK on

I’m all for breastfeeding, and I could care less how long each particular parent wants to do it for, but I really don’t need to see a picture of a 3 year old breastfeeding. That’s fine in the privacy of their own home, but I think that’s where it should stay. The idea that photographer had them standing, because they no longer can be held to breastfeed kind of says it all…

Clairesamsmom on

And she’s posing too. It’s ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing about extended nursing.

JC on

…Shouldn’t kids be using cups when they are older than 2? I’m all for breastfeeding but when you’re this old, put it in cup.

shell on

There was a time when breastfeeding was not “in style” or even recommended by doctors. Now it is so popular that some women do not understand the reasons for it. Even the animals know when it is time for their young to start eating on their own. Why do “humans” always go over board?

Sunny on

There is something wrong with the women breast feeding children that no longer need to be breastfed. It’s alarming.

Sunny on

If the kid still wants mamas milk why not use a breast pump to pump the milk out into a cup.

Kandee43 on

If they were looking for publicity they got it. I’m all for nursing mom’s and nursing in public, that’s not the problem. Nursing should be covered up by a cover of some sort. I don’t know anyone (other than some men) who like to see women whip it out to feed their baby.

This is just so wrong. Yet ANOTHER media stunt.

Matt on

@Shannon: I recommended google because my guess was a book would be too advanced for someone with such a ridiculously cretinous opinion. It’s hard to believe you’ve read any “scientific literature”, as the benefits of breastmilk after “about a year” are the same as the benefits of breastmilk prior to “about a year”. Now, if you’re referring to the idea of exclusively breastfeeding, which you do not mention anywhere, I agree that there is a limit and solids have an important role in a child’s nutrition at “about a year”.

For everyone else commenting…what exactly is so “disgusting” and “revolting” about the picture? The picture doesn’t imply they are in public. The picture doesn’t make breastfeeding sexual or inappropriate. What if they showed a 3 year old drinking out of a bottle the mother was holding? Would that be ok for you?

Melissa on

@Shannon. Please share your “research” considering that the research the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and the APA has led them to recommend breastfeeding a child until he or she is at least 2 years old. In nature a child is weaned between the ages of 2 and 7. Yes 7! Weaning sooner is a mother’s choice (and I don’t judge moms for weaning when they need to) not what is nutritionally best for a child. I’m sure your research is something a pharmaceutical company made up so they can push their fake milk. Why is it if a baby or toddler breastfeeds it gross, but I have seen many four year olds suck on a pacifer which is basically a plastic nipple. That’s gross.

faye on

Really!!,,,I feel for the kid when he grows up. He will be forever teased and worst, be called all kinds of things as an adult….Don’t they have anything better to do than doing this to this poor child. This woman probably need the money and if this is her way of getting millions, then so be it….greedy mother….

Kat on

I think a breast pump and a sippy cup would be a better alterative at this age?

Vanessa on

This picture infuriates me, I was only able to breastfeed my son for 3 months, due to medical conditions secondary to a difficult delivery. I wish that I could have done it longer, however I feel that this photo was done with such little tact. I do not believe that this is making a good point for parents who practice attachment parenting or “extreme breastfeeding.” The line has been cast and the anti-breastfeeding people will be biting the line soon. Shame on you Time magazine perverseing such a beautiful moment between a mother and her child.

Anonymous on

This is just reality, plain and simple, for those of us who don’t force wean our kids early. The average natural duration of breastfeeding is 2-7years old, and the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 2 years.

Rachel on

Janae — No one has said anything about it being “sexual”, and many people are perfectly fine with the idea of extended breastfeeding. It’s not the breastfeeding that bothers me, it’s the “look at me! look at me!” attitude these women seem to have without any regards to how their children might feel about this in the future. Can you tell me that you would be okay with a photo of you with your mother’s breast in your mouth being on the cover of a magazine? I wouldn’t be okay with it. Part of being a parent is thinking about how things you do now will effect your child’s future. You’d think these parents would care because they’re so into the benefits of extended breastfeeding… and yet there’s absolutely no regards for the child’s privacy. You wouldn’t put a picture of your child sitting on the toilet on the cover of a magazine… while going to the bathroom is a perfectly natural part of life, it’s also a private part of life and this should be too.

alex on

really….looks just raunchy… really..

Ami on


SJ on

As parents, our job is to teach our children to stand on their own two feet, not be on the tit attached to us the rest of their lives. Want children who are anxious, codependent, and can’t make their own decisions? Attachment parenting is for you! I think it is more for the parents’ separation anxiety and mental attachment than the children’s benefit. The child on this cover does not need breastmilk any longer, or to be fed it straight from the tap.

vic on

I, too, feel very sorry for that poor boy. I really liked the comment to “put it in a cup.”

I consider myself a very open-minded person … but that doesn’t mean I allow my brains to fall out.

Mom, pull it together. Get real. You are hurting your boy!

Anonymous on

If your child is old enough to chew steak, then he’s old enough NOT to be suckeling off mom anymore. In my humble opinioin, this is for mom’s benifit and not the child’s. Get a man mommy and let the child grow up.

Emily on

The minimum recommendation for breastfeeding is for it to continue to AT LEAST two years old (per World Health Organization materials).

It is not unusual for breastfeeding to continue to about 4 years of age in many countries (including the tandem feeding of younger siblings). The antibodies and nutrition provided by breastmilk are perfectly suited for human children. And drinking cows milk into adulthood is (quite literally) breastfeeding from a cow. How is that somehow more acceptable than for a child to continue to get the nourishment meant for him/her?

Karen on

Time magazine’s sales have dropped dramatically over the years and it’s now not much bigger than a pamphlet. This is desperation.

Monique on

It’s too in your face and provocative. I see no way to inspire any type of respectful discussion or debate about the topic when you throw a bomb like this at people.

I am an advocate for breastfeeding and I don’t give a flying fig how long a woman breastfeeds her baby. But, when you do this, you’re asking for a fight. Time Magazine knew that, I suspect.

Jennifer on

You want to breast feed, that’s awesome. I did. This cover is just a little too much for me.

The Don on

Women who do this long enough for the child to ask for it has some mental deficit or emotional deficit that goes hand in hand, especially when child is old enough to ask for it. It always seems like it is a boy and his mom. Perhaps a bonding and tenderness with the young male that cannot be gained with older males. The mother has seems unapologetic which leads me to think mental illness.

Duh on

I am sure having a kid old enough to be potty trained and eat steak attached to your breast is sooooo hot for your husband, ladies. I live in SF now and moving back to NYC and I see tons of these looney women letting their brats have the run of restaurants and public places.

Also, can we stop calling women with roots darker than a piece of coal “blonde”? This idiot clearly dyes her hair to pass for blonde–I wonder how much of the residue from her sad attempts at vanity run into her precious breast milk for her son? Ms. Sanctimommy wants to pontificate about breast feeding a kid that looks like he is on his way to the NFL but uses harsh chemicals on her hair? Puhlease.

KLP82 on

Ugh, this whole breastfeeding debate is so annoying! Why is this an issue? If your child is bottlefed, great, and if you are able to breastfeed, all the power to ya. But seriously, this cover picture is super disturbing. This kid is WAY too old to still be doing this. egc made a great point; it seems like these women are doing it for their own pleasure/satisfaction. So sick.

Amy on

I have to say as a mother that did breastfeed her two children that this is disgusting!!! I am all for breastfeeding…even in public if it is done with respect of others. I support it 100%, but I also think at a year you should kick them off! After that they should be eating a healthy enough diet not to need mothers milk. This cover gives me the creeps!! There is nothing beautiful about this at all…creepy!! This kid is going to grow up and see this as an adult and be embarassed! This kind of attachment is not healthy for the kid or the mom. I am attached to my kids but this is too extreme!

vic on

I feel so sorry for this poor kid.

Mother ought to be ashamed for what she is doing to this boy, putting him on the cover of Time with her boob in his mouth.

It doesn’t matter what any of you may say, this is just plain WRONG … and that boy is the one who will suffer most.

Shame on you, you vain, ignorant woman.

Laurie on

This is nothing…I know some women who nursed their children until 4 1/2 years old.. I would never to do it. When they are old enough to talk it is time to cut it out

Jade on

Sometimes we need an in-your-face kind of cover to bring a stark reality to mind.

I have personally never seen a woman just pull out a boob in public and stick it in her child’s mouth without some kind of cover, yet you would think with all of the hub bub, that’s what women do to feed thier children.

It’s the most eco-friendly way to feed a child, so why do they need a cup?

Just sayin’….

Mina on

I have a pre-pubescent son who doesn’t need to see a strange lady’s breasts. If I whipped out my boobs in front of her husband, would she feel the same? After all, they are just breasts that are natural and made to feed kids!

If breasts are “only for feeding babies and not sexual pleasure” than why do women wear shirts at all?? Why is it not ok for a 19 year old model to pose topless, without a child, on the cover of the magazine??

IF I hear someone say one more time “its natural” I am going to scream. Everything is natural on a human body! A penis and vagina are too….we use them to naturally pee but you dont see those things exposed!

Sara on

EGC, well said, as I believe this is the case with many breast-feeders: “But there is a point when the mom is doing it just for her own pleasure/joy/satisfaction, and it has nothing to do with nutrition for her child”.

themommypsychologist on

There’s no way this child is only three or he is the biggest three year old I’ve ever seen. This picture can’t be real, is it? Who is this kid? And who is this woman? I hope it’s his mother. God, I hope it’s his mother. Because if it’s not his mother than some young kid was pictured and plastered all over the media suckling a blond woman’s breast. My full rant is here:

lifeasahouse on

I wish it was a more natural photo. The pose is what makes it so…a little off? If she wants to BF her 3 year old go for it. The picture was clearly done for shock value. I know many people who BF until the 3’s. Good for them. Not my thing. My kids weaned by 1.

Anna on

I am a huge breastfeeding activist. I intend on nursing my own son till 2 years old, but why do they try to put breastfeeding in the most awkward light? Yes the cover looks awkward IT IS. No kid stands on a chair and nurses like this any ways. The whole point of the cover was to cause a stir and to make it look as unnatural and strange as possible. Extended nursing does have a ton of benefits ( i am not saying it is acceptable to nurse your kid till they are 10 but 3 for me is the cut off, then it seems a little weird). Yes a child past one can live off cows milk and food but why do that if you have human milk thats healthier than cows milk and that can give your child immunities they wouldnt otherwise get? That seems crazy to me. I guess if breast milk came from a carton at the grocery store it would be more acceptable? Most extended breastfeeders do not nurse this long, but thanks time for trying to lump us all into a catagory of strange perverted women.

rej on

I hope when they put this on the newstands at grocery stores, etc. they have a cover over it like they do on Playboys or Hustler. I don’t want my 5 and 7 year old exposed to a picutre like this while we are waiting to check-out at the grocery store.

Melissa on

Actually, the headline, “Are you Mom Enough?” is more offensive to me as a mother. So they are insinuating that because I only breastfed my son until he was 3 months old and didn’t let him sleep in my bed with me that I am a bad mom? My son is now 11 and is happy, healthy and thriving!

Rebecca on

If the child is old enough to chew steak, then the child does NOT, i repeat does NOT need to breastfeed anymore. This can be a beautiful time between mother and child. However, when the child is done getting a drink, if he goes outside to ride his tricycle, then it’s time to STOP breastfeeding.

LJ on


ruby on

This picture is disgusting.

Catca on

I think their is misconception that there aren’t any benefits to breastfeeding after 1 year of age and according to all the research, there is. Breastmilk changes in content over time to meet the nutritional needs of a toddler, supplemented of course by other foods after 1 year of age. Of course, if a mother has irish twins or something like that, I’m not sure how that works. But regardless, I think mothers who choose to breastfeed after 1 year of age should be supported in their decision. Having said that, the picture on the cover is of a kid who doesn’t look like he’s feeding or seeking comfort but looks very posed with the kids mouth wide open and head turned to face the camera for maximum provocation. That doesn’t do much to gain support of breastfeeding and probably works against. It is simply a very unnatural looking picture. So while I have no objection to the portrayal of breastfeeding a child that age, I do object to the way it is portrayed.

M on

what do all the dentists have to say about this? is there harm to the developing teeth?

Sandra on

That is absolutely disgusting to see this picture!! Wow, won’t that child be just a little bit embarrassed as the kids in his class see this pic of him sucking on his Moms boobs?? That is so not looking good!

Breanna on

Who cares? The only concern I have is for the child being mocked in the future because people can be so ignorant and cruel. But I couldn’t care less about how people choose to feed their kids as long as they are healthy and happy. Or how people parent for that matter. Mom bashing has reached a ridiculous level. You feed your kid, I’ll feed mine.

tajmajful on

I think I just threw up in my mouth!

lou on

I breastfed both my children until they weaned themselves, both at about a yr. old. I just think, unless there is some health issue, if the child is potty trained & out of diapers, or if the child can eat steak, &, or is old enough to ask for it (!) it is too old to breastfeed!

Kim on

C’mon! SOOOOO GROSS!!!! I don’t care what people do behind closed doors cause it doesn’t affect me. Draw a line somewhere, it’s disgusting.

Michelle on

The cover is SICK and has absolutely nothing to do with actual breastfeeding…the mother is posing provocatively while her 4 yr old, made to look MUCH taller standing on the stool, has his mouth on her breast while ogling the camera sideways…….who breastfeeds like that??? Pedophiles will have a field day…it’s child porn, plain and simple.

SM on

I’m really tired of all the parenting advice that is out there. All of these mommy-blogs are a joke. I agree with JRW in wondering why EVERYTHING has be an issue. It is exhausting.

Anonymous on

Nothing wrong with it. I breastfed my children up until my daughter was 2 and a half, my son around 2. As per American views, it’s OK to have a nearly naked woman and man cavorting on a cover than a mother & son doing the most natural thing. And @vlamommy, here in the third world country that we live in, we are better off than most of you in America, we were taught that the longer you breastfeed your children the smarter they are, that’s why most of you are not that smart just smartasses mouthing off at the cover of a magazine missing the point completely.

Kate on

Breast feeding is a wonderful bonding experience for both mother and baby not to mention the health benefits for the baby. But who needs a 4 year old hanging off your nipples! Really!?!

I can’t believe Time actually printed this. But I guess that’s what they will sink to in order sell alot of magazines.

look on

This isn’t about breastfeeding. It’s about Time getting publicity. And obviously it’s worked. Time is a joke and should go away like a bad pimple.

lillith on


Lynn on

If it’s all about the benefits of breast milk, why not use a breast pump and let the child drink from a cup?

Lindsay on

Okay, fine give the child breast milk, but pump it instead of feeding right from the breast. A child this age should not be pulling at his mom asking for her to suck on her breast.

Guest on

I was a breastfeeding mom and I couldn’t care less what you do with your child but, seriously? This is exactly why people are against extended breastfeeding moms. People like this throw it in your face and I’m sick of it.

ernie on

whatch out kid I’ll take over there……

Linda Lynk on

I think this is a very personal issue between the mom, the dad and their doctor. I breastfed both of my kids (over 40 years ago) until I no longer could due to physical problems. I don’t think it’s a subject for public debate nor or a lot of other things out there that people hash and rehash. Whatever happened to privacy?


now thats a real titie baby!!

Anonymous on

This is gross! I breastfed both my boys one to 6 months and the other to 18months. Like a couple of the posters said above if they are old enough to say I’m hungry and thirsty they are old enough to drink from a cup! After a certain age it is the mother who can’t let go of it!!!!!!!

A&MsMom on

I feel bad for the kid. If this were to get out in a few years, he’ll give new definition to the term “momma’s boy”.
And I, too, was offended by the title “Are you Mom enough?” Yes, I am, with two EXTREMELY healthy, formula fed, sleep in their own beds, beautiful, happy, independent children.

Deb on

While I don’t have an issue with the cover, when a child is old enough to ask for it, it’s seriously time to stop.

Mama on

Would people be as outraged to see a 3 year old eating a Happy Meal on the cover of TIME? Breast milk is an excellent source of nutrition even for kids over age 2. The fast food garbage that many people feed their young toddlers and children is exactly that- garbage. Try it out TIME, and see if the fast food cover sparks as much controversy.

Lisa on

I have zero problems with breastfeeding, I nursed my daughter for 2 years. I do have a problem with this picture. This picture represents nothing what breastfeeding represents. Breastfeeding is about creating that special bond between a mother and child while providing a healthy diet.

Matthew on

To each… her own. lol. I think everyone should just watch the movie Grown Ups with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, et. al. Maria Bello’s character does just this and it is hilariously handled as part of the comedy in the film. Probably a better approach than to allow the cover to do exactly what Time wanted to do, which is create ridiculous controversy to stir more readership.

Jerzey on

The mother is obviously getting her jollies. End of story.

Amskeptic on

I love the beauty of nature, the beauty of children, motherhood, you name it . . . I resent those who turn these miracles into stupid unseemly attention-grabbing diminishments plastered on a magazine that will go where next to grab more attention?

Laila on

if u wanna breastfeed your kid until he’s 10, knock yourself out, but that sure as hell won’t be me…

Andrea on

Anyone have a gravol? I’m against breastfeeding in general but this takes the cake. Sorry they’re just something extra for me for a man to see sexually. No need for it with formula. Disgusting!

lisa on

hate it. wrong for that child in anyway.

inverse137 on

I scanned through about half of the comments on this article and this is the conclusion I have drawn: Americans are know-it-all whackos.

Everyone thinks they are an expert, everyone knows what is best for everyone else.

Everyone is a whacko.

MM on

Are you kidding me! This is totally disgusting! What the hell is this world coming too? That woman is an idiot and needs a shrink for even posing for this picture! Unless you live in a country where this is the only nutrition for your child due to poverty, you are insane!

EP on

What I am disgusted with is the majority of the comments posted thus far. My question is: why do you people CARE? It is not your life, your body, your child, your family! Breastfeeding is how babies/toddlers/young children were meant to be fed/nurtured/loved.

That is what mother nature intended! That is why we have breasts, people!!!! I nursed my daughter until at 3 1/2 years old she decided that she had had enough. HER decision. and MINE. Not YOURS.

Get over it.

Anonymous on

It’s absolutely disgusting.

Mary on

This speaks more to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the parents, whether it be a deep issue from childhood, or a socialization issue in adulthood-whatever it is, it is a sign of sickness, and the poor children suffer for it. This boy will one day need therapy for the sick way he will feel knowing that he was taught to do this, and worse yet, that it was publicized for all the world to see. What is this world coming to, when nothing is wrong or right anymore? This shouldn’t be a debate-it is not normal, and it should most definitely not be on the cover of a magazine!

Anonymous on

@elizaandeverett I really like your point:
“My only objection to this cover is that it showcases real people; a mother and her son… among other mothers and their children inside the magazine. These children have reputations that are forever damaged. We all know how cruel kids can be and making headlines and getting national coverage while sucking on your mom’s breast is not the way most young men hope to get their 15 seconds of fame.”

If I have kids I definitely won’t breastfeed them for so long, but if other people want to do it, so be it. As long as it doesn’t hurt the health of the child, I don’t really care. But I didn’t even THINK about the kids being teased for being shown sucking on their mom’s breasts in a national magazine. You’re totally right. Kids are mean! Thanks for bringing that up.

Sundog on

What could be worse than breast feeding a 3 year old? How about constantly JUDGING how parents choose to raise their kids? I may not have chosen to breast feed that long, but I also would not raise my child according to Dr. Spock, once the only “right” way to raise a child. Shame on you Time Magazine for making this an issue.

kim on

CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!!! Disgusting photograph!!!! All the sicko pedafiles will be hanging this photo in a frame… hidden in their seedy little houses! TIME magazine should be ashamed of their sicko minds for putting that one out there. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks TIME magazine for promoting sick people who prey on little children!

Kirsten on

My question is if it is only about nourishing the child- then why not pump? why not pump the milk into a cup or his thermos and send him off to school with it? I’m no prude but to me that child is too old to be suckling off his mother. Kids are cruel and this poor kids face has now been plastered all over the world drinking from his mothers breast. kids will make fun of him and they will not forget.

Sonila on

I personally know many mothers who hav breast fed their kids till 7 or 8 years of age (boys n gals both).

Such mothers r those who just cannot say no to their kids…

And when these kids grow up their demands go on n on… and the parents struggle to meet them.

About the pic … its kind of disgusting photography…

Jason on

Isn’t this technically child pornography?

katie on

I am looking forward to hearing what the various comedians have to say. Can you imagine Jon Stewart and Kathy Griffin ! OMG

Dina on

This child is WAY TOO BIG to do that !!!

It almost looks like child porn.


Anonymous on

As someone else mentioned, it is gross. – even perversely gross.
However, TIME DID get the “attention” it desired. –
It’s a shame that such attention gained by such means verges on the maniacal. – “Ego-maniacal” –
Reminds me of corporate “entities” (that aren’t, really, “persons.”)
AND, how many of them (not all) act in similar “ego-maniacal” ways.
The reality is that “people” lead corporations.
And, many of those “people” verge on the maniacal.
Why are we in the economic situation we’re in?
That’s the reason.
In the upcoming election, be certain that you “vote” for appropriate and socially responsible corporate leadership.
(Oh. – We can’t do that can we?)
(except for those corporations whose employees own the corporation.

HDF on

Really? Why? Is this the new normal? Enough already with the shock Jock stuff. Our social conscienceness needs to get back to the middle and stop with this need to constantly push the limits. As a registered nurse , I encourage all forms of nutritional feeding for infants, toddlers, and children; however this needs to be a private choice by the parents and does not need to be imposed or exhibited to everyone in public. And parents who choose to breastfeed a child’s this late in life…well that’s their business. However, breastfeeding does not need to be a public display and I would question Why? A glass or sippy cup would serve this particular situation (child) just as well. Stop it!

Sunny on

Read some quotes from her interview. She says her own mother breastfed her until she was 6. Weird.

LoK on

WHO CARES!? Ya’ll need to shut the hell up.


Answer one question. How is that boy going to feel about this when he’s older? It’s likely he’ll be horrified. People have the right to do what they want but it crosses the line when they throw their personal lives in my face!

letssolvesomething on

What disturbs me most about attachment parenting is the type of parenting that is directly opposite of it…unattached parenting. I don’t know why we are worried about the possible negative affects of children being “loved”too much, when we know the factual ramifications of parents being unattached. We all have first hand experience with this poor parenting practice, either we were raised that way, know someone raised that way or are raising someone that way. We all know the horrible consequences that come from unattached parents and how the emotional and mental baggage lasts for years and years into adulthood. I could care less about the parent that goes too far in their quest to be the best parent; I care much more about the absent, couldn’t be bothered, always has something more important than their kid, much more concerned with their own life, too lazy, too selfish, unloving, cold, void of compassion parent. Let’s talk about that issue and stop talking about some mom who wants to breastfeed until her child decides to stop sucking on her boobs. When we have generation after generation of messed up adults from extended breastfeeding then we can talk about that, until then let’s fix yesterday’s and today’s problems and stop talking about possible problems we might have tomorrow, that we of course aren’t going to solve.

lora on

Nursing an 11 yr. old!!!! She’s demented and he’s tortured. The people who approved the magazine cover are sick too.

Harley on

I’d just like to know when it became “ok” to use your child to make a statement; likely ensuring this kid has a lifetime of heckling and bullying in his future because his mom decided to use him to make some sort of point. Keep your boob in your kids mouth til he’s 5 if that’s what YOU want, but for the love of the universe, keep your personal life at home. Again, do whatever you want so long as you aren’t hurting your child and doing it to “make a statement” or “be controversial” while subjecting your kid to ridicule.

Lisa on

I am absolutely pro-breastfeeding but this is ridiculous and I felt embarrassed to even look at this. I nursed my son until he was 1-year-old and that was it. It was wonderful while it lasted and difficult for me to wean (b/c I missed the closeness) but I knew what I had to do for both of our sakes. This cover is so weird.

jJester on

I am not against breastfeeding and think it is a wonderful thing for a mother to do, but I would have rather they put an infant with the mother on the cover, not a toddler.

AmazedHuman on

Tacky would be the first word coming to mind. And frankly, it’s getting beyond tiresome. It’s like trying for the shock value in movies. Been done so many times it’s not shocking anymore, merely boring. I would have thought Time Magazine would show a little more class. Obviously not. Pity.

Courtney on

Okay, I am all for brestfeeding your kids. I pumped for my youngest for 7 months, but this is a little much! My youngest will be 3 years old in 2 weeks and there is NO WAY that I would still be brestfeeding him now. If this mother wants to continue to do so, that’s her choice and her right, BUT do we really need to see it on the cover of a magazine? I understand why they chose to do that, but it would have been more accepting by readers if it had been a young infant and not a 3 year old!

JoJo on

This has nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with selling a magazine people no longer read. TIME was once a very reputable news magazine aimed at a sophisticated and educated populace. It’s sad they feel the desperate need to give attention to an obviously fame-seeking mother who is cavalier about exploiting her child – who has no choice to be photographed, but who will ultimately pay the price of embarrassment.

Sue on

She says how confident she was as a child…apparently confident enough to pose on the cover of Time with your 4 year old sucking your exposed breast. Awesome, just what I want for my child. Not.

Noodles! on

Time magazine did this for shock value because no one reads their magazine anymore. As long as these people aren’t hurting me or my children, they can parent as they see fit. It is not my place to judge.

Mya on

There absolutely ARE benefits to nursing beyond a year. There are plenty of resources out there that prove it provides nourishment, calcium, immune support and comfort for the toddler well beyond a year. It is NORMAL for a child to feed at the breast, it is the public that has made it into a sexual thing.

On that note I HATE this image. I don’t nurse my toddler anywhere close to this position, it’s defiant, crude and bitchy to me. When my 3 yr old is nursing he’s cradled in my arms and we’re snuggling at the same time.

I also hate the way they titled the article and feel it only serves to put more of a gap between parenting styles. I don’t judge people for not nursing beyond a year so why make it seem I do? I hate labels.

Be Be on

Absolutely Disgusting!!! That kid looks 6 years old!

Heidi on

I applaud this mama for not blindly following societal norms. She is listening to her children, the science, and her heart and continuing to do what is healthy physically and emotionally for her family.

Jenn on

This poor kid is going to get teased mercilessly, all because of his mother trying to push her own agenda. I support breastfeeding 100% but when the kid is old enough to open your blouse and help themselves it’s time to stop. She is doing this for herself, not her child. There is no reason to breastfeed that long.

Melissa on

I am all for breastfeeding but showing this is just plain tacky. If you need to wean your bottle fed child to a cup at 1 then the same should go for the breast. If you wanted to make a point about breastfeeding then you should have showed a mother with an infant breastfeeding in a bathroom stall, not a kid standing on a chair. That’s gross.

jp on

It’s disgusting! That kid needs to be drinking out of a glass.

Sherae on

I don’t care what anyone says, this is absurd. And revolting. OF COURSE breast feeding is healthy but lets get real. Its creepy and the entire point of it was to feed your child UNTIL they can feed themselves. Is it really THAT much harder to give your kid the same stuff you eat on a plate?????????? And the teasing that can come from that crap is unfathomable. Do you REALLY want your child to be known as the “baby who still sucks on his mom’s boob in the first grade’?? All of these new fangled parenting methods are stupid. No gluten, breast-feeding, time-out. <—– If someone puts it in a book, suddenly its gold. Idiots.

Crystal on

This is disgusting!! I am all for breastfeeding but this is too much. Look @ the smug look on the mom’s face. I am appalled that Time magazine decided this was cover material. Ugh! I agree withthe other posters. The whole to breastfeed/not to breastfeed debate is soooo old. I’m over it. However you decide to feed your child is your choice. No one should be criticized. It’s a personal choice. Not everyone parents the same so why are we making such a big deal out of how we feed them???? Ijs.

Sex Bagel on

Nom, nom, nom.

Maija on

If all it wants is attention then Time magazine hit the jackpot with this ludicrous question. Does it bother me if a mother breastfeeds in public? No. Does the age of the “child” matter? Not to me; I think it’s a personal and an individual matter. Thus its only the extremes of behavior that warrant the public’s attention, i.e., such as the “tan-a-holic” mom in Jersey, whose child was endangered because she was encouraged to join her mom in a stall. No wonder magazines, as newspapers, are going bankrupt in this day and age, featuring more and more provocative (front cover and pictoral?!) themes.

LM on

I’ll probably be slammed by the breastfeeding crew here, but really there isn’t a need to breast feed an extended period. Mothers in much of Europe breastfeed while the newborn is in the hospital, and maybe a week or two afterward, and then they switch to formula. And they don’t feel guilty about it! Look at the book, Bringing up Bebe. French children are healthier than American children in almost every aspect and they don’t breast feed more than a few weeks. I didn’t breastfeed my child and he is very healthy and happy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t breastfeed, but it’s a very personal choice (along with the duration) and NO ONE should feel like they have to, especially for extended periods of time.

Anonymous on

It’s not the issue of breastfeeding that’s repulsive about this photo. It’s the unnatural, incendiary pose and the headline “Are You Mom Enough?” that I find offensive. I’m plenty “mom enough” without subjecting my child to the possibility of public ridicule.

igr on

@ tajmajful – Old enough to type, that’s a bit much. Btw, try burping, it helps 🙂

Barbara on

I don’t see how this is anybody’s business. If a mother wants to breastfeed her child and is producing the milk, why is it a problem? I don’t get how people want you to feed your child milk from a COW that has been fed with every antibiotic and God knows what, but you cannot give something pure and natural to your child. Is it the milk that is the problem, or the child on the breast? If the milk is expressed and put in a cup, would it still be an issue? If not, then why can’t a mother give it straight from her breast? I feel bad for the young boy on the cover because too many ignorant people will make fun of him later on in life but I hope he becomes a brain surgeon so that will at least shut them up. WAY TO GO, BRAVE MOMS, who care enough to give their children what is best for them.

Danielle on

Producers , directors, Editorials on the best newspaper and magazines are on drugs,,,,,tha’s why they come up with things like this…..that only a sick mind can produce……what’s next.,…..? SODOMA AND GOMORRA again.

Beach Girl on

This is wrong in so many many ways! I find it disgusting and just one more way to force mothers into thinking that if they choose not to breast feed thier child, they are somehow not a good mother.

WRSi on

Again, the World Health Organization and other major public health organizations have clearly recommended breastfeeding *at least* until the age of 2 years.

There’s a real sort of pathology on display in some of the disapproving comments, here. I know the TIME cover was meant to provoke reactions, but our Web-amplified tendency toward thoughtless self-righteousness should still be checked against reality once in a while.

The contrary positions being argued for, here, are much more controversial with public health folks than breastfeeding. One can’t find *any* health expert who advocates stopping breastfeeding at one year old because there’s no nutritional benefit. That argument is simply totally untrue; it dates to a sort of demonization of horrible breastmilk in favor of “scientific” formula back in the mid-twentieth century. That stance is completely abandoned by child heath advocates now. “When a child is old enough to ask for it, it’s time to stop”? Children actively “ask” their mothers to breastfeed in many ways; it’s called communication between mother and child, and you’ll recognize it within a day of your child’s birth.

Doctrinaire folks can sure sometimes be upsetting or abrasive, and I’m sure there are such people among advocates of “attachment parenting.” The rate of those obnoxious qualities among comments disagreeing with said parenting technique here, though? Is approaching 100%.

PeopleAreStrange on

@ Andrea
You are a total idiot, sorry but it’s true. Saying your breasts are only for a sexual purpose, what is wrong with your head?!?!? What other mammal doesn’t feel their young with their own milk? How exactly can you be AGAINST what is natural?!?! Please don’t ever have children.

Saray on

Emily: The difference is that we don’t go up to a cow and suck the milk right out of her.
No one is saying that it’s front for the kid to drink breast milk, but he is too old to be stil suckeling like he’s a baby. Put it in a cup! If it’s all about the health benefits then that is the way to go about it. This mom is selfishly posing, in a model pose no less, screaming LOOK AT ME, with no regards to what that will do to the child later on in his life. I have an issue with mothers that feel the need to splash their kids all over the papers with a story that will most certainly make their life harder for them when they grow older.

Ellake on

Breast feeding is NATURAL. So many people who say an older child drinking from their mother is disgusting, still allow their horrible 3 and 4 year old’s walk around with dummies/pacifiers and bottles hanging out of their mouths and think that is fine! Well some children don’t have dummies or bottles and until it becomes disgusting for kids to have dummies and bottles past age one, I think everyone should just mind their own business. I’d rather see kids drink from their mother rather than a filthy germ ridden feaces covered BEAST.

Serena Joy on

This is grotesque. Urination is natural and we don’t want to see that in public. This is no different.

Shannon on

Wow, let’s resort to name calling when someone has a differing opinion or comes to a different conclusion. Too funny.

As I stated, I’ve read the literature. I’ve evaluated the studies. I’ve seen the recommendations and understand why they exist. My conclusion stands.

Ever heard of “we can agree to disagree”? If not, Google it. 🙂

Linda on

I breastfed my youngest daughter until she was 3 1/2. She was healty as a horse and seldom missed a day of school. In fact, she’s 28 today, and she didn’t miss even one day of school in grades 6 through 12, and is now working on her Masters! I say breastfeed as long as you and your child want to.

Cinder Lou on

A sippy cup would work well here.

Gigi on

Just plain creepy…and any mother who still breastfeeds her child long after she should have stopped has some serious psychological issues which will adversely affect her child when he/she is older.

Penny on

We don’t live in a third world country there is not a need to breast feed till kids go to school but some Moms feel the need. I think this is more a Mom issue than a child issue. I aggree with a comment that was made earlier today. If you feel the need for your older child to have breast milk give it to them in a cup. Children need to learn some indepenance and not be tied to the boob for years.

Shannon on

I think breast feeding is an absolute blessing if you are able to do it… but this is a THREE year old, and a rather tall three year old… When your child only needs a tiny step chair to reach your breast its time to let go. I could not agree more that this is more for the mother and not for the child at this point. And to be honest the cover is in very poor taste. They could have gotten the point across that shes breastfeeding her teenager.. I MEAN THREE YEAR OLD (LOL) without being so graphic in the pose. Very disturbing in my opinion.

Rene on

Okay, there is no “additional benefits” from nursing past 1 year of age. However it is still good for you THE BREAST MILK that is. But lets be honest, when your child can drink from a cup or eat everything, its time to stop nursing!!! Good God, its no longer a need for the benefit of a healthy child its for the mother and childs need for eachother, which is understandable, nursing creates an amazing bond, but it is awkward!!! I feel every woman should breastfeed, or atleast try it, and I believe we should be able to nurse in public discreatly, but I do not think its okay for your 3 year old saying hey mom I want a boobie. If you really are doing it for the health benefits of the MILK, then for goodness sake pump it and put it in a cup! By the age of three your child should be gaining some independece, meaning less need for mommy. Ieally think this is a mothering issue, the mother can’t stop for whatever reason, of course the young child will not know anything different that it, so you can’t blame them. I’m not judging anyone, but it is very uncomfortable to even see a mother nurse he 3 year old or older even in her own home. This is coming from a mother of 4 boys, whom nursed them all ofr different amounts of times and an Alternative Medicine major who believes in the natural way, but even women in 3rd world countries don’t nurse their children for 3+ years!

TJ on

Absolutely gross. Just because breastfeeding is natural and beneficial for both mother and newborn, doesn’t mean that nursing mothers need to whip it out in public, much less on a national mag cover…and with a three year old! It’s been medically proven that infants over one year no longer receive any health benefits from nursing. These mothers HAVE attachment problems/issues and are doing it purely for selfish reasons.

June on

So with “attachment” parenting, the children breastfeed until they don’t want to. So if a woman has three children under four, they are all breastfeeding, when does she have time for herself and when do the children start to become self sufficient? Just asking.

Edie on

The grotesque reality about this particular picture is the fact that, “SEX SELLS!” And this is exactly what Time is attempting to do. Using a child in this manner as its goal to sell magazines is absolutely abusive! Beast feed your child, its up to the parent when she wants to end it, but to pretend to make this about breast feeding is a joke. Time magazine is a joke and has been for a very long time. No one is speaking to the article, they are speaking to the picture…I only feel for the child who is being used not only by Time but by his mother…a sad reality for 15 minutes of fame!

L on

Thanks a lot, Time. Ignorant people already think breastfeeding an infant in public is “gross.” This cover only fuels the fire that breastfeeding is taboo, wrong, sexually perverse, etc.

BRod on

Once there are teeth involved, it’s time to chew food – not suck it.

Britt on

This boy almost does not NEED a chair… This is not breast-feeding … This is just to sell an old magazine that few people purchase anymore. Raise your hand if you would be proud to be doing this with your mother when you were almost 4 years old for the whole world to see. Bless his heart… I feel so bad for this child. The mother wants attention. The child is innocent and will be hurt by this.

rob on

I am all for breastfeeding I was never able to for a variety of reasons. I was told to use the formula until they were one and at that time stop the formula and no more bottles. The same should go for breastfeeding. Don’t stop cold turkey but atleast begin weaning them off. Nursing a child over 15 months is just weird. At that point it is being done because you can’t “cut the cord”.

JM on

lol, i love how some people are calling this offensive. how can something that affects your life in absolutely no way be offensive? just look away. man, some people such sensitive souls.

now, there is no way in hell i would be breastfeeding a 3 year-old (incidentally that looks like a big 3 year-old to me, did anyone else do a double take?) but why on earth should i care if other people do? how exactly does it affect my life? at all? in ANY way?

THINK before you post guys, and wonder, with so much else going on, whether someone else’s breast is worth getting upset about. JESUS, i wish that was my only problem in life 🙂

Heather on

It is disgusting!

keewee on

Totally disgusting! I breastfed all three of my kids, so I am not against that, but I am am appalled at this cover and a child who looks like he is about 4 sucking on his mom’s boob! It almost looks pornographic. Time has really gone downhill on this one.

Ka on

This is just sick. I’m sorry, but at that age it goes past nurturing to just plain perverted. If a child that old really needs breast milk, then pump them and put it in a glass!

Momma on

I am all for nursing. In public. Where everyone can see. I don’t care. But this cover…right here…This is awkward. I feel very uncomfortable looking at it. That kid looks like he should be in school, not at a photo shoot latched on to momma’s breast like some malnourished piranha…all gawking at the camera… “Look, everyone, No Hands!”

This is seriously a case “Are you too much Mom?” not “Are you mom enough?”

Sandra on

I’m totally for breastfeeding in private and in public. Babies need to eat. But, as a mother of two young boys that didn’t breastfeed long unfortunately, I’m a little grossed out at the thought of my youngest son,(who is 3 years old) being the same age as the boy on the cover. I know there are some women who want the kids to self wean, etc. But at what age do you say enough is enough? I’ve seen the video of the Mom in the UK with two daughters that are pre-teen and still nurse. In the video posting, it showed two young girls who were infatuated with their Mom’s breasts. It really weirded me out, as does this cover. I’m pro-breastfeeding for babies, but I don’t want or need to see it on the cover of a magazine that my little boys may see at the grocery store and I have to explain why some little boy their age is still breastfeeding.

Shannon on

WHO, APA, AAP – All organizations have their own reasons for making certain recommendations. As someone who has been directly involved in shaping public health recommendations, I can tell you that these things are carefully worded and constructed to appeal to specific stakeholders at any given point in time.

The evidence is clear and consistent: Exclusive BF for 6 months is what’s most important. Six additional months of BF is beneficial as well. After that, it’s not necessarily harmful, but not really helpful either…UNLESS the child is otherwise malnourished as I stated previously.

Another thing: Just because something is written in a peer-reviewed journal doesn’t make it accurate. One must evaluate each study on its own merits. Journals also have their own interests, you know.

BRod on

To all the yo-yos ragging on the rest of us for being offended – I ask you you to reread the title of this article. We were ASKED for OUR OPINIONS.

Roby Gamboa on

Provocative? Not so much. I think the word I would use is ‘crass’. Definitely not giving me an incentive to subscribe.

dee on

Seriously, why is it anyone’s business how long a mother breastfeeds her children. We have become a nation of such judgemental busybodies, always poking our noses into others concerns. Years ago, many many many years ago, women only nursed their children, because there was no such thing as bottled and canned formulas. No one was scandalized no one was shocked no one butted in , that is just how it was. And I do believe that they breast fed as long as possible, sometimes that being the only real good nutrition a child got. People having children now are faced with living in a glass house with everyone watching and analyzing their every move. Somewhere along the way, in the past 30 years or so it was decided that parents could no longer spank their children, because someone decided that a good talking to would work just as good. Then someone decided that a child should be wrapped in bubble wrap and sanitized and helmeted just to go out and have fun as a kid. Now the kids are spoiled and willful and out of control, due to the lack of discipline, they have 0 resistance to germs due to excessive sanitizing and anti bacterial soaps, they no longer go out and play because it is too complicated with all the helmets and safety gear, not to mention the crazy parents sueing each other over minor accidents that occur when kids play together. Then there are the lunatics that get so utterly obsessed with their kid’s lives that they either attack other parents or kids who are more talented or better looking than their kids. Now we as a society are obviously gearing up to make some sort of law as to how long a mother can breast feed a child. I am sure it is all leading up to this. Well Gladys and Abner Kravitz ( nosy neighbors from Bewitched) Butt out and mind your own business.

bswisher2010 on

That is disgusting.

Sheri on

When I seen this picture it honestly disgusted me because having a child at that age sucking on a nipple on the cover of a magazine makes me cringe.If it was a baby I would have no problem with it because it is a baby they need to eat but a child this age should be sucking on a popsicle not a nipple and having milk out of a cup.

host on

the kid is too old sucking at his mom breast. 🙂 that I don’t get!!

gm on

I am so discusted with everyone telling others how they should parent. Why cant we support eachother!

Guest on

This was put on the cover for one reason only, shock! They could have used a younger child, even an infant. But to show this child standing and looking into the camera was for one reason only to shock the public and it worked. This was not done tastefully, and why are they showing this childs face like this? He’s going to go to school and everyone is going to know who he is, also think of the teasing he’ll get from his peers. There’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but just like everything else it’s your own business. I just hope he doesn’t grow-up to resent his mother, and I hope she doesn’t regret this decision to do this to her child.

Brandy on

Disgusting and wrong.

Michelle on

Poor kid. Mom here doesn’t seem to be thinking about his future, only her making a statement (and probably money, at her kids expense). In 10 years his classmates are going to find this – don’t teenagers have enough to deal with without having a picture of you suckling your mom in the cover of Time? Could they at least not shown his face?

Jane on

This kid is probably becoming oversexed, is probably grabbing others inappropriately and making the people around him uncomfortable. Three is the age where you are supposed to begin covering up, teaching modesty and not over sexing our poor kids. You are supposed to be developing some boundaries and getting a sense of how to fit into the world. Good luck kid. Your mom doesn’t know what she is doing and you will have to pay the price.

Vi on

It’s crazy to me the pressure women have to breastfeed babies until 6 months to year. I have a friend who couldn’t breastfeed – medical reasons – and a stranger yelled at her in the grocery store when she gave her daughter a bottle. After all, breast is best – until 1! Then, you must stop! Or you’re crazy! (even though the WHO recommends continued nursing until at least 2).

I had a lot of difficulty early on (low supply) and did supplement with formula and felt awful for it. I still nurse my almost 2 year old (birthday in 1 week) and she doesn’t seem ready to stop. And I’m cool with that. She is sick WAY WAY less than her cousin (not nursed anymore) and the other kids at daycare.

I didn’t think I would still be nursing, but I am. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem nursing her at 3 (although weaning would be cool too). My mom instincts say this is normal – and my kid’s health is exceptional. Although it’s true that toddlers can get food from other sources (such as food!) breast milk is a whole food. It is hilarious that ads for Pediasure and million kinds of toddler vitamins are totally normal, but breastfeeding a 2 or 3 year old is considered crazy. Think about it- pretty sane.

Jennifer on

It would be one thing if it was natural looking, but this is just a stupid cover!

cynlee on

Disturbing to say the least!

Molly25 on

I am pro breastfeeding and honestly i don’t care what age a woman stops breastfeeding her child – it’s none of my business. However I am completely disgusted that Time used this cover image. As a mother who is currently breastfeeding my infant and nursed/pumped my older child for 13 months, all this cover does is make people more uncomfortable with nursing when this type of parenting is clearly more of a rarity than the norm. This was clearly done for shock value because extended breastfeeding is only one aspect of attachment parenting yet all the Time photos shown only show breastfeeding “older” children.. I know showing a baby in a sling or bed with his/ her parents is just not as controversial, but come on.

Michelle on

Once a child is old enough to drink from a cup if a mother wants to provide her milk she should pump it with a breastpump and pour it into a cup! Breastfeeding is natural and there is nothing wrong with it but for goodness sakes there needs to be an age limit for getting the milk directly from the source.

guest123 on

I realize there is documented evidence to prove it’s still beneficial however so is eating a balance diet etc…..I’m not going to lie, freeing myself from breastfeeding was liberating for me but my kids were thrilled to eat/drink like mommy & daddy! I breastfed for 13 mos the first time and 14 mos the second so this isn’t a comment coming from someone grossed out by the process (nor judging either)

Ali on

Unless you’ve done it…you don’t know what you’re talking about.

IceMom on

Great comments are posted here. I agree with many of them. I especially like the commenter that said “Mom…get a man and let your kid be a kid.” Also @JRW “why does everything have to be an issue” and I might add, on the cover of an issue. Answer; because it sparks conversation, makes money or both. I breast fed my children. The thought of breastfeeding children that are old enough to not only chew steak, but cut it up and even grill one himself…just blows my mind. Since the boy can stand on chair, why not just hand him the breast pump and let him pump the milk himself…and call it a science project. Then let him put the leftover milk in a cup, where it really belongs. Mom; by his teen years, this kid will be wanting to suck his girlfriend’s breast, so just chill-out girlfriend. Donate your milk and sucklings to a hospital infant ward or something, since your tits are still producing milk after 3 years (AMAZING!!!). Let this 3 year old get over it and drink his milk from a cup. At least he will be able to dunk his graham crackers, or learn how to, before leaving out for preschool.

deannefox on

I can see that 99% of moms feel the same way, we all know breastfeeding is beneficial if the mother can do it, after a year there is NO reason to continue. Three?? COME ON LADY, is he gonna still be hanging of the tit in college? Probably.

Lisa N on

I breast fed my children, as did my mother; and as my mother did, I breastfed DISCREETLY. That is the key word to it. If you aren’t allowed to go about in public exposing your breasts, how is it better to do so with a mouth attached?! Seriously, it’s PG13, and you can’t do that in public places were there are younger children. Just throw a burping cloth over to give have modesty. And to all the people that say its natural, so is childbirth, but I wouldn’t lay down in Walmart and give birth. Just saying.

deannefox on

Is he still going to be hanging off the tit in college? Probably. I can see 99% of rational moms agree- breastfeeding is good until around a year old if possible.

K's Mama on

This cover is much more harmful to the extended breastfeeding cause than it is helpful. I may be wrong, but I don’t think anyone actually feeds their child the way that this mother and son are posed. The magazine just wanted shock value to attract a lot of attention. Unfortunately for the attachment parenting advocates that I believe the article is actually about, this cover does the opposite of what I think their goal was.

I am mom to a nearly 2 year old and I am still proudly breastfeeding. Yes, my son can use a cup – he has, in fact, never had a bottle and at 1-yr started supplementing cow’s milk from a sippy cup. Now he can use a real cup. That doesn’t mean that pumping is an option. Most people assume that all women can pump. That is not the case, just like not all women can breastfeed. I have never been able to pump. I even had one of the top-of-the-line double electric pumps, and I could not ever get more than a tiny amount. I tried everything. It hurt, I cried (a lot), and then determined that that wasn’t going to stop me from doing what I thought was best for my son. So, please stop saying “just put it in a cup” as it makes you sound ignorant.

I also think it’s absurd that there are people who are actually saying that extended breast-feeding is only done for the “enjoyment” or “pleasure” of the mother – have any of those people ever breastfed? I do love the bonding time with my son, but there is no way that it is pleasurable in the sexual way that seems to be implied in many of these comments. If you truly believe that there are no benefits for a child to be breasfed for longer than a year – or heaven forbid 6 months as I have seen on here before – I implore you to please look at the World Health Oranization information that is easily available. I have no problem with opinions, and if extended breastfeeding isn’t something that you are willing/able to do, that is just fine, but spreading inaccurate and hurtful untruths just because you have chosen not to fully educate yourself is not acceptable.

The “Mommy Wars” have got to stop! If you choose not to breastfeed your child – for any reason – that is your business. I am not going to vilify you for making the choice that is best for your family situation. Please don’t attempt to vilify ME for making the choice that is best for my family situation. It’s time that women stop harassing each other and start supporting each other! And I’m talking to BOTH sides of the argument here. Give it a rest! We are all just trying to do the best that we can to make it through each day and the fact that someone has made a different parenting choice than you does not make you a lesser parent and it doesn’t make them a lesser parent. It just makes them different, and shouldn’t we celebrate the fact that everyone is allowed to be different?? The world would be a very boring place indeed if we were all the same.

divadee on

Incest much?! This disgusts me to every fiber of my being! There is no logical reason a mother should breast feed even an 18 month old, much less a three year old! Shame on you Time Magazine! The mother should be arrested! That child is going to be messed up when he grows older! Now that pervert mommy is on the cover of times, the kids life is going to be a living hell because all the kids are going to make fun of him! Nice going, Pervert!

Joe on


Give me a break this pic was just done for Hype to sell more mags. The mothers also did it for the money not for their parenting ideas on breastfeeding.’TIME’ could hsve done an article on this by listing on the cover what was featured.Mothers who continue to allow their children to suck after 15 months have some sick notions of attachement and usually its the boys they want to keep on their breasts.


They need publicity – revenues are way down.
Time SUCKS hind teety.

NBD on

BF is BF…. . it is a source of providing food for a baby….. People should stop trying to add bonding, etc attachments too it. And they should just get off trying to throw BF into peoples faces. It has been done since the time of civilization, You don’t need people, clinics fools like her and this article trying to make a point. Everyone knows it is good for their baby. It is just a personal choice whether they want to give their baby formula or Breast milk. Just like it is a personal choice when parents make by their kids a happy meal or give them something healthy.

As for this picture. Absolutely stupid ridiculous. The fact this photo tried to take a comical approach to it is even more absurd.

sally on

Well, if they wanted a controversy, they definitely got one.

Personally, if I was a woman who was still on the fence about breastfeeding, this picture would scare the heck out of me. I know the picture was taken out of context for alot of people but breastfeeding a 3+ year is not the norm! I just hope it doesn’t cause those who felt insecure about doing it in the first place to jump ship.

Bruce USA on

And we wonder why the Muslim countries want to behead us!!! It’s this kind of “way over the limits” junk that infuriates those with a way more conservative view!!! The “no limits” approach is going to rear up and bite the Doctor in the arse!!!

May on

If breast milk is so magnificent for preschoolers, pump it and give it to the child via a cup. Sucking the mom’s breast at this age is not necessary. And yes, this kid in a few years is going to be so embarrassed over this photo.

Jill on

If there is no nutritional value to breastmilk after 1 year, then why would you consume a cow’s milk that is made for a calf and is from a cow that has been post partum for years or rebread constantly to sustain milk levels?

Disgusted on

Why is this picture on the cover of a national magazine. Time you have no shame.

swack on

Women can do what they want when it comes to feeding their children. I am both pro-breastfeeding and pro-bottle feeding. Not everyone can breastfeed and therefore bottle feeding is necessary. Closeness with the child can be achieved either way. Nursing until a child is 3 – whatever – their decision. But @Melissa, my daughter breastfed her last two children and each one decided before 2 years of age that they were done, especially her last child as she was determined to breastfeed him as long as possible and he just didn’t want to do so. So please don’t put all women in the category of “less than 2 years of breastfeeding is the woman’s choice”. Each child is different. I do believe this photo was done for shock value and may have done damage to those who wish to nurse their children as long as they want to do so.

Janet on

I am always amazed at how people feel they have the right to determine what is “right” for another person to do. I have nursed all three of my children. My oldest, who, like the child in this picture was a big boy for his age was 3.2 when he weaned, my daughter was 3 and my baby was a little longer than that. I have three adults who are independent, extremely bright, funny and have absolutely no problem separating from me. Breastmilk is linked to higher IQs, lower cholesterol in adulthood and fewer allergies, just to mention a few of the benefits. My 30 year old is happily married, runs his own business and moved to another state. My daughter is going for her Master’s and traveled around the world. My youngest is in HS and was involved with the Young Leader’s Association where he went on several trips away from me. So many of you say if they can ask they are too old. Well, my children ALL began speaking at 8 1/2 months old, should they have been weaned? Please! Yet people let children have bottles and pacifiers when they are 3 and older. Also, all the references to if the child can eat steak…well, I don’t know of any breastfeeding mom of a toddler that only gives them milk. Breastfeeding is not only about nutrition, nor is it the exclusive nutrition for the child. It is about the bond between mother and child. The problem is our society equates breastfeeding with a sexual act. That is our society’s problem. As for their teeth, that’s funny, there is no bottle rot from breastfeeding. My oldest son has NEVER had one cavity. The thing that bothers me most in this controversy is the same thing that bothers me with all ignorance…it is judgemental and prejudicial. Typical of our society, people who are different are “disgusting”. I am sure if some of your life choices were debated, many things you do might be considered “disgusting” by another person. Has anyone out there ever heard of “live and let live”. Try it on for size.

penny on

iam sorry even tho breast feeding is the most natural thing.a child that age looks totally ridicules. no different then a child with a pacifer that age. quite disturbing

lisa on

After a year I think it’s more for the mother and not the child besides couldn’t it be a little sexully confusing for the child as he get’s older and startes dating?

Jenny on

First, this kid is too old for breastfeeding. It’s for babies, not older children.

That said, why are people grossed out by breastfeeding? It’s what breasts are FOR! Do people think breasts are just for sex and bra company profits? Inside of breasts are milk ducts with nutrition for babies. Feet are for walking. Eyes are for seeing. Breasts are for feeding. It’s not like it’s a bad thing, geez!

Ali on

I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to call it disgusting. It is a natural thing. But I, personally, find it quite strange to still be feeding a child that is independent in so many other ways, and I will not be choosing to breastfeed for that long. Good on whoever designed this cover, I guess – Time will probably make a lot of money out of it after all this publicity!

IceMom on

Great comments are posted here. I agree with many of them. I especially like the commenter that said “Mom…get a man and let your kid be a kid.” Also @JRW “why does everything have to be an issue” and I might add, on the cover of an issue. Answer; because it sparks conversation, makes money or both; and while everything these days seem to turn into “an issue” for someone, not everything belongs on the cover of an issue. I breast fed my children. The thought of breastfeeding children that are old enough to not only chew steak, but cut it up, grill it, or even pan-fry one himself…just blows my mind. Since the boy can stand on chair, why not just hand him the breast pump and let him pump the milk himself…and call it a science project for his upcoming science fair. Then let him put the leftover milk in a cup, where it really belongs. Mom; Let this 3 year old drink his milk from a cup, like @JC says. At least he will be able to dunk his graham crackers, or learn how to, before leaving out for preschool.

TS on

What’s really offensive to me about this cover is the headline “Are you mom enough?” What a way to unnecessarily pit women against each other. We should be supporting one another, not judging others choices. Breastfeeding is a delicate issue for many moms who have not been able to successfully nurse for a myriad of reasons. Some great moms breastfeed, some great moms don’t breastfeed. We don’t need to try to “out mom” one another.

I do breastfeed my 10 month old, but it’s just one aspect of my parenting, it doesn’t define me as a person or mom.

Danielle on

Whoever said breastmilk has no nutritional value after age 2?? That’s like saying apples have not nutritional value after age 3. Come on. The kid is 3. He’s not 10. Why has is become so taboo to breastfeed? I don’t understand it. Sex and porn is thrown in our faces and no one seems to be bothered by that! Our boobs have turned into objects focused on sex instead of what they were made to do…make milk! Guess what. I breastfeed an 18 month old and even *gasp* birthed him in my living room. What is the world coming to!

Anonymous on

This is not parenting this is mental illness!!!!

Anna on

To all those extreme “attachment” moms.

You REALLY don’t see how ridiculous this is? Breast feeding a child of that age?

Also, I read one of these comments asking why don’t you use a breast pump when they are this old? If you’re all about this so-called credible research about the health benefits, I’m sure it’s just as good in a cup by then, their teeth are already developed so you’re good to go.

I’m all for health benefits, but not when it gets in the way of the child’s SOCIAL HEALTH.

Time to admit that this is just for the mother’s sake.

PS Maybe you guys should actually read some real research on the benefit of cow milk. It’s ridiculous and ignorant to pretend it’s unhealthy for us.

stacey on

My husbands cousins nursed all her children till age 4 which was beyond weird to me & had a family bed for all 5 of them. We were out eating one night at a nice resturant & the kid got up from the table, walked around to her, undid her bra and latched on! Come on now…..The child is not getting any nutritional value at this point & it’s more of a “can’t let go thing” for mom then it is beneficial for the child. There are no anti-bodies to benefit from, etc. I pumped for both my girls for 1.5yrs each to make sure they got exactly what they needed. When does this start to cross the fine line that everyone is thinking but doesn’t want to blurt out?

JPA on

Makes my boob hurt just looking at this picture!

Christine on

Animals ween when their babies can feed for themselves…I think it’s a good rule generally to follow.

Kim S. on

I don’t think this was an appropriate cover.
I personally don’t see anything wrong with breastfeeding in public or even with extended breast feeding…
however, why does it need to be on the cover of a magazine? let alone public blog photos? think of your children lady…how are they gonna be treated when they are older because you posted photos on your blog and were on a magazine cover?

Kate Fox on

I would not let my teenage sons see that magazine, its smacks of child porn. I don’t care what that Mother decides to do its her business.. but putting it out in public in that manner is Child Porn. Completely irresponsible of that magazine.

Colleen on

While the little boy is an older nurser than what we usually see IN OUR CULTURE here is the USA, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with the picture. Women’s breasts are made for nursing, and not much else. Nothing gross or inappropriate about it.

DS on

That poor kid!! How much crap is he going to get being “the kid who still breastfeeds” in gradeschool? Not to mention high school – you know this is going to brand him for life. And what affect is this going to have on him later in life? This kid is always going to remember sucking on his mom’s tits.

Andrea on

If this is truly about the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, then pump when they’re that old and pour it in a glass for gosh sakes.

mistress on

there is absolutely nothing wrong with her breastfeeding her child. the age when a child is too old to breastfeed is at the discretion of the mother and her child. the ONLY reason we have breasts is to breast feed so this picture should be as natural as seeing a tree blowing in the wind. society made breasts sexual. what is “PROVOCATIVE” is seeing a woman with her breast stuffed into a tiny bra parading up and down the cat walk.

gooniesandy on

The photographer posed this, not the mom. I don’t think it looks like a comfortable way to feed a kid, but I am not offended by the fact that she still nurses her son at his age. I nursed both of my sons until a bit past their second birthdays. I think my youngest would have happily kept on nursing forever if I’d have let him, but when he had to go under general anesthesia and wasn’t allowed to eat for X amount of time beforehand, I took the opportunity to wean him. I do have to say, that is the biggest 3-year-old I’ve ever seen, or else the mom is tiny! Holy cow!

rco on

My mother had 13 children and she breast fed all of us until age one, along with being potty trained by two….but my mother always had a cover up when nursing in public places…I subscribe to TIME Magazine, but this was used to sell magazines and a shock factor, I am canceling my subcription. the poor boy in picture looked uncomfortable…

elizabeth on

I don’t think the covers to provocative but I don’t really care if you breast feed until your in college,no one cares or wants to see it .

tmoney on

Did anyone else notice how skinny the mother is? I’m not a mom, but I heard that a baby breastfeeding loses weight faster and easier. Do you think she does this to keep her weight in check? Just a simple observation.

Amanda on

What’s the big deal?

David on

That kid is going to be scarred for life. Way to go mom, you got on the cover of an antiquated magazine and stirred up a big ole controversy. Enjoy the attention and enjoy paying for your kid’s therapy bills in ten years.

tri on

He is waaaaaayyyyy to old o be breast fed! I swear the people who do this just do it for the attention. That cute little boy is gonna need a great shrink one day…

Jinx on

I am a breastfeeding mom, granted my baby is 4 months old. I don’t begrudge any woman wanting to breastfeed her child for as long as possible. If that means 3,4 or 5 fine that’s her choice. That being said this cover is completely inappropriate and sends the wrong message.

Jenny on

If that kid is 3, then Joan Rivers must be 39.

K.W. on

Out of respect for my child I wouldn’t have put a picture of him nursing at this age on the cover of a national magazine..and I breastfed all four of my children until they were between 10-24mos – I think it is a wonderful and mutually beneficial thing to do but my personal thought is that at some point w/ extending nursing it becomes more about the mom emotionally needing to do it then the actual health / welfare it provides for the child…

feedme on

“DISGUSTING” AND “SICK” about something biologically dictated for all mammals? I don’t get it. WHY are Americans (please weigh in if you are not American) so squeamish and provincial? They fear the boy will be “teased” and “ashamed”? Why? Yeah, his mom looks kind of silly in that “runway” stance, and I’m not sure why he is wearing camo pants, but who cares what he drinks? Or what delivery device he uses? Yes, moms all over the world nurse until the kid is four, or nurse their lovers or husbands or friends: so what? Boobs are cool. It isn’t going to “harm” the kid, and there is benefit to both child and mom (we know this, right?).

My question is: How would people have felt if that were a little girl, say Dannielynn in one of her frilly dresses and a bow in her hair? Would that have felt worse (or better) to people.

I am just astonished to see “sick” and “disgusting” about something so silly and benign. Talk about hystericalizing.

Good for TIME for a daring cover, even though I think the issue is irrelevant.

Melissa on

I think this is a mother’s choice, and it shouldn’t be up to Time or its readers to decide if a Mother is ‘MOM ENOUGH’ because of breastfeeding. I know many mothers who can’t breastfeed for medical reasons, and many mothers who choose not to and they are all wonderful. We need to stop judging each other for something so insignificant. My husband was given formula as a baby and he’s a Dr. now who loves his mother very much. I breastfed my son until he was a year but I don’t think I’m better then a mother who breastfed for a month, or not at all, or any less of a mother who breastfed longer then me. We need to support one another as Mothers. It’s a hard enough job as it is and we will be judged our whole lives in doing it. Let’s not start when the baby is out of the womb, please!

Trish on

I agree that this picture seems not to be about breastfeeding or “closeness” with your child, this is looking for a reaction. And why are so many people posting their opinions? Because they asked for opinions. If we want to encourage people to appreciate and understand breastfeeding our children, don’t portray it in this fashion.

who cares on

I’m reading a lot of these comments and wonder why everybody is so upset. So many feel it is okay for a woman to breastfeed but not past 1yrs old. Why is it creepy, gross, nasty etc? It is only these things to us because we have made it that way. Everything we do and see is so sexuallized. Breasts are not for sex they are for sustenance. If more women did breastfeed and in a more bold manner. we would become more accustom to such sights and covers like this would be an afterthought. Breastfeeding is pure and natural and a mother and child who know each other best will be able to make the decision on when to transition to other forms of food. Why do you care? Why does anybody care what others do in their home. As long as they are not bothering you or causing any harm to you or others THEN WHY DO YOU CARE?

Lisa on

While I understand the so-called “benefits” of breastfeeding, this kid is A. too old for it and B. this is just creepy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; breastfeeding should ONLY be done in private. You have the right to feed your child but I have the right not to be exposed to it.

Rebecca R. on

I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal. Magazines, well, media in general, gets plastered with untasteful images constantly, such as drugs, boobs, sexuality, gossip, etc. When something as natural as breastfeeding is being shown to the world, there is public outrage? I think it’s kind of ridiculous. We can show sexual scenes and explict content in everyday media, but when it comes to a mother nursing her ‘3-year-old child’- that’s when people get disturbed? To read that people are comparing this to ‘soft porn’ and calling it ‘provacative’ is not only disturbing, but just sad. It might be because I’m nursing as I read this, and regularly experience the bond first hand that causes me to feel this way, but I really think the public is generally over-reacting. It is a bold move, and that is what is shocking. Breastfeeding is normal, and used to be the only means to feeding your child. Now, it has become soo socially unaccetable to soo many people, that they are even shocked and disgusted when they see it. It is a woman nurturing her child, nothing more- nothing less. Regardless, if we can look at and accept Brittney Spears half naked on the cover of Teen Magazine, we can handle looking at this…

Melissa on

I think this is a mother’s choice, and it shouldn’t be up to Time or its readers to decide if a Mother is ‘MOM ENOUGH’ because of breastfeeding. I know many mothers who can’t breastfeed for medical reasons, and many mothers who choose not to and they are all wonderful. We need to stop judging each other. My husband was given formula as a baby and he’s a Dr. now who loves his mother very much. I breastfed my son until he was a year but I don’t think I’m better then a mother who breastfed for a month, or not at all, or any less of a mother who breastfed longer then me. We need to support one another as Mothers. It’s a hard enough job as it is and we will be judged our whole lives in doing it. Let’s not start when the baby is out of the womb, please!

Childless Chick on

I have never had children. I have mothers among my family who are on both sides of this fence. I work in child care. I believe strongly that it is a persons choice to raise their children the way they want. This is the USA after all and we have choices!

Em on

The only controversy is that the general public finds this perfectly natural and choice based action (breast feeding) more ‘offensive’ than the highly sexualized advertisements and editorial photo shoots that use dangerously underweight and tanned underaged models in them!

Isn’t it better that we promote a healthy act (and the discussion of it) such as breast feeding, regardless of the age of the child, over influencing young girls that thin and tan is the beauty ‘ideal’??

Linda Scheffer on

Not impressed with that cover photo at all. I breastfed my daughter until her third birthday. My son weaned after a year. Private relationship between mom and child – we didn’t use a chair and I wasn’t photographed. It was actually a lovely bonding experience that my daughter, in particular, needed for longer than maybe the “norm”. I could have weaned her early and I’m sure she’d have been equally fine. Who else should care?? No one. Please culture, keep your breastfeeding, child sleeping arrangements, and sex life to yourself. Why on earth do we have to debate everything to death??

Elizabeth on

WTF!?! Is this for real!?! Silly lady, breasts are for babies!!

Heather on

My daughter just turned one and we’ve begun the weaning process. After seeing this I’m actually inspired to continue nursing. I’m not saying I’ll go until she’s 3 or 4 or heck even 2, but it’s made me realize it’s not time to stop.

kaykay on

Its no wonder Time magazine is failing… but to put a picture like this on the cover is revolting. Breastfeeding between a Mother and child is precious and this photo makes it look like what it is… not respectful and very controversial which is what this magazine is has come to.

Kate on

Its fine nurse your kid until theyre grown but it does not make any woman less of a mother to not do so as well. The kid also looks bored and forced plus shes got a serious stank face on and this makes you a better mom than me?

jeane walp on

Ummm… when you’re old enough to ask for it, you need a cup…

jeane walp on

At the very least put it in a cup, poor kid, he’ll never live this down–selfish, selfish mom.

junewell on

Here is what this is all about: print newsmagazines are dying. Time has succeeded in getting a lot of people to pay attention to it, which was the goal the whole time. It has probably also gotten a few more people to buy the issue–perhaps as many as have commented on this article by People, Time’s sister publication.

Rachel on

To the above commenter who made the comment about people not being angry if it was a photo of a child eating McDonalds… um, it’s not what the child is drinking, it’s from what the child is drinking and the fact that it’s not being done in an even remotely private manner – it’s being shared with the world. I would have no issues if this was an article about the benefits of extended breastfeeding with a modest photo or a photo of a mom and son without the breastfeeding in it at all (simply telling their story) – it’s the fact that this child is pictured sucking on his mother’s breast. It’s ridiculous.

karen on

I think breast feeding is an awesome thing; however, at some point it just become nasty to see a child this old still breast feeding.

PS on

My husband and I used attachment parenting techniques with my youngest (I wasn’t aware of its existence when my oldest was born). I didn’t breastfeed him past six months, but we did cosleep on and off for a few years.

There are many other techniques applied for attachment parenting other than these two things. It is a holistic approach to parenting that nurture’s the child’s development at every level.

Personally I have no regrets. My son turned out to be autistic… I think attachment parenting gave us tools to bond with him in a way I didn’t with my oldest, who also has autism. Dr. Sears’ book gave us a better idea of what to expect of our child, and it helped both of us break the cycle of dysfunctional parenting with which we grew up.

We learned to be better parents for it, and today we have a very confident, affectionate, gentle soul for a son. I think getting off on what I believe was the right foot with him made all the difference.

All that said, as much as I think attachment parenting is beneficial, the photos TIME published are still excessive and disturbing. As someone pointed out the kids are going to find this an embarrassment in later years, and the defiant, scowling looks on some of the mothers’ faces certainly aren’t going to do much to sway anyone who’s on the fence with this issue.

da on

I think its nasty and trashy.

me on

Why stop breastfeeding, EVER? Why not do it through high school? Maybe once the boy goes off to college his mother can send it in the mail so he can suckle on a bottle between classes.

crew on

that kid is NOT 3 first of all. he has a beer belly and is at least 4 foot tall.

we have a war ongoing. a medical care crisis. an unemployment crisis. a former VP candidate on trial. women and children being slaughtered in Syria. Time, really? wow, you must really be hard up to sell a magazine.

kazumi on

i was wondering what the fuss was all about and thought breastfeeding was such a natural thing, what is the big deal, until i saw the cover, i was expecting a mother breastfeeding a newborn or an infant, not a child as big as that, there’s something a bit off with kids that age still breastfeeding, it doesn’t look natural, you can bond with your child doing other stuff, like arts and crafts or having cartoon nights, but please let them stay off your breasts when they reach a year or two old, then wean, PLEASE!!!!

meghan on

How much nutritional benefit can he possibly be getting from her, seriously? She just can’t cut the cord.

Lesley on

Did anyone watch the series SLAP. The child was at least 4 and breastfeeding all the way through the series.

Snow on

Gross, inappropriate, disgusting. Thanks to the hippy dippy parents of this generation, kids will never develop any personal boundaries. There’s a purpose for autonomy/independence in children. There’s a reason for them having their own room. There’s a reason for coming off the boob at a reasonable age.

Lisa on

I think it’s meant to be shocking and it does accomplish that feat.

Amelia on

If the child has the manual dexterity to unbutton the mother’s shirt to get to the breast and the verbal skills to request it they are too old to breastfeed!

canadasue on

What exactly is the benefit of nursing a child of this age? I believe that when a child is old enough that nursing is no longer a nutritional benefit, it is time to stop. After that it is just for comfort and a child needs to learn to self-sooth.

AEB on

I wish someone would go and fart in that woman’s general direction. I mean it’s healthy to release gas, just as it’s healthy to feed your kid. But, what? You’re offended that I farted loudly near you? Well I’m offended that your whipping your teet out in public.

mygentlebirthing on

The United States is one of the only countries that has to post things like this just to get the word out that extended breastfeeding is not weird. We have horrendous breastfeeding rates in our country, and the international average for weaning is 4 years old. Time has taken this topic, and made it an issue that it doesn’t need to be. Many of us parent the way we do because it comes naturally: we wear our babies because we want them soothed, close to us, to sleep better, feel safer, and be ready to breastfeed, we co-sleep because it is so much easier to feed our children than getting out of bed to get them, and it is proven that babies and mothers sleep better, and the rates of infant death is lower with parents who safely co-sleep, we breastfeed, because we have produced the milk specifically for our babies, and it continues to have benefits for as long as we breastfeed… Many of the philosophies that I’ve parented by are done out of sheer laziness, because I don’t want to get out of bed to feed my baby, I don’t want to hear my baby cry when I know she needs to be with me, attached to me. None of these philosophies are considered extreme in other countries, and I really wish they were not considered extreme in our country, and sensationalized in such a way on the cover of a national magazine.

lemur on

personally, this is kinda gross, but whatever floats your boat. Why is this an issue?

Alison on

I have breastfed so I have no issue with breastfeeding a child. I do think that if you plan to do it after 2, that the milk should be pumped and fed to the child in a cup.

AM on

This picture feels exploitative….Everything about it feels contrived and designed to make the audience uncomfortable. Although I am personally uncomfortable with breastfeeding beyond a year, I don’t think it’s fair to bias the reader on this issue with a “sensationalized” cover picture. It doesn’t seem to be portraying the issue in a balanced way, and I thought Time was better than that.

Cristina on

The worldwide average age of ending breastfeeding is 4 years old actually. In the US, especially on the west where I live, breastfeeding in and of itself is taboo, never mind the age limit! I had to breastfeed with a freakin tent everywhere I went because if not I would get stares and whispers (even though my baby was… well, a baby… very dependent on milk)


I am all for breastfeeding. I tried but wasn’t producing enough for my child. If these woman want to continue to give their children breast milk then pump and put it in a cup.

Sammie on

I’m sorry but that kid can go outside and ride a bike. he should not be hanging out sucking on mom’s boob. Does this woman live in a third world country where this is the only way her child will get nourishment?

SeedlingsGroup on

Unfortunately, part of the problem here is that much confusion and hostility results from confusion over semantics. “Attachment parenting” is a popular cultural concept and different from what researchers refer to when they emphasize the importance of secure attachment. So, when studies suggest that attachment to a primary caregiver early in life is critical to healthy development, the type of attachment they highlight, is not “attachment parenting”. We know from research, for example, that a mother who is sensitive and responsive to the cues of her infant (both verbally, physically and emotionally) will be more likely to have a securely attached child and that securely attached children are more likely to show positive developmental outcomes. We also know that breastfeeding the first year of life is related to positive child outcomes. But, while it’s true that some children who experience prolonged breastfeeding and co-sleep with their parents show healthy attachment, so do many formula fed infants who were crib sleepers from birth, as well as breastfed babies who were supplemented with formula and slept mostly in the crib, but sometimes in the swing and from time to time in the bassinet, etc… Bottom line, healthy attachment isn’t related to where the child sleeps or the duration/type of feeding they experience. It’s responsive parenting that matters most.

Emke on

This cover makes me cringe. It is totally inappropriate. Mother’s milk is provided as nutrition to babies who are clearly unable to eat and chew food like older children. Once your children can eat regular food they need to give up the boob! If mothers’ insist on providing breast milk for nutritional purposes, use a damn breast pump! What other animals in nature continue to nurse their offspring after they become developmentally independent??

jeff on

eeek disgusting!! How is this not pedophilia ?

Cristina on

I agree with above posters that this picture was done to really make the whole practice of breastfeeding perverse. Not on breastfeeding moms breastfeed their kid until they’re practically in school..

mimi on

its just plain tacky….you wanna breastfeed your kids at that age, fine- but don’t advertise it.

sss on

I support breastfeeding. I breastfed my four kids. But THAT kid is NOT 3. He might be 3 on a calendar, but I bet he’s nearer to 4, and, seriously that is too long to breastfeed. I’ve not heard any doctor or league who recommends breastfeeding beyond 2 years. The WHO recommends 2 years. I’m just not sure what the benefit is beyond age 2. If there were scientific evidence of benefit, and psychological evidence that it doesn’t damage the child, I’d be okay with others doing it (it’s not for me once they get teeth), but this seems a little off the chart, and I don’t think this image actually supports breastfeeding. I think it’s intended to be shocking. Even the staunchest breastfeeders don’t push it beyond age 2. So I’m not sure what the point is here? When IS it time to stop?

Lisa on

I know I’m going to hear it from the stroller mafia but….this is disgusting. Breastfeeding a 3 year old child is not bonding, it’s creepy bordering on molestation. This woman, like many, is just showing off and enjoying the controversy she’s creating.

I understand breastfeeding is natural…when the child is a baby; not when it’s a young child.

Sandra on

Here’s something to ponder…what if the child was a girl in a frilly pink dress?

mark on

Our son nursed exclusively till 6mos, then daily for most of his nutrition till 1yr, and partially for morning and evening feedings till 3yr, and occasionally till he turned 4yrs and stopped soon after on his own. He is of high intelligence, better emotional stability then many of his peers, and above average height and weight. At age 5, he has been very healthy and was sick once this past winter when his peers were coming down with a variety of bugs. My wife’s antibodies were passed down through her breast milk to our child. She nursed in public and home till he was 3yr and then the last year it was at home. I’ve been to a variety of countries including those with a higher standard of living like Sweden and Denmark. There is no problem with nursing your child at this age. This picture was set up to be provocative because you would not nurse your child like this. But it seems most folks sexualize the idea of nursing a child past 2 and well that is their problem. The US will hopefully get over it’s hang-ups over nursing and worry about more important things. Gladly living in Vermont, my wife never got comments about any nursing a few years back. Our son will be going to kindergarten in the fall and everything has turned out quite fine, playing with his friends and visiting relatives. Our family doctor was fine and supporting of this and everything has turned out very well. Now let’s talk about relevant things like childhood hunger and get off our high horses, please!

Glo on

Sick and disgusting! For the wackos defending this, ou mean to tell me if you saw a 4 year old pull a chair over to Mommy in McDonald’s and his Mommy stand up and plop her boob in his mouth, you would say, “Oh, look how precious?”

ecl on

I’m more offended by the way she dressed her son. Why does she have to militarize him?

rena on

If you are worried that they aren’t getting the nutrition, then pump the breast milk, I don’t see why a 3 yr old needs to suckle. In all honesty, this looks like he’s just got it in his mouth like a pacifier.

SEM on

I’m as liberal as they come and I find this cover vulgar and over the top. The look on the kid’s face is ridiculous. Breastfeed your kid until their 20 if you want but did anyone really need to see this???

Mattwife on

Just wait until the boy goes to school, even high-school. Someone is gonna find out it was him and he’s gonna be the “kid on that Time Magazine cover”. Can you imagine the teasing he will get? Shame on you. mom. Do you realize what you are doing to your son?

keewee on

I find this both disturbing and disgusting. I breastfed all three of my babies, so I am not against breastfeeding, but this picture seems almost pornographic with this ‘little boy’ sucking his mom’s boob. The look on her face doesn’t help matters. Time magazine has really gone down hill.

Karen on

Not a big deal. I b-fed my son until he was 4. After 2 or so, it’s not a source of nutrition, just a form of comfort. And it ended. Now he’s 8 and bears no scars from it.

Cristina on

The US is the only country that suggests children be weaned from nursing at a year old and given COW MILK! Really? So you’re telling me that a COW can produce better milk than me, someone of the same species! Breasts are not for sex they are for nursing!

bradslager on

you are disgusting

AJ on

I do attachment parenting. It works extremely well for us. We have seen amazing benefits as compared to friends and family that don’t do it. It has so many benefits. For those of you that say put it in a cup, extended breastfeeding is not just about nutritional benefits, it is also about emotional benefits. My son, who is 18 months has long since been able to drink out of a cup and has an extremely healthy diet other than breastmilk. My daughter who was breastfed until she was 3 is not backwards at all, and though she would never want breast milk again she knows that it is a very healthy gift you give your child. She excels at her school (being able to skip kindergarten) and is very social. As far as the sexual part goes, believe me there is ABSOLUTELY no sexual feelings when you are breastfeeding. And it is definetly not more for the mother than the child. While I enjoy cuddling with my son while he is feeding, to be honest sometimes taking the time to breastfeed at nap time and bed time can drive me nuts if I have a lot to do. I just know that it works/has worked great for the kids, and I’m willing to sacrifice my time for them. If you don’t like the cover, don’t click on stories about it:)

Glo on

It is SICK and DISGUSTING! To all of you wackos who think not, tell me what you think when you see a 4 year old, pull a chair over to Mommy in McDonald’s and Mommy plops her boob in his mouth. I bet your first words won’t be, “Oh, isn’t that precious!”

lulu on

It breaks my heart to know this kid will grow up with this permanently affixed to him every time anyone googles him. Mom, what on earth were you thinking? Complete narcissism on her part! Poor kid! And frankly Time is partially responsible for this.

Koko on

Actually, Shannon you are seriously wrong. There are plenty of benefits of nursing past 1 year which includes nutrition, bonding, and emotional security. Get your facts straight.

JL on

I can’t believe how judgmental all these people are. Breastfeeding or not is a personal decision. When to wean is a personal decision. I breastfed both my kids way past one year. It was not for my own benefit or “pleasure.” My children were still getting nutrients and comfort from it. Others might not be comfortable with that. Fine. Live and let live.

Laura on

If a mom really was set on using breast milk to feed her child after age two I can understand pumping and using a sippy cup. Why was that picture necessary? He seems a little old.

Amy on

To all commenters who insinuate that there is some sort of perverse pleasure in this concept…not photo…for the mother: how would you feel if someone said to you, “Your mother totally got her rocks off by breastfeeding you until you were out of preschool?” This is a real person!

I don’t have a problem with the cover…that’s what magazines DO to get readers. It’s not just Time. It’s the industry. And while I don’t necessarily think I would breastfeed my child to age four, the Department of Children and Family Services would have been called if the child’s life or well-being is being endangered. So get over it.

anon on


Dell on

Why not just use a breast pump and give it to him in a cup? Although It was hard for me to “let go” and wean my children at 12 months, I’m glad I did. It was really hard because during the time you are lactating you naturally feel more “motherly and protective” of that child. It’s like, they come 1st and to heck with everyone else. You have to stop at some point I’m glad mine was the 12 month mark.

g2007anon on


ProBreastfeeding on

■In the second year (12-23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides: ■29% of energy requirements
■43% of protein requirements
■36% of calcium requirements
■75% of vitamin A requirements
■76% of folate requirements
■94% of vitamin B12 requirements
■60% of vitamin C requirements

— Dewey 2001
Just because YOU thinks its wrong doesnt mean its not benificial for the child

stef24 on

The act of breastfeeding is not disgusting. It’s perfectly normal/natural. The act of women popping their boobs out in plain sight for all to see in restaurants, malls, grocery stores and now the Time cover is absolutely disgusting. We should not have to see breastfeeding while we’re eating our dinner or shopping. Cover up. That is not too much to ask. Women would freak (and understandably so!) if men sneaked peeks of their boobs and scream all kinds of sexual harassment speeches…yet they don’t have a problem with the same men seeing their boobs while breastfeeding. Doesn’t work that way. Breastfeed all you want…just use a blanket. It’s not an unreasonable thing to ask.

ProBreastfeeding on

■The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that “Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child… Increased duration of breastfeeding confers significant health and developmental benefits for the child and the mother… There is no upper limit to the duration of breastfeeding and no evidence of psychologic or developmental harm from breastfeeding into the third year of life or longer.” (AAP 2005)

Kelson on

Normally I wouldn’t comment but this kid looks kind of old. This borders on child pornography to me. It is exploitation and a publicity stunt.

whatintheworld? on

This picture quickens the speed at which we’re all going to hell in a hand basket!

Anonymous on

Breast feeding is a perfectly normal phenomenon. There is no pat answer for when to quit; some children need it longer than others. To stop just because a child turns one is ridiculous.

Mary Elizabeth on

This is just to sell the magazine, I will never buy or read Time again.

Greg on

You’re all right. The human body is vile, repulsive, and completely inappropriate. Somebody throw a tarp over these women! The shame!

People need to grow up. It’s a breast. When did we become a society of such whiny children? Shame on us for sexualizing women’s bodies to the point where nursing mothers offend us.

Lisa on

My 5.5 month old daughter has been exclusively breast fed since birth and has not been ill once in that time. Three friends with infants around the same age chose to feed their children formula. All three have fought illnesses and in two of the three children they will be receiving breathing treatments indefinitely. I have NO DOUBT that breastfeeding is the reason for my little one’s strong immunity. I cannot believe the comments above disputing the value of breastfeeding over formula. Formula, in my opinion, is equivalent to feeding a baby McDonald’s then switching to Wendy’s when they have a reaction. Obviously this photo was intended to be provocative and it hit its mark.

Anna on

The “poll” by People is misleading. Of course I think THE COVER is fine if it explores an issue currently under debate. If someone wants to be Earth Mother I guess that’s her right, but she’s not considering what that will do to her child in the long run, so how selfish is that? It may “work for her” but come on, that is beyond selfish. What if the picture had shown a daughter instead of a son? Why didn’t it? Would reaction here have been different? I don’t really care. But here’s the bottom line: What are the chances in the future of any woman or man making him/her happy? Yikes.

whatintheworld? on

This pic just quickened the speed of the hand basket in which we’re all traveling to hell.

Anonymous on

This is child porn!!!!!!!

JessicaB on

strange. a bit disturbing. the boy will be teased forever about this cover.

Erin on

Over the top. Ridiculous. Kinda gross.

Becky on

Every child and every mother are different and have different needs. Do what is right for your situation and stop judging others for doing what is right for theirs. These “mommy wars” really need to end!

Kelly on

No wonder they tried to get the country’s attention. I am appalled at the ignorance of some of these comments. Give them a steak. Pump and put it in a cup. Get real. A huge part of extended nursing is the emotional benefits a child gets from it. I breastfed my children 2 years, 2.5years, and 2 years. I would have gone longer but I actually hated it a little bit. I continued past a year for THEM. It brought them so much comfort and happiness. And it is the healthiest thing that you could possibly offer them. Why would anyone deny their child that?

Machelle on

Just a filthy excuse to show child porn. Makes me want to vomit. I certainly will not be buying anything remotely related to Time magazine in the future.

Mary on

I’m sorry, but is her husband okay with this happening? I know my husband wouldn’t really like my son breastfeeding past a certain age. I know it is natural and beautiful, but after a certain age it just becomes a little creepy. I know I am thankful that I don’t have memories of myself hanging off of my mother’s breast. My basic opinion is that after a certain age it might be healthier to breastfeed, but you are doing quite a bit more psychological damage.

30 months and counting on

Pumping does not provide the same antibodies and immunity benefits as skin-to-skin nursing, nor does it provide the comfort vital for proper emotional development. A sippy cup is NOT a suitable substitute.

I wonder how many of the people criticizing drank a big glass of cow’s milk today.

…and you all do realize this is not an article (or title) about breastfeeding, right?

Anonymous on

The nutritional benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond a year, as much scientific literature points out. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for at least two years.

People who are “disgusted” by this cover because the child is 3 years old are using his age as a cop out. If there was a picture of an infant or a six-month-old or a twelve-month-old breastfeeding on the cover, we’d hear similar outrage from many people. Most people simply aren’t comfortable with breastfeeding.

The sad reality is that breastfeeding mothers are marginalized in today’s society, and hospitals and even many doctors do not give adequate support to breastfeeding mothers, which is why breastfeeding rates are not higher. Mothers are shamed for breastfeeding in public, even if they are covered. They are kicked out of church, harassed by flight attendants on airplanes, and told to hide under the clothing racks or in the dressing rooms at stores.

Is this cover provocative? Sure. It’s not everyday we see any child breastfeeding, much less a three-year-old. But, it’s not disgusting or unhealthy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Breastfeeding is a completely natural, healthy activity for a mother and child. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their children after the AAP-recommended one year are continuing to give their child the nutritional benefits of breast milk while boosting their immunity. Those are the facts.

Kim on

My favorite are the women who defend their choices not to let their kids grow up — to the one mom who admitted it wasn’t for nutrition..can I ask – who was being comforted? Women are an interesting gender, so insecure and needy and resentful of the fact they are insecure and needy. This cover just touches the tip of the iceberg. Women – we aren’t supportive of each other because we only care about ourselves plain and simple. Look at one of the top news stories of the day – John Edwards and that crazy loon Rielle Hunter?? I mean Rielle knew he was married and knew he had kids. Regardless of anything else, she should have said no but she didn’t care that she was disrupting a family. She dove right in because its all about her. Every woman considers every man a possibility – relationships are not respected or honored. Women just care about themselves…if a kid can drink from a sippy cup yet needs to nurse to be comforted?? LOL ladies that means you aren’t comforting your child..this pregnancy motherhood thing isn’t about you – its about the child. LET GO…let them grow and don’t force your need to be his source of comfort on him. Why don’t you try and let your husband be your source of comfort???

May on

Probreastfeeding – Pump it and cup it. While I’m at it…shut it up. There’s thousands of nutritious foods that offer every bit of the nutrients you just provided…and more. Feeding from the breast at this age is not required or necessary on the child’s part…it’s strictly for the mom’s sake. (for whatever reasons she has, ie, must be needed in this way, wanting the child to be overly dependent satisfying her need for uber attachment, ect)

Linda on

If your kid is old enough to ask for a boob or milk, I think its time to stop! Crap just pump and give him it in a cup like big kids do progress him on time as others, not let him suck on you while standing up and able to talk fine.. seriously, I feel this is just not good!

30 months and counting on

To everyone who says the mother is “getting off” on this, or that this is sexual in any way – do you realize how much you’re saying about yourself by putting comments out there like that?

My god. Look at the science. And the world outside of this backwards country. And stop buying into all the garbage you’re being fed by the dairy industry.

Human milk for human babies.

Michelle on

Reading more about this mother, I find this isn’t a simple situation of her really believing in breastfeeding her almost 4 yr old child. She was breastfed by her mother until the age of 6. That’s just some out-of-control attachment right there. Also, she has a 5 yr old adopted son. She breastfeeds him also. She become his mother when he was 3.5 yrs old. Now, while I may understand (just barely) still breastfeeding a child at 3.5, STARTING to breastfeed one at that age is just plain trying to make a statement.

sat on

For shock value alone, I find the photo hilarious. It’s almost satirical.

Robin on

Just when I thought I’d seen and heard it all. By the way, aren’t her breasts beyond sore by now? I’m guessing this child will be weirded out when he finds this practice at his age is abnormal, to say the least. I’m really having a difficult time wrapping my brain around this one. It’s high time she weened the kid off her boob already! This is just gross!

jj on

I pumped with my first for 6 months and nursed my second for the same time period. My boobs look like deflated balloons now. Holy Mary….this woman’s boobs have to be down to her waist!!!

Jen on

I agree with the woman who said this was crass. That is the exact word for it. I dont think the cover was necessary, but if they done it with a baby, it wold have looked less gross and sorry people, but that LOOKS (not is, but looks in a way) borderline pornographic with a child that age. I think its the kids age and standing on a chair..and the look on his face. Just eww. Come on, Time! Woman breastfeeding at Target look classier than this.

butterflysong on

I don’t know if this should have been on the cover…but as a subject of discussion, I do not think it is wrong for her to be breastfeeding her child. Only in Western countries like ours, especially the U.S and likely Canada too is weaning your child super early, even younger than a year so common. Children can be breastfed until about 4-5. It’s all about perspective. The person who said it was perverted, is putting that connotation onto something that has none of that. Suffice it to say, it is healthy and normal and if parents choose to breastfeed until 3-4, so what? I have issues with people who wean at 8 weeks, but that’s their prerogative. The cover however was intentionally and unnecessarily provocative and that is another issue entirely.

lactivist jaQ on

i nursed my children for a total of 60 months, the longest being my daughter– at 3.5 years, one day, she said, “mommy, i’m going to save the rest of the milk for the new baby.” (i was 6 months pregnant). there are few things in my life that i’m prouder of, than “extended nursing” my children.

oh, and i also feed my babies mouth-to-mouth, like alicia silverstone. get over it. i don’t agree with traditional parenting, but you’ll never catch me bashing it.

reading some of these comments has me SEEEEETHING, to see the ignorance and closed-minds out there. what a shame. we have a looooong way to go, toward tolerance. thank goodness i’m teaching MY children about acceptance and awareness. there are four youths who will go into the world accepting people for who they are, rather than turning their noses up and telling “different” people that they are wrong.

in all my years of nursing in public, i was asked to stop twice– and yep, both times were when my kids were toddlers.

Clara on

Grow up! There is nothing wrong with breast feeding a child, even a 3 year old. You are such perverts to think this is unsuitable behavior. The prophet Samuel was believed to be breast fed until about 5 or 6.

Yasminda on

Much Ado About Nothing!!! So what if a mother wants to breastfeed her child beyond infancy. Those people calling the images of mothers breastfeeding their own kids gross or even perverse are the ones with deep rooted psychological issues. We live in a society where sexual images are constantly thrown our way but the cover of Time magazine is “controversial”. I am sure that if we really took an honest look at ourselves and the families we have some of the stuff we do and practice could also be considered taboos or unorthodox. If the stuff you do doesn’t hurt your loved ones then so what! I have yet to hear about a child being breastfeed that has been in any way “damaged” by it, if anything the opposite is true. In the meantime let’s get off our judgmental high egos and live and let live.

No Name Jane on

OK, probreastfeeding, how about the benefits in the THIRD year? Because we aren’t talking about the first two years. And if you’re going to say comfort and security, I say that is not a good enough reason. There a multitude of ways to bond with and comfort a child that doesn’t involve latching onto a body part.

private on

How dare you call this child porn? How are we OK as society to have nudity on the cover of a magazine and hardly bat an eye, but a child breastfeeding is called “child porn.” Get over yourself. For those of you that are “OK with you doing your business in your own home….” leave it at that. Don’t post negative comments the fuel a divide between mothers tht breastfeed and those that don’t. It is tough enough to be a new mom or a mom without the judgement of you all that think you know better or best. Can’t we just support each other?

ashley on

I think what it is about the cover I dont like is that her son is looking at the camera. Like they should be embracing more or something. It’s not that he is 3 its their stance. But I guess that was part of the point of the picture being taken the way it was.

MH on

How is that poor little boy going to feel when his friends make fun of him, or when he gets older and realizes that he’s going to have to live with that photograph for the rest of his life?

Adriennie on

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Definitely gonna buy this issue!

Ali said it best, “Unless you’ve done it…you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I nursed my 1st till he was 3 months old, my 2nd till she was 15 moths and If I had known how long it would take me to find a dang job I wouldn’t have stopped when I did!! Both my kids are smart but my 3 year old has advanced at a much faster rate than my 7 year old when he was her age. She knows her ABC’s, can count, knows her way around the PC, and is even saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”! (My son’s trying to get her ready for school, lol) Everyone always comments on how well she can articulate. I say this, not to brag, but because there are benefits to breastfeeding for ANY period of time (even if its just to get the Colostrum) but ‘extended breastfeeding’–really blows my mind to think of the developmental, cognitive, not to mention HEALTH benefits that can be achieved. Kudos to this mom for having the courage to REPRESENT! I’m already stalking her FB page and I don’t even have one! lol. She is too cute and shes 2 years younger than me! If only her website were working…Ugggh! I heart her!

Whitney Gosnell on

This is disgusting and appalling to me personally. Whatever happened to morals and discretion. Unfortunately we live in a world where everything seems to be okay. We just keep getting more and more liberal and out there. There are no health benefits to breast feeding a child at that age. It’s just creepy.

Katie on

*****GROSS***** No child should be breastfeeding at that age. The child can eat real food that is good for them. They don’t need their mothers milk anymore…geesh. That poor child will be so upset when he gets older, and sees this photo!. Why did TIME feel the need to do this as the cover…it really is disgusting?!? Maybe some woman like doing it, but not everyone wants to see it!.

private on

Glo- get over yourself. You are sick and disturbing for writing such negagive comments. No, you probably won’t see this mom pulling up a chair at McDonald’s to “plop out her boob.” She’ll probably try to avoid McDonald’s, as she is clearly concerned about nutritional value. Why don’t you go ahead and order your kids a big mac and fries…. go ahead and super-size it while you’re at it. I know I shouldn’t post this as I am adding fuel to the fire, but I breastfed my baby at an airport this week, as well as on the airplane, not for anything other than the simple fact that my baby needed food and comfort. I don’t need to be judged or criticized for that. Being a mom is hard enough- again, let’s just support each other for once. Obviously this cover was printed to get a rise out of people. End of story. You can think what you want about it, but you don’t have to post your negativity, judgements and criticism for all to see. Think about things for a minute before you post. Think about what your negative comments can do to that mom and her son.

Beth on

I agree that children benefit from breast milk but I don’t think actually feeding them from the breast is natural after the child is a year old.

JAL24 on

I don’t think feeding any child breast milk is the real issue here. The manner in which you do so is. When a child is old enough to ask to be fed or drink is when the mother should be using a breast pump and a cup if it’s important to her to give her child the continued benefits.

Karen on

I understand that breastfeeding is natural. So is having sex, going to the bathroom and pleasuring yourself. Where do you draw the line because a line HAS to be drawn. People need to stop talking and showing everyone everything about themselves. Keep your bodily functions to yourself.

Suzanne on

If people feel that a child that age can still benefit from breast milk, then put it in a cup!

KB on

Cut the embillical cord already!!!!

meghan on

Lisa, was it a strain patting yourself on the back about your daughter’s health over your friends kids?

reprise on

@Shannon: To go so far as to say that there is absolutely, without any doubt or exception ANY benefit to breastfeeding beyond 6 months is to be ignorant of the very purpose of the article itself, and the alternative parenting movement.

Obviously the movement is appealing to the physiological aspect of human development as a platform, while using breastfeeding as just another facet of that ideology.

I can argue that there is no point in you being nice to your children, unless they have low self esteem. It’s like me saying there’s absolutely NO benefit to reducing our carbon footprint. Or like saying there absolutely NO benefit to voting.

There is, iIf you just think slightly.

moonmaid on

I bet if this nice blonde was dressed sexy with her breasts hanging out in some provacative pose, most would think nothing of it. I am a 60 year old woman who went against the trend of my days when my children were born and ended up nursing my youngest until she was four. She is now a beautiful, educated woman who nursed her oldest daughter until she was three and is still nursing her baby girl who will be 2 in july. All my children are well adjusted, college educated adults who are kind, compassionate and non judgemental. If breats are exposed in a sexy way seens to be ok, but when they are used for the purpose they were made for people come unglued. Is it really necessary to be mean spirited and unkind>

meghan on

lactivist jaQ, just out of curiousity, why are you proud to have breastfed your children? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I’m genuinely curious. Breastfeeding is normal and natural, so why would it be a source of pride to do what you’re supposed to do? I ask because I have heard many women say they are proud of breastfeeding, like it’s an accomplishment and I see it as just another aspect of life–no pride OR shame.

tltfaas1 on

I can’t comment on the age of the breastfeeding child because that is for a parent to decide. What I can and will comment on is how damaging this picture will be to that little boy. When he goes to school he will be teased and bullied constantly by other children. I cannot believe that a loving mother would allow a picture like this to be taken and shown throughout the world. Does she even give a damn about how this will affect her sweet little boy?

Eve on

Breastfeeding is an intimate act between a mother and child. I don’t appreciate having women pop their tits out in public and feeding their children in front of EVERYONE! Just because you can doesn’t mean you SHOULD! Keep it under wraps, moms!

In Disbelief on

So, does she pump and pack the milk in his lunch box, or does she just show up for show and tell?

kat on

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

smelly on

Children at school do not discuss the nutritional values of breastfeeding. If you feel that your child would benefit from breast MILK until the age of seven by all means please give it to them, you as the parent know best. But as a kindness to your child (who no matter what you do will be deemed different by the other children and therefore teased), please express your milk into a sippy cup. There is absolutely no reason, to have a child 4 and older at your breast. Independence (sippy cup), is also very valuable to children as well as any nutrients they may be receiving from breast milk.

tmb1975 on

This world is just insane. Can we please return to the 80s when this stuff would never have gotten past an editor?

MS on

I’m all for breast feeding. I breast fed my son until he was a year old. I stopped the first time my son came up and “helped himself” to lunch. I have always wondered why the Mothers who breast feed toddlers continue to have the child latch on at the breast. Why not pump the milk and put it in a sippy cup? Is it a closeness/bonding issue? Trying to understand, not criticize.

I'm a Woman on

Breastfeeding is an INTIMATE moment btw mom and child and NOT for everyone to watch!!!

kathy on

totally uncalled for! I see so many underlying problems here. the mom has them and the son will have them. god, I’m glad my kids are grown!

Jennifer Williams on

First of all, the minimum recommendation to breastfeed your child is 1-year, but most health boards say two-years if at all possible. It is not only physically healthy for your child, providing them with nutrition that can ONLY be found in their mother’s milk, but it also helps with bonding and psychological development. The rush in this country to force our babies to be independent is unusual, and not found in the rest of the world.

Second of all, your revulsion at seeing a toddler breastfeeding in unfathomable. How can you be so disgusted by something so completely natural, when you see fourteen-year-old’s selling sex in fashion ads every day? To me that is much more unnatural and disgusting. A three-year-old is still so young! He is practically a baby still! It is perfectly natural for him to be breastfeeding at that age.

Thirdly, to all of those suggesting a mother actually pump her milk and put it in a cup for a child of that age, that makes no sense at all! A breast-pump doesn’t suck nearly as efficiently as a child, and it’s much more uncomfortable. Why go through all that trouble when you can have a perfectly lovely, and natural bonding experience with your child while he sucks at your breast?

And lastly, I was breast-fed till I was five. I remember the day I stopped, and it was completely my choice. I stopped because I was ready. I am now in my twenties, successful, perfectly independent of my mother, and capable of leading my own life. I’m not the least bit embarrassed about being breast-fed for more than five years, and if my mother had chosen to put me on a magazine cover like this little boy, I wouldn’t ever have been embarrassed–I would have been a toddler after all! Adults laugh at the silly things that were recorded when they were babies, and I doubt this boy will be embarrassed later down the road. He’s also not at school age, so I don’t know what this bullying comment is about. Also, 3-year-old’s don’t read TIME magazine. The boy’s friends will probably have no idea that he’s on the cover. Whether or not the boy goes to preschool or reads or does any other number of independent ‘grown-up’ activities has nothing to do with whether or not he should be breast-feeding. Breast-feeding, especially for children over 2, is more about bonding and comfort than actual meals and food. It’s similar to snuggling (another perfectly natural thing to do with your children) in that way. Seriously, why do we recommend children to drink 3 cups of cow’s milk each day, but can’t condone breast-feeding? Drinking another animal’s milk is much less natural than drinking our mother’s milk.

Colleen on

There are nutritional benefits to nursing, even as a child gets older, but there are also emotional benefits. As Americans we tend to view things sexually, because our culture is slanted that way, but in reality there is nothing sexual, or weird, or wrong with nursing a child of this age. Even if the nursing is for comfort or security.

Lisa on

What do I think? I think it’s gross. If you want to breastfeed your child until they’re in high school, fine. I do not want to see it though.

Lisa on

I don’t like the cover because it is an unnatural pose and clearly intended to be provocative. I am all for extended breastfeeding and its benefits. Personally, as long as you stop before your child hits kindergarten, it seems perfectly normal to me. I fully support breastfeeding in public without the need to hide in a restroom or cover your child’s head.

Really though, for those who suggest pumping, have you ever tried it? Your child can empty your breast far more efficiently than a breast pump. Many women struggle to get an ounce or two at a 15-20 minute sitting with a pump. The idea of pumping so as not to offend others is ludicrous.

lactivist jaQ on

i’m proud because many women give up. it’s not the easiest thing in the world to spend years of your life nursing. i was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for nearly 7 years straight, and to me, that’s an accomplishment.

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Nita on

I’ve breastfed all my kids past the age of 1 (19mo,17mo, 15mo) but after about 9months old, it was ONLY at night and it was more like an attachment thing. NEVER would have let it progress to the point where my kids had a full mouth of teeth and could wipe their own butts and drink out of a regular cup. There’s no need for it. You can be attached to your kids in other ways. BTW, I feel sorry for the kid because you know he’s gonna get made fun of for this cover.

Easyup on

I think the breast milk has done its job, that big boy of yours doesn’t need it anymore! Whey are you blaming Time, they are only giving you the visual of what it looks like to breastfeed a 3yr old. I don’t think I would feel any less twitchy if they were lying in bed with him drinking from her breast. If you are uncomfortable with these visuals then its time to stop. This mother is only one of four who are featured in the article breastfeeding their older children. With good nutrition and teeth, this late stage suckling is uncalled for.

Anna on

This is disgusting! A model pose with a preschooler sucking on her? Yeah ok…..Breastfeeding is something between a mom and a BABY!!!! This is a form of child abuse! Absolutely appauling. If this child can walk, talk, and drink out of a cup, the mom can stop molesting them.

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Jill on

My oldest daughter was allergic to cow’s milk and soy, the only reason she outgrew it at the age of 2 is because I breast fed her until she was 2. It gave her the nutrients she needed along with small doses of what she was allergic to through my milk. Her store alternatives were terrible for her. I don’t get why people are so anxious to give their kids expensive formulas and another animals milk when they produce for free exactly what their child needs and by your own diet you know exactly what they are getting. Nursing is a special bond with your child, it helps calm them and you. I could feed my child anywhere, anytime without worrying how to heat up their milk or if I have enough. When they are sick it helps them feel better faster. My daughter had the stomach flu earlier this year and I didn’t have to worry that she couldn’t have milk when she woke up in the morning. I had a stash in the deep freeze for her and when that’s all she had all day along with crackers to make sure she didn’t relapse, I didn’t have to worry if she had enough to eat or whether it would sit well with her stomach. The primary purpose for breasts is for nursing, not male pleasure.

Ray on

This is in response to Shannon. When my daughter was 2 years old, My wife who is the best woman I know was breast feeding our baby and had to pump milk for the 2 year old because she could not drink milk. Mothers milk is the best for kids. If a woman breast feeds I think she is great.

Fiona Prince on

If the mother were looking at her child, and he at her, I wouldn’t find this cover so provocative. It would seem more like I was witnessing a special, caring and intimate moment between mother and son.

The defiant look on the mother’s face and in her body language; and the child looking at us instead of focusing on his mother is what disturbs me. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at until I read the comments. It doesn’t look like breast-feeding to me.

PShack on

I feel just as sorry for this little boy as I do for babies who aren’t breastfed at all. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate, but the cover is disgusting. If the child needs breast milk, then I agree with others, pump and give it in a cup. Suckling is for real babies, not little children whose mothers have separation issues.

LoveMyCrazyLife on

This is really, really ridiculous! Breastfeeding should be a private moment between the mom and her baby. Pulling your breast out in public is just weird. I mean, if you have to breastfeed and you are in public, please cover yourself up. More importantly, breastfeeding a four-year-old is just wrong. I would not want a four-year-old sucking on my breast. There is a time when you should stop breastfeeding or else when the child is a teenager and they’re hungry and then you start pulling your breast out. How stupid is that! That is why there are so many things wrong with this world.

Bobbi on

This is disturbing!

Steph on

Totally agree with JRW. Breastfeed for as long as you want but don’t throw it in my face and don’t act like I’m a bad person for not sharing your views.

meghan on

lactivist jaQ, thank you for answering my question. I appreciate your candor.

Jill on

I find it unbelievable how many negative females are commenting on here along with the majority that have never had children, it’s easy to cast stones. If you’re an animal lover do you like to see your dog or cat in pain. Would you do anything to take that pain away. Would you tell them they could no longer have their favorite bone because they have outgrown it? Would you stop cuddling them because they are too old for it? The older they get the harder it gets to tell them no to something they have known from the first day they were born. Eventually they will stop, just like wearing diapers, and using the pacifier but in their own time. Society has become so selfish in what is easier for them instead of what is right for their children. It’s also your own personal choice. I don’t look down on others that don’t breastfeed, but I certainly encourage anyone that wants my advice. If it was an ad with a puppy nursing his newborn pups no one would say anything. If it was adult man and woman in the add no one would say anything either.

Delberta on

Just get over it! come on, really!!! This is NOT a disgusting thing. It is very natural. In fact it was one of the oldest ways to prevent pregnancy many years ago. Mothers breast-fed their children upto 6 years of age, sometimes more. It is not a sexual act!! It is part of nature, all mammals do it! This is what is wrong with our country and the rest of the world, We do not have to apply sex to EVERYTHING/EVERY ACT!! Grow-up get your mind out of the gutter. I do not see anything about sex in this picture. If you do…… you are sick!!!

Tasha on

Pump the breast milk and put it in a cup. PERIOD!

MyTwoCents on

Too bad so much is left out for the world to know. First of all, Jaime’s child is 2 months shy of being 4 years old and she also has an adopted child who is 5 years old that breast feeds, too. Why did Time Magazine leave that child out of the photo? I will tell you why. Time wanted to get your attention but they didn’t want a back lash either. The adopted child, adopted just about the time of her bio-baby was born is a black child and Time did not want TOO much controversy.

Shame on Jaime and shame on Time magazine. Why hide the other child? Someone explain THAT

carrie on

Breastfeeding is good. How long should a breastfeeds her child is individual choice. Why do people need to put issue like this front and center to make a point. The poor boy will be teased by his buddies the rest of his life..

Yasminda on

I don’t feel like anyone has the right to tell me what to do as a mother so I extend the same courtesy to other moms. I truly believe that a healthy sane mother will always do the very best for her child and at the end that is what counts. We can all amicably agree that the goal is to have a healthy and happy kid regardless of the road you’ve taken. I always try to remember that there are many roads that lead to Rome, none are wrong just different ways to get to the same place.

db on

I feel that breast feeding is a highly personal and private moment. I come from a family where this is the norm..But it was also done in private..For me a year was enough…when the child can start drinking from a cup or teeth came in. An acquaintance was visiting me and her 3 year old boy started unbuttoning her blouse….she laughed and said he wanted a snack…this child also drank from a cup….I was so uncomfortable I made an excuse and left the room…The cover photo is not appropriate its obscene….I do feel like these mothers have issues of their own that need to be dealt with…The woman I knew certainly had many issues that I knew of….she would not get her children inoculations, so therefore they were home schooled..discipline was some type of physical exercise including running around the block several times with a sign hanging from them stating the offense…..I find this kind of Mother gets some kind of pleasure being different….she wears it like a badge…look at me….I have a special bond with my child and everyone else is wrong….maybe in the 16th century or third world countries this is not frowned upon…because it was and is the norm….it was done out of necessity….Its all silly and its sad that this is all the Time magazine can find to put on its cover..

Anonymous on

I am all for breastfeeding 100%, but does it really have to be on a magazine cover? We get it.

larissa on

I think its beautiful and bold. More people need to accept nursing as the norm. Why is it healthier for us to drink cows milk verses our own. Children’s immune systems are not matured until 6 years old. Breastmilk provids red blood cells to provide immunities to our kids.

Karen on

If it truly is all about nutritional value, then put it in a cup. It’s still the same stuff.

Daniella on

Wow, definitely wasn’t expecting to see that on the cover. I’m all for breastfeeding, but when those teeth start to come in, it’s weaning time for me. And for all the ladies who are saying breastmilk is ALWAYS the best way to go, well, my brothers & myself were bottlefed, but we’re all very healthy adults now. In contrast, our half-brother was breastfed for 18 months by our stepmother, who smoked, drank & did a variety of drugs during that time. The same applies to three of my cousins, who’s mother had a prescription drug addiction, but insisted on breastfeeding them. All of them have suffered health problems as a direct result of this no-compromise mentality.

Your breastmilk is only as good as what you put into your body. And in this case, my half-brother & cousins would have 100X better off on formula than their mother’s breastmilk.

Kilti on

And just why do you think women have breasts?

Char' Maine on


ginger_flybaby on

I nursed my daughter till she was one month shy of her 3rd birthday. It wasn’t something I set out to do, as I never even planned on breastfeeding at all. The nurse in the hospital suggested I try it and then the rest is history. She’s 18 now and I can count the times on one hand that she’s been sick. My 12 and 10 year old were only nursed for one year. I try not to judge others choices when it comes to what comes natural to them, as it’s necessary for me to remain neutral in my line of work as a nurse. Although I must say the picture is a bit shocking to my senses, but hey, I’ve seen a whole lot worse in my lifetime.

stacey on

if you had a man doing that to her, it’s porn.. but a little boy isn’t? that’s repulsive and she should be completely ashamed. only pedo’s want to see that.

Rebecca on

I breast-fed all four of my children. HOWEVER, I was very discreet about it. I did not expose my breasts for all to see. I used cover-ups while feeding my children. I am all for the rights of the mother and father to raise their children as they see fit — so long as it is not abusive. Breast feeding is the most beneficial thing you can do for both mother and child. This cover makes a mockery of breast feeding. It makes it seem almost dirty… In a world where we have singers and “stars” showing off their wares, I don’t understand why there is such an outcry against women using their breasts as God originally intended — to feed our young. I hate the pose. I think it stirs up sexual imagery. That is NOT what we in the breast-feeding community wish to do.. is it? I should hope not. I think Time took what is beautiful and marred it with this cover to stir up controversy.

amy on

Great way to get comments and attention. Well done.

amy on

I feel sorry for the son. This picture compliments of his almighty and supposed best ally, Mom.

Yeah, not so sure he will be thanking her, for oh forever… Nice move Mom. You might want to ponder the importance of Privacy. Big word I know. Maybe Google it?

B on

I’ll be honest, I don’t understand why this is a “controversy” at all… Personally, I think it’s alittle extreme, but who am I to tell another mother, “no don’t raise your child that way”?

The mothers who do this aren’t doing anything wrong- they’re raising their kids the way they think is best, just like anyone else. You don’t like it? Well, no one is telling you that YOU have to do it *gasp* You don’t even have to read the article or look at the cover!

Everyone is getting their panties into a twist over something that’s really not their business. Ultimately its not going to affect your life.

I think its absurd that Time and CNN are even reporting on this, I mean, I think there are more important topics to discuss. Or did I miss the memo about how we solved world hunger?

Charlotte on

Awwwwww … I hope this boy grows up knowing how much his Mom loved him (evidenced by her willingness to nurse him until this age) and with a healthy respect and appreciation for all boobs. Maybe if there was more physical affection and bonding between parents and children in their early years, there wouldn’t be so much alienation from each other during the teen years. That’s what I’m hoping for me and my little girl, anyway, who I intend to continue nursing for as long as she wants to.

tejanalinda on

I was in South America for over year as a missionary in various people’s homes. This is the norm in that culture–we very often would be sitting with a woman, perhaps surrounded by her teenage brothers and his friends, and her little 3 or 4 year old would walk up to her, tap her on the chest, and suddenly she’d bust out her breasts in front of everyone. The boys didn’t snicker, though a few made sure to get a good luck, but no one flinched (except us Americans!). Often, the moms wouldn’t even bother tucking themselves back in, just let it all hang out so that their toddler could walk up and take a sip here and there as he pleased. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan. However, in the case of where I was, families were struggling to find the means to feed their families and nursing through the toddler years meant free food. I get that. But the cover on Time? As one person posted on here–it’s not about the kids nutrition, it’s about the mom not being able to let go, or not willing to let go of the feeling.

AlaBella on

I think whoever posted this was looking start a fight. Breastfeeding has ALWAYS been a touchy issue on this site, so while I get the point of posting this, why not just report about the cover instead of trying to start a war?

Rave on

Wow, do we live in a weird society or what? What I’m getting from all these comments is that most women don’t think that breasts are for the exclusive purpose of breastfeeding. News flash, they are. If she wants to breastfeed her kid, she wants to breastfeed her kid! There is nothing disgusting about this picture. It’s not sexual in the least. Stop worrying about what she’s doing, and worry about your own children.

Anonymous on

i have no issues with the child drinking breast milk, but i really think putting it in a sippy cup would be a lot better

Laura on

I do not have an issue with a 3 year old drinking breast milk, but really at this age, i think it should be drank from a cup

formula free on

well here it is… take another look – yep you saw it right! And while i have not read the article – first impression was wow um okay and then it was like this… awesome! While i personally had a cut off time well over a year for EBF (Exclusively breastFed) I think it gets people talking about the topic and maybe get women to ask questions… which is a good thing! nothing gets a topic noticed more then shock and all ~ and the all is that breastfeeding might actually end up matching the rates that the USA claims they meet each year… problem is people look at this in a sexual manner and its not at all sexual. if you haven’t breastfed i dont expect you to understand or relate and i guess i cant ask you to but then again YOU cant make statements about how gross it is because you haven’t experienced it. Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing, a scientific amazing thing and good for TIME for having the balls to promote it. I blame our culture for failing women for allowing a corporation to pray on new mothers with free product while they set up the most important bond those first few days after birth. And you know breastfeeding is alot to stick with when the world is against you and formula companies tempt you with baby sleeping longer…. not also reminding you that their product does not contain stem cells and has a high probability to cause gastrointestinal problems. Its literally food for thought ❤ Every women has the right to breastfeed if and as long as she wants. ~formulafree.com

Joan on

Shannon, this photo is disturbing becasue it does not represent a natural situation and this child looks 6. However, your comment about breastfeeding benefits not extending past one year of age is incorrect. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to age two if possible. Breastmilk is made up of 80% microphages that fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. Children under the age of two are those most prone to serious illness from really any source. Breastfeeding also ups the immune response to immunizations. I personally would not breastfeed past age two, but I would refrain from judging others as nursing to age three is common in many parts of the world so we need not be enthocentric and ignorant.
But like so many of you, I feel the photo is more exploiting these choices and the photographers needs to what he politely called “underline” this lifestyle is disgusting and not a truthful representation of how most of these moms probably feel.

DAG on

I breast fed both of my children for a year. First, this cover will only cause controversy to a personal choice that should be kept personal. Second, this child is too old to be breast feeding. He is obviously not malnourished and is probably going to be hugely embarrassed by this in his future.

nicole on

this is just sick. this is not a baby. and another thing i am sick of these people who breastfeed their kids and take out the boob where ever they please. have some dignity. I like many don’t want to see another woman’s breasts.

rocky1 on

Read the article about the mom featured on the cover of Time – she was breastfed until 6. Her son in the picture will be 4 soon. I breastfed my two children until they were both about two months and i had to return to work. However, I would not have done so into their toddler years. Agree with posts here — if the kid is old enough to say he is hungry, he probably should be off the breast. Don’t see who this really benefits beyond the age of two (recommended age to wean of breast).

janet on

Business has been slow for TIME magazine and with this cover they got all the publicity they needed— they are on all the news channels and magazines like People are talking about it– you can’t BUY publicity like this— and its all free!!

EWS on

It’s common knowledge that Third World countries breastfeed much longer than American mothers. This is because most of them are starving. American Mothers breastfeeding after 2 years is a sickness and cry for for help!

Hea on

Breastfeeding is good for a baby. Throughout history, I seriously doubt women have, generally speaking, breastfed their three year olds and older kids. I seriously doubt that it’s natural and normal but rather think it’s in the mother’s head. The cover is disgusting.

Terri on

So when this kid is in high school and getting bullied over this same picture, what will the headline be then??

veggiemama on

It is not only ridiculous but harmful to a child’s sense of independence and natural evolution process to breastfeed so long. As a teacher and mother herself, I have seen many children become too attached, insecure, dependent, and downright demanding…from breastfeeding mothers who are too attached to their babies to let them go!!! And to put it on the cover of Time Mag. is just plain stupid.

Bella on

Simply GROSS. Its bad enough seeing it in public but in print on the front cover? Too lazy to feed your kids real food and then hide behind this “amazing” experience. What horse s$#t.

Get it together people.

Vanessa on

The cover does bother me however what I find most offensive is the title ‘Are you mom enough’ implying that anyone who doesnt do this clearly isnt….does not help their cause as far as I am concerned. The other thing is breastfeeding is difficult for many mothers and mothers have enough pressure on them already, they do not need any more.

Veronica on

I think the most interesting thing about this cover is how hateful some of the comments are. Breastfeeding a totally personal decision affecting noone, yet women love to crucify each other for small things.

Our culture just doesn’t support breastfeeding. When will we ever just be supportive and not judgmental? Sometimes the kids are not ready to stop. Why should anyone in their right mind take offense? Who really cares? It reminds me of the silly brawls on the Housewives shows.

Julie on

Nothing wrong with breastfeeding, it’s the best milk for your child. However, if your child is too big, too heavy, or has to stand on a chair to get some milk it may be time for a cup.

Me on

I also believe if you want him to still drink your milk when he is at the age that he will remember sucking your boob than why not have him drink it out of a cup? Not even a sippy cup cause he is too old for sippy cups. Why does he have to be sucking on your boob at that age. You can pump and put it in a cup if you are that concerned about him getting the righ milk.
In this case I think it is more for the mothers own pleasure than the kids!!

M on

these comments are appalling. the photo is provocative, but, obviously, it is meant to be. the comments calling it “disgusting” and stating that the woman needs to “get a man” or worry about what her husband thinks, are disturbing. i breastfeed my baby and i plan to do so until she weans herself; however, i could care less how others choose to feed their babies, as long as said babies are fed and healthy. my problem is with the nasty tones of some commenters toward breastfeeding in general and with commenters implying that something sexual is going on between a mother and her child while nursing- that is truly sick.

dominique on

if he is not actually breast feeding in that picture that is child abuse – so for her sake i hope he is. it is ridiculous the things that people will do. now that picture will be out there forever and one day someone is going to throw it in that kid’s face.

Ann on

To each its own but a child standing in a chair to nurse is ridiculous so is this mother going to attend school with her child so he can nurse? Obviously she enjoys it and more than likely this kid will be picked on by older kids so whats the point of displaying this? There does come a time when mothers have to let go of the baby world and move forward allowing their babies to grow up…..

Turqoise on

Just plain sick! White folks I swear! Y’all the most controversial people on the planet! Black folks don’t do this kind of shit! And the pediatricians that support this kind of behavior are white too. Sick!

PMO on

Mommies on Parade drive me crazy!!!!

Anonymous on

Even animals know when to properly wean their young.

Deb on

All I think about is that poor boy being ridiculed by his peers as he gets older.

If this was done privately in their own home, that is one thing, but now this boy has to live his whole life with a photo of his face smashed into a boob. Sadly, as all of us know, some kids can be cruel. I think she made a terrible choice to do this cover. If you want an article about it, fine, but you don’t need to expose your boy to the world like that.

Katie on

“Are you Mom enough?” I think that the title of this story is ridiculous and hurtful to those women out there that can not breast feed. I myself am pregnant right now with my first child and due to a medical condition I no longer have mammory glands. I have been beating myself up because I am not going to be able to breast feed my child. Why is there so much pressure from society to do things one way or another?! This cover just makes me feel even more miserable about my inabilities to care for my child and now the whole nation is going to be talking about how horrible it is for a mother to not breast feed their children. I understand that the media can not consider everyone’s feelings when reporting on an issue. But this was one more thing that I didn’t need to worry about.
As for the issue of breast feeding when the child is that old…well yes I find it disturbing but that is because of how society has formed our opinions. It could very well be possible that it has great health benefits to children that old. But society does find it wrong and my concern is for the child and his self image once he is grown. It is ok for an adult to make choices that go against society’s views but don’t make that choice for your kid to be “out there” too!

Deb on

All I think about is that poor boy being ridiculed by his peers as he gets older.

If this was done privately in their own home, that is one thing, but now this boy has to live his whole life with a photo of his face smashed into her boob. Sadly, as all of us know, some kids can be cruel. I think she made a terrible choice to do this cover. If you want an article about it, fine, but you don’t need to expose your boy to the world like that.

CAM on

If you want to breastfeed until they are 7 that’s fine but there is no need to have them sucking on your breast and in public. Use a pump and have them place it in a cup for goodness sake!

tlc on

If she wants her children to have breast milk until they move out on their own, that’s HER business. However, PUMP IT! OMG…this is ALL about how the MOTHER needs the attachment. If this is attachment parenting “at it’s best” then what is DAD’s ROLE? That’s the question? How does DAD get the attachment??? I shudder to think what happens in a household like that.

If the sole purpose is for the kid to have the benefits of the milk, then at least put it in a cup and let him drink that way! Does this mother go to the child’s school (It says she breastfeeds her 5 year old adopted son too), and whip it out for him? Does she send it in a cup with his lunch? Or, are they homeschooled for the very fact that MOMMY CAN’T LET GO!!!! Attachment parenting is more beneficial for the PARENTS and more detrimental for the CHILDREN!!! Think about it!

These parents are going to be the most helicopter parents in society. The poor kids are never going to be able to do anything alone, always scheduled, can’t sleep by themselves etc etc. And what are they going to do when they don’t like the taste of cow/goat/sheep milk? What then? She’ll be pumping or suckling until they are married????


Boo girl on

I’m sure the people who are outraged probably laughed at the scene in the Adam Sandler movie “Grown ups” when a mother breastfed her 5 year old. Please grow up, people.

Haleiwa Girl on

Does ANYONE think about the children anymore.. what was this mom thinking when she allowed her child to be photographed in this manner. Let’s think school age!!! Did she bother thinking about how this is going to affect him???? Obviously not! At three years old he is going to think everything she says is gospel.
Do I think the cover is tasteful? NO! there were ways to bring the subject to the magazine without the cover. Did they know this was going to have such fall back? Of course!!! Are they selling a few more mags. Yep!!
As far as the topic, that is a personal decision she has made…..Being an RN I would love to see the medical records of the child to see IF he has had less cases of childhood illness because of it. Of course I am assuming that is the reason she is doing it..if not then it is self servicing.

Kel on

I’m completely skeeved out by breast feeding. It in no way makes me less of a mom no matter what an activist, social group, stranger or magazine covers says to me. It’s a personal choice and you should respect my choice if you’re forcing me to respect yours.

cat on

Pump that milk into a bottle or cup and wrap your arms around your kid all day long if you like but get your breast out of that childs mouth he is not a baby no more and that is a fact! There are other healthy ways to bond with your like playing, reading, speaking, just spending time together that doesn’t involve sucking at a breast when they are mature enough to speak full dialouge and wipe their own ass. Have more babies if you need a baby at your breast so desperately. This is an issue of the mother needing security not the child. Very str

Dawn on

Sorry folks but when your child starts getting their teeth those are meant to eat food. If you want your child to have breast milk longer pump it and put it in a bottle. This cover to me tells me women who breastfeed this long is they have major issues. I breastfed my two boys. But they are given teeth for a reason. This just looks like this woman has a sick fetish.

Kim on

Seriously? If your kid is old enough to walk up and say “hey Mom, whip out your boob.”…it’s time to stop.

K. McNel on

I have two sons. I am all for breast feeding and I breast fed them both. Both my boys are 7 years apart, were both preemies and had a lot of trouble learning to nurse. The lactation consultants in the hospital and the ones we saw for weigh in after we left the hospital treated me as if I were some awful mother because I was not enjoying breast feeding. It was very difficult but I kept doing it for 1 year with the first son and 6 months with the second because I just stopped producing. I know the health benefits, which is why I continued. However, it is hard for some women. I felt forced to continue breast feeding because I was made to feel that I was a bad mother by other mothers and by the lactation specialists that I came in contact with. Many women for whom it comes easy tend to judge those of us that it does not. We love our children as much as mothers who love breast feeding.

This picture in Time is rediculous. We all know that breast feeding is best, but why does it have to become such an issue. And for those who choose to breast feed older children, please be more discreet for the sake of the children. That doesn’t mean they have to only do it at home, but there are plenty of discreet places to feed children. Why parade themselves and their children in this media arena. I realize they are just attempting to fight back at those who disagree with them, but this is not the way to do it. If you choose this parenting style, then just don’t worry about what others think. We are all judged in some manner of parenting. Someone will always find something wrong.

Either breast feed or not. Children turn out fine either way. There are many scientific studies that show there is no benefit from breast feeding after one year of age as there are studies that show there are. Do what is right for you and be compassionate to those that may decide to take a different path.

Mother on

Speechless. Putting the issue aside, the child will never live this down. Clearly, this mother is putting her own beliefs and need for publicity above your child’s social/ emotional health. Sickening!

Missy on

You should have a selection that say “Tacky”

Joe on

The article represented by this cover is not about breast feeding. It is about attachment parenting. Read up on it. The popularity of attachment parenting is a big part of what is wrong with our young people today. They grow up so attached to their parents that they cannot cope in the real world without them. They have a sense of entitlement that leads them to believe it should always be up to someone else to take care of them. We are not doing our children any favors with this.

Anonymous on

Turqoise, I wonder if you’d hire Jesse Jackson to sue if someone were to make a similar comment about blacks?

Denise on

Where is the line between “extreme parenting” and abuse? If a dad was taking pictures of his child in the bathtub it would be abuse. A mother lets her toddler and older suck on her breast and its good parenting. It brings whole new meaning to the term “it’s time to cut the cord.”

Janie on

I think a mother has every right to do what she thinks is best for the child… Having said that I think it would be more appropriate to pump into a cup instead of plastering a picture all over the world of your almost 4 year old son on your boob. He is going to be embarrassed when he gets older.

Anonymous on

Haleiwa Girl, I completely agree.

Janet Fedullo on

It’s absolutely normal to breastfeed children. The average age of weaning worldwide is 2-4 years old. My daughter weaned at 4 1/2 years old. Studies actually report that children are more secure and confident when they self-wean. But unfortunately here in the US, women go back to work too soon and the majority of babies are weaned at 3 months of age. Breastfeeding is the best relationship for mother and her child. I absolutely loved it.

minkysmom on

*sigh* why is it that when people don’t breastfeed their kids, the first thing people turn to are happy meals and mcdonalds. just because you don’t want your kid to be walking, talking, using the potty and suckling doesn’t mean that you want to stuff a happy meal in his mouth!!

Guest on

I’m indifferent on the cover however I find the title “Are you mom enough” to be offensive. If someone does not breastfeed or stops at an early age it does not mean they are less of a mom.

Julie on

I think that this puts breastfeeding in a bad light. The pose is unnatural. And I have a problem with the title. IT makes it sound as if I am not a good enough mom because I didn’t breastfeed my child until she was 4 or whatever age. Just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean that I am not a good mom. I am not saying that anyone who does this is a bad mom either. But I do know that kids ca be very cruel at ANY age and if a kid sees their friend on the cover of the magazine doing that then there will be a lot of questions (which may or may not be good) and from some mean kids there will be teasing. If Time magazine wanted people to talk about it, they’ve got it but I think they could have done it in a more tasteful manner.

Linda on

You can pump your milk if your child needs the breast milk and put it in a bottle. This thing about needing the closeness, if they didn’t already get it when they were doing it as little babies, it’s not happening.It’s almost porn, and we don’t want to expose our kids to this.

Lisa on

This isn’t an issue…Really? If this really goes on, do you mean to tell me that mothers don’t drink alcohol, take medication, or drink caffeine for 5 years or more?? I’ve always heard that mothers obstain from these things while they are nursing. No wonder our kids are screwed up!

Shells on

Breastfeeding your child is a beautiful, natural thing. BUT this picture was NOT about beauty but about being controversial so they could sell magazines. It is irresponsible of Time and of the mother who exploited her child. This picture will no doubt come back and haunt this child when he gets school-age.

RoastLamb on

I breastfed my first duaghter till she was 13 months and started to bite me. Then my second breastfed till she was 2.5 years. She didn’t bite me and she didn’t want to drink cow’s milk so those were the reasons I continued. I would not go beyond three years, however.

Parent on

This is just going a bit too far. I find this article very tasteless. If a mother chooses to nurse her child until he/she becomes 6 years of age that is totally up to that mother, but I don’t think that this photograph belongs on the cover of Time magazine when it hasn’t found its way to Parent’s magazine, etc.

Lin on

This is just another way for men to suppress women. These men remind me of the Harvard and Ivy League professors in this country who are part of NAMBLA and B4UAct.org who are trying to make pedophila normal in this country. I bet they are also for breast feeding men, a growing trend in this country, where you can find numerous craigslist ads where men are looking for pregnant women to breast feed from!! Reminds me of the pro football player whose picture was snapped this week sleeping and sucking his thumb. hmmm.

sscandal01 on

I wonder if he can unhook her bra with one hand ? a skill he should find useful when he is 12.

Tiffany on

That kid is way too old to be breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is just milk, I don’t understand the excitement over it. Are we supposed to get medals for doing it? Is breathing going to be an achievement now as well? I breastfed 3 kids maybe I get a special parking spot at the grocery store now or something. Or maybe I’m just an ordinary mom like everyone else????

KDL on

I’m completely offended. First, the kid is too old. There is no reason to breastfeed at that age. It’s a psychological problem for the mom at that point. If they both were dressed slightly differently, it would be child porn. No I don’t have a problem with public breatfeeding as long as you are covered. Most importantly though, I didn’t breastfeed, I couldn’t breastfeed, and that has nothing to do with whether or not I’m Mom enough. Actually, as much as you don’t want to hear it, my kids were healthier than the breastfeed ones. No sick doctor visits until 3 years old. I expect better judgement from TIME.

heather on

“When you think of breastfeeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids,” explains photographer Martin Schoeller.

which means these kids DID NOT WANT TO BE HELD AND BREASTFED. Im sorry but I have a 3 year old and it is certainly NOT impossible to hold him. That is too old to let a child suck your breast for milk…it is NOT for the child, it is for the mother at this point. There is no reason she can not pump and give the child the breastmilk in a cup if she wanted to.

joann on

I looked at the cover and went OH MY GOD!! How disrespectful to the child and the other nursing and non nursing moms. I have not had children, but have watched my sisters with heir children brest feed and it to me seems the most natural thing in the world, my sister BF in public but with a cloth diper placed descretly over their brest and the baby for their privacy, not because they thought they would offend anyone. I have nieces that could not BF due to low milk production, and I am here to say that this whole thing about the child being smarter or more well adjusted because of being BF is stupid.. A child that has parents that spend time with them talking to them and reading to them bond to them too, and that child growes in the love of that family well adjusted and of high intelligence, and can skip grades, being a well adjusted human is not because you were brest feed, its the time and attention that the parents and extended family give of themselves that make or break the child. You don’t have to Breast feed a child at 3,4,5,6,7 you can spend time nurturing and bonding with that same child by reading, coloring, talking, and doing crafts so that they know you love and care and support them.

GLC on

I just feel sorry for the kid when his friends get hold of this in a couple of years. I am all for breastfeeding and public breastfeeding is a non-issue anymore so why are these activists pushing it so much further than it needs to go. This is all about the parent and namely the mom who can’t let go and have her kids grow up to be independent. This is the worst type of helicopter parenting around.

Halley on

This cover is really disappointing. Breast feeding in this country is already sensationalized and sexualized when it is actually a completely normal, natural,wonderful thing. This cover does nothing to help paint breastfeeding in its correct light.

If this mother is an extended breast feeder, its obviously something she believes in, and so I think she made a really poor judgement call participating in this. I also think Time recruited a mother with the biggest three year old ever (he looks more like five or six) to further sensationalize the photo. Shame on all involved.

Meghan on

I have 2 girls, an almost 4 year old and an 8 month old, and I breastfed exclusively for their first 3 months. Would I have liked to go longer? Absolutely because it was a wonderful bonding experience. However, due to the nature of my job and work schedule, pumping at work wasn’t an option. So we continued night nursing/formula feeding during the day until my supply went caput. You know what…both girls are exceptionally healthy and my oldest is the brightest in her preschool class. I support moms who practice child-led weaning if that is what works best for THEIR family.

What I find offensive about this cover is the title itself? Are you Mom enough? That implies, to me, that unless you practice attachment parenting (which is what this article is about), you are less than a perfect mother. I did and do co-sleep at times, I baby wear as does my husband, but we do not practice attachment parenting. Do I think we are great parents? Yes. Our children are happy, healthy, intelligent, and know they are loved.

airstreamingypsy on

I hope this cover is Photoshopped and this half grown boy isn’t really sucking on that model’s breast. It looks very sexual, and has nothing to do with nutrition.

What’s next? “Are You Wife Enough”? Maybe a couple in bed, making love. I thought better of Time, when it did become so salacious?

Seriously, is the magazine in trouble because this looks like a desperate attempt to get publicity.

nicole on

It seems most of these attachment parents are all about the shock value- they just want to cause a stir!

Summer on

Breastfeeding a child at that age that is on the cover has nothing to do with the child it is all about the mother not wanting to let go. That picture will haunt that boy with taunts throughout his life especially his school years.

boohoobytch on

disgusting and inappropriate – that kid’s damn near a teenager lol…people are so perverse

lcw on

It’s not the cover I have a big issue with, its the idea of breastfeeding a child that old. Completley disgusting.

boohoobytch on

Jeffrey Dahmer was breastfed until 5 and he turned out fine…

Go Pats! on

They had a woman on the local news commenting on this photo and she admitted to breast feeding her 5 year old! Come on! I was a bottle
fed baby along with my siblings and we all grew up HEALTHY! Even healthy when we were young. I bottle fed my baby 30 years ago and she is healthy.. to me, your baby eats what you eat when you breast feed, so if your breastfeeding until this kid is over a year or more, then if you take an advil for a headache, then your baby also takes an advil, if you drink a beer then your baby drinks a beer.. and so on. I also HATE watching woman whip it out in a public places, you can use a blanket to cover it up.. but NO there are woman out there that will expose their whole breast to the world.. just like I don’t want to see a man whipping it out in public I don’t want to see a woman either. We have become a society where if its ‘natural’ then its ok! Well, peeing outdoors is natural, but if the police see you doing it you have to register as a SEX OFFENDER.

SusiQ on

to the poster directing people to “grow up”, I did. . . and so did my kids. And they grew teeth. ..and they exercised their little teeth and I yelled!! They learned to drink from a cup!! I thought that skill was one mastered as part of growing up. Making no judgement, moral or otherwise, but if this woman was standing there with her breasts exposed and a sign that said “Milk”, I think Time sould think twice about publishing it. It has shock value as it is, Time knew it would generate comments (and sales). . .and it certainly has on here.

JLS46038 on

I think it’s sad that this mom, who thinks she is helping her child, is exploiting her child. It’s very selfish to have your child pose like this for some twisted, self-serving attention. If she truly felt breast-feeding him was helpful to do at 3 yrs of age, she would protect him by not have the entire country see him nursing.

Linda on

I think Jamie Lynne Grumet forgot that this picture will live in cyberspace forever. I hope she home schools this boy, because he will be bullied like you have never seen before! His life in the real world will be a living hell. She made the choice to publicly humiliate herself, what choice did he have? He will be known FOREVER as the man who never stopped breastfeeding! He is now damaged for life! Way to go Jamie!

JML9 on

The cover is too much. If it was an infant being breastfed I would not mind. But this boy is too old for it and probably will be teased by other kids….

PS – I was not able to breastfed either one of my children and they are smart, healthy and thriving! Not every women is physically able to breastfed their children for various reasons but we are still good, loving mothers!

koolady on

What next? Showing people how they wipe after going to the bathroom? Natural body functions do not need to be stuck in our faces.

Anonymous on

What exactly are people going to say to this boy…I can’t think of a single thing to tease him about! I don’t feel sorry for him at all. It’s not like he isn’t eating solid food too, this is just the milk he drinks. If breastmilk is healthier for him, and his mom is willing to offer it to him, why shouldn’t he get it? And why force her to pump so he can drink it out of a cup? Pumping sucks…I know from experience. I really don’t think there is anything wrong with this cover and I am glad people are talking about it. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing and women should be encouraged to do it, not made to feel ashamed. I don’t understand why it makes people uncomfortable. Eating/drinking is not something you should have to do only “in the privacy of your home”!

Ped Md. on

@Matt – Everyone is entitled to their opinion – everyone. Just because you feel your view is justified, another will justify their view. That is what is great about America, we have freedom. Allow others to express their own thoughts and opinions, which are different than yours. Everyone deserves respect. Attacking people in the manner you do is not motivating that person to listen to your views.

Doo's Momma on

Whoever said that boy is older than 3 hasn’t seen my 2 year old. He looks like a 4 or even 5 year old child in size. Weighs 40 lbs and is over 3 feet tall. My son was breastfed until 13 months. I have to admit that when he was able to toddle over and stand and ask for the breast, I certainly felt within myself that weaning was imminent. I might have considered it for a full 24 months had he wanted to continue. However, as soon as he learned he could carry a cup around and play he didn’t want to be attached to me any longer. I do feel that it’s a personal choice. I would never want to be in a picture for the world to see such as this. I’m not offended because in my family breastfeeding was done with me and all of my siblings. I have not met someone who actually breastfed longer than 2 years… I was a little sad when I was done breastfeeding because it meant my baby was becoming more independent. It is hard as a mother when your child stops nursing but there is a natural order in life and you can’t nurse forever. Again it is a personal choice for mothers and most of us aren’t whipping them out like this in public. It would seem that the picture sparked a conversation as always…

TY on

I believe this photo is over the top. Yes, breastfeeding has been an issue among a lot of people. Some people believe it is good and some people think it is disgusting. To each their own. I breastfed my first and plan to breastfeed my second. The issue I have is seeing children walking to their mothers telling them they want to eat and most women just let them attach. If you feel that your child is better off with breast milk then cow’s milk I have no problem with that at whatever age. However, why don’t you use a breast pump. That is what they are made for. If you feel so strongly that your two, three, four year old should have breast milk, then pump, freeze, and when ready put it in a cup. You’re not taking anything away, your teaching your child to include it as part of a meal/snack, not as the whole source of a meal/snack. You are also teaching them respect of other people’s feelings. Not all people want to see breastfeeding. What are you going to do when your child goes to preschool or elementary school? Children can, and will, go up to other women and want milk. Other women could take offense to that, let alone the poor women that can’t even have children who would love the chance to have that experience. Think of others around you. If you want to directly breastfeed your children to whatever age, then do it in the privacy of your home when people are not around. When others are around, try to have their feelings in mind..

Sara on

I just threw up in my mouth. Jamie Lynne Grumet is from Los Angeles and she continues to breast feed her boy because it keeps her skinny! It is like a convenient diet for her. In LA, you have to be a bag of bones to be considered beautiful, so this works well for her.

feverblossom on

everyone here is so concerned about how the kid will be treated and how this is a sexual photo. What a good way to pass on your low-self esteem and poor-body image to your children. A breast is a breast- like in famous paintings and sculptures. It’s no different, what is so bad about an exposed breast that doesn’t even show the nipple? As for putting this little boy through hell with this photograph, if he is also raised to think for himself and to make his own opnions, which he probably will, then this should not be a problem for him. Personally, I would not breastfeed past 18 months but it would be great to see some data or research for your reasoning of not liking this besides reading words like “disgusting” and “ridiculous”.

Mandy on

I personally feel bad for the child. He will forever be known as the kid on time magazine who was sucking on his mom’s boob. Not something I think anyone would want to be known for.

Patty on

I havent’t nursed anyone in almost 10 years, and I’m sad to hear that all the arguing and “that is gross” and “I’m a better parent than you because I did this or only did this for so long” crap is still going on. The exact same dialog. The exact same judgement about other people’s decisions on what is best for children. I nursed both for 6 months and 8 months, used some formula, let them “cry it out” etc. Is that the “best” way? I’m sure it is not. I knew it all before I had kids. I was born in 1969 and my mom breastfed me–against public opinion at that time. I KNEW I would do the same for my children!!! Who Wouldn’t?!?!? Then I had an actual baby and had real problems nursing (the torn, bleeding nipple kind of problems). Judgement from all sides–dirty looks from people when I nursed in public and dirty looks from the La Leche types when I bought the evil formula. I finally just shut out all the noise and did what I thought was best. Let these parents nurse for as long as they want. Let them all sleep in family bed. Let them chose to not use strollers. And how about letting other mom’s chose to formula feed, put kids in strollers and go back to work if they want or need to. Parenting is the hardest and most important job any of us will ever have. For the love of Christ, can’t we just stop with the “mommy wars” and let others do the job the best way they see fit?!?!?!? Enough.

Lauren on

This is gross. That kid probably has teeth, what if he bites! And there’s no way he’s 3, he looks older.

Heather on

I really do not appreciate this being exploited on a magazine cover. It is offensive. A three year old boy should not be sucking on his mother’s boob on the cover of a magazine. Get a sippy cup for Christ sake!

Samantha on

I am all for breastfeeding, but I think this is a little too much. If your kids can ask you to undress so they can have a snack, it’s time to stop nursing them. My niece used to beg “tittie now” and she would climb under her moms shirt and help herself. I have to admit that I am a little disgusted by it.

Sam on

Nothings wrong with that, it’s the most nutritious meal of the day.

Disturbed on

The cover picture is really disturbing to me :o/ At what age does it change from healthy parenting into molestation of a child?
I admit I need to research it more But, right now. I don’t think a child should remember he was ever breastfed!!

SunChild on

Breastfeeding YOUR child until the age the MOTHER decides not to is no ones business, not society, not the government, not some MALE doctor, but the MOTHER, Period. I have read a lot of comments from different websites and it sickens me to hear comments of breastfeeding YOUR child like it is unnatural. We are the only species in the Universe to feed babies different types of milk made by the Government. COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! Us Mothers should be the one making the decision.

Did anyone mention about the baby overall health and the benefits of breastfeed? Even after 6mos, 1 year, 2 year, maybe 3 years? COME PEOPLE AGAIN, dont wait on these doctors and peditricians to make decisions for YOUR CHILD.

I have read comments about breastfeeding an older child as being nasty and discussing. Since when it became discussing? Prime example, when we see a mother dog/cat/animal breastfeed a cat, pig, or some farm/domesticated animal, we put the video/pictures on TIME magazine, MSN.com, addyourwebsite.com, we say “awww” or how cute another animal is FEEDING another animal, but subconsciously, we do not see ourselves (HUMANS) doing that.

My whole point is please be mindful and think before you all start commenting about this picture above.

My opinion, I love what the young women is doing for her child. I have two daughters (not biologically) and if my husband and I have a child together (which we will), I will breastfeed that baby until s/he start school or whenever I (DEE) decides to stop and I know my hubby is 100% behind me on that.

Also, I know you all will getting into the discussion about breadfeeding in public places and my take on this is, if my baby is hungry, I dont care where I am at, MY BABY will eat.

We can discuss more if you all like (not here). Here is my email address jkdouglas81@gmail.com. Yes, I am putting it out here becuase I am serious about this. MOTHERS, do not allow friends, society, some celebrity to tell us what to do, PERIOD.


Kate J on

What if this was DUG UP PHOTO of OBAMA OR ROMNEY hmmmmmm -Also – brings up the detailed connection of the LAST EMPEROR to his wet nurse and the separation at age 6.
This child has no right to privacy at this age , but there he is for the world to judge him.

Leah on

I’ SO glad to see that there are other women out there who have the same response as I do … WHO CARES!? If you don’t want to breastfeed your children until they’re 5, then don’t. If your child doesn’t wean at a super early age, that’s fine too! Every woman, family, child, and circumstance is different. Women don’t really FORCE their children to nurse – it’s often out of comfort. So who cares? Let the damn kids be happy, it’s not like their moms are shoving a nipple down their throat.

Beachymom on

I breastfed my son until he was 2 1/2 yrs old. I was actually the one that choose to wean him at that point, since I needed to be away from him for a few days. I could have pumped those days, but he was finally eating healthy and I felt he could move onto milk. I will admit that it was a hard decision for both of us to come to terms with, but it all worked out. My son has some medical problems, and had a lot of feeding issues. We tried to introduce cereal and baby food around 6+ months and he started to lose weight. We found that the empty calories were not helping and that breastfeeding was the only thing helping him to gain. He started finally eating table food well after a year, but breastfeeding still helped provide a lot of his nutrition. By 2 yrs old he was still nursing at least 6 times a day, and I slowly weaned him down. I constantly had people comment on the fact that I was still nursing my son at his age. I had a very valid reason to extended breastfeed, but I also feel that I shouldn’t have to justify anything. I am for extended breastfeeding, but the age that you should choose to wean will vary for every person. I don’t understand why so many people are so against it. You need to do what works best for your family. There are plenty of countries where people extended breastfeed. Our society makes breasts out to be a sexual thing, yet breastfeeding is what they are intended to be used for. If you want to breastfeed, great. If you want to bottle fed, that is fine too. Just do what works best for your family and people should not judge others so much. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of this picture though. While I am a huge extended breastfeeding advocate, I just don’t love the pose and feel that it doesn’t portray extended breastfeeding in the proper light.

Mama to triplets on

Explointing your child, during a nurturing act of breast-feeding is wrong. Period. Your child’s face shown on a magazine cover while you “pose” for attention is what is wrong. This is only to sell magazines and give bad publicity to mom’s choices. How much did you get paid mom?

meghan on

Rave, you are being disingenuous to suggest that the only function of the breast is for feeding. Of course it is the main function. But the nipple is an erogenous zone for many women and brings them a great deal of pleasure in their sexuality. That is not to say that breastfeeding is erotic. I don’t believe that, though I’ve heard it said on boards like these. To pretend that they don’t serve a second purpose is dehumanizing.

Byron Potter on

So, what is the problem with the cover. a mother breastfeeding her child? SO-WHAT??!! Its a very natural thing. To each their own beliefs.

zadoc on

Dude, the cover is fine, it’s the act that’s not fine to me. Once a kid, especially a boy, is old enough to talk and to remember breastfeeding, well, I’m no shrink but I think that’s going to cause him some problems later on.

POLL: Your opinion on a 3 to 4 year old still breast feeding?
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/9521336

Tia on

I breastfed, so I’m not knocking anyone for that, but I do feel that there should be limits. When I think of breastfeeding a 6 year old, I’m thinking of my daughter – as a 1st grader…Doing school plays, working on team projects, playing soccer…Seriously, there other ways to bond with or comfort your child. What’s wrong with hugs? If nutrition is your concern, pump the milk and give it to him/her in a cup.

Jennifer on

If you still want your child to drink breast milk until they go away to college then go for it! Just PLEASE pump it and give it to them in a sippy cup! There’s no need for a child of that age to continue to suckle from the breast.

JMO on

If the World Health Organization told everyone that children should be breastfed until they are 14 would anyone really do it?? GET REAL! Why do people live there lives based on what some world health tells you to do?
I always said the same people who preach about breastfeeding are probably the same one’s that let their kids eat junk food and drink soda!!
I am not bothered by breastfeeding. It’s beautiful and should be for your BABY not your toddler!
I’m more upset about the tagline under the picture then the actual picture “Are you mom enough” – it’s kind of insulting if you ask me! As if women who cannot breastfeed or those that choose not to practice extended breastfeeding are not mom enough!
STFU Time magazine your actually making breastfeeding look really bad at this point!

SMH on

I have 4 nephews and let me tell you at four they were going to preschool and playing T-ball. When it was break time they ran over and had a juice box or a bottle of water they didn’t run to mom asking for some milk! Someone once told me that she worked in a school and at kindergarten the mother would show up at lunch to take the boy and nurse him!! At that age I do question whether this is the parents choice or the childs. Most kids thrive fine on regular foods. The reason many in other countries extend breastfeeding is because they have no other nutrional way of providing food for their child. I agree with someone that said cut the embilical cord! Is it nutritious to breastfeed for as long as possibl? Maybe. But it’s also nutricious to eat fruits and veggies and other foodds. Just saying.

Sandy on

WOAH! ok, this shocked me a little bit. im all for breastfeeding and I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who wants to breastfeed their infants/toddlers, in private or in public. I have no problem with anyone who cannot/choose not to breastfeed their children, they have their own reason and its a crime to judge. I have been there at both corridors. What I have a problem with, is people who continue their pro breastfeeding propaganda in a way that they are much superior to others who do not/ cannot do what they are doing is what grinds my gears. most educated moms who care about their babies know how beneficial breastfeeding is for both mom and the baby, so please KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND LEAVE ME ALONE. I dont need to hear about this on a daily basis. thank you.

Sandy on

People, Where’s my comment?

Sharon Hockenbury on

It was created for reaction and it got just that. Nursing a 3 year old is just fine. I am sure the woman does not have her son stand on a chair and nurse!

Melissa on

I know breast feeding is supossed to be best for child and I am sure it has very great health benefits that formula cannot provide, but I know of three ladies that breast fed and their children have more stomach problems, allergies, lactose intolerance, ear and upper respitoray infections than my son who I was unable to breast feed and was formula fed. As for bonding, my son and I are very close and he is a happy healthy well rounded little boy.

Doreen on

Kid, go get a big boy cup of milk!!!!

suzan on

Unfortunately – all I see is a cover making Moms choose camps – pitting them against one another. “Are you Mom Enough?” Come on. There are so many Moms who can’t breast-feed if they want to, and some who just choose not to. So let’s shame those Moms with one short sentence? I am not against breast-feeding. I breast-fed both of my boys until they were 2 yrs old. I didn’t flaunt it. I didn’t cut others down for choosing to bottle-feed. I didn’t look down on or up to the friends who were Moms breast-feeding their 4 yr olds. We all get to make our own choices. We must support each other in each making our own decisions. If they wanted to get really real, though – Why not use a Mom who has done it with a few kids – how about two more kids in the photo -one crying – a baby on the other breast. Oh – and a breast that shows the hard work. No – that definitely wouldn’t work, would it? A little too real? This is a sexualized, shaming, horrible cover – showing that TIME magazine holds NOTHING as sacred.

suzan on

one more thing… Really, who wants to be that kid grown up? Uh, yeah, I was the kid on TIME magazine sucking my Moms boob. I can not imagine asking my 3 yr old (or 2 yr old) or any age to get his milk and look at the camera. Wow. I truly feel bad for him. He was sooooooo used.

MM on

This kid looks like he could be a linebacker! Why is he Breastfeeding!!!!! Disgusting and psycho!!!!!!!!

Terra on

Use a breast pump. Please….

mrsmddixon on

Im %100 for breastfeeding. I breastfed both my sons. The oldest was weaned a week b4 his 1st bday. The youngest one was wean by 1 1/2. I dont see a problem with a mother breastfeeding up to the age of 2 but past that i see no point. I feel if your going to breastfeed after your child is 1 you should do it in your own privacy. I also feel like if a mom is doing this its for her own gain and not the childs. When I breastfed my oldest I didnt get my monthly so that could be the issue with mothers that still breastfeed after there child is 1. With my youngest I had my monthly. I only breastfed him as long I did because I felt bad when he cried when I tried to wean him which is, like I mentioned about was for my gain, give him what he wants and I wont feel bad. Dumb reason but it was my excuse.

mrsmddixon on

I also agree with another commentor the headline “ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH”, is degrading to mothers who want to breastfeed but cant. I dont care if a mom breastfeed their child til theyre in highschool and let it be known to the world I just feel that the act itself should be a private matter…

mrsmddixon on

I would like to add that i could care less if a mom wants to breastfeed until her child is in highschool i just fell that that act itself should be a private one and not in the publics eyes….
I agree with another commentor that TIME headline is offensive….
“”ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH” really there are lots of moms that would love to but cant bc of health or other reasons. I didnt read the article but someone commented that it was about ATTACHMENT so the headline itself has nothing to do with the article so why use it….

J. Farrell on

Like any other “style” of parenting, it is a choice, and no one should be made to feel inadequate if they don’t choose to follow the philosophy. I can admire someone who chooses for their family to breastfeed longer, but don’t make me out as a villain if I don’t want to go this route. To each his/her own. I don’t think the cover is necessarily “sexual”, but I also wouldn’t leave it around for the younger set to look at. If you want to breastfeed your older child, by all means do it in the comfort of your own home–not everyone else wants to watch your walking, talking little angel latched onto you!

Rachael M on

You all are idiots. Breastfeeding is recommended to AT LEAST age 2 and beyond. Breastmilk is a living super food. Get over yourselves assholes.

Anonymous on

How is it an 18 year old could face jail time and labeled a sex offender for having sexual relations with someone not even 2 years younger but an adult women with her breast shoved down her 3 year old sons mouth is ok???? Don’t get me wrong I am soo for breastfeeding but where are you gonna draw the line? And lets say you believe breastmilk is the best thing for your child and want him to get it until hes 5. That’s fine, drive your ass to the store buy a pump and put it in a cup for him. How the hell is this kid gonna feel when he gets tormented in high school. Or when he wants to be intimate with a girl but every time he comes near a breast thinks of his mom.

wth on

Would you give your 3 or 4 year old a baby bottle, probably not. So why would you still breastfeed?? If they are old enough to drink from a cup, then the nipples…whether baby bottle or breast…should go. What next, binkys and diapers until middle school too??!

colleen on

The poor child is being exploited. This should be a private matter between mother and child. Is he going to have to pose as he poops for the cover of the magazine, too ?

MG on

Love it! I nursed my boy till he was 3 years and 3 months old.

Jane on

The only problem I have with this is the “ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?” title. I wanted to breastfeed my daughter but after much struggle I was physically incapable of producing milk for her. I had planned to stop after a year, but did not get the chance. The title of this seems to imply that not breastfeeding makes me less of a mother.