Sneak Peek: Kourtney Kardashian’s Baby Registry

05/10/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian is gearing up for her baby girl‘s arrival!

Due in July with her second child, the reality star spent the day at Bel Bambini on May 2 putting together her registry with the help of her best friend, and make up artist, Joyce.

From baby bottles and all-natural teethers to cozy layettes and beautiful bibs, the mom-to-be had fun scanning the shelves for her soon-to-be princess.

So what can Kardashian expect to receive at her baby shower?

Guests could be gifting her with the 3-in-1 Cradle and Comfort Bathtub ($25), the Complete Coverage Video Monitor Set ($350), the Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer ($25), the Dekor Diaper Pail ($59) and liners ($19), or the Dream Ring Mermaid Mobile ($56).

Plus, once her little one makes her big debut she’ll make her rounds in Graco‘s Snugride in Platinum ($160).

And leave it up to Kardashian to keep her mini diva’s style in mind: Not only did she register for an alligator baby hair comb ($7), but she made sure to include the hippo hairbrush ($11), too!

While Kardashian may be excited to welcome a daughter, she is definitely not thinking pink; She steered away from super girlie items and chose a more au-natural theme.

According to her registry, friends and family are already stocking up! The cuddly luxe towels ($50), the Light-Up Rubber Duckie Family ($18), The Puj Tub ($40), the embroidered vintage bib ($20) and embroidered zinnia rose bib ($20), Como Tomo‘s Natural Feeding Baby Bottle ($22). the lawn drying rack ($35), the Organic Natural Nursing Pillow ($57), Beaba‘s Babycook ($150), and Sophie the Giraffe ($23) have all been purchased.

After browsing the store all morning — and then breaking for lunch and a doctor’s appointment with boyfriend Scott Disick — Kardashian headed back to wrap up her registry.

“After walking around all day yesterday wearing heels, I think I am over heels for a long time … at least for a few days,” she wrote on her website.

— Anya Leon

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jy. on

I think she should donate all the gifts to charity… it’s not like she doesn’t have enough money to buy her own stuff.

Y on

Who cares???

marie on

I don’t get it. didn’t she already have most of this stuff with her 1st son? why would she need brand new stuff…..

Lauren on

Why on earth is she having another baby shower? She has plenty of money that she doesn’t need other people to buy all these things. How ridiculous.

Gabrielle on

People complain that celebrities buy expensive things for their kids, Kourtney’s registry is relatively affordable and it’s still an issue. No one is obligated to donate gifts, money or whatever to charity even if they are wealthy. I know plenty of people who have baby showers for each of their kids and aside from getting gifts, it’s a celebration for the babies.

elizaandeverett on

For anyone is interested in seeing her registry…

Rusty on

I’d understand if her friends wanted to give her some “girly” things, but I guess her Mason’s bathtub is too 2010. Yes, I’m jealous of her money, but Hollywood’s ridiculous over-the-top baby showers make me gag.

Margaret on

Isn’t a baby shower after the first considered tacky?

Yes, yes it is.

jennsaylor on

etiquette says that registries and baby showers after your first child is a faux pas. not that the kardashians care about etiquette…

Ashley on

Couldn’t be more with you, Margaret. This is ridiculous.

Shauna on

I have a little girl the same age as Mason and if I were to get pregnant again with a little boy I would have another baby shower as well. Yes I also have the money to buy the baby gifts but guess what my friends and family like to celebrate the kids that come into it.

RKF on

She is a multi-millionaire and has the nerve to ask people to pay for bottles and various other baby items for a second child? This family is truly disgusting without an ounce of humility.

Anonymous on

I don’t think it’s tacky at all for someone to CHOOSE to throw her a shower. Not her fault. My family threw me a second one….called a sprinkle and I have been to many. I have plenty of money and didn’t need the gifts, but they wanted to spoil me and my baby. And I give to charity….don’t worry.

meme on

What did she do with all her first child’s items?? I can understand needing girls clothes( which she can buy herself) but otherwise she should have everything. I agree TACKY

Leslee on

Perhaps she donated her first child’s items or passed them on to a friend. Not everyone wants stuff hanging out in their closets and garages. I was always more than happy to get hand me downs and still am.

As far as having a shower and registering for gifts, why not? Life is short, enjoy it, let them spend the money and keep businesses going. When giving a gift, it’s nice to know what people want, as not everyone is a born personal shopper and you want to give them something that will be useful.

Missy on

I’m going to bet that this registry was just made so it could be “leaked” to the press in an attempt to make her appeal to other moms who don’t have millions. I’m betting the real registry includes Gucci, and 1000.00 strollers.

roadapplescarclub on

I had a shower with my second child, but they were five years apart, and it was a surprise… I would certainly think she has more than enough money to buy all she needs for this child and several others.


p on

the picture of GREED!


Olivia on

I don’t get why rich people make gift lists when they can buy their child’s stuff

Katie on

My thoughts exactly, girls! Why is she having a second shower? Only time its ok is if there is a HUGE age gap between children. My mom had a second shower. I was 12 when my little sis was born!!! That’s ok!

Anonymous on

Anon- Excellent points! Maybe Kourtney’s friends and family WANT to give her gifts and she created the registry so they have some idea about what she’d like!

That being said, I noticed that the shower date is listed on the registry as July 1, which surprised me. She’s said she’s due in July, so that’s cutting it pretty close. She’d better hope she doesn’t go into labor during the shower! Oh well, to each their own. It’s just not a risk I would take.

And as for why she doesn’t just use Mason’s old stuff, as other posters have said, perhaps she gave it away. Or maybe some of it broke or was recalled (and therefore no longer safe to use). There are a lot of reasons why she needs new stuff.

Anonymous on

Sorry, didn’t word that last sentence very well. What I meant is that there are lots of POSSIBLE reasons why she needs/wants new stuff.

kjc on

My first thought was that this is crazy, she has so much money, why does she need a gift registry?!? But while reading the article I realized that just because she has loads of money, it doesn’t mean her friends and family won’t want to buy her gifts. She is entitled to gifts for her 2nd child, just like every one else, rich and famous – or not.

Susan Albert on

She is not greedy. The gifts she has chosen are very reasonable. Why should’t she have a baby shower? I’ve gone to baby showers for the second child.

katherine on

cant wait i love bsbies ,their smell im grandma to four, mother of twq oh how i miss that stage .

Steph on

Seems more like a promotion for bel bambini, the way it’s being written up in People and “leaked”. They probably paid her to do it. It’s not like she needs any stuff, and not likely she will use graco products over the $800 ones.

Jillian on

Omg I can’t believe how rude her family is for wanting to do something nice for them and spend their money. She should tell them no and not accept any presents. I mean really why let someone do something nice for you and your second baby…..The audacity.


ANJ on

Regardless of their financial situation, I think showers for a second child are not appropriate. Registering for a second shower particularly bothers me.


Eileen on

I had my son and a baby shower as we didn’t really have the money for things at the time. Then when I was expecting my daughter last year my friends wanted to throw me another shower as I was having a girl so I would need ‘girly’ clothes ect.

Kourtney hasn’t gone price crazy like some people in hollywood do out of everything that was listed there was nothing over $200 which was great.

I wouldn’t be suprised if she has given Masons old things to friends or to charity, just because we the public don’t know every little thing they do as a family doesn’t mean they don’t give to charity without leaving their name!

Amanda on

My two are going to be eighteen months apart, and a few friends have offered to have a shower, but I would feel uncomfortable. Honestly, we didn’t find out the gender with either of our pregnancies, but I found that there were very few things that we actually needed when it came down to it. A few outsits, some sleepers and onesies, milk storage bags, nursing pads, and a nursing pillow. Seriously, that’s ALL we used. I know some people don’t nurse or need mire stuff for whatever reason, but the way I look at it is that if we have another boy, our son’s clothes will work fine. If we have a girl (which would be the second girl born to a Cooper man in 170-some years), she won’t lack for clothes between all my friends with girls
and my grandparents. I’m thinking that if someone is going to throw me something, I’d like to have a blessing way, maybe, or a sip-and-see once the baby is born…come meet the baby and have some wine and whatever. That being said, I think it’s a bigger breach in etiquette to didn’t someone the pleasure of throwing you a celebration. In my case, nearly all my friends missed my shower, and it mostly consisted of my grandma’s friends from church, so maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to accept a shower in certain cases. And we don’t know Kourtney’s situation. We should all remember that before judging.

Delicious on


AlaBella on

Whatever happened to hand-me-downs…

Sandy on

How MUCH is People getting paid to list all these items? You know there are dumb women out there that will run out and have to get items on the list because they want what she picked out for her baby. Like we need to know all these little details!!

Diana on

I think its tacky, she has more than enough money to buy all that crap so why register?? I don’t think theres anything wrong with her having a shower but registering for a second baby when you have that much money, REALLY???!

Lady on

I really wish this family would just go away…..far far far far far away.

kpmonkeymommy on

Remember, they’ve moved across the country during Mason’s first couple of years. Maybe she didn’t like the bathtub she had for Mason… and that actually looks like the exact infant seat she had for him (but maybe she passed the one she had with him onto a friend expecting a baby or donated it.. who knows)

What I see (if you look at the registry and the specified colors) is primarily getting some additional things that can be used for both kids, in addition to some girly things.

And I think every mom is entitled to a shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival whether it’s #1 or #6+.

We don’t live her life, so we have no way of knowing why the things she chose are on the registry, so let’s all just breathe and step back from the judgemental.

annie on

Multiple showers are tacky.

Lisa on

I understand the want to celebrate a second child with a shower but I agree with the others the gifts should be donated to charity. Instead of registering I would like to have seen Kourtney request that in lieu of gifts people donate money or gifts to a charity that helps families who struggle financially. There could still be a party to celebrate the new life coming into her family but she certainly does not NEED gifts.

I get that people who are wealthy have no obligation to donate to charity but I would like to think that those who are would WANT to help those less fortunate than them. They can still buy new items for their own child but to ASK people for them seems a little bit selfish.

anonymous on

You know… I don’t see what the big deal is. People need to get over the “oh my gosh that is so tacky thing”. Stop being ridiculous. Honestly. People love to whisper and talk about others. Enough is enough. If someone wants to have a second baby shower, so be it. Especially if they are having a child of a different gender. Even if they weren’t… shut up and move on. You don’t personally have to get them a gift if you are seriously that offended. There is absolutely nothing offensive about having a second baby shower whatsoever. And as others have mentioned… someone probably wants to throw her a second baby shower! And regardless if she has money or not, she’s still a person and deserves a baby shower just as any other mother does.

Tigerlee on

Charity? People need to worry about their own charitable giving instead of having their hands in someone’s pocket. All these people talking about charity probably have not given one dollar or one minute of their time to charity or probably break their arm patting themselves on the back for donating a dingy onesie and dented can of beets.

I know it’s so horrible that her friends and family wish to throw her a baby shower and EEK want to give her new baby gifts. HORRORS. HORRORS. ~blank stare~

Anonymous on

Baby mama baby shower. Not surprising.

kayla on

I don’t understand why so many people have a problem with her celebrating the life of a new child, if her friends and family want to get her gifts for her new bab then let them. Having a baby is a beautiful gift and she shouldy be able to enjoy it like everyone else doesn’t matter if it’s her first or second child and it also doesn’t matter how rich she it. It’s none of our business. I don’t understand why people hate on the Kardashian/Jenner family are you just jealous?

kayla on

I mean “like everyone else does”

Halley on

I really dont think its appropriate to register for a second baby, especially since her oldest is still so young. I understand the child is a different gender, but certainly she can afford to buy anything she doesnt want to re-use. I just think registering (and having a shower) for a second baby when you’ve just had your first in the last few years is really tacky, regardless of income level.

Harriet on

What’s up with the “multiple showers are tacky” attitude? WHY wouldn’t you want to ceebrate an upcoming birth with your friends and family? That’s the stupidist thing I’ve read today. If your friends love you enough THEY WILL WANT TO THROW 100 showers for you! As for Kourt’s registery, I do believe that she didn’t need one! She could give the gifts away–for all we know, though.

Cathy on

Have a party w/”please, no gifts”. Then list the charity, such as St.Judes.
Miss Manners, are you out there? tell her, no shower for the 2nd child. Even the 99% know that’s not appropriate.

J on

C’mon people, were you born yesterday? This is EXACTLY how this family makes money- by pimping themselves out and endorsing any company that waves money in their face! They have no true talent to speak of, so this is what they do. I am sure Bel Bambini has offered her a lucrative deal (free stuff!) simply because she’s promoting them by registering with them.

mzi on

Don’t u people have any brains? She has all the money in the world she can buy all tht her baby needs 10 times over.. She dznt NEED these things to b bought by others… She is doing it cz she wants to celebrate the birth of her child with her family n friends… Doing watever makes u happy was never wrong.. Don’t hate, tolerate!!