Bruce Willis Introduces Mabel Ray

05/10/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
Courtesy Emma Heming-Willis

Meet Mabel Ray Willis!

“A beautiful day in Budapest with the loves of my life. Daddy and Mabel cracking each other up,” Emma Heming- Willis Tweeted Thursday, sharing a photo of husband Bruce Willis and their 6-week-old daughter.

Heming-Willis, 35, gave birth to her 9 lbs., 1 oz. baby girl on April 1. Mabel is the first child together for the designer-model and her husband of three years.

Willis, 57, has three other daughters — Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 18 — with ex-wife Demi Moore.

The couple are in the country as the actor films the latest Die Hard movie.

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Congrats to the new addition..Blessings for many happy healthy years ahead.. ❤

Sally Grubbs on

What a sweet baby. Bruce is a proud father.

kjc on

Very sweet picture of Bruce and little Mabel. Obviously I dont know them, but i think Bruce seems like a great dad. I love her name too.

Rosa on

AAWWW she is so adorable. Congrats to you both!!

Amanda on

He is just a natural…even all these years later! Congrats to the happy family. 🙂

LC on

What a sweetheart!

Linda on

I am so glad they picked a nice name for this baby girl. Bruce’s other three kids have very strange names. Hope this family remains happy.

AG on

Love the pic! Congrats, Bruce.

Bree on

Very sweet picture!

emme on

I looove her name. And you can feel Daddy’s love for his girl just by looking at this photo. Very sweet.

Sherri Roe on

Born on the best birthday of the year…..MINE!!

Kerri on

Beautiful name, beautiful girl. Congrats! 🙂

Donna on

What a beautiful miracle!

Ashley on

Awwwww so sweet—-I love a daddy with his baby 🙂

Brianne on

Great picture! Mabel is PRECIOUS, and Bruce is such a proud papa!!!

Rebecca on

beautiful! what a great pic.

Jenny on

She is just beautiful! He looks so proud and happy! Congrats to them both.

Char Kwedar on

Congrats!!! God Bless!!!

Lisa on

This picture makes me smile. Congrats to Bruce and his family.

Krista Robson on

Congrats to you both! And, your baby girl is really, really, really BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


CONGRATS! Very happy time and so precious. 9.1 lbs like my baby girl Alexia Andreea 😀 Love the picture.

SusiQ on

these two look just eat up with each other; how wonderful

Tina "Dragin' Lady" Hudel on

Aw, what a precious baby!! Congrats to you and your wife!!

Jeanine on

This picture is heartwarming! She is a beautiful little girl and he looks overjoyed! Congrats on the new baby!

Jody on

Congrats to the family. Sweet picture. I’ll save the snotty comments about how he’ll be well into his 70’s by the time she graduates high school and how here’s hoping she favors the mother unlike his other daughters, for another time.

marga on

4 daughters?? what a blessing!

Tina on

Awww, da baby! Cute!

Isabel on

Jody, you really saved those unnecessary comments, eh?

Julianna on

Such a sweet picture. Congratulations to Bruce and Emma.

Tiffantre on

That is so sweet and precious. He looks like the proudest papa as he should. Congrats and God Bless!!!

Gina on

Beautiful baby! Stop kissing me daddy….

Delight on

I love Bruce… and this picture shows how much he adores his little girl. All the best Fam…

Kiki on

Jody- No need to save them. You went ahead and just posted them.

Very cute baby!!

Big Fan on

57 is too old to have a child…..will he be around for college, etc? Nope. Sad.

Dawn on

I think both Demi and Bruce have done a good job raising their girls as divorced parents – or at least that is all you ever hear. I am sure this little girl will have Daddy wrapped in no time.

Kayla on

OMG she’s sooo pretty!

jj on

Saving your comments Jody..How can you save them when you just said them anyways..Congrats to the happy family

Amanda Thomas on

That Baby is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations to them!!

AR on

What a sweet picture.

Misty on

I adore Bruce. He seems to love being a dad. 🙂 Congrats to them.

Sabrina on

Cute picture, beautiful baby!

I’m from Budapest, we’re happy to have them here for a few weeks (He is shooting the new Die Hard movie here).

Anonymous on

Why do all these people give choose such ugly names?

Mary on

Delighted for Bruce Willis and his wife on the safe arrival of their daughter. But I can’t help what in the world made them pick the name Mabel! Meaning NO offense, but that is one very old name and how it will blend in with the rest of the kids in her kindergarten, grade school and high school, classmates is going to be interesting to see!

Pleased on

So glad to read all of the POSITIVE comments! Love this sweet picture! Congratulations.

Missy on

Mabel? Really? Can’t this man name his children anything normal? Tallulah and Mabel are old lady names, Rumer is just plain silly and Scout makes a great dog name.

Ivy. on

From what you can see – she looks just like him! He has strong genes. I think all his daughters look so much like him. 🙂

Beth on

Is it just me, or does it seem like a whole lot of girl babies have recently been born ?

Amy on

So cute!

sat on

yay, how sweet!!!

DebRasche on

Congrats to Bruce and his family to the new addition. I love Bruce Willis and send nothing but Best wishes and love…..She is beautiful by the way.

MB on

Awww!!! This picture is oozing with love! Congrats to both of them 🙂

Andrea on

Bruce Willis is my favorite…this picture is wonderful! Such a beautiful little girl…actually all 4 of his daughters are…what blessed daddy he is!!

Erin on

This is so sweet!

susi on

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That he’s too old to be making babies. Not physically, of course, but morally. I’m 45 and my parents mean the world to me. I’m blessed with them. But if she’s lucky, her father will live to see her graduate from high school. C’mon, kids in their twenties still need their parents. All these celebrities having babies so late in life, especially with fertility help, is just stupid to me.

Anonymous on

Mothers Always Bring Extra Love-MABEL

Laurie Mann on

I like the fact that his other daughters are named after famous writers or famous characters. Thought naming one of his elder daughters Scout was pretty daring.

Clare on

susi,I’m with you. He will be 70 when Mabel has her 13th birthday. My 13 year old daughter’s grandparents aren’t even 70. I really don’t understand the thought process in brining children into the world when the odds are overwhelming that you won’t be alive to see them turn 25. Yes, she’s a beautiful baby and loved by her parents, but it’s difficult not to think about the pain Mabel could face in losing her father at a young age.

Tina on

What a cutie pie. Baby, not Bruce. Well he kind of is too.

Sharon on

I think the baby is adorable, I am sure he will be a great father to her. But I had to laugh at the title of this article on the home page, meet Bruce Willis new daughter, his wife looks like she could be his duaghter.

Donna on

Congratulations but he looks like he is the grandpa instead of the father. Just sayin.

Andrea on

could the man be any sexier????

twinhappy on

Beautiful! Best wishes to them!

Reesca on

Anonymous, did you get that from Mad About You? I thought that same thing when I read her name 🙂

And I’m happy I can finally say this about a child of Bruce Willis… she is beautiful!!

Guest on

Congrats to this family. Mabel is so cute and her daddy looks be overjoyed with love.

I’m amazed at people’s comments, though. Mabel is beautiful. It was my great grandmother’s name. It is an “older” name but so are names like Madeline. They are making a comeback. Also the comments about him not being here when she is in college. You don’t know when he will pass on. He could live well into his 90s and see grandchildren from her. None of us know when our time on this Earth will end. It’s called life, it goes fast, so enjoy it.

SuzE on

My mother’s name was Mabel born in 1912 and 100 years later we have Miss Mabel Ray Willis, PERFECT !:)

Guest on

Congratulations! Beautiful baby, beautiful name! I love how all the old-fashioned names are having their turn in the spotlight again. I was at the playground yesterday with my 3-year-old (Charlotte), and there was a Clive, Olive, Greta, Blanche, and Hazel there. Made me smile.

ruby on

Hope she grows up to look like her pretty mama. And I’m not a fan of the name Mabel, but I guess it’s better than ‘Blue,’ ‘Scout,’ ‘Apple’ and ‘Rumer.’ Ah well …

Anonymous on


acorr on

Yes, he is an older dad. He is married to a much younger woman. Apparently she wanted to have a child and so did he. Live in the moment, NO ONE knows what tomorrow will bring. As far as his age…he could live to be a very active and healthy 90 + year old.

boohoobytch on

mini Bruce but much cuter – congrats to them

Krayjee on

Congrats to them! Always had a crush on him even though he could be my dad lol. He still looks great and he seems very devoted to his children! Congrats on the new addition! Cutue baby name too!

VZ on

Gorgeous baby!! Congrats! Bruce looks like a good day. He’s melting at her sight 🙂

just me on

What a horrible name to give that little girl

Deb on

Congratulations to Bruce and Emma! I do not have a problem with Bruce’s age. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. The name is definitely not one of my favorites. However, that is none of my business. I would like to add that Bruce and Emma have the money needed to support a child. My problem is with people having kids they cannot afford and then working the system!

JAK on

I think it’s funny that he’ll be 80 when she’s 23…I’m 23 and have a grandmother who just turned 80! I get that his new wife is younger and obviously wanted to have kids, and that he was happy to have more as well, but I just hope that he’ll have a long healthy life so he can be around for his newest daughter to grow up!

stacey on

Every kid he has looks just like him.

hush on

I’d would rather be Scout than Mabel. But she is cute. Maybe she has a half-way normal middle name. Hope so.

Sandra on

I do believe that he is way too old to have a baby. Do the parents of these babies think before they have kids about how old they are going to be when these kids get older?? I don’t think they do. I feel sorry for children being born to parents who have them later on in life. Think about it as the kids are the ones who will have a deceased parent before they are 20 years old, well some of them. Too old!!

G on

My “very healthy” dad passed in February at 59 yrs from an unknown heart condition (discovered in the autopsy). I’m the oldest at 27, my brothers are 24 and 21. My cousin’s dad passed at 80 when she was 20. Also, my 27 yr friend lost her 83 yr old dad (to alzheimer’s) in January and took care of him during the last 3 years of his life.

Loosing your dad at any age is tough but in your 20s it is very difficult because it is the stage in life where you grow closer to your parents as you transition to adulthood (stories, advice, trust, etc). After these experiences we all strongly believe that parents need stop having kids before 40/45. Think about it, who are my brothers going to sift through those adult questions with (marriage, job, parenting)?

Parents, please don’t deny your children this part of their emotional growth by having them late in life.

Britt on

Aww! She’s adorable.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with people having babies in their fifties. I’d rather see that than a younger person who can’t raise a child properly. I’m 24, and I know that I’m not ready (emotionally, financially, etc.) to have a baby. I’m not mature enough. I love children, but I don’t want to have children before I’m ready – for their sake.

Colleen on

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Willis, may years of joy, laughter, smiles, diaper changing, ups, etc…….

SAR on

That’s a very sweet picture. And Bruce doesn’t look upset that he “didn’t get a boy this time,” as some people on this site and elsewhere were saying when the birth was announced.

Pamela on

Everyone complaining that he’s too old…so you’re upset that this beautiful little girl was brought into the world? I’ve had friends with healthy young dads pass away in their 40’s, and I know some parents who live well into their 90’s. The bottom line is every baby is a miracle and should be celebrated

Gillian on

Such a cute pic. I love you Mabel.

Danielle on

I hope this Cinderella is better looking than the other three sisters…..!

sarah on

I think it’s always been clear what a family man he is and this picture is beautiful! Very proud dad and sweet lil girl

niman on

omg what a cutie!!!!

Laurie on

I used to follow the tv show “Mad about You” with Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. Towards the end of the series they had a daughter and named her Mabel, with the letters intended to mean Mothers Always Bring Extra Love. Even though the name itself seems to be dated, when you think of it that way, it puts a beautiful spin on it.

Anonymous on

hush- It says right in the post that Mabel’s middle name is Ray. 🙂

Guest- Exactly! It’s not a given that Bruce won’t be around to see Mabel graduate from college and stuff. More and more people are living into their 90s and even 100s these days. Like another poster said, you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

Anyway, Mabel is a cutie, and I love how it looks like she’s smiling at her daddy (given her age, I realize it’s probably just gas or something, but still!)! 🙂 Also, although it’s hard to tell who she looks like at the moment, I disagree that her sisters all look like Bruce. Rumer, IMO, is basically a younger Demi!

lydia on

sosad to give his new daughter such a hideous name. Congrats. Looks like he can only make daughters. Poor man needs a son already

Kat on

awwww how sweet! Chances are he’ll be dead, or acquire Alzheimer’s before she graduates High School!!!

Selfish, stupid, Hollywood men.

Jen on

Kat, you appear to be the stupid one on this blog. Hollywood men?? Do you know how many freaking selfish, stupid idiots of all ages all over this country have kids, most of them NOT in Hollywood?! Geez. Get some perspective. And how do you know the chances of him being dead or sick by the time she graduates? Apparently you are a mind reader of people’s life spans, too. That’s some talent there, honey.

Congrats to them, this pic is adorable!! So cute. 🙂

Mabel T on

Hey I think its a nice name….Congrats!.

Jen on

Lucky baby, pretty baby girl!

Jillian on

What a cutie!

SAR, exactly!
Susie, wasn’t thinking that at all, what I was thinking was, how lucky she is to have two parents who love her. Not all babies have two present parents in their lives….either bc they are deadbeats or deceased. You can’t predict when you die.

Ignore Jody.


Adri on

Just from that picture it looks like the baby looks more like her mother. Lucky girl.

diane on

That baby is beautiful !!!! Congratulations !!!! Sorry I don’t care for the name….

marion on

Congrats to you bruce and your girl for the new baby. she is a cutie.

MiB on

I love that loop sided baby smile!

Mary Ellen on

What an adorable baby. I love the name Mabel. So precious.

Linda on

She’s gorgeous, and she’s got his smile. That’s so cute.

Nancy K. on

Grandpa and baby, how cute. Didn’t realize Bruce was a grandpa. Which one of his daughters had this precious baby?

Lourdes on

Emma married Bruce for his fame and cash. She just cemented $$$ for life with the birth of this baby. She doesn’t care if Bruce is around or not. She’s young enough to remarry and man her own age and not have to marry for money anymore.

money screams! on

Emma is set for life now.

Niko on

“I hope this Cinderella is better looking than the other three sisters…..!”

Really, Danielle, really? REALLY??? Wow….

Amanda on

It’s ridiculous to care that much about age, because a 25 yr old parent could have a newborn and they could die in a car accident the next day. Life is unpredictable, live it to the fullest! Congrats to them

Rebecca on

As a woman who was born when her dad was 46, I feel really sorry for this baby. Children need parents who are energetic to keep up with them. Bruce is too old to have a baby now. When she is 3 and he is 60, will he be able to keep up with her energy levels? Can guarantee no. She is an adorable baby though!

nichelle D on

For everyone saying that Bruce is too old to have a baby, what do you expect him to do now? Shove the child back up into it’s mother and hope that it reverses back to an unfertilized egg? Sorry to be crass, but many of you sound very ignorant and selfishly opinionated about someone’s life that has NOTHING to do with yours. To each, their own, and I am sure that beautiful child will have a very secure, fulfilling upbringing. Funny, Bruce seems VERY ENERGETIC to me. He’s got NINE upcoming movies for 2012/2013, most of them being action films, with him as a main character, so it doesn’t look like he is expelling anytime soon.

Congrats to Bruce, his wife, Emma, and their beautiful, new daughter!

Jillian on

Sorry your dad wasn’t energetic, but not everyone has that experience! Bruce doesn’t seem the type to sit on his butt. My Uncle had his third at 45 and was way more active than my younger uncles…..depends on the person.


lovely123 on

The baby definately has his smile!

Jenn on

Some people are blessed to have parents that are alive when they are 50, 60, or even 70 years old. My Mom had me when she was 37 years old and died of cancer by my 13th Birthday. I love that people voice their opinions in areas that they most likely have not experienced. At least this little girl will grow up and will be given a good life. 57 isn’t a ticking clock. People live to their 90’s these days. Congratulations to the newest little Willis! I am sure we will see her in a movie or two in 10 years!

veggiemama on

Beautiful baby. I like how he’s always been a good father to his other daughters and quite present in their lives, as well as maintaining a positive friendship with Demi. She lost a good guy when they split.

heidi schoenberg on

mr and mrs willis, the picture is breath taking, a dad so gently holding his child. if i was you id blow that picture up and put it on your wall. bruce all of your daughters are very beautiful, some people say mean things just because they are ive watched you over the years, you were always a good dad. and you arnt to old, you could live to be 100. and the babys name is wonderful, expecially since it comes from someone that was so loved.thanks for showing that picture.

Bella on

Congrats Bruce…All girls for you buddy…I know your where hoping for a Son…

annacolleen on

I love the name that these parents picked out. It sure beats the names of his other saughters. Scout is a fictional nick name. Rumer is a ghost writer name, and Tallulah is a stage name. Mabel used to be very common, back in turn of century 1900 America. I hope that this marriage works out better than his first. Infidelity isn’t as accepted as it once was. People used to even have parties, back in the 1960’s, and early 1970’s called, “Key Parties”, in order to have sex with someone other than a spouse. Movies almost celebrated it, without showing the aftermath of broken homes, dreams,crying children and suicidal spouses. For the sake of this little girl, growing into a confidant woman, I hope that Bruce has sown all the “wild oats” he wanted, and truly gives his all to this marriage.

Jessica on

Has anyone seen the show “Mad About You”? Bruce appears in the episode where the couple has their daughter and Bruce and the main character talk about baby names. The couple in the show ended up naming their daughter Mabel. I just thought it was funny and wondered if there was any real connection.