FridaBaby: Soothing Solutions for Your Fussy Babe

05/08/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy FridaBaby

There’s nothing like trying to soothe a screaming baby’s tummy troubles.

And no matter how many times you’ve done the bicycle motions, once their little legs curl up and their tears start flowing, even the best of parents can still feel helpless.

Fortunately, FridaBaby‘s Windi ($15) works quickly to calm a colic-y baby with its single-use catheter that provides instant relief from gas-related stomach aches.

But that’s not all the baby-feel-better company has to offer.

If you often find yourself trying to soaking up steam from hot showers while rocking your congested cutie to sleep, consider the NoseFrida Snotsucker ($15).

The BPA-free device (which includes disposable filters to eliminate mucus transfer) allows parents to drain their child’s nose by gently suctioning the tubing with their own mouth.

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— Anya Leon

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TC on

I’m sorry but I wouldn’t use that product. Basically it’s a tube you stick in your child rectum.

Jessica on

I survived two babies with some serious colic and there is no way in hell I would have used this on them – EVER!

denise on

I agree. never ever!

oh for pete's sake on


Kelly on

never tried the windi, but the nosefrida works amazingly everytime!

say what?? on

I will admit when I read the article I was thinking WTF but after pulling up the link it could be alot worse. They dont look that bad….and I guess it comes down to when your baby is screaming from pain what would you try……as a first time mom I don’t know how I will handle those problems as they as of yet not happened but…..I guess to each his own…..

Shannon on

No thanks. I’d call a pediatrician…or Grandma!

kirsty on

nosefrida is awesome!

Aimee on

Has no one ever had a constipated baby that the pediatrician recommended using a rectal thermometer to stimulate a bowel movement? Using a rectal thermometer for constipation relief in newborns is a wide spread and commonly recommeded practice. This is no different than doing that. It appears to be the same size and shape as a thermometer so it’s not a huge piece of plastic. Also if this product had been available when my second daughter was suffering from terrible gas pains as an infant I honestly would have tried it.

Emily on

I LOVE Nosefrida and I wish that Windi had been around 2 years ago! I used to have to bring my LO to the ER for them to use a rectal tube. This seems like an at-home version of what they use in the ER.

mom of postcolic baby on

This seriously misses the point that every baby has gas and this is not what causes colic!

maria on

The Windi works great. It’s the same principle as using a rectal thermometer which pediatricians all recommend for gassy babies. It’s got a little hollow opening… the farts literally WHISTLE out…not kidding. It’s awesome.

Emily on

@mom of postcolic baby – I’m also the mom of a postcolic baby who had gas-induced colic. There can be different causes of colic, but most of the time it is gas.