Spotted: Charlize Theron Steps Out with Jackson

05/08/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Step aside — precious cargo coming through!

New mom Charlize Theron keeps her carry on cutie — son Jackson! — cuddled close as they make their way through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Tuesday.

We spotted the bright-eyed baby boy and Theron out and about running errands — which included a stop at the post office for passport photos — ahead of their trip to France, where the actress will be promoting the Snow White and the Huntsman.

One thing’s for sure: It looks like the 6-month-old has moved on from his swaddling stage.

“It sort of looks a bit like a straightjacket — you’re like, ‘Is this child abuse?’ — but for some reason they just love it,” the actress, 36, joked shortly after welcoming her son.

– Anya Leon

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Cynthia on

he looks so much like Sandra Bullock’s son. Very cute!

Mary on


eve on

What a cute baby! Congrats to her! and please don’t let me see one comment about “oh she should have adopted from America, like American babies are more special than other babies. She’s not from America anyway. She’s from Africa.

Sara on

That’s what I thought, too, Cynthia … very cute!

Wow, time must fly … I thought he was just a tiny baby!

barry on

Gosh they all look the same, sandra bullock’s son, Madonna’s son, him.

Jess on

Eve, he most likely is adopted from within the U.S. – if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have needed to get a passport recently as the article indicates. He would have already had a passport to get into the U.S. if he was foreign-born. I adopted from abroad.

Sue on

Really Barry? So all black babies look alike? Wow. You would think in 2012 people wouldn’t be so ignorant. Goodness. Best wishes to Charlize and her son.

Lady on

Excuse me Barry? “They all look the same” what a completely rude, racist & ignorant comment….wow!!!!

Jackson is absolutely adorable, congrats again to Charlize!!

Julianna on

He’s adorable!

Erin on

You are an ignorant ass, Barry. Keep your loser comments to yourself.

Kimberly on

AWWW so adorable and I agree Eve I think it’s beautiful when a child gets a home and what a lucky child this is!!!

Heidi on

I believe Barry was being sarcastic after reading the first post from Cynthia saying he looked like Sandra Bullock’s son.

Hen on

Okay so he is super adorable! But, my immediate impression of this picture is her saying “Nanny!! Quick give me the baby to hold while the cameras are around. I’ll walk with him thru the airport then you can have him back” Sorry she doesn’t look like a natural. jmo.

lcvr on

I am from Africa and I have never understood why some white Americans think all black people look alike !!! Is it ignorance in 2012?

Charli on

What a cutie pie!!! Congrats to her

Pidge on

I’m pretty sure Barry was using SARCASM.

Leigh Ann on

Barry, you are a complete idiot!

Jessica on

I’m not going to lie he does have the same look as Louis. His hair looks a bit curlier though. Both cutie pies.

francesca on

OMG, I am shocked that she adopted a black! I never anticipated that!

Tzarina on

I’m not black but I’ve always thought black people are better looking than so-called white people. We are so pale. Plus the blacks have better bodies, no wonder they are such good athletes. I would have loved to be black but then there is so much racism that I don’t know how I would cope with that.

J on

Eve, you’re the one who brought it up…

And seriously, why pick on Barry when Cynthia also stated how much Jackson resembles Louis.

iclvr and Sue, Jackson looks a little like Louis, there was no need for your own ignorant comments.

Akri on

No American kids aren’t better than anyone but they do need love and homes too..It’s nice that they’re adopting..but charity begins at home..and I don’t mean her b/c she’s not from here…the others..why don’t they adopt from here?? And nothing against blacks…but they’re lots of white, hispanic, american babies waiting to be adopted..just b/c they’re in this country doesn’t mean they’re ok..I don’t understand why more babies from HERE aren’t being adopted.

Deborah on

This is the most unselfish act of love.

AmandaC on

Oh boy is he adorable arm candy…lol. What a cutie pie!

Heidi on

He’s just beautiful!

lisa on

He is just the sweetest baby!

Congrats Mom!!!!!

Michaele on

OMG! He is sooooo cute! love his curly hair. 3 out of my 4 have curly hair and I love curly head boys! Congrats Charlize (:

Fashionlover on

BTW, this was a US adoption so she did indeed adopt an American baby-not that it matters.. all children need a home regardless of their color!

look on

Is he an accessory?

carolyn on

I dont like it.. doesnt even look or seem right.. so many white babies to adopt!

carolyn on

I dont like it at all, there are lots of caucasian babies she could have adopted>

Louisa on

When I see rich white women adopting black babies, it’s like the new accessory or purse. A few years back they were carrying little dogs…now it’s black babies.

teri on

I am all for people adopting i think its a awesome thing to do for a child that needs a loving, naturing, secure home BUT i dont understand why these celebrities dont adopt in the US. They are alot of babies – black, white, hispanic that need homes too here and i just feel that this is a issue. Doesnt charity begin at home ???

carolyn on

why are these women always adopting black babies, they can also adopt their own.. lots of them need homes also.

Guest who on

He is SO CUTE! What a beautiful baby. All my best wishes to the Therons for health and happiness as they move forward as a family.

KC on

WTF at people saying that her son looks the same as Sandra and Madonna’s sons? First of all you can barely see Jackson’s face. Second of all that comes across pretty ignorant and a little racist. Not all black children look the same.

carolyn on

this is nothing but following the leader and the leader was Angelina Jolie.

Luci on

He is absolutely ADORABLE. I don’t think he looks anything like Louis Bardo Bullock though….

shelley on

What a cute little guy.

meghan on

Really, Hen? How do you look when you hold a baby? Cause I’m not seeing any difference between Charlize and any other person on this site.

@look, eat dirt.

Michelle on

Sadly as a single woman, if you want to adopt, all you can get is a black baby. Unfortunately, there are just so many more available and single moms aren’t getting picked by birth mothers of white babies.

Now…to me, any baby is a perfect baby. Race shouldn’t matter when you want to become a parent. I would love any child so matter what color their skin was.

Shannon on

I thought she didn’t want children. That poor child will be raised by nannies once the publicity wears off. smh

LPW on

I hope he has a charmed life.

Anonymous on

What I find funny is that he’s wearing the same socks in the picture that shows them leaving Los Angeles but wearing an entirely different outift, INCLUDING SHOES. So on the flight, you change the baby’s clothes and shoes but not socks…lol…celebrities are so funny!

Sharon on

The ethnicity of the child is totally irrelevant! What is relevant is that it takes a special individual to a adopt a child. It is a major sacrifice.

My ex and I adopted a son whom we raised with our own biological son.

Charlize and her baby are in my prayers. I wish them a long, healthy and happy life!

Jesse on

@hen… maybe it’s all the cameras flashing as she’s trying to walk through the airport that is annoying her not the baby. You are a moron.

stacey on

This is not a pretty picture

Tonya on

@ Akri: Charlize is from South Africa. It is probaby a lot easier for her to adopt from her own country.

daria on

she’s from south africa, and she chose to adopt a baby. why are her parenting choices subject to debate? they look lovely. what is there to criticize?

Tempe on

Babies are wonderful…..hope they both have the best life ever!

Karen Kennedy on

Umm, Jess,

You must not travel much. Americans need passports to travel out of the country too! Just because you are an American doesn’t mean your ass is getting to Paris without a passport!


It’s hard enough being a single mom, trying to raise a boy to be a man. I wonder how she’s going to teach him to be not only a man, but a strong Black man. They have a whole different set of issues to learn to deal with.

Lizette on

I have never commented on these things before, but do you people realize how stupid this sounds? Get a life! These are people you will never know. You get so riled up when someone posts a rude comment. They are laughing at your ignorance. Find something productive to do with your time. I will never come back to this page, so save your attacks for calling you out.

Kimberly on

Can’t figure out why people are criticizing. The color of ones skin, where the child is from, it doesn’t matter. What matters is a child in need was a given a home and a loving parent to care for them. One less child in an orphanage.

Congrats to her and Jackson! He’s a beautiful little boy.

deelee1 on

Don’t make since to me and doesn’t seem fair to the baby either. Why would Madonna, Sandra and Charlize adopt black babies other than to get attenion from the media and “OH look I’m not prejudice” cause I adopted a black baby? Have there been any black ladies on the news for adopting white kids, I haven’t heard it?

How are they going to handle them boys when they are 15, 6’3″, 250lbs and on drugs or if they meet a white man but he doesn’t want black kids, he wants his own natural white kids. You white folk messed up. LOL

There’s thousands of little white girls in NC that would love to have a rich mommy to dress them up like a princess. You know these boys will reconnect with their biological black parents when they grow up, just like a white adopted kid would also.

Mona on

her new accesory. she is so full of herself, that holding a little baby next to her face everywhere she goes gives her the attention she wants.

Becky on

He is a cutie, based on what I can see of his face..I guess I thought he reminded me of Sandra Bullocks son because they appear to both have cury hair and Jackson looks to be about the same age that Louis was when pictures atarted popping up of him..They both have “chipmunck” cheeks also..So a big congrats to Charlize and Jackson..

Sailor on

@Tzarina… I am a Black woman who just read your comment. I must tell you that it is a blessing to be ANY color. God made all us the way he has for a reason. : )

cj on

Wow, I can’t believe how many ignorant, racist people there are in this world! First, you cannot see this beautiful child’s face, all you see is his black hair and black skin so therefore ‘they’ all look the same? Shame on you all who can’t see the ‘individual soul’ and instead simply see COLOR! Gawd!

He’s beautiful, congrats Charlize, congrats Jackson!

ALH on

PEOPLE, I beg you, BEG YOU, to remove your commenting feature.

Lia on

I agree with a lot of the comments… They have the money therefore they can adopt from anywhere they want but they always adopt from elsewhere. What about like everyone mentioned adopting from home? I know Charlize is from Africa, is her baby from there? They are a few actors that have adopted from the country I think Sharon stone is one of them and Lionel Ritchie, Tom Cruise…. So there are a few… I guess it is a personal choice after all. Congrats to her, he is adorable.

Christina on

@Michelle – “Sadly as a single woman, if you want to adopt, all you can get is a black baby.” Really? Such a tragedy that all you can get is a “black baby”. The ignorance on this site is mind-boggling! A child is a child no matter the color. If you have love to give you will not see color. And for the record, Charlize adopted from the U.S. not Africa.

markus on

Yeah I agree he looks like Sandra Bullock’s son. Adorable!!

Helen on

Wow! Her son is sooo adorable. I’m sure Barry is not racist, but ignorance and perhaps a young fellow. I’m hispanic and my grandma was a black hispanic beautiful lady. Color is color. People look from the inside and not from the outside. Stop racist and judging. Best Wishes to her.

Diana on

francisca Im sure if she knew adopting a black child bothered you so much she would not have done it lol congrats Charlize your little boy is adorable and barry and francisca are idiots!!

whenheavenopensup on

You know ever since Bullock adopted a Black son from Louisiana it makes me wonder if she created some sort of frenzy for Black southern baby boys or maybe it was Madonna. I can only speculate as to how they obtained these baby boys from American Black Mothers from the South. I am all for adoption but for the right reasons I am also an advocate for family reunification. I am no racist but I do not believe Celebrities should have their pickings of whatever they want simply because they have the money to do so. The African American babies they adopt need to grow up educated about African culture and identify with other intelligent African Americans; it’s kind to hard to do that when your Mother is Charlize Theron or Sandra Bullock or Madonna. Sorry I just cannot fathom the thought of them taking Black babies away from Black Mothers simply because they are poor or have addiction issues. Also yes Sandra’s, Madonna’s and Charlize’s sons’ all look very similar!

Reesca on

Tzarina, they have better bodies because they’re always running from the police.

Tina on

Why are people complaining that she did not adopt an ‘American’ baby?? So… I’m guessing you cannot be Black AND American. Even if the last 20 generations of your family were born and raised in this country? Americans are ridiculous and racist. And I’m American. BESIDES Charlize Theron is a born and raised SOUTH AFRICAN. She is from the homeland of the Blacks. So keep your distasteful comments to yourselves.

Mike LVNV on

When they reach the teens they lose their “cuteness”. She’ll find out that they don’t quite fit in their life style. Just watch Hard Core Pawn for a preview….lol

Dina on

And what about saying blacks lookalike??

Also whites, and latins, and chinese, and people from India and Japan.

What about that??? that is a raze and there is nothing wrong in saying they look alike. You are so exagerated and you call yourself the country of freedom !!

Brian on

I wonder if Obama is saying….If I had a son, he would look like Jackson. And if I had a white woman, I would want her to look like Charlize.

Jenn on

So what deelee is saying is that:
1. White boys can’t be over 6 feet tall or weigh over 200 lbs.
2. All black boys are over 6 feet tall, weight over 200 lbs and are on drugs by the time they are 15.
3. Black woman will not adopt white babies.
4. White women only adopt black babies to prove their not prejudice.
5. White folks are messed up for loving any child of any color.

You my dear are the Prejudice one!!!

Alex on

Black women/families don’t adopt white children, or am I wrong?

Kristin on

I normally don’t respond to the posts very often but felt I had to on this one. Sandra, Charlize, and I think Kristin Davis all adopted from the USA and have black babies. SO WHAT!!!!

I remember reading an article about Sandra saying she chose to open her search to any race so that she could have a baby faster. I assume that is probably the case with Charlize and Kristin.

It’s not like they went out and said “I want a black baby for publicity”. They were given a black baby because that is what was available and they knew they would love whatever child they were given. White infants are very hard to adopt in the USA.

Get off their backs and be happy for them that they were able to have the families they wanted.

Kristinn on

Is no one from PEOPLE moderating or monitoring these comments? PEOPLE – I am begging you – PLEASE remove your comments feature.

lovinrockets on

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but I work in foster care, and the highest number of babies up for adoption in the USA are african american babies….good lord whomever said this little man was an “accessory” is an idiot. It just so happens there are more “black” babies to adopt in the USA and GOOD for the birth mom for giving this little guy a chance…

Chancey on

I can’t believe the racism on this site. I agree with one of the other comments, should remove the commenting feature because as an African-American my blood is completely boiling.

How can someone say black people have great bodies because they are always running from the police? That is soooo prejudice! As if we are ALL criminals and there aren’t any white criminals in the world, right? They are all perfect… and we’re all on drugs too? I don’t even take Tylenol!

Ignorant racist people in the world make me so furious!!!

Easyup on

I never considered Charlize to be maternal. She just never seemed to be interested in babies or the baby type. Adoption is wonderful and to be commended but it looks better on Sandra than it does on her. Jackson does look like a mini-me Louis. I do get the impression that it is the latest accessory with her.

Amy on

Beautiful baby. They are blessed to have one another.

fatima on

My PR person in LA told me that she adopted her baby from the USA.

And not all black baby’s look alike!! so please act stupid 🙂

MJ on

Reezca- Your comment is totally uncalled for and asinine! I can hear your ignorance LOUD & CLEAR!! So long as people continue to make the types of comments I keep reading, this world will never accept any other race other than white/caucasian. This little boy is blessed to have a mother who lives him no matter his skin color. In the end, we all bleed red! We are all children of God and should try to remember that!

showbizmom on

Wow! People I think it’s time to remove your comment section or at least have a intern monitor this comment section is turning out to be just like Fox News Comment section whenever the have a article on anything related to black people.

In the meantime, you people who are just practicing their right of freedom of speech should be ashamed. No, I don’t think all of guys saying these things are going out to your KKK or White Power meetings tonight,but the fact still remains that you’re racist. And you’re passing this down to your kids, and that is the sad part.

Kristen on

I like how People writes, “Meet Charlize Theron’s New Baby!” as if having a photograph taken by paparazzi, against Charlize’s wishes, gives People the right to introduce her kid to us. I was hoping for an officially-released photo, but alas.

Samanth on

@Michelle unfortunately really? You say unfortunate like its a sad thing as single mother to have no choice but to pick a bad baby. Your true colors are showing. Those fancy words after that statement doesnt hide your true intent.Stupid and tasteless statement.

aloha on

just a thought, its wonderfull to see many adopting babies…. i have yet to see a black couple/single person adopting a white baby….would be interesting to know

imuchemi on

Are these comments for real? The racism on here is seriously intolerable. I’m surprised People magazine would let these comments go unchecked. My God.

Millie on

The baby is American and Charlize is African, I think they go well together.

larsen on

I thought so too, I watched Bruno the sasha baron cohen and he makes fun of the trend. White Hollywood A listers that carry around black babies.

gloria on

The reason people are choosing to adopt from abroad rather than in the USA is simple. A lot of parents in the USA want their babies back after a period of time that the adoptive child only knows the person who raised them to be their parents and then tragically, they’re ripped away and placed with birth parents who they have no idea who they are. Very traumatic for the child and adoptive parents. Haven’t you ever seen “Losing Isiah” and other lifetime movies about this subject? Parent adopt abroad because the liklihood of the parents coming back because they changed their mind is nil to zero. All children regardless of race or nationality need a loving and warm home with parents that idolize them!

JM on

Sad, 2012 and so many ignorant comments.

One of the most airheaded comments on this thread? ‘Charity begins at home’. Do you people think before you write something, or do you just babble out whatever catchy phrase you have heard people flinging around without considering its relevance?

Why is it more important to adopt a child from your own country? relating the phrase ‘charity begins at home’ to adoption just begs the question of how do you define home? where you are born is chance, so there is no reason why that should feature in an adoption decision. and if you want to go with the notion of home, well then why not only adopt from your state, your town, your own street, that’s all closer to home right? it’s such a stupid and reductive argument.

on a happier note. that baby is utterly adorable. i wish them all the happiness in the world. you can only see the side of his face so it’s silly to make judgements, but from what i can see, he doesn’t look like sandra bullock’s son at all to me.

AllisonJ on

There are some serious racist a$$es on this site – you know who you are! I am white and have a biological child, also white. My husband and I also adopted a child who is not white. We couldn’t care less about our adopted child’s skin color.

God bless Charlize and her little boy, Jackson. I hope he has a wonderful life!

kimmie on

@Karen Kennedy I don’t get your comment. Jess was pointing out that Sandra recently applied for baby’s passport so they can go to Paris. Where do you see she said that Americans travel to Paris without?

Romy on

I agree, his little face does look like Louis Bullock in this pic. Cute baby. Some people will adopt whichever baby they can get first, no matter the race. And I believe this was a US adoption.

Emme on

I have worked in child welfare. The number of black children in the US who need homes is much larger than the number of white children needing homes. A majority of white parents will only adopt white children.

Why can’t someone simply provide a loving home to a deserving child without people becoming judgmental? How many people here criticizing have adopted or been foster parents? Why do people enjoy being so mean and hateful? It really frightens me sometimes.

donna on

whats with all these white people adopting black babies? Can’t they afford to “buy” a white baby?

pica on

Well, looks like this picture and new adoption phenomenon has created a lot of controversy.
Stay tuned…

meghan on

I think we should all consult with Carolyn before we make any lifestyle choice. She is so wise and open minded. (sarcasm)

Anita on

Have you ever seen a black adopt a white child, so who is the racist?

Eve on

I’m going to ask the obvious question – why are these white ladies adopting black baby boys? Don’t get me wrong – it’s fine, but it just seems a bit odd to me, increasingly not random.

Anita on

have you ever seen a black person adopt a white child, whites need to stop adopting black children.

Donna on

Referring to Aloha’s comment. You may have not see black people adopting white babies. But from slavery up until the 1960’s they raised alot of white babies and there kids.

Debbe on

I have a mixed white/asian child and he looks nothing like me, it has caused problems growing up, he would hate it that he did not look like me or my family. I think it is a a beautiful act to adopt and help any child, but I would recommend that people pick colors similiar to them just because of what I saw my own son, who is half of me go through. Oprah herself said when growing up she wanted black baby dolls, something to identify with. I would think little white children would feel more belonged with white parents, and black with black parents. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. I know I am going to take heat for this, but I know firsthand from my son that mixing isn’t always great for the child. Depends on the child. Some don’t care, my son did. I loved having my parents look like me….but at the end of the day, a happy family IS most important, but since these people are choosing in advance, I would let black people adopt black and white with white if can. Black people love their culture, and white people don’t have the same culture.

Anna on

You expect to see comments like “He’s so cute!!!” or “I’m so happy for her”, but no, it’s 2012 and most of the comments are about how he’s a different race than the mother, assuming he’s not American (also does it matter where he’s from?!), or saying that “white hollywood” should stop accessorizing with “black babies”.

What the **** is wrong with this world.

PS. He IS so cute, and I AM happy for her! 🙂 I like his name too.

Shiv on

To all you who ask where are the blacks who adopt white children? WE CAN’T!!!! I have been trying to foster/adopt and have pretty much been told point blank that a child of another race is not going to happen. I would love ANY child white or black but its not allowed. Racism still runs deep!!!

Jillian on

As I teach my children, if your friends are bullying and you do nothing about it you ate just as guilty. People Magazinr is condoning the racist cOmments. I am disgusted but not surprised. The more comments, the more people coming to their page. I cancelled my subscription a LONG time ago.


kica on

*sigh* why is it that on a story about a new baby…”race” has to be entered into. Why not just wish her and her son happiness??? Why surprised she adopted a Black child. Not all South Africans are racist..

kica on

*sigh* why does a story about a new baby have to DEvolve into stupid, racist, ignorant comments?? Can’t you just wish them happiness and keep it moving. Freedom of speech comes with a responsibility to use it wisely people. Shameful.

Sandra on

I am so with the other comments of her adopting a black baby. There are so many babies you hear of in Romania and many other countries where their Moms and Dads have abandoned them and need people to adopt them. What in the hell do white people adopting black babies know about the black culture except the black people??? There are tons of white babies out there! It just doesnt look right. Angelina, Sandra, Charlize? The kids are going to be asked a million and a half questions going through school and in their teenage years! I just can’t see it. It seems as though they are adopting black children like it is the next purse accessory for their wardrobes. Not good. Let the blacks adopt the blacks and the whites adopt the whites!!!!!!!!1

Olena on

To Louisa: Well said.

Ashley on

As an AA, this has to be some of the most hurtful comments to know that people think this way, and not just by those that aren’t black. Am I ignorant to think that racism doesn’t exist? No. Yet still, I am completely shocked when I see comments like the ones I have read.

This is a pure blessing that this child was adopted, no matter what race adopted him. I don’t think God (or whatever your Higher Power is)is saying, “How dare this WHITE WOMAN adopt that BLACK CHILD?” Is it not enough that a CHILD (forget race) has been given a phenomenal chance at a life I’m sure he wouldn’t have had otherwise had he not been adopted? Is it not enough that she has been given a chance to be a mother which I’m sure was not an overnight decision?

Adoptions don’t just happen at the snap of someone’s finger, celebrity or not. It takes time, and for those of you who want to bring up race…for the simple fact that she waited all that time and ended her adoption with that of a black child, shouldn’t that be a valid reason that she actually, God forbid(sarcasm), wanted him?

And for those of you stating the kind of person she is or the “fact” that she doesn’t look like she should be a mother or have motherly skills…where is your logic? How do any of you, including myself, know what kind of person this woman is removed from the camera? We only “know” what we see, and we don’t “see” that much.

I don’t understand how some of you even sleep at night filled with so much hate and resentment towards an entire race. Those that made the evil remarks must really lead a sad life.

Mary Parke on

OMG, She stole Louis, Sandra Bullocks Baby!~LOL!

dallas, tx on

i must say tho, that white folks be gettin them hands on black babies only for attension. dont be wantin no black babies for herself. she be gettin older n wants to make headlines again. adopting a baby alone aint enough to get noticed, so she get herself a black boy. she wants to get on the cover of people mag so she cant discuss her choice to choose a diffrent race. its all cool tho. she aint be changin no diapers, bet she got a black nanny too.. do what u gotta do girl, but i done outted u on it! yeah.

tinytexan on

For all of you who are SURPRISED at the amount of racism “in this world” after reading these comments…you have no idea. You’re just READING it. Try LIVING it.

Cindy on

My God, why does it always have to be a Black/White issue? Charlize, you have a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!!

red on

Guess what – Charlize Theron IS african-american. So I guess she is up-to-speed on that. She adopted a beautiful CHILD that needed a home. Ditto for others who do the same. Not all folks who adopt outside their ethnicity are celebs doing it for attention. Many people adopt special needs children that would otherwise have no home either. These are very special, wonderful, people who look past predjudice and genetics, and open their homes and hearts to those in need. Hopefully, they are not reading these horrific posts. Many of you make me sick.

Shannon on

dallas, tx on May 8th, 2012

Your grammar is atrocious.

akaye23 on

What a cutie! I could just squeeze him! It doesn’t matter where a baby comes from. All orphaned kids need love. Color/nationality should be the last thing anyone is worried about!

Marky on

Hope all goes well with Chalize’ adoption of Jackson. He looks adorable!

When I was working with foster, and fos-adopt families, we had a little girl come into care who had hazel eyes and was very fair, with medium blond hair. We placed her with a black family because they were the best foster family we had available at the time. She did very well in their home and they became very attached to her and she to them. She became available for adoption and, since they had had her as a foster child for 6 months, they legally had the right to say whether they wanted to adopt her, which they did. Immediately, there was someone higher up who was about to say no to the adoption, and the foster mother looked everyone in the eye and said,”If I were white and this baby were black, would there be any discussion about this adoption?”. The adoption went through in a matter of a few weeks, no problem , and this was in Texas, at least 15 years ago, if not more.

If some of you “intelligent” people are using Sasha Baron Cohen as your authority, heaven help you! No one adopting a child is looking for “an accessory”, and if, during the process of being approved (which is arduous), it is discovered someone even MIGHT be, they are “busted” and not approved. Adopting a child who is of a different race (which I have done myself), is a real responsibility and not taken lightly. You twits need to stop skipping middle school, finals are coming up!! Sorry, but a real “adult” wouldn’t be saying ignorant comments about race, and arm candy. That’s like saying porn is for “mature adults”; if you’re mature you wouldn’t be staring at naked people on a computer screen and getting your butt thrown in jail. Yeah, real grown up (sarcasm).

RKF on

@Ashley – Why would you care what anyone thinks on here? This is a small population of people. As evident by the asinine posts of at least 75% of the people who post here, these are the *last* people whose opinions I would care about.

Erika on

most of the comments on here are ignorant and disgusting. i am sure all of you criticizing her for not adopting domestically or WHATEVER have all adopted babies of your own?

i really can’t understand how people can criticize adoption of any kids (giving children in need homes)- when they have not adopted, themselves.

it’s charlize’s decision where to adopt from – if she had adopted a white female, people would say she was racist or whatever.

the comments on here really go to the lowest denominator of society- it makes me sad.

i think i need to stop reading CBB. the pics are cute- but the comments are just atrocious…

Bobbie on

I ‘m looking forward to the day where a black celeb will adopt a white baby…

Momof2 on

He is absolutely adorable, congrats 🙂

I was reading all the commments and make me sick ,really people?

My best friend told all her friends and family that she was thinking about adoptions after trying for so many year to have a baby,I have to say 90% said to her ” I hope you are not thinking adopt a black baby” really? makes me sick.She decided to go ahead and adopt a baby,she told me we want a baby so bad I don’t care is he/she will be black,white green etc.She had to hide from her friends and family about the adoption after all the rude comments.She called me and said I got the baby and I was so happy for her no I didn’t ask her his color because I don’t care and I was so happy for my friends.She had a welcome party for her son( she didn’t show the baby pics before the party,she wants to be a surprise to everyone),the party was not good at all people was in shock when they got at the party and saw a white lady holding a black baby boy on her arms.I was sick of my stomach with all the comments at the party. Why people can not just say congrats,I am so happy for you, etc?

Her friend said to her ” omg he is black and you are white,why you did that?” another comment ” you guys are rich why didn’t buy a white baby?”,” they didn’t have a white baby available?”,why you didn’t wait few more months to get a white baby”.

It was really sad…2012 and so many ignorant comments and people.

Debbie on

I am in no way racist, but I also wonder why is it the Hollywood thing to adopt African American babies??? There are so many children of different nationalities that are available for adoption, but they lean towards adopting black children. The one thing that I can say about Angela Jolie is that she has adopted children of many nationalities. Any child that is adopted is a wonderful thing, but I was just wondering!!!

SAndy on

WOW! In the beginning posts you all jump on Barry for making a comment thinking him racist. He was just voicing an opinion. Good Lord!

So Blacks look alike, they have brown eyes and brown hair, Asians look alike, brown hair and brown eyes. I dont understand people pulling the race card whenever someone comments that people look alike. WELL YA DO!!!

Anonymous on

ok, as far as the racist comments go, I have to have a say. I am a white woman from America living in the Middle East. I don’t look at a white skinned person and know that they are from America, Britain, France, South Africa, Australia or some other place. I don’t know that an obviously Asian person is from China, Thailand, Japan or somewhere else. I can’t tell that an olive skinned person is from Greece, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan or somewhere else. And I certainly fail to tell whether a black person is from Sudan, the Congo, America, Britain, or anywhere else. I don’t judge people by their skin color, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice it. Racism, IMO is not about seeing colorless… I see color. There’s a lot of color out in our large world. And I’ve found I love seeing all the colors. But I look past color and I see value, or lack thereof, in all shades. We are all human. We are all fallible. We all have shortcomings. And we all have an amazing ability to learn from each other. Stop judging people. If some can’t see differences in children of the same race, feel for that fact. Don’t judge it. People judged get defensive. People who are felt are open to learn. To me, life is about learning, growing, changing stereotypes and adjusting perspective.

MK on

Of course there are racists on tho site. What do you expect? The people who post here regularly are white unemployed trash from middle America, so *gasp* “race mixing” comes as a complete shock. Just ignore these cretins.

Bex on

I am just going to bypass all the trolls and say that I am glad we finally get a glimpse of the little guy. He is an absolute doll and congratulations to her and kudos for expanding her life through adoption! So cute, I love chubby little babies 🙂

lili4582 on

how sad must you be in your life that instead of being glad that this baby is a very lucky lil dude to get a mother who obviously cares about him; you want to to focus on their race? And there are black people who adopt white children; it happens a lot more than you think.

amanda on

Why don’t you idiots go get a life?? Are you blind?? She doesn’t care about color or if her baby looks like other babies. This is something called love. You should learn about it.

Oliviana on

I really think there is nothing cuter than a baby in a sweater.

Reesca on

Lisa, it’s a nickname. I was born and raised here in the States. And no, your comment didn’t hurt or offend me. Try again.

meghan on

Bobbie, do you mean like Seal did?

graffy on

Some of these comments are so irritating and ignorant (obviously though because it is the internet) To Donna and Anita and all the other idiots out there… Charlize Theron is South African she was born and raised in AFRICA so I’m sure that adopting a baby that is a different race than her is not a issue in the slightest WHICH IT SHOULD’NT BE!!! Technically Charlize Theron is an African American 🙂

Catca on

Wow! With the exception of a few (Ashley, Markey, RFK) these comments are terrible.

Here’s a few facts to digest – there are not many babies available to adopt in the U.S. and the reason many couples and singles adopt internationally is because of this. The U.S. is a receiver country in the adoption world (i.e. more parents wanting to adopt than available babies) not a donor country (i.e. more babies available than parents wanting to adopt).

There is nothing racist about preferring your own race in an adoption. Adopting another race is a big responsibility and you do need to learn about other cultures and heritages to allow your child to celebrate that aspect of of his or her identity and not everyone is capable of doing that.

The poster Michelle shouldn’t have used the word unfortunately when talking about there being more black babies than white babies, but I understood what she meant and her comment was far less racist than the attacks against her for being racist.

As Markey said, adoption is an arduous process and there is a lot of time spent being interviewed by social workers who discuss these very real issues and ensure the parent(s) is/are prepared to handle any adoption, particularly an adoption of another race. You also must have references who are interviewed about you extensively as well. The process is taken very seriously and it is not easy to adopt a baby. While many who are not ready to become parents have an easy time getting pregnant, you don’t get approved for adoption unless you can clearly demonstrate you are ready to become a parent and have given parenting serious thought. Celebrity or not, you will not be approved if your goal is to have the “latest accessory”.

Rather than seeing these children as “accessories” what I see is children being adopted by attentive parents. Madonna and Guy Ritchie have both been very involved hands on parents with their son, David. Same thing goes for Angelina and Brad Pitt with their 3 adopted children. Same thing for Sandra Bullock and Kristen Davis.

Have you ever seen these children looking neglected, unhappy, shoved off with a nanny while they attended more to their children of the same race? No. They all share the common trait of parents who wanted to open their homes and their hearts to a child who needed a home and a family and both parents and child are lucky to have found each other.

It’s a beautiful thing and it’s sad that so many of you don’t see it. You might opening your heart more to people who look different from you is a rewarding experience.

Laura on

I am an adoptive mother of two little girls not from the US and I am sick and tired of people judging me for not adopting a child from the US. We are responsible for all orphans, not just our “own”. And then again, I am not surprised after reading some of the ignorant comments here. If you feel so passionate about adopting a child here in the US, then DO IT and stop judging other people.

belldn3 on

Her son is…………well, you know……kinda……CUTE!

kelly parks on

I am a redheaded very white person. I have a couple nieces that are african american and I am so tired of the race card always being played. People are people and color should be an issue. Get over yourself and accept people as they are, not what color they are.

Sarah on

Jackson is adorable! So cute!

Shannon on

Does it matter another child has a home! I think he is a cutie!

Lala on

Ok this is REDICOULES! First of all did she even say she adopted out of the US? Second of all it wouldnt matter if she did, its her choice. Third of all its VERY hard to adopt from the US unless you go threw foster care first, otherwise you can be on the list for 10yrs! I know people who have waited that long! You can even read Mariska Hargitays interview when she adopted her 2 babies from the US, it took her 5yrs for her 2 adopted children! 4th of all race has NOTHING to do with it! I have 3 little adopted sibblings all with severe special needs, and race NEVER was a factor when my parents adopted them! All 3 are diffrent races and it doesnt matter! What matters is these children get loving homes! Now my parents went threw therapudic foster care and then adopted as we felt led to adopt when they were with us and others went to other adoptive families or back to birth families. I however now that im older and a single women will adopt, I advocate STRONGLY for the Ukraine, expecially bulgaria as they have whats called “laying rooms” in the orphanges and they dump there children that have special needs (mainly down syndrome) in these “laying rooms” and they are forced fed and get 1 diaper change at most a day and they dont get held or touched or loved on, they get abused and they get drugged so they stay quiet. These beautiful children can be 5,6,7,8,9,10 the oldest ive seen being 16yrs old and only weighing 9-10 pounds and only the size of a 6 months old. Its AWFUL! And these people just leave them there to die. advocates strongly for these children to be adopted! Most of the families we know go threw them.

Vavoom on

Barry’s comment was just fine. You people need to get a grip in 2012 and quit being a racist pointer. Get over it!!!

Katy on

Doesn’t matter where he came from, he needed a home and he has a loving home now. Congrats, Charlize!

pu on

Why didn’t she just have one??Or use her egg and get a surrogate?

June on

SAndy, not all people who identify as Black or African American have brown hair and brown eyes. When we have a family reunion, we come in all colors from white to dark, with eyes from dark brown to green with hair also of many shades, including blonde. So, no, we do not all look alike.

Tee on

Wow, the comments on this article are crazy and I have so many people I want to respond to and let me preface all of my comments by saying that I am a white woman from the United States and am absolutely disgusted by the level of racism in a number of these comments!

Lcvr- I’m from the US and like you, I certainly don’t understand why some people here (like Barry, apparently) think all black children look alike. Downright crazy!

Louisa- Are you being serious? Do you really think that white women adopt a black baby for the purpose of treating them as an accessory? That is a horrible thing to say! I know it’s hard for some people to believe but not everyone pays a lot of mind to skin color. For some people, a baby is just a baby!

Hen- I’m not sure what you’re seeing but Charlize just looks like a Mom carrying her baby through a crowd to me!

Deelee1- I don’t even know where to begin! Would you have preferred that little Jackson not get adopted by a loving mother? Are you seriously accusing Charlize of adopting this child just to prove that she isn’t prejudice? And dear God in Heaven, did you really just say that all young black men are on drugs?! Holy cow, that is the most ignorant, idiotic comment I’ve heard in a really long time. “You white folks messed up.” Hate to break it to you, hon, but you’re the one that’s messed up.

Michelle- What’s so sad about that? A single woman wants a baby and she is able to adopt a baby. I’m not really following why that’s sad.

Reesca- Yeah, your comment is right up there with Deelee’s comment. You are an ignorant racist, no two ways about it.

Donna- Afford white babies? So are you saying that white babies have more value than black babies?

Anita- “Whites need to stop adopting black babies.” Out of curiosity, why? Why shouldn’t a loving mother give a home to a baby?

Sandra- “It just doesn’t look right.” Why? Why doesn’t it look right?

Ashley- Thank you so much for commenting here! I really enjoyed reading your well thought out and worded comment. I am not African American but I agree with you wholeheartedly. Racism runs both ways and I always admire people that acknowledge that.

Dallas, TX- “Do what u gotta do girl, but I done outted u on it.” Um, you know, I try really hard not to be rude to people in my comments but you’re making that difficult. You sound ridiculously high and mighty there, “outting” Charlize when you can’t even speak properly! Your comment is beyond racist and seriously disturbing!

Marky- Thank you for sharing that story! I really enjoyed reading your comment!

Laura- Nobody… and I mean nobody… has the right to judge you for adopting internationally!

sandy on

I have to say, I have a black granddaughter, who I love with my all my heart and soul. She is smart, cute and I would give my life for her………..Why can’t people understand, a baby is a gift from God, I myself learned this along time ago. Black, white, who cares. A baby just needs love and care. This world needs more love. My granddaughter is my life. She is beautiful and is the joy of my life. I am blessed and I thank God everyday for her. The greatest gift you can give a child is alittle of your time. I know for sure, if you do, you will love them, won’t matter what race they are. Believe me, I have learned this. She is precious and I will spend my life giving her anything she may need. Thank you Kiana, for being my precious little angel. I love you…. Your MiMi

Sabrina on

I really hope those of you who made racist comments & disapprove of this adoption think you’ll be able to enter heaven with those feelings in your heart. Guess what..they’ll be all colors there & a sign on the door saying “No racist allowed”

gilda on

OMG – Right! I thought the same thing when I saw this beautiful child – he could be Louis’ twin!

Doreen on

Here we go…the ‘in’ thing for celebs to become ‘A Hero’ and run out and adopt a black baby!!! Lord knows there are PLENTY of them out there to be had!!

Doreen on

“Tzarina, they have better bodies because they’re always running from the police.” – Reesca

That’s funny Reesca!!! Well, they’re not running fast enough eating all that fried chicken up!! 🙂

Cortney on

There is a beyond cute front view pic of Jackson at!

Beverly on

How sad that another white Hollywood celebrity would adopt a black baby! She’s only doing it to show what a good liberal she is!

rachaelmarie on

WHEN do you ever hear of a black couple, or a black mom, adopting a white baby? Never!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotus on

Try Googling Demarcus Ware. He’s a black football player with the Dallas Cowboys. He and his black wife adopted a white girl named Marley. I also have a friend, black woman, who has had white foster children.

For those who were wondering, I hope this helps you losers!

rachaelmarie on

because she’s african-american, she’d catch alot of flak if she DIDN’T adopt an african baby. she was in a lose/win situation with the media

rachaelmarie on

That baby looks just like louis bullock-they could be twins!!!!!!!!!!!

sue on

He has his mama!

mizz swaggaa on

speaking from a BLACK perspective, NOT ALL BLACK babies look ALIKE

Leslee on

People needs to seriously clean up this blog, as there is no point in moderating it if all of this inflammatory spew is allowed to stay.

maveric698 on

As an adoptee who is of mexican decent. I wish celebrities would adopt more children here in in the U.S. Also raise these children knowing who and where they came from. My adoption was a closed adoption in 1965. I grew up with confusion and lack of identity. I am confused why they only adopt the black children or chinese. Many different children of all races and children with health issues etc. Never get picked and they are bounced around though out the system. One of the girls who was three years older than me finally was adopted by foster mom because her feet were deformed. She had surgery that corrected the problem but had she not had the surgery she would have been shuffled around like many of them. I was lucky. My family is great and I love them. But I suffered confusion because I was brown skin and my family was all white. I didn’t fully understand who I was until I found my biological family. I am happy for Charlize and pray for a happy life for her little boy.

Anonymous on

Wow, just wow! I’m pretty much used to snarky and even downright nasty comments on this site, but this post takes the cake! Since there are so many posters I’d like to say things to that I’ve lost count, I’m just going to address some of the issues that were said here.

First of all, ALL babies deserve to be loved. I don’t care if they’re white, black, brown, pink, or purple. A baby in need of a loving home is a baby in need of a loving home, and I commend Charlize for recognizing that.

Also, I can’t help but notice that people seem to complain regardless of what kind of baby they adopt. They adopt a black baby and people say “Why can’t celebrities adopt white babies? Why is it such a trend for celebrities to adopt black babies?” But if they adopt a white baby, people say, “Why did it matter so much to them to have a baby who looks like them? There are so many black and mixed-race children that need homes, why couldn’t they have adopted one of them?” You can’t have it both ways, people!

And finally, it makes me chuckle when I see people complaining that it seems to be a trend for celebs to adopt black boys. Obviously those people are conviently forgetting about the celebs who have adopted black girls (Angelina Jole and Brad Pitt, Wyclef Jean, Madonna, Kristin Davis and Mary Louise Parker are just a few examples) or the many celebs who have adopted non-black babies or children (including Meg Ryan, who adopted a daughter from China, Angelina and Brad, who have Cambodian and Vietnamese sons, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly, who’s eldest daughter is from Korea, and Ewan McGreggor, who has a Mongolian daughter. And that’s not even counting all the celebs that have adopted white babies!).

It’s just like how people suddenly forget about all the celebs that HAVE adopted from within the U.S. whenever one adopts from abroad. Bottomline: I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity! They can barely breath without people ripping them apart for it!

Anonymous on

maveric698- I think the word you’re looking for is Asian, not Chinese. Several celebs have adopted Asian children, but very few are Chinese. Not all Asians are Chinese, just like not all Europeans are French or British!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that Charlize is African, not African-American, as she was born and raised in South Africa (and I think might still live there part-time, too).

mya on

Ignoring all the inflammatory remarks from the racists, trolls, and the like; Congrats to Charlize and her beautiful baby boy.

Romy on

I don’t think all black babies (or people) look alike, but I do think Jackson resembles Louis. Maybe Madonna’s David, too, since someone mentioned that. He does not look like Will Smith’s kids though (for example). I’ve been told by people (of a few different races) that I looked like certain friends growing up. We had the same hair color/style and eye color but not similar faces. A lot of people will do the same thing to my daughter with some of her friends. Especially if they dress in similar styles. I’m white, my daughter is white.

Guest on

I honestly just scrolled down to read the comments and I was not surprised to see that the issue of race came up. I personally have no issues with other races. I love seeing mixed families because it just makes for such a rich and wonderful experience.

I would only take an issue with white couples adopting black kids because of how difficult the world is for black kids. It is a different experiences for black kids and it would be hard for whites parents to try and navigate that. I mean it is difficult for any parent to navigate the issue of racism with their kids. How do you explain to a child that people will hate you because of your colour? How can you look your little one in the eye and try to explain that?

It’s so sad that even from this story of Charlize Theron and her son, you can see how deep racism in people’s lives. I am a black girl and I liked a white guy. His mother’s only problem with me was that I was black and she warned him not to get serious with me because if we ever got married, our kids would be black. Can you imagine if things had gotten to that stage? She would have probably dislikes her own grand kids. So this is world we live in and it sucks! I wish people could see beyond the skin colour.

deborah61 on

My daughter and her husband are adoptive parents. They adopted a black little boy,and an native american indian/mexican little girl. They are BOTH beautiful children! And yes! blacks DO adopt white children,I have a friend that did! Children of ALL races need LOVE, and love only comes in ONE color! I can’t believe the ignorance of people in the year 2012! We should be ashamed! There is only ONE
race, HUMAN!

Nomahlubi on

No, they don’t all look alike – (Madonna’s, Sandra Bullock’s and Charlize Theron’s babies)! They are just black – they don’t look alike. Please don’t say that again – ever!

Susan on

I just wonder why so many “celebrities” are adopting black kids? Are they doing it for attention?

WOW on

It’s funny how some westerner’s are questioning how an AFRICAN(Yeah , that would be , Charlize) could adopt a black baby..lmao

wayne on

are you kidding tzarnia.why do you you think all those darkie men want white women.and barry was rigth,they all look alike.

WOW on

@wayne – What makes you think darkie men want White women .. why not , White women want darkie men..

sharon on

He’s from south Africa where she’s from and he’s beautiful

BekiH on

Wow there are some seriously ignorant and racist comments on here.

I happen to be a very fair skinned mixed race person raised by two dark skinned loving parents (one arab and one from the west indies). Never have I felt out of place or a misfit. No I don’t look like either of them. I don’t have an afro like my mum, I don’t have dark brown eyes like them, but I love them and they do me with all their hearts. I am very fortunate to have them as parents.

Racism is a personal problem that people inflict on others. Keep your filthy disease to yourself until you find yourself a cure. I really admire people who adopt for the love of a child instead of their race.

cara on

The photo’s on Lainey Gossip made me want to cry!

The look of absolute terror on that beautiful baby’s face is so so sad.

For the first time ever, I can completely understand celebs doing a pre-emptive strike by having an official photo published.

In her circumstances, and with the huge interest in the adoption, she really should not have subjected her baby to that dreadful scum of paparazzi at the airport.

john arnall on

I guess black baby boys are the flavor of the day. I wouldn’t adopt a child whether it was white, black or purple. Most babies are cute, but you see they all grow into adults and you just never know what their gene pool includes.

Anonymous on

It’s a new Birkin bag.

cara on

I don’t know who declared she is African-American, but she is not!

She is South African from European parentage. She has taken on American citizenship, but that does not make her African-American in the ‘US’ sense of the word.

She grew up in a country where blacks were segregated from white people until 1994. She grew up in a country where a man was jailed for most of his life for trying to get equal rights for black people.

She is from a country where a lot of ‘white’ people are still very racist, worse than anything you will have read in any of the comments above. She is from a country where a lot of ‘black’ people are very racist, worse than anything you will have read in any of the comments above.

She is from a country where discrimination is the order of the day, whites discriminated against blacks, blacks discriminate against whites.

She comes from one of the most violent countries in the world.

Adopting any child for her, white or black, from the US or S. Africa, was going to leave her open for stupid ridicule.

He is adorable and a huge congratulations to her.

patty on

I have no problem with people adopting babies or children of other ethnic groups or races other than their own.
But, I would like to why it is so9 hard for “regular” people to adopt while celebrities seem to be able to adopt right away. Please explain this to me!.

maveric698 on

Attention- Anonymous.

First of all since my comment takes the cake. If you are not adopted or ever adopted a child you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes children from every color,race, country are adopted all over the world. If you choose to correct me with the proper term as Asian than that is your choice.

My point here is there are so many children here in the United States Foster Care System who never even get out of foster care. Every child need’s a loving home regardless of their race or color of their skin. I praise Charlize who is not African-American she is German, French and Dutch for giving her son a proper and loving home. There is so much politics here in the U.S. that adoption’s are tied up in the court system’s for a very long time.

However, adoptees not all but many of us who are and were raised in caucasian homes lack of feeling of being different, teased because we didn’t look or have the same color of skin as our parents. Do you know what it is like to grow up with no identity or medical background. Now a day’s they offer open adoptions where that information is made available.

So to end this comment or post. Yes celebrities adopt children from all over the world. These children are so lucky to have a parent or parents who want a child to love and raise and their own knowing they are not the biological parents. I think it is wonderful that Brad Pitt, Angelina Joli, Maddona etc have all adopted children and still have their own biological children at the same time. It is a shame if you look at the percent in the United States that never get that chance.

This should not be about race or color. Every child deserves a home with lot’s of love. Like I said I was lucky. Some are not. I was born out of a rape situation. Live with that. The media creates these celebrities who adopt like it is some sort of fad.

kimmie on

“I don’t know who declared she is African-American, but she is not!

She is South African from European parentage. She has taken on American citizenship, but that does not make her African-American in the ‘US’ sense of the word.”

While African-Americans are indeed mostly black, it actually refers to people that did come from Africa, and last time I checked, South Africa IS in Africa. Get a map in Walmart, perhaps?

shalay on

“Let the blacks adopt the blacks and the whites adopt the whites!!!!!!!!”

– Sandra on May 8th, 2012

I seriously feel as though I’ve stepped back in time, reading these comments. Some of you are so ignorant, close-minded, and cruel, that there’s no use in even arguing with you. I feel sorry for your children, who will be raised to think that people of all races are not equal.

Congratulations, Charlize!

mainamom on

So very precious!! Beautiful little boy!

Webster on

you know what I found most disturbing about this whole article?

not the baby,not Charlize Theron adopting him.but that at the very bottom of all the hateful comments below it.there was an ad for weight watchers with a black lady on it lmao.could it be coincidence? hmmm! smfh @ people magazine O.o

MiB on

These comments have actually made me sick! I really wish People would use it’s right to remove some more comments on their own discretion, freedom of speech does not mean freedom to slander and harm others with your words. Thank goodness for some lone voices of sanity like Marky and Cara.

I also don’t beleive all those who seem to think that celebrities have some sort of fast track in the adoption lane. Many, like Sandra Bullock or Mariska Hargitay wait four-five years or more for a healthy baby, some, like Katherine Heigl and Mariska Hargitay become parents within months since they are open for special needs children, others, like Hugh Jackmann, get their children quicker because they chose to adopt mixed race children on account that there are more mixed race children open for adoption, Sheryl Crow has talked about the sorrow of adoption after adoption falling through, Meg Ryan has been open with the fact that she tried to adopt from the US but got tired of waiting and adopted from China instead since it was quicker, Nia Vardalos and Willie Garson both adopted older children from the US. Most celebrities don’t announce that they have started to fill out the paper work and doing home studies for adoption, they only announce the adoption once they actually have the baby in their arms, so we don’t know if it took them 10 years or 10 weeks to adopt. Some may hint that they are open for adoption, very few openly state it as their plan or part of their plan for a family like Katherine Heigl does.

Yes, parenting an adopted child will bring another set of difficulties than parenting a biological child (like questions about heritage and identity, abandonment issues, people wo keep making a difference between adopted and “natural” children), so does adopting a child of a different race, but guess what, most adoptive parents are aware of that (at least they are nowadays) and they do the darndest to work around these issues. Off course, you don’t know what their genetical pre-disposition is, well, guess what, you don’t know for certain with your biological children either as the human genoma is still a widely unexplored territory. You can be the carrier of a dormant gene that you don’t know about, many parents of children with cystic fibrosis don’t know they were carriers of the gene until the child is diagnosed.

Also, most South Africans I know, wether white, black or coloured would be offended by being called African Americans. They are South African, they are African, some may identify as Boer or Zulu or Xhosa, they might might claim their ancestors to come from India, the Arab world, South East Asia, the Netherlands, England etc., but they are NOT African American even if they have a US passport.

I am really happy for Charlize Theron, she has talked about having children for several years now, and I am happy that her dream came through. I also think that she is really brave, because as Catca stated above, race is still a sensitive issue in South Africa and racism is still thriving; you may have friends or co-workers of a different race (which is a good step in the right direction), but when it comes to families you often meet a barrier which you will have to live with, sometimes on a day to day basis. Hopefully things are changing in this area as well, but there is still a lot of resentment and fear that will take generations to overcome.

Hea on

Wow, so many evil and prejudice people in a thread that should be joyful and celebrating that a child and a mother have found each other. So many of you need to get real. This is 2012 and you still let the color of a persons skin bother and affect you negatively. What the hell is up with that? WAKE UP!

Guest on

Seriously, this is a sweet picture of a little baby and his mom… That is it folks… Just like some of you may have at home.. Would you want to be critized in such ways.?? She hasn’t done anything to be a bad parent. She saved a precious life as far as I can see.. Why is there so much hate in the world that all the articles on here are so full of it.. I never comment on these, but this time I have to just say, that this is just a picture of mother and child.. A beautiful picture.. How can it spark such hate?

colorless on

Come on you crazy white people! Pretending to be all un-racist by defending the likes of charlize, sandra and stupid madonna…you know pretty darn well that these kids are an accessory to them. Its unfortunate….i’m not a racist…all babies are precious and beautifull nomatter what color, race or gender…but it’s just a little obvious how these stars always pick the same kind. Not to mention how crazy their lives are..Besides don’t forget Nicole kidman and guys easy up with the insults.

Just Me on

Wow…all encompassing racism on here…truly sad.

Dee on

People are so touchy……damn!!!!

As a black woman myself I see absolutely nothing wrong with saying Jackson’s profile (because we cannot see his face fully) resembles Louis’ profile, I actually thought the exact same thing the minute I saw the picture.

As for people asking why she didn’t adopt a white baby? Does it really matter in the end what colour the kids are? Adoption is a beautiful thing and lets face it little white babies get adopted a lot faster than little black or multi-raced children.

At the end of the day,these little innocent beings need love, all of them and if you guys are so incensed about the slow rate at which white babies are adopted, then I urge you all to go and adopt one. Enrich your lives a little instead of sitting behind a computer screen and passing judgement.

Congrats to Charlize, her and Jackson are blessed to have found each other.

mileysucks on

I adopted a black Scottish terrier. Do I get to be part of the trendy group now? Sheesh, these women are adopting children left and right like Paris Hilton adopted chihuahuas. ENOUGH ALREADY. Get a hobby.

Rhonda on

The way she is holding him is difficult to really see what he looks like, but from the side he does look like Sandra Bullock’s child. And before anybody calls me racist, I am black.

chamorrita on

FOLKS – Seriously WHY is this a black or white issue? I mean seriously, I don’t care if the baby is ORANGE, anytime a baby is adopted by a loving parent. I’m ALL for it. There are too many babies and children sitting and waiting for someone to adopt them. America needs to WAKE UP and stop with the COLOR COMMENT CRAP. WHO cares? ALL a baby or a child wants is someone to love them unconditionally. I don’t care WHO adopts them, as long as they provide a stable, loving and nurturing home for the baby/child I said BRAVO to them. We need MORE adoptive parents in this world, so my hat goes off to Sandra, Charlene and anyone else who takes that comittment and unselfish step in adopting a baby/child.

ENOUGH with the BLACK and WHITE comments.. Jesus WHY does it even have to go there? I mean Jesus, if this was a black woman we wouldn’t even be having this conversation about BLACK/WHITE!!! If this was a WHITE woman adopting a WHITE baby we also wouldn’t be having this discussion. ENOUGH with the color issue, BOTH baby Jackson and Charlene are blessed to have each other!!! Congrats to mother and son!!!

kenny on

Cmon, Everyone knows these white celebrities adopts these black babies for publicity.. It a publicity stunt…. All of them follow the same path.. Adopts a baby from Africa, gives the child a funny name, and shove his/her face into the camera so everyone can see.. If they are so American, then they should go adopt someone from the hood who hasn’t eating for a couple of days, and not show the kid in every magazine or internet article.. Then, that is when I would believe they are doing it from the heart.

Romy on

Kenny, Charlize is African, but her son is American. He was born in America. She probably took the first baby she could get. He has a normal name, very popular in America. Sandra Bullock’s son is Louis. Madonna’s is David. All normal names. Only Madonna’s is not from America. Just using those examples since they were mentioned here.

chamorrita on

WHY and WHEN did this become an issue of BLACK and WHITE? Seriously, I don’t care if the baby is orange or if the parent is from Mars!!! The mere fact that we have a lot of children and babies in this country just waiting for someone to adopt them and provide a loving and stable home for them.

ALL any baby or child wants is to be LOVED and CARED for unconditionally. They don’t care if the parent loving them is black, white, yellow or orange!!! Its funny that its the GROWN FOLKS who make color an issue, its NEVER the children who make it an issue!! It’s GROWN FOLKS who always make the COLOR of one’s skin an issue!!!

I say BRAVO to Sandra Bullock, Charlene and any other man or woman who steps up and adopts a baby/child. There are too many babies and children in need of more loving parents and homes.

So those of you who continue to focus on skin color rather than the FACT that a baby has been adopted into a loving and nurturing home need to GET A LIFE!!! END OF DISCUSSION.

Amanda on

A few things:

a) Why do so many people assume black babies are African? Last I checked there are plenty of Black people world wide.

b) Why do so many people think it’s an insult to say two babies of the same race look alike? Is it insulting to say a child looks like his/her older sibling (of the same race) did as a baby or that two people look alike now? Why on earth is this a racism thing?! Oh yeah, because these same people like calling the “race card”.

c) Adopting is a personal thing. Some people do choose to have a baby who looks like them (or in the case of mixed couples, a baby who is mixed or of at least one of the two races of his/her adoptive parents), has no birth defects (syndromes like F.A.S. or physical abnormalities like Spinabifida etc.), and from the parents’ country (or homecountry). Then again there are people like Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron who did not care about race. Katherine Heigl and her husband adopted a Korean girl because Katherine grew up with an adopted sister from Korea. Her norm was having not only an adopted sibling but one of a different race.
Regardless, adopting is about a desire to parent and raise a child who needs a home. Period.

I simply hope that everyone involved in adoption can feel blessed and have a happy home.

Robin on

He’s a cute baby, but then again all babies are cute!

slmclendon70 on

Please excuse the following “humans”:

They reek of immaturity,so just give them the “side eye” and the adults in the room continue the conversation…

Kelly on

There are a million moronic, ignorant comments on here about adoption. If you know nothing about the topic, don’t pretend that you do. Who cares how she built her family. He’s a beautiful, loved little baby. I wish her much joy.

ahahaha on

when will people learn a little black baby is not an accessory?

Me on

Boy oh Boy, Slmclendon70 hit it right on the head. Deelee1, Carolyn, Anita, Beverly, and Wayne are a bunch of dummies. If they can’t see that race is not the problem but racism is, then they are going to be swallowed up in what the new generations are doing. Before long there will be many more beautiful interracial marriages. I think if they look hard enough, some in their own family have already experienced the love of someone who not of their race. Those 5 losers need to get a life…

MonkiesAre Inferior on

To all the liberal idiots out there that think racists are so uneducated and that racism in general is stupid, answer just one question I have. If blacks are the same as all of us why is it that there are NO predominately black countries that are NOT third world shit-holes?

showbizmom on

Okay, Okay, I tried to stay away, but I’ll be dammed @MonkiesAre Inferior had to chime in with this very thought provoking question.

To all the liberal idiots out there that think racists are so uneducated and that racism in general is stupid, answer just one question I have. If blacks are the same as all of us why is it that there are NO predominately black countries that are NOT third world shit-holes?

– MonkiesAre Inferior on May 9th, 2012

I don’t even know how to answer that question as a black woman. Could be because I’m a inferior monkey, I don’t know….. Anywho, People Magazine, I think it’s about that time you should disable comments or get someone to monitor the comment section.

Oh, one last thing to MonkiesAre Inferior, go fuck yourself you racist bitch!

Me on

Add to the dummy list MonkiesAre Inferior.

Holiday on

Holy crap I feel like I am living in the 1940s during the height of segregation! I did not realize there are still so many hateful racists. All this talk of “letting the blacks adopt the blacks” is seriously disturbing to me.

Universality on

First of all, Let me start by saying I am Black/African American.
I never post on any of these sites before. I felt compelled to say say something. The comments that I have read made feel incensed and sad. Instead of celebrating the fact that a child was placed in a good home, most of the comments was about race. There is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a child who shares your ethnicity and culture. There is nothing wrong with adopting a child who does not share your ethnicity or culture. Every child deserves and wants love. It does not matter if the child is Asian, Black, white, or a special needs child. All of the people regardless of race who are adopting and providing a loving home is a hero or heroine in my book.

I just want to know why people clump people of a certain ethnicity or culture and brand them as druggies, uneducated, or worthless. An person’s ethnicity, religion, culture, or gender does not have anything to do with intelligence, worth, or what type person he or she will become or is. One’s upbringing,experiences, values,and choices that he or she made contribute to what type of person he or she become.

Jillian on

While African-Americans are indeed mostly black, it actually refers to people that did come from Africa, and last time I checked, South Africa IS in Africa. Get a map in Walmart, perhaps?

There is nothing that you could “get” to help you understand that she is not an African American. I will not attempt to try and explain this to you. It’s very simply. She has even stated it before.

And People Magazine, you keep reading these racist comments and do nothing. Are you proud of yourself? Sad.


kim on

She gave a home to a child that needed one damn people does everything have to be made out to be something bad, Ms. Theron he is a beauty and congrats.

kim on

This beautiful little boy has a family good

B.J. (the girl) on

Beautiful mama, beautiful boy 🙂 I’m happy for Charlize and have been a fan for many years.

Zamantini on

OMG @barry this day in age you think all black babies look the same. mxm!!! its a trendy these days in holiwood to adopt black babies I wonder why??

Zamantini on

cute baby I just wanna kiss him on the cheeks, hope they visit South Africa soon, I will give him a Zulu name “Nkanyezi” in English is Star