April Hernandez-Castillo: I’m Having a Girl

05/08/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Tina Palazzo

April Hernandez-Castillo got her wish!

Expecting her first child with husband Jose Castillo, the actress had her hopes set on a baby girl — and will, indeed, welcome a daughter in September.

“I wanted a girl and he wanted a boy, of course I would have been happy either way,” she tells PEOPLE.

The couple — who were “excited” about finding out the sex — were taken by surprise when the doctor let it slip that they were having a girl during a recent ultrasound.

“The doctor did not warn us or ask us if we wanted to know the sex,” Hernandez-Castillo, 32, says. “She just quietly said, ‘Oh, looks like you’re having a girl.'”

The good news not only came as a shock to the mom-to-be, but left her — and her family! — in tears as well.

“At first I thought I heard wrong, [but] then she showed us closely it was a girl and I just started to tear up,” she recalls. “My husband and mother were in the room as well and it was a room full of joyful tears.”

And now the recent Person of Interest guest-star is thinking pink — and a whole lot of it.

“We actually had names picked out way before we even became pregnant,” she shares. “We are still deciding on a theme for the nursery, but I do know there will be lots of pink!”

“Feeling great” and trying to balance exercise with a healthy diet, Hernandez-Castillo’s only struggles have been adjusting to her new nighttime patterns (and positions!).

“Other than back pains and trying to find comfortable ways of sleeping, the second trimester is flowing smoothly,” she says.

— Anya Leon

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Shannon on

She’s pretty. Too bad the doctor didn’t ask their preference for finding out the gender in advance!

Tee on

Ugh, this story makes me so angry. I hear this all the time, that doctors “slip up” and share the sex of the baby without bothering to ask first. Not everyone wants to know what they are having! I can understand an honest mistake and this might very well have been one but oftentimes, it’s just carelessness.

Okay, rant over. Congratulations to April and Jose on the upcoming arrival of their daughter! I am not familiar with this woman at all but like Shannon, I think she’s very pretty!

Anonymous on

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who isn’t too happy that the doctor didn’t bother to ask them whether they wanted to know the baby’s sex or not before telling them!

Bree on

Congrats to April and Jose!! My husband and just had a girl in December, I am normally a total tom-boy but since having her I am pink all the way!!

Our Doctor did not have any part in the ultrasounds and the tech never put the gender in the file so that even if the parents find out it is impossible for him to make any mistakes like that.

That being said the tech basically did let it slip, at our 16 week appt (They won’t tell us until 20 weeks) she asked if we wanted to know (we did) and what we thought we were having and I said I was pretty sure girl and she nodded and said that she would know for sure at 20 weeks, so she didn’t come out and say it but pretty close. She probably didn’t even realize she had done it to be honest.

Lynne on

Hopefully it will be something feminine and pretty. Please no “Global Warming Purple” stuff.

Don on

Who gives a F***?

Don on

And we are supposed to care why??????

Marky on

Congratulations to April and her husband! Have fun with your baby girl; can’t wait to hear her name!

Don, if you don’t care, then get off the Celebrity Babies site. You can read the headline news a dozen other places, but get your hateful self off this site, most of us aren’t interested in people being hateful for fun.

Leslee on


People clicking on “Celebrity Baby Blog” care because they took the time to do so. I’m sorry you got lost on the way here, it was a long, long trip and you must be tired, exhausted and frustrated. We will prepare a room for you with all your baggage, the men in white coats should be here shortly. You can check out any time but you can never leave.

Anonymous on

I hate that doctor’s “slip” and tell you the sex of the baby.

I’m sure this was not the doctor’s first expectant mom; they should automatically and responsibly know not to comment unless the parents
ask. Happened to me and I was not happy about the “slip.” We wanted it to be surprise. We had baby names selected for either gender. Some people prefer to wait until the baby is born, it’s our choice.

Happy for the parents to be so not trying to take away from the good news, but just commenting.

Jordyn on

Who is this?

And stories like this make me happy I didn’t have any ultrasounds. No way to mess up there!

Anonymous on

Bree- I find it interesting that your doctor said you would know for sure if you were having a girl at your 20 week scans. It’s extremely rare for a doctor (or ultrasound tech) to say that they can tell you for sure what the gender of your baby is. Most say they’re 98 percent or whatever sure. This is to protect themselves in case the ultrasound is wrong (while it wouldn’t seem like parents would take action against a doctor for something like that, you never know in today’s sue-happy world!).

Tiana on

I had my daughter in the baissnet until 2 months, which effectively was next to me we ended up moving her to her own room and own bed causes Both my husband and i got sick, but it was time to move her anyway. I am please with the 2nd and i will keep it in the baissnet next to me until about two months then it will go into Also ITS own bed. My friends pediatrician goes by the rule, two months of the baby Should Be In Its own room. Personally I agree with this!