Alessandra Ambrósio Welcomes Son Noah Phoenix

05/08/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Talk about a model momma: Alessandra Ambrósio delivered a son on Monday, May 7 in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Noah Phoenix Mazur joins big sister Anja Louise, 3½.

“Well, the day just arrived and we couldn’t be more happy!!! Noah Phoenix was born yesterday afternoon and already stole our hearts,” Ambrósio, 31, writes on her Facebook page.

“Anja is a proud big sister now and we are so thankful he is with us…”

“Welcome my son, can’t wait to show u around this crazy place,” fiancé Jamie Mazur, who began dating the Victoria’s Secret stunner in 2005, Tweeted Monday.

The couple announced they were expecting baby No. 2 last December, and in April, revealed that they were set to welcome a boy into the family — although Ambrósio and Mazur weren’t sure what they would call him just yet.

“[Choosing a name is] the hardest part! I want something that works well in both Portuguese and English,” she explained at the time. “It can’t be too American or my grandmother won’t be able to pronounce it!”

— Alison Schwartz

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Jules on

Congrats to Alessandra, Jamie, And Anja! I’m sure he’s beautiful just like his big sister! 🙂

kasia on

congrats to her family 🙂 nice to hear that at least one ‘celebrity’ kid is going to have normal name 🙂

Tena on

They named him Noah :)Beautiful family!

Julianna on

They’ve already announced the name: Noah! Congratulations to Alessandra, Jamie and Anja for the birth of their little boy – I can’t wait to see his first pictures!

Dahlia on


sole on


Brooklyn on

Noah Phoenix is his name. Congrats to them!

madness59 on

Being Portuguese I so understand the naming process. You’d be surprised how badly a name can be pronounced. I have 2 granddaughters with names that their great grandmother cannot pronounce.

Congrats to the happy couple.

Ellen Smith on

How is Noah Phoenix more Portuguese-sounding than American?

Jen on

Congrats to them! I’m sure he’s beautiful look at his parents! Noah is a perfect name, love it. God bless them.

Shannon on

Noah Phoenix? Yikes

Jayda on

I was born in Portugal so I understand what she means. In Portuguese language they do not have the letters K or Y which are often used in baby names. My mother rebelliously named me Kay and I’ve been dealing with my grandmother’s mispronunciation since then.

Alisha on

Another Brazilian, who cares.

Smarter than the average bear on

As an fyi Ellen there is no so thing as the American language. The closest you have to an American language is the misspelling of several English words, eg. colour, honour …

Congrats on the new baby … Noah Mazur is quite a nice name.

Elisa on

Alisha, why were you so mean? please stop with the prejudice against us… Alessandra is Brazilian so it makes sense she wants her kids to be born here! I’m not only Brazilian but from Florianopolis (where Noah was born – and if I’m not wrong the pictures of her in the beach were taken here). Her fiancee is American, right? so being born here and having an American father makes both kids with two nacionalities…

Indeed in Portuguese we don’t really have words with K or Y but as English is becoming “natural” here (it means some words are being added to our vocabulary)… Jayda existe, inclusive, uma figura de linguagem para esse tipo de ocorrência (meio que a importação de palavras estrangeiras ao idioma)…

Lau on

Aww, I’m so glad she had him in Brazil! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

meme on

Love the name.

MiB on

Ellen, I think you misunderstood, she wanted a name that works in both languages, which is something that comes up in almost every family where the parents are of different nationalities. I would never chose a name that didn’t sound good in my native tongue, if the father had another native tongue we would want to accomodate (after all, wouldn’t it be cruel to give the baby a name that grandma can’t pronounce?). If I lived abroad and knew that the child would go to school there, I would try to accomodate that as well.

Anyways; congratulations to Alessandra, Jamie and Anja!

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..Love the name..

Jessica on

Noah Phoenix is an awesome name. Biblical and mystic! lol.

Anonymous on

Okay, I know this is a bit off-topic, but I love how Jamie’s twitter handle is “anjasdaddy” (wonder if he’ll be changing to “angaandnoahsdaddy” or something now?)! 🙂

Anonymous on

Also, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by Noah’s name, too. With Anja’s name having a decidely Portuguese flair to it, I expected their little boy’s name to be Portuguese-sounding, too.

sharon on

what did u want them to name him manny? noah is a beautiful name , doesn’t have to be portuguese…. I’m portuguese and didn’t name my son with a portuguese name

Jacks on

I love the name … it is perfect!

NeeNee on

yeah well get married you pretty whores, then have a baby