Jack Osbourne Introduces Pearl Clementine

05/07/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Brian Aris for HELLO!

It’s not surprising that the granddaughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne is already all about making a grand entrance.

After going a week past her due date, Jack Osbourne‘s fiancée Lisa Stelly was induced and the proud parents welcomed daughter Pearl Clementine on April 24.

“The baby was sunny-side up — in a posterior position — so I had back labor, which is the worst thing ever,” Stelly, 25, tells HELLO! in their new issue.

“It feels like two hooks are in your back with an anchor.”

With Osbourne, 26, “relaxed” and by Stelly’s side, the expectant mom received an epidural after 10 hours of labor. However, once the medication stopped working, it didn’t take long for her to realize she had to get the baby out — fast.

“Lisa only pushed for seven minutes,” shares Osbourne.

The couple decided on Pearl Clementine for their baby girl, but after much thought — and a little compromising — on the part of both parents.

After Stelly’s sister “inspired” Pearl, the mom-to-be was completely on board, but Osbourne was leaning toward a more unique moniker for his firstborn.

“Jack didn’t like [Pearl] at first. He liked Moxie. That could be the name of a Bratz doll. I was like, ‘Heck no,'” Stelly jokes.

Osbourne quips, “I thought Pearl sounded like a grandma, but then I thought it would be really cute to have a little girl with a grandma name, so I came around to it.”

It took a second round of the name game for Osbourne and Stelly to decide on their daughter’s middle name.

“Her middle name is Clementine. It took us a really long time to choose that, but I think it’s perfect,” Stelly says.

Despite being a first-time father, Osbourne is stepping up to the plate and is enthusiastic about daddy duty, giving Stelly a chance to focus on nursing her newborn.

“He gets up to change her [diaper], burp her and put her back to sleep,” she shares. “I’ve only changed three nappies — Jack’s done all the others.”

— Anya Leon

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Leslee on

Glad she stuck to not agreeing to Moxie, it’s kind of a mouthful combined with either of their names.

amsjll on

I was all “ohhh beautiful!” and then I saw the back of Pearl’s head. Photoshop mistake?? Its like hanging over Sharon’s arm. I’m sure its the angle or something, but it made me do a double take. Love her name. Old names are new again, which is awesome.

Ashley on

Am I the only one that thinks it’s a tad odd that Sharon looks like the key person in the article? Velly intellesting.

Brooke on

Perfect name for a perfectly beautiful girl.

Kate on

Ashley, I thought that was weird too. They didn’t have Jack or Lisa hold the baby?

Michaele on

Why is Sharon Osborne in the pic??? Did she give birth to the baby? Gosh! Can she just step aside for a moment and let her son and daughter in law with their new precious baby be the focus?

JCinAZ on

I thought that too—why is Sharon the focus of the article? Beautiful baby nonetheless. Congrats to them.

Jackie on


Maybe a little bit but then you have to think about it from the magazine’s marketing POV. Sharon is the one who is most well known & is the one who would sell the magazines. Either way, I think it’s a beautiful family & I wish them the best of luck (and lots of spoiling for Grandma Sharon!)

Lily on

amsjll….it looks like the clothes are bunched up…you can see her ear is a bit squashed funny too. It’s just the angle & the clothes causing it to look a bit odd. Too bad the photog didn’t notice. It is a lovely family picture & the wee one looks adorable, with a sweet name.

Maggie on

Ashley, most of the photos inside are of just Jack, Lisa and Pearl. Thinking of it from a media standpoint, Sharon is probably more recognizable to people right now because of The Talk and America’s Got Talent, so it makes sense to have her on the cover. Seeing her makes people more likely to pick up the issue.

As for the article, back labor is THE. ABSOLUTE. WORST. I had it with my second child and I felt like someone was stabbing me in the lower back with a million knives. I also pushed my daughter out quickly (too quickly actually, I tore like crazy) because I just wanted her OUT OF ME. So I feel you on that one, Lisa.

Love the name!

Tee on

Such a sweet interview, although the picture threw me off. I guess I expected Mom or Dad to be holding little Pearl!

WiddoMouse on

Moxie Osbourne….that would have been kind of cute.

Jayda on

Lisa is gorgeous, I have a feeling Pearl is going to look just like her!

K on


I’m guessing you don’t have kids! lol When babies that were birthed vaginally are that young, their heads are still funny shapes. Also, the backs of all babies’ heads are fairly soft, so they can sometimes look “smooshed” laying against a surface. I don’t think it’s photoshop at all, I think it’s just new baby head.

Daffygrams on

If they had just put Jack and Lisa on the front, I might’ve asked myself, “Who are they??” Famous people sell the magazine definitely. Beautiful baby!

t on

Without Sharon they are kind of a non-story. Neither is in the public eye enough to sell magazines…

K on

Geez Sharon, Botox much?

Iris on

Lol, yes Ashley I noticed that you can just TELL who’s calling the shots in that photo. Jack and the fiancee are clearly afterthoughts. “Look at ME and my granddaughter! Oh yeah, and her parents are here too.” This is ALLLLL about Sharon. 😀 Lisa probably has some incredible mother-in-law stories in her back pocket, lol.

Brooklyn on

Pearl is cute, and Lisa is very pretty!

Kat on


I noticed she referred to them as nappies, is she British too?

Sarah S. on

For Lisa and Jack having a newborn…they sure do look well-rested!

Melissa on

No, she’s from Louisiana. Our sisters went to high school together – they’re a nice family.

Pia Razon on

Boys secretly desiring to sleep with their mothers? His wife could be his mother’s biological daughter they look so much alike.

Megan on

Couldn’t they have picked a better shot of Sharon??? She looks like a deer in the headlights! Eeeek! Also, not sure why, if they HAD to feature Sharon, they couldn’t have also had Ozzy in the shot as well? Sharon makes the photo a bit awkward but I would have understood it more if it was both her and her husband. Oh well! Beautiful baby. I’m still shocked that Jack Osbourne is a daddy!

Mia on

I think she looks just like dad!

ecl on

Did anyone else notice that he is marrying his mother, at least looks-wise? Sharon and Lisa look sooo similar!

Anonymous on

Moxie? Good grief.

Whew! So glad baby Pearl escaped that one. Thank God Lisa apparently has both brains and taste in addition to looks. Pearl is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

cheesehead4ever on

Interesting that she says back labor is the worst thing ever. I can say it’s bad but I have nothing to compare it to. I had back labor with both my kids. I have no idea how it compares to regular labor.

Linda on

The baby is adorable, Congrats to Jack and Lisa. I have to agree on the back labor, I had it with my first child and it is the WORST.

me on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it odd Sharon was front and center. I guess I understand why she’s in the picture from a publicity standpoint, but couldn’t she let the mother hold the baby? Or the father? Maybe stand in back.

Kim on

Pearl…really? I know some really old weird ladies named Pearl..lol..I rather like Moxie better but it’s not my kid..just my opinion..

Di on

My bulldogs name is Clementine. I like it! 😉

JustMe on

Very beautiful baby! Something is going on with Sharon’s face. I used to watch her on the Osbornes and she is a very attractive woman. She looks like she’s had extensive work, which is very unfortunate.

Aimee on

Many keep posting WHY Sahron is holding the baby…..Because SHE’s the one that will attract the buyers & sell the magazine. Besides who cares, she’s the matriarch of that family and neither of them see to mind, they all look perfectly happy. Nice ot see happy families with hteir in laws & parents.

twinhappy on

Congrats to them!

Benilde on

beautiful name

Brianne on

Precious baby girl! Love the photo!!!

mindy on

Now that’s a beautiful baby!

SHar on

I wish Sharon Osborne would realize that she doesnt have to be in the spotlight ALL THE TIME. I cant stand her for starters but that doesnt matter – this story should be about the parents and I would have loved to see the parents holding the baby – not her. She seems to just have to be everywhere with her big mouth. I doubt she would have gotten away with this had it been Kelly. Now I know why she is so outspoken.

Congrats Jack and Lisa – beautiful baby. Gramma – get lost.

jones on

Cute baby and I really like the name.

stef24 on

I couldn’t be more impressed with Jack and the way he has completely turned his life around for the better~! Congratulations on Pearl!

Taylor on

Sharon Osbourne is a very big reason to why Jack is where he is. Sharon is a beautiful woman, as well little Pearl and her gorgeous mother. Congrats to all!

Brenda Sheehan on

l really hope Sharon’s house has been cleaned as l have read it’s pretty disgusting with all her pets.

Della on

How egotistical that Sharon Osbourne obnoxiously plants herself in the picture. She is the most self-absorbed annoying MIL on the planet.
The picture should be FAMILY, not the in-laws! I feel bad for Lisa, hopefully they don’t live close to Sharon.

just me on

The name is horrible


cant really see the babys face 😦

Jenna on

That little girl is gonna be soooooo spoiled via her family…..Beautiful little angel…..but I didn’t see why they chose Clementine as the middle name…..not that I am complaining about it…..Pearl Clementine Osbourne has such a royal ring to it…..I think she’s gonna be quite the popular one when she gets older…..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


this is oh so great but would rather see the baby and parents with OZZY..WHOM IS THE LEGEND ..THEN PLASTIC FACE …SHARON

Cinders on

So glad to know I’m not the only one not a fan of that toy line! lol Congratulations to and good for them! 🙂

Fallon on

Beautiful baby, but one of these days when those kids grow up they are going to absolutely hate their parents for giving them such horrible names.

Harriet on

God the daughter-in-law looks axcactly the grandma. Kind-of creepy. WHY was the grannie in the pic? The mom should’ve at least been the one holding the baby….. Congrats anyhow.

sassymommy on

Wow, what is grandma doing in the pic. The honor of announcing the birth of your baby goes to mom and dad. Heaven help Jack and Lisa.
They really need to set some boundaries. Cute baby though. Congrats to the proud parents.

Lori Reed on

beautiful name for a beautiful baby. congrats to the both of you

khloe on

I agree about the back labor! I had back labor with my first child and regular labor with my second…gift me regular labor any day of the week! My back labor was sooooo painful! It felt like someone ripped through my back and pulled all my insides out through my back then suspended me with hooks lol. I have a high pain threshold but that was INSANE and by far the worst pain ever!

I don’t care for the babies name but what matters is they love it. I think its sweet they went with a normal name and thank goodness she stood her ground against Moxie! That sounds like a dogs name! She is a pretty little girl. Congrats Lisa and Jack!

Cindy on

Moxie (as in Moxie Crimefighter) is the name of Penn Jillette’s daughter – thank GOD Jack is marrying a smart woman. The old-fashioned names are coming back and it is considered “classic”. If they want something more modern-ish, the middle name will suffice. No matter what, it’s not an obnoxious name, but I’d bet there won’t be another one in her class at school!

LM on

Congrats to the couple! Pearl, what a beautiful name. I’m glad they went with something simple and elegant. And when did Jack get to be so handsome? The last time I saw him on tv, he was much younger and a bit of a brat. He’s grown into quite the gentleman. Wishing this family lots of happiness and love.

.... on

Awww! Love the name! His fiance’s very pretty too!

molly.one on

I love the name- all of it! Beautiful baby and happy family! Congrats to them. 🙂

P.s. Agree- Sharon probably helps to sell more mags, I just love her on The Talk!

Shannon on

Congrats!! Beautiful picture and a nice name too.

Pat on

Give these people a break!!! It is Sharon’s first Grandchild. Plus they have the right to name her as they choose. After all it is their baby and a beautiful one.

amy on

the mother in law is already starting to butt in! jeez! can’t you let them have a moment with THEIR baby sharon? congrats to the couple.

Holiday on

Sweet baby girl! I love newborns. They grow so quickly though so try to savor every moment.

I hear her about the back labor. My son was posterior and I had the worst back labor and he was completely stuck. I had to push for 3 hours! With my daughter I had an emergency c section and after my hellish labor with baby number 1 I was actually relieved to have gotten a c section.

Sandra on

Thank Goodness…One Moxie Crime Fighter is more than this world can stand. Baby is too cute, mom is nice and Jack cleans up real nice. Good luck and enjoy every aspect of this time because you are going to look up one day is she will be walking.

bluegnu53 on

Love her entire name! The first name of one Maya Rudolph’s little girls as well. 🙂

J on

I can see my own mother in law trying to butt in family photos like this…lol! Yikes!

Amy on

Darling baby.

patty on

Nice picture of baby and parents. My first thought since Sharon is in the picture, was “where is Ozzy”?

Allison on

Congratulations to the Osbourne and Stelly families. It is so amazing to see Jack transform from the child we all saw on tv into a loving and caring dad…who changes diapers! Best of luck, health and happiness to you all…

someone on

Like the name. It’s sweet and delicate. But Sharon, you needs to get yourself out of this photo and let Jack and his new family shine. Sorry, it just looks tacky to me.

Kind of like the second coming of Robin McGraw when his son and wife debuted their first baby.

Anonymous on

Did anyone stop to think that maybe Jack and Lisa were just fine with Sharon being in the photoshoot and holding the baby? There ARE people out there that fully embrace their parents’ roles as grandparents, even if they do get a bit carried away at times. 😉

Anyway, the baby is beautiful, and I’m sorry to hear that Lisa had a bit of a tough labor. In fact, and I know this is probably not going to be recieved very well, I think the fact that they insisted on inducing her might have been partly to blame. I think doctors are too quick to induce these days. It used to be that most doctors wouldn’t start talking about induction until a woman was about TWO weeks past her due date. Now most seem to rush to induce only week past the due date.

Really, a due date is just an estimate and, in most cases, babies will arrive when they’re good and ready to (I say “in most cases” because I realize there are exceptions, and some babies do need a little nudge)! I think doctors should stop messing around with mother nature so much!

Alex on

What’s going on with Sharon’s face?! It looks like it’s frozen. Oh dear. Too much plastic surgery.

SAR on

Did Grandpa Ozzy refuse to be in the pic?

Anyway…sweet picture. That’s a beautiful baby, and her parents and Grandma Sharon are obviously proud. Sharon looks like she’s had a bit too much plastic surgery, though.

Hea on

Anonymous – Exactly!

Njean on

I remember their family reality show, they were kinda gross as a group and at our expense (of being denied better programming) we have watched them clean up their act somewhat (we still don’t know what Ozzie is saying and Kelly’s hair and tats don’t always work with her outfits) but essentially they have become almost civilized and accepted as American acculturated.

Tisha on

A Beautiful name for a beautiful baby! may they always be as happy as they look on the cover of the hello magazine cover.

Bella on

sharen looks likes she gonna throw-up with Lisa touching her an being so close to her… Their body language says to me that they hate each other…

It’s all in the eye’s too…

Chi on

The baby is beautiful but I agree with those who do not like this picture. Sharon shouldn’t be in the middle…it isn’t about her at all. It’s about the new parents. I normally like her but this picture makes her look like an overbearing MIL.

Shannon on

Why is Sharon in the center of the photo and why is she the one holding the baby? Attention seeking much? Either Jack or the baby’s mother should be holding the baby and Sharon should be off to the side. I can just imagine her as a mother-in-law…if they ever make it down the aisle. This won’t end well. lmao

Shannon on

Forgot to add, yes – the babymama definitely looks like Sharon. Creepy.

But at least the baby is healthy.

J on

Anonymous, I’m sure people considered that the parents are happy with grandma in the middle of the photo, are they not allowed to have an opinion though? Jeez.

blessedwithboys on

QUOTE: Despite being a first-time father, Osbourne is stepping up to the plate and is enthusiastic about daddy duty, giving Stelly a chance to focus on nursing her newborn.

“He gets up to change her [diaper], burp her and put her back to sleep,” she shares. “I’ve only changed three nappies — Jack’s done all the others.”

That’s just as it should be! 🙂

Ren on

WHY is Sharon in the middle of this picture? This article is about Jack introducing HIS baby? At least the mom should be holding her and Sharon should be on the outside!!

Laila on

lmao y is grandma there? Damn, waste no time throwing the baby on a cover…

Lyoness on

I love the name Pearl. It’s delicate and pretty. I must admit that when I heard the baby’s name I thought that it didn’t sound “British-y” to me. (Flame away for the made up word) I initially thought the young woman was British too but now that I know she’s from Louisiana, Pearl Clementine makes COMPLETE sense. Congrats to the family. Even though they seem off the wall, I’ve always like the Osbournes. They really care for each other and they openly express that.

Kim on

Why is everyone having such a fit about Sharon holding the baby in the cover shot? Seriously? You have no pics of your childs GRANDMOTHER holding him/her? Jeez..some people can find something to complain about regardless….

Kevin on

Congratulations to the happy family! The Osbourne legacy continues! But, who was in charge of approving this cover photo? Why are the parents separated by Sharon, with neither holding/touching the baby? That’s a really odd image.

patrick58 on

If you’re lucky enough to still have your mother alive, including her in the picture is a blessing to all the family. I wish my own mother had survived the cancer which took her life at age 55. She missed out on so much, though I do believe she’s been watching out for us. I have two sons, ages 36 and 40, now. And I bless my God for them every day. So, people, please lighten up, and give Sharon the credit she deserves for falling so in love with her grandchild.

patrick58 on

If you’re lucky enough to still have your Mother alive on this planet, stop and think of what a blessing it is for this child to have a doting Grandpa and Grandma. Having Sharon in the picture is not only loving, but completely appropriate. God bless this gorgeous family, and the kids who allowed Grandma Sharon to not only be in the pic, but holding the baby.

Anonymous on

patrick58- As someone who lost one of her grandmothers to cancer when she was only six years old, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Grandmothers are special, and I treasure the memories and pictures I have of my short time with mine. Parents, let your child and his/her grandparents bond as much as they want to (I’m not saying you shouldn’t set boundaries, especially if the grandparents are prone to getting a bit too involved. I’m just saying let grandma and/or grandpa hold and cuddle that baby!). Someday, your child will thank you for it! 🙂

roni on

It is all about Sharon, (she thinks) Sharon makes sure everyone is aware of that fact. Of course she is the proud grammy, I guess she hasn’t realized there is a time and place for everything and she loves the spotlight. This is the time for the proud parents.