Baby on the Way for Carson Daly

05/04/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.

The contestants are being eliminated onΒ The Voice, but host Carson Daly‘s own family is expanding.

He and girlfriend Siri Pinter are expecting their second child, the food blogger confirms.

“There is a baby in there … and that baby has been living there for about 5 and a half months already!” Pinter, 31, writes on her blog, sharing a photo of her pregnant belly.

“I am due early September. I am beyond thrilled and blessed.”

The Last Call with Carson Daly host, 38, and Pinter are already parents to son Jackson James, 3.

— Sarah Michaud

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Julianna on

Congratulations to Carson and Siri! I love him on The Voice.

ANM on

I loved Carson on TRL. Congrats to him and his girlfriend.

Leslee on

Perhaps we need to just keep a list of those NOT expecting or recently have had a child, lol.

Abi on

Melissa it takes 2! If she didn’t want to be with him ring or not she would have left already. Congrats to them and big bro Jackson.

Janie on

Oh wow. Congratulations to them! I don’t know why but I thought he was gay for some reason…shows what I know!

lovemyboys on

hey Melissa…here’s a RIVETING thought: maybe SHE doesn’t want to get married either! Imagine that…2 adults in love, living together, working, raising a family and not married. OH THE HORROR

Amanda on

Shut up, Melissa!

stef24 on

So glad he got away from that twit Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Cortney on

@stef24 So glad he got away from that other twit Tara Reid! LOL

Sam on

Why is it so wrong to want people to be married if they are having a baby, especially multiple babies?? Why does our society have to shun the thought?

It’s been proven babies born to married couples, who stay married are happier.

It usuallywams something to the kids…even Angelina and brads Pitt have said multiple times all ther children want them to get married! Marriage is the foundation to children and the future, it’s a beautiful thing. It sets a good example as well.

And nowadays it is the norm to not be married and have kids, which to me is just wrong to purposely do it that way. And if you happen to believe in the bible it also says to get married first and the only reason for divorce in adultery.

Mimi on

I think it is time for Carson to pop the question. Come on dude 2 kids together and you haven’t married her. a little douchey

.... on

Get married. And when it is time to name the new child, do not:
1. Spell name in an extremely unusual or counter-intuitive way (in a dumb effort to be original), thereby causing the child all sorts of problems further down the line.
2. Give the child a last name for a first name (like the first kid).
3. Give a male a name that is considered female and vice versa.
4. Give a “name” that effectively dehumanizes the child (inanimate objects, colors, food, animals, etc.)


Anonymous on

Sam- Sometimes it’s actually better for kids if their parents divorce. I think most kids would prefer two happy parents who live seperetly to two parents who live together but fight all the time. That being said, I agree that people shouldn’t be so quick to divorce, but sometimes it’s the best option.

Anonymous on

Sam- I also meant to say that Angelina and Brad HAVE said that, but they’ve also said that they strongly suspect that at least half of the kids only want that because they know it means having a big party! πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Get married already!

Julie on

Congratulations to Carson and Siri!

KRS on

Sam, the only problem is that it’s not any of your business how other people live their lives or define their families. By all means, if you believe in the bible and feel strongly about marriage before kids then live your life accordingly. Doesn’t mean you get any say in how others live theirs.

Marky on

Hope all goes well for this couple. The thing so many posters seem to think is that the choice is between parents being married unhappily and thus divorcing, and being unmarried parents for the rest of their lives. The truth is the kids would be happier if their parents were happily married.

My husband and I have been married a long time, and have a large family; and ALL our children are glad we are married and when we went through hard times, we worked it through, we didn’t give up and say “who cares?”. Our kids have said to us over and over they are very grateful for that, and are happy to know their parents love each other, they want the same thing in their own lives, and they put out the effort to have the same type relationship with their husband/wives.

Marriage is MORE than a piece of paper; it’s a deep commitment to each other and the family that comes from your relationship. It’s worth the effort to chose wisely to begin with, so you don’t end up with “overload” issues to begin with. You don’t HAVE to marry a loser, and, if you do marry, you don’t HAVE to end up divorced.

KRS on

Marky, for you marriage is more than a piece of paper-that’s awesome. But many, many people don’t require the recognition of god or government to feel committed or connected in their relationship. Maybe if the divorce statistics were better more people would feel like you, but at something like 50%…..YIKES.

Lauren on

Congrats Carson! On a snide note, I wonder if Jennifer Love Hewitt is kicking herself in the butt wondering why did she break up with Carson. She just seems so desperate for a man, ANY man.

Jordyn on

Marriage is antiquated and overrated.

Ayla on

Sam, there’s nothing wrong with being married first but there’s also nothing wrong with not being married first either. Sure, it may be ideal for some people but being married doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be great parents. Marriage is a choice and some people choose not to.

kimmie on

“The truth is the kids would be happier if their parents were happily married.”

Yes, I agree. In ideal world. But often (more often than not), this is not the option, but rather whether to stay happily in an unmarried relationship, or an abusive marriage.

J on

Poor Melissa. Is the picking on her necesary?

Yay another baby before marriage debate. Good God.

Sandra on

Okay, the people that write these Celebrity Blogs should write the headings a little better. No, Carson Daly is NOT having the baby, it would be his girlfriend having the baby!! Yes, I realize that she is having the baby, it just sounded real stupid that THERE IS A BABY ON THE WAY FOR CARSON DALY. I caught that right away and it sounded not right!

Marnie on

Actually Sandra, I think that’s one of the better choices they could have gone with. You wouldn’t say “Carson Daly Is Pregnant” or Carson Daly Expecting Second Child” since that refers more to Siri’s condition. The only other option I can think of is “Carson Daly to Be a Dad Again” and that’s a bit wordy and unwieldy. I can see why the editors picked what they did.

Shannon on

Maybe he’s not the father!

sara on

Wow Marky, you are obviously a vastly superior person to everyone else here. Is it hard being so amazing at life? /sarcasm

Guess what, what worked for you doesn’t always work for everyone else. How other people choose to build their families really isn’t any of your or anyone else’s business.

Anonymous on

Mimi- How do you know that it’s not HER that doesn’t want to get married, or both of them?

KRS- Exactly! For some people marriage IS just a piece of paper, and just because it’s right for some people doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone!

Marnie- I agree! Also, techinically there IS another baby on the way for Carson. He may not be the one who’s pregnant, but the baby IS his child, thus he has a baby on the way!

meghan on

Why the marriage debate? Just say congratulations. Geez.

Megan on

Maybe they aren’t married because it’s not legal for a brother and sister to BE married? Has anyone seen these two together??? It’s SCARY how much they look like eachother!! Freaky!

Momof3girls on

Alot of people have different reasons for not marrying but feels they can still have children. I was married to my first husband, I did it the “right” cheated, we divorced and he has nothing to do with our now adult daughter. I now have two younger daughters and have been with their Daddy for nine years, I have worn an engagement ring for 8 years. We plan on getting married but at this point my older daughter is thinking about going to college and she’ll get better financial aid if I’m unmarried. Also, my health insurance covers she and I and I would lose it if I remarried and right now I don’t want to lose my health insurance and go on his as it will be more costly. We are seriously thinking that if she doesn’t go back to school, we will get married next year. My parents were married on Valentine’s Day and I have always wanted to do the same. I will say the only reason I am marrying him is because our two daughters tell us all the time they want us married. They are 7 and almost 6 and don’t even understand what it means to be married. The relate it to a long white dress (which I’m not wearing) and a big party!! He and I are more committed to each other and love each other more than we both did our first spouses. We are not deeply religious so that does not factor in to anything. My attitude with marriage is been there, done that and it was horrible.

Anonymous on

Okay, I was just reading the announcement post on her blog, and PEOPLE has mis-quoted her! On her blog she says: “I am due early September. We are beyond thrilled and blessed.” not “I am due early September. I am so blessed.”. Normally I stick up for PEOPLE when they make mistakes, but this seems like a pretty big one to me. I mean, how do you get “I” out of “We”?

Anonymous on

Also, there’s a new post on Siri’s blog saying that Carson is going to co-host Rachel Ray’s show tomorrow, so it sounds like we may be hearing more about the pregnancy very soon! πŸ™‚

Melanie on

Anonymous, she obviously has amended her post since she originally posted it. Look anywhere else that picked up her announcement and you’ll see the quote was originally “I”.

A.D. on

Siri’s parents divorced when she was young, and she grew up in Minnesota with her mom, brother, and sister. Her dad, the famed soap actor adept at playing villains, Mark Pinter, remarried and had another son and daughter with his second wife, the famed soap actress Colleen Zenk. After 30 years, Colleen getting close to Siri and her brother and sister and considering herself a mom of six (she had one child from a previous marriage before marrying Mark), and Colleen going through cancer, Mark cheated on her and left her flat, so she divorced him, retaining custody of their son and daughter together. Those kids are now in college, and Siri and her full siblings from Mark Pinter’s first marriage are now grown. Colleen is still in contact with Siri, Hannah, and Dylan. After seeing what happened to her parents, and then seeing what her father did to her beloved stepmom not five years ago and after she battled cancer and beat it, maybe Siri’s the one not anxious to get married. It’s worked out fine for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Congrats and best wishes to Carson, Siri, Jackson, all the aunts and uncles, and all the grandparents, except maybe that douche lord Mark Pinter.

E Rhodes on

Gee, what are you, the official family biographer? While you may have many facts, many of which are accurate, unless you share a last name with ANY of these people, don’t suppose the nature of relationships between spouses, parents and children and the like. Divorce and marriage among these families is none of our business, and to speculate why Carson and Siri aren’t married, or why Mark and Colleen divorced, unless you are one of the four I just mentioned, you are simply guessing. And Mark is a remarkable person and artist, to call him a “douche” is offensive to his children and grandchildren. It takes two people to create a marriage and to end a marriage. Sometimes two great people (Mark and Colleen) aren’t great together anymore and to have the courage and wisdom to part as friends, or at least to tolerate each other for the sake of their kids is brave and commendable.

Mia on

Congrats! + Yes – I think if they plan to be committed + have kids — they should be married.

it is nothing to do with being the “right” way – it just makes sense logically… act married – get married.

Hope to see them have a girl!

Marky on

Sara, maybe being sarcastic and rude gets you through the night. Doesn’t bother me either way, since honestly, either you didn’t read my post, or you have an issue with reading comprehension. I clearly didn’t criticize anyone else for whatever choice they make; I merely stated what I think has worked for myself and many others I know. My experiences have shown me that just because someone wishes their choices didn’t affect others, or make their children sad, doesn’t make it so. I have a GS who would tell you in a heartbeat that his mother choosing the wrong guy to try to build a life with, their not being married, and his dad not being there for him has been the worst thing he’s ever thought of dealing with. I NEVER said I thought I should make choices for others, even my own children, let alone people I don’t know.

Ernest DeBrew on

Congrats for him and his built family.

I favor him on MTV’s “TRL” and then NBC’s “The Voice” as well.