Robert Downey, Jr. Introduces Exton Elias

05/04/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. may be starring as Iron Man in The Avengers, but the most important role for him right now is clearly that of proud father.

Downey and his producer wife, Susan, welcomed son Exton Elias in February, and the actor couldn’t resist showing off pictures of the little guy during a Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“I have to exercise just a little restraint,” Downey jokingly demurred when Leno initially asked him to debut the photos, before adding: “I mean, if you want me to, I will.”

“He’s so darn cute, isn’t he?” Downey mused over a picture of the 3-month-old in a hoodie and cap, before speculating that he’d get in trouble with his wife.

Explaining the origins of his son’s name, the actor revealed that he and Susan drew from family history when choosing it.

“My wife’s great-uncle Joe was kind of eccentric — when he was in fourth grade, he realized he didn’t have a middle name, so he changed his name to J. Exton,” Downey notes.

Courtesy Robert Downey, Jr./Inset Splash News Online

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–Liz Raftery

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Shan on

I adore Robert Downey Jr! I am so happy that he has been able to face down his demons and overcome his drug addiction and now is a happy family man. To think we almost lost this talented man….

Lady on

What a little peanut! I love Susans necklace also, congrats to the happy family!!

Jen DC on

SQUEE! I’m (oddly) happy for RDJr (odd b/c I don’t know the guy and won’t but ohhh). Sigh. Such a cute little guy and I much prefer Susan’s necklace to Beyoncé’s (and that doesn’t make me a hater).

Commentor on

So good to see someone come back from the brink of self-destruction to a happy, fulfilling life. I don’t think I have seen a single picture of him in years without that huge, beaming smile. He says his wife saved him, but he had to have wanted to save himself. Either way, it’s a beautiful testament to the strength of the human spirit and a shining example to anyone out there with a substance abuse problem. Good for you, Robert! Congratulations on your growing family!

Julianna on

What a gorgeous little guy! And the second picture made me melt. The peace in Susan’s face is breathtaking. I think Exton looks like dad.

deb on

Adorable. Congratulations!

Valerie on

I absolutely love her necklace. What a sweet family. So happy for them!

Charli on

I’m so happy for him and that baby is a cutie pie.

Rose on

what a sweetheart !!! so so sweet 🙂 I’m a big Robert Downey Jr. fan too … congrats on the baby & wonderful family

Lisa on

Congratulations….Exton is so sweet!

ruby on

I just love him and both of his sons are so handsome, just like him!

Paige on

What a beautiful baby! Looks so much like his daddy! So happy for them!

Linda on


christa on

Cute boy, I adore Robert Downey jr and I am glad he conquered his demons.

starjazz on

Sweet baby! I’m so glad he’s got another chance at fatherhood, another chance at marriage and another chance at life.

SC on

What a beautiful baby! He is certainly styling in those stripes. Congrats!!

m on

So Cute!

Abi on

Does anyone know where I can get that hat?? Or the hoodie?? He is so cute!

Maria on

cute baby. wierd name though

AmandaC on

The bottom pic is awesome!


Congratulations!!!! He is beautiful!!!!Enjoy him.

Me on

Do you think you could possibly get a few more items of clothing on to the baby. Cute baby, but could we STOP with the bizarre names. Just because dad (or mom) is a celeb does not mean the child will be guaranteed a smooth childhood without bullying. These children have to life forever with these names. Sincerely, Bingoladish.

Anonymous on

“cute baby. wierd name though

– Maria on May 4th, 2012”

RDJ explains the reason for the baby’s name on the interview with Jay Leno–it was the name of Susan’s grandfather(?) who tacked it onto his own name because he wanted a middle name or something like that (the video should be out there on the internet for viewing). The story was quite funny and Robert seemed so proud about his new baby and couldn’t keep from showing off the pictures even though he kept saying he probably shouldn’t, he might get in trouble with his wife but if Jay REALLY wanted him to show the pictures…

Just My Opinion on

@Shan, I feel the same way!

hush on

A real cutie pie. Here is the reason to live a honorable life, Dad. Hope your problems are well behind you now. My best wishes to all of you.

Anonymous on

Gorgeous picture of Susan and the baby.

Shannon on

The little fella looks like his dad.

terry on

Congratulations, susan and robert, wonderful pictures and he looks like his DAD>..

Im so happy for you both, and im especially happy that robert is a sober husband and father . Life is meant to be lived fully aware.

take care —- much happiness — terry 88

Motheroftwo on

Aww! He is soo adorable! I love babies and this little guys is just too cute! I love her necklace too very sweet.

Anni on

Oh, what a beautiful baby! 🙂

kjf916 on

It’s really lovely to see someone get another chance at life, love, happiness, parenthood, and contentment, and grab that chance and run with it. May he and his entire blended family be healthy and happy.

me on

love RDJ..ugh, really love lol..anyways, congrats on the new baby! he looks just like him!

Amy on

Gorgeous baby boy!

LuvBigCity on

So damn happy for him! Cute baby!

SAR on

He’s a very handsome boy!

micky on

He is beautiful God Bless him…Congrats to the proud family..:)

Jodie on

Didn’t he already have a son?

Anonymous on

Jodie- Yes. His other son is named Indio and is 18.

Me- People can change their names, you know. 😉

Anyway, Exton is a cutie, and I hope Susan wasn’t too mad at RDJ for showing the pictures! I have to admit that I wish RDJ would respect her wishes more. She didn’t want the gender of the baby revealed, and he revealed that. Now she didn’t want the photos revealed (going by what he said about that he might get in trouble with her for showing them) and he did that!

AmandaK on

Beautiful photos. It’s nice to see such a proud daddy. RDJ is one of my favorite actors of all time and I’m glad he turned it around for himself.

ang on

cutie baby, still sounds like a gas company though i get the name has meaning for them.

anon1 on

anonymous, i got the impression that he was joking that his wife didn’t want pictures released though i am not sure if that is the case. hopefully he was just joking and she really did consent to him releasing the pics.

Shannon on

Where is her necklace from???

tove on

Any ideas where I can get a necklace made like that? I love it!!!

meghan on

anonymous, I think he was just joking about the pictures. Referring to the ‘trouble’ he got into for blurting out the gender thing.

Mia on

So happy for RDJ + his son looks just like him (especially in that video when he was 5) – congrats to him + his wife (GO TROJANS! + FIGHT ON!)

Sherlock on

I don’t understand those people complaining about the name Robert chose for his child. That’s just plain stupid.

Jillian on

Anonymous, he didn’t really get in trouble! Omg…..he is too funny! Glad he showed the pics and that he added humor to it. Not everything is so serious and black and white. I know you like to explain “the rules” to everyone, but there are no rules. You really need to lighten up…..on this celebrity blog. it becomes ridiculous when you preach about things you have no knowledge. Like Mira put her newborn at risk by getting pregnant again?!? The old Celebritybabylover is back!! The anonymous name can’t fool me!


Anonymous on

The necklace is Jennifer Meyer Jewelry!

Ana Feig on

Love Robert Downey Jr. So glad he is happy… great actor… and now proud dad and husband.. love it.. PS loved you in Avengers…

Mary E McKelvey on

I practice addiction medicine and Robert Downey is the role model that I use for the patients. I am so happy for his successful life–God bless Susan.

Diana on

Wow, I´m still in love with Robert Downey Jr….

Igi Burns on

Awesome actor,
Happy for him.. Exton is a nice name by the way.

PS: He is soooo handsome!!! 🙂