Mira Sorvino Welcomes Daughter Lucia

05/04/2012 at 02:15 PM ET
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Surprise — it’s a girl for Mira Sorvino!

The actress, 44, gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Lucia, on Thursday, May 3 in Los Angeles, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are thrilled beyond measure to have been blessed with our fourth precious, healthy child,” Sorvino and husband Christopher Backus tell PEOPLE.

Lucia joins elder siblings Holden, 2, Johnny, 5, and Mattea, 7.

Next up for Sorvino is Union Square, out in July, while Backus, 30, will make his directorial debut in The Sessionist this summer.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Denise on

Congrats, Mira! She’s always been one of my favorite actors.

Melissa on

Congrats! That’s awesome that they were able to keep it a secret the whole time 🙂


Wow, didn’t even know they were expecting again.

Congrats to the happy parents.

Kendal on

I didn’t even know she was pregnant?!?!?


Wow didn’t know they were expecting again. But best wishes to the happy family of six.

Somes on

OMG I didn’t even know she was pregnant! Congrats to her and her family.

Daffygrams on

Awesome! I like her and her dad, Paul.

JC on

If I remember correctly she had a difficult pregnancy with I think her second child so they have tried to keep the last two quiet for as long as possible.

nacho mamma on

Coulda swore she recently left him or filed for divorce.. do I have the correct people?

Debbie on

I met her dad, a true gentlman, who kissed me on the cheek the 2nd time we met. How I love Italians. They are so gracious and welcoming.

Marcia on

This is a surprise! Did not even know they were expecting! I read here daily to check out which celebrities are expecting babies and give birth to. This is a first one that I did not know….

Julie on

I didn’t know that she was pregnant but congratulations to Mira and family!

ruby on

Sweet 🙂

JessicaB on

we didn’t know they were expecting because she isn’t a media wh*%e. she lives her life and does her movie thing and that’s it. think of all he big stars who’s children you never see. people like tom hanks or michelle pfeiffer, how many times have you seen their kids?

Joanne on

At least this couple gives their kids normal names.

Ms. Button on

Congrats! Like Mira, I had a placenta previa that caused a lot of problems with my son. And we just had a baby girl named Lucia last fall! Yay!

SCSuzyQ on


Katrina on

@JessicaB- Tom Hanks son is an actor, Colin Hanks. See him all the time 🙂

Heidi on

I’m glad she has been able to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery after a very serious complication and early birth with her second (and I think, her third) child. And at that age, I do think it would feel miraculous to have not been able to start having children until almost 40 and have her fourth at 44! Wonderful, to have a big family. Its a gift I believe they really appreciate which is really nice to see in Hollywood.

lara on

So happy for them. Personally, I can’t imagine having a baby at 44, let alone it being my fourth. But Mira seems like she’d be a great mom. Plus, she’s super smart. Graduated magna come laude from Harvard.

Julianna on

Wow! I didn’t even know she was pregnant! Congratulations, Mira and Chris. I think it’s great they have two boys and two girls.

Jess on

That’s about to be one spoiled little girl with all those older brothers. Congrats to the happy family I bet she is beautiful.

Ivy. on

Aw! These two make cute babies. Congrats to them!

Susan on

@JessicaB – yes yes yes – a birth announcement but not a mega blitz like Tori and Jessica do. This is totally different than other folks.

And Colin Hanks is an actor, but we don’t get shots of him every time he leave the house or goes to dinner. There is a reason for that. And don’t get photos of him graduating from high school; going to soccer practice when he was 12, etc. And that’s because his dad didn’t let it out. Same thing for Ron Howard and his daughter Brice. She’s an actress and she was a CB but not the overload.

SAR on

I didn’t even know she was pregnant! I thought she’d indicated that Holden would be her last child. Well, congratulations, and how nice that she now has two of each!

Betty on

What wonderful news! Do hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits! Congradulations! and thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful actress and I hope your children inherit your talents.

Aunu1 on

Congrats to her and her husband, and way to go pulling off the near impossible in Hollywood, hiding her pregnancy from the public. Good for them.

Leslee on

Why are people complaining about others that are in the biz being open with the media? That’s why they have this site about entertainment and that’s why we are here. If someone tells a bit too much and too often, then don’t read the article. I enjoy all the Jessica chatter but also appreciate and respect Mira’s approach.

icedragon on

I waited on Mira several times at FAO Schwarz at the ice cream shop. I always marveled at her hands-on parenting, it was refreshing to witness.

ClaireSamsmom on

That is a very beautiful name!

sole on

Congrats! : ) I think her husband looks like Kellan Lutz.

Kasee on

I’m just trying to get over the fact that he was 23 and she was 37 when their first was born! I’m not trying to stir up trouble or anything, he just must be the most mature guy on the planet. I’m 28 and couldn’t imagine dating a 23 year old! Congrats to them 🙂

look on

Her husband has always been so handsome.

Jennifer on

Good for her for not cashing in on the whole stupid baby bump watch stuff. She seems really sweet, real and down to earth. Congrats to her and her husband!

Anonymous on

Wow! I’m surprised by this one. Like SAR, I thought she had indicated Holden would be her last child and found this: “He is my miracle baby. With everything that threatened this pregnancy and both of our lives, he came out of it completely unscathed: perfectly healthy, beautiful and wonderful!”

That makes me wonder, why would you go and get pregnant again after your last pregnancy had put your and your baby’s lives in danger?! Mira’s lucky everything went okay this time! Anyway, congrats to her and Christopher!

Miami on

She’s the definition of COUGAR. I agree with you Kasee. Maybe some “older” women like much younger guys to make them feel good about themselves to make them feel young and sexy again, ect. And Mira being A-lister and all she had no problem finding that.

smiavs on

@Jess, their oldest child is named Mattea; I’m pretty sure that’s a girl, too.

Joan on

When Mira Sorvino won an Oscar for Best Supporting Oscar, she got up to the stage and said by honoring me you are also honoring my father… I’ve been a fan ever since!! Bless them and their joy!

Leslee on

I looked up what the problem was with the pregnancy with her third child and it was placenta previa. Apparently she was put on extended bed rest which caused a blood clot to form. The blood clot required blood thinners and a hospital stay to help prevent a stroke or the clot going to her lungs.

The birth was difficult due to it being a large baby slowing things down and the placenta placement allowing her to lose more than an acceptable amount of blood. It took her a bit afterward to get sorted out but all was well in the end.

I don’t get the impression that it would prevent a future successful, and uneventful, pregnancy. I think most of us would be sold on making that are our last, at least until you fell pregnant again or had a bit of baby hunger going on.

Jessica on

Miami, most “cougars” don’t choose to actually settle down and have a family.

Lorrie on

I named my daughter Mattea. I got it from Mira when she had her daughter. I love the name. It’s very unsual name never heard it before.I get alot of complaments on it.

Cyn on

@Miami – actually, the “definition” of a cougar is a woman who makes a habit of chasing only significantly younger men.

I’ve never heard of Mira chasing younger men. She’s had a history of dating older men, or those her own age. She happened to fall in love with a man – who turned out be younger, and they’ve been happily married and making babies ever since.

So, let’s stop labeling women who happen to be the older in a relationship, just because it may make you feel comfortable.

Catca on

Tom Hanks, Michelle Pfeiffer, etc. raised their children at a time the paparazzi generally left their kids alone. It’s a new era now with celebrity baby sites being so popular. Ben Affleck and Jen Garner actively try to keep their kids from being snapped by the paps, but they’ve had a losing battle on that one as one example of a celeb family that don’t want the attention their kids get. The paps know what school their kids attend, etc. so unless they home school their kids and isolate them from life, they’re going to get snapped. I’m not sure how Mira managed to keep it a secret but good for her! Congrats on the new baby!

Marcia on

@smiavs, yes, you are correct that the oldest, Mattea, is a girl.

Shannon on

Love her children’s names! Congrats!

Tee on

Anonymous, if her problem with her last pregnancy was placenta previa, there is no reason she shouldn’t go on to have successful future pregnancies and birth. There is no additional risk after having placenta previa. She did not put her life and her baby’s life at risk by getting pregnant again. Honestly, it baffles me that someone would think she did.

Anonymous on

Leslee- You have a very good point. I probably got a bit carried away!

Catca- Exactly! I also want to point out that Mira and most of the other celebs whose kids we rarely if ever see are ones who are less famous and therefore not huge paparazzi targets. Therefore, it’s probably relatively easy for them to keep their kids from being photographed. By contrast, it’s seldom that A-Listers are able to keep their kids out of the public eye (one of the only ones I can think of who has managed to do so is Johnny Depp, and that’s mainly because he and his family lived mostly in France for several years).

Doreen on

Didn’t know she was preggers!!

Doreen on

I think the reason that all of us didn’t know she was pregnant again is because I think CB dropped the ball on this one! They forgot to let us know!!

Marnie on

Uh, no Doreen. It wasn’t announced ANYWHERE. And seeing that this announcement was given to People first (hence the exclusively), obviously if the family wanted the pregnancy announced, People would have had it. At 44 and with complications in the prior pregnancy, it’s not a surprise that they did not want to say anything until baby had safely arrived.

JMO on

Just curious is her oldest daughters name pronounced

Ma-tea-ah or Ma-tay-ah

And is Lucia

Lu-cee-a or Lu-chi-a

sorry just never know how people pronounce these names – they’re very beautiful either way.

Shannon on

He resembles Johnny Depp.

Michelle on

I think a lot of it has to do with where the celebs live. Julia Roberts is an A-list celebrity, but her kids are almost never photographed. Why? Because she does live in LA!

Jillian on

Leslee and Tee
You are exactly right and I hope others know Mira didn’t put herself and the baby at risk by getting pregnant again. People should check their facts before saying such hurtful things.


Mary E McKelvey on

Congratulations, Mira. I have always loved your combination of beauty and brains. You truly have it all. I will never forget your macho father crying when you won your Oscar–I was crying.

guest on

Wow – she gives me hope, since I am almost 36 and not a mom yet.

amy on