BumpWatch: Drew Barrymore – Shady Lady!

05/03/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Bruja/Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News

A new month brings a bigger baby bump for Drew Barrymore.

The actress, 37, who is reportedly expecting her first child — a girl, according to a source — was spotted out and about with fiancé Will Kopelman this week.

Barrymore sported a loose cream-colored sweater that bulges slightly around the abdomen.

While the couple haven’t publicly confirmed the pregnancy, Barrymore and Kopelman enjoyed what sources said was a combined wedding and baby shower in Los Angeles on April 21.

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— Tim Nudd

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Monica on

Just confirm it already. I hate when celebrities don’t share info like this because they want to keep some aspects of their lives private. Sorry, the world can see you’re pregnant- the jig is up. And you can’t have some aspects private when the rest of your life is public property- whether you like it or not. I personally would prefer to go ahead and say “Yes, I’m pregnant!” than have paparazzi following me like crazy taking pictures of my stomach for some semblance of a bump.

Catca on

Congrats on both the nuptials and the baby!

Adrienne on

She has been one of my very favorite actresses since I was a child, I am so happy to see her settle down happy, and having a child! Wonder what she’ll name her?

Lisa on

Just because her career puts her in the public eye doesn’t mean we are entitled to know every aspect of her life. She has every right to choose what she wants/doesn’t want to share with the world. Paparazzi following her every move isn’t anything new, she grew up in a famous family so I’m sure it doesn’t even phase her anymore.

This is a special time in her life, let her enjoy it privately for a while. Personally id rather see mothers do this than put out a public announcement 5 seconds after peeing on a stick.

Tee on

I can honestly say that I don’t understand when a celebrity won’t comment on a pregnancy when they are obviously pregnant but that is certainly their right. Drew looks wonderful and I hope her pregnancy is going well!

Catca on


Do you think the paps would follow her less if she confirmed the pregnancy? Pregnant stars have paps following them like crazy, and they don’t do it less if the pregnancy is confirmed – if anything, they do it more. She has a right to decide what she wants to share in her personal life or not. I don’t think she’s keeping it a big secret as people in her camp are talking, she just doesn’t want to make a formal public announcement.

Mandy on

OMG Lisa absolutely correct! I’m with you 100%! If she is then I’m happy for her, and if she isn’t not a big deal to me. She looks awesome either way! Just because someone caught a picture of her and we suspect that she’s pregnant doesn’t mean a blasted thing. She should be able to choose what info she shares with the world. Personally whatever she chooses is fine by me. It’s HER life not mine!

Shannon on

She doesn’t look pregnant.

Nancy on

How many times has she been married/engaged?

klutzy_girl on

I’m excited for Drew! Love her.

And Shannon – Here’s pictures where her pregnancy is clearly visible:


Shawna on

Shannon – are you serious? Look at these pictures – she is definitely pregnant. http://www.justjared.com/2012/05/03/drew-barrymore-baby-bumpin-will-kopelman/#more-731582

meghan on

Less than JLo, Nancy.

Anonymous on

Catca- I agree! I think this might be another Christina Aguilera situation (Christina didn’t say a single word about her pregnancy until she was seven months in, and I think she even eventually said that she simply hadn’t felt a need to make a formal announcement). I also can’t help but wonder if she and Will are getting married soon (wedding showers tend to take place pretty close to the wedding date, after all!) and will announce the pregnancy after the wedding (a la Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz)?

That being said, I don’t blame her a bit if she chooses not to announce at all. Although she looks to at least five or six months along in the US Weekly photos (and therefore past the “danger” point for having a miscarriage), tragedies can (and unfourtnately do) happen even in later pregnancies. Look at Lily Allen, for example. She lost her little boy when she was six months along (not to mention the miscarriage she had a few years prior to that!).

I can’t even imagine having to announce something like that to family and friends, let alone the entire world! When a celebrity doesn’t confirm their pregnancy, at least they have more of a chance of being able to grieve in private if something does go wrong (I could be totally wrong of course, but I think that the media and the public are probably more likely not to question about the sudden dissappearence- with no baby in site- of an unconfirmed pregnancy than a confirmed one)!

Jillian on

I agree. Not sure why people feel she has to make an announcement. It’s very personal and just bc she chose a life in Hollywood doesn’t mean she has to disclose details about her pregnancy, if she is in fact pregnant.

If she is pregnant, I refuse to speculate, I don’t believe she is keeping quiet bc she fears miscarriage/stillborn, but rather bc she is private. She has never been one to discuss her personal life as much as many others. I love it!


Milosh on

I really feel bad for her child. I would not want her as a mother.

Dee on

I commend her for keeping it private. Who cares if she doesn’t announce it. Holy cow!!!!

I’m happy for her either way. She has paid her dues in Hollywood, she deserves to be happy 🙂

meghan on

~I really feel bad for her child. I would not want her as a mother.~

Oh, look everyone! God is posting! Hi God!! Thank you for sharing your opinion, God! Now go F yourself!

Milosh on

Oh, look everyone! Meghan is posting! Hi Megan! Thank you for sharing your opinion, Meghan! Now go have a blessed day!

Anonymous on

Milosh- I think that was a little harsh (your comment about feeling sorry for the baby, that is). Drew may have made a lot of bad choices when she was younger, but so did Nicole Richie and she seems to have turned out to be a pretty good mom. Point being, we really have no idea what kind of mom Drew is going to be! 🙂

tlc on

I don’t think any woman, much less a celebrity has to announce their pregnancy. How entitled are you to expect that Drew should just announce it. Maybe she and her fiance/hubby don’t want to shout it out. When and IF SHE and Will decide to announce it, it’s their business.

Whether or not she is in the public eye does not mean that she needs to
announce or share EVERY.SINGLE.ASPECT of her life. How
screwed are you to expect them to? Just because they chose a life in the public eye through MOVIES and TV, they should not be allowed a PRIVATE life? Who are you to decide???

I’ve seen some screwy logic on this site for years and this has to be one of the screwiest!!! INDEED!

Leave them alone…they are human beings and not zoo animals.

Doreen on

She still hasn’t confirmed it yet?! She def looks preggers….

N on

I disagree with folks who think celebrities HAVE to share personal info. I don’t think they do at all. If she chooses to ignore the media during her personal time that’s her choice. All they owe the media is their professional life… not their personal too.

B.J. (the girl) on

This is a surprise to me, guess I haven’t been paying attention, but YAAAAY!! Congrats to Drew!!! Can’t wait to see her little baby.