Oh Baby! Beyoncé Wears ‘Blue’ Nameplate Necklace

05/03/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Beyonce Knowles; Inset:Zak Brian/Sipa

Beyoncé can’t get enough of her new baby Blue!

PEOPLE’s 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman recently bought a Basch & Co. gold “Blue” nameplate necklace in honor of her four-month-old and then posted a photo of herself wearing the chain on her website, which features never before seen personal photos of her and her rapper-mogul husband Jay-Z.

But this new piece of jewelry isn’t the only way the singer has been paying tribute to her new bundle of joy — she’s also been spotted out and about with blue polished nails, blue dresses and rocking blue bling.

Beyonce’s longtime stylist Ty Hunter also thinks her baby style homages are cute. Last night, he Tweeted “the crew rocks chains!!!! ☺,” along with the photo.

The songstress has caused a stir with her fab post-pregnancy body, recently telling PEOPLE, “I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth.”

Currently, Beyoncé is preparing for her first performance in Atlantic City over Memorial Day weekend. And we can’t wait to see how she incorporates her baby girl into what’s sure to be an epic comeback show!

Jennifer Cress

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Jazzy on

Tomorrow’s headline:

Beyonce wears blue socks! JayZ has Blue Balls!
Who loves Blue more???

Shannon on

She has really changed since becoming a mother. Wow.

essie on

so tired of all things beyonce and baby blue.

Clairesamsmom on

Don’t care for the necklace.

Gigi on

@ Jazzy…that cracked me up!!!

Jillian on

Love it Jazzy!!

Jazzy on

Thanks, I couldn’t resist. I mean, everytime Gwyneth Paltrow eats an apple, are we all suppose to get into a hype that she is paying “homage” to her daughter?

Sandra on

Blue, what a stupid name for a child! Really, what a ridiculous name. What do these celebs want? Do they want all the attention and stories about them in papers because of the crazy name that the called their child? Blue, give me a break people!

Dan on

Well, nothing’s wrong with her ego.

Bree on

It’s like these celebs forget that their kids are going to be adults one day saddled with these names!! Really it is all cute and adorable now but how is anyone going to take her seriously when she is an adult. What if she wants to be a Doctor or a Politician, “Hi I’m Dr Blue” or ” Congresswoman Blue Carter” I know it is just a name but that is often our first impression of a person, Blue (Or Apple, Or Zuma, Or Bear or any of the other crazy names out there) does not make a very professional or mature or NORMAL first impression.

Anonymous on


kjc on

I like the necklace. I’d wear one with my sons name for sure.

MiB on

I kindof like the ring of ”Congresswoman Blue Carter” 🙂

carrington on

I like the ring of Dr. Blue Carter, Or Blue Carter the teacher, Or Blue Carter the whatever she wants to be. So judgemental. Why can’t she stand apart from all the brayden, aidens, and Jaydens she’ll be growing up with.

carrington on

Bree doesn’t sound all that much more sophisticated or mature than Blue. Blue sounds a bit stronger in my opinion. Different doesn’t always spell bad.

dilitant on

For the love of all things in this world People Magazine, please stop posting daily (stupid) stories about Beyonce. Yes, she can sing . . . but she doesn’t even come close to being the “most beautiful woman in the world.” Also, the name Blue is truly hideous.

Momof2 on

Love it BEY!!!! Haters makes you Greater!!! If you don’t wanna see or hear about her DON’T CLICK AND READ!!!! #SoDayumIgnorat

Fransabelle on

I am still in shock how People magazine chose this lady to be the most beautiful woman this year. This years reward should have gone to Jennifer Garner. She is 40 and so beautiful, having a down to earth successful life with a wonderful husband and 3 kids. Beyonce; I didn’t understand what type of pregnancy she had for the entire 9 months. We’ve barely seen her photos with her growing belly.I remember the one couple days ago she delivered; with long witch nails (i don’t know how someone can have them if she plans to have a baby within two days; that means she is surrounded with nannies from day one) and trashy leopard leggings. We all know that she delivered the baby at 35 weeks with a c-section. She thought she could rule the world so she paid money and close the entire labor and delivery floor. She made other moms not to be able to see their babies for 16 hours. So I am asking you people magazine; this lady really deserves to be the most beautiful woman???

kristen on

i agree with Fransabelle. I like beyonce but i think the whole hospital thing was way out of line.

Tigerlee on

Jennifer Garner. Got pregnant out of wedlock, had a shot-gun wedding, has 2 full-time nannies and one part-time nanny, a husband with a documented history of alcohol abuse and gambling addiction. But yeah, she’s down-to-earth-cough-white-earth.

Fransabelle on

Tigerlee: Jen could have gotton pregnant out of wedlock or Ben could have been alcoholic..these are from the past. Whose past is so clean from Hollywood? tell me pls. You forgot the photos already how Beyonce was dancing in front of Saif al Islam Qaddafi after getting paid 2 million dollars and her husband Jay Z was watching her.. no matter how much money she earns, she will never be a classy lady. I am trash is written on her forehead and on top she should really stop using religious words in addition to how much she is blessed, she is appreciative to God..etc..Every single interview she talks the same..It is between God and her. She is talking this way to target the certain audience. She knows how to market herself. Otherwise a woman who is religious deep down would have never let other moms deprive of seeing their newborn babies. So please don’t defend her..

kimmie on

“She thought she could rule the world so she paid money and close the entire labor and delivery floor. She made other moms not to be able to see their babies for 16 hours”

Just because you read it on internet, doesn’t mean it’s true, moron….

Tigerlee on

Funny you speak about what’s past is past for Jen but yet bash Beyonce for past actions. Gee, I wonder what’s the difference between Jen and Beyonce? Hmmmm. You continue to bash Beyonce and I’ll continue to bash your down to earth hero ~chuckes~ Jen.

dilitant on

@Momof2 . . . I didn’t “click and read.” The post, including the photo, are posted on the Moms & Babies blog of the People website. I saw it whether I wanted to or not (and in this case, I definitely did not “want”). I am tired of Beyonce. It’s nice she had a baby, especially since there were lots of reports that she had been trying for a long time to get pregnant and had a miscarriage. None of that changes the fact that I. Am. Tired. Of. Seeing. Her.

Lola on

Haters haters haters….sheesh. She didn’t ask People to post this, she put it out there for HER fans not you moronic miserable people,

Guest on

I think its funny how the media makes people feel like they know people intimately. Just because we see these people in magazines and on tv it allows people to think they “know” these individuals. I’m pretty sure nobody on here has met Beyonce but yet EVERYBODY seems to know her business. Seriously!! And is it her fault that these magazines choose to put her on their site everyday! If you don’t think she is all that then DON’T! I guarantee she will not lose any sleep, its so amusing because she’s not doing anything that no other CELEBRITY mom has not already done but yet everyone can’t stand her!