Jennifer Lopez: I’m Bringing the Twins on Tour

05/03/2012 at 09:00 AM ET
Lester Cohen/WireImage

School may still be in session, but the summer is looking particularly bright for Max David and Emme Maribel; Mom Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for her tour — and she’s bringing the twins along for the ride!

“I don’t know how that’s all going to work. This is my first time. I’m going to see,” the songstress, 42, told reporters during her Mega 2012 Tour press conference in Los Angeles on Monday.

“They’ll get on the bus with me and it’ll be a learning experience for both of us.”

And while Lopez’s little groupies may love life on the road, she explains it’s off to grandmother’s house the 4-year-olds will go if they need a breather.

“Luckily, there’s always Grandma’s house if they get really tired and stir-crazy,” the American Idol judge shares. “They can go with their grandma for a few days and then come back.”

Admitting she plans to “feel that out as I go,” Lopez’s love for her children leaves one thing clear: “I can’t be away from them for too long, so they’ll be with me most of the time,” she adds.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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sally on

umm, good for you?

bh on

Mother of the year!

christa on

Kids need a stable home, its ok, to bring them along some times, but don’t make it a permanent thing.

Mazda on

Why did she bother to have kids and how much $ does this woman need. It seems to be all about her and not her family. Soooooooooo tired of JLo and all her drama.

Mazda on

Why did she have kids?? And how much $ and attention does she need. Soooo tired of JLo and all her drama. Aren’t there other people that the magazine could write about.

Sherry on

My son is 14 now and I still don’t like being away from him for too long. I can only imagine how it gets when you’re on tour but with all the nannies and helpers it shouldn’t be that much of a strain!!

Benilde on

Taking 4 yr old kids on tour?
Kids thrive in stability and routine, not in the chaos of a tour. I can only imagine that everyone will be miserable. What a stupid idea.

shannon on

is her older son going too I mean her BF

Carrie on

Why can’t they go with Dad if they need a break? Doesn’t he get a say in this?

kbolton on

Why does it make a difference if she brings her kids on tour? Is she the only singer to do this? NO.

Jennifer on

Is she taking her other child (er, I mean boyfriend) on the road too?

mplschip71 on

Bravo! Jlo, doing what you have to be to a hard working mom!!

mplschip71 on

Bravo Jlo, Doign what you have to be a single working mother!

BlueBell on

The kids are very young. They need stability, not to be on the road. I think its a bad idea. But then its all about Jennifer as usual. Uumm how about the kids stay with their father?

Maggie on

I think “grandma” is raising her kids. That bus tour will only last until those kids start cramping her style.

elida on

yall some haters live your life and she going to live hers dammm yall need to worry about yall selfes calling her boyfriend a child your the child one by even writing anything and judging her life look at your self in the mirror before you look at jennifer 🙂

Maggie on

I think that “grandma” is raising her children. Those kids on that tour bus will end when they start cramping her style.

Deb on

Go on tour to do what….SING? OMG I roll on the floor with laughter everytime JLo PRETENDS on Idol she can sing! hahaha I blame Diddy for giving her a “singing” career in exchange for …….hahahaha It’s sad when contestants can out sing most of the Billboard females except Adele and Gaga! hahah

kidpitt on

How about going to their dad’s house?

Bloomof7 on

JLo has an extraordinary life. Why shouldn’t her children enjoy that life too? What wonderful experiences they are going to have traveling the world with their mama!

Shea on

Who gets to babysit Casper?

Anonymous on

They’re her children, she knows what best for them. If you disagree with her parenting choices, feel free to have kids of your own and do whatever you feel is right for them. I wish parents, and women in particular, would stop being do damned judgmental of others parenting choices.

Missy on

Funny how people are complaining about her bringing her kids on tour in the summer and how kids need stability but the Jolie PItts who are are rarely in the same place for more than 5-6 months at a time are praised for taking there kids all over the world. Yes kids need stability but a 2-3 month tour during the summer isn’t going to distroy them.

Ninfa Allison on

She don’t need OUR permission. To ask us is bullshit.

wondergirl on

Jennifer will be on tour for 2 months….leave the kids with Marc.

Marci on

Oh what a good mom, is she bringing her Other son along too??? JLo is such a joke

Melody on

Kudos to JLo taking her children w/her! What a wonderful experience! A single Mom “MAKING A LIVING” for her children. Hey, J, ppl would still piss and moan if you were sitting at home and doing nothing. What kind of an example would she be setting for her children if she didn’t work? Too, her children already have a stable home life. This is just a 6 wk tour w/17 shows. Just because one is away from home for 6 wks doesn’t make an unstable home life or her an unfit parent. I’m sure Mark & J already discussed it and came to an agreement. Give the woman credit where credit is due. She’s making a living and taking care of her children w/help. She’s not the first to take her children on tour. SHE’S A WORKING MOM IN PROGRESS~Besides, Military children get to live all over the World when their parent is moved all over the World. My great niece is 2, and has lived in 4 different cities in 4 different states, currently living in Hawaii for the next 3 years…and she’s adjusting to her Dad’s Army lifestyle just fine…

Melissa on

You people are amazing with your criticism. Women who work always have difficulties juggling kids, work and relationships. Way to go Jennifer for wanting to keep your children close while you work! I’m sure the kids will not be in a tour bus all the time, and in the end will be well traveled and schooled!
As far as the father, I’m sure he has been included in the talks dealing with his children and have you all thought that he has things he’s working on as well that keeps him away from his children also? And while I’m in the mood to respond why is it such a BIG deal that her boyfriend just happens to be younger? Men have been dating younger women for years and nobody mentions that when responding to articles like this…

Beebop on

There is NOTHING wrong with Jennifer taking her children on the road. I am certain they will have their own routine and it won’t disrupt their schedule too much. And it’s for TWO MONTHS, it’s not like this is becoming a permanent lifestyle for them. Kudos to Jennifer for working and for making sure she stays close to her children. Plenty of other celebrity children go on tour or sets with their parents, this is no different.

WhoCares on


Renee on

How in the world do the people on here know what JLo’s kids need. That is like you telling me I can’t send my son to football camp for two weeks in the summer. No he need stability. Maybe instead of bashing her you should stop reading the articles on here and go pay attention to what your own kids need. They are probably starving and dirty because you guys are to busy reading and making stupid comments about things you don’t know about.

Tracy on

For those calling this woman a single working mother just trying to make a living for her children, please get some perspective. This “single” mom has more nannies, housekeepers, cooks, drivers, etc. to help her in raising her kids than any married couple. Don’t insult real single mothers. She is worth over $230 million. I don’t expect her to stay at home for the rest of her life, but why can’t she just work on Idol for a few days a week and spend the rest of the time with her kids? Why does she feel the need to focus so much time on a new CD, various TV shows, movie roles and now a tour? Most mothers I know would try to spend as much time as possible with their children instead of adding more ways to be away from them, especially if money wasn’t a factor.

The real reason JLO wants to release more music and go on tour is because she wants the spotlight back on herself. She wants to be the center of attention, she’s selfish.

Just look at how she phrases any conversation about her kids, she doesn’t talk about them, its about how SHE deals with them. Its especially telling that she doesn’t acknowledge the children’s father.

Michelle on

You can’t just drop everything in your life just because you have kids.

Geez, she can handle work and family. I think it’s wonderful.

Mary on

Jennifer’s maternal instincts have always warmed my heart! What happened did the nannys walk out?!?!?!

kate on

Her music sucks big time

P on

Wow!!! Many of you are so quick to judge and criticize her like she was your next door neighbor!!! Why are many questioning who she leaves her children with? Many of you that are so quick to criticize her should be just as quick to do a quick research before you open your big mouths to talk bad about someone!!! I’ll save you all some time and tell you that Marc will also be on tour this summer… so stop badmouthing her and watch your own kids before talking about someone else’s!!!

Also stop hating on the children… it’s fine if you do not like the parents, but the children??? What kind of person are you??? I’m sure that makes you a better person than her and thats why you are bashing her!!! Some people are just ridiculous!!!

Kara on

If she wasn’t bringing her kids then you would all be whining about her leaving her kids & how she should take them with her!

She can’t win with you bitter women.I am not even a fan of hers but the way people are so quick to judge & criticize makes me fear for your children.

Melody on

After reading a few more comments, I’m inclined to say, I’m a full time Nanny, working 50 hours a wk for 2 children, 4 and 11 months old. Both their parents are self employed, one in real estate, the other an Engineer. They aren’t celebrities, they’re parents working for their family. Marc and JLo know what they’re doing. And if time comes, they need to go to Gr’ma’s, there’s nothing wrong w/that either. Ppl learn from THEIR OWN MISTAKES, NOT THE PUBLIC’S!! I love how Marc and J are keeping it real, getting along for their children. Ppl have been working for centuries whether one has children or not. This isn’t the 50’s anymore. I love both of them as Performers and as Parents. As someone pointed out, ppl are talking as if they’re the Anthony’s next door neighbors. Well guess what? We aren’t! Again, one would piss and moan if they weren’t working, on welfare, drug abusers, alcoholics, jailbirds,etc., but they aren’t! They’re 2 great role models. Balancing family and work. And so what if J wants to go on tour! It’s their decision, not ours! That’s what they do! It’s their livelihood! J, I look forward to the Chicago Concert! You’re a fabulous Mother and Performer!

Anonymous on

Women always talk about having it all but when someone actually does, boy, look out–the claws come out! Jealousy is not pretty and reading some of these hateful, vile comments makes me ashamed of my sex.

And I don’t even like Jennifer Lopez.

Julianna on

I don’t see the issue of the children going with her on tour. When my sister and I were kids, we used to go with our parents on his work trips all the time, especially when we were on vacation. My sister is now a 20-year-old med student. I’m a 26-year-old lawyer. It never did us any bad, on the contrary, it was an awesome way for all of us to bond as a family.

Donna on

And we are suppose to believe that? She will have 24-hour round the clock nanny I am sure watching them while she gets pampered the whole time.

Renee on

Wow! At least she wants her kids with her besides just dumping them off with other people. I am not even a fan but c’mon! I respect her for that as a single mother. And for all of you that are saying to leave them with their dad….I don’t know if you have read the tabloids but he is not father of the year material. He has a few other kids and was never around them much either! Why is it anyone’s business what she does with her own children???? Amazing!

Lola on

I wish she would just go away already & take her stupid friend Kim K with her……….ugh

bh on

I guess I’ll take my kids on tour with me. What??? I don’t even get to go to the bathroom alone.

dee on

Kids do not belong on a bus, it is very distracting for the other people to have kids running around and no offense to anyone, but hispanics are known for having undiscplined children.

MB on

Some of you people are so mean!!! I bet those of you that are throwing rocks at her are perfect, right? While I don’t look up to her as far as relationship choices I say good for her for wanting to keep her children with her most of the time. For those of you crying about children needing “a stable environment” that’s LAME!!! Geez it’s not like you have never taken your children on vacation sometime just to escape the nuisances of everyday life and repetition!

MB on

@dee- Hispanics are not “known” for having undisciplined children, people that lack parenting skills are! your comment is oozing in ignorance and is borderline racist!

Maria on

did the nannies walked out?? cuz she always seems to babysit her boyfriend more than her own children…

Amanda K on

She has every right to include her children on her tour bus. They’re her kids, of course she wants them close by. However, I don’t agree with her having had her children around her rebound boyfriend who’s young enough to be her son so quickly after splitting with Marc. I don’t think you should bring anyone around your children until you have an established relationship.

Tee on

I’m no Jennifer Lopez fan at all but I honestly don’t understand the problem with her taking her children with her on the tour. I mean, most celebrities take their children with them when they travel for their job. What makes this woman different?

Dee, are you serious? Hispanics are known for not having well behaved children? Um, no. Snotty, bratty, ill behaved children tend to come from snotty, bratty, ill behaved adults of any race! Wow, your prejudiceness is astonishing!

kimmie on

“The kids are very young. They need stability, not to be on the road. I think its a bad idea”

How is this different then from going to the cruise or a road trip with parents, like tens of thousands kids do every year? oh wait, these will get to travel, see places, children museums, lots of other fun stuff, and spend time with their loving mom that will go to work after they go to bed. Poor kids, booo !!!

Shannon on

I’m sure the nannies will be there. Jennifer looks worn out in that photo. I guess she’s having a hard time keeping up with her boy… you know, the twentysomething boyfriend.

me on

i thought the whole point of having kids later in life is so you are more ready to have them. shouldn’t that mean spending time with them? i mean its not like she needs to work… she’s rich enough as it is. i will never understand why any woman who does not need to work is willing to go to work when she has two young children to care for, enjoy, and love.

Olivia- on

Let’s face it: Either way she’s gonna be critized and wrong.
Kids need stability, but they also need to be with their parents.
It’s already complicated the divorce for them to add being away from their dad and next to the Toyboy
JLo is a person I really don’t like. As a person, singer, actress, role model or mother

Jillian on

What is she suose to do? Her job is to go on tour like all the other artists. As a parent, she should bring them with her. They can have plenty of stabililty even though they may be in a different state. Actors travel as do athletes and they bring their children along. Should artists, athletes and artists not have children?! That is pure stupidity! She is being responsible. The jokes about her bf are failing miserable.


Umma on

Yes, but how is she going to explain to her kids why she lays around in orgy metaphor in her videos? Same goes for Beyonce and Christina, Britney, even Angelina who all sell their sexualityas “art”….? Yuck. I guess their kids will just grow up bumping and grinding like their dear mother. Blech.

Michelle on

@Dee how are you going to say “no offense to anyone, but hispanics are known for having undiscplined children” and think a HISPANIC is not going to comment on that because it is VERY untrue and racist!!! I believe it’s how you raise your children and i hope for your sake you don’t have kids to be teaching them such ignorance because you are clearly IGNORANT!

I think as a Mother she should have her children with her 24/7 if she can and no matter how much money you have if she is fully happy with what she does who are we to judge? So what she can sit beautiful with all that money and don’t have to work but thats not her drream in life its performing and a very hard worker..Cudos to her!!

madeline7 on

A lot depends on the parents’ understanding what their child needs.
Lately, Jennifer has said she prefers the twins have her mother and extended family babysit: the same way Jen and her sisters were watched. Traveling w/ Mom on tour could turn out being an amazing experience this summer. Parents typically have hectic schedules, whether working in – or outside – the home. Most don’t spend all day recreating, (e.g. gabbing too long on the telephone, or watching TV). But I’m way tired of people exaggerating their review of someone because of dislike or envy: taking their kindnesses for granted.