Victoria Beckham: I Forgot My Son on the School Run

05/02/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
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From her perfect tresses to her immaculate wardrobe, no detail goes unnoticed with Victoria Beckham — except, perhaps, a missing member of her family.

Recently, the fashion designer was the epitome of preparedness for a full day of juggling both her kids — Brooklyn Joseph, 13, Romeo James, 9½, Cruz David, 7, and Harper Seven, 9 months — and her career, but quickly learned that even the best-laid plans can go awry.

“I got up early with Harper, sorted Harper out, got all the kids their breakfast, got them ready for school, put Harper in the car seat and said, ‘Come on kids, we have to get going or we’re going to be late,'” Beckham, who does the daily school runs with husband David, tells Vanity Fair.

“So I jump in my Range Rover, put the car seat in, put my iPod on — obviously very important — and I drive to school.”

And while Beckham, 38, may have temporarily marveled at her multitasking skills, it didn’t take long for her to realize things were just a little too quiet for comfort.

“And then I realize: I’d left Brooklyn in the kitchen,” she says. “I was driving along, talking away, and all the sudden, I looked at the front seat, and I was like, ‘S—! S—! I’ve forgot something!'”

Fortunately, Beckham found her precious cargo — along with an audience! — safe and sound outside the family’s home.

“David was standing there in the driveway with all three boys, just [shaking his head]. And I felt like such an idiot because I was in such a rush,” she shares.

“Harper was in the car, I was in the car, and we were on the way to school. But we did not have the child who needed to go to school.”

— Anya Leon

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marina on

It happen to my mum once. It was hilarious to see her face when she come back to pick me up!

JE on

Love her! She is actually really funny and more level headed than so many celebs in my opinion.

Amy on

happens to all of us. keep the sense of humor, Posh.

mommy on

I love her to pieces but I also am a mother and theres absolutley no way as crazy as things can get that I would EVER forget my child…

melissa on

this actually made a story???? WOW more important things to discuss lol

Tee on

That’s kind of funny! I’m glad that David was home and poor Brooklyn wasn’t left home alone! I enjoyed reading this story… sort of made Victoria seem very human to me!

Melissa, what would you prefer to read on a celebrity baby blog? This is a story about a celebrity and her son!

Kay on

Oh get real mommy. tell that to someone else please – this can happen to anyone.

Lauren on

Melissa, and yet here you are reading and commenting on it…

Amber on

Dear Mommy. That’s what you say right now, but how can you be sure it’ll NEVER happen to you? Things happen, people make mistakes, we are all human and we can’t fully predict our own behaviour. Even if one thinks they are perfect and a model parent!

Shan on

This could happen to anyone. A few years ago when my ex husband and I were preparing to move overseas we decided to go run some errands after the movers packed up our furniture and all the boxes, but knew we wouldn’t be home in time to beat our 8 year old home from school so I called the school and told them to make sure that he went to the afterschool program instead of taking the bus.

Well, nobody told him so he rode the bus home anyway. Imagine my surprise when my cell phone rang and said it was someone callng from my house, even though my husband and I were together and the only other person who lived in the house was our 8 year old. Luckily we had left the front door open so he could get into the house, but he was completely freaked out because not only were we not home, but everything we owned had been loaded onto a moving truck so he came into a completely empty house.

Marky on

I was always a very conscientious mom and my children were my world, but I left one of my kids in the car once, strapped in his car seat ! I even saw someone in the store and talked about my child, but never thought he might be out in the car. Someone had strapped him in because “he wanted to go with mom” at the last moment, and I barely noticed he was there in the back of the van, and in my rush, forgot completely.

I will never again assume no one can accidentally do such a thing. I am grateful every day that the weather wasn’t hot, and he was just fine, but it could have been so different…..

Britt on

Something similar to this happened to my childhood best friend’s parents. They had ten children, and they stopped at a restaurant. One of their sons didn’t get in the van with the rest of them, and they didn’t notice that he was missing. A few minutes later, they realized he wasn’t with them, and they went back to the restaurant. Sure enough, he was sitting in front of the restaurant, waiting for them.

Monica on

Well she just jumped a peg in my book. This makes her way more normal than anything else. Thanks for sharing so us other Moms don’t feel so crazy!

Maria on

She seems like she has a prety happy life. she and her husband are in love and compatible, they have 4 beautiful children- she is good at her fashion designing, and good at parenting.

My only two thing I see with her that indicate anything less are her need to be SO thin, which is obviously her right if she wants so who I am to judge- but it does indicate perhaps an insecurity. And also that she doesn’t smile in photos- I wonder if she smiles at home. Anyway, I have learned that everyone has happy and sad things to deal with in life- she is more fortunate than many in many ways but she still probably has her own things to deal with. she seems polished- similar to Gwyneth Paltrow- one might think they have it all, and are superior to tohers. Maybe she is a little bit happier or has more than most people- and that is good for her if she does. It is nice to see people finding happiness.

Anonymous on

Maria- From what I’ve read, Victoria smiles all the time at home. Someone here even once said that she saw Victoria and Harper in person once, and Victoria was smiling at first but then stopped the minute she spotted the paps. So it appears that she just doesn’t want to smile for the paps, and I don’t blame her!

Jillian on

What a funny story! I can see how this could happen.

Tee, 13 yr olds can be left home alone, so even if David wasn’t home, it would be okay for him to have been by himself. Not sure if you knew this, so I thought I’d let you know.


MissMissy on

Can happen to anyone. My husband was left alone at a Dairy Queen when he was 8 and on a big, extended family trip. The bathroom door broke and wouldn’t unlock. Everyone left without hime. It was truly a case of “I thought he was riding in your car…” “No, I thought he got into your car…” It wasn’t until the next rest stop–when everyone piled out of both cars and realized that he wasn’t accounted for–that they noticed. Hours later.

So forgetting a kid at home for a few minutes…eh, no biggie!

Hea on

Hahaha oops!

fer on

And leave off the d**n iPod the next time and the phone, too. TALK to your children! Lots of important conversations can happen in the car. This is actually for all you parents out there.

christa on

Things happen.

Amanda on hasn’t happened to me yet personally but I have wanted to leave them a few times when my two girls 15 and 11 are arguiing for the millionth time!

Shiv on

THIS is actually funny! shows a human side to her. Now I am sure the nannies and cooks were helping out somewhere, but this is a story that will end up in a reality show down the road somewhere 🙂

tlc on

She must have left all 3 boys home. It said “David was in the driveway with ALL THREE boys.” One I could see, but all three??

And isn’t it illegal to drive a vehicle with an Ipod on? Especially with your 9 month old in the back?

Mary on

This isn’t quite the same, but when I was four my family was having a huge family reunion at Disney World/Epcot. We went to Mexico and were mingling around, about to go in and wait in line when my younger brother started pitching a fit. Everyone rushed in and got on the ride without me. I stood there waiting for twenty minutes, petrified, that my parents had abandoned me in Mexico. Their faces when they saw me standing waiting for them at the end of the ride with a worker was PRICELESS.

Kait on

I love that she seems alot more human after this.

TLC – Maybe she only had to take Brooklyn? He’s older, so perhaps he goes to a different school then the other boys and David was taking the other ones? Also, I doubt she had her Ipod playing with headphones – she probably plugged it into the car instead of the radio, but I would be concerned too if she was driving with headphones to her Ipod!

Fer – leave the Ipod at home since important conversations happen in the car? Maybe her 13 year old doesn’t like to talk on the way to school? Maybe he isn’t a morning person? And how do you know that important conversations don’t happen in thier family at dinner, at home after school? I for one, NEVER had important talks with my parents in the car – that was all done at home, where they could pay attention to ME, and only me, not the road or the other drivers, maybe the Beckhams are like that.

Shan on

She stated at the end of the story that the only child she was actually supposed to be taking to school was Brooklyn.

Also, it’s not illegal to listen to music in the car even if there is a baby with you! She lives in LA, not the town from the movie Footloose! Most cars now come with a docking station for your ipod.

Dee on

Hahahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!

That’s just hilarious. It’s so refreshing when you hear celebrities tell stories like these because they are so relateable. What’s annoying are the mom’s on here who act like “oh I am so responsible I would NEVER forget my child!”

Take a chill pill already, it happens, its not a crime……and when you look back although its not funny then, you can laugh about it afterwards.

I like Victoria from what I see and read about her. She seems down to earth!!!!

Rachel on

Come on guys! It’s a funny story. Yes, most of us would never imagine leaving our children, but Brooklyn is 13 and likely pretty self-sufficient at getting ready and getting himself in the car in the morning while mom takes care of getting the baby in. Obviously that morning he was still getting ready and she was ready to go. It’s not like she left her 4 year old sitting in the kitchen and drove off. Sheesh.

As for the Ipod in the car – it’s illegal to use your ipod in your car with headphones, but plenty of people use their ipods while driving by hooking them to a docking station.

Tee on

Jillian, that’s true! I hadn’t looked at it from that angle.


My granny once left my cousin (who was only a couple of months old) in her little baby carriage outside a store. She bought some stuff and went home afterwards. When she arrived at home (15 minutes walk) she realized she’d forgotten something. LOL, my cousin was still asleep in her stroller where she had left her 😉

—> By the way, that happened over 35 years ago in the former GDR – people ALWAYS left their kids outside stores, it was quite common back in those days. No one would do that nowadays….not even my grandma 😉

Sheryl on

Cute and funny story….a more human side to Victoria. But….necessary to state “Range Rover”?? WE know you have $$ up the wazoo!

Jillian on

There are awesome iPod adaptors so the music is played through your speakers. I put mine on and play my kids playlist and we sing together! It’s fun family time on the way to school. On the way home we talk about their say. Also, a 13 yr old is most likely in middle school while the others are in elementary. David could have been driving the others or maybe they were off or sick or take the bus or being picked up by someone else.

I am just glad she talked about them going to school….again, since so many are convinced they don’t go.


denise on

the same happened to my friend although she didn’t leave her kid at home but in the car until someone asked her why she didn’t bring the kids, that was the moment, she realized something was missing.

why shouldn’t one listen to the ipod on a speaker system?

funny story!

MiB on

I read somewhere else that she takes Brooklyn to school while David takes the younger boys to school as they go to different schools.

Anyways, a school friend of mine had four brothers. Once when I had a sleepover there, her mom just did a head count before she drove off to school, totally forgetting that there was an extra child in the car this morning. After a 10 minute drive (they lived a 30 minutes drive from school) the following (approximate) discussion went on between her mom and one of her brothers “Mommy, why isn’t NN going to school today?”, “Don’t be silly honey, off course he is!”, “Then how is he getting there if he’s not in the car with us?”, “What?!?!”. All six of us missed the first class that day! The funny thing is, that her brother hadn’t even noticed that we were gone, he was a bit of a dreamer 🙂

Karen on

@Sheryl VB makes a point about driving a Range Rover because the entire interview is about her revealing her special edition range rover. She is trying to promote her product, not rub it in that she has money.

AllisonJ on

such a funny story! Victoria is hilarious.

Lori on

At least she takes the kids herself… doesn’t have a nanny doing it.

Also a Mommy.... on

Oh silly “Mommy” let me guess you only have one child that you are soley focused on every minute of the day, so how could anything ever get so crazy for you like that of a mother of FOUR like Victoria.

First rule of the Mommy Club is don’t judge, because Mommy Karma is the worst!!

Second rule is never ever say “never”. I’m sure Victoria never thought she would forget her child either….its not like some Moms of “know” we’ll do something by mistake and wait and for it to happen and others (like you) can see into the future that it won’t happen. If thats the case I think everyone would be a perfect parent from day one and never ever make a mistake.

Alison on

That’s happened to every mom I know of out there, including me!! Poor Victoria!!! When you have 3 boys and a newborn, it’s inevitable that your brain turns to mush 🙂

Kastia on

This is hilarious and completely humanizes her. Even she realizes the ridiculousness of the situation as she points out how important the iPod is, you can just hear the tinge of sarcasm in her voice from her phrasing.

I think it’s great how she and David split the school run duties and that when she got home, everyone was waiting outside for her just laughing. It gives a brief glimpse of their family life.

Also, she did realize that the car was too quiet, which implies that she normally talks to her son while he’s in the car in the morning, which again implies that they do communicate as a family.

Anonymous on

This is great! I went to bring my daughter lunch to school the other day. I had everything I needed, pull
ed up to the school and my daughter came to the window and I was like…omg—-forgot the lunch. Thought I was sooooo organized. 🙂

Lisa-Anne on

I’m so glad that most people are reacting positively to this story and sharing their own anecdotes about children being accidentally left behind! He’s 13! When I was 13, I regularly spent my weekends babysitting, so I’m sure that even if David and his siblings hadn’t been there Brooklyn would have been absolutely fine (especially since it sounds like she was only gone for a few minutes before realizing her mistake).

When I was shopping for some new gym clothes a few weeks back at Target, I went to try on some clothes. I was absolutely shocked because outside of the dressing rooms were 7 babies (they all appeared to be under 12 months of age), no parents in sight, just strapped into carts. More than one of them was crying.

I waited for a dressing room for at least 15 minutes and, in that time, one mother came out of the dressing room with a pile of stuff, took her baby (I hope it was hers!), and left, but no one else even came out of the dressing room to see if the child they were responsible for was still there!

From my point of view, that’s far more alarming than forgetting a teenager for a few minutes!

uh huh on

If she had not put her “very important” and distracting ipod on, perhaps she would have remembered her son, which was the primary focus of the trip. Why couldn’t she have left Harper at home while she drove 1 kid to school??

Sophia on

Anyone who has more than two kids know it’s very normal. Things get SO hectic sometimes, you might even forget your own name.

funny on

This is so funny! Almost all normal moms do things like this. We are not perfect but always try our best!

Katherine on

That’s actually hilarious! It happens. I only have one child and back when I was working (I don’t now), I had an extremely hectic day where I had a bunch of errands to do after work, including picking up the dog from the Vet’s, and I forgot that my husband wasn’t picking our daughter up from daycare because he was leaving on a deployment the next day and had to stay overnight at the base. I got home and daycare called. Oops!

m on

My grandfather died when I was 8 and my parents took me to his memorial. I just remember standing in the corner trying not to look at the casket with my dead grandfather in it. All of sudden I couldn’t find my mother or father. They left me at a the funeral home. I’m one of three children, how could they leave one child behind? All is good now but I haven’t let them forget that they left me. I would must rather be left behind on the way to school. LOL

m on

Maybe Victoria needs a super nanny like me. Victoria, call me, i’m available.

Alexia on

That’s funny. My parents accidentally left my little brother at church one time. Due to the schedule with Sunday school and my parent’s music ministry practice, we took two cars, and both parents drove off thinking the other had my little bro.

Tylo on

Awww hahaha, Poor kid!

Lauren on

Happens to us all! Brooklyn is 13 though, not a huge deal that he would have been home alone if David wasn’t there. But I like how down to earth this family is! She takes her kids to school, doesn’t make a nanny do it. They’re such a cute fam!

Stacey on

You folks going on about the Ipod, you don’t wear the thing in the car for goodness sake, it plugs/mounts in to the radio. It’s like playing the radio but your own music.

Stacey on

Ipod plugs into the car…she didn’t wear it in the car ! Geez folks it plugs into the radio.

Kitty on

Pretty scary how many of you actually forgot your children.

real mom on

Really Mother of the Year Kitty??? Really????

Ari on

Once my father left me at a gas station after a hockey game! We stopped for gas and I ran in to use the restroom. I was 11 and about twenty minutes after they pulled out of the gas station, my best friend, who was still in the car, finally got up the nerve to say something! HAHA! They still tell that story at family events.

Marky on

How nice that we have a few “super-special perfect” moms on this site! Most of us are real people who love our kids tremendously, just as the Beckhams seem to, and many of us have more than one, and we know crap happens. Like someone said, “mommy-karma” is very tough, and should not be tempted……..Kitty.

And really? Criticizing her for mentioning her Range Rover? Do you live in a forest somewhere and don’t know anyone who has a nice car? I may not drive a Rover, but I know people who do, and I know people who are driving their 1998 Dodge’s, too. You must be looking for something to be hateful about; this family doesn’t deserve rudeness, they are probably the most “down to earth with great kids” family we read about!

Seriously? on

Good lord are you all so naive? Seriously? She does NOT do the school run, she employs ppl. for that, she convientenly “forgot” the child that actually had to be at school but yet remembers the preferred child (daughter) who isn’t even school-age yet? She just has to name-drop the type of vehicle they drive? She is the RRover spokesperson, that is what they are PAYING her for, to name-drop. Seriously! The Beckhams’ are not anything if not masters at PR, that is all their life consists of, PR, they have no other “talent”, she was the fifth wheel of a bubble-gum, manufactured girl-band, who no one even gave a second glance to (she was NOT the most famous in that band) until she married Beckham and he is a one-kick wonder who is written about more in the celebrity sections than he is in the sports ones. PUHLEASSE! The Beckhams’ are over-rated and quite frankly the most superficial, materialistic, narcissistic “celeb” couple around today… It truly amazes me that ppl. do not see through them and see what and who they are truly about- pure selfishness, greed and pure superficiality.

JDiva on

So funny, if this story was about Beyonce forgetting her child the comments would be about what an idiot of a mother and how awful of a person she is.. But Victoria Beckham (whom I too adore) forget her child and you guys are so kind and support and state the FACT that it happens to the best of you. Remember that when it happens to a person you don’t like! Be real about the situation regardless of what person the story is about. Yep, I said it and I mean it.. 🙂

Jennifer on

No it DOESN’T happen to us all….I have forgotten my ID, my phone, directions to where I needed to go, but have NEVER forgotten one of my children!

Sarah on

I love her and this just makes me love her more. She really seems like a funny and down to earth mom.

To those who say this would never happen to them whatever…I have one kid and sometimes mornings were so hectic when he was little and my husband was deployed I would get to work and actually question myself if I dropped him off at the daycare, there were a couple times I called the daycare and made up some stupid question to just make sure he was there!

Courtney on

Why would you put an iPod on when your children are in the car?!!? That is the first mistake! Take time to talk with your children when they are with you–I am sure that it doesn’t happen too often! They probably spend more time with their nanny!

Marti on

Yep, happened to me too. Actually, forgot to pick up my daughter and her friend during a short schoolday.

I had a new phone that I didn’t know how to use and by mistake left on mute. Three hours after I headed to the school to pick them up, only to find out that everyone had tried calling me, someone else had picked up the kids and all of them thought that something horrible had happened to me (I was divorcing at the time).

I cried for days, I had never forgotten to pick up my daughter from school before! Some of the people involved actually judged me and this hurt me a lot. That’s life, it happens, not that big of a deal unless it happens every day 🙂

Tay on

She drives with an iPod on????

Josy on

haha Loved this story! it’s nice to see her in a “normal” mommy light and not what designer she dressed her child in ..

and tay…u know…now days…you can connect ur ipod to ur car and it plays over the car speakers…it’s like magic. 🙂

Tammy on

LOL…I have a similar story…I strapped my 1 week old into her carseat, sound asleep on the kitchen table…Packed the other 3 into the van to run to the store…pulled out of the drive…got to the corner and my oldest asked “Where is Joanna?”…SCREECH!!!!!!!!! Reverse…pull in the drive, run into the house and there she was…sound asleep…like nothing happened. Thank goodness I hadn’t gotten to the store and was only like 100 feet from the house, felt so bad I got the other kids a treat from Starbucks…Chocolate Milk with Whipped Cream on top…they asked if I would ‘forget’ the baby more often! No worse for the wear. It happens. Puts Mrs. Beckham in a ‘normal’ light for once. on

That is pretty funny! And it isn’t like it would be that big of a deal…Brooklyn is 13 years old, legal to stay at home alone anyway. Keep the humor, Posh!

Mandy on

Oh poor thing! I’m sure every mom here has done something similar if not yet you will! I know I will one day! Just relax and go with the flow! So nice to hear celebrities are human!

Becky on

Love this story about her..

@Seriously? Jealous much? Both Victoria and David seem to be very hands on parents, so why would you think that? No, I don’t know them, but I think they are great people, at least based on what I read and see..

D on

If you read the Vanity Fair article, it makes complete sense. Not sure why People didn’t put the full article. Sounds funny and normal.

Guest on

Funny and cute story. I can just imagine her husband standing in the driveway shaking his head at her…made me giggle.

For the people criticizing her, um…Brooklyn is 13 years old. As in he is old enough to take care of himself and get himself into the car to go to school. It’s not like she left one of the little ones.

And you can buy an iPod dock for your car so you can play the music on your iPod without using headphones which is what most people use.

Sandy on

Torrey above, why are you yelling???
Settle down and lighten up! A 13 is perfectly fine at home alone but even so he was with dad! Did you not read the article.
To all you others, you plus the ipod into the car and listen to your own chosen music instead of the radio.
Funny story and MOST women have at least one funny story to share.

Robyn on

I worked two jobs, tired as crap and NEVER forgot my babies! I wonder if she actually smiled when she went back to get them. I have never seen such a sour puss as she is – someone who is as blessed as she is should smile and give thanks every single day of her life!

Vanessa on

I did it and 10 years later she still reminds me of it!

blessedwithboys on

I’ve never done it myself, but I can totally see how it’s possible! Maybe Harper doesn’t STTN yet, and since V mentioned she got up early and tended to baby care first thing, she could be seriously sleep deprived, which just makes her an average, run-of-the-mill mama of 4! 🙂

Sarah K. on

Robyn, it’s pretty well-known that Victoria does smile and joke when she’s not in public. She has even joked about how she puts on a serious face in front of cameras as part of her image.

Also, what year are some of you in? You can dock your ipod and it works in the car like a radio. And she clearly states that she was talking during the ride, but didn’t hear a response and noticed how quiet it was. She clearly talks to her kids. Her family clearly didn’t think it was a big deal, so get over it. It’s a funny story.

Sheliy on

I love that she told this story! It just goes to prove that celeb Moms are still Moms!! I almost left my son at a gas station once, he got out of the car and went to use the bathroom while I was pumping gas, and I didn’t notice he got out of the car. This is just one of the many wonderful funny stories to add to the collection to tell the kids when they, themselves, become parents!! Love her and her family!!

Missy on

It’s especially funny because Brooklyn is 13, more than old enough to get himself into the car, or to be fine at home by himself while his mother realizes she drove off without him!

reese on

When the kids are too quiet you know something is wrong :))

divadee on

@Seriously; So you know the Beckham’s so well that you have proof that they employee nannies to take care of everything?! I think not! There are countless pictures (not posed) but snapped by the stalkarazzi’ where you see one or both parents dropping off or picking up the kids. Don’t judge if you do not personally know the couple! It is very clear the Beckham’s love their children. Just because a lot of celebrity families have nannies does not mean all celebrities do. The kids, with the exception of Harper, are all old enough to be able to get themselves dressed and ready for school all without the help of a nanny or mom! In an industry where too many celebrities adopt kids so mom’s wont be seen with “fat,” or struggling to lose the baby weight Victoria Beckham is inspiring! The kids go, or seem to, everywhere with their parents. I give the Beckham’ an “A” in parenting. By forgetting her son at home while she started to make the school run, Victoria reveals she is as normal and any of us!

Ginger on

My Daddy used to leave my brother and me in the oilfield all the time when we were young – maybe 6 to 10. He was an earth mover and sometimes we would go along with him to work but he would get busy doing things and lining up jobs that he would often rush off to do the next job without us. We learned to stay closer to the truck and keep our eyes as much on the bugs, rocks and flowers as on Daddy – especially on Daddy. And a neighbor or relative would always find us and give us a lift home if they found us out there wandering around. It was a very exciting business with all the activity and machines. Life was so different 50 years ago – much safer, sweeter and happy.

delgena on

I went to bed late one night wondering why I had’nt gone earlier because I was awfully tired. I climbed into bed and was just about to drift off to sleep when my phone started ringing. I jolted up and thought OMG is there an emergency with one of my family members (Mom, Dad, Sister or brother) My heart was beating real hard and I looked at the number and thought, why is my son calling me from upstairs? So I answer it and my son says “ah Mom are you going to come get me, I have been waiting for over an hour” Well, my panic turned to feeling like an idiot. I didnt go to bed earlier because I needed to pick my son up at 11pm from his friends house and I totally forgot about him. At least my son thought it was funny and chalked it up to Mom being mom. My husband still reminds every 10 minutes when I need to get my son.

Jess on

LoL so funny! Imagine her face when she saw Brooklyn was not there :s
Love Victoria ! And yes people, these kind of things DO happen to celebrities too. They are human,, not robots… and just bc they are famous does not mean they have 490546435 nannies doing things for them. Change your way of thinking ….