It’ll Be a Boy for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

05/02/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

Oops — this Bear has a big mouth.

Although Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler know the sex of their baby, they said they weren’t sharing — but someone forgot to tell his Chicago Bears teammate Earl Bennett.

“He’s having a boy,” Bennett, 25, said on the Boers & Bernstein sports radio show in Chicago Tuesday. “I am excited for Jay. It’s a great time.”

Cavallari, 25, announced in January that she and her quarterback fiancΓ©, 29, were expecting their first child this summer.

“I think every guy wants a guy to carry on the name,” the former reality star told Glamoholic in March. “But he doesn’t care. I just want to have a healthy baby.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Amanda on

Whoops is right! Congrats to them either way! πŸ™‚

christine on

@jenny if u didn’t care what she was having then why did u click on the article. dumba**

alexandra on

ooh awkward… I feel bad that the secret was ruined for the new parents! Oh well! Congrats to Jay and Kristin on their little man.

Tina on

I’m so happy for them, they are having a little Cub.

Dawn on

Congratulations! However, if you want to keep things a secret, then don’t tell anyone! πŸ™‚

Karen on

Aw how cute! congrats again you’ll have fun with a boy

Jackie on

LOL he just said it right out with no reservations … congratulations to them!

Farzeen on

If you really want to keep it a secret don’t tell ANYONE. People blab, they might not mean to, but they do.

CCP on

Way to go, dumbass!! Congrats to Kristin and Jay!

Joanna on

I don’t know why but I kinda assumed they were gonna have a boy. They look more like parents of a potentially hot looking (hehe) boy than a girl. So happy for them. Now on to the name.

Pam on

Kristin was on a scripted reality show, meaning it was not real.

People dislike her based on a character she played.

If you really believe that is who she is then you have lost touch with reality.

sam on

congrats, next time just dont tell anyone. so many people tell secrets that they are nots supposed to say. but again congrats to the parents.

Kat on

Unless they told him it’s a boy, when it’s really a girl…to throw everyone off. You never know…I think it’s odd they would claim to be keeping it a secret, but then tell the entire team. They had to have known one of them would spill the beans.

Heather on

The trend in Hollywood of having a baby on a whim is ridiculous! I believe in establishing a loving relationship, getting married and then starting a family! Even the Gay and Lesbian friends and acquaintances that I have would prefer to be married before starting a family but unfortunately that is not they’re choice. I don’t think that a single woman or man can’t raise a child in a loving and secure environment but it does seem that in Hollywood a baby is more an accessory than a cherished and loved addition to ones life. Good luck to Kristen and Jay, but I hope that they are in it for the love of the child.

kaylee on

and the bears still suck

canada girl on

I would kick Earl’s butt! He had no right to spill the gender.

kate on

aww congrats πŸ™‚

Zee on

Well good for them, but do we need a blow by blow daily article on all of the pregnant woman in Hollywood. First Jessica, forever, then Snooki, now this. Be happy, and healthy, Get Married and just be.

Tammy on

I hope that boy looks like his mama! Just sayin…

JessicaB on

here’s a suggestion: if you want omthing to be a secret, don’t tell anyone.

shalay on

Zee, if you don’t want a “blow by blow daily article on all of the pregnant women in Hollywood”, may I ask what you’re doing on the Mom’s & Babies section of

Guest on

If they had REALLY wanted to keep the gender a secret they wouldn’t have told anyone. I know people who didn’t even tell their own parents. If Jay’s telling his teammates then they must not be too concerned with the news leaking. I never understand why people keep the gender a secret anyways, what difference does it make?

Jane on

Pam- If you admire talentess and unemployed reality “stars,” there is something wrong with you. Seek better role models.

Coco's Mom on

I have a funny feeling that she is having a girl, and that friend threw us off. That way it’d be more of a surprise when she announces the birth of a daughter rather than a son. That’s what i did with my first. I told everyone i was having a boy. Everyone was really disapointed though, they thought i was having a girl. Then just as they were getting used to me having a boy, i went into labour, and out popped a girl MWAHAHA! Everyone was so relieved, happy, confused. HAHA! Great moment!

arianna on

Kat & Coco’s mom, I doubt it.

Can’t wait to see what they name their little man! πŸ™‚

Jessica on

I really hate to remind everyone this but being a good parent and being a good spouse are two very different things. I know couples that have had kids after they were married and now the husbands cheat on their wives every chance they get, they are not affection it to their wives at all, never tell her they love her, honestly they are married because its a good idea and they litterally live like roommates putting on an act for the entire world. What kind of an example is that for a kid to see? Never seeing mommy and daddy show they love each other? That lack of abilty to show emotion can really screw a kid up.

However those same husbands are seriously are the best fathers in the world. They coach the soccer team and little league, they are there every night at the kitchen table doing the homework and love being with their kids. Seriously children and marriage do not go hand in hand anymore. And in Hollywood a lot of marriages don’t work for many reasons like drifting apart because one spouse in working in one country and the other spouse is working in another. Most couples get divorced, and putting a kid through a divorce is way worst then not ever being married in the first place. You dont need to be a wife to be a mother and you dont need to be a husband to be a father. You need to be a mentally stable human with some emotions and values that can afford to raise kids and parent them, thats what the requirements should be to have kids not marriage. Marriages can fall apart but the bond with your child never does.

Amanda on

Jessica – marriage or not, children will be devastated by their parents breaking up. It’s silly that you would imply otherwise.

sheila on

I pray for the kid’s sake he gets his momma’s looks. Jay Cutler is butt ugly.

Tee on

Oops! Way to spill the beans, teammate! That’s too bad but now that the word is out, let me say congratulations! A son! That’s wonderful!

Zee, out of curiosity, what would you prefer to read on this website?

Clarissa on

Woops congrats to them, I thought she might have a girl. I’m sure they were just telling a small circle of friends. But like others said, the more folks you tell the higher chance the news will get out. Earl didnt mean it

Jillian on

Tee, I was going to write the exact same thing!


KD on

Let’s not kid ourselves in that every couple who starts in a loving relationship, gets married THEN has children maintains this. I’m so over ppl saying how devestated kids will be if mom/dad break up etc. My son’s father and I get along really well – he comes first – he will not be broken or devestated due to us not being together. I think it’s worse for those couples who stay together FOR the kids..nothing better for a kid to see then a loveless couple who hardly get along under the same roof.

I hope Kristen and Jay can discontinue the Hollywood trend with wacky baby names.

guest on

Heather,there is nothing wrong with having a child and not being married. Being married has nothing to do with being a good parent. I have a 16 month old son and me and my sons father aren’t married now but we are getting married this year. As long as you can give the baby a loving home that is all that matters. Marriage has nothing to do with it
Congrats to proud parents!

guest on

Heather, There is nothing wrong with having a kid and not being married. I have a 16 month old son and me and my son’s father are not married. We are getting married soon but aren’t married yet. I don’t think a couple should get married just for the child. If they get married just for the child the kid could grow up and resent that because they can tell how upset the parents are with each other. Being married has nothing to do with being a good parent. Congrats to the proud parents!

nancy on

Congrats u 2…gooooooooooooooooooooo BEARS…hope we have a great season..stay Healthy JAY!!!!..cant wait to see your son πŸ™‚

nancy on

and the bears still suck

– kaylee oMay 2nd, 2012


anonymous on

guest…there is a lot wrong with having a baby, or children and not getting married…especially for the child/children.