Fourth Child on the Way for Donald Trump, Jr.

05/02/2012 at 09:00 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

The Trump legacy continues to grow.

Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa are expecting their fourth child, he announced via Twitter on Wednesday.

“Vanessa & I have some good news. We are expecting baby [number] 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, and Tristan can’t wait!” Trump, 34, writes.

“They’ll be 13 months apart. Irish twins!”

The couple — who wed in 2005 — are already parents to daughter Kai Madison, 5 next week, and sons Donnie John III, 3, and Tristan Milos, 7 months.

— Anya Leon

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Pammy on

Congratulations! The Trump children all seem to be well rounded adults. Even though I only had three children – I now have seven grandchildren – and another on the way in the fall. Love having a big family – it is so much fun when we are all together.

Erika on

Wow! That was unexpected, but congratulations to them!

Kate on

Um, Irish Twins are kids born within 12 months of each other. Thirteen months does not Irish Twins make. But thanks for trying.

katie on

Congratulations to the trump family.I wish you all the best.

Shawna on

4 under 4 years old? Wow! Better them than me. Although I suppose if I was rich I could have tons of kids too.

Gloria on

Congratulations to Donald Trump Jr and his wife on their up-coming baby.

Congratulations also to Grandpa Donald Sr.

Babies are a beautiful thing but being a grandparent is the BEST 🙂

krissa on

huh…I missed them having a third! LOL!

Many congrats to them!

sally on

number 4? Goodness! Guess The Donald didn’t give the little Donald the talk!

Monica on

Actually the term Irish Twins is used to describe two children born to the same mother in the same calendar year or within twelve months of each other. Close but no cigar…maybe they will hit the mark with the next baby! *DOH*

Exasperated on

Irish twins means that babies are born less than 12 months apart. Close but not quite, Donald Jr.

Anonymous on

Great…is he gonna teach this kid how to kill beautiful elephants too?


Congrats to Donald Jr. & Vanessa…plus Grand-daddy “The Donald!” We had 4 kids in 10 yrs…now have 6 grandkids….love a big family!



Marie on

Just what we need…another Trump in this world!

Michelle on

I think Kai is going to be 5 next week not 4 but regardless 4 kiddos 5 and under will be a blast

Congrats to the Trumps!

Dawn on

They won’t be Irish twins…as these kids will be 13 months apart. Irish twins are less than a year apart.

Malla on

Looks like they are trying for a girl LOL

Mia on

Ummm… no. Irish twins is the wrong stereotypical term for this. Irish twins have to be born within 12 months from each other.

Malla on

oops, I mistook Kai as a boys name! 🙂

Leslee on

Perhaps he can squeeze in another “charitable” hunting trip before the baby comes. Safari theme nursery it is.

Sunny on

Will he celebrate by killing elephants and then cuttin off their tails.

Anonymous on

That was fast! I wonder if they planned to have a fourth so soon, or if this was a surprise baby? Anyway, I hope it’s a girl. Then they’ ll have two of each! 🙂

stephy on

not Irish twins . they have to be born within 12 months of each other or in the same calendar year.

Anonymous on

Also, I just realized that if this baby and Tristan are going to be 13 months apart, then Vanessa must be due in November (since Tristan was born in October).

Me Me Me on

Irish twins are 11 months apart, not 13. These two are a baby making machine.

Sandra on

Holy crap Donald! Put a sock on it already!

Ali on

Yeah, I can’t respect a guy who poses with chopped off Elephant body parts. I can understand hunting animals for food but hunting a beautiful elephant and then posing with it’s severed trunk with a big smile is just gross to me. No love for this guy.

And I come from a family where my father and uncles all hunt (for the meat) not for sport.

kellie goldader on

yeah… irish twins are 2 babies born with in 12 months… my brother and sister are irish twins… 11 months apart…. keep popping them out… its not like you really take care of them… you have nannies… nice try

Anonymous on

Sandra- How do you know he didn’t? No birth control method is 100 percent effective. And why should he be the only one responsible for birth control? Vanessa should have some responsibility, too!

librababe on

Wow, they are really churning out those babies…but congrats, i love big families and i rly like the kids’ names.

Anonymous on

Sorry if I sounded snappy in my last comment. It’s just a big pet peeve of mine that people always seem to assume that no birth control was used when a baby is concieved so soon after his/her siblings!

Ceci on

Who cares as long as the kid has better hair than grand daddy.

slickteig on

ahhh more rich people that can afford many children. Women who are pampered and don’t have to work outside the home, raise children and do all the “home work jobs” by themselves. Sounds like Mrs. Romney, how fotunate the ultra wealthy are….yippy for them. No problem buying expensive formula, diapers, basics etc, yippeeyiyo, so happy for the 1 %. Love these feel good stories, now back to my reality.

slickteig on

enough ultra wealthy people flaunting how they can have,afford so many children. We who raise children, work at outside jobs, have no hired help at home, struggle to buy diapers, formula, basic, well it’s not easy at all for us. The trumps continue to show off their wealth and greed of all the resources by having many children. Just like the Romneys.

laurenh on

I’m offended by the ‘Irish twins’ stereotype Donald Jr. and alot of the commenters on here keep referring to! Plenty of non-Irish people have babies close in age!

cale on

oh great… more animal abusers born into the world. no, I am not referring to the fact the trumps are breeding, but about the safari stunt they pulled.

Jillian on

They could end up being Irish twins if the baby is born on or before October 1st. Many babies are born early. It’s possible. So many mothers on here haven’t a clue what Irish twins are so its fine that he said 13 months. I love that people act so perfect.

Congrats! Four kids under four, which is what they will have, is a wonderful family dynamic!


Sheryl on

That is wonderful! Congratulations to them! I don’t think much of Trump, Sr., however, he has raised three of the most well-adjusted, decent human beings around. Never heard any Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan stuff with the Trump children. They all went to college and all work in the family business.

So I will definitely give credit to Donald and Ivana Trump for their parenting skills. I’m surprised neither one of them wrote a book about parenting. It would be interesting.

Jillian on

Four kids under five


Jen on

Why? I honestly don’t get it why some people have to “collect” kids? Have a couple and be able to give them your time! The more kids, the less time you can spend with them, it’s ridiculous. I think there ia a problem with couples that do this, they are needy, and have to keep wanting and wanting more, it’s stupid, one of them needs to get themseves “fixed”.

Nina on

People, this guy is an ahole…he kills elephants for fun….he must have a very small penis!

olive on

as much as i do like Trump’s kids- i want to thank ANONYMOUS for posting about killing elephants! Hopefully the next generation of Trumps learn not to pay thousands of $$$ to go kill endangered/borderline endangered beautiful animals in Africa for FUN.

Susan on

Why shouldn’t they have as many kids as they want. It is not like they showcase them around like the Duggars who have 19! They are not like that fool Octomom either. Unfortunately, the world happens to be filled with people who cannot afford that many children, but these two can. It is just the way the lucky coin turned. I am sure they discussed this before they were married and she agreed to be his baby machine.

meme on

jen you are obviously perfect tell us how you do it!

Athina on

Oh right this is the Trump who proudly held up the tail of that beautiful elephant he slaughtered in cold blood. Hunting for food is one thing; hunting for no other reason than to hold up your trophy and show yourself off is barbaric.

Clairesamsmom on

Congrats to them….wow…4 little ones. I couldn’t do it. I’m good with my two! Lol!

Anonymous on

Slickteig, you sound pretty bitter and jealous. And I won’t get started on all of the flaws in your post trying to stir up class warfare.

Boke7 on

That’s great news but before putting it out on the internet, be aware that the term Irish twins is offensive to many people. I know its been around forever but it is used way too loosely in this day and age of strong promotion of cultural sensitivity and political correctness. Not to get preachy because this is, after all, a gossip magazine and not U.S. News & World Report but I’m mentioning it as a general matter. Other than that, congrats!

Reesca on

Laurenh, are you serious? “Irish Twins” is simply a term for two babies born within the same calendar year to the same mother. Who said anything about actually being Irish? Wow, the stupidity in some people..

I’m also not understanding why this family is getting crucified for having four children. Just because they’re rich, they’re flaunting their wealth by having a large family? How does that make ANY sense? Maybe they want a big family, since when is that a crime? If I had the means to care for that many children, I’d definitely have more! The jealousy pouring out of these comments is simply astounding.

Katie C on

Gee, Donnie, ever heard of a condom???

Kallie on

Its a scary thought to have so many children so close in age, but congratulations to them. Every baby is a blessing.

Andrea on

I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but some of your judgemental comments are making me so sick! Since when has 4 children become a massive, irresponsible family? Even if a family doesn’t have a ton of money (which the Trumps obviously do!), there is cloth diapering, breastfeeding, hand me downs… every child does not need the best of the best and are happy when their needs are met and they are loved. Slickteig, your comment just shows your ignorance. *end rant*

Jen on

God bless them! Some of us love children and have more than one. Don’t like children? Don’t have them! Not everyone is meant to have children. I for one won’t rain on their parade as I see it as a blessing. They seem good parents, Congrats!

tlc on

Congrats to Them…to each their own and they probably have more nannies than they need.

However, I feel SO sorry for any Grandkids of Donald Trump. He’s such a tool…can’t stand him.

Tammy on

Congratulations to the family!

bernard on

I respect the honor of bringing children into the world, but it is also important to hone them with proper messages….I feel Mr. Trump Jr. Perhaps is a good business man but as a role model for his children. Photos of killing natures treasures for sport and pleasure leaves a unhealthy message for the children….killing for joy not food…is a sin in my view…I hope you’d ont edit this out because I am not pandering to the Trump Dynasty.

bernard on

A strange mix bring in children and kill elephants, leopards, and other animals with smiles on their faces…how compassionate can they be to children while they themselves must show such machismo just to compete with daddy d.

Jeana on

Is the kids name DONNIE JOHN 111 or DONALD JOHN 111 ?????????????

p on

hopefully a fourth child will keep him busy enough so he can’t SHOOT any more ELEPHANTS!

Meghan on

congrats!!! i think it’s wonderful. Big families are great. Mine are going to be 15 months apart and yes I’m sure it’s going to be challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have no issue with people having as many children as they want if they can afford to take care of them and give them the love and emotional stability they need.

mg on

wow…breeders love to breed.

myangel82 on

Congratulations so glad you and your family are so very close that is always important. enjoy the new little one. God bless to all
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jen on

wow…fertile vonfertileson!!

stacey on

Congrats! Haven’t seen his boys, but his little girl is adorable!!And seeing she will be turning 5 next week, they will have four kids under 6.

Jolly on

And the winner of the sperm lottery goes to…?

Anonymous on

And non-breeders love to criticize.

Nonya on

Donald Jr. needs to put on a wedding ring. Hopefully doesn’t have his daddies wondering eye.

losa on

They don’t have to think about a fourth child. They have enough money for babysitters too. LOL

Anonymous on

Well, my parents had 5 kids and they were middle class. We all turned out better than many other people I know (all went to college, successful, good jobs, families, no arrests, etc.) I was the baby and never felt unloved or left out.

I have no problem with the Trumps having multiple kids- they can obviously afford as many as they’d like. I do take issue with him killing elephants. That is just the worst thing!

My son is almost two and has been OBSESSED with elephants for a year now. I now have learned all there is to know about elephants, and they are the most incredible animals. They actually grieve over the dead elephants, and remember the exact spot where the elephants have died. If they come to a place where an elephant has been killed/died, they will stop and mourn for a few minutes. Amazing.

cindy on

Have no respect for grown men who kill elephants for fun –

Jill on

Wow, this is a new one. Hating on DJ for having a lot of kids… because he can afford them?!? There’s something fundamentally wrong with people when criticism gets heaped upon someone who can support the size of his family.

robinepowell on

Donald Jr. needs to look up the meaning of “Irish Twins”. He says his two youngest will be 13 months apart. Irish twins, are two kids, who are born less then a year apart. Meaning there’s, ten or eleven months in age gap.

Could someone get him a dictionary for Christmas please?

Maya on

Anonymous – my thoughts exactly. Going to a resort in Africa and paying money to kill beautiful wild animals like tigers and proudly posting pictures of him near the dead animal – what a disgusting excuse for a human being. This “human being” should stop breeding. Yesterday.

Donica on

Congrats..Last I heard the Trumps had enough money to raise as many kids that they want, and they dont use any type of goverment assistance in raising, feeding or clothing them. We need to be complaining about and stopping the ones that keep having children knowing they are gonna use goverment assistance with feeding and clothing.If the Trump family wants a large family why is it any of our business? More power to them and hopes of a healthy family.

Fandi on

Must be nice to have Donald trump as your dad and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Betty on

He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Irish twins are apart by a year or less. Another Trump. Just what the world needs. Somebody hide all of the elephants and endangered animals!

Mari on

When do they have time to relax and spend time together with 4 kids under 4 or maybe he is not such a hottie and the kids distract from him. Too many kids too soon.

pam on

oh,keep it in your pants….

jhow on

I am soooooo happy for them. Really seem like a nice couple. 🙂

jhow on

I’m so happy for them. They appear to be a lovely couple. 🙂

Julie on

He’s kind of annoying on Celebrity Apprentice, but they are a nice looking couple and I wish them all the best.

Stehpanie on

OK – we get that Irish twins are born within 12 months of each other. No need to repeat this OVER and OVER again!

Congratulations to The Trumps.

TC on

can you say, ooops?

Tee on

Afraid not, Donald! Irish twins are born within 12 months of each other and you just said that your babies would be 13 months apart. Very close in age, no doubt, but not Irish twins.

I had not heard about this elephant killing that so many people are talking about. How sad! Can anyone point me in the direction of an article about it?

I don’t see a problem with a married couple that choose to have a larger family. The Trumps are obviously financially able to support their children, so why shouldn’t they have as many kids as they want? Some of the comments towards family size really baffle me.

ringo on

12 months, elephants, congratulation, Irish twins, blah blah blah.

Kitzer on

I guess with the “Frump” idiots, it’s business as usual!
Use and Abuse!! Does dumb-nutz Donnie realize what he is doing to his unfortunate wife???

essie on

if i had any respect for him (and his family) at all(which i really didn’t), it was lost with those photos of him posing with a dead elephant and other animals. i respect humans as much as i do animals. wonder how he’d feel if someone did that to his kid?! (and sure i’ll get a bunch of posts from people about how could one compare a baby to an elephant but to an elephant mom, that was her baby….not ok!)

Shannon on

Well his wife has nothing else to do. Why not?

Betty on

I agree with Donica’s’s none of our business how many children they have..they can afford to take care of them, unlike those that do not take any precautions and expect everyone else to feed and clothe them, etc.
I disagree with the hunting situation also….but that has nothing to do with whether they are having more children or not!

Nat on

so they made a mistake with the irish twins term. does it take 50 of ya’ll to say something? geez.

meghan on

God, why can’t people read? Was all the nearly identical posts necessary? I didn’t need 50 people pointing out the definition of Irish Twins (which obviously isn’t in the dictionary, robinnepowell. So in trying to make a random celebrity look stupid, you made yourself look like a fool). I didn’t need 40 people taking Trust Fund Baby to task for his stupid safari. It’s already been said, you have nothing to add.

Kay Star on

At least you can afford four children!

Olivia- on

Wow, and I thought being rich meant you could buy condoms.

Sarah on

EVERY child born into this world is a gift and blessing- congratulations!

Holiday on

Congrats to them! They can afford as many kids as they want and if they want several kids great for them! I have 2 and I am done but every family is different.

Jillian on

Can someone tell me what Irish twins are because I have no clue……;)


Cliff Simmons on

Congrats to the Trump family. Hope your child is healthy!

Hating someone for legally hunting animals in Afirca is stupid. The 5 Southern countries in Africa each have a carrying capacity of roughly 90,000 elephants per country. Yet, they have 160,000 elephants in each of these 5 countries. They need to cull i.e. hunt/kill a grand total of 350,000 elephants. That is a fact. The meat is used to feed millions of starving African children.

I have been to Africa on two trips. I have harvested 5600 lbs of meat. The tribal chief in So. Africa could not thank me enough. I fed his entir tribe of 114 folks for an entire month. The only endangered species in Africa is the white rhino. Plenty of black rhino. So Africa alone has 30,000 lions.

Too much unscientific crap put out by groups like PETA and others. I’m very happy the Trump clan likes to hunt.

Conservationists and hunters in the traditional sense like former President Teddy Roosevelt who started the U.S. National Park system are the true friend of animals. Why let animals overpopulate an area and die of starvation.

Anonymous on

pam- Why should a married man have to abstain from having sex with his wife? I’m sorry, but that makes no sense at all!

Katie C.- Ever heard of birth control failure? How do you know they weren’t using birth control when this baby was concieved? And like I said to another poster last night, why should birth control be only Donald Jr.’s responsibility. Why is it that the man is always told to wear a condom, but the woman is never told to take birth control pills?

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that we don’t know if this baby was an “oops” baby or not. Donald and Vanessa could have actually PLANNED to have another baby this soon after their last. And why should they have had to use birth control if they WANTED to concieve?!

Anne on

Good Lord!! Don’t all you people have anything else to do? Why do’t you mind your own business!!

postathread on

Like Donald Trump or not, he has done a FINE job of raising his children. Highly educated, bright and hard working adults. Congrats to the Trump family. Donald should be VERY proud of the legacy…

Leo Lady on

Well, Grandpa Donald has five children, so Jr. still has another one to go after this to even stay neck and neck!

Anonymous on

Kitzer- “Unfortunate wife”? Um, I doubt he has her tied to the bed and is forcing her to have children with him. Odds are she wants the kids as much as he does or she wouldn’t be having them! Also, for all we know she considers herself a very fortunate woman to have such a large family!

Diane on

All I can is WOW, do most of you not have anything else you can do that is more productive and valuable in your life than comment on someone else’s? Also I am sure that Grandma Ivana should be given most of the credit for raising these well rounded children of theirs. I thought Cliff Simmons post was one of the most meaningful in explaining what is most important in the “Elephant” debate. Now please step away from the computer and hit “shut down” and go do something meaningful in your life.

Kelly on

Donald Trump Jr. is my favorite Trump. He is a very nice and good looking guy with a great sense of humor. Love him on Celebrity Apprentice. What a nice family. He’s very lucky. Congrats to him and his wife.

skyangl55 on

Corgrads to the Trump Jr family,Donald Sr has 5 from 3 different wives at least his son is a happily married man in a growing family.Best wishes to you both.

Ann on

Why is a story from 2012 posted? They now have 5 children as I recall and are getting divorced. Not fake news, just very stale news, why bother?