Baby on the Way for Barry Watson and Natasha Gregson Wagner

05/02/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage, Jason Merritt/Getty

Another baby is on the way for Barry Watson.

The actor, 38, and Natasha Gregson Wagner are expecting a child together, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Watson has two sonsOliver, 7, and Felix, 4½ — from his marriage to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘s Tracy Hutson.

“Our two little guys are the best, but they definitely keep you going,” the former Samantha Who? star said in 2009.

This will be the first child for Wagner, 41, who is the daughter of legendary actress Natalie Wood.

— Liz Raftery and Sarah Michaud with reporting by Lesley Messer

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Lauren on

I was under the impression that he was still married. Interesting.

Sandra on

Lauren; Me too!

SO surprising, but congrats.

elizaandeverett on

Didn’t he have cancer at one point? I guess he’s okay now?

Jenna on

According to IMDB, he’s still married.

Kim on

Wow, finally she’s going to have a child at 41. I was wondering whether Natalie’s girls were going to hsve children. Her step sister Katie Wagner(robert wagner’s oldest daughter) waited until she was in her 40s also. I wonder why these women are waiting so long. Good luck to her.

mansfield on

From Wikipedia:
In the season premiere of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on September 25, 2011, Tracy stated, “I’m a single mom, and I have to leave my boys for sometimes weeks on end,” which would seem to indicate that they have either separated or divorced.

Veronica on

I’m confused. I thought he was still married to Tracy? Hm..

Buckwheat on

Right? I thought the same thing! Well I hope it was Tracy that left him; what a downgrade Natasha is. Blech

Veronica on

‘In the season premiere of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on September 25, 2011, Tracy stated, “I’m a single mom, and I have to leave my boys for sometimes weeks on end,” which would seem to indicate they’re either separated or divorded.’ From Wikipedia. That explains it…

Tracy on

I thought he was still married to Tracy Hudson from Extreme Makeover Home Edition and they have two kids.

Michelle on

Tracy said on EMHE before it ended that she was a single mom who traveled and was away a lot. Of course after googling that comment was everywhere but nothing else on their split

Kate on

I thought he was still married.. unreal. I hear Natasha was a real brat growing up and she still is one. Both of Natalie Wood’s daughters have issues and it is sad.

lizzie c on

a) isn’t he married?
b) how (why?) did that happen? Wagner’s a hot mess!

Barbra on

I always liked Barry, but I also thought he was still married. This took me by surprised. Maybe he’s divorced or on his way to a divorce. I wish him & Natasha all the best anyways.

ruby on

I used to get him and Taylor Kitsch confused.

And this is a random couple.

Nichele on

Wow! Glad I’m not the only one confused by this. I could’ve sworn he and Tracy were still married.

I guess congrats are in order for him, but that’s too bad that his marriage with Tracy didn’t work out.

Anonymous on

I don’t know anything about Natasha but I had the biggest crush on Barry on 7th Heaven. Congratulations to them and I hope they have a healthy baby and everything goes well for them.

Tracy on

According to his wife Tracy, they are separated. She has stated many places that she is a single mother.

Daffygrams on

For the one-Buckwheat-who said Natasha is a “downgrade, blec”h….how rude. Judge much?

kim on

If I was his wife I would be filling for divorce if she hasn’t already. What idiots they both are.

kari on

does his wife know?

Brooke on


Barb on

No congrats from me. Anybody can make a baby, all it takes is a tumble in the hay. Committment. Maturity. Responsibility. Lotsa luck with these two.

meghan on

Are you people learning impaired? His marriage has ended. His ex-wife is quoted as saying that. What cheating?



Mia on

Didn’t she just get arrested/busted for drugs?

Brian on

Natasha Gregson Wagner’s father is Robert Wagner you forgot to mention that.

meghan on

Mia, that’s her sister Courtney. Try using a search engine.

Abbie on

Well they will have a cute baby, they are both adorable… Wonder if they are actually a couple though! Anywho congrats!

Anonymous on

Are they drunk in this picture?

AllisonJ on

Well, that was a surprise! I thought he was still married to Tracy. I wonder if he is actually divorced or has just filed for divorce (NOT the same thing)?

As a divorced mom of two young children, it really bugs me when people who are legally STILL MARRIED (hello J.Lo!) start dating others before the divorce is final. Is is so hard to wait? That’s what I did. I wanted to set a good example for my children and also for myself.

Wonder how long he and Natasha have been together.

In any case, best wishes on a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

whatever on

Just to clarify: Natasha Gregson Wagner’s STEPfather is Robert Wagner.

Anonymous on

I went to college with her. We weren’t in the same social circle but everyone I knew who knew her said her attitude wasn’t pretty.

K on

LMAO all of you woman saying “cheat!” and “no congrats from me!” are CRACKING ME UP! PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that none of you have reproduced yet…and that you have NO PLANS TO DO SO! The world needs LESS stupid-as-dirt people, not more!

Barry and his ex have been separated for QUITE a while and they are well on their way to being divorced if it has not been completed yet.

Gaia on

I think he’s separated from his wife. Still, it looks bad. I hope the wifey divorces him soon.

Mia on

@Meghan – clearly I’m not the only one that thought the same thing.

My apologies that I’m not a Natalie Wood expert.

I hope the baby is healthy – both Wood’s daughters look like train wrecks.

KaitlynS. on

I looked on imdb and it doesn’t say anything about a separation or a divorce between Tracy and Barry so I’m a little confused

Brooke on

SAY WHAT????????!!!!!!

Shannon on

Sounds like a one night stand.

Brooklyn on

Huh, interesting. That’s too bad about him and Tracy..I thought they were a cute couple.

librababe on

Definitely just realized he’s the guy from Seventh Heaven…didn’t even recognize him!

twinhappy on

Congrats to them!

ladyofargonne on

I hope she names it after her mother.

Leslee on


She is indeed Robert Wagner’s daughter, she was adopted by him, making him her father and not her stepfather.

Kate on

It kinda sucks that this was announced on his son’s birthday. Poor kid.

meghan on

Kate, why does it suck? Maybe he wants to be a big brother. I find it creepy that you know his kids birthday.

Kaitlyn, IMDB isn’t always up to date.

AllisonJ, my former sister in law has been dragging out her divorce for almost two years. Should my brother sit around and wait for her to file some papers? Spare me.

meghan on

Mia–someone else is too stupid to google–that’s not much of a defense. You don’t need to be a dead celebrity expert.

kelly on

Meghan, you find it creepy that Kate knows the kid’s birthday, yet you are correcting someone else on the facts about Natasha’s family….spare us all. Pot meet kettle.

Sarah on

If they are separated, why should he wait to see someone? Some divorces take time to settle, especially when there are kids and custody arrangements involved. As soon as you separate from your spouse you make it clear you are no longer in a marriage.. It’s on paper only at that point.

My uncle has been dragging the divorce from my aunt out for 4 years now. She’s been with her new guy for three and is happy. Should she have stayed single for all those years?

Maybe Tracy is seeing someone too.

And Robert Wagner happens to be her father, he adopted her, so he is not her step-father.

Jeana on

She is pretty-she looks like her mother

Kate on


I know his birthday because I just looked up Barry’s info to see if he was still married to Tracy. And if you think it’s creepy to read information about celebrity’s children then you shouldn’t be on this site.

It sucks because it’s stealing the kids thunder on his big day.

meghan on

Kelly, her sister was arrested THREE DAYS ago. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together and access TO THIS VERY CELEBRITY WEBSITE, are aware that Courtney got arrested for possession, not Natasha. Knowing what was posted three days ago is very different from knowing the birthday of some celebrity’s kid. And if you can’t see the difference, you aren’t much brighter.

Tee on

I had no idea that Barry and Tracy were separated and I have NO problem saying that I am incredibly disappointed to read that he is expecting a child with his girlfriend. There is a difference between being separated and being divorced!

Wow. I’ve always admired Barry Watson and that’s gone out the window now. (Let me note that if the information I have is incorrect and he and Tracy are indeed divorced, that would change my opinion on this just a little bit. Not much, but a little.)

mary on

wow, I was shocked by this, but congrats. I didn’t know they were a couple- I think for the most part, RJ has done a good job keeping his kids together, it was sad about Courtney- she is clearly the one that hasn’t had an easy life- 8 when her mother died, her fiance died a couple years ago in an accident and I think she is just lost.

I like Natasha, she hasn’t ever been in trouble or a big press maker- she just works, lives, etc. Why the hate? I will say, I have never seen a picture of them together though- I wonder if they are really together or this is a Stewart/DelTorrio type baby.

mary on

she is due soon, I want a baby bump picture!

kelly on

Meghan, Let me offer my sincere apology for not taking the time to visit this very celebrity website EVERYDAY. i might look on here once a month at the most, but i must say that People is quite lucky to have someone like yourself with a degree in celebritiology policing their site. You take such pride in bashing others who dont share your opinion or have your vast knowledge of absolute useless information. That’s really sad…lol.

Sarah on

Wow life everyone else I thought he was still married..I had to read the title a couple times..going woah someone wrote this wrong lol.

Aw too bad they didn’t work out…I always thought him and Tracy were the cutest thing! Wow nevern heard of a couple divorced and it didn’t make it all over the media circuit…haha..well congrats to them I guess then.

Bree on

Seriously people, for financial reasons my parents waited for close to six years after they seperated before filing for divorced and they both dated in that time, my dad even lived with someone for three of those years. Their marriage was over, everyone knew that but neither of them planned on getting remarried ever (My mom has since changed her mind and got married in 2010) so really what was the rush.

Congrats to Barry and Natasha, that is going to be one ADORABLE kid!!

meghan on

Kelly, the more defensive you get, the more childish you sound.

Allison on

As a huge fan of Natalie Wood , I wish her daughter well and a healthy baby for them.

Congrats to them.

Oliviana on

How can be be 38? I feel like I was just watching him go through high school on 7th Heaven.

Ashley on

That’s going to be a good looking kid.

Guest on

You never know what goes on between a married couple behind closed doors. Personally I thought Barry and Tracy were a cute couple. I hope they are both happy in their lives.

Jillian on

1. We don’t know if he is divorced.

2. If he’s not, he could be separated for a long time and maybe the divorce won’t be final for years to come or Tracy won’t sign the papers. Or maybe they are okay with this. I have friends who are legally married but in other relationships one with a child. They did this for personal reasons that are complicated.

That sure is a lot of we don’t knows so why are so many of you getting bent out of shape and upset with him?!?!


Jen on

UH, isn’t he still married to his wife?! Do values and morals matter to anyone these days? People are such a mess, seems there are no rights and wrongs anymore. Most adults are such horrid examples for kids, no wonder children grow up to be such messes with the trash that is raising them, sad but true. No one to teach them right from wrong, because it seems most adults don’t know right from wrong!

Anonymous on

Didn’t she just get busted for drugs ????

RJ ran on

OH MY GOD!!! Have you sll NOTHING BETTER to do??? You comment on these peoples lives like you know them personally!!! GET A LIFE!

Gail on

I was just reading that she’s a drug addict, or is it her sister who is?

cherrysoda99 on

Can I just butt in here for a second? I know everyone seems to be hung up on the fact that you thought that Barry and Tracy were still married, but I remember watching an interview (recent, I think) with Barry – where he stated that he and Tracy were never actually married. He said that somehow the internet had got it in their heads that they were, and started posting that info everywhere, even though it was false.

I won’t post a link to the interview, but here is the synopsis: “SAMANTHA WHO? star Barry Watson hangs with Hollywood 411’s Chris Harrison and talks about Christina Applegate, his own fight with cancer and the website devoted to him and his wife even though he’s not married.”

So, yes – he has two boys with Tracy, but they were never married. They’ve obviously split, and Barry is now with Natasha. So, he is not a “jerk” or a “cheater”.

Congrats to them.

mary on

it was her sister who was busted for drugs, not her. For the most part, Katie & Natasha have never been “bad” kids and courtney just seems really lost- she had a great jewelry business that I think her Partner (Anita Ko) ended- bus. parnter, not life partner 🙂 so I don’t think she is doing much of anything – I still want to see a picture of her baby bump though!

Leslee on


Thank you for the information, it helps to set the facts straight. I wish People would do the footwork on that so we don’t end up repeating untruths or half truths, even unknowingly. It’s a good example of why it helps to have an official marriage recorded and any subsequent divorce, at least any children involved have an opportunity to have the facts of their lives not misconstrued.

I hope this baby has a lovely life and much happiness.

golfergirl17 on

thought he was married to his wife still, and I agree, didn’t see this couple happening, but good luck to them. I’m sure they will be great parents

Minami86 on

Ugh…Negative Nancy girls…What’s wrong with having a baby in your 40s? YES YES I know the medical reasons (after all I work in the medical field) but this isnt the days where you have to have a career or family. I commend women who work a bit & decide to have children when they’re ready just as I support women who have their kids young & work to provide. I just hope Natasha gets in contact with Natalie’s sister Lana. She must be excited at the news.

Natasha is a gorgeous young woman (After all her mama is Natalie wood) & I’m excited she’ll have her first grandchild soon! It’s just sad she’s gone 31 years this years. This baby will have gorgeous genes. Barry was always handsome.

martina on

Yikes, we know so little about these people – yet we judge them so harshly. I wish them well, and hope for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

losa on

It’s surprising. Tracy and Barry was such a cute couple. Their story was lovely. They were classmates in the high school and many years later they met again and fell in love. They have two beautiful boys and I always tought their marriage will last. I have a feeling Barry destroyed their marriage. It was his second marriage with young kinds. He should save it rather than make this woman pregnant a couple of month after the separation. I’m almost sure this relationship will not last.

Kimberly on

Natasha’s father is NOT Robert Wagner and she is not a hot mess. It’s her half/step sister that’s a problem child. Watson is NOT married, therefore he’s not cheating. Where do some people come up with this junk??

They’re together for a reason; congrats to them!

Jillian on

Barry Watson spoke and said, they were never married. So there you have it everyone, so stop bashing him. I am curious where People verified that they were married, since he on video has said they never were married. The Internet has them married in 2006, but he said they were engaged to be married on 11/11/11, which clearly never happened, as sh said in 9/2011 that she was a single mom.

You know what they say about people and assumptions.


J on

I thought Barry Watson was still with Tracey Hudson as well, but I guess congrats all around.

LC on

I thought he was still married to Tracy? They seemed so happy and in love. Guess it was a very private divorce then. But anyways, congrats on the baby news!

priscilla on

Have a nice 40th birthday Barry Watson! April 23 is his birthday ❤ HAPPY 40TH.