Cobie Smulders: Shaelyn’s Ready for the Wedding

05/01/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Jason Merritt/Getty

After eight years together and a three-year engagement, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam are finally tying the knot this September.

And no one is more excited to go dress shopping than the couple’s daughter Shaelyn Cado, who turns 3 this month.

“She really wants a dress and she wants white shoes,” The Avengers actress, 30, tells ET Canada.

As the big day draws near, the guest list is being finalized — with Shaelyn taking charge of double checking the invitees.

“If people come over she’ll be like, ‘Mama, are they coming to the wedding?’ Usually it’s a yes,” Smulders shares.

But, most importantly, the toddler has learned a valuable lesson: a big party means a whole lot of delicious desserts.

“She knows about [the wedding]. She knows that there are sweets involved,” the How I Met Your Mother star laughs.

— Anya Leon

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kazumi on

i really like her, in how i met your mother and the avengers…i was surprised to know that she’s already a mommy, anyways, best wishes to her and the family and may she have a great wedding!

Ashley on

Awwww, I love Cobie and her little girl sounds very cute 🙂

anon1 on

kazumi, she and alyson hannigan were pregnant at the same time when filming for HIMYM. it was pretty hilarious seeing them have to hide two pregnant bellies.

klutzy_girl on

Aw, yay! I love Cobie and Shaelyn sounds adorable. Can’t wait to see The Avengers and for the season finale of HIMYM.

So happy for Cobie and Taran! They’ve been engaged for so long.

Anonymous on

I wonder if Shaelyn is going to be the flower girl? Anyway, early congrats to them on the wedding!

d k k on

I know I’m old fashioned but how sad is the title of this article? Her daughter is excited about her wedding? I don’t know when this became acceptable. Sorry, marriage then the baby. And if you feel you must wait until the child is born, don’t wait until they are old enough to walk down the aisle as a flower girl. If you are willing to make the huge committment of having a child with someone you should first be willing to commit to marrying them.

robert on

There is nothing sad about this wedding. What I find sad are people like you who are judgemental.

Katherine on

Way to live a hundred years in the past, d k k. Marriage does not equal more of a commitment in parenting or to each other. Look at how many marriages end in divorce even with kids involved. I’ve known more people who divorce within the first 10 years of marriage, while others never get married and are more committed to making their relationship work the way it is and manage to stay together longer than most of their married friends. Without the paperwork, legal filings, etc. Marriage is an archaic institution that was used to legally protect women, not to mention a means of “selling” a woman, because she used to become the “property” of her husband. We don’t exactly need that anymore, now do we?

Amanda on

First, marriage is not just about religion. I know PLENTY of Athiests, Agnostics, etc. that wanted to get married…in fact, most of my friends don’t really believe in anything supernatural, spriritual, religious, etc. There is something to be said about marriage vs. being in a lasting relationship outside of marriage.

Secondly, I completely agree that marrying and parenting are two entirely different things. I will say this though, I have NEVER met a child who once they come of age to understand that marriage is different from being in a non-married relationship who doesn’t want their parents married.

Thirdly, I’m BEYOND sick of people saying it’s “just a piece of paper” that does not mean the relationship will last. It begs the question: Do people who don’t get married have stronger relationships, longer relationships, love one another more? Um, no. It’s a choice that is personal. Period.

I happen to be a Christian and so marriage does have a spiritual component for me. I don’t get why a lot of people who choose not to get married are bothered by that – especially in the name of “marriage being a personal choice”…clearly I chose to be married and I’m not apologizing for that.

Lastly, congrats to Colbie and he soon to be marriage. Clearly, she wants to be married despite an already existing commitment to each other, their daughter, and future together. Good for them! **I bet her daughter will be very excited to have that dress and matching shoes :D.

Sherry on

I agree with dkk and Amanda. Look, life happens and I’m not saying you’re a bad person or a bad parent if you’re not married. Many marriages don’t work out. My issue is with this mindset we have nowadays of INTENTIONALLY having children out of wedlock. That’s man’s plan, not God’s.

Briana on

My dad is going to that wedding!!